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Digital Issue No.1

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STRAWBERRY JAM is not for profit artist led collective. Our aim is to support and showcase artists who are working with ideas of identity and gender, socio political issues and work based on feminist theory. We are always looking for like-minded artists, so make sure to check out our submissions page or drop us an email, we would love to hear from you!Â


Skin I have not met you yet but all the poems are about you. Even the ones that have been whispered into other boy’s necks, clawed into their backs, kissed into the sunset. Some nights I stay awake and tell the moon about you; we all know that she is good at keeping secrets. I’m growing my hair whilst I’m waiting for you. It is teaching me patience. As soon as I see you I’ll chop it all off. It will teach me loss. We grow our hair long to cover us – there will be no need with you. You’ll peel all of what I am away from me. I will not have to wash my bed sheets three times the morning after you tell me that I am too broken for any man to fuck. Attempts to remove the smell of your shampoo. I will strain my tea through the open pores of your skin until I am entirely infused with your scent. Boy I have been dressing myself up for you. I am straps and lace and sweat. Boy I am dressing myself down for you. I am skin and skin and skin.


Strawberry Jam - Digital Zine #1  

Looking at themes of identity, gender and politics, Strawberry Jam is an artist led feminist collective. This is the first issue of the co...

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