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Anniversary Donor Appreciation Report July 1 2015– June 30 2016

Yesterday and Today: The Impact of the Stratton Foundation

Board of Directors Officers: Carolyn Blitz, President Steve Kerstein, Treasurer Laura Mullen, Secretary Directors: Elaine Cella Randall Dapron Jonathan Klein Craig Panarisi Parker Rice Risa Rubloff Debbie Shields Elizabeth Ward Kim Wohler Tammy Mosher, E.D.

In 1996, Michael Cobb, Bob Fries, Kimet Hand, Rick Hube, and Carl Williams shared a common goal to create a long-term way to enhance opportunities, health, and quality of life for children and families throughout Southern Vermont. Twenty years later, the Stratton Foundation has provided over $1.5 million to the local community. Since the beginning, the Foundation received donations and hosted events to make small grants to organizations providing a wide spectrum of programs and services. “Our idea was to combine putting on events and programs for the enjoyment of residents and 2nd home owners, hopefully improving the quality of life in Stratton, and with hopefully the proceeds, to grant money twice a year to worthy causes in greater southern Vermont area. Our first event was the Pearl Buck Symposium, the Jimmy Heuga Ski Express and Men Who Cook . I guess we were all friends, workmates, who were motivated to make something good happen. It just clicked from day one. The five of us worked well together and once we had an executive director, Barbara McCarty, there was no stopping us.� - Bob Fries

Kimet, Carl, Bob, Rick, Michael

1997-2010, over the first 13 years, the Stratton Foundation provided $640,000 to support programs that included the arts, sports, camps, education, food, and more. Grants ranged from $250-$5,000. In 2010, the Foundation and Stratton Mountain resort strengthened its partnership, connecting with all of the families and guests who love Vermont, the mountain, the region, and the people who live here. The Stratton Mountain resort also extends an incredible amount of resources to the Foundation, freeing up funds to make a greater impact on the community in-need.

2011-2016, the Stratton Foundation distributed $975,000 in community giving. 2011, Hurricane Irene immobilized Vermont and the communities within the Foundation’s footprint. In a short period of time, the Foundation raised and distributed over $450,000, assisting 300+ families and businesses to recover and rebuild after the storm. It was during Hurricane Irene Relief that the Foundation realized the incredible compassion and heart of the people who come to Stratton, not just as a resort, but as the community they call home and care deeply about. 2012-2016, the Stratton Foundation continued to grow, developing several signature events, including the 24 Hours of Stratton, The Taste of Vermont, Snowlight in Vermont, and Friends of the Foundation Magazine. This type of big fundraising has created the opportunity to make a big impact,. Today the Foundation initiates, partners, and facilitates large programs that address critical services needed in our area to support local children and families living in poverty. The Foundation’s primary focus includes hunger, heat and emergency assistance, mental-social-dental health services, and ending generational poverty through education. Grants range from $500 to as high as $75,000, and the Foundation’s community outreach extends to include acts of goodwill, such as Boots4VTKids, “Pass It On” clothing drive, and the “Angel Outreach Network” to connect families with ’angel’ members willing to offer resources and discounts in times of need. “I have to say the success of the Stratton Foundation and how it has grown, is one of my proudest achievements in the ski industry. We had a great team, lots of local buy in and support, and lofty goals. I believe the foundation has met the goals of offering programs and events that have improved the quality of life in the Stratton area and with that success, has been able to financially support many causes and non profits in the greater Stratton and Southern Vermont area.” Bob Fries

Yesterday and Today

“The Heart of Stratton” A Movie of Giving

The Stratton Foundation assembled its community of grant recipients to create “The Heart of Stratton” - a movie of giving and impact. “Poverty is all around us. When I started in Jamaica 9 years ago, the poverty rate was 36%...we’re currently at 70%. We have kids that come to school hungry. We have kids that come to school unclean. We have children whose shoes need to be duct taped together. We have students that come to school without a coat. We have kids that we are washing their faces, and so they can start their day like their peers; clean. We have kids that we check in with throughout the day to make sure their basic needs are met. The impact that the Stratton Foundation is making in Jamaica is huge.” - Laura Hazard, Jamaica Village School “We have several trailer parks that are off the main roads, so it’s a hidden poverty, a hidden problem. The big concern here is that those numbers are growing rapidly. We are really aiming to address the generational poverty. Generational poverty is a much bigger concern because it is endemic; it’s been going on for several generations….and as the Success Program has evolved the Stratton Foundation has had a continual dialogue about what’s best for the students, how can we support those students in these endeavors, how can we create educational opportunities for the students. “ - Jason Pergament, Student Success

