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Weekly Fantasy Football League: Quarterback Sleepers for Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues By: Steve Sharp

Quarterback is always a tough choice on weekly fantasy football leagues. Everyone picks Brees or Manning, or Brady. So you all end up with the same score. Often especially with the one of a kind Fantasy Factor feature at taking a risk and QB is your ticket to winning the week. When the obvious choice is Brees against a weak defense that could be your week to pounce on one of these guys and give him the extra boost with the fantasy factor. If it’s the kind of week where Brees or whoever struggles, you could have yourself a big victory. No pain, no gain. Here are some guys to take a shot on during the season:

• Joe Flacco, Baltimore. Remember, a sleeper isn’t just someone who comes out of nowhere; undervalued players of all types count, and that’s why Joe Flacco makes this list. He’s definitely a known commodity, but he has room to grow in his third NFL season, when athletes typically have breakout years. Remember that Flacco put up really solid numbers last season with multiple leg injuries, which means he’ll have more time to move around in the pocket and make good decisions this season. Expect his interceptions total to dip from 12 last season to the high-single digits in 2010. Baltimore still has that all-defense, no-offense reputation, but remember that the Ravens picked up receiver Anquan Boldin this offseason, which gives Flacco a dangerous trio of receivers that will also feature Derrick Mason and Donte’ Stallworth. Flacco finished in the middle of the pack in terms of QB production last year—expect him to be a comfortable top-10 fantasy QB by season’s end.

• Jay Cutler, Chicago. There’s nowhere to go but up, right? Cutler threw a stomach-churning 26 INT’s last season, and just had an all-around horrific first year in the Windy City. So what makes him a sleeper this year? Well, for starters, the Bears just hired Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz, who was the man behind the “Greatest Show on Turf” Rams of a decade ago. The Bears don’t have a ton of top-of-the-line wide outs to catch his passes, but he still put up decent scoring numbers with limited talent last season. He’s not worth making your starting QB, but at least he has a few positives working in his favor in his second year with a new offensive coordinator.

• Mark Sanchez, New York Jets. Sanchez came on strong in crucial moments at the end of the year for the Jets, and proved to be an able game-manager for the mean green running machine. Yes, the Jets will continue to be a run-first team next year, but that doesn’t mean Sanchez can’t give you a big game every now and then. The Jets added former Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes this spring, to complement Braylon Edwards. Cut him some slack for making some poor decisions as a rookie (name one who hasn’t made his fair share) and it’s easy to see Sanchez as a viable backup or second quarterback in deeper leagues.

• Chad Henne, Miami. Henne is a strong-armed QB who played surprisingly consistently for the Fish at the end of 2009. Add in newly acquired receiver Brandon Marshall, and the Dolphins suddenly have something to work with in terms of a passing battery. If rookie Patrick Turner has a productive spring and ends up as the second starter this fall, watch out for Miami to ease off on their running backs and start throwing more as the season progresses. Are you ready for the best Weekly Fantasy Football leagues on the web today? Head over to the home of Weekly Fantasy Football leagues.

Weekly Fantasy Football League: Quarterback Sleepers for Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues