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t is once again my pleasure to welcome you to the Strathearn School Magazine for 2013. As you will see in the reports which follow, this has been a year of change, optimism and recommitment. We have experienced many highlights, and I think the most transformative moment had to be the first journey of the whole school to phase one of the new build. It is difficult to convey, and impossible to forget, the delight of pupils and staff as they walked through the newly completed building, and began to realise what wonderful opportunities the stateof-the-art classrooms and laboratories would bring us! At our Parents’ Consultations and Open Day, many of you have now had the chance to see for yourselves the first new building and the enhanced sports facilities, and we have been delighted to share both our joy in our new surroundings and our sense of optimism, as we anticipate the realisation of a vision for the school, which has been many years in the planning. Through all the challenges posed by the transition, the rhythm of our school year was maintained. Our Guest of Honour at the Prize Giving was Deputy Chief Constable,  Judith Gillespie, OBE, whose inspirational speech urging the girls to seize opportunities, to undertake worthwhile activities, which give them a sense of pride, and to engage in active public service, gave us a sense of renewed commitment to our traditions of nurturing potential and service to others. In November, this ethos received an unanticipated - and very welcome - accolade when we were informed that Strathearn had been named ‘NI State Secondary School of the Year’ in The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2012! We value the range of talents of our pupils and have been delighted at their academic excellence and the variety of individual and team successes in Northern Ireland and much further afield.We watched the swimming events in the London 2012 Olympics, in which Sycerika McMahon participated, with a sense of real pride, and we were delighted at our team’s success in the Vision for Europe Competition. Strathearn and Penrhyn girls have most certainly seized opportunities! Their creativity, energy and enthusiasm are displayed in the range of visits and trips, in the wide selection of clubs and societies, in the strength of music, art, dance, drama and poetry, and in the outstanding

successes in a multiplicity of sports, as well as in the many other notable achievements and experiences recorded in these pages. Our tradition of public service has also been sustained. In May 2012 we undertook a sponsored walk to raise funds for additional resources for our own new build, and we are grateful for the very generous support you gave us. This commitment to the present and future generations of Strathearn is very much appreciated, and we are also indebted to the tireless efforts of the Parents’ Association for their example of unfailing service to the school. Inspired by the new facilities they now enjoy, our Form Three geographers, also took part in a fundraising activity called Walk a Mile in their Shoes to raise money for water filters in third world countries. You will also be pleased to read of our continuing links with Strathearn Primary School in Uganda and with our local community. As we look forward to the next stage of our journey, I would like to warmly thank every one of you for all the support you give us in so many ways. In reviewing this edition of the magazine, I am also very grateful to everyone who contributed to it. The involvement of our whole community - from P1 to the Upper Sixth, Governors and Staff, Parents and our Former Pupils – reminds us of our traditions and renews our sense of shared values. I would also like to acknowledge the editorial, design and technical expertise which brought this edition of the magazine together.

Jenni Cunningham,  AS-Level 3


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board of governors Chair of the Board Mr N McKeown BSc (Econ) FCA

Vice Chairs Mrs P Stewart Mr PA White MA (Cantab) Mrs C Auchmuty BA Mr WCP Caldwell MSc RIBA Mr N Crawford BA ACII Dr SSE Dermott BSc Mr TWW Forde FCA Dr K Gibson BEd BA PGDip MMA EdD FHEA Dr M Ievers MEng PQH AHEA PGCE Mrs L Mallon LLB Mr D Manning BSc PGCE Mr R Masefield CBE MA (Cantab) Mr GR McGowan FRICS Mrs L Myers BEd PQH MBE Mr IC Noad MA (Cantab) Ms A O'Dwyer ACMA Mrs E Rodgers Dr K Ross BSc PGCE Mr M Whiteside MD FRCS

Susanna Galbraith,  A-Level 5

school staff PRINCIPAL


Mrs N Connery MA PGCE PQH Mrs H Graham BA PGCE


Mrs E Murphy BA PGCE Mrs C Rea BA PGCE



Ms W Erskine MA PGCE Miss J Ferris BA PGCE Mr C Heaney BA PGCE Mrs D Ingram MA PGCE Mrs K Kernaghan BA PGCE Dr J McBride MA PGCE Dr J Pauley MA PGCE


Mr M Stevenson BSc PGCE Mrs N Connery MA PGCE Mrs H Graham BA PGCE Mrs L Staples BSc PGCE Mrs D Millar BA PGCE

name Shamara Thompson,  A-Level


Ms G Murphy BA PGCE Mr P Bradley BA MSc HNC PGCE MEd Miss JS Gibson MA BEd Ms M Meldrum BA PGCE




Mrs L Myers BEd PQH MBE Mrs V McGimpsey Dip HE/PGCTE Miss A Watterson BSc PGCE


Mrs D Martin BSc PGCE Mrs S Toal BSc PGCE


Mrs MA Miller BA PGCE Mrs R Aiken BSc PGCE Mrs J Anderson BSc PGCE Mrs FE Cochrane BSc PGCE Miss L McFarland MSci PGCE Mrs P Foye BSc PGCE Mr D Manning BSc PGCE Mrs S Toal BSc PGCE Ms L Wallace MPhys PGCE


Mrs D Eakin MA PGCE Mr D Douglas BA PGCE Mrs V Hoare BA DipEd DASE Miss EJ Nelson MA PGCE PG DipEd Ms CE Simpson BA PGCE Mrs S Wyeth MA PGCE Miss S Wimpress BA PGCE Ms M Y Perdomo Rodríguez



Mr A Atkinson BEd Ms A Morrison BA PGCE

Mrs B Mawhinney BEd Miss GM Boyd BA PGCE Mr S Devlin BEd DASE ALCM Mrs A McKeown BEd Mrs V McKinney BEd Mrs S Stevenson BA CertEd Mrs J Walls BEd (Cantab) Mrs M Harvey BEd Mrs K King STA Mrs R Manning BSc PGCE Mrs C Nixon BA PGCE



ADMINISTRATION STAFF Mrs K Carson Mrs L Foster BEng Mrs J Griffin Mrs G Hanna Asc IM Mrs A Lynn Mrs R Moore Mrs C Norris BSc MSc Mrs C Quee Mrs A White Mrs N Whittle Mrs L Wright


Mr A Anderson MEd BD PGCE Miss JS Gibson MA BEd Mr M Smith BD PGCE

Mrs E Annette Mrs A Cowie Mrs L Gamble BA Mr J Hoeritzauer MA ATDE Mr W Keys BSc Mr S Millar HND BSc Miss A Mulholland Mrs P Patterson BA Mr D Pinkerton Mrs J Shaw BSc DIS





Miss J Stewart BSc PGCE PQH Miss E Foster BSc MSc PGCE Mrs J D Gray MTeach BSc PGCE Miss MA Grier BSc PGCE Miss AM Griffith BSc PGCE Mrs A McCracken MEd BSc PGCE Dr KA Ross BSc PGCE Ms L Wallace MPhys PGCE Mrs J Dalzell BSc PGCE

Mrs L Collins MA





Mrs R Browne BSc PGCE Dip PD


PREMISES STAFF Mr S Alexander Mr J Algie Mr T McConnell

CATERING STAFF Mrs V Crymble Mrs S Campbell Mrs C Girvan Mrs E Madden Mrs L McGookin Mrs E Wallace

SUPERVISORY STAFF Mrs R Silcock Mrs H Elliott Mrs C Harper Mrs L Howe Mrs C Moore Mrs I Robertson Mrs L Roose Mrs R Shaw Mrs L Toye Mrs V White

ANCILLARY STAFF Ms E Henderson Ms T Archer Mrs A Beattie Mr J Blakely Mr J Gibson Mrs L Gillespie Mrs C Greer Miss S Hall Miss N Irvine Ms N Mackerl Ms JL McConnell Ms C McCreight Mrs A McLaughlin Mrs M McLaughlin Mrs P McNeice Ms R Millar Miss C Pollock Miss E Pollock Mrs A Thompson

form 1s

Back Row:

Louisa Williams,  Anna Mercer, Mia Tighe,  Tess McMillen, Grace McAllister, Kate Welsh, Sophie Dow, Georgia Gallen

Middle Row: Miss McFarland,  April Irvine,  Anna Corbett, Emma Farrelly,  Aife Sansom,  Aoife Khan, Naomi Cochrane, Kaitlyn Kennedy Front Row:

Chloe Sweet, Rebecca McAlees, Rebecca Cordner, Kerry Annett,  Jessica Arbuckle, Hannah Minnis, Christina Kirk

Shoes I remember the day when I walked through the door And I saw them lying on the floor. I ran downstairs to thank my mum And she told me to go and have some fun! I slipped them on over my socks And they had little, white polka dots! Abigail Topping, 2R

Alice Campbell, 3A


form 1t Sophie Martin, 3R

My Favourite Shoes As I walked into the shop there they were sitting I then got the shop assistant to take my fitting. I tried them on and they were perfect They even had a special knitted effect. My mother went and paid for them at the till While I stood there standing very still, I then said, ‘Thank you!’ and I was very happy! Kristina Herron, 2R

Back Row:

Anna Robinson, Melissa Murray, Laura McAleer, Maia Collins, Ellie Mackey, Nicole Lawther, Sophie Neale,  Tara Kane

Middle Row: Mrs Foye, Rose De Montmorency-Wright, Rachel Bell,  Joanne Allen, Katie Wills, Ruby Baxter, Molly Cahoon,  Jenna Montgomery Front Row:

Laura Graham,  Tess Carvill,  Hannah Cowie, Erin Rowe, Lauren Shankey,  Abigail McClurg, Emma Morrow


form 1r

Back Row:

Rebecca Black, Sophie Young, Robyn Dunwoody,  Abigail Bester, Erin McConnell, Olivia Creighton, Imogen Rose

Middle Row: Miss Watterson, Emma Spreadborough, Eve McDowell, Leah Flemming,  Jordan Hineson, Caris Coulter, Mia Mouron-Adams, Shanan McMillan Front Row:

Niamh Meredith, Keely Whitla, Sarah McTaggart, Chloe Graham, Sian Anderson,  Jessica Anderson-Bell, Katherine Sharpe


Zara Wilson

Ella McAllister, 3R

Shoes I once could wear my favourite slippers They were blue in the shape of a donkey’s head. They kept me cosy every evening, So much that I wouldn’t take them off in bed! They made me feel very special, For they rattled when I walked about. So if ever I was wanted, Mum never had to shout! Jenna Hume, 2R


form 1a

Back Row:

Esther Henry, Leah Hutley, Catrina Moore, Siân Murray, Orla Bannister, Beth Minnis

Middle Row: Mrs Wyeth, Emma Gibson, Lara Mackie,  Jessica Moore, Samantha McCormick, Bethan Andrews, Rachael Campbell, Britney Haynes Front Row:

Katie Campbell, Bethany Smyth,  Tara Caldwell, Natalie Maguire, Rebekah Mitchell,  Jessica Marks, Sarah Donaghy


Maya Savage Newell, Sophie Williams

Welly Boots! Welly boots standing in a row, Little feet stamping to and fro, Hear them shout, ‘Here we go!’ Outside the rain goes splash, Children can’t wait to dash. The doors open wide Children run from side to side. Jumping, splashing, laughing The sounds of excitement echo through the air, Children having fun without a care! At last the whistle blows, And the teacher shouts, ‘Little feet go slow!’ Welly boots standing in a row, Peeking out from below, Just another day to go! Katie Megarry, 2R

Nina Graham, 3A 10

form 1h My First Ballet Shoes I found my first ballet shoes under the stairs, Inside an old box that had hidden the pair. The pink of the lace, tied in a bow, Made the memories come back, of things I still know. I remember the day they were brought from the shop, As I stood with happiness that never did stop, I danced round the room, my face filled with glee, The most innocent scene, you will ever see. But now, that I’m older, my opinion still hasn’t changed. That these shoes are marvellous, the best in the range! Emily Leitch, 2R

Back Row:

Lucinda Morrow, 3A

Mia Wheatley, Bethan Jones, Olivia Adam,  Arianne Whiteside, Molly Longstaff,  Jordyn Patterson, Hannah McCann

Middle Row: Lydia McKane, Lauren Fetherston, Olivia Nelson, Eva Perrott, Rose Templeton,  Verity McGimpsey, Philippa Sha, Martha McCamley Front Row:

Maisie Hughes, Hannah Cowan, Caitlyn Thompson, Darci Pratt, Claire Whiteside, Isabella Reihill, Zoe Hepworth 11

school year


ith every year always comes a warning from the teachers and parents about how fast it will fly by and every year, without fail, I underestimate how true this really is! Never has this been more accurate than this year - it seems like no time since I was terrified at the prospect of having to fill the last Head Girl’s shoes and I can’t believe it’s nearly time to pass the badge on. I have been incredibly lucky to have Miranda and Rachel as my Deputies this year; without them I would have been facing an impossible task and wouldn’t have enjoyed myself nearly as much. The summer term last year ended with the much-anticipated junior production of Bugsy. The girls worked solidly for three months to put on a humorous and professional production even without the luxury of technical equipment in Miskelly Hall. Our first real responsibility as an Office Bearer Team, led by our Games Captains, was Sports Day, which took place on 27 June. Understandably, I was less than optimistic about the weather being bearable for standing outside all day, but thankfully I was proved wrong and I even found myself squinting in the sunlight! The girls competed impressively and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the participants. After summer came the realisation for the Upper Sixths that this was our final year in Strathearn and this was made scarily clear when the previous year group came back for their Leavers Ceremony. In September 2012, I was lucky enough to be a member of a group of Upper Sixth girls who got the chance to travel to Strasbourg as a result of our win in the competition, My Vision for Europe, during the previous term. We visited the European Parliament and everyone found the experience incredibly interesting as we got an insight into the workings of this hugely important part of our society in the EU. The atmosphere in the school was one of excitement as the wait to move into the first phase of our new build was finally coming to an end. However, for me the prospect was a bittersweet one as it meant saying goodbye to the building I had come to love over the past six years - the day they knocked down Miskelly House was a sad one as we all crowded around to watch. This was forgotten as soon as we stepped into the new school for the first look in October; it was amazing to see what all the building work we had seen (and heard) had created. One of the main attractions was the Dyson hand dryers in the bathrooms which were especially popular! Prize Night is always an important date in the school calendar, celebrating the wealth of achievements over the past year. We were fortunate enough to have Judith Gillespie, the Deputy Chief Constable, as our speaker this year. Her speech was inspirational and she was a great role model for us all as the first woman to hold this position in Northern Ireland. From the start of the year the House Captains had been working incredibly hard putting their casts through their paces for the House plays at the end of October. Helping behind the scenes at one of the plays really made me appreciate just how difficult this task was for the House Captains and how much effort was put in by everyone involved.  A special mention must go to Lizzie Howard, who wrote the Barbour script single-handedly to the amazement of the school, and ultimately to Watts House who won the overall award for Best House Play with their hilarious production of Crushed. By Hallowe’en most of the teachers had packed everything up and said goodbye to their classrooms for the last time. It felt so strange walking into the new build on the first day back after half-term - as if we had accidentally gone to the wrong school - but we soon felt at home in our new surroundings! The first musical event of the year was the  Autumn Musical Evening, which saw the debut of the Orchestra with Mrs McIvor, our new music teacher, as conductor. The pieces played by the Orchestra, and the soloists from the junior school, all combined to make the evening thoroughly entertaining for the audience. November was an exciting time for the school as The Sunday Times named Strathearn the top state school in Northern Ireland - a worthy title and a true representation of the hard work of the staff and pupils. November also brought the event which had been the


focus of the attention of the Upper Sixth for months - the formal! Out of view, the Formal Committee had been working frantically since June to perfect every last detail of the night, and trust me, there were a lot of them! The prospect of this was terrifying, but thanks to my amazing Formal Committee, I had nothing to worry about and it was truly unforgettable - I want to say a massive thank you to all of them for their help! The winter term ended with the Carol Service, which took place in Stormont Presbyterian Church. It included festive performances from the Penrhyn, Junior, Senior and Chamber Choirs and also readings from representatives of the whole school community.  The Church looked beautiful and it was a lovely occasion to lead us in to Christmas. January brought exciting highlights to dispel the gloom of mocks. Mrs Myers should be congratulated as she was awarded an MBE for services to Education and Voluntary Work with young people in North Belfast.  At the end of January we got the chance to show off our shiny, new building at Open Morning, where P7 pupils and parents alike were impressed by its appearance. The Spring Concert ended the musical calendar for the year and it really showed off Strathearn’s wealth of musical talent. The Orchestra performed folk songs from Somerset and Pirates of the Caribbean, which was a definite crowd pleaser. The Chamber Choir sang a range of beautiful songs, which made clear how much work they had put in throughout the year. The Junior and Senior Choirs also sang, with a joint performance of Walking on Sunshine and Halo as the closing number. Six musicians from Upper Sixth played solos, which sadly brought our musical careers in Strathearn to an end.  A big thank you to Ms Kimber and Mrs McIvor whose hard work was evident in all of the pieces performed on this evening. On the sporting field this year, our hockey teams have had great successes, with the 1st XI winning the Senior Shield in March with a great win over The Royal School,  Armagh.  Also the 2B XI emerged victorious as the Gibson Cup Winners. Our Dance Team was also very successful this year, with a routine choreographed by Olivia Brown; the girls won first place in the Intermediate Division of NICMAC in March. It’s incredibly difficult to sum up my experience at Strathearn. I don’t think I realised how much of my life was spent in here until now. I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all the teachers, who put up with me for the past seven years and for everything they have taught me, and also to the girls in my year for making my time at Strathearn unforgettable, and I hope they feel the same. Although we complain about the gloom of Mondays and tedious revision for what seems like continuous exams, it’s important to remember how lucky we are to have the opportunities we do. Try your best with whatever you are faced with and remember,  as Winston Churchill said, ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’. Megan Millar (Head Girl)

Head Girl and Deputies L-R ~ Rachel Macdonald, Megan Millar (Head Girl) and Miranda Crawford

sixth form office bearers

Back Row: Susan Ogonda, Stephanie Jemphrey, Claudia Bedford, Rachel Stanfield, Sarah Redmond Middle Row: Lizzie Howard, Sophie Rodgers,  Jessica Logan, Darcy Rollins,  Joy Dalzell, Megan McLaughlin Front Row: Erin McClean, Francesca Brown, Rachel Macdonald, Megan Millar, Miranda Crawford, Louise Brown, Katie Tener Absent: Chloe McLaurin,  Tammie Finlay

Rachael Adamson, GCSE Level


sixth form

4th Row:

Kathryn Brooker,  Jessica Thompson, Karis McMillan, Helen Rutherford, Sycerika McMahon, Rachel Trimble, Kathryn Egerton,  Jessica Hawthorne, Lauren Fee, Beth Hamill,  Ali Gallagher, Emma Darragh, Shannon McLeese, Laura Rafferty, Olivia Brown, Robyn Larmour

Back Row: Morgen Hunt,  Anna Wheeler, Stephanie Gregg, Kathryn Haddick, Nicole Faulkner, Shannon Stanfield, Erin McNeill, Mollie Anstey,  Anneli Power, Nadja Pape, Emma McGarrity, Rose Kerr, Jenni Cunningham, Francesca Long, Eleanor Coyne, Zeena Cartwright-Shamoon

3rd Row:

Rebecca Cowden, Eve Bloor,  Alex Jackson, Zoe McCarter,  Amy Harbinson, Chloe Johnston, Ellyn Anderson, Lisa Presho, Lucy Stephens, Shona Corry, Georgina Pooler,  Aimee Cully, Kira Hood, Ellie Stirk, Radhika Nadig, Shannon Hamilton

2nd Row: Catherine Graham, Jemma Quinn, Rakia Alouane, Alison Ramsey, Emma McCracken, Hannah Earle, Clare Vogt, Louise Brown, Joy Dalzell, Victoria Moore, Lelayna Heathcote, Kathleen Lattimer, Kim Shaw, Chelsea Griffin, Helen Cairnduff,  Ashleigh Peden

Olivia Aston, Evie Atcheson, Katie Chambers,  Alison Duffield, Laura Dundas, Naomi Faulkner,  Tammie Finlay, Chloe Gibson, Emily Greer, Ella Killen,  Jessica Lowry, Chloe McLaurin, Ellie Penrose, Helen Phillips

Front Row: Erin McClean, Katie Tener,  Jessica Logan, Lizzie Howard, Sophie Rodgers, Darcy Rollins, Rachel Macdonald, Megan Millar, Miranda Crawford, Claudia Bedford, Stephanie Jemphrey, Francesca Brown, Sarah Redmond, Susan Ogonda, Megan McLaughlin, Rachel Stanfield Absent:


prize distribution/principal’s speech


his year the prize giving took place in the Sports Hall on 4 October. Our Head Girl, Megan Millar, welcomed everyone to the event, and invited the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr McKeown, to address the audience. Girls, ladies and gentlemen, and in particular our guest of honour, Deputy Chief Constable, Judith Gillespie, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to Strathearn Prize Night. It is wonderful to see so many of you here this evening; thank you very much for coming and for showing your support. As ever, this is a good time to sit back, relax, switch your phones to silent and just enjoy the next couple of hours. Here in Northern Ireland, our natural mind-set is to be modest and somewhat restrained in our outlook; we don’t like to “count our chickens”, we are encouraged not to “run ahead of ourselves”, and when asked how we are feeling, the phrase “not too bad” is often heard. Particularly, and perhaps understandably, in these difficult financial times you don’t often hear people say “everything’s great” or “wonderful” or “really good”. But there are times when things are good, when success, based on ambition and hard work, is recognised, and tonight is one of those times. So let’s put modesty on the back burner, at least for this evening. Let’s really enjoy the moment and recognise the girls’ tremendous academic, musical, vocational and sporting achievements, with, in particular, record results being achieved at GCSE and A-level, and also the fact that from next month, the girls will be taught in terrific new school buildings. I am indeed very fortunate to be Chairman of the Board of Governors at this time. Not only is the school providing the girls with an excellent education but we are finally going to be able to enjoy facilities that match our aspirations. Already the girls are making the most of the fabulous new sporting facilities and, on 8 November, teaching will start in twenty-five new classrooms and eight science labs. Construction will continue until September 2014 during which time the remaining seven classrooms, gymnasium, canteen, assembly hall, library, ICT suite and office accommodation will become available for use. The school buildings are being transformed to a very high standard, the

most important of which is the construction of five extra classrooms, over and above that specified by the Department of Education, which will enable us to keep our class sizes smaller. To do this, as well as other specification improvements, the school will be contributing the very large sum of £1.5m to the total estimated build cost of £15.3m. I would like to express my thanks to parents, past and present pupils and, in particular, to the Strathearn Parents’ Association for their financial support to enable us to spend this significant sum of money. To build and, just as importantly, to maintain a school of this quality is not going to be easy, particularly in the current economic environment. It is therefore not surprising that I do need to appeal for your on-going financial support. I would like to pay tribute to the tremendous skill and dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff at Strathearn who consistently help and guide the girls to realise their potential. I am also fortunate to be working with a terrific principal. The life of a school principal is certainly not an easy one, but David Manning consistently brings huge energy, high quality thinking and professionalism to his position at Strathearn. It is also my pleasure to welcome three new governors to the Board, Mrs Evelyn Rodgers, Ms Anne O’Dwyer and Dr Ken Gibson. I hope that you all enjoy your tenure with us. The last academic year has been very demanding of governors’ time and I thank them for their ongoing support which is so freely given. But, and inevitably there is always a but, we need to ensure that all these thank yous and congratulations don’t make us at all complacent.  To be successful in life is not easy at the moment and there is not much sign that it is going to get any easier. However, in this year of the London Olympics and Paralympics we should be inspired by the determination of the athletes, many of whom may not have achieved a medal, yet whose whole focus is now to think positively about how they can perform at the next games. Their desire to be the best that they can be, competing to their full ability, is hugely motivating for all of us. Closer to home, most of us have experienced the tremendous feelgood factor that has come from seeing local people carrying the Olympic torch throughout the roads of Northern Ireland. Many of them received this accolade of carrying the torch for their service to the community. And it was extremely uplifting to hear one of the torch bearers say the reason that he helped other people was not because he had been told to, but because he believed it was the right thing to do.  And, thankfully, for a lot of people in our community the words, “the right thing to do” guide them throughout their lives. We can, and should, tap into this tremendously positive mind-set and continue to challenge ourselves to make Strathearn even better, despite the many obstacles we will face. Our standards and our ambitions are, and must continue to be, very high, simply because we want to create the best possible educational platform to help the girls to progress to the next stage of their lives. Girls, enjoy the recognition of success tonight. I hope it also inspires you to even greater things. In closing, and continuing the sporting theme, I am very pleased to say that Strathearn is in really good shape, probably already a medal winner but with the prospect of performing even better in the future. I would now ask Mr Manning to present his report.