“The Success Program gave me a vision and it’s what’s made me the student I am now today. I can’t imagine what my life would had been, what my school life would had been if I hadn’t attended the Success Program because I was struggling. I have to be the first generation college student. I just pushed myself and it felt so good. And from then on, it was like—this is what I want to do and I’m going to get there.” - Dylan Kapusto, First Generation Success Scholar. Thank You: Laura Hazard, Principal of Jamaica Village School * Dr. Dorinne Dorfman, Principal Leland & Gray HS * Jason Pergament & Students from “Student Success” * Tom Dougherty, Neighborhood Connections * Dylan Kapusto, Student Success Scholar Special Acknowledgement Tim Wessell, Vermont Films

Community Giving Distribution 2015-2016 The Stratton Foundation continues to make a big impact by helping in ways that changes lives, policy, and creates programs to help hundreds of children and their families. Thanks to the copious goodwill and partnership with the Stratton Mountain Resort, the Foundation has secured a large and stable opportunity of giving.

Community Giving Sustainability & Impact


Manchester Community Food Cupboard _________________________________ $20,000 The Manchester CFC distributes 20,000 lbs of food per month to low income families within the footprint of the Stratton Foundation. The MCFC feeds 400 families equaling 11,000 individuals per year. In a time of economic downturn for the region, the MCFC is challenged to feed an increasing population dependent on the pantry as their primary resource for food.

Children’s Summer Food Program _______________________________________ $5,000


The Summer Food Program, operated through the Interfaith Council of the Northshire, has grown from 175 in 2012, to 188 children in 2014, to well over 260 children in 2015. The Food Program fills the gap when school lunch assistance closes for the summer, feeding children who would otherwise not have a dependable source of food. The scope includes some of the poorest and most rural communities in Southern Vermont. A typical menu includes a loaf of bread, lunch meat, soup, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, cheese sticks, and gift card for a 1/2 gallon of milk, and 5-7 pieces of fresh produce. Throughout the summer, books may be distributed, and during the last week, children receive basic school supplies so that they are ready to begin their education, fed, healthy and prepared.

BROC Community Action in Southern Vermont ____________________________ $2,500 BROC has provided programming to offset the ravages of poverty for southwestern Vermont residents for 51 years, as the local community action agency. In 2015, BROC provided services to 510 individuals, including 142 children within the footprint of the Stratton Foundation. Services include food shelf, fuel and utility assistance, housing, tax preparation, health care navigation and transportation. Funds awarded will support the emergency food pantry.

Summer Food & Dental Supplies

Weekend Food Programs

Emmy McCusker of the MCFC

Jamaica Village School Weekend Backpack Program _________________________ $1,000 The Jamaica Village School, in partnership with the Jamaica-Wardsboro Community Food Pantry, the Abbey Group, and funding provided by the Stratton Foundation feeds approximately 10 children living in food insecure situations, over the 40 weekends of the school year calendar. The Stratton Foundation is proud to award a $1,000 Party with Purpose Grant to purchase fresh produce and vegetables for the 2016-2017 school year.

Other _______________________________________________________________ $3,200 The Stratton Foundation supports many programs and organizations where children spend a majority of their day, but cannot afford snacks or lunch, and often times do not have food at home.

COMMUNITY GIVING 2015-2016 Thank You

Vermont Challenge ____________________________________________________ $6,600 Thanks to proceeds from the annual Vermont Challenge Bike Tour, the Stratton Foundation distributes funds equally to organizations from each of the event host towns that share in the mission of the Stratton Foundation to provide critical services to children and families in need. Organizations include: BROC ‘Feed the Freezer’ (Killington), Meals on Wheels (Manchester), Jamaica-Wardsboro Food Pantry (Stratton), Black River Good Neighbors (Okemo), Stratton Mountain Urgent Care – Otis Clinic (Stratton), and Grace Cottage Hospital (Townshend).

Moving Mountains for Education _________________________________________ $7,000 The Stratton Foundation works closely with school principals, school nurses, teachers, social workers, and community leaders to provide basic necessities to children on a daily basis. By Moving Mountains, a child in need of warm clothing, shoes, health/dental/medical care, school supplies, food, educational opportunities that they could not otherwise afford, and more, a child can be cared for and better prepared to learn.

