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Regent Young Learners Summer Review 2013

Another summer of language progress! This summer’s review features extracts from articles and comments written by the Regent Young Learner 2013 staff and students. The feedback from students, staff and group leaders alike has been better than ever! New for 2011 We cannot wait to welcome back familiar faces in 2014 and, of course, some new faces too!

Scavenger Hunt at Scanbrit Hengistbury Head is a beautiful part of the coastline close to Bournemouth which is also designated as a nature reserve due to its abundant wildlife. We spent a sunny afternoon here completing a ‘scavenger hunt’ designed for us by the Regent Scanbrit staff. We worked in pairs to complete all the questions on our sheet, to answers to which were found on information boards around the headland. It was great fun rushing around and trying to be the first team to finish the hunt, and a perfect opportunity to get some snapshots of the sweeping views of the English coast.

Basketball and mask making workshop at Queen Ethelburga’s After a morning of language lessons the sports-minded students at Queen Ethelburga’s headed to the indoor gymnasium for a closely fought game of basketball. We had a lot of fun shooting some hoops with our friends! We also had the opportunity to take part in a mask making workshop. Armed with plain masks and a wide array of paints and glitter we let our imaginations run free! Some took inspiration from traditional theatrical masks while others came up with their own concepts. The final results were fantastic and provided us all with great costumes for the end of course party!

The Lost Treasure of Scanbrit This summer the English Club Extra students produced and performed our first ever school pantomime – The Lost Treasure of Scanbrit! Having learnt all about the British tradition of pantomime, we made sure we incorporated all the necessary elements into our performance. We cast a hero, some villainous pirates, a ghost, a two-person pantomime camel, and, of course, a pantomime dame! This was a great way to improve fluency as well as being a lot of fun for both performers and spectators!

Student led cookery Masterclass at Stowe One of our students, Dmytro Kazmiruk, did a fantastic job of organising and leading a cookery workshop for his fellow students. Dmytro is a very talented chef and led his peers in a session to make his specialities – tiramisu and cheesecake! His culinary session was very popular and lots of us gathered in the kitchen to help prepare (and taste!) his recipes. Both dishes were absolutely delicious and we’re sure all our parents will be amazed when their children return both as confident English speakers and as accomplished chefs!

Falconry Show at Box Hill Falconry is a pastime traditionally associated with English royalty and gentry – Henry VIII was a big fan! We all got to experience a majestic moment when a local falconer visited us with his birds of prey. After a quick lesson on how to handle the different birds, we were gloved up and given the chance to try out falconry for ourselves. All the birds were very calm and not at all scary and we had great fun meeting all the different sizes and breeds.

Regent Cup at Repton We’ve all competed for the hotly contested Regent Cup at Repton this summer. In our teams of six or seven students we’ve taken part in activities such as dodge ball, a photo challenge, a quiz and the very enjoyable ‘food challenge’! Because of the fantastic weather in Britain this summer, we were able to hold most of the tournament outdoors in the beautiful grounds of Repton school. We hope to see everyone again next summer!

Certificate Ceremony at Queen Ethelburga’s Every Friday the students and teachers gathered in the main hall at Queen Ethelburga’s to say a warm farewell to those leaving and congratulate them for their progress. Each student received their own certificate of achievement and everyone was rewarded with an end of week party! Saying goodbye to our young learners is never easy, but it is fantastic to see just how confident they have become in English and to see and the lifelong friends they have made during their time here at Regent.

Fashion Show and Karaoke Night at Stowe Having decorated our activities room with glow in the dark bunting and a huge ‘Stowe Wild Style’ banner, our volunteer models strutted up and down the catwalk in pairs like true professionals. Some outfits were a little more avant-garde than others and our course leaders kept us all entertained with a very witty commentary. We then brought out the karaoke machine and sang (or screamed!) all our favourite hits. We don’t think we’ve ever laughed so much in one evening!

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Thank you to all the students and staff who participated in this review and who gave their permission for us to use their words and photographs. If you would like further copies of this document, please contact us on: The photos used in this document are the property of Regent and are for use by Regent only.

Regent Summer Review  
Regent Summer Review