Astrid Lonsdale, GCSE Level

hairman, Deputy Chief Constable, ladies and gentlemen, girls. It gives me great pleasure to add my welcome to you all on this very special occasion. I am particularly delighted that Deputy Chief Constable, Judith Gillespie has been able to take some time out from a very busy schedule to join us this evening.  We appreciate her presence, look forward to what she has to say to us later and I hope she will enjoy and be encouraged by her evening with us. Strathearn is changing – the buildings are changing - the facilities are changing - but I hope not the character. You cannot have failed to notice the change in surroundings, the mound of earth that appeared on the front lawn has all but gone and now, behind the railings, a new purpose-built school is taking shape and before the end of this month we will be moving in!


principal’s speech

A few weeks ago, over three hundred former pupils and friends of the school gathered together on a Saturday afternoon to celebrate Strathearn; past, present and future. Through a short history of the school we saw how the buildings have changed and the numbers grown since Strathearn was founded in 1929 as an East Belfast Campus for Victoria College. The pond at the back was filled in to build a science block. The field to the side of the driveway was changed into tennis courts. The bomb crater in the front field was filled in and, after much hard work, the front lawn was tamed into a ‘state-of-the-art’ grass hockey pitch. On our celebration afternoon I met many wonderful ladies and also many younger ‘old girls’ who attended Strathearn in much more recent years. It was a great afternoon and before we got started I had the privilege of being introduced to one very sprightly lady. She explained that she had been here during the war and that she had been evacuated with other Strathearn pupils to the Argory in County Armagh. I was asking her some questions and listening with great interest when she politely but firmly stopped me and said, “And who are you?” I plan to continue that conversation, but I will be careful next time to introduce myself first.  Another lady remarked to me saying, “You know those buildings you are knocking down – they weren’t even here in my time.” And another lady explained to me the things she and her fellow pupils would do to meet some of the boys from Campbell. You see - some things don’t change! But she also explained the punishment that was meted out if you were spotted talking to a boy while still in school uniform! So Strathearn is changing. Shortly we will come in through the new entrance. Our geothermal heating is no longer theory but is actually heating the school. Our classrooms will be bright and beautifully kitted out and the vast majority will all be under the one roof – and I am assured the roof will not leak!  We will have new lockers and new toilets, proper bicycle stands and a place within school for parents to drop off their daughters in the morning. And the sixth form will be able to park their cars again within the school, much to the relief of our neighbours. We have been delighted with the work of our builders, McLaughlin & Harvey, and they have worked so well with us to minimise disruption under the leadership of James McAffee, our project manager. Our architects, Peter Niblock and Suzanne McCoy, of Samuel Stevenson’s and Sons, are as delighted as we are with the design and quality of the finished block. Their skill, sensitivity and vision in designing a larger building to fit onto our lovely site are coming to fruition. They have worked to understand the character of Strathearn and, within a very tight budget, have taken care to reflect that in the buildings. We very much look forward to moving in at the start of November. As you will be aware, the School has added some £1.5 millions of work to that provided by the Department of Education and this was to build extra classrooms and a science lab, make some areas larger and achieve a higher specification throughout. To this end we organised a sponsored walk for Forms 1-4 in May. The weather was glorious and the afternoon was great fun. I want to thank all who took part and worked to raise a fantastic total of £10,500. Thank you and well done! So we have much to look forward to and also much to celebrate this evening as we consider the success our pupils have achieved in


examinations, in sport, music, drama and in a whole range of activities which are available in Strathearn. Last year I announced that the GCSE results achieved had been the best ever and I am delighted to report that those superb results have been surpassed – just slightly – by a record set of results achieved by last year’s fifth formers who are here this evening. We are all delighted at their outstanding success. 63% of the year group achieved grades A or A* in at least 5 of their subjects. 88% of the grades awarded were at grade B or better and I am delighted to report that nearly 65% of the grades awarded were either A or A*. This compares very favourably with the NI figures for girls in Grammar Schools and particularly so at the A* grade, where the figure of 27% in Strathearn is just over a third better than the NI figure of 20%. Fourteen pupils achieved eight GCSEs at grades A or A*. Those girls are: Hope Smith, Bethany Lawrence, Paige Jackson, Jenna Kerr, Lois Wilson, Sarah Coleman, Morgan Shaw, Sarah Davidson, Eleanor Gorringe, Emma McBurney, Robyn McCaughey, Beth Anderson, Sophie Boyle and Lucy Webb. Thirty-two girls achieved straight As in at least 9 subjects, that is over one quarter of the year group. First, those sixteen girls who achieved 9 As with up to 5 at the top A* grade: Heather Martin, Arden Armstrong, Rebekah Cowan, Ashleigh Watson, Deborah Campbell, Hollie McKeown, Sophie Morris, Charlotte Mowlood, Shannon Richards, Catherine Sheridan, Robyn Todd, Victoria Wallace, Chloe Dixon, Jessica Gunning, Honor Rowley and Kaitlin Wilson. Sarah Cairnduff, Lauren Graham, Meghan Herron, Jasmine McCrory and Olivia Storey are all to be commended for having achieved 3 As and 6 A*s. Well done to Katherine Beattie, Rebekah Craig, Joanna Smyth and Natalie Wylie for achieving 2 As and 7 A*s, and Emma Andrews and Lauren Keenan, who each achieved a splendid 1 A and 8 A*s. In addition to all this brilliant achievement, this year a record number of girls are being awarded with our top prize, having achieved at least 9 A*s and they are: Catherine Buchanan, Bethanie Chambers, Iseult Dawson, Tara Gouk and Eva Wallace. I am also delighted to announce that Jessica Gunning was placed joint second in Northern Ireland in the CCEA Religious Studies Short Course. Particular praise goes to all these girls and to their teachers for such exceptional achievement! At AS-level we were delighted with the strength of achievement attained by the girls. 93 out of 96 pupils achieved at least one grade A or B, and 82% achieved at least three grades A to C. Prizes are awarded to pupils in last year’s Lower Sixth who have achieved 3 or 4 grade As in their AS examinations. Tonight we reward 27 out of 96 of the year group who have achieved this top level of performance with 14 pupils gaining grade As in four subjects. This is a super level of performance and a great base from which to secure success in A-levels next year! At A-level we have our second set of record results for this year. This is particularly pleasing as it is clear from the national press and the statistics, that the percentage of top grades has fallen for the second successive year. But I can report that the performance of our pupils has risen against the back-drop of this downward trend. For

principal’s speech the first time ever the percentage of grades at  A and A* tipped over half of all grades awarded at 51%. 82% of the grades were either A*,  A or B, that is 8 out of 10 grades achieved were either an A or a B which is a super level of success! This year 26 out of the 94, that is over one quarter of the year group, achieved 3 straight As or better and a record nine girls achieved 4 grade As or better. Zoe Ketley, Tessa Eames, Susanna Galbraith, Caroline Winder and Isabel Brown each achieved four straight grade As. Sana Ashraf and Rebecca Jordan each achieved 4 A* grades and will both be studying Medicine; Sana at Queen’s University, Belfast and Rebecca at Sidney Sussex College in Oxford. In addition, congratulations to Rebecca Evans who is also going to Oxford to read Earth Sciences. Jenna Kelly and Rebecca Wylie each achieved 5 grade As in their A-levels with Jenna now studying International Business with a Language at Edinburgh University. Rebecca attained 4 A*s and 1 A, thereby securing a place at Trinity College, Cambridge to read Law. I am also delighted to announce that two candidates were placed top among all those who sat the CCEA examinations in June; Susanna Galbraith was placed third in A-level Music and Sana Ashraf was placed first in A-level Physics so, despite all the news reports yesterday, girls in Strathearn are choosing Physics and beating the boys. Our congratulations go to all of these girls and again to their teachers on this superb level of performance! I hope you can now appreciate the wonderful success achieved by the Class of 2012. In your Prize Night booklet you will see the full list of all the prizes awarded to the Class of 2012 at our Prize Distribution held in early September, and a list of the courses on which our students are embarking. This is a very special evening for all our prize winners, all the girls who have just completed their GCSEs, and their family and friends, who have joined us for this special occasion. It is great that in Strathearn we have the space to invite you, the parents of all these girls, along this evening, so that you can get a sense of the real success and achievement of your daughters, to share in their glory and continue to encourage them in the next stage. It is the success of the girls before us this evening that maintains Strathearn as one of the top schools in Northern Ireland. However, I have a message for the girls that I think is worth saying in the presence of their parents; on this evening when we celebrate record GCSE and A-level results, we would demonstrate that we would have learned nothing from our time at Strathearn, if we considered that success can be measured by the number of As or A*s that someone has achieved. You will always find someone who is smarter than you; so, for example, never judge someone who has 2 As more than you as therefore better than you. It just is not true. Each year I listen carefully to why pupils and their parents choose Strathearn. Our beautiful grounds have held some sway, but not our buildings - although soon that may change. Our wonderful academic success is taken a bit for granted so that all the extra-curricular activities have been a bigger factor. But again and again I hear from parents when they visit Strathearn that they want their daughters to turn out like the girls they meet in Strathearn uniform. Girls, when those parents meet you they know nothing of your academic success or otherwise, but they will report to me on your qualities of openness, courtesy, quiet confidence and tidy appearance. Someone has said;  “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.” It is important as you grow up through Strathearn that you build and develop those qualities - and then you will still possess real treasure long after you have left us. So we really have had another great year, and it is with a sense of pride and delight that we celebrate the dedication and achievements of all our students. I take this opportunity to thank the parents for their support and encouragement and how important that is as pupils, staff and parents work together to maximise success and make the best use of the opportunities available! Encouragement to have a go, or keep

practising, or once again collecting the girls late from school in the afternoon, or delivering them to something here on a Saturday - your support and encouragement is invaluable and please don’t give up. Our own Parents’ Association also does a wonderful job, mobilising support, assisting at events in Penrhyn, and organising a range of activities for pupils and parents. The discos remain the number one attraction and money-spinner and even without our Gym we have been able to work around things to use this hall. In total, a staggering £13,000 was raised last year – I really do congratulate the committee and their band of faithful helpers in realising such a tremendous sum of money! In the secondary department we are saving up our portion for equipment in our new school and we look forward to spending it. I do ask all our parents to support the Parents’ Association in the work they do on behalf of the girls, and you will be very welcome at the AGM and performance of the winning House Play on Wednesday, 24 October in Miskelly Hall. On this occasion I am delighted to take the opportunity to thank and praise the work and commitment of the staff team in Strathearn and especially our teachers. Their expertise, skill and knowledge have all come together again to ensure the girls achieve such high standards. Their hard work on behalf of all the girls continues to bear fruit but I particularly commend their commitment to the individual pupil and how important that is to ensuring each girl reaches her potential – prize winners or otherwise. There is also all the work outside the classroom which adds so much to the opportunities and experiences available in Strathearn and cement the relationships which make this such a successful school. I pay tribute to them and thank them for their part in the successful outcomes which we celebrate this evening. My thanks too, to the great team of support staff who carry a significant burden and work hard behind the scenes to provide materials and assistance to the teachers. During these years of change and our moving buildings, their faithful and dedicated service help to keep everything running smoothly. I also acknowledge and pay tribute to the work of the staff in our partner schools - Bloomfield Collegiate and Campbell College where a number of our sixth formers receive their lessons. And this year we have three Asian girls boarding in Campbell but enrolled and studying in Strathearn. This is a learning experience for us all and I am sure the girls and the schools will benefit from the whole experience. Tonight I am delighted that Mr Robinson, the new Principal of Campbell College, has been able to join us and I hope he enjoys working with us in East Belfast. Last year we had two members of staff retire from Strathearn; Mrs Cooke and Mr Gray. Dominique has been conducting French conversation classes in Strathearn since 1994. A native speaker and past oral examiner, she has been superb at preparing the girls for their listening examinations and her attention to detail secured the

Philippa Harty, GCSE Level


principal’s speech

Katie Noble,  A-Level girls top marks. Tonight I am pleased that we will be presenting for the first time the Cooke Cup for Languages which will be awarded to the pupil who has achieved the highest score in the oral in AS-level French. In addition, we will be awarding for the first time the Mendeleev Plate for Chemistry, presented by Mr Hanna, our previous Head of Science, to the pupil with the highest score in GCSE Chemistry. Mr Gray has been in our Music Department for ten years having previously been Head of Department in Wellington College. He loved the work in the classroom and enthused his pupils in every aspect of the music curriculum. As well as taking classes and piano tuition he had responsibility for the Junior Orchestra and Chamber Choir. Rehearsals were noted for their fun and lively exuberance, and performances for their pleasure and extremely high standard of music. There were also always a few trips thrown in to share the joy of music further afield. We do wish Dominique and Edwin long and healthy retirements and I know their interest will continue, as Dominique has a granddaughter at Strathearn and Edwin has started a choir for past pupils of the school. In September we were delighted to welcome Mrs McIvor to the Music Department, having completed her teaching practice with us some years ago. We are already aware of her significant contribution and wish her well as she settles in with us. I also pay tribute to the considerable amount of work carried out by our Governors, who freely give very significant amounts of their time and professional services to the running of the School. Their job carries much responsibility, even without the new build, and I am indebted to the level of interest and support they show and their championing of all that is best for the current and future pupils of Strathearn.   Thomas Edison said that, ‘Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.’ As I report on just some of the opportunities available in Strathearn to expand horizons and develop talents, it is to be remembered that taking up these opportunities requires commitment and hard work. I am delighted that so many girls in Strathearn demonstrate that commitment as they practise their music, their drama lines or sporting skills and encourage each other to work hard and give of their best. The opportunities to be involved in music in Strathearn are as numerous as they are varied - from the classroom to the choirs, orchestra and school productions. The strength of music goes on unabated and I pay tribute to the music teachers in our feeder primary schools, the host of peripatetic tutors and particularly our own dedicated staff for the contribution they all make in developing the musical talents of our pupils. I would also ask our guest speaker to pass on our thanks to her sister in Ballyholme Primary School, who is typical of a number of dedicated and very talented teachers in our primary schools, and to say to her that we very much welcome and benefit from the pupils who have come through her musical tuition. Over the last few years you might have noted the confidence and ability of our Junior Orchestra to perform challenging pieces to a very high standard. Therefore last year the Junior and


Senior Orchestras were combined to entertain and delight us, and the enthusiasm of such a large number of able musicians produced a real sense of occasion at both our concerts.  The choirs continued to perform at events both in and out of school, with our Carol Service best demonstrating the sensitivity of the vocalists to the words and music of Christmas. The Spring Concert continues to attract a capacity audience who were again rewarded with a wonderful variety of music from the choirs, orchestra and incredibly talented soloists. The evening finished with a medley of songs from the Sound of Music, but then to the surprise of us all, the Chamber Choir performed Your Song as a tribute to Mr Gray, having successfully rehearsed it in secret over the previous weeks. Music is so important to the life of our school and the high proportion of pupils involved is testimony to its popularity. My thanks to all who so successfully played a part in music this last year in Strathearn. Very many girls in Strathearn grasp the opportunities available to perform in front of their peers and others. Drama, in all its forms, continues to be very popular, and at this time of year House Plays absorb an incredible amount of time and effort from many of our pupils, the fruits of which will delight us all in just a few weeks’ time. Last December sixteen girls combined forces with the boys of Campbell to perform in a spectacular run of South Pacific. Folk better qualified than me were effusive in their praise for the strength of the performances and presence of the girls on stage. We then had our own Senior Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed within the confines of Miskelly Hall. The quality acting and use of minimalist staging, lighting and costumes brought the challenging text to life for a modern audience. I pay tribute to all involved, especially the lead actresses. In June it was the turn of our Juniors to entertain us and cover themselves with foam in Bugsy.  This was a delightful slapstick production with captivating performances from many individual stars and, with some very talented actresses leaving us last year, it was most reassuring that there are many within Strathearn ready to step into their shoes. My thanks to all who so successfully played a part in drama this last year in Strathearn. In this last year the opportunities to participate in sport for pleasure and at a highly competitive level have had a very significant boost with the addition of significant facilities of the very highest order. For the first time our pupils can now enjoy all the benefits of having a fitness suite on site – one that has already drawn the admiration of other schools, including those which have already had their own suite.  Our hope is that by using the impressive range of equipment, our pupils will develop life-long habits in which they will prioritise their own fitness. We also took possession of competition standard shot and javelin enclosures, and a double width ‘tartan’ track for long jump. The two ‘all-weather’ hockey pitches convert into an athletics ‘training track’ and so we get nearer to fulfilling our vision of creating a centre of Sporting Excellence for girls in East Belfast. We look forward to adding tennis courts over this coming year, but the crown jewel of our facilities is our AstroTurf hockey pitch complete with floodlights and electronic score board. The carpet (that’s the green, sand-dressed playing surface) is the best in Ireland and I was most impressed to discover that the guys who supervised the installation in Strathearn had come straight from overseeing the installation of the hockey pitch at the Riverbank Arena for the London 2012 Olympics! With thirteen hockey teams we will continue to hire the pitch at CIYMS but already our facilities have attracted ladies’ and men’s hockey clubs who now regularly hire our pitch in the evenings and Saturday afternoons. Last year our 1st XI made it through to the semi-final of the Senior Schools Cup only to lose 1-0 to Ballyclare High. The 2nd XI made it all the way to the semi-final of the Plate Competition where, against the run of play, they lost 1-0 to Ballymena Academy. However, the ‘cliff-hanger’ of hockey last year was played by the U14A XI in their semi-final against Methodist College. The score was 0-0 at full-time and remained 0-0 after extra time. The dreaded penalty strokes followed also to end up in an equaliser and, unfortunately, after all their skill and determination, they lost on the first ‘sudden death’ penalty stroke. I am delighted that with the addition of such superb facilities we can continue to encourage and support hockey. I have not time to expound the very significant

guest of honour’s speech success of our Athletics, Squash, Swimming and Tennis teams (some of which is recorded near the back of your programme) but I do want to highlight the success of one particular pupil. The London Olympics were a tremendous success and as well as having some pupils there to assist with the stewarding, Strathearn was very well represented on the Irish Women’s Swimming Team with former pupil Melanie Nôcher and Upper Sixth pupil Sycerika McMahon making up two of the four swimmers on the team. I have asked Sycerika to join me on the platform so that we can hear what it was like to be a participant in London 2012. Sycerika joined Mr Manning on the platform to share her experience of the Olympic Games. Sycerika, who studies Biology, English Literature and Mathematics, gave the audience an insight into her very demanding training programme. Sycerika lives in Portaferry and she routinely gets up at 4.30am to train before making the journey to Strathearn. She told the audience that she also does quite a lot of gym work after school! Sycerika shared with us how she had coped with this very demanding programme and her AS-levels; she told us that she postponed just one examination - a Maths module, which she plans to take in January. Sycerika gave us an insight into the challenges of the qualification process, which culminated in her selection for the Irish Olympic Swimming Team for London 2012. Sycerika has swum all over the world, but London 2012 was a highlight and Sycerika shared her personal memories of her events. Mr Manning told her of our pride in her achievements and congratulated her on her successes, which most of her audience had witnessed on RTE. Sycerika finished 26th overall in the 100m Breaststroke and 22nd overall in the 200m Individual Medley, where she came third in her heat! Sycerika spoke warmly of the atmosphere at the closing ceremony, and revealed that after a short, three-week break she began her training programme for Rio 2016! She also spoke of her hope that by that date her favourite event – the 50m Breaststroke – would be an Olympic event! On behalf of the whole school community, Mr Manning thanked Sycerika and resumed: Sycerika, we salute your sporting and academic ability and are in awe of your determination, effort and time-management skills to attain such fantastic achievements. Our very best wishes for 2016!  Francis Bacon said, “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” Each week in Strathearn there are other opportunities


ur Guest of Honour, the Deputy Chief Constable, Judith Gillespie, warmly congratulated the prize-winners and presented the prizes and awards. In her speech, the Deputy Chief Constable spoke of how much she had looked forward to the evening. She spoke warmly of the sense of community in the school and the obvious sense of partnership in the whole team. The Deputy Chief Constable then said that music was very close to her heart and shared the message of three songs which particularly resonated with her. The first was: I’m a Believer and she urged the girls to have self-belief and to be eternally optimistic. She related her own experiences of applying to the RUC and revealed that she was successful on her third application. She told the girls it was important not to give up at the first setback and stated her belief that it is how you deal with disappointment, not success, that defines you. She quoted Henry Ford, who said: ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.’ She told her audience that a trait of leadership is the ability to be eternally optimistic, and spoke warmly of the example of her grandmother and mother, who had both been a source of inspiration to her. The Deputy Chief Constable used the words of her second song: Don’t look back in Anger, to urge the girls to make the most of every opportunity. She quoted Oprah Winfrey, who said, ‘I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.’ She urged the girls to use the opportunities that came their way! Finally, she used the words of: What have you done today to make you feel proud?