Vermont Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired _______________________ $1,500 The Intensive Residential Life Experience Educational Camp provides an opportunity for students to come together to learn alongside peers who face similar challenges. Children learn the skills necessary to thrive in a predominantly sighted world in an environment where they can both socialize and receive extensive support. IRLE emphasizes the skills instilled during the school year by TVIs, including using adaptive technology, advocating for oneself, orientation and mobility, and creating and maintaining friendships. (24) Students within the footprint of the Stratton Foundation take part in the IRLE.


Student Success ____________________________________________________ $60,000



Young incoming freshmen are identified by their sending schools going to Burr & Burton Academy HS, as living in poverty and/or at-risk of not meeting their full potential. The program is aimed to support first generation college bound high school students to develop the skills and habits necessary to achieve success, and future financial independence. The program provides goal and mindset training, connections and relationship building, a backpack with necessary school supplies, a learning kitchen that provides and teaches about nutritious food, and sets a powerful introduction to a positive school experience and desire for academic success. The Success Program continues during the school year providing individual tutoring, mentorship, mental health support, access to homework academy, college preparatory courses, enrichment opportunities and resources they could not otherwise afford. In partnership and with the generosity of the Charles S. & Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation, the Stratton Foundation will be offering a Brown Family—Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Scholarship opportunity as a powerful engine to facilitate the mindset shift out of poverty for teens in the Success Program (“Success Scholars”). Through an application process, Success Scholars will create a PLP, mapping a new vision for the future. Each teen’s Plan will include the steps necessary to reach a desired goal, such as completing an internship, a college course, or a special training event; things that go beyond their family’s financial reach or seen as an insurmountable obstacle, but critical in turning vision into action. These will be paid by the Foundation through the Brown Family Foundation PLP Scholarship. Through these experiences, Success Scholars will realize they can overcome challenges, rise above their poverty, value education and themselves as their greatest asset, and be empowered to succeed.

Trustees of the Charles S. and Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation; Charlie and Rob Brown, and Keith Brown DuBois pictured with founding trustee, Dr. Charles S. Brown

Social & Mental Health Services ________________________________________ $17,000 Continuing the provision of health and mental services at two elementary schools begun in 2015, a health clinician remains an urgent component for the 2016-2017 school year. The services are planned to be adopted by the Supervisory Union in 2017-2018. Services are managed by Neighborhood Connections in partnership with Leland & Gray HighSchool, Wardsboro Elementary School, and Jamaica Village School.


Community Health Link _______________________________________________ $15,000 Led by Neighborhood Connections, a part-time health worker will accept referrals from the schools and connect family members with area services to address both health problems and the underlying social service needs. The CHW will make home visits, provide health education, and serve as a direct link back to the individual’s primary care physician at Mountain Valley Medical Center and Grace Cottage Hospital, filling a critical gap in the community. The program is set to be self sustaining in 2017-2018. “I am thrilled to be a part of the Community Care Initiative at Neighborhood Connections. Thanks to the great generosity of the Stratton Foundation I’ve begun work as a Community Nurse in this exiting program linking families to health care. Young moms, children, seniors, folks coming out of the hospital or those who can’t get to a clinic will get home visits and help addressing their health care issues – including questions about caring for a new baby or treatment for a chronic illness. It is wonderful to have this gap in service filled for our rural towns where going to a client’s home makes such a difference.” - Regina, Community Home Health Link Nurse—

Tooth Tutor & Dental Kit Distribution

Emergency Assistance____________________________________________________________ $6,200 In addition to awarding grants, the Stratton Foundation continues to help families directly—to fund heat assistance, to aid during an incidence of emergency, such as a house fire, to fund repair that makes a home safe and secure, or to provide running water for a family with children, living without.



First Generation Scholarship _____________________________________________ $3,000 Started in 2013, the Stratton Foundation awards first-generation college scholarships to local high school seniors. Thanks to the generosity and support of Todd Richter, three scholarships were awarded in 2016-2017 to Burr & Burton Academy graduates: ★ Chaston Finaldi attending Franklin Pierce University ★ Amber Whittemore attending nursing school in Florida in 2017 ★ Raymond Gormley attending SUNY

Congratulations to these groundbreaking teens. Past Recipients Morgan Avera & Rachel Foster—2014 Olivia Mancivalano—2015

“This award means a lot to me, and my family. Thank you.”

