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Since 1972, Stratton Mountain School (SMS) has provided an integrated academic and athletic program that supports physical, mental, and emotional growth in our student athletes. Our unique approach ensures that SMS student athletes participate in a rigorous, college-preparatory education while pursuing national and international competition. The SMS mission is to provide each student athlete with the opportunity to pursue excellence in competitive winter sports and college-preparatory academics while developing strong personal values. Both academics and athletics receive the attention and value they merit. Extra support off the mountain and outside the classroom is consistently available throughout the day, which allows student athletes to take charge of their own academic and athletic success. On the road, student athletes don’t experience an interruption in their studies. Through our collaborative web-based curriculum, student athletes can interact with teachers, get new assignments, and submit their work. The teachers’ contentrich class web pages allow student athletes to plan for future trips and maintain course loads while traveling to competitions.

Stratton Mountain School student athletes are strong, motivated, and passionate. Your drive for success, your perseverance and your talent will rank you among your peers here at SMS. We invite you to explore our website, which will provide you with detailed information on our courses, athletic programs, faculty and coaches, as well as the latest campus news and events. Âť

Our Student Athletes Student athletes who make the commitment to join our community arrive with a strong academic and athletic background, lofty goals, and a determination to succeed. Joining SMS from more than 15 states and several countries, SMS student athletes share the passion to maximize their own personal potential. At Stratton Mountain School, our student athletes become independent investigators. They build ultralight gliders that fly on a pillow of air, learn the laws of thermodynamics by building a steam engine, and construct robots to maneuver throughout the classroom. They learn how to give a compelling speech, create a dynamic blog, and write a thorough research paper. Our handson approach to learning ensures that student athletes gain important knowledge as well as an appreciation for the processes of inquiry. In the athletic arena, every student athlete brings an excitement for his or her chosen discipline. The energy is contagious. Whether in fall dryland, early-season drills, or at the height of the competition season, the camaraderie of the community makes each individual stronger and more successful. Through a combination of academic rigor and athletic pursuits, each member of the community develops a tremendous strength of character. A strong work ethic, time management skills, high self-esteem, and determination provide the framework for producing healthy young men and women who are well prepared for college and future challenges.

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O u r Fa c u lt y The SMS faculty brings years of practical and academic experience into the classroom. More than 50 percent of our teaching staff holds a master’s degree. Individually, they are world-class athletes, physicists, linguists, artists, farmers, and professional writers. Each faculty member incorporates his or her passion for teaching and a solid foundation in their field of study into the curriculum. Our commitment to employ teachers whose sole responsibility is teaching has resulted in an exceptional legion of academic staff. Importantly, our teachers have a passion for education, and they make great strides to ensure SMS student athletes are successful in the classroom.

from being an incredibly “Aside fun place, SMS also provided unparalleled training for everything that’s come at me in life. You learn to look at something that involves hard work and the potential for failure and say, ‘I can do that.’ After that, no one can tell you it can’t be done.

DR. PATRICIA HELLMAN GIBBS ’76 Founder of the San Francisco Free Clinic and Former US Ski Team Member

Academics Stratton Mountain School offers a rich environment — one that is intellectually challenging both in and out of the classroom. During their years at SMS, our student athletes learn to demand excellence from themselves, to balance high expectations, and to maintain a rigorous schedule. They develop the crucial ability to translate independence into the sense of responsibility and maturity they will need to be successful in college and life beyond. Small classes emphasize the dynamic learning environment, ensuring each student athlete receives the attention he or she deserves. The rich learning environments combine interactive, hands-on application with video and audio tutorials. During the winter, the academic schedule is purposely constructed to cater to the aspiring world-class athlete without diminishing his or her academic course load.

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SMS offers several unique and challenging classes to complement traditional classes:

• digital media • studio art • health and sports science • environmental science • robotics

Groomed for Success The College Guidance Department at Stratton Mountain School works closely with each student athlete to assure several options for the future as they move forward with their educational, athletic, and personal goals. Our college counselors work in close coordination with parents, SMS coaches, and various college coaches to seek schools that will challenge and reward student athletes both academically and athletically. Our ultimate goal is to help each student athlete to identify and gain admission to the best colleges for his or her individual needs. Stratton Mountain School alumni continue their success far beyond the slopes and campus of SMS. Graduates have moved on to the finest colleges and universities in the country, including: Brown, Middlebury, Dartmouth, Williams, UVM, and many more. Additionally, SMS alumni have proven successful in nearly every profession: lawyers, doctors, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and countless others. Whatever life choices our student athletes make, their SMS education provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of success.