available but we also have pupils - wise young ladies - who go out and make opportunities and show initiative and talent in taking up those challenges. Thirteen Lower Sixth girls took it upon themselves to enter the Vision for Europe Schools Competition. Their challenge was to create a four-minute video showing how the EU affects their daily lives. Their video won them a place at the all-Ireland final in Dublin where they won again - this time an all-expenses paid trip to Strasbourg in September to take part in Euroscola! At this event students from twenty-seven EU Member States are selected to become a member of the European Parliament for one day. The girls took part in debates and presented motions and really did us proud. I am going to play a shortened version of their video to let you see why they won. [At this point the audience watched a short extract from the video.] The full video is worth watching and available under Archived News on our website. Often people will complain that they have not the same opportunities as others and therefore that is why they have failed to succeed. Sometimes that is true. I am delighted that pupils in our school are continuing to raise money for the Primary School we built in Kampala, Uganda, with over £1,500 raised last year. Creating opportunities to send children to school is truly life-changing! We have had a great year as the members of the Strathearn community have taken up the opportunities provided, and created others so that they could experience the success of doing their best and learning new things. Chairman, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen, I commend to you all that has been achieved by the staff and pupils of Strathearn School. Following the distribution of prizes and awards, Mr McKeown gave a résumé of Deputy Chief Constable,  Judith Gillespie’s distinguished career. She rose through the ranks to become the first ever female Deputy Chief Constable in Northern Ireland, obtaining a degree in Public Policy and Administration, as well as a Masters in Applied Criminology from Cambridge University; she received recognition with an OBE in 2009 and an Honorary Doctorate for public service from Queen’s University last year. Mr McKeown spoke very warmly of her dedicated service to the community and invited her to address the audience.

to reflect on her pride in the spirit of public service symbolised in the enduring legacy of the memory of two colleagues who were murdered in Manchester. She urged the girls to ask every day what they had done to make them feel proud, to be excellent role models for younger pupils and to have the courage to stand up for what is right in every area of life. She spoke of the huge potential to bring about change represented by the girls and concluded her inspirational speech by quoting Margaret Mead, who said, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’

Katie Noble,  A-Level


uganda & new school build updates


Uganda Update

n the summer of 2007, a team from the Senior SU at Strathearn went to the city of Kampala, Uganda, to build homes for some of the street children who live in that city. During that trip we met Edward, a man with a vision. Edward grew up in a village on the outskirts of Kampala and through hard work and determination had managed to gain a good education and become successful.  When he would visit his father in the village he could see that so many of the children there had no opportunity to go to school and gain the benefits which he had. Edward was moved to do something to help and started a school in a a makeshift shack on land owned by his father. His vision was that this school would be a model school, one of the best in Kampala.  When the team arrived to visit, it was hard to see how he could achieve this vision with the ramshackle school he had set up. The team were so taken with his plans and vision that they decided they had to help, partnering with local charity,  Abaana, to raise the money to construct a permanent school building. During the next two years, the entire community at Strathearn came together to raise over £50,000! In the summer of 2009, forty girls and staff travelled to Kampala to help with the building of the new school. Completed in September 2009, the children moved into their new accommodation. In recognition of this work Edward named the primary school, Strathearn Primary. Each year a new class was to be added and soon the school needed three more classrooms to complete its plan for a class for each year group. A further £20,000 was raised here in Strathearn, and in the summer of 2011, a team of twenty girls and staff journeyed to Kampala to help build a nursery block and a new kitchen block to allow the children to receive a school meal each day. We were also able to have electricity installed in the school for the first time. In the summer of 2012, I had the opportunity to go to Strathearn Primary in Uganda to meet our friend Edward, see the completed school, and bring our greetings and some gifts of PE kits for staff and pupils. The school now has a full complement of classes and is entering pupils into national exams.  They are part of a thriving school community, working with the village and local churches. Pupils are encouraged in education and happy at play. Edward is convinced of the transforming effect this will have on their lives. Because he now has electricity, he has been able to install one computer into the school; he knows this is the future. Uganda is a changing country and the work done by pupils at Strathearn has helped to improve the lives of these children.  As the school motto goes, they: ‘Strive to Excel’. Edward, a humble and godly man, is very proud of the pupils of the school he directs with Geoffrey, the dynamic, new headmaster. He is aware of the work done by the pupils of Strathearn in Belfast and is determined not to let any of it go to waste! A Atkinson


Our New School Build

ver the October 2012 half-term break we moved into the first phase of our new buildings. With 25 classrooms and 8 science labs, most of our teaching is now in bright ‘state-of-the-art’ rooms, and pupils and staff have really enjoyed the comfort and quality of all our facilities. It has been amazing to watch how quickly we have settled into our new surroundings and it makes us more impatient as we wait for the completion of all the works in July 2014. With the erection of the steel work over the past few months, we have come to appreciate the full scale of our rebuilding programme and that does not include a new Gymnasium which is to be constructed on the site of our current canteen. In June 2013 we gained 4 new AstroTurf tennis courts and by mid September 2013 we should have taken possession of a refurbished sports hall, an extended and refurbished Technology block and our new canteen overlooking the front lawn. Through the investment of school funds, the canteen (to be named the Miskelly Deli following a pupil poll) will be larger than our current building and will include two serveries and a dedicated salad bar/‘grab and go’ counter. To assist with the cost of purchasing extra seating and seating for outside the canteen, we are having another pupil and staff sponsored walk on Monday 10 June. We look forward to a great afternoon and our thanks to everyone who supported us last year to raise a tremendous £10,500!


clubs, events & societies Library Report


s we await the completion of the new Library in 2014, another year has passed in the temporary Library, and it has continued to be a lively, busy place with class visits, Sixth Form study, computer use, study sessions and reading forming part of the daily routine. The annual Scholastic Book Fair took place in November, as usual, with sales earning the Library over £600 in commission, which has been used to add more books to the Library’s stock. The girls have benefited from the addition of many newly published titles and a wide range of books to suit every taste. During Book Fair Week the first form girls took part in a wordsearch competition, where they had to find the surnames of famous authors, and five prize winners were awarded a £5 voucher to spend at the Fair. This year the Library celebrated World Book Day through two competitions, which were enjoyed by both staff and pupils. There were prizes for matching favourite authors with the teachers who recommended them, and also a photo competition where pupils and staff were asked to bring in a photo of themselves reading a book in an unusual place. This resulted in some very interesting and humorous photos which are now displayed in the Library. The winning photo was of Rachel Hinds, 3H, who was reading in the stable with her horse. At the Junior Reading Club, held at lunch time on Thursdays, the girls have been reading through a wide range of authors and genres, as well as old favourites, and they have enjoyed discussing what they have read and recommending books to each other.  This year the Reading Club registered with the Northern Ireland Book Award and so they have busied themselves reading through the eight short-listed titles. Five girls attended the launch of the  Award at RBAI in October and seven girls attended its finale at Bangor Grammar in February, where they were excited to meet authors Jimmy Coates and Debbie McCune, and to have the opportunity to buy their books. The library assistants continue to be very industrious and their charity effort this year took the form of a staff coffee morning and pupil café for which they baked cakes, traybakes, shortbread and much more. Members of staff were able to relax in Café 641 and enjoy all the special treats and a break from their busy day, while the girls enjoyed having their own café and cake sale, which helped keep the hunger pangs away until lunch time! The effort raised £315.49 for the National Autistic Society, which will contribute to the Society’s work in providing vital services for people with autism, as well as support for their families. The addition of first form class librarians to the library team has been met with enthusiasm, with two girls from each class helping with the issuing and returning of books on class visits to the Library. This is likely to continue with the new intake of pupils next school year.



Mathematics Challenges

he Senior and Intermediate UKMT Maths Challenges took place in November 2012 and February 2013 respectively. Sixteen students from the Upper and Lower Sixth participated in the Senior Challenge, while around sixty entrants from fourth and fifth forms took part in the Intermediate session. On each paper the questions become increasingly difficult and, to discourage those attempting to succeed with lucky guesswork, marks are deducted for wrong answers! In the Senior Challenge, the Silver Certificate winners were Emma Darragh and Kathryn Egerton, who also received Best in School. The Senior Challenge Bronze winners were Alison Duffield, Catherine Buchanan and Nicola McCann, who was also awarded Best in Form Six. In the Intermediate Challenge, Strathearn School gained twenty-nine awards, with Jemma Gillan achieving a Gold Certificate and also certificates for Best in School and Best in Form Four! In recognition of Jemma’s tremendous score, she has been invited to attend the National Mathematics Summer School in Leeds. Other Form Four Silver Certificate winners were Emma Watson, Sophie Martin, Katie McLoughlin and Dakota Armour. The Form Four Bronze Certificate winners were Eve Allister, Rachel Bailie, Sarah Wilson, Amy Cairnduff, Katie McMurran and Ella McAllister.  Congratulations to Hannah Craig on achieving a Silver and Best in Form Five Certificate. Other Form Five Silver Certificate winners were Skye Sands, Madeleine McIlwain, Rachael Curry, Keziah Mercer,  Alexandra Nelson, Erin Prentice, Catherine Whiteside, Dominique Forson and Jennifer Chambers. The Form Five Bronze Certificate winners were Hermione Anstey, Bonnie Macrae, Jessica McCleery, Eryn McQuillan, Katie Gallagher, Melissa Nagar, Rebecca Davidson and Laura McMillen. The Maths Department would like to thank all pupils who participated.

Business Studies Visit

n 12 January,  a group of very excited Form Four Business Studies students visited Tayto Castle in Tandragee to view the production processes of one of Northern Ireland’s most famous brands. Students were given a stringent talk on Health & Safety, with the personal protective equipment required being modelled by our very own Sarah Flack. Students also had the opportunity to meet and have their photographs taken with Mr Tayto. On the tour students learnt about the application of many of the topics they study at GCSE, including Flow Production, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Health and Safety, Stock Control, Quality Management, Marketing Mix and New Product Development. The experience was extremely beneficial and students enjoyed having the opportunity to sample many of the crisps on the production line!


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My Vision for Europe

n September 2012, a group of sixteen Upper Sixth girls travelled to Strasbourg as a result of their recent win in the competition, My Vision for Europe, for which they created a video discussing how the European Union affects their daily lives.  They visited the European Parliament to represent the UK in Euroscola, a multilingual event attended by hundreds of young people from across Europe. Here they had the opportunity to take part in discussions about important European issues, sometimes communicating in an EU language other than their own. The trip also included a visit to Strasbourg itself, where some of the girls conquered their fear of heights by climbing 66 metres to the top of the Cathedral platform, and were rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. All the girls had an unforgettable experience - thank you to Ms Simpson for organising the team throughout the year!


Synagogue trip

n 28 February, Form Two took a trip to the Belfast Synagogue in North Belfast. We were shown around the synagogue, which is built in the shape of the Star of David, by Dr Leon Litvack. Dr Litvack told us of the history of the Jewish community in Belfast and, in particular, the work of the community in helping to rescue Jewish children at the time of the Second World War. Dr Litvack helped us understand some of the things we have been studying in school already, such as the Jewish festival of Hanukkah and Kosher foods. We were also able to think about the challenges of being a Jew in Belfast. The best part was when Dr Litvack taught us how to sing a Jewish song in Hebrew.  We really enjoyed our visit to the synagogue and very much appreciated Dr Litvack’s time and help.

Duke of Edinbugh’s Award


e felt very lucky to have been chosen to do the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award with school. During our first meeting we were taught how to use basic camping equipment, how to use a trangia, put up a tent and how to take account of health and safety issues. We were also given a progress booklet for tracking our progression for the skills, physical and service sections, which all contributed to our Duke of Edinburgh’s  Award.  We were then split into small groups where we planned and discussed our expedition. This was an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends! On the morning of our expedition, we started our day by meeting at the Castlewellan car park and began the tiring but exciting expedition. We walked for 12km on the first day this was physically rewarding and strengthened friendships. We arrived at the campsite at varying times, set up camp and settled in, but it was not long until we headed to the maze.  All the groups made dinner, which was generally cold pasta. We all settled around the campfire and sang some songs and then eventually went to bed for a well-earned rest. The next morning, though we all woke up with aching bones to walk a further 12 km, we were all the more determined to reach the finish - the car park. Although the expedition was tiring, it was a great experience and an amazing two days of adventure.  We would recommend taking part in this experience to anyone considering it. We are currently preparing for our qualifying expedition in June and look forward to completing a two-day hike around the Tollymore area. Well done to all the girls who have taken part this year and thank you to the teachers who have given up their time to make the scheme possible in school! Laura Bell, 4R and Rachel Bruce, 4T


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Art Report

n the Strathearn Art Department we agree with the Pop artist, Jasper Johns, who has said: “Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it.” Our yearly cycle of colour, creativity and celebration has some important highlights, such as Open Day and our annual exhibition in June, but in between we are enriched by the enthusiasm of our pupils and the wonderful experiences of trips to galleries and visits from artists and students. At GCSE level, Form Five artists visited the FE McWilliams Studio in Banbridge for a marvellous retrospective of Basil Blackshaw’s expressive and painterly canvases. The day also incorporated a great watercolour workshop at Belfast’s shiny new MAC. Back in school both experiences inspired girls in experimenting with paint. Hand stitching techniques were the focus of Form Four’s workshop with Suzanne Coates, when we were introduced to many new textile artists and ways of using embellishment. Sixth Form artists love their annual excursion to Dublin. This year the Royal Hibernian Academy was a new destination which introduced us to interesting emerging Irish artists, whereas the IMMA show gave us an overview of a wellestablished one through the Alice Maher retrospective. The Art Club offers the opportunity for all Strathearn pupils to experience talks and films on a wide range of Art disciplines. This year’s highlights have included Joel Simon showing us exciting animations and past-pupil, Alex Heath sharing her wonderful fashion designs from her course at Falmouth.  Alex has gone on to show her work at the prestigious St Andrew’s Fashion Show, sponsored by Alfa Romeo, and at Belfast Fashion Week.  All girls studying Art for exam courses were able to see the breadth of approaches from Northern Ireland based artists at the Royal Ulster Academy and to experience the CCEA True Colours Show. In our busy department we also have enjoyed the input and enthusiasm of Miss Coates leading Trash Fashion after school, and having Mrs McFerran on her placement with us. EM

World Challenge - Croatia 2012


s soon as the GCSE and AS-level examinations ended, eighteen girls from Form Five and Lower Sixth set out on a World Challenge Expedition to Croatia – what a perfect way to unwind and de-stress! Accompanied by Mr and Mrs Anderson, we set out on Wednesday, 27 June and had an overnight in Gatwick where we met up with our  World Challenge leader, Ben, who took us through the itinerary and organised some team building exercises. It was clear that this was going to be much more than just an adventure holiday! The purpose of the expedition was to build leadership skills and each day members of the team would take charge by keeping an eye on the itinerary, making contact with service providers in Croatia, keeping the team to schedule and managing the campsite. Two pupils were also given total charge of the expedition budget of some several thousand pounds. These girls arranged for this money to be changed to Croatian Kuna in Gatwick Airport and took the lead in planning and recording how the team’s resources would be used. On arrival in Split Airport, we met up with our in-country guide, Marco. We then headed straight to a supermarket where, in cooperation with the girls in charge of the budget, the Day One leaders bought food to cover the team for the next three days. Mr Anderson was very concerned that we would take account of his appetite when buying this food – a recurring theme throughout the trip! The expedition involved a wide range of activities including sea kayaking, white water river kayaking and hiking through the stunning scenery of Paklenica National Park. Each night involved wild cooking and camping. Bathing in rivers helped us to cope with the temperatures, which were consistently in the high 30s and, of course, Strathearn girls never missed an opportunity to work on that tan! Most of the time we were in wild and remote countryside and it was exciting to see parts of Croatia which are far beyond the tourist trail. This World Challenge expedition was a fantastic opportunity to try a wide range of activities most pupils had no experience of, to see Croatia, to build leadership skills and to enjoy great fun with girls from across two year groups. I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone considering being a part of a future expedition.


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Italia 2013


n the early hours of Wednesday, 20 March, a group of forty Form Three pupils and five members of staff headed off to Dublin airport to begin a five day trip to Italy. By lunch time, we were in Rome and on our way to the Colosseum, with the rain forcing an early journey on Rome’s Metro; after that experience we knew we had arrived in Rome! Thankfully the rain disappeared overnight and Thursday was a memorable day. We were fortunate to be able to visit the Sistine Chapel which had just been vacated by the Cardinals one or two days previously. It was exciting to be in Rome so close to the election of Pope Francis. Paula, our guide, helped us to understand all we saw in the Chapel, museums and St Peter’s Basilica. In the afternoon we wended our way on foot through the city, lunching beside the Pantheon, enjoying a gelato by the Trevi Fountain and taking a rest at the Spanish Steps. It was time to leave Rome and make our way to Assisi, where we were based for rest of our stay.  We explored Assisi and very much enjoyed meeting Brother Eunan, a Franciscan Friar from Lurgan, who is based in San Damiano. He explained his decision to come to Assisi and answered the many questions asked of him. Our day trip to Florence started with taking in the views of the city from the Ponte Vecchio and then on to the Uffizi Gallery for some more art and culture. By the afternoon Strathearn Girls were ready to shop and the San Lorenzo market beckoned. We spent our final day in the town of thirteen towers, San Gimignano, and then went on to Siena to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Campo! Two cities, three towns, churches, galleries, museums, an amphitheatre, a few shops and many ice creams! Italia 2013 had it all! JSG


Santander 2012

n 21 October, a large group of girls and five teachers met at the Strathearn School lay-by at 5.30 in the morning to set off on an adventure they would never forget! Once we arrived in Santander - courtesy of Aer Lingus - we met Carlos, who would look after us for the next few days.  With no time to lose, we headed for the safari park, where we had a typical Spanish tapas meal and encountered some friendly and not so friendly animals. The birds of prey were definitely very scary! On the second day, we went to our Spanish language school. We were divided into classes and met our teachers, who only spoke Spanish! We spent three mornings there in total. For the rest of the second day we went for a walk around Santander, visited the local newspaper and stopped off for Chocolate con Churros! ¡Qué bueno!! On the third day we visited the medieval village of Santillana del Mar, which was incredibly picturesque, and we had a picnic lunch in the park in the sun. We then went high up into the Picos de Europa to visit the Soplao Caves to see the dramatic stalagmites and stalactites. It was quite an experience on the narrow, twisting, high roads in the big coach and the views were unforgettable! On fourth day we said ‘adios’ to our Language teachers. After lunch we had free time to do what we wanted and later hopped on the train to a shopping centre on the outskirts of Santander. We spent the evening there, spending our last Euros and we were free to choose our dinner - Burger King was a popular option as we were fed up with Spanish food by that point! On the last day we packed up and said goodbye to our hotel, collected our packed lunches and headed for the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. After an inspiring tour around the incredible building, we ate our packed lunches and headed to the airport for our flight to Dublin. On the coach ride from Dublin, we all sang along to Grease, the movie, and we arrived safely at the lay-by for 8 o’clock on the dot. Overall, it was a fun and educational trip and it gave us a glimpse of Spanish culture! Amy Cairnduff, 4T,  Rachel Bruce, 4T