Thank you Todd Richter. L-R: Tammy, Chaston, Amber, Raymond

You Are The Stratton Foundation PRESENTING 2015-20196 DONORS Summit $10,000-$20,000 Charles S. & Millicent P. Brown Family Foundation Mid Mountain $5,000+ Carolyn Blitz Alan & Susan Bushell—Procalc Wendy & Peter Sorenson-Pearson Parker Rice & Equipe Sport Risa & Jay Rubloff The Vermont Challenge Gondola $2,000+ Laura Hesse Jeff & Linda Lennox Larry Lerner Joanna Miller Alpine $1,000+ Robert & Karen Allen Patrick & Kate Callan Covey & Nye Peter & Alexandra Daitch Richard & Nicole Fortson Mr. & Mrs. Bob Garthwait, Jr. Robert & Vivian Holzer Steven & Diane Kerstein Lori & Robert Kost Ronald & Marcia Lissak James B. Luke Family Foundation

Joanna Miller Ann & Richard Sommer Darroch Moores Christine & D.W. Porto Wilbur Rice Jim & Erin Ryan Solstice Home Owners Association Scott Studwell Nordic $500+ Corey & Dawn Alpart David & Allison Ansel Jennifer & Michael Apito Kenneth Baldwin Holly Bannister MD & Douglas Newhouse Tami & Steve Blanchard— Homestead Landscaping Rob & Carolyn Brennan Douglas Carpenter Paul & Chrissy Carroccio Elaine & Bill Cella Leslie Cenci Mary Elizabeth & Douglas Colosky Donald Conradi Tim Daly Peter & Michele Drasher Michael & Barbara Eisenson Kami and Kevin Golembeski The Panwy Foundation, Inc.

The Farrell Family Sue & Sky Foulkes Jane & Nick Gargiulo Russell & Laura Griffith Cindy & Larry Gubb Robert & Susan Hallenbeck Peter Harvey Rosemary Heinzerling Lisa & Dan Hickey Ronald Holbert Walter Humphrey Marc & Tracy Jaffe Steven Jomides Robert & Joyce Jones Steven & Debra Kass Mark & Michelle Kelley Jonathan & Jill Klein Gerald & Elaine Klingman Michele & Kevah Konner Philippe & Ana Laffont Janet & Edward Lee Steven & Kristin Lisowski Sandeep & Ayesha Mathrani Sandra & John McCue Doug McDonald William & Melany Nupp Peter & Beth Micioni Robert & Abigail Morgan Erin Morley Jackie Morrisey

ANNUAL DONORS Dedicated Donations “In Memory of Vaughn Clark” The Kotlers -


John Murphy Steven & Linda Obletz Philip & Kathryn Pabst David & Alyssa Portny Red Dot Communications Michael & Joyce Quirk Rebecca Reddington Todd Richter James Rowen Scott & Victoria Sartorius Mort Saunders Gary & Victoria Schonfeld Paula &Richard Schwartz Tom Snopek & Peggy Telscher Patricia Snow Julie Sparling Beth Stencel William Stevenson Robert & Jamie Ward Anna Weiser Tom & Betsy Whidden Larry & Kim Wohler Slalom $250+ Jack Baribault Anne Connor Jeff & Maureen Crowley Michael & Stephanie Dziuba Garden City High School Bake Sale Emily Hirsch Gregory Ladner Jennifer & Mark Leyton Jerry Meekins

Michael Taylor Carol Sohns Living Trust Cross Country $100+ John & Barbara Amiro Geola Arell Christopher & Kristin Bowyer Michael & Karen Carreira Corey Cooke Stephanie Coughlan David Courtemanche Stephen & Rita Crimmin Patricia & Paul Frank Laurie Gayda Bradly & Sunny Goldberg Margot Grapshi Robin Green Wendy & George Hansen Patty Harriman Kathy Heidt Elizabeth Hickey R.W. & Beth Krick Cal & Ann Low George & Patricia Lucas Dana Murphy Dee Myrvang Jim & Marty Neumeister Scott MacDowell Lee & Debbie Mittleman Dee Myrvang Susan Nardone Helen & John Nault David Neal

David Nicholas Laurie & John Orem Karen Orphanos Amy Quinn Judith Reidel John Renda Randal Rhoade Lee & Susan Romano Drs. Michael & Miriam Schechter Lt. Governor Phil Scott Harold & Valerie Solomon Vicki & Sandy Smul Jessie Snyder Mike Hipp & Kimet Speed Henry Stifel III Mary Sullivan Patricia Viger Elaine & Jerry Villano Von Bargen’s Jewelry Richard Wheeler Emily Williams Fresh Power <$100 Vicki Biehl Michael McKinley & Kathy Calnen Kathryn Cerles James & DeeDee Buffum Citizen’s Bank Bondville William Crawford Dorset School District Lynn Halper Miriam Hyman Jessie & John Kam

