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TEMPLE OF DAWN & Emerald Isles Collections

TEMPLE OF DAWN Wallpaper Collection

For decades the name Jim Thompson has been synonymous with wondrous hand woven Thai silks that blend the best of Asia and western elegance. We have now taken this outstanding combination one step further as we expand into wall coverings that compliment our exclusive textile range. Our latest collection of wallpaper is named for a historic landmark in the heart of old Bangkok, the Temple of Dawn. A gleaming monument with spires that reflect on the river, this famous temple with its beautiful mural paintings serves as the inspiration for our dazzling new Jim Thompson wallpaper collection. As Jim Thompson enjoyed doing when he first came to Bangkok in the 1950s, many visitors still wander for hours in peaceful temple enclaves to draw inspiration from the contrasting colors and textures. With decorations and mural paintings that boast a vast array of patinas, the Temple of Dawn, called Wat Arun in Thai, serves as the focal point for the creation of our stunning new wallpaper collection. We have concentrated on an amazing choice of rich earth tones and neutral colors to provide the same serenity and calm one would find in these restful enclaves.

Arun Kim Crescent Neptune Mandarin Orchids Nalin India Illusion





Mandarin Orchids




CREDITS TEMPLE OF DAWN Wallpaper Collection ARUN Wallpaper Arun: W01021/02 Fabric Sofa Cotton Velvet: 3538/09 Demi Lune Sofa Morillon Glass Wall Lights Woven Rug Green Smoke No.47 INDRA Wallpaper Indra: W01018/03 Fabric Ceil sofa by Jim Thompson Chedi: 3545/11 Hague Blue No.30 CRESCENT Wallpaper (Foreground/background) Mandarin Orchids: W01017/04 Kim: W01016/01 Fabric Maia chair by Jim Thompson Ekamai: 3055/29Cushion New Khmer: 139 502 Woven rug Castle Gray No.92

KIM Wallpaper Kim: W01016/01 Fabric Lamp shade Kaleidoscope: 180 788 Pleated lampshade Glass table lamp Green glass vase NEPTUNE Wallpaper Neptune: Wo1023/02 Joe Cariati amber tear drop decanter, Topaz Flask and Angelic bottle NALIN Wallpaper Nalin: W01020/02 Fabric Antique Chinese Seatee Superior: 3403/08 Cushions (from left) Superior: 3403/08 Kaleidoscope: 180 776 Ekamai: 3055/26 Gables: 3504/01 Daphnis: 3419/01 New Khmer: 139 705 Ceramic vase Calke Green No.34

MANDARIN ORCHIDS Wallpaper (Foreground/background) Mandarin Orchids: W01017/04 Kim: W01016/01 Fabric Lampshade Isan: 3372/13 Pleated lampshade Messina gourd vase Woven rug Oval room blue no.85 paint ILLUSION Wallpaper Illusion: W01022/03 Fabric Curtain - Kosa Pan: 3379/01 Chairs - Parade: 3422/09 Cushions (from left) Kaleidoscope: 180 852 Kaleidoscope: 180 559 New Khmer: 139 706 Ashdown leaf wall light Woven rug Minster Green 224

EMERALD ISLES Vinyl WallCovering CIMARRON Wallcovering Cimarron: W01013/01 SIRUMA Wallcovering Siruma: W01014/01 Metallic effect bowl CORON Wallcovering Coron: W01015/01 SAMARA Wallcovering Samara: W01012/19 Antique wooden beams

POLILLO Wallcovering Polillo: W01008/07 Chinese terracotta ovoid urns, Shanxi province, early 20th century SAMUR Wallcovering Samur: W01009/03 Large concrete console pot

CARAGA Wallcovering Caraga: W01011/01 Oxblood glaze incense burners ALAWAN Wallcovering Palawan: W01010/06 Fabric Cushions (from top) Superior: 3403/05 & 08