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History Report

hird form made the short trip to the Somme Heritage Centre in April for a pre-examination insight to the key issues faced by our ancestors a century ago. The informative talks given by our guides started with the First World War weapons display and moved through the time tunnel ending up in the simulated trenches. As we approach another phase of timely commemorations, the girls were reminded of the sacrifice made by both genders and the very human stories, with extensive use of memorabilia, enriched their studies of the 1914-18 War. Form One pupils followed up their class-based work on the Normans and John de Courcy with the annual trip to Carrickfergus Castle. This strategically placed trip reminds them of the pitfalls of castle life and gives pupils a real sense of the dominance of this building throughout medieval history. The weather is always a factor and the three groups had very varying experiences! June 2012 hailed the annual Form Four walk up to Parliament Buildings, where the girls were treated to an excellent presentation on the functions of the Local Assembly and the role of the building in the history of Northern Ireland. The daily functions of the Stormont Assembly are always revealing and have significance for this age group as the next generation of young voters. GM


Berlin 2012

very year, the History Department and the Modern Languages Department come together to give lots of girls the memorable opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Berlin, and the 2012 trip was just as unforgettable as the rest. For five days we visited what seemed like nearly every attraction that Berlin has to offer! Every day we had something new to see, experience and learn and there was no time to be bored. From shopping trips to museums, (and fascinating coach journeys), the historians among us were treated to first-hand experiences of fantastic sites, which we had already heard so much about. The linguists had a chance to show off their German speaking skills, whether it was ordering a sandwich or teaching the historians how to say, ‘May I please have…’ On our first day we had a very early start;  we travelled to Dublin airport, where many of us crashed until it was time to get on the plane. Our hotel was a great little place right in the centre of the city!  After a short break at the hotel it was time to get moving to go to the unforgettable Stasi prison. This place of psychological and physical torture testified to the inhuman treatment the East German Communist State Police inflicted on their own people. We also spent some time in The Story of Berlin Museum, where we got to step right into the genesis and growth of Berlin in the most imaginative way possible! One of the most moving experiences was visiting Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. The silence in the camp was eerie and many of us shed a tear as we read the horrific stories of the prisoners and saw evidence of the systematic torture of the innocent victims. It was a touching experience and was truly the most memorable of the entire trip.  We had many other fantastic experiences including a visit to Checkpoint Charlie, where we learned of many crazy ways that people tried to escape the Communist East Germany; Wannsee, where the Nazi Holocaust plans were hatched; the Holocaust Memorial Museum; the 1936 Olympic Stadium and the German Parliament building - the Reichstag - which all made our heads spin in different ways. The TV Tower revolving restaurant was an exciting treat, revolving 203 metres above Alexanderplaz shopping area.  A few of our group were even lucky enough to eat lunch at the top of the tower!  Other great places that we saw included: the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdam and the Schloss Cecilienhof, where Churchill, Truman and Stalin met after the war to plan the future ‘carve up’ of Europe and Germany. And how could we forget - the shopping! We were lucky enough to find time in our busy schedule to shop in one of the most famous spots in the world, Kurfurstendamn. We didn’t hold back for one second and got to see shops in the world famous KaDeWe.  With a great range of restaurants and cafés on the way round, it was a perfect way to relax after all of our historical discoveries. Berlin was a brilliant experience and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to go away with our friends. It was unforgettable seeing all of the sites which we had heard so much about in our History classes. As a lot of German history is covered at GCSE, it was also extremely helpful! The culture and the city are beautiful, and we all want to thank Mr Bradley, Miss Gibson, Ms Murphy, Mrs Hoare and Mrs Wyeth for making it all possible. Roll on June 2013 for the next unforgettable trip! Kate Umphray, 5A


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Careers Report

he new term got underway with the usual round of university Open Days.  All Upper Sixth girls attended the Open Day at Queen’s, while others went to the Jordanstown, Coleraine and Magee campuses of the University of Ulster. All Upper Sixth also attended the Options XX careers event at Methodist College, where pupils were able to attend lectures and talks provided by some of the universities and professional bodies who were present. Many UK and Republic of Ireland universities had representatives at this event and our girls went to gain last minute information to finalise choices on UCAS forms. We have had several lunch time sessions on personal statement guidance for specific areas including accountancy, engineering, geography, history, architecture, languages, psychology, science, teaching and religious studies. Form Five girls had a programme of careers guidance interviews with careers advisers from the Department of Employment which ran from November until February. Form Five also had a series of presentations from guest speakers based on their most popular careers. These included medicine, law, fashion design, events management, social work, languages, psychology, ICT and physiotherapy. We also had a speaker to talk about engineering, as we are keen to promote STEM subjects in Strathearn and engineering in particular, as there are good job prospects in Northern Ireland in this area. The careers adviser from DEL has spoken to Form Five about AS and A2 subject choices and Mrs Connery and Mrs Hearst have also spoken to the year group about options in school and the implications of these choices. Mrs Hearst and Mrs Graham were available for consultation at the Parents’ Afternoon in February. Some members of Form Five had the opportunity to hear Dr Taylor give a talk on applying to Cambridge at Wellington College. Form Three had a Careers Planning Day in October which was hosted by Sentinus. This proved to be a most informative session which helped the girls focus on courses and careers and assisted them in choosing subjects for the next academic year. A representative from Queen’s University spoke to Form Three about their degree courses and implications for GCSEs. Mrs Connery and Mrs Hearst also spoke to pupils about GCSE choices and the importance of choosing subjects carefully. Each Form Three class had sessions with Mrs Hearst in the Careers Suite and she was also available for consultations at the Form Three Parents’ Evening.

Rebekah McCreedy, GCSE Level


Form One students have had introductory visits to the Careers Suite. We welcomed many speakers throughout the year. Two former pupils, Sarah Murphy and Clare McGarrell, came on behalf of the gap year organisation, Project Trust, to talk about their experiences last year in Thailand and Guyana. Rebecca Evans gave an informative talk to the Lower Sixth on applying to Oxford. Several other former pupils have come into school to talk to our girls about careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, teaching and the voluntary sector including UNICEF. A lecturer from Stranmillis University College talked about teaching and working with children and another academic from the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s talked about jobs in her profession. We also had a tutor from the University of Ulster give a presentation to girls in Form Five, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth about art school applications. On 26 November, we had our Mock Interview Evening for Upper Sixth, where all girls got the opportunity to have an interview with an expert in their particular field of interest. All our Oxford and Cambridge applicants had an additional interview. We are indebted to all those who took time from their busy schedules to help with these interviews and the girls benefited from all guidance and advice given. Several girls attended medical and teaching interview workshops organised by the Careers Department in school and Mrs Hearst also did several practice interviews to help our pupils when they had their real interviews for selection onto a range of university courses. Three girls in Upper Sixth attended a Focus Group on Females in Engineering at Queen’s and several pupils in Lower Sixth went on a Physiotherapy Open Day at Musgrave Park Hospital. Fifteen girls from Lower Sixth attended a Taster Programme run by the School of Management at Queen’s which gave them a good idea of the courses on offer and the job prospects on completion of various degrees.  Three girls in Lower Sixth attended a Dietetics Open Day and one pupil attended a Speech and Language morning, both at the Ulster Hospital; others attended a presentation on Music Therapy organised by the NI Music Therapy Trust. Many Lower Sixth girls attended a Medical Symposium, an Engineering Conference and a Law Conference, all hosted by Methodist College. One student attended the Dentistry Open Day, while another attended a Clinical Psychology morning - both were held at Queen’s University. Girls in Lower Sixth attended a session called Experiences of Work organised by Sentinus and our three day work experience programme, again for Lower Sixth, got underway immediately after the girls completed their mocks. The placements were as varied as ever and included hospitals, schools, insurance and solicitors’ firms, magazines, engineering firms, public relations agencies and film companies to name but a few.  As always, we are really grateful to all those employers who were kind enough to take our pupils, and our Lower Sixth students enjoyed this experience and learned a lot from it. In order to help Lower Sixth make decisions about Higher Education for next year, we had several university presentations in the second term. These included representatives from the University of Ulster, Queen’s University Belfast, St Andrews University, Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, Liverpool John Moores, the Scottish Universities Tour comprising the universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot Watt, Strathclyde and Stirling, and Scotland’s Modern Universities Tour consisting of Abertay Dundee, Edinburgh Napier, Queen Margaret, and the University of the West of Scotland. All Lower Sixth attended a Higher Education Convention at the King’s Hall in Belfast, which was organised by UCAS. This gave our girls the opportunity to attend a range of seminars on courses and careers and speak to many university representatives from NI, the rest of the UK and Ireland. Pupils also attended a presentation on personal statements in school. Finally, all members of the Careers Department would like to take this opportunity to send our very best wishes to all of our girls taking important exams this summer.

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My Work Experience

or the first two days of my work experience placement I went to Donaghadee Primary School, which I attended when I was younger. On day one, I arrived at the school at 8.30am. I was greeted by my former teachers and I chatted to them about what I was hoping to achieve from my placement. I was then assigned to help out with the P2 class, and I was introduced to them as ‘Miss Gunning’, which was a funny experience. I began day one by helping a group of ten P2 pupils with a literacy task and then I helped out with playground duty. When the pupils came back in from break they had an hour of playtime.  They could play with any toys in the classroom and this allowed me to get to know the pupils better and see what types of toys and games interested them. When playtime had finished, I helped a group of three boys with a numeracy exercise. When school had ended for the P2s, I went along to the senior choir rehearsal. Music is something I am very interested in, so this was a great opportunity to help to Jaime Anderson, GCSE Level take a section of the choir. On day two in the primary school placement, I carried out the same routine but with a different group of pupils.  After lunch the pupils went to PE in the school gym. I even got to join in on the PE class - which the pupils thought was very funny! On my final day of work experience, I had a placement in Killard House Special Needs School. I was assigned to a P1 speech therapy class. Before the children arrived I helped to paint and set up for the children’s craft activity.  In this P1 class, the children have playtime for an hour when they arrive at school. During playtime I helped the children to build a gigantic, colourful, block tower.  Once the tower had inevitably been pushed over, I helped the children to build a house.  After lots of fun during playtime, I helped the children to use sponges to create a brick effect for their art activity. After break time the children got ready for their PE class.  We walked to the very large gym hall and I handed out multicoloured ribbons to all the pupils. Marching music then began to play and before I knew it, we were all marching around the hall.  This was probably the highlight of my day three placement, as the children were so happy and excited to be dancing around with the ribbons. At lunch time I sat with my class and talked to them about what their favourite foods were, and then I went on playground duty. After lunch time the children returned to class for another half hour where they took part in ‘show and tell’. This exercise was brilliant as it meant that the children were having an opportunity to improve their speech. Overall, I really enjoyed both of my placements in two very different types of schools; this has confirmed my thinking that primary school teaching is the career path I would like to follow. I now need to research which University would be best for the course that I want to do. So far, I would really like to go to Stranmillis, but further research will help me to make my final decision. Jessica Gunning, L6R


My Work Experience

y Work Experience took place at the law firm, Carson McDowell, situated in Belfast City Centre. The firm was made up of solicitors who were involved in every type of Law from Criminal Law to Family Law.  I arrived on 9 January at reception and was introduced to David McAleese, my host for the three days. I was escorted down to the Banking and Finance Offices and I was introduced to everybody. They had arranged for me to read over files, have access to certain law websites and much more. Firstly, I was asked to look at banking and its security.  I was asked to prepare a security report like one created by the solicitors. I thought that it was a challenge going through everything and, when I had completed that, I was able to see the report which was approved by the bank. When my host, Mr McAleese realised I had finished my first task, he asked me to read up on Insolvency Issues and the Law. I found this particularly difficult as I had never heard of it before! When Thursday morning arrived, I was shown how to draft mortgage papers if a house was to be sold. I read some files and some examples of how to do it. I handed the papers in but was handed them back again to make a few amendments, which I was told was common due the fact I had never done that before either.  At this stage I was able to shadow the firm’s apprentice; we were sent to the Royal Courts of Justice to deliver papers and we were immediately sent to the Land Registry Office to ask for Leases of certain properties. I experienced the typical day of an apprentice and realised how tough it could be to get training. The three days flew in very quickly, and on Friday morning I was taken up to the Medical Negligence Department. I also got the chance to go to the Master’s Court, where the solicitors presented their cases in front of a judge; the judge then decided when the date of the hearing was. I spent most of my morning there and was also allowed to see the different courts. Overall, I enjoyed my work placement and found it very useful. I think the part I most enjoyed was the Medical Negligence Department. I found it really interesting and would like to look into it further. When I was at the firm, I assumed that I would be receiving help most of the time, but they left me to do what they wanted me to do, and I did ask for help if and when I felt I needed it.  There was a lot of reading involved, which I found enjoyable.  I worked with a variety of people -  apprentices,  associates and also partners.  I realised that they had to be able to work with the people in their team, they had to be organised, well prepared and they had to be able to adapt to certain situations. I am still interested in pursuing a Law degree and I am still undecided whether I would be interested in becoming a solicitor or a barrister. I have been invited back to witness some hearings and get more experience in the field. I am really keen to study law and I would like to get as much experience as I can. Sophie Craig, L6S


clubs, events & societies Biology Field Trips


he AS-level Biologists once again braved the cold winds and changeable weather of February and March to learn practical fieldwork techniques. With the grounds of Strathearn still being surrounded by the building works, it was even more important than usual to get out and about to study our native habitats. Our favourite sites at Strangford and Ballyhornan revealed a rich variety of organisms. We were studying the adaptations of different species to tidal levels and the effects of exposure on organisms which live at the open coast. Ballyhornan on a sunny, summer day is a place to paddle, look in rock pools and have a picnic. However, in early spring, we were subjected to wild waves and a strong wind and this was much more beneficial for our studies! It was much easier to understand why limpets need a strong muscular foot to attach to the rocks and why there are very few seaweeds which are able to survive on this rocky shore. The limitations of food supply and the lack of shelter affect both the morphology and physiology of these organisms.  We collected the relevant data, but did not linger too long in the area. Later in the day we were able to study the sheltered shore at Strangford village by using a belt transect, which showed the changes down the shore as the tide levels dropped. At low tide here, there is great excitement when crabs, sea urchins and a variety of fish are discovered under the kelp. Back at the classroom, the data is analysed, and observations collated and researched. The pupils work in groups to produce a final report - an opportunity to show what has been learned that day. Each year, we explain that this will be hard work, but each year it seems to come as a bit of a surprise that work continues for several hours after tea time! It is clearly a great learning experience for all and, whilst being a challenge, the field course contributes so much to each pupil’s biological knowledge and their experiences of teamwork that it is a hugely rewarding aspect of their studies.


Geography Report

his is Million, a little boy from Bekoji, Ethiopia (image courtesy of Darren Anderson Photography). He lives with his big sister,Tizeta. Every day,  Tizeta walks over a mile to collect water in a jerry can for her family. This tiring task is made more difficult for Tizeta because when she was a child she bumped into a stove setting her clothes on fire and burning her whole body. Last year the charity, Stand By Me, went to their house to install a £16 water filter. This year, the Third Form geographers were inspired by this story and we decided to respond to it proactively. The whole year group engaged in a fundraising activity called Walk a Mile in their Shoes. The pupils raised a grand total of over £1200 by walking for one mile around the hockey pitches, carrying jerry cans containing water. They did this to empathise with those in Bekoji, Ethiopia, who do this twice, every day. The pupils expressed concern about the fact that families not only have to walk far to collect water, but also find that it is often contaminated, leading to serious illness. The £1200 raised by the geographers is enough to purchase 75 water filters. That means 75 families have access to clean water for two years! Why did we do this? Geography is about understanding the world that we live in, but it is more than just an academic exercise.  As we gain an understanding of the world around us and our interaction with it, a challenge is set before us.  That challenge requires a response and the Third Form geographers have demonstrated this in the most positive way. Our wonderful new school building has brought us excellent new facilities to develop our Geography Department further.  We are determined to make full use of this opportunity to enhance the pupil experience and make Geography even more relevant to 21st Century life. MS


Fallen autumn leaves Crunching softly as we walk Winter is stirring Meabh Lowry & Lauren Bailie, 3A


clubs, events & societies School Council Report 2013


t has been an exciting year in Strathearn as we have moved into the main block of the new school building. A key change for School Council has been the venue of our meetings, having relocated to L5 in the new block. We would like to thank Mrs Collins for her hospitality in the Library in recent years where most of our meetings took place. One thing that didn’t change when we moved into the new school was the desire of pupils to have their voices heard. In fact, the new school itself raised many issues that were brought forward for discussion at our meetings. Darcy Rollins (Chair) and Sophie Rodgers (Vice-chair) took on the challenge in 2012-13 of leading the council and they faithfully met on a weekly basis to formulate the agenda for each meeting and direct the vision for the year. The new Positive Behaviour Policy has been a regular item on our agenda and we would like to thank Mrs Graham for addressing council during the autumn when representatives had the opportunity to discuss the outworking of the policy with her and to seek clarification on several issues. School Council were also asked by the Parents’ Association to put forward ideas for future fundraising activities in school and many representatives and their classes responded with an array of suggestions that we hope the Parents’ Association will consider in due course. We were delighted to welcome Julia Brown, the Eco-Schools Project Officer from Belfast City Council, to address council in January. She challenged the representatives to consider getting involved with the Eco-Schools Programme, an initiative that 925 schools across Northern Ireland are involved in. Several representatives were immediately interested in the programme and have met on a few occasions as a committee to investigate and discuss how Strathearn could get involved. We are hoping to pursue this further in the months ahead as we consider the school approach to issues of health, biodiversity in the school grounds and waste disposal. We are keen to develop initiatives that could be embraced during these early days of the new school build and its surroundings. Other initiatives undertaken in council this year include the survey of subject departments undertaken by Darcy to determine how pupils are or could be supported in Strathearn in a peer tutoring scheme. Darcy was able to gain valuable feedback from Heads of Department about good practice across the school and specific examples of how older pupils have helped younger students. On behalf of the Health Promotion Team, Miss Watterson has also addressed council on the issue of the new canteen that is due to open in September. She has also asked the council representatives to complete a questionnaire with their form classes regarding attitudes to healthy eating in the context of charity efforts. Overall, it has been a busy year of transition to the new school. I would like to thank everyone in the school community who has participated in council activity and we look forward to another year that will undoubtedly bring more challenges in our direction. MS

Junior Scripture Union


he Junior SU has been fortunate this year to have had many of the sessions led by a super team of Sixth Form girls. To them we give our sincere thanks and wish them well for the future. A good number of girls have gathered in R17 each Wednesday and they have got to know others as well as learning more about their faith. This year we have focused on our identity in Christ. There have been all the usual ingredients of JSU meetings: quizzes, craft, games, parties and visiting speakers. We were particularly delighted to welcome back Claire from last year’s Sixth Form team in her new role with a Christian outreach team. Another highlight was the meeting led by a group of Form Three girls. LM/SW

Senior Scripture Union


his year during SU we have been looking at ‘Big Questions’ such as suffering, creation/evolution, relationships and living as a Christian. We have been privileged to have had many guest speakers to talk to us about these difficult topics. Along with speakers we also discussed the issues in smaller groups and prayed together. This really helped our SU to grow closer and to get to know people in other years. We found great encouragement in praying together and reminding each other of God’s great promises, especially during the stressful school year, and found strength in the verse: “For I know the plans, I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29 v 11 Tying in with our theme of suffering, we ran a sweet and bun sale along with a sponsored silence to support Open Doors, a charity supporting persecuted Christians around the world, and also the Northern Ireland Leukaemia Fund. This year Senior SU also organised the Shoe Box Appeal and through generous donations we were able to collect eighty-eight shoe boxes for deprived children around the world. Form 2S were the form class to collect the most shoe boxes (twelve in total) and were rewarded with a pizza lunch to thank them for their efforts. This year we were blessed to have such a large number regularly attending SU and were able to enjoy sharing our faith with others and building one another up in Christ. This provided us with a great opportunity to take a step back from busy school life and refocus our lives on God. We were so thankful for all that happened this year in SU and the friendships that we made. We pray that next year numbers will continue to grow and we can shine as a light for Christ in our school and share His love. ‘For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angles nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ Romans 8 v 38-39 Hannah Moore, L6A & Rebecca Craig, L6A


clubs, events & societies


Minneapolis/St Paul Trip 2012

ver the October half-term, fifteen girls from Strathearn flew to Minneapolis for a ten day student exchange programme. We each stayed with a host family who helped us to experience the American way of life. When we arrived our host families greeted us at the airport and we began our trip by spending the weekend with our families.  At first we were a little nervous about meeting our host families, but after a few hours we felt like one of the family. During this weekend we all got to do different things with our families; some of us went to amusement parks such as Valleyscare, others carved pumpkins and many of us went to American Hallowe’en parties. We had a busy itinerary for the week; one day we had the opportunity to go to school with our American teens; on another day we toured the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.  We also dined out at many restaurants. Perhaps the best day was when we went to the Mall of America, which included an amusement park in the centre; we spent all of our money and one of our group had 50c left for the last few days!  We left with sore arms from all the bags we had to carry, which left us worried about our luggage being overweight on the way home.  We also went to outlet stores and a science museum, which included a visit to the I-Max cinema.  The hardest part of the whole experience had to be saying goodbye to our families; many tears were shed and long hugs were had. Chloe Dixon, L6R & Paige Jackson, L6R