Boris Kotler Ralph & Mary Ann Little Lole Boyd Medeiros Shirley & Jacob Meyer Mlada Bukovansky & Dennis Neumann Jennifer Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Polly Spring & Brett Perkins Ann & John Spencer Elizabeth Spencer Theodore Tylaska Karen Ulmer Event Sponsors & Donors to Specific Events Are Honored On the Pages to Follow

The Hearts Giving to Boots 4VTKids Karen & Robert Allen Geola Arell Carolyn Blitz Charles & Renee Brown Patrick Callan Michael & Karen Carreira Elaine & Bill Cella Stephen & Rita Crimmin Marissa & Doug Farrell Paul & Patricia Frank Laurie Gayda Robin Green Robert & Susan Hallenbeck Elizabeth Hickey Lisa & Dan Hickey Mark & Michelle Kelly Jonathan & Jill Klein Steve & Diane Kerstein Lori & Robert Kost R.W. & Beth Krick George & Patricia Lucas Scott MacDowell Joanna Miller Darroch Moores John & Helen Nault Susan Nardone Laurie Orem Karen Orphanos Judith Reidel John Renda Wilbur Rice Vicki & Sandy Smul

Jerry & Elaine Villano Mary Sullivan Richard Wheeler Larry & Kim Wohler

New Pair of Boots Warm Socks Family Meal Holiday Gift

Delivery to schools for distribution

Provided for 100 Children In-Need Thank you

Rita Crimmin & Elaine Villano

4th Annual 24 Hours of Stratton on March 19-20, 2016 195 Athletes * 1,020 donors * 40 Teams * Raising $119,000 Grand Total Since 2012 = $800,000

Thank You Donors Athletes Sponsors Stratton

24 HOUR ATHLETES Jake Allen Sean Apps Raven Atsalis-Gogel Alexandra Azarian Will Baker Brooke Bakish James Barker Clay Barker Jacob Bazyk Dan Begallie Lee Begeja Jackson Benjamin Ed Benjamin Willie Benjamin Mia Bensusan Zoe Bensusan Zachary Berger John Best Tyler Bigham James Blackwell Elpi Blanchard Tamatha Blanchard Steve Blanchard Gabe Blardony Mike Blom Eric Blum

Ian Bruso Connor Burnes Alan Bushell Courtney Callo Cole Cammarata Keith Cammarata Charleigh Carthy John Casella II Matthew Casey Alexander Charrette Christopher Chrermi Sam Cochrane Kyle Conrell Ryan Conway Corey Cooke Ellington Cooke Lorraine Cornell Maggie Cowles Courtney Culver Grayson Cuneo Nicholas Dalton Randall Dapron Julia Dapron Zoey Day Charlotte Derman Margaret Derman Dan Derman

Luca DiTurski Lauren Drasher Ryan Dunn Sophia Durso Gregory Ellis Erin Ellis Harry Ellis Bryan Emery Joel Ess Quinn Evarts Jonathan Fairhurst William Fairhurst Carolyn Fine James Finklea II Ann Fisher Dan Foley Rob Gardner Mike Garea Matt Gavlik Christina Giacobbe Keith Giacobbe Luke Greenwood James Greenwood Maganzini Greg Meghan Grip Ryan Hallowell Anthony Harlow

Kristina Harmon Maximo Hasaj Bretton Himsworth Owen Himsworth Daniel Hollister Anders Hovstadius Henrik Hovstadius Joshua Huang Grey Hughes Claire Iannuzzi Chris Ivanyo Matt Jacobs Tyler Jager Garrett Johnson Neal Kavanagh Chris Kentfield Steve Kerstein Karsen Kimball Tanner King Ron Kist Zoe Klein

Jon Klein Charles Kollar Samantha Kost Rob Kost Sage Lalor Mike Larson Catey Lasersohn Tommy Lasersohn Phoebe Leighton Emery Letendre Jonah Lovens David Lucas Howard Lucas Lorraine Lucas Scott Magrath Jason Marotta Pete Mathewson Jason Mayville Jeff McConnell Mikaela McMahon Emmett Morgan Kevin Morrison Laura Mullen Matt Mullen Sophia Neidhold Chris Nolan Bill Nupp Christopher Patti Hans Pedersen Jason Pergament