Athletics Our athletic philosophy is centered on a healthy approach to competition, dedication, and goal setting. Throughout the course of a student athlete’s enrollment at SMS, he or she learns to balance a proven training regimen, positive community spirit and hard work. The athletic staff is regarded as one of the most comprehensively experienced staffs in the world. Many members of our coaching staff have competed or coached on an international level. As an overall program, USSA recognized SMS as the USSA Club of the Year in 2009, marking SMS as one of the most prominent snow sports academies in the country. The SMS Alpine Program is comprised of highly motivated individuals with a passion to achieve success. Our 12-month program is supported by an essential combination of dryland preparation, on-snow training, and competition. During the summer and fall, coaches take student athletes to biological age-appropriate training camps utilizing top venues around the world to ensure that they are 4 | S T R AT TO N M O U N TA I N S C H O O L | w w w. g o s m s . o r g

properly prepared for the rigors of winter competition. During the winter season, our top-level ski racers represent SMS at international and national competitions such as NorAms, US Nationals, JII Nationals, Whistler Cup, and the JIII Olympics. At JII Nationals and JIII Junior Olympics in the past few years, SMS has had more athletes competing than any other snow sports academy. The SMS Nordic Program has combined sports science, a proven training program, and efficient workouts to boast one of the most successful Nordic programs in the country. Its unprecedented national and international success has produced more than 13 Nordic Olympians in the past seven Winter Olympics. The program also claims a continuous streak that extends beyond 14 straight years with at least one World Junior Team member and at least one Junior National Gold medalist. USSA has recognized the program twice as the USSA Club of the Year. As of 2010, the women’s team has claimed the Roger Weston Award for three years running, which acknowledges the best high school team in the country. The SMS Snowboarding Program began in 1993 as one of the first programs of its kind in the country. In its short history, the program has earned three USSA Snowboarding Program of the Year titles and is recognized worldwide as one of the best teams in the country. In combination with the most up-to-date, onsnow training techniques, the innovative dryland program integrates gymnastics, skateboarding, and a fun combination of plyometric and strength-training exercises to enhance a student athlete’s overall snowboarding experience. Currently, SMS athletes are present in every level of competitive snowboarding and have worked their way onto podiums of the Revolution Tour, FIS Junior World Championships, the FIS World Cup, US Grand Prix, X -Games, the US Open, and the Olympics.

SMS alumni include more than 33 Olympic team members: • Lindsey Jacobellis, SMS ’03: Silver, Snowboardcross (2006) • Kristen Luckenbill, SMS ’97: Gold, Soccer (2004) • Andy Newell, SMS ’02 • Ross Powers, SMS ’97: Gold, Halfpipe (2002), and Bronze, Halfpipe (1998) • Louie Vito, SMS ’06 Competition is the cornerstone of SMS. Our student athletes compete internationally and gain exposure at some of the most prestigious events in the world. Thirty-three SMS alumni have competed in the Olympics, and more than 90 athletes have achieved placement on national teams throughout the world.

In 2007, SMS launched the Freestyle Skiing Program. With an early emphasis in Mogul Skiing, the program found immediate success. In just three short years, nearly all of the 12 SMS Mogul skiers qualified for Junior Olympics. Beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year, SMS integrated Halfpipe and Slopestyle (Pipe and Park) skiing into the fulltime Freestyle Program. w w w. g o s m s . o r g | S T R AT TO N M O U N TA I N S C H O O L | 5

Snow isn’t our only training surface! During the fall and spring, SMS student athletes have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic sports, including soccer, cross-country running, cycling, golf, and lacrosse.

W i n t e r Te r m Students in grades 7-9 who want to attend Stratton Mountain School can be part of a special program intended to introduce them to the demands and rewards of a snow sports academy. Winter-term students attend SMS during the height of the December through March competition season. Here, student athletes who have outgrown their home club programs can benefit from our worldclass coaching and training facilities while only being away from home for the competition season. Our winter-term academic coordinator works closely with each student athelete’s home school to establish clear expectations, coordinate academic requirements, and report on the student athlete’s progress. SMS provides either tutorial support or the opportunity to integrate into our full-term academic program. In every case, each student athlete’s academic program is tailored to fit the expectations of his or her home school.