Community Service

n 12 December, the Strathearn Community Service Party returned to the Stormont Hotel for our annual festivities. Members of Upper Sixth and all of 1S did a wonderful job meeting and greeting our forty guests and kept them entertained all afternoon. Our singers and musicians ‘went on tour’ and were transported from school to provide the entertainment, which included singing, instrumental solos and some Irish dancing, which is always a hit with our guests. One of our guests, John Leishman, aged 93, then entertained us with a solo and posed for numerous photographs with Strathearn girls.  John has become a bit of a celebrity recently, having been featured in a very moving BBC TV programme with Stephen Nolan. John recounted his war experiences as a D-Day veteran and was able to return to France to pay his own respects to his former colleagues and friends. We all benefit from, and are humbled by, the many stories and experiences our guests recount. The party is always a highlight of the School Calendar for both guests and girls. It is funded completely by the girls’ generous donations, which once again helped us to provide gifts for each of the residents at Strathearn Court. Throughout the year, many girls in school participate in Form and  Year Efforts to raise money for charities of their choice. Form Classes come up with lots of novel ways of raising money from their peers. This year a number of our sixth form students have been raising money for various projects overseas that they personally are supporting. It has been great to see these initiatives and there is always ample evidence of entrepreneurial skills!


clubs, events & societies


Rotary Youth Report

t the beginning of the Easter term, I joined a group of twenty-three other young people from all over the island of Ireland to represent Rotary Ireland at the Euroscola Day in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The Rotary Youth Leadership Development Competition is a programme set up by Rotary Ireland to further young people’s potential careers and give them a sense of the importance of local, national and international bodies of legislation. I entered through the school, with the aim of representing the Rotary Club of East Belfast, based just around the corner from Strathearn. The competition consisted of two panel-led interviews, which questioned the participants on issues regarding the European Union, Rotary Ireland and different matters closer to home, with the aim of selecting a candidate for the all-expenses paid trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.  Even at the early stages, the ability of all the candidates shone through, and I was extremely humbled and happy when I was chosen to go to Strasbourg. Rory Copeland from Methodist College, representing Belfast East, and Daniel Clarke from RBAI, representing the Rotary Club of Killinchy filled the other two places offered and together we went on to travel with twenty-one other winners, chosen from around 3,000 young people all over Ireland, on an extremely unique experience. The trip itself consisted of three days spent in Belfast and Dublin before travelling over to Strasbourg to participate in the Euroscola Day, where we would collaborate with groups of young people from each of the twenty-six other EU Member States. During the week we visited places of legislative power, from Stormont in Belfast to the Oireachtas House in Dublin, as well as the European Offices in both cities. The entire group was very outspoken and articulate in their views, a benefit as no one was afraid to put difficult or controversial questions to the MLAs and TDs. I was chosen by peer vote to introduce the Irish delegation at the Euroscola Day in the EU Parliament. To talk at the very centre of the Parliament’s hemicycle in front of around 700 people, even for only a few minutes, was an amazing experience, and I’m extremely touched that it was decided I was the best person to take such a role. It is hard to describe the Euroscola Day wholly. The sheer numbers of young people from all around Europe were overwhelming, but the Irish group was very involved, having the highest number of representatives as chairs, spokespeople or simply asking questions. Everyone got a lot out of the day and it was sad to finally end, as we had become a group of very close friends. The experience I have had is unparalleled in its effect on me; I can’t thank everyone who helped me get there enough, from school and Rotary Ireland itself. The trip helped me learn more about myself as a person, and more about others too. It was a genuinely unique and different experience that has left me invigorated and ready to work towards my looming exams. Lauren Graham, L6A


Public Speaking Competition

n Wednesday, 28 November, Lauren Graham participated in this year’s local heat of the Soroptimist Public Speaking Competition. The judges commented that the standard at this year’s heat was undoubtedly the highest they had ever seen, and so Lauren’s achievement of second place was highly commendable. Her speech on the future of the print medium (Are books a thing of the past?) was thought-provoking in its content and engaging in its delivery. Well done Lauren!


English Report

t is always exciting to see texts studied in the classroom actually being performed. We were delighted to have the opportunity to experience Romeo and Juliet, one of our GCSE English Literature coursework texts, in performance in November. All members of fifth year travelled to the Market Theatre,  Armagh, for a lively and moving matinee production of the play. It is also enjoyable for pupils to encounter different critical perspectives in relation to the books they study. In January all members of the  AS-level English Literature classes attended a series of thought-provoking lectures on F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby at Stranmillis College. Creative writing continues to be important within the English Department. This year the Junior Creative Writing Club has enjoyed meeting weekly to explore the great variety of ways ideas can be expressed in writing.  A growing number of students have written fantastic stories and poems in response to a variety of prompts and have eagerly shared their work with the group. Three Lower Sixth pupils – Jaime Anderson, Louise Nesbitt and Eva Wallace – submitted entries to the Christopher Tower Poetry Competition, a nationwide competition for pupils aged 16 to 19, run by a poetry foundation based in Christ Church, Oxford. The competition attracted more than six-hundred entries and so it was a great achievement for Eva Wallace to have her composition Swimming in Loch Suili make it onto the final shortlist of six poems. Eva was invited to a prize-giving reception at Christ Church which she attended with her family and her English teacher, Dr McBride. Eva’s poem was awarded one of the runners-up prizes of £250 and has been published in an anthology of the year’s best entries.


clubs, events & societies


Chamber Choir Report

his year the Chamber Choir welcomed Mrs McIvor as our conductor, as well as many new girls from fifth form and Lower Sixth.  While it has been a challenge adjusting to the changes, this year has without a doubt been highly enjoyable for all of us! The choir’s first performance came in October at the annual school Prize Night. We performed the beautiful Eva Cassidy arrangement of Over the Rainbow, which was enthusiastically received by the audience and inspired us to continue to work hard for the rest of the year. We were then delighted to be given the opportunity to perform at the Belfast Harbour Commissioner’s Office in November, for which we added The Water of  Tyne to our repertoire and found it a great privilege to sing in such a prestigious setting. Next up was the school Christmas Carol Service, held in Stormont Presbyterian Church. As always the Chamber Choir played an important role in this service, which is a highlight in the musical life of Strathearn. We performed three very different songs - Candlelight Carol,  And the Angels Sang and last, but not least, Star of Glory, an exciting piece which the choir really enjoyed singing.  We were also very pleased to take part in a special Christmas Concert at Strathearn Court Care Home, where we sang some well known carols and were even more delighted when the residents joined in with our singing! The culmination of our hard work came at the Spring Concert in March, when we performed Make You Feel My Love and the poignant Irish Blessing.  This year saw the addition of a rather exciting element to our performance, as we were joined by a string ensemble for Cantus Iteratus.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable piece to perform and I’m sure the girls would agree that our months of rehearsal had finally paid off. On behalf of the Chamber Choir I wish to say a huge thank you to Mrs McIvor for her dedication and commitment; her appreciation and enthusiasm for music has made belonging to this choir a very rewarding experience and I know that in particular the Upper Sixth choir members are really going to miss it. Megan McLaughlin, U6H

Danielle McDowell, 2A

The Chamber Choir Back Row: Sophie Craig, Darcy Rollins, Emily Jamison,  Ashleigh Watson,  Tara Gouk, Kate Umphray Second Row: Catherine Whiteside, Katherine Flack, Lauren Keenan,  Arden Armstrong, Melissa Nagar, Megan McLaughlin Front Row: Kira McNeil,  Aimée Buckley, Emma Andrews, Emma Murphy, Miranda Crawford,  Anna French


clubs, events & societies

Rainbow Haiku Full of happiness So full of colour it gleams It is God’s promise Nicole Lawther, 1T

Sophie Dalm,  A-Level


Orchestra Report

his year we welcomed Mrs McIvor to the Orchestra. We have enjoyed meeting weekly over the past year in preparation for our two main performances, the first of which was the Autumn Musical Evening. We played Palladio, a dramatic, popular piece of music, and Radetzky March, a very well known, upbeat piece. The Orchestra opened the Spring Concert with March: Folk Songs from Somerset,  a very lively introduction to the evening. We also took on the challenge of playing a medley of songs from the films Pirates of the Caribbean, which proved very popular with the audience. Both pieces demonstrated how well the Orchestra has developed over the year and how they are capable of playing a diverse range of music. Georgina Pooler, U6S

The Orchestra Back Row: Lizzie Howard, Megan Millar, Lydia Millar,Victoria Richmond,  Ashleigh Watson, Emma Stitt, Kate Umphray, Kathryn Haddick, Olivia Brown, Megan McLaughlin Fourth Row: Catherine Whiteside, Rachael Harbinson, Katherine Flack, Célèste Halliday,  Ailie McKinty, Miriam Parker, Katie Gallagher, Emily Whiteside, Lauren Keenan,  Arden Armstrong, Kathryn Hamilton Third Row: Rachael Kelly, Kira McNeil, Georgina Pooler, Keziah Mercer, Rebekah Jenkins, Naoise Webster, Poppy Gribben,  Alexandra Cush, Catherine Pooler,  Abigail Sheridan,  Abigail Acheson, Lauryn Todd Second Row: Skye Sands, Fiona Gibson, Kaitlin Wilson, Hollie McKeown, Stephanie Devlin, Kathryn Neill,  Jill Carson,  Amy Darragh, Susanna Griffin, Paige Jackson,  Jessica Gunning, Rebekah Kenny Front Row:  Jessica Marks, Emma Gibson,  Jessica Arbuckle, Naomi Cochrane, Rachael Campbell, Siân Murray, Orla Bannister, Chloe Young, Sara Cabecinha, Rachel Hinds,  Anna Wilson


clubs, events & societies Junior Choir Report


his year the Junior Choir has sung many great songs. At the start of the year we sang a popular song

called Fireflies. When we were getting close

to the school Carol Service we started singing Christmas songs, Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven and Glorious Light. We performed them in the Carol Service, which was very enjoyable! Then after the relaxing Christmas break we came back ready and refreshed to learn new songs. We learned two modern songs called Forget You and a

Cynthia Chan,  A-Level

mash-up of Halo/Walking on Sunshine. We also sang Fireflies again. One night finally all the hard work paid off!  This was the night of the Spring Concert! We performed Fireflies on our own and the two other songs with the Senior Choir. The most enjoyable part for me was performing in the Spring Concert, I have enjoyed the Junior Choir since Form One and I hope in the years to come many others will too.

Bulbs planted deep in the earth, Not knowing their precious worth. Covered in soil with no words to say, Wondering, when in the wind will they sway. In the hot sun the flowers will grow, Looking like an army, together in rows. Fighting each other for the moisture below. Without water they are like an arrow without its bow. Rachael McNeill, 3H

Amy Darragh, 3H

The Junior Choir Back Row: Connie O’Callaghan, Imogen Spence, Clara Davidson, Lola Bingham, Holly Crymble, Rebecca Gallagher, Morgan Harper, Chloe Armstrong, Hollie Croft, Miriam Parker, Cecilia Pierce, Sophie Anderson, Tess McMillen, Catherine Pooler, Rachael Irvine, Emma Rowan, Rachel Henry Fourth Row: Isabella Smyth, Rachel Cowan, Lauren McDowell, Sophie Allen,  Abigail Bester, Sophie Pružina, Rachel Kelly, Kristina Herron,  Amy Darragh, Shannon Rietveld,  Jill Carson,  Arianne Whiteside,  Jessica Cousins, Chelsey McGarry, Grace Deeny,  Anna Wilson, Rachel Hinds Third Row: Rachel McCausland,  Jenni Noble, Danielle McDowell, Nichola Kelly, Ellen Hamilton,  Alicia Grattan, Erin McCormack, Katrina Kerr, Catherine Reid, Katie McVeigh, Katharine McIntyre,  Abigail Acheson, Stephanie Black,  Anna Haslett, Nadia Hall, Zara McVea, Katy Skillen, Georgia Hardwicke, Emily Leitch Second Row: Siân Murray, Katie Megarry, Katie Mackay, Molly Fairclough, Rebecca Murphy, Rose Templeton, Sophie Neale, Eva Perrott, Lauryn Todd, Mia Wheatley, Jessica Moore, Bethan Andrews, Esther Henry,  Joanne Allen, Georgia Stewart, Chloe Young, Kate Welsh, Beth McColl, Georgia McCutcheon, Leah Hutley First Row: Christina Kirk, Naomi Cochrane, Maisie Hughes, Katherine Sharpe,  Anna Corbett, Kerry Annett, Rebecca Cordner, Ella Reid, Sarah McCully,  Abigail Topping, Emma Gibson,Tiffany McWhinney,  Verity McGimpsey, Sian Anderson, Claire Whiteside, Hannah Cowan


clubs, events & societies

The Senior Choir Back Row: Katherine Flack, Kate Umphray,  Anneli Power, Shannon McClintock, Natasha Herron,  Tara Gouk, Iseult Dawson,  Ashleigh Watson, Emma Watson, Lauren Graham, Emily Jamison, Ciara Garrett, Darcy Rollins Fourth Row: Sarah Eccles, Célèste Halliday, Kathryn Hamilton, Saskia Craig, Naomi Beckett, Melissa Nagar, Rose Kerr,  Jessica Logan, Sophie Craig, Rosalind Skillen, Lydia Millar, Katherine Carson Third Row: Catherine Whiteside, Beth Anderson,  Arden Armstrong, Chloe Jeanes, Kathryn Egerton, Emma Darragh, Lauren Keenan, Cherith Montgomery, Megan Millar, Megan McLaughlin, Beth Hamill, Katherine Beattie, Meghan Herron, Catherine Barr, Poppy Gribben Second Row: Stephanie Devlin, Emma Murphy, Kaitlin Wilson, Miranda Crawford,  Abigail Crawford,  Alana McVea,  Anna Kane, Charis Forsythe-Wright,  Jenni Chambers, Lauren Watson,  Jill Fergie, Leah Deehan, Rachel Macdonald, Emma Andrews, Paige Jackson, Laura Bell Front Row: Hope Smith, Rebekah Cowan, Katie Smith,  Jessica Gunning,  Anna French,  Aimée Buckley, Kira McNeill, Eryn McQuillan, Keziah Mercer, Holly Pinkerton, Charlotte Hoey, Fiona Gibson, Chloe Chapman, Katie McLoughlin

Senior Choir Report


he Senior Choir meets on Monday afternoons and is a very popular extra-curricular activity. The first term was spent preparing for the

annual Carol Service, held in Stormont Presbyterian Church.  The Senior Choir performed two very different carols that evening, Angel and Jesus, what a wonderful child, which were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. With the start of the New Year came renewed enthusiasm as Ms Kimber had picked some great new songs for us. We worked hard for the Spring Concert and on the night sang,  Lucky and Dream a Little Dream of Me. We then joined with the Junior Choir for a rendition of Forget You and a Halo/Walking on Sunshine mash up for the finale. This was a great end to a memorable night. Emma Darragh, U6H

Cynthia Chan,  A-Level 33

clubs, events & societies


The Spring Concert

everal hundred Strathearn students take part every week in Lidia Fiorentini, GCSE Level rehearsals with musical ensembles. These groups take part in a range of public performances during the course of the year; the Spring Concert was the final musical showcase. With Easter falling early this year, all the ensembles worked particularly hard to have their repertoire ready for performance to the large and appreciative audience on the evening of the concert. The School Orchestra played two very substantial pieces during the evening – March: Folk Songs from Somerset, by the twentieth century English composer Vaughan Williams, and a medley of numbers from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The Orchestra played with great discipline and enthusiasm, with opportunities for all players to demonstrate their strengths. The Chamber Choir performed a range of pieces. The Water of  Tyne was a lovely arrangement of a traditional folk song. For Cantus Iteratus, by Karl Jenkins, the choir was joined by a group of string and percussion players, lending very effective support to the singers. Later, they sang an arrangement of Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love and the lovely Irish Blessing by Bob Chilcott. The choir impressed throughout with their attention to detail and carefully blended choral sound. The Junior Choir enjoyed their performance of the attractive Owl City song Fireflies, a piece which suited their young voices and enthusiastic approach. The Senior Choir performed two numbers of their own: Lucky, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, and Dream a Little Dream of Me, the classic thirties song.  The choir entered fully into the romantic spirit of both songs and sang with conviction and enjoyment. The Junior and Senior Choirs combined for the concert’s last two items, an arrangement of Forget You and a mash-up of Halo and Walking on Sunshine. Each choir had its turn to take a leading role, and the authentic accompaniments (and final high A) lent additional excitement to these lively songs. Six soloists featured during the evening. Olivia Brown gave a beautifully sensitive performance of Schumann’s first Fantasiestück for clarinet. Megan Millar captured the thrilling Romantic spirit of Massenet’s Méditation, a violin arrangement from his opera Thaïs.  Megan McLaughlin’s flute version of the Entr’acte from Carmen was polished and lyrical. Chloe McLaurin sang With You, from the musical Ghost, with poised expressiveness. Erin McClean sang My Funny Valentine intensely and maturely, and Georgina Pooler’s account of Rutter’s Prelude for flute showcased her beautiful tone and phrasing. The Music Department would like to thank all the students and staff who worked so hard through the months of preparation for the concert, and all the audience members, for their presence and enthusiastic support.

The Junior Drama Club Report


ast May, when all the exams were finished, Miss Ferris decided that the junior school should put on a production of Bugsy. This was a great opportunity for pupils in Forms One to Three to experience drama, as they had missed out on being part of the senior school’s collaboration of South Pacific with Campbell College. This was my first production and it gave me and everyone else a chance to make new friends of all ages. This production was great fun for everyone, as instead of bullets we used shaving foam. Tickets sold extremely well and this was the last audience to see a school production in Miskelly Hall. It was a great way to end the summer term and we are looking forward to the next production. I would recommend auditioning for the next school musical as it is a great experience. Finally, a big thank you to Miss Ferris and Mr Heaney for making it possible and to everyone else who helped along the way. Katy Anderson, 4T





n 12 December we performed Hairspray for the first time after working very hard in rehearsals for over three months. To be able to say that I was a part of this production has been an honour. The whole experience was amazing, as I got to make so many new friends, and playing the iconic Tracy Turnblad is something that I will never forget. When I initially found out we were going to be performing Hairspray, I was thrilled as I have always loved the show.  Auditions happened in the spring term whilst rehearsals began in September 2012. We soon came to realise how much work and time we would have to put in to enable us to give the best performance we could.  All five shows sold out quickly, which placed a lot of pressure on the fifty-strong cast, which ranged from first year right up to the upper sixth. I felt the younger pupils particularly enjoyed the whole process of being part of the show. Some even took centre stage: Katy Anderson, from fourth year undertook one of the main roles and gave an outstanding performance as Penny with perfect vocals and witty acting.  Sara Cabecinha, a third year pupil, played Lil Inez, and her performance blew the audience away. There were other fantastic performances which made the play so successful: Sophie Craig, played an amazing Motormouth Maybelle, with one of the most memorable solos of the show, I Know Where I’ve Been. Emma Irwin played Velma Von Tussle and Louise Brown played Amber Von Tussle, and both worked together to create an extremely believable mother-daughter relationship. Many of the girls hadn’t worked with Campbell College before, so it was a first for them and the Campbell boys also gave fantastic performances, especially Daniel McKee as Corny, Andrew McKee as Edna Turnblad, Sam Jordan as Wilbur Turnblad and Ben Taylor as Link. There were also many chorus members, like Molly Fairclough,  Arden Armstrong and Frances Wilson, who gave great performances and could easily be the next leads! By the end of the whole experience, the cast had become really close and we could have performed the show in our sleep after hours and hours of practising. We performed the show for five nights, and I can honestly say that the whole cast could have easily done five more! Everyone’s energy made the show so much funnier and more impressive than it had ever been in any rehearsal.  As this was Louise Brown’s last performance - and my own - we really gave each night our all and felt quite emotional when the last performance was over. Thanks to Miss Ferris and Mrs McIvor we were able to pull off the show; I would really like to thank them both for giving up their free time to allow Strathearn and Campbell to perform Hairspray!

Drama Trip


wenty pupils from Form Four and Lower Sixth enjoyed a two-day theatre trip to London from 7 February.  The pupils saw two productions, War Horse and Matilda, and both showed them a range of fantastic professional skills that they will now analyse for examinations. The group also availed of a Globe Theatre tour and an acting workshop with a professional member of the RSC. A backstage tour of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane also proved very educational. Many thanks to the teachers, Ms Erskine, Mrs Ingram and Miss Ferris, who made this very enjoyable trip possible.

Erin McClean, U6A


house plays

House Play Competitions Adjudicated by

Mr Arthur Webb October 2012 Barbour

Awards Inter-House Drama Cup for Best Production Watts House Crushed

McNeill Cup Boucher

for Directing and Writing Jessica Logan and Lizzie Howard (Barbour House)

Frances Mulley Rose Bowl for Best Actress Rosanna Good and Frances Wilson (Watts House)

McMinn Cup for Best Supporting Actress Jill Fergie (McCaughey House)


Ievers Shield for Best Cameo Role Lydia Millar (Watts House)

Gillian Douglas Award for Best Technical Production (McCaughey House)



barbour house reports


House Report

can’t quite believe that it’s been almost a year since Tammie, Lizzie and I were heading to Mr Manning’s office to become Barbour’s next House Captains, but it has definitely been the most enjoyable and exciting year I’ve spent at Strathearn to date! We were enormously proud and honoured to accept our ties and yellow badges, but didn’t quite realise just how action-packed the year ahead would be. Thankfully, with plenty of dedication and teamwork, along with not taking ourselves too seriously, we managed to negotiate our hectic schedules and have plenty of fun along with our successes. Our duties began with the Penrhyn and Junior School Sports Days, both of which proved to be a lot of fun - it was great to see such enthusiastic House spirit in the younger pupils. Compared to the motivational anthems produced by the other Houses, our theme tune of Walking on Sunshine displayed perfectly our more laid-back approach, but fortunately this proved to be a winning strategy! Barbour managed to defend their title as InterHouse Netball Champions for the second year running, and in a brilliant, if somewhat surprising turn of events, we also managed to fight off fierce competition to win the Senior Inter-House Hockey match. Our Junior Team wasn’t quite so successful, but their sportsmanship and positive attitudes, particularly given the freezing temperatures and pouring rain, were truly commendable! It’s been a real honour to be Barbour House Captain, and I wish all the best to whoever I hand over my precious tie and badge to. If I could give them one piece of advice, it would be to enjoy every second of next year and make the most of being House Captain, because it truly flies in - before you know it you’ll be writing this report! I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the staff who have helped us out during the year, from the PE staff during sporting events to Miss Ferris with her constant advice during House plays, and Mr Atkinson who kindly allowed us to use his room for rehearsals. Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to my incredible Deputies, Tammie and Lizzie – it’s been a pleasure working with you both and I think I probably would’ve gone mad without your help!