Nicholas Plants Andrew Plaut Dennis Poole Travis Poole Alissa Potter Ryan Powers Emma Putney Peter Radocchia Evan Rawson Brian Read Ryan Rebholz Mim Refojo Michael Regan Charles Regan Olivia Robson Josh Roy Jason Russo Christopher Salazar Eli Sanderson Garrett Sands Carlo Santora Greg Schanck Rachel Senecal Jeremy Shepler Jeff Siegel Evan Siegel Victoria Spadafora John Spadafora Ben Spiro Griff Stalcup

Timothy Stapleford Chloe Stapleford Courtney Stapleford Claire Stapleford Alex Stefurak Mitchell Stern Scott Studwell Emily Sullivan Peter Szendro Kyle Szendro Adrienne Szendro Brendan Szendro Cecilia Szkutak Jian Tang Tang Michael Taylor Craig Thomas John Thomas III John Thomas IV Robert Tonnessen Ed Tonnessen Carter Vickers James Wachala Cali Wadsworth Brett Walker Jeremy Walker Nina Weissbach Marc Weissbach Diane Whatley Kelly Whitemack Chris Wicken

Amanda Wright Catherine Eva Zhang 40 TEAMS Fat Skis Defenders of the Shield Team Klein Team 318 Telefon Trail Killington Vandelay Industries Stratton Shredders Live Smart Solutions The Insomniacs Team Marvin #Vermontmelongtime Casella Ski for a Cause Team Bulldog Instruction Destruction Snowed Inn Going Through Life Sideways Founderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Friends Powder Monkeys Bar 802 / Village Pie Mountain RD Maniacs The World Premiers Beer Goggles Lovermont Long Trail School Trailblazers The Blob

The Mongol Hordes East Coast Busters Crew Nike Paramus Crusaders The Breakfast Club Ling-Ling and Her Cubs Cooke Classic Team Yard Sale Skibeasts Superior Athletes Flying Squirrels Happy Campers Blame It On The Tetons Powderhounds

Sponsors Presenting Sponsor The Stratton Mountain Resort Farrell Distributing 14th Star Brewery Long Trail Ale Harpoon Brewery Von Trapp Brewery Green Slope Sponsors Carbone Auto Group Casella Waste Management Procalc Powder Sponsors 98.1FM JJR Radio

Product & In-Kind Sponsors

Dedicated Donations

Corporate Matching Donations Cooper Surgical Henkel Corporation Medtronic Foundation White Mountains Capital

â&#x20AC;&#x153;In Honor & In Memory of Michael Cobbâ&#x20AC;? - Mr. John Drucker-I-Ship Express-

Special Thank You To The Stratton Mountain Resort Staff Mountain Ops Safety Patrol F&B IT Team Marketing Events


Top Team Fundraising #1 Fat Skis $7,200 #2 Defenders of the Shield $4,530 Vandelay Industries $4,625 Top Individuals Fundraising #1 Jeremy Walker $4,050 #2 Zoe Klein $3,611 #2 Jackson Benjamin $3,611 #3 Samantha Kost $2,450

Overall Top Vertical Skier Eric Blum (M) 241 Laps Zoe Bensusan (F) 193 Laps

Matt Casey’s “Fat Skis”


Overall Top Vertical 17 younger Alexander Charette (1) 155 Laps Niklas Plants (2) 150 Laps Kevin Gilan (3) 125 Laps Zoe Bensusan (1) 193 Laps Catherine Eva Zhang (2) 180 Laps Mia Bensusan (3) 143 Laps Overall Top Vertical 18-34 Eric Blum (1) 241 Laps Ryan Dunn (2) 233 Laps Daniel Hollister (3)170 Laps Kelly Whitenack (1) 150 Laps Megan Grip (2) 125 Laps Ann Fisher (3) 108 Laps

Chris, Zoe, Eric & Katie

Overall Top Vertical Snowboarder Christopher Patti (M) 209 Laps Kelly Whitenack (F) 150 Laps Overall Top Vertical 35-49 Christopher Patti (1) 209 Laps Mike Larson (2) 200 Laps Jeremy Walker (3) 196 Laps Amanda Wright (1) 35 Laps Overall Top Vertical 50+ Randal Dapron (1) 20 Laps Ron Lissak (2) 11 Laps Elpi Blanchard (1) 17 Laps Top Team Vertical Challenge Vandalay Industries (1) 245 Laps #Vertmelongtime (2) 242 Laps Beer Goggles (3) 241 Laps

The 4th Annual Friends of the Foundation Playbill is a meaningful way to spread awareness of the Foundationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission while acknowledging the generous support of local area businesses to resort guests, mountain homeowners, donors, and event participants. 1,000 books were distributed at: The Stratton Sampler The Taste of Vermont The 24 Hours of Stratton The Vermont Challenge The Stratton Welcome Center â&#x20AC;Ś.and more! Charitable contributions are essential to Vermont, and The Stratton Foundation recognizes that our small local community is solicited daily for contributions, yet you continue to give . Thank you.

