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Jim Thompson David Rockwell The Spotlight Collection

THE SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION David Rockwell for Jim Thompson

The Spotlight collection for Jim Thompson reflects architect David Rockwell’s deep interest in the play of light and his appreciation for natural materials and textures. He founded Rockwell Group, an interdisciplinary design firm with offices in New York and Madrid. Drawing inspirations from his myriad of projects, from hospitality and residential to theater and stage, David explores various motifs and patterns that exemplify his style in textile design. The collection expresses the effect of ever-shifting light on geometric and natural patterns in two color directions - modern metallic surfaces, and rich and playful colors found in nature. Twelve different patterns highlight warm golden bronze mixes with sleek silvery platinum hues. Rich and bold colors such as teal, coral red and purple punctuate the palette, bringing playfulness to the whole collection. PROJECT: ACADEMY AWARDS, 2009, LOS ANGELES


Wall: Metallic Shell 3474/07 Chair: Velvet Feathers 3472/06 Pillow: Velvet Feathers 3472/04

Photo credit: ©AMPAS®

3-4 Screen: Droplets 3478/03 Chair: Reveal 3476/06 Seat cushion: Reveal 3476/07

5-6 Sofa: Metallic Screen Large 3481/03 Pillows left to right: Metallic Shell 3474/02 Velvet Feathers 3472/01 Metallic Shell 3474/05 Metallic Shell 3474/02 Velvet Feathers 3472/04 Chair cushion: End Grain 3471/02


Chair cushion: End Grain 3471/02 Drapery: Droplets 3478/02 Inset: End Grain 3471/01


9 - 10

Photo credit: Ed Reeve

Chaise: Shifting Grid 3470/03 Roman shade: Shimmery Light 3473/02 Pillow: Reveal 3476/01

11 -12 Headboard: Curved Stripe 3475/02 Lamp shade: Metallic Screen Large 3481/03 Bed spread: Velvet Feathers 3472/03 Square pillows and round bolster: Metallic Shell 3474/02 Euro sham: Shifting Grid 3470/01 Small rectangular pillow: Velvet Feathers 3472/01 Insert: Metallic Screen Large 3481/03


13 - 14 Pod: 3479/03

Photo credit: Scott Frances


15 - 16

Photo credit: Mark Ballogg

Drapery: Pod Pillows left Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod

3479/05 to right: 3479/01 3479/07 3479/02 3479/03 3479/04 3479/06

17 - 18 Left page Pillows top to bottom: Metallic Shell 3474/02 Metallic Shell 3474/05 Metallic Shell 3474/04 Right page Wall: Metallic Shell 3474/10 Pillows top to bottom: Metallic Shell 3474/04 Metallic Shell 3474/11 Metallic Shell 3474/05 Metallic Shell 3474/08 Metallic Shell 3474/12 Metallic Shell 3474/02 Metallic Shell 3474/03 Metallic Shell 3474/06 Back cover: Wall: Shimmery Light 3473/06 Chair: Metallic Shell 3474/08

Jim Thompson