House Play


The Plus One by Lizzie Howard

he prospect of producing a House play was one that was exciting and daunting in equal measure, and we definitely felt the pressure – but in true Barbour spirit we all pulled together as a team to produce performances of which I am incredibly proud.  We immediately decided that writing our own play was the best option, and luckily we had the talents of Lizzie at hand to write a play which was relevant and funny, as well as allowing the freedom of adapting characters to suit our wide range of talented actresses. At our auditions we were taken aback by the array of talent, and although exciting, this meant that a few very difficult decisions had to be made. However, after much debate and several call-backs, we finally agreed on a cast of extremely talented actresses from across the year groups – and they certainly lived up to our expectations! The next six weeks were fairly chaotic, and I’m pretty sure Lizzie never imagined that she’d be spending her eighteenth birthday rehearsing our play in her Scout Hall – but with plenty of pizza and homemade birthday cake, we managed to have plenty of fun in the process! I’d like to thank my fantastic cast for making the experience so special, and it’s safe to say that their hard work and dedication definitely paid off. I don’t think anything could be more nerve-racking than watching your cast perform from the wings – but I speak for Tammie, Lizzie and myself when I say that we couldn’t have been more proud of their performances. From Catherine Trimble and Nicole Sinclair who put in countless hours of rehearsal to perfect their seamless double act, to our talented first year chorus, whose performances I hope will be the first of many on a Strathearn stage – you were all fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for more. Overall, Barbour was awarded the prize for Best Director, thanks to Lizzie’s script-writing talents, and several of our cast members were mentioned by the adjudicator for their performances. I never realised just how much hard work goes into producing a play until this year, but although it was stressful at times, it was an experience I will never forget, for all the right reasons! Jessica Logan, House Captain


The Cast Sarah ~ Catherine Trimble Lucy ~ Nicole Sinclair Mother ~ Lydia Duncan Dale ~ Katie Majury Becky Johnston ~ Rebecca Murphy Pierre ~ Kira Hood Translator ~ Bethan Andrews Tom ~ Jasmine McCrory Chris ~ Katie Mashford Chris’s Gang ~ Nicole Faulkner, Lauren Fee, Lucy McCracken Jake ~Tamsin Wills Toby ~ Iseult Dawson Chorus ~ Iona Lindsay, Nichola Kelly, Aife Sansom,  Jordan Hineson,  Jessica Arbuckle,  Anna Mercer, Hollie Croft, Christina Kirk, Niamh Meredith & Emma Morrow

boucher house reports


House Report

t’s hard to believe that it’s over a year ago since Sarah, Megan and I were appointed Boucher House Captains. I can still remember the great anticipation as the three of us walked to Mr Manning’s office to hear our fate, and the great screams that were heard as we left, having proudly received our badges and ties! With the new school build well underway, we knew that this year was going to be a challenging and exciting one. Having been lucky enough to be good friends with Sarah and Megan, I knew we would make a good team and be able to withstand any obstacle that came our way! We started our duties with the Penrhyn Sports Day, which gave us the opportunity to get to know some future members of Strathearn, and the chance to get into the House spirit for the first time! Our next task was going to be the most challenging - House Plays. As we had all performed in them in previous years, we were eager to direct the play ourselves. Unfortunately, due to the construction of the new school, and with the assembly hall now a distant memory, we had to relocate to Miskelly Hall for the last performances before it too was knocked down.  This was a great obstacle we had to overcome as we now had no sound or lights! However we still managed to pull off an exceptional performance that our cast should be truly proud of! Inter-House sports were a highlight for us, with plenty of sweets, face paint and enthusiasm amongst everyone involved! Our juniors put in a good fight during our Inter-House netball competition, but despite their best efforts were beaten. Our Senior Team more than made up for our early result and managed to win their tournament, leading to a very commendable second place overall! Inter-House hockey also went well, resulting in a close second place for Boucher. Without a doubt this has been the most exciting and rewarding year I’ve spent in Strathearn, and despite our hectic and often stressful schedules, I’ve loved every second of it. It has been a real honour to be Boucher House Captain. It was all made possible by a House of enthusiastic, friendly and talented girls - thank you to all those who took part in Inter-House events and helped out behind the scenes. Many thanks to the PE Department and Miss Ferris for all their help this year and a special thanks to my Deputies, Sarah and Megan, I don’t know what I would have done without you both! I wish next year’s House Captains the best of luck; it will be sad to hand over my precious red tie and badge, but I have no doubt that they will have their best year in Strathearn yet!

House Play


Bad Auditions by Bad Actors by Ian McWethy

he House plays were what Sarah, Megan and I were most looking forward to. Having acted in several House plays in previous years we were excited and nervous to take on a directing role for the first time. The stress began in September as we sifted through what seemed like hundreds of plays to find the perfect one.  We really struggled to pick between two of our favourites, but after some deliberation we finally decided upon Bad Auditions by Bad Actors by Ian McWethy. This was about a casting director and his lazy assistant trying to cast a community theatre production of Romeo and Juliet, with the appearance of some crazy actors and a very demanding wife. We couldn’t wait to start casting and editing so we could make a play that the school would find just as funny as we did! We really enjoyed the audition process; we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of enthusiastic and talented junior school girls that auditioned. We found ourselves laughing with all the auditionees and really struggled to pick our favourite juniors and seniors, a sign of some really gifted actresses in Boucher! We held rehearsals most days after school, at lunch times and, nearer to the time, on Saturdays too, but all the hard work paid off. With very few technical aspects we recognised that costumes would be an important aspect of the play. The cast were very good at providing creative and hilarious costumes, involving a lot of neon, glitter and the odd fake moustache. Despite our heavy editing of the script that included creating new characters and changing the whole ending, the girls learnt their words like true professionals. With the House Captains in the wings, the play went off without a hitch. I will never forget the enthusiasm of every single girl at rehearsals, our funny games and songs that kept up our energy between rehearsals and performances and, of course, the pizza party we had before our final performance! I have never been more proud than as I watched our final performance. It was a privilege to work with so many great girls and to direct alongside my two friends, Sarah and Megan; all the stress and hours we put in was so worth it.  Thank you to all of the cast and everyone that contributed to the production in any way. We couldn’t have done it without you! Susan Ogonda, House Captain


The Cast Casting Director ~ Joanna Hicks Roger ~ Carley Magee Maria ~ Naoise Webster Melissa ~ Gemma Adair Coach ~ Emma Ferguson Joe ~ Matilda Storey Martin ~ Mia Mouron-Adams Casting Director’s wife ~ Sophie Gribben Charlize ~ Chloe Sweet Agent ~ Sarah McCully Amy ~ Dakota Armour Mindy ~ Miranda Crawford Matthew ~ Laura Rafferty Bodyguards ~ Ellie Dobbs, Rhiannon Leathem Groupies ~ Sara Cabecinha, Hannah Cowie, Elizabeth Mackey, Bethan Jones, Rose Templeton, Sophie Neale, Grace McAllister & Mia Tighe

mccaughey house reports


House Report

fter the daunting day of waiting to hear the names of the newly appointed office bearers, excitement began as Erin, Katie and I got the ecstatic news that we were the new House Captains of McCaughey. Before the end of our 2012 school year, our duties began with helping the Sports Department with Penrhyn’s Sports Day. The atmosphere from the parents and staff was electric and everyone had a great day especially as we were greeted by the sun’s rays, which was a bonus that made it more enjoyable for everyone involved. Summer came and still we were working away searching for our House play, which we then proudly presented when we returned. was devised, based on the play, The Flip Side by Jenny Schwartz and provided us with much fun and entertainment. Then before the Christmas holidays, our Inter-House Netball Tournament took place. McCaughey had great talent throughout all years; in particular, our second year team came out on top in their year. Overall, McCaughey fell into a commendable third place, but with fun, adrenalin and exceptional team spirit shown throughout the day, all was not lost (the input of sweets may also have helped as well). After Christmas, exam time kicked in and Inter-House activities took something of a back seat in school life. However, as I write this I am also writing up team sheets for next week’s Inter-House Hockey Tournament that will hopefully finish our term on a McCaughey high! This year has been busy, exciting, rewarding and much more. Being appointed to this role has made my last year at Strathearn my best and most enjoyable and it has all been down to the enthusiasm shown by all our talented McCaughey members, who have participated in all our team events, giving 100% in each and every one. I would like to thank my two Deputies - Erin and Katie - who were incredible with everything and made it easy to produce one of the best years for McCaughey. Many thanks to Miss Ferris for her exceptional help, and Ms Young, Miss Taylor and the sports staff for all their help with our Inter-House sports events and everyone who assisted us this year. Last, but not least, I would like to say a ‘good luck’ to whoever our lucky Captains may be for the coming school year.  Enjoy, work hard and persevere to maintain the ever-lasting fun that penetrates through McCaughey’s spirit and determination. Good luck and Enjoy!

House Play

A devised by Chloe McLaurin based on The Flip Side by Jenny Schwartz

s our summer began to end, our McCaughey dedication strengthened once again for our last ever House play. Erin, Katie and I got together and after hard searching found the comedy that we then devised to produce our modern-day stage success. The start of September saw us having the daunting task of auditioning and narrowing our talent down to only twenty-one individuals, but may I take this chance to congratulate all our worthy auditionees as everyone was fantastic and it was only due to our small cast number that we couldn’t include everyone. After that anticipated ‘cast list’ went up, rehearsals began at lunch times, after school and even at weekends! Our £50 budget was spent on supplies for our home-painted set, which was painted canvases representing our different locations in London, Ohio and Belfast, and allowed for our split stage to make sense to the audience. We also bought a man-sized monkey one piece that was worn by a young first year, Rebecca McAlees, who was almost drowned in her costume, but had the confidence to wear it with a smile and entertain the audience. Then came the final week! Everything was put together, with Lara Dobson doing lights and Frankie Brown and Lois Wilson helping backstage. Monday morning’s dress rehearsal was spent eating green coloured buns (made by Katie in true McCaughey spirit) whilst also performing four crammed run-throughs. Then came the performances! On Tuesday we put on a morning and afternoon performance that was seen by first to fourth years and then Wednesday was the crucial day.  An outside adjudicator, with the senior school, witnessed the four plays and after lunch we all reassembled for the adjudication. Each and every one of our cast was phenomenal and it showed when we walked away with two prizes: we won the Best Technical Award and Jill Fergie won a well deserved Best Supporting Actress. The enthusiasm was like no other year I’ve experienced in McCaughey and it paid off when we performed three amazing final performances. I can’t thank everyone involved enough. The time and effort everyone put in shone through for all to see. Last, but definitely not least, I would just like to thank everyone involved in all House events throughout this year for being so involved and true spirited and making it so much fun and successful! To next year’s lucky Captains, enjoy each and every moment of your time and embrace all the hard work put in by your McCaughey members. Don’t let things get too on top of you and just have fun! Good luck and ENJOY your last year! Chloe McLaurin, House Captain


The Cast Becca ~ Jessica Anderson-Bell Sandy ~ Jill Fergie Roger ~ Aimee Richardson Amanda ~ Molly Fairclough Lindy ~ Jessica Lowry Wendy ~ Eve Bloor Jim ~ Nicky Montgomery Liz ~ Alana McVea Charlie ~ Rebecca McAlees Kathy ~ Meghan Herron Gretchen ~ Katherine Beattie Samantha ~ Rachael Irvine Lucille ~ Anna Wilson Natalie ~ Chloe Jeanes Amy ~ Rebecca Gallagher Katie ~ Katherine Sharpe Gretal ~ Molly Longstaff Sara ~ Verity McGimpsey Naomi ~ Lara Mackie Lucy ~ Ruby Baxter Amber ~ Katie Campbell

watts house reports


House Report

ven after all this time, I don’t think any of us truly still believe we were privileged enough to be appointed Captain and Deputies of Watts. I shall never forget the day and the emotions that came with being chosen as Head of House, and it’s an opportunity that I still cherish. Sharing this experience with the amazing girls (and friends) that are Joy and Rachel has made my time that much more enjoyable, fun and memorable. Our first duty began in Lower Sixth with the Penrhyn Day of Sport which involved us taking part in the timing of races, cheering on the different age groups and allowing us to get into the eager House spirit from the outset. Later in the year our sporting edge continued into Inter-House Netball and Hockey Tournaments with the first year hockey enthusiasts emerging victoriously in first place. To see such energy and keenness to support their House really made us appreciate our positions and what Watts really means to us and the opportunities we can grant others through such activities. From the moment we were rewarded with our Red Ties and badges we couldn’t wait to wear them and I definitely don’t think we want to give them up, so I think it’s safe to say they’ll be worn under our everyday clothes for quite a while after we leave! This has been the most rewarding year and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of being House Captain; words can’t really truly express my gratitude for all that I’ve been able to do. Everything could not have been made possible without my incredible Deputies, our outstanding House of talented, friendly and enthusiastic girls, and the PE Department and Miss Ferris who worked alongside us and helped us in every possible way – so for that I give many, many thanks.

House Play


Crushed by Don Zolidis

s soon as the three of us were chosen, our very first thought before anything else was the anticipation of the House play, even though it was an entire summer away. We had all participated in the annual plays from junior school and we looked forward to this opportunity with much delight and - truth be told - nerves. From the word go we were researching plays and it was on a sunny August day that the girls and I decided on the hilariously unromantic, Crushed to base our play around; we even acted out some of the roles ourselves to much comedy. It was a play involving the guide to the perfect world of dating as shown by a Guy and Girl’s fantasy hallucinations and their ‘dos and don’ts’ lessons on the hilarious and wild pitfalls of having a crush. Like the House Captains before us we still had to deal with the challenge of performing our plays in the unlighted, un-curtained Miskelly House, so we knew it was far from an easy task. Casting was an incredible, yet strange, opportunity as in ways it felt wrong to have the power of determining who should have a part and who shouldn’t, but we were so impressed by the number of girls and the talent that auditioned, our decisions were made all the harder. Finally, after much deliberation we narrowed it down to our twenty strong cast, and we truly couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls, who were more than enthusiastic and patient with the many lunch time and after school rehearsals that they endured – yet hopefully the amount of sweets and cupcakes we showered them with made up for all of the stress! All of the incredible hard work and determination paid off when on the fateful performance day Watts won Best Production and two of my leads, Rosanna Good and Frances Wilson, shared the Rosebowl for Best Actress and Lydia Millar won the Best Cameo award. The elation that I felt on that day will never leave me and I will endlessly be proud of all the girls who made it possible - they are truly tremendous! We shall all miss the fun and laughter that came with House plays and the duties of being Captains, and it is a sad moment knowing that will be all over so soon, but I wish next year’s House Captains all of the very best and I can tell you now you are going to adore every minute of it. ‘W-A-T-T-S! WHO’S THE BEST FROM EAST TO WEST? – GO WATTS!’ Louise Brown, House Captain


The Cast Female Narrator ~ Bethanie Chambers Male Narrator ~ Emma Irwin Guy ~ Frances Wilson Girl ~ Rosanna Good Beth 1 ~ Kaitlyn Kennedy Beth 2 ~  Aimée Irwin Ben ~ Rachael Thomas Maggie ~ Maisie Hughes Tom ~ Olivia Nelson Brenda ~ Katie Wills Sally ~ Clara Kerr Conor ~ Tara Gouk Manda ~ Katy Anderson Jim ~ Natalie Wylie April ~ Saskia Craig Mike ~ Lydia Millar April’s Dad ~ Olivia Creighton Maria ~  Aimée Irwin Jordan ~ Ellen White Olivia ~ Sophie Taylor Steve ~ Sophie Craig

games captain’s report


nce again Strathearn has excelled itself in another year of great sporting success both individually and in team events.

2012/2013 proved a huge year for Strathearn’s hockey teams. Firstly, I have to mention our 2012 Hockey Tour. In October, a squad of eighteen pupils, plus two members of the PE staff, travelled over to Cheltenham in England to compete in the Topflight Hockey Schools Nations Tournament. This involved playing five matches over the course of two days, and after a few close-fought battles, Strathearn pulled through to win the Centurion Trophy, being placed third. This was also a great opportunity for all the girls to bond and develop a winning mentality, and was a lovely beginning to the 2012/2013 hockey season! The 1st XI, captained by Robyn Larmour, narrowly missed out on the quarter-finals of the Senior Cup due to a 1-0 defeat by Methodist College. However, this only made them more determined to prove their name in the Shield Competition. After a long, tough run up, Strathearn found themselves in the final against a very physical Royal School, Armagh side.  After a highly exciting game, Strathearn’s 1st XI excelled, winning the match with the final score being 3-1, leaving Captain Robyn Larmour to lift the Shield and bring it home! The 2B XI, captained by Jemma Quinn, stormed through their Cup run, beating off strong competition from teams such as Banbridge Academy, to win through to the final of the Gibson Cup. Here they came up against a skilled Friends’ side and, after a very evenly matched game, the scoreline remained at nil-all after extra time, so the Cup was shared. Strathearn’s strong U14A Team made it to the semi-final of the Junior Plate. However, after a hard-fought battle, Strathearn was beaten 3-0 by Banbridge Academy, who went on to win the Plate. Individual congratulations have to go to Kelsey O’Donnell, Florence Ogonda, Isla Lockart, Natalie Wallace and Lauren Wheeler, who made it on to the U17 Belfast Area Board Team and also to Aimée Irwin and Nina Glendinning, who were selected for the U15 Belfast Area Board Team.

In swimming, Strathearn’s strong athletes, led by swimming Captain, Sycerika McMahon, brushed off their competition, winning medals all round in both individuals and relays. Special congratulations to Sycerika McMahon, who represented Ireland at the London 2012 Olympics. Sycerika performed to an extremely high level, proving her place in the team. This also complements Sycerika’s great success in winning a European medal!

Irish Schools Championships. Athletes who were placed in the top three qualified for the Ulster Championships, and from there the top two qualified for the Irish Championships. Both Megan Marrs and I finished first in high jump at the Ulster Schools, Megan at junior level and myself at senior. Megan also qualified in the top position for the 75m hurdles. On the day, the competition was tough, but Megan shone through as the ‘star of the day’, winning both the high jump and 75m hurdles at Irish Junior level - a very commendable achievement. Summer 2012 saw another great tennis season come to a close with Strathearn remaining at the forefront of Ulster Schools Tennis. Strathearn’s Minor, Junior A & B, Intermediate and Senior Teams had no difficulty winning in their sections to go through to the knock-out stages of their respective competitions. The Minor Team of  Jessica Leeman, Megan Chambers, Victoria Hamilton and Claire Hunter went on to play outstanding tennis and deservedly won the Ulster Minor Cup. At Senior level we said a fond farewell to Helen Harvey, Kirby O’Donnell, Katie Allen and Tessa Eames, who gave such loyal service to Strathearn tennis throughout their school careers - and what a glorious way to finish as Senior Ulster Tennis Champions! This year, Strathearn’s new school build has brought with it many enhanced, high-tech sports facilities, most notably our fantastic sand-dressed hockey pitch, which the girls christened with a highly successful first year.  Also, the superb school fitness suite, in addition to timetabled PE lessons, opened up more opportunities for sixth formers to take a more active role in staying fit in their spare time. We have all truly enjoyed this freedom and I’m sure the completed facilities will produce even more success in the future! I would like to finish by thanking the girls, PE staff and grounds men who have all contributed to this amazing year of sport in Strathearn! I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my year as Games Captain and special thanks go to my two Deputies, Francesca Brown and Stephanie Jemphrey who have worked brilliantly throughout the year, making it a very enjoyable and pleasant year. Finally, good luck to our successors for next year; I hope you enjoy it as much as we have, and long may the success of sport in Strathearn continue! Claudia Bedford, Games Captain.

This year’s NICMAC (Northern Ireland Creative Movement and Aerobic Content) Championships saw Strathearn’s Dance Team of seventeen girls from Forms One to Lower Sixth compete against schools from all over Northern Ireland. The three-minute performance was a high energy, modern dance routine to a Thriller/Heads Will Roll mix. The girls performed flawlessly to become Intermediate Champions and secure the Gold. Special congratulations go to Olivia Brown from Upper Sixth, who took time outside her studies to choreograph and coach the girls to this amazing success!