A special thank you to Elaine Villano Pablo Elliot Debbie Peretz at Red Dot Communications!


Friends of the Foundation Magazine Raising $9,000

Gifts in Support Of Snowlight in Vermont Raising $35,000

The 3rd Annual ‘Snowlight in Vermont’ lined the Stratton Village, bringing beauty to the eye, and expressions of the heart. Trees are dedicated on behalf of loved ones near and far, or to share messages of the holidays with Stratton guests.

The Sparling-Meekens Families

Thank You Donor Families:

The Golembeski’s

The Jomides Family

The Alpart Family Cate, Julia, Allison & David Ansel Jen, Mike, Sam & Strat Apito Carolyn Blitz Rob & Carolyn Brennan The Cella Family Cass, Doug, Chris, & Leslie Cenci Doug, MaryBeth, & Zack Colosky The Chris Conradi Tree of Friends & Family The Daitch Family The Daly & Hurley Families Michelle, Peter, Caitlin & Lauren Drasher The Farrell Family Sky & Sue Foulkes The Gargiulo, Martinez & Robillard Families The Golembeski’s Russell & Laura Griffith Cindy & Larry Gubb Robert & Susan Hallenbeck Wendy Hansen, Henry Stifel, Stephanie Coughlin & Amy Quinn Heinzerling Family Dan, Lisa & Courtney Hickey Ronald Holbert & Family Walter Humphrey & Family The Jaffe Family The Jomides’

Robert & Joyce Jones The Kass Family Mark, Michelle, Madison & Drew Kelly The Kersteins The Graham Klein Family Trish, Peter, Alexandra & Lauren Klestadt The Klingman Family The Konner Family The Kost Family Philippe & Ana Laffont Ed, Janet, AJ & Claudia Lee The Lisowski Family Marcia, Ron, & Benjamin Lissak Sandeep & Ayesha Mathrani Peter and Beth Micioni & Family Robert Montuoro Morely Family The Rubino & O’Laughlin Families The Murphy’s The Nupp Family Steven & Linda Obletz The Portny Family Christine & D.W. Porto Roxanne Prescott Michael & Joyce Quirk Rebecca Redington & Family Todd Richter

The Rowen Family Scott & Victoria Sartorius The Saunders Family Paula & Richard Schwartz The Scoppetuolo’s Tom Snopek & Peggy Telscher John & Donna Sohikian The Sparling & Meekens Families The Croddicks, McCooey’s & Stencels The Stratton Village Jamie Ward & Family Robert Ward & Family Thomas A. Whidden Family Larry & Kim Wohler

Special Acknowledgement to: Follenderwerks My Sister’s Garden Mulligans of Stratton Stratton Resort & Village Wise Oak Tree Care

A most deliciously successful Taste of Vermont welcomed 40 of Vermont’s finest chefs, restaurants, foodies, and spirits to fill the base lodge and the mouths of over 400 guests and athletes participating in the 24 Hours of Stratton March 17, 2016. Restaurants donate their food, time, and energy in support of the Foundation’s mission to help our children and families living in poverty, throughout the year.

Top Restaurant Awards Presented To:

Taste of Vermont Raising 18,000 Welcome special guests:

Verdé – ‘Best Tasting’ Gammelgarden Creamery – ‘Vermont Sustainability’ Four Columns Inn & Artisan Restaurant – ‘People’s Choice’ Bromley View Inn – ‘Best Presentation’

Lt. Governor Phil Scott

Eva McKend WCAX Channel 3

shOPPORTUNITY And Goodwill

Sale of Olympic Bobsled from the Remodeled Base Lodge—$3,500 The Stratton Mountain Resort gifted the 1980 Winter Two-Man Olympic bobsled to the Stratton Foundation, and after some competitive bidding, was awarded to Mr. Larry Lerner. The bobsled was featured in the Stratton base lodge for decades.

Record Breaking Tag Sale—$3,200 Black Friday at Stratton is Tag Sale day!! Stratton provides a fundraising opportunity by gifting all previously owned ski equipment, coats, etc., collected throughout the season. This was the biggest tag sale yet!! Thank you to Gigi Matthews & the Resort Hosts crew!