Typica l Daily Schedule - Fall and Spring 6:30 am » 7:15 »

Morning Training Breakfast

Mon./Wed./Fri. Classes: 8:15-noon » Classes 12:00-12:45 » Lunch 12:45-2:30 » Classes Tues./Thurs. Classes: 8:00-11:30 » Classes 11:30-12:30 » Lunch

12:30-2:00 » Classes 2:00-2:50 » Extra Help Everyday: 3:15-6:00 » 6:00-6:30 » 7:15-8:45 » 9:30 pm »

Afternoon Sports Dinner Study Hall In rooms

Typica l Daily Schedule - Winter 7:00 am » Breakfast 8:00-11:45 » On-snow Training 11:45-12:30 » Lunch PM Classes: 12:30-5:00 » Classes 5:00-6:00 » Afternoon Conditioning

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6:00-6:30 » 7:15-8:45 » 9:30 pm »

Dinner Study Hall In rooms

Campus Nestled at the base of Stratton Mountain in Vermont, the SMS campus is within close proximity of Stratton Mountain Resort, which features nearly 600 acres of top-ranked skiing and snowboarding terrain. Stratton’s cross-country trails deliver the challenging and varied terrain that Nordic skiers dream about. Freestyle training for snowboarders and skiers takes place on world-class halfpipes and terrain parks. The SMS weight room houses more than 1,000 square feet of lifting space complete with free weights, guided weight machines, and cardio equipment. The Peak Performance Facility now contains 26 spin bikes, four Olympic lifting platforms, four Glute-Ham machines, four sets of rings, bumper plates, medicine balls, and several sets of dumbbells and kettlebells. The SMS Strength and Conditioning Program is led by a team of certified strength and conditioning specialists and is designed to develop the complete athlete by integrating different movements, sports, and specific workouts. Our sports training facilities also include a gymnasium, sports science lab, physical therapy facility, as well as a skate park and trampoline gym. In addition, there are fully appointed tuning areas on campus.

provided me with the facility, “SMS coaching and tools to take my snowboarding to the top. I feel that SMS is the best ski and snowboard academy in the world. I hope to help more athletes achieve their dreams, and I know that they can accomplish success at Stratton Mountain School.

ROSS POWERS ’97 Two-time Olympic Medalist and creator of the Ross Powers Foundation

SMS has state-of-the-art facilities throughout its campus, and the athletic training room is no exception. From rehabilitation equipment and injuryprevention exercises, to hot and cold whirlpool tubs for treatment, the athletic training room is well prepared for outstanding treatment and performance improvement. Staffed by a certified athletic trainer, sports medicine treatment at SMS is easily linked to various other sports medicine facilities in Vermont and New England. Our residence halls feature double and triple occupancy rooms, common areas for socializing and recreation, a centrally located laundry room, and a dining hall. The academic building houses a cutting-edge computer lab, a 35-seat theater, two fully equipped science labs, 12 classrooms, and a spacious library for study. Each classroom is equipped with projectors to enhance the classroom learning experience.

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Intellectual curiosity. Athletic talent. Extraordinary commitment. The winning combination for more than three decades.

Community As a member of the SMS community, student athletes become a part of a family. From weekend activities to orientation trips, student athletes feel a sense of belonging and well being. Student athletes excel in the contagiously positive environment, where hard work and a commitment to excellence is the norm. Student athletes are part of a safe, caring and structured environment that fosters self-respect and respect for peers, staff, and our campus surroundings. Housing on campus consists of two dorms, with supervision at the end of each hall. Our dedicated group of residential staff provides a nurturing environment with clear and consistent boundaries, and encourages a successful academic, social, and athletic lifestyle. Weekends at SMS offer a variety of activities for boarding and day students, such as a trip to the movies or our local skatepark, baking, ice-skating, paintball, local fairs, bowling, crafts and decorating for holidays, apple-picking, tie-dying, and bonfires with s’mores. Weeknights in the dorms consist of study hall hours and free time. Often, students use their free time to tune their athletic equipment, play a game of basketball in the gym, watch a favorite TV show or continue working on their homework. The Stratton Mountain School community includes a dynamic group of student athletes, families, teachers, coaches, and alumni. The entire group works together to provide the best opportunities for success, and each individual’s accomplishments are collectively celebrated. Please explore the interactive SMS website and contact us to learn more about what makes Stratton Mountain School special. We look forward to introducing you to the SMS community.

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If you have proven athletic and academic achievements and a demonstrated commitment to community, we want to meet you. We require that you complete our admissions application and participate in an on-campus interview by the end of March for the most favorable consideration. Financial aid may be available to students who demonstrate financial need. Because the financial aid program is limited, students are encouraged to apply before March 15. For questions regarding financial aid or the admissions process, please visit our website: Non-discrimination Policy: Stratton Mountain School does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, sexual orientation, or national origin in the admissions process or in the administration of its educational policies, financial aid and loan programs.

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