Games Captain and Deputies L-R ~ Francesca Brown, Claudia Bedford, (Games Captain) and Stephanie Jemphrey

The 2012 athletics season saw Strathearn’s athletics teams competing very successfully at the Co Down, Ulster and



Sarah Coleman, GCSE Level


Hockey Report 2012-2013

his year has proved to be another successful season of hockey at Strathearn. With two of our senior teams making the finals of their respective competitions, it has certainly been a very exciting season with plenty to celebrate. In October 2012 a squad of eighteen players, accompanied by Ms Young and Mrs Harvey, headed to England to play in the Topflight Hockey Schools Nations Tournament in Cheltenham. The team, consisting of 1st XI and 2A XI, reached the final of the Plate Competition, eventually winning 2-0 in the final. The 1st XI, captained by Robyn Larmour, with Eve Bloor as her Vice Captain, progressed to the third round of the Senior Schools Cup, where sadly they were knocked out by local rivals, Methodist College in a very even and competitive game with a score of 1-0. Despite this disappointment, the team remained spirited and turned their focus to the Senior Shield. The team had a confident 4-1 win away to the Royal School, Dungannon in the quarter-final, and they progressed to the semi-finals where they faced Larne Grammar. This was an extremely nerve-racking game, with pressure being piled on at both ends.  After trailing 1-nil at half-time, the team came back to equalise in the first five minutes of the second half, with Francesca Brown scoring from a first time strike in open play. The game continued with even play, but nothing changed until the last three minutes of the game when a lapse of concentration led to another Larne goal. Though 2-1 down with two minutes to go, the team was determined not to give up and so, in the last minute, Lauren Wheeler’s determination saw a ball crossed in from the right to Eve Bloor who calmly slotted it into the back of the net! A draw at full time meant silver goal. This came and went with the two teams locked at 2-2, resulting in the dreaded penalty strokes where Strathearn came out on top, securing a place in the final. The final saw the team come up against a tough and very physical Royal School,  Armagh side. This time round Strathearn took the lead when Lois Wilson fed a ball through from the right hand side, where Rebecca Cowden was waiting in front of the goal to put it away after only four minutes! Shortly before half-time, Strathearn was awarded a penalty corner, from which the shot was blocked by a foot on the line. After being awarded a stroke, Francesca Brown stepped up to score her second goal of the season - 2-nil up at half-time! Armagh came out strong after the break, scoring in the first five minutes of the second half, and for long periods of time after that piled on the pressure. However, the defensive team, led by Stephanie Jemphrey, stood strong and were determined not to concede another goal.  A quick break down the left led to Strathearn’s third and final goal of the match. The final score was 3-1, leaving this season’s Captain to lift the Shield! The perfect end to a highly successful season! Well done girls! This year, the 2A XI was captained by Gemma Adair, with Bethanie Chambers as her Vice Captain. They had a successful Cup run, making it to the quarter-finals of the McDowell Cup. They defeated Belfast High School 4-1 in the first round, but unfortunately lost out to Lurgan College in the quarter-final. This was a very closely fought game where, at times, Strathearn looked to be the stronger team. The girls played very well but, unfortunately, couldn’t get that all-important deciding goal. The score at full-time stood at 1-1, leading to silver goal, where again the score-line was locked at 1-1. Sadly, the team lost out on the chance of a semi-final with the final score of 3-1 after strokes. Nonetheless, they are a very solid team and have produced some excellent hockey all season - well done! The 2B XI reached the final of the Gibson Cup this year. The side, captained by Jemma Quinn and Victoria Moore, had convincing wins in the round-robin section of the tournament, where they played Portadown College, Wallace High School and Methodist College.  This meant they progressed to the quarter-final stage; here they faced Omagh Academy in a hard-fought match to win 2-1. In the semi-finals, the girls played a very lively Banbridge Academy side; with an all-round determined team display, the girls continued their success with an impressive 3-0 score-line, in which Aimée Irwin, Erin Larmour and Gabrielle Park scored. The final saw the team meet Friends’ School; after a fast-paced game the teams remained deadlocked at 0-0 at full-time. Strathearn did create a number of opportunities, especially from cleverly worked corner situations which had worked so effectively in previous rounds. However, they did not entirely have things all their own way; Nina Glendinning in goals had to make a couple of timely saves to keep Friends’ at bay. Despite Strathearn having the upper hand in extra time, the score remained at 0-0, leaving the Cup to be shared between the two schools. We did however win the toss, to bring it home first! Congratulations to the team on an excellent season! The 3A XI was captained by Sophie Gribben this year, with Janey Deehan as her Vice Captain. The team played Sullivan Upper also in the Gibson Cup and drew 0-0. They also faced Belfast Royal Academy and Belfast High School in their section of the competition. In junior hockey this year, the U14A XI, captained by Maddy Miskimmin and Vice Captain, Sarah Brown, reached the semi-finals of the Junior Plate.  After being knocked out in the first round of the Junior Cup 4-1 by a strong Wallace High School, the team turned their focus to the Plate. They met Cambridge House in the quarter-finals, winning after extra time 2-1 with Bonnie Ramsay and Rhia Prentice scoring the goals. In the semi-final the team played Banbridge Academy; despite their best efforts the team were unable to defeat the eventual Plate winners and the final score was 3-0.  A disappointing result for the girls, but all credit must go to the team for reaching the semi-final, which was a great achievement nonetheless, and this shows great promise for their transition into senior hockey next season. Individual congratulations go to Kelsey O’Donnell, who was selected for the Ulster U18 Talent Development Squad, and to Florence Ogonda, Isla Lockhart, Natalie Wallace and Lauren Wheeler on their selection for the U17 Belfast Area Board Team.  Also to Nina Glendinning and Aimée Irwin, who were selected for the U15 Belfast Area Board Team. A huge thank you must go to all the PE staff, who have worked so hard and helped us to achieve such great success this season.  A further thank you to Cecil Swinton for his invaluable match stats and support over the past year; it’s been very much appreciated.  The hockey teams at Strathearn could not achieve so much success without the contribution and support of the parents and staff, and all the girls are very grateful for their outstanding commitment. I would also like to say a big ‘Good Luck’ to the teams next year! I hope they can continue the camaraderie and hard work that has proved invaluable this year, and bring great success to the school in the 2013-2014 season. Robyn Larmour, U6R



1st XI Hockey Team ~ Ulster Plate Winners 2013 Back Row: Isla Lockhart, Bethanie Chambers, Claudia Bedford, Lauren Wheeler, Florence Ogonda Middle Row: Stephanie Jemphrey, Lois Wilson, Francesca Brown, Natalie Wallace, Gemma Adair, Shannon McClintock Front Row: Kelsey O’Donnell, Robyn Larmour (Capt), Eve Bloor (VCapt), Rebecca Cowden Absent:  Jessica Lowry

Pitter-Patter I was asked to write a poem, I wanted to make it fun, not plain. So I sat there, thinking, Whilst listening to the rain. I listened to the pitter-patter, On the roof, way above me. Then I looked out the window, To see what I could see. I couldn’t see clearly, But after staring for so long, I noticed there was no rain, That my poem had been wrong.

2A XI Hockey Team

Back Row: Sarah Simpson,  Anieshia Bedford, Shannon Booth, Florence Ogonda Middle Row: Nina Glendinning, Erin Larmour, Lois Wilson,  Jemma Gillan, Abby Larmour, Shannon McClintock Front Row: Isla Lockhart, Gemma Adair (Capt), Bethanie Chambers (VCapt), Natalie Wallace


I sat thinking, once again, Of something really fun. But then I realised, That my poem was now done! Philippa Sha, 1H

sport 2B XI Hockey Team Gibson Cup Winners 2013 Back Row: Shona Corry, Rachael Thomas,  Aimée Irwin, Lara Sweet,  Ali Finlay, Nina Glendinning Front Row: Erin Larmour, Charlotte Lowry,  Jemma Quinn (Capt),  Victoria Moore (Co-Capt), Louise Owens, Gabrielle Park

The Race The track looms before me It looks so long and huge My heart races rapidly I look down at my shoes. I put my fingers to the line and breathe And then the starter says it’s time. My nerves suddenly leave. BOOM! the starter blows the gun I push out of the blocks I sprint as fast as I possibly can Adrenaline rushes through my body like electric shocks! I push myself over the line And turn around to see If anyone had got a better time And had beaten me. Molly Longstaff, 1H

3A XI Hockey Team Back Row: Sophie Hood, Emma Wilson, Hannah Eakin, Emily Whiteside, Dakota Armour, Monique Knipe, Emma Flannigan Front Row:  Jessica McCleery,  Vikki Wallace,  Janey Deehan (VCapt), Sophie Gribben (Capt), Hannah King, Becky Poots

3B XI Hockey Team Back Row: Erin Prentice,  Amy Hepworth, Laura Middleton, Rachel Powderley Middle Row: Rachael Harbinson,  Amy Gilpin,  Anna Ross, Sarah Davidson, Jenny Maynes Front Row: Hannah Craig, Katy Anderson,  Alex Guy,  Annabel Terry (Capt), Rebekah Craig,  Amy Anderson


Olivia Storey, GCSE Level

sport U14A XI Hockey Team Back Row: Katie Majury,  Ailie McKinty, Georgina Gomes, Emma Lowry Middle Row: Roma Kelly, Ellen Meredith, Rhia Prentice, Francesca Lynn, Bonnie Ramsay, Eve Johnston, Kate Farrelly Front Row: Sophie Allen, Maddy Miskimmin (Capt), Sarah Brown (VCapt),  Alex Gillan

Amy Anderson, 2T U14B XI Hockey Team Back Row: Emily Martin, Keziah Beattie, Kerry Hepworth, Chloe Armstrong, Alex Simpson, Eve Johnston, Roma Kelly Front Row: Sara Cabecinha, Meabh Lowry, Ellen Meredith (Capt), Katy Miskimmin (VCapt), Abi Rivera, Molly Guy

Spring Spring is a little fish, Granting my mother’s wish, As he weaves in and out, Around and about, Blowing the cold traces of winter away… Martha McCamley, 1H

U13A XI Hockey Team Back Row:  Jessica Leeman, Katie Caldwell, Katrina Kerr,  Victoria Hamilton, Bethany Craig,  Jordyn Spence Front Row:  Tegan Dunbar,  Alanna McHugh, Ellen Gilpin (Capt), Lauren Kirkwood (VCapt), Beth Watson, Ellie Biggerstaff


sport U13B XI Hockey Team Back Row: Megan Chambers, Beth Crosbie, Eden Lamb, Claire Hunter, Emily Leitch, Rachel McCausland Front Row:  Jenni Noble, Zara McVea, Katie Mackay (Capt), Natalie McHugh, Danielle McDowell, Rachael Geddes

New Shoes As soon as I set eyes on those shoes, With the laces a lovely contrast of blues. They were Converse that went right up to my knee, And I knew right then they were the ones for me! I tried them on and wouldn’t you know, My feet were the same size as the boots on show. I loved the feel of the new, unworn leather, They made me feel like I was as light as a feather. I smiled at my mum, my dad and my sister And said to the worker, ‘I’ll have these Mister!’ I paid for them and went out of the shop With a jump, a twirl, a skip and a hop.

U12A XI Hockey Team Back Row: Britney Haynes, Claire Whiteside, Hannah McCann, Lauren Shankey, Rebekah Mitchell, Emma Farrelly Front Row: Niamh Meredith, Zoe Hepworth, Rose Templeton, Olivia Nelson, Chloe Sweet,  Jessica Anderson-Bell

Then I knew that all my friends Would be very jealous of my new found friends! Ella Reid, 2R

U12B & U12C XI Hockey Teams Back Row: Imogen Rose, Erin McConnell,  Abigail Bester,  Tess McMillen, Arianne Whiteside, Molly Longstaff, Kate Welsh, Mia Tighe, Mia Mouron-Adams Middle Row: Emma Farrelly, Molly Cahoon, Bethan Andrews, Katie Wills, Rebecca Black, Georgia Gallen, Samantha McCormick, Kerry Annett, Britney Haynes Front Row: Katherine Sharpe, Sian Anderson, Sophie Neale, Ruby Baxter, Hannah Minnis,  Anna Corbett


Grace Johnston, GCSE Level



Jenna Kerr, Hannah King,  Tess McMillen, Ellyn Anderson

Golf Report 2013

n 8 March, Strathearn’s Senior Golf Team of Jenna Kerr, Ellyn Anderson and Hannah King played in the Ulster section of the Irish Schools Championships. Featuring for the first time in the junior section was Tess McMillen of class 1S.  The Strathearn golfers performed admirably at a windy and challenging Portstewart course, with a great overall score of 36 points from Jenna Kerr, L6H; Tess McMillen, IS, enjoyed a good debut score. However, the highlight of the day for the girls was the hole-in-one registered by Hannah King, L6H! Overall, I am proud to say Strathearn finished third, which is the best finish we have achieved for many years in this competition. Finally, I hope any girls who want to play next year have a good 2013 season of golf and, as a consequence, can get their club handicaps down to 35 or lower by next March so that they can join us in next year’s Ulster Schools Competition. Hannah King, L6H

Ireland U18 Endurance Team Jenni Cunningham

Lost Stuck in the middle of a forest Map in hand, but no idea where to go. Not even knowing north, south, east, west But from this an orienteer could grow. The trees, bushes and ferns are like cave walls Nobody is running past. But we all start by being lost and having falls Before we can be confident and fast. So suddenly, spotting the last control He sprints, determination in his eyes. For though he’s slow now, he has a great goal Some day, he’ll be winning the prize! Sophie Pružina, 3H

Chloe McMillen, GCSE Level


sport Sports Hall Athletics 2012


Sports Hall Athletics Back Row: Molly Longstaff, Hannah Craig, Georgina Gomes,  Jessica Leeman Middle Row: Natalie McHugh, Kate Farrelly,  Aimée Irwin,  Arianne Whiteside, Bonnie Ramsay Front Row: Olivia Nelson, Katie Wills, Megan Marrs,  Alanna McHugh, Kerry Annett

Priscilla Yuen, 3A


ports Hall athletics started in September for forms one to four. Training involved Tuesday lunch times and Wednesday nights at Bloomfield Collegiate; we formed the Belfast Team with girls from this school. This training culminated in the selection of two teams, an U13 and an U15 Team, for the Ulster Sports Hall Final, which was held on 14 March in Magherafelt. Both teams did very well, as both were placed second overall. Medal winners in the U13 Team were Kerry Annett and Jessica Leeman, who came first in the novelty relay and third in the 4x1 lap relay; Olivia Nelson got Gold in the vertical jump. In the U15 Team, medals were won by Aimée Irwin, Kate Farrelly and Megan Marrs, who came third in the 4x2 lap relay and Kate Farrelly, who won Bronze in the vertical jump. Special congratulations to Megan Marrs, who also came second in the vertical jump, first in shot and first in the 2lap and was awarded the overall U15 Individual Ulster Champion 2013 title. Well done to everyone in both teams! Sports Hall athletics has been great fun this year and hopefully next year we will have the same amount of success!

Aimée Irwin, 4T

sport Dance Report 2013


n 9 March, the Strathearn Dance Team competed in NICMAC (Northern Ireland Creative Movement and Aerobic Content

Championships) which was held in Lisburn Leisureplex. The team of seventeen girls, from Forms One to Lower Sixth, competed against schools from all over Northern Ireland to become Intermediate Champions and received Gold medals at the prize giving later that day. The three-minute performance, choreographed by Olivia Brown in Upper Sixth, was a modern dance routine to a Thriller/Heads Will Roll mix that the group had been practising at after-school rehearsals throughout the year. Congratulations to all the girls involved! Olivia Brown, U6H

Haiku Colourful petals Open up to the sunlight Spring has come again Georgia Stewart & Amy Truesdale, 3A

Helen Phillips,  AS-Level

Dance Team ~ NI Creative Movement and Aerobic Content Championship Winners 2013 Back Row: Sarah McTaggart, Katie Murphy,  Aimée Irwin, Kathryn Hamilton,  Anna Kane, Katy Anderson, Second Row: Katie Brown,  Jordan Hineson,  Anna Tyson, Mia Wheatley, Molly Purdy Front Row: Georgia McCutcheon, Kaitlyn Kennedy, Olivia Brown, Ella Reid,  Aife Sansom Absent: Ellie Biggerstaff, Sarah Eccles




Tennis Report 2012 trathearn had another fantastic tennis season this year with all teams winning their round-robin sections and progressing to the knock-out stages of their competitions!

Minor:  The Minor Team consisting of Jessica Leeman, Megan Chambers, Victoria Hamilton and Claire Hunter started off their tennis here at Strathearn in style, beating everyone in their section 6 matches to 0. Continuing this winning streak into the semi-final against Wallace High School, the girls proved they were a force to be reckoned with and claimed a place in the final against Victoria College.  All girls played extremely well in their singles and powered through to win all the singles, and therefore win the Ulster Cup! Huge congratulations to all girls and let’s hope they can do the same again this year! Junior A:  The first of two Junior Teams we were able to enter this year consisted of Arianna Kennedy, Jemma Gillan, Anna Warden and Jenny Maynes. The girls sailed through their group stage beating Glenlola Collegiate, BRA and Regent House all 6 matches to love. The girls went on to play Dalriada in the quarter-final and once again found an easy victory with all the girls winning their singles and a place in the semi-final. The girls came up against Methody who were on fabulous form and, unfortunately for us, beat Strathearn 4 matches to 2. Junior B:  The second of our two wonderful Junior Teams entered this year consisted of Rachael Thomas, Meabh Lowry, Suzanne McKinstry and Emily Whiteside, with two excellent subs in Saskia Craig and Bonnie Ramsay who willingly played when others could not. Proving their worth as a B Team, these Juniors also glided through their group stage beating all schools in their section 6 matches to 0. The girls then had a long, tough battle against Sullivan Upper, with the latter coming out on top with a 4-2 victory. There should be no shame in this, as Sullivan eventually went on to win the Cup! Intermediate: It was another good year for the Intermediate Team! This year, the team consisted of Olivia Storey, Ashleigh Watson, Catherine Whiteside and Emma Flannigan; Sophie Craig played two matches when other girls were unavailable. The Intermediate Team won their section with relative ease, with only a slight wobble in a match against Grosvenor Grammar when the matches were tied at 3-3. Strathearn, however, had the slight edge and won through on games (41-35). The team progressed to the semi-final of the competition, where they met Friends’ School and won 4-1; this secured them a place in the final. The hard-fought battle took place against Bloomfield Collegiate; however, Bloomfield was slightly in front and crept in to win the Cup. The team played very well all season and through their exam period - congratulations girls! Senior:  The Senior Tennis Team had another amazing year in their last year here at Strathearn!  This year we said thank you and good-bye to Helen Harvey, Kirby O’Donnell, Katie Allen and Tessa Eames. Helen and Kirby deserve special recognition for the fact that for all seven years/teams they played in their time at Strathearn, they were in seven finals and won six titles! This year was no exception for this unstoppable team! They stormed through their group stages winning 4-2 against Foyle and Londonderry College, with Ballymena Academy conceding their group match. In the semi-final the girls took on Victoria B with ease and secured their places in their last ever final for the school; the pressure was on! In the final they met the Victoria A Team. The girls on both teams played some amazing tennis; Helen lost in three hard-fought sets, with Tessa and Kirby also losing their singles. Katie, feeling the pressure, pulled through and kept the hope alive by winning her singles. It was now all or nothing for the doubles matches! Tessa and Katie played an amazing match to win in straight sets; it was now all over to Helen and Kirby to give it everything they had and to leave on a high! The first set was lost 6-2, but the duo didn’t let this deter them and rallied to win the second set 6-1! Well aware that the title was going to come down to games, the girls knew that every point counted. Helen and Kirby, however, did not let the pressure get to them and stormed on to win the third set 6-2! Victory was Strathearn’s after an incredible four hour final! This year proved that Strathearn’s tennis teams really are a force to be reckoned with and are getting stronger every year!  The best of luck to all who are playing this year, and let’s hope we can replicate last year’s success! Ashleigh Watson, L6H

Susanna Galbraith,  A-Level



Intermediate Tennis ~ Ulster Finalists 2012

Junior A  Tennis Team

Back Row: Emma Flannigan, Catherine Whiteside

Back Row:  Jenny Maynes,  Anna Warden Front Row:  Arianna Kennedy,  Jemma Gillan

Front Row: Sophie Craig,  Ashleigh Watson

Junior B Tennis Team

Minor Tennis Team ~ Ulster Champions 2012

Back Row: Saskia Craig, Bonnie Ramsay, Emily Whiteside Front Row: Meabh Lowry, Rachael Thomas

Back Row: Claire Hunter,  Victoria Hamilton Front Row: Megan Chambers,  Jessica Leeman



NI U17 Football Catherine Sheridan

Senior Netball Team Back Row: Claudia Bedford,  Abigail Crosby, Iseult Dawson,  Tara Gouk Front Row:  Maeve O’Neill,  Stephanie Jemphrey (Capt)

NI Judo Team Skye Sands

Intermediate Netball Team NI U18 Karate Team Sophie Rodgers

Back Row: Saskia Craig, Emily McGowan, Hermione  Anstey, Florence Ogonda, Charlotte Aston, Shannon Booth Front Row: Natalie Wallace, Erin Larmour, Bonnie Macrae, Nicky Montgomery, Chloe Johnston


sport Netball Report


he Netball season got off to a great start with many of our girls being selected for trials. The Belfast Podium 4 Sport U19 trials brought success for Abigail Crosby, Nicky Montgomery and Stephanie Jemphrey, who were all successfully selected to attend the tough training sessions in preparation for the tournament. A strong performance at the U15 Belfast Regional Development Squad trials by our girls saw Florence Ogonda, Nicky Montgomery and Charlotte Aston all make the final squad. Well done to all girls selected for the trials! There have been all-round solid team performances in the Solsports Grammar Schools League. Well done to all the teams who took part, and especially to the Junior Team who excelled in their league.  Throughout the year they all played an impressive standard of netball, winning three out of their four matches. This carried them through to win a place in the final against Glenlola, which is still to be played, setting high hopes for the future. Our minor players had a great start to the season beating Regent and Glenlola in well-fought matches. Strathearn also entered two Form One teams into the Belfast Schools Netball League at the beginning of the year, with all the girls gaining valuable match practice against Sullivan, Bloomfield and Rockport in competitive matches.