Thank you Mountain School of Winhall Providing Thanksgiving Meals for 10 Local Families In-Need In Partnership with the Stratton Foundation

Pass It On Clothing Drive All year the Stratton Foundation collects lightly worn winter coats, hats, and boots to distribute to local families in-need, and the need is great. Thank you to everyone who donated to help keep our families warm.

Angel Outreach Network The Angel Outreach Network is a proud partnership of community businesses and individuals willing to donate or offer a discount in times of need. Thank you for the donation of—winter snow tires, home repair supplies, bath towels, pest control site visit, stove, shower installation, warm heater home visit, children’s clothing, furniture and so much more. Your contributions have truly made a difference in each family’s life. Bennington Furniture Home Depot NH Bromley View Inn Langway Chevrolet of Manchester Brook Valley Appliance Londonderry Hardware Cota & Cota Northshire Bookstore Covey & Nye Pharmacy Northshire Equipe Sport rk Miles Green Mountain Pharmacy Vermont Pest Control Habitat Shires Resale Store

Thank you Volunteers: Gail Acosta John Acosta Selin Arazba Karen Ameden Lynn Andreen Kristin Avison Elaine Beckwith Eric Blum Carol Cantwell Jess Citera Indigo Chouinard Rita Crimmin Jennifer Densmore Norma Drosky Pablo Elliot Cassandra Farrell Nicholas Farrell Don Farrell Jack Farrell Luke Farrell Karen Farrell Greta Farrell Emma Farrell

Marissa Farrell Ray Farrell Rosemary Fitzsimmons Paul Frank Patricia Frank Pat Glabach Dave Glabach Carolyn Harris Laura Hazard Fred Heger Virginia Heger Miriam Hyman Diane Kerstein Steve Kerstein Judith Lancaster John Lancaster Noreen Lenilko Carrie Matthews Gigi Matthews Scott Matthews Kristin Matusik Lini Mazumdar Rick McDonough Nancy McMahon

Pat Meulemans David Moore Matthew Mosher Josi Mosher Laura Mullen Laura Muro Helen Nault Craig Panarisi Roxanne Prescott Liz Reilly Judy Reynolds Parker Rice Darlene Rutnik Kathy Schoemer Alex Schoemer Lynne Schoonejans Jack Schwartz Bobbi Schwartz Karen Sloan Vicki Smul Sandy Smul John Sohikian Donna Sohikian Shaye Squillante

Kim Thomson Elaine Villano Gerry Villano Brett Weinshank Tony Zazzaro

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Volunteer of the Yearâ&#x20AC;? Award presented to Fred & Virginia Heger Fred and Virginia are a dynamic duo, and we are so fortunate that they dedicate their philanthropy to the Stratton Foundation and other organizations in southern Vermont, giving back to the community they love so dearly. This year, Fred and Virginia helped with every event, especially championing the execution of the Taste of Vermont. Thank you Fred & Virginia!

Our Volunteers Make It All Possible We Thank You.

Thank You to all of the Stratton Mountain Resort Staff for their in-kind support, resources, gifts for fundraising and corporate philanthropy to the Stratton Foundation & the entire Stratton Mountain & Valley Community!

COMMUNITY GRATITUDE Did you know? The Stratton Mountain Resort provides over $100,000 in in-kind services and resources to the Stratton Foundation. The Stratton Mountain Resort gifts 40+ turkeys over the holidays to feed families, in partnership with the Stratton Foundation and Jamaica-Wardsboro Community Food Pantry.

One way to realize the impact of your giving is through the words of those who benefit from your generosity. “The family you assisted desperately needed the repair to their well for sanitation reasons and had no available resources. The fact that the Foundation cares about southern Vermont..speaks volumes. The Foundation impacts communities in a tremendous manner and it does not go unrecognized. Thank you for your support of this family and the Danby community.” - Carolyn Parillo, Principal at Currier Elementary School -

“Wow! Thank you so much for your very generous grant. We couldn’t continue to fight hunger in our area without the support from friends like you. Our clients now total more than 1,000 individuals from 400 families in 13 local communities. Your help enables to fulfill our mission of providing food to needy families throughout the year.” - Emilia McCusker, President of the Manchester Community Food Cupboard -

“Thank you for your most generous grant.

It is an important investment in the future of our students as we help them reach their full potential, preparing them for the exciting and challenging world outside. - Cynthia Gubb, Director of Advancement at Burr & Burton Academy -

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PO Box 523 Stratton Mountain, VT 05155 Located in the Stratton Village next to Head Case ~ ~ (802) 297-2096


2015-16 Annual Report  
2015-16 Annual Report