Junior Netball Team Back Row: Sophie Allen, Sarah Brown, Francesca Lynn, Eve Johnston Front Row: Katy Miskimmin,  Topaz Marshall, Rhia Prentice (Capt), Olivia Patterson, Maddy Miskimmin

Many thanks must go to the coaching staff this season - Helen and Maria McLaughlin, Kerry Harvey and Emma Feeney - whose hard work and encouragement made it another very successful year for all our teams and players. This has been very enjoyable and encouraging year for netball, and hopefully next year will begin with continued success. A great season girls!

Minor Netball Team Back Row: Katie Caldwell, Natalie McHugh, Lauren Kirkwood, Sydney Long Front Row:  Jenni Noble, Beth Watson,  Victoria Hamilton (Capt),  Alanna McHugh, Alex Reilly

Stephanie Jemphrey, U6R

Anna Wilson, 3T

Spring Summer is nearly here Pretty flowers begin to open Rainy, sunny and windy Indigo, violet, red and yellow are just some of the colours Nights getting longer Greener grass and trees appear Lucy Davidson, 3H



Cross-Country Club Back Row: Rachel Cowan, Shannon Rietveld, Sarah Brown, Erin McConnell, Maddy Miskimmin, Sara McCracken Middle Row: Leah Fleming, Kate Welsh,  Jordyn Spence, Rachel McCausland, Caris Coulter, Rose Templeton Front Row: Sian Anderson, Rebekah Mitchell,Verity McGimpsey, Kerry Annett, Jessica Anderson-Bell, Niamh Meredith


Senior Cross-Country Team Co Down Runners-Up Back Row:  Amy Dutton, Hollie McKeown Front Row: Claudia Bedford,Tara Gouk

Haiku Day has disappeared Darkness falls upon the earth Night: a black canvas

Cross-Country Report

he Cross-Country Club continues to go from strength to strength. The five talented and dedicated teams journeyed to the Co Down CrossCountry District Championships in Delamont Park. Although the underfoot conditions were not ideal, the Mini Girls set the bar high, in true Strathearn style, by totally dominating the field. Olivia Nelson led the team home finishing in second place, with Katie Wills hot on her heels in third place and Samantha McCormick in fourth place; Sophie Williams wasn’t far behind in seventh place and Zoe Hepworth and Arianne Whiteside finished seventeenth and eighteenth respectively. The team’s fantastic results meant they were first by a fifty point margin.

Meabh Lowry & Lauren Bailie, 3A

The Minor Girls finished overall in sixth place with good all-round performances - in particular from Jessica Leeman, who finished second individually, and Alanna McHugh, who finished eleventh. The Junior Team followed the Minor Team coming in fifth, with Georgina Gomes being the first home in twenty-third place and not far behind her were Hannah Craig and Keziah Beattie. The Intermediate and Senior Teams both came in second and were cheered on by the excited first years. The Intermediates made it twice up the hill and four of the girls made it home in the top twenty.  The Senior Team of Claudia Bedford, Tara Gouk and Amy Dutton also made the top twenty. In particular Emma Watson (Intermediate) and Claudia Bedford (Senior) had fantastic individual runs, both finishing in seventh place. After very successful District Championships, the Mini, Intermediate and Senior Teams, along with Jessica Leeman and Alanna McHugh, were bound for the Ulster Championships in Mallusk. The Mini Team maintained their reign with very impressive results with Olivia Nelson being the first home in second place. Jessica Leeman had another great run and she finished in twelfth place. The Intermediate Team performed well, again being placed third overall. Jessica Leeman and the Intermediate Team qualified for the Irish Championships which took place on 9 March at UUJ. Unfortunately, Jessica was unable to compete, due to Ulster tennis commitments, but the Intermediate Team took part and finished in a respectable eighth place overall. Well done girls! Tara Gouk, L6A


Intermediate Cross-Country Team Co Down District Runners-Up & Ulster Bronze Medallists Back Row:  Anna Campbell, Emma Watson, Jessica Fairclough Front Row: Lauren Brooker, Chloe Johnston, Amy Hepworth


Junior Cross-Country Team

Minor Cross-Country Team

Back Row: Hannah Craig, Georgina Gomes, Sophie Allen Front Row: Ferne Blackstock, Keziah Beattie, Meabh Lowry

Back Row:  Alex Reilly, Natalie McHugh, Lauren Kirkwood Front Row: Beth Crosbie,  Jessica Leeman,  Alanna McHugh

The Runner She walked out on to the track Ready to run. Everyone sat in excitement This was going to be fun! People were cheering, Crowds all around! The race was about to start. There was not a sound. The runners got into position, Waiting for the race to start. Then the gun shot was pulled They weren’t far apart.

Mini Cross-Country Team ~ Co Down & Ulster Champions Back Row:  Arianne Whiteside, Katie Wills Front Row: Samantha McCormick, Olivia Nelson, Zoe Hepworth Absent: Sophie Williams

Eve Bloor,  AS-Level

Round they ran, around the track. Then she picked up the pace. She crossed the finish line first She had won the race! She walked around the track, She was very proud. She held up the country’s flag, She waved to the crowds! She walked up to get her medal, Her face full of pride. She held up her gold medal, While her country stood proud by her side. Sophie Young, 1R



Junior Athletics Team Back Row: Georgina Gomes, Laura Middleton, Emma Watson, Sarah Brown, Kate Farrelly Middle Row: Sophie Allen, Lauren Brooker, Hannah Eakin, Shannon Booth, Monique Knipe, Emma Lowry, Maddy Miskimmin Front Row: Katy Miskimmin, Hannah Craig, Gabrielle Park, Megan Marrs, Aimée Irwin, Jemma Gillan, Keziah Beattie


Athletics Report 2012

his was another very successful year in athletics for all of the teams, and for those individuals who qualified for both the Ulster and Irish Championships after finishing in the top three in their events. In the Co Down District Championships, the Senior Team finished first overall with many girls in all of the teams qualifying in two events. The results were as follows: Minor Team:  Alanna McHugh, 5th Long Jump & 7th High Jump;  Jessica Leeman, 7th 800m & 10th Long Jump; Natalie McHugh, 13th High Jump; Connie O’Callaghan, 8th Shot; Relay: 5th Eve Truesdale, Lauren Kirkwood, Victoria Hamilton and Alanna McHugh. Junior Team: Shannon Booth, 1st 200m; Megan Marrs, 1st 75m Hurdles & 2nd High Jump; Lauren Brooker, 2nd Long Jump & 5th 75m Hurdles; Georgina Gomes, 10th 1500m; Emma Watson, 8th 800m; Gabrielle Park, 2nd Hammer; Maddy Miskimmin, 3rd Hammer; Kate Farrelly, 5th Triple Jump;  Aimée Irwin, 5th Long Jump;  Jemma Gillan, 5th Javelin; Hannah Eakin, 9th Discus; Laura Middleton, 7th Discus. Intermediate Team: Isla Lockhart, 1st 100m & 2nd Triple Jump; Chloe Johnston, 3rd 300m; Natalie Wallace, 1st Javelin; Lauren Wheeler, 3rd Long Jump; Elly Ahern, 2nd Long  Jump & 2nd 80m Hurdles; Hannah Crymble, 3rd 100m; Tara Gouk, 3rd High Jump. Senior Team: Claudia Bedford, 1st High Jump & 3rd 200m; Stephanie Jemphrey, 1st Hammer & 3rd Shot; Jessica Lowry, 2nd Triple Jump & 3rd Discus; Hazel Jordan, 2nd High Jump & 3rd Long Jump; Rebecca Blundell, 2nd 800m; Francesca Brown, 2nd Javelin; Relay: 2nd Rebecca Blundell, Claudia Bedford, Morgen Hunt and Hazel Jordan. Those girls who qualified for the Ulster Championships competed in May at the Antrim Forum.  All teams competed well with the juniors finishing sixth overall and the seniors fourth. The individual results were as follows: Junior Team: Megan Marrs, 1st High Jump & 1st 75m Hurdles; Shannon Booth, 7th 200m; Gabrielle Park, 7th Hammer; Maddy Miskimmin, 8th Hammer. Intermediate Team: Isla Lockhart, 6th 100m; Chloe Johnston, 7th 300m; Tara Gouk, =8th High Jump. Senior Team: Claudia Bedford, 1st High Jump & 8th 200m; Rebecca Blundell, 4th 800m; Hazel Jordan, 5th Long Jump & =5th High Jump; Jessica Lowry, 8th Triple Jump; Relay: 4th Claudia Bedford, Morgen Hunt, Jessica Lowry and Isla Lockhart. Both Megan Marrs and Claudia Bedford qualified for the Irish Championships in Tullamore in June. They knew they would be up against tough competition, but finished well with Claudia coming seventh in the Senior High Jump and Megan being crowned Irish Champion in both the Junior High Jump and Junior 75m Hurdles. These are outstanding achievements from both girls! The Form Two Team won the Area Heats and therefore went through to the District Final on 28 May. The Strathearn Team finished in third place overall and so narrowly missed out on the Ulster Final. Georgina Gomes deserves special mention with her fantastic high jumping at this competition clearing 1.46m to win this event. The results were as follows: Georgina Gomes, 1st High Jump; Emma Lowry, 3rd Long Jump; Kate Farrelly, 3rd 100m; Katy Miskimmin, 4th Javelin; Keziah Beattie, 4th 800m; Sophie Allen, 6th Shot; Relay: 1st Hannah Craig, Georgina Gomes, Kate Farrelly and Emma Lowry.  As a result of their performances over the season Georgina, Kate and Sophie were selected to represent Co Down at the Inter-District U14 Competition in June. Francesca Brown, U6S



Senior Athletics Team Co Down District Champions 2012 Back Row: Morgen Hunt, Stephanie Jemphrey Front Row:  Vikki Wallace, Claudia Bedford, Francesca Brown Absent: Jessica Lowry

Intermediate Athletics Team Back Row: Chloe Johnston,  Alex Nelson, Lauren Wheeler,  Tara Gouk, Natalie Wallace Front Row: Rachael Harbinson, Frances Wilson,  Jessica Fairclough, Isla Lockhart

Megan Marrs Ulster U17 Athletics Team

Minor Athletics Team

Back Row: Natalie McHugh, Lauren Kirkwood, Eve Truesdale Front Row:  Jessica Leeman,  Victoria Hamilton,  Alanna McHugh, Jennifer Scott

Lauren Kane, 3A 57



Squash Report

The New Pool

annah Craig has been selected to represent Ireland in the European U15 and U17 Championships in Girona, Spain from 15-23 May. With thirtytwo other countries competing, Hannah will be very busy and with only two girls on a team she will need to remain focused. During her time abroad, she will be playing teams from all over Europe, dealing with intense competition. Hannah has played in many tournaments this season. She won the Leinster Junior Open U15, beating the European number 7 in the final. She also won the Ulster Closed U15 and Ulster Open and was runner-up in the Irish Nationals. In addition, Hannah has represented Ireland in March, playing in the Five Nations in Le Mans, France. Both Vicky White, the Ulster U15 number 2, who has represented Ireland in the past, and Alex Gillan, the Ulster U15 number 4, represented Ulster at the Interpros in Cork in March. All three girls took Strathearn School to the finals of the Irish Schools in Dublin, finishing in third place. New members to the team are more than welcome, and anyone wishing to sign up for next season can train with the girls at any time. Hannah Craig, 3S

‘Splash’ and we jumped into the water! Soaring through we went Jumping through the big, blue pool Swerving fast ahead Climbing out and up the stairs. We stood right at the edge. ‘Jump!’ and we flew through the air And dived down under the water. Out we jumped Our adrenaline rushing, As we ran towards the slides Slipping and sliding down The big, colourful tubes And rushing through the fast, Gushing water. The clock is ticking Our fun time comes to an end. We get changed, We go home, We sleep in our beds Whilst thinking of another fun day Waiting ahead! Keely Whitla, 1R

Ulster U15 Squash Alex Gillan

Ulster U15 Squash Victoria White

Ireland U15 Squash Hannah Craig Sophie Pružina, 3H 58


Ireland Junior Swimming Squad Jenny Drennan

Swimming Teams

Back Row: Nicola McIlwaine, Eve Allister, Emma Watson,  Tara Gouk, Claudia Bedford,  Jenny Drennan Middle Row:  Victoria  White, Kathryn Childs, Robyn McCollum,  Alex Cush,  Jessica Fairclough, Ferne Blackstock Front Row: Olivia Nelson,  Alex Reilly, Sycerika McMahon, Samantha McCormick, Sarah McTaggart Absent: Samantha Brown, Helen Navalli, Caitie Williams, Sophie Williams


Swimming Report

012-2013 has been yet another outstanding year for Strathearn swimming.  Swimming Captain, Sycerika McMahon, has continued to shine, not only for school, but also in all her endeavours beyond the schools’ competitions. The Ulster Secondary Schools Gala took place on 23 and 24 November. All girls performed very well in their individual races with Olivia Nelson, Helen Navalli, Emma Watson and Tara Gouk reaching the finals.  All relay teams won medals. The Junior Relay Team, made up of Samantha Brown, Samantha McCormick, Olivia Nelson and Sophie Williams, was placed second in the Medley Relay and third in the Freestyle Relay. The Intermediate Relay Team, made up of Emma Watson,  Alex Cush, Helen Navalli and Eve Allister was placed third in the Medley Relay and second in the Freestyle Relay. The Senior Relay Team, made up of Tara Ulster & Irish Senior Swimming Gouk, Ferne Blackstock, Robyn McCollum and Claudia Bedford, was placed third in both the Ireland 2012 Olympic Squad Medley and Freestyle Relays. The Ulster Grammar Schools Championships took place on 2 March at Ballymena Sycerika McMahon Leisure Centre, with Strathearn emerging as Overall Ulster Champions, based on a combined effort from our Junior, Intermediate and Senior swimmers. In the Junior Backstroke Final, Helen Navalli won the Bronze medal with Samantha Brown finishing in fourth place and Olivia Nelson in fifth place. At Intermediate level,  Jenny Drennan won Gold in both Backstroke and Freestyle, with  Alex Cush winning Silver in the Breaststroke event. Eve Allister qualified for the Backstroke and Freestyle Finals and finished in a creditable sixth and fifth place respectively. In the Senior Competition,  Tara Gouk won Bronze in both the Backstroke and Freestyle events and Sycerika McMahon, again in outstanding form, won Gold in the Breaststroke and Individual Medley. The relay teams performed excellently with all the teams registering medals. The results were as follows: Junior Medley Team – Gold Medal: Olivia Nelson, Ferne Blackstock, Samantha McCormick, Helen Navalli. Junior Freestyle Team – Silver Medal: Olivia Nelson, Ferne Blackstock, Samantha McCormick, Helen Navalli. Intermediate Medley Team – Silver Medal: Samantha Brown,  Alex Cush, Emma Watson, Eve Allister. Intermediate Freestyle Team – Bronze Medal: Samantha Brown,  Alex Cush, Emma Watson, Eve Allister. Senior Medley Team – Gold Medal: Tara Gouk, Sycerika McMahon, Robyn McCollum, Jenny Drennan. Senior Freestyle Team – Gold Medal:  Jenny Drennan, Tara Gouk,  Jessica Fairclough, Sycerika McMahon. At the Irish Minor Schools Championships in Galway on 10 March, Samantha McCormick, Olivia Nelson, Sarah McTaggart and Sophie Williams performed superbly to win Gold medals in both the Freestyle and Medley Relays – a tremendous achievement girls – well done! Individually, Samantha won Gold in the Butterfly and Silver in Breaststroke, while Olivia won a Silver medal in Backstroke and a Bronze in the Freestyle events. Congratulations to all our swimmers in achieving such excellent results!




Gymnastics Report

n 16 March 2013 Shannon Armour, 5S, and Hannah Eakin, 4A, competed in the Under 19 Section of the Northern Ireland Schools Acrobatic and Tumbling Championships. Competing against eighteen other pairs from the top gymnastic schools in Northern Ireland, the girls put on an amazing performance earning them a Silver medal.  Their performance was the talking point of the competition with many glowing compliments on their routine. They also competed in many other events this year, such as winning the Level 2 section in the Northern Ireland NDP Championships. This has been a very successful year for the girls and they hope to improve on their achievements next year; they have thoroughly enjoyed representing both Strathearn School and Northern Ireland. Shannon Armour, 5S

U19 Gymnastics Pair Hannah Eakin & Shannon Armour

Time to Shine Costumes ready. Make-up done. Nerves going through my body. Then I got ready to go on stage This was the last dance of the night! I stepped on stage And all went silent. The lights went on. The music started. This was my time to shine! I started to dance, Spinning round and round. They started to applaud As I continued on. Then I finished And the music stopped. Thank goodness the dance was done! Zara Wilson, 1R

Helen Phillips,  AS-Level


literary section The Power... Picture a beach. The white sands stretch for miles. The blue waves crash to the shore. Picture the sound of children’s laughter As they build sandcastles and splash around in the sea. Start from the salty smell. The wind blows through your hair. The tide rolls in around your feet As you walk along the shore. You’ve built a lighthouse at the end of the beach. It comes alive shining a bright light out to sea. Look around at this picturesque beach! Now look around your tiny room And tell me that you haven’t got The Power! Kerry Hepworth, 3R

Potential A blank white page lies in front of me, Like a polar bear in the snow Millions of colours jeer at me, As I wonder what to do….. Then I’ve got it! Slowly my picture comes to life. Fionn Clarke, 3T

The Seasons Winter is finally here. Autumn is over, but will be back soon. I can’t wait to play in the snow And go down the hill on my sledge. Christmas will be here in a matter of days. Trees popping up here, there and everywhere, I can’t wait to put up mine. Spring comes next With all the new life it brings Baby lambs, baby cows Prancing along in the fields. Birds chirping in the fields, Lots of new flowers coming up from the ground, Going out for long walks, oh! what fun…

The Ocean


The ocean holds thousands of secrets It’s as wise as a captain at sea When the stars come out to twinkle It’s a beautiful sight to see! Sometimes it gets misunderstood and trashedIt gets angry and crashes to shore But if you open your mind and look deep down inside, You’re sure to discover more. Hannah Carvill, 3T

Trees Growing tall and mighty Reaching up to the sky, Watching patiently and admiringly As the birds fly by. Amy McCrossan, 3T

Examinations! Four weeks until exams, There’s sinking in our hearts! Pull out files from last year It’s time to make a start! Three weeks until exams. The panic has kicked in! Highlighting, circling, underlining things Getting bored and colouring in. Two weeks until exams The pressure’s building now Finding notes I don’t understand Getting homeworks and thinking, ‘How?’ One week until exams. I can’t believe they’re here! Be focused, motivated, concentrate now! Then they’ll be done for another year. Katie Brown, 5R

Wanting a new pair of shoes, saving all my money. Collecting every penny, but still not enough. My mum said, ‘Don’t worry! Here’s the rest honey!’ Sitting in the store waiting for a shop worker To bring me a pair of shoes to try on. No, they don’t fit. I need one size bigger. Going straight home and I model for my family, They said, ‘Oh! darling, they look lovely!’ I walk with pride and with each stride happily. They were a brown pair of Uggs Just the classics. My feet inside were as snug as a bug. My Uggs go great with my jeans so blue, I want to wear them all the time Oh! How I love my new pair of shoes. Jill Carson, 2R

Spring This when all living things have the full potential to do something New born animals can win trophies at shows. People could climb Mount Everest or swim the Irish Sea. Budding flowers could sprout and become vibrant flowers. Caterpillars could turn into beautiful colourful butterflies. Trees could grow even bigger and nearly touch the sky. Chicks could learn to fly high in the sky. Rebecca Morrow, 3T



Light speckled leaves fall In a long-forgotten town Abandoned save one

As a raindrop falls It sparkles as if frozen And rejoins the sea Maia Collins, 1T

Then, there is summer The time when you get away from it all, Jet off to a warm, sunny place And eat ice cream all day long, Having fun with your family And all your friends too! I can’t wait for summer; it will be good!

Neve O’Neill & Eve Duggan, 3A

Alexandra Guy, GCSE Level

Autumn, the last season before it starts again… Crunching in the leaves, Feeling the wind in your hair, Having conker fights, Seeing the animals hibernate, Watching the leaves float, slowly to the ground… Then before you know it, it’s winter again! Jessica Anderson-Bell, 1R


literary section The Power...

Seasons Winter is here, Snowy days, hot chocolate, fire lit… Walking in my snow boots, slipping on the ice, Off to go sledging - Oh! How nice! Listening to Christmas music, Putting up the Christmas tree, Oh, how much I love Winter! Spring is next - I am very excited! Baby lambs running around the fields, The flowers are coming out, The sun is sprouting out, Colourful leaves are growing on the trees, The days are getting longer, The temperature is rising up. After Spring comes Summer, My favourite time of year! From going on holiday to a lovely warm place, To eating ice lollies all day long, Eating a lot of barbeques, Having fun on the beach, Oh, how much I love Summer! Autumn comes last. Leaves falling off the trees, Nights are getting darker, Squirrels gathering food, Getting up early, going back to school. Walking through the leaves in my school shoes With the wind in my face I wish it was Summer! Niamh Meredith, 1R

Swimming I shake off the nerves and stand at the block Waiting for the whistle and the start of the clock. The competitors stand With heads bowed down Much more confident than me, I have found. The whistle blows and my dive’s a start Feeling the fastest beat of my heart.

Picture a dark, green, leafy forest in the middle of nowhere. Start from the tall, leafy giants that stand firmly above you, towering. The life of the mossy, thick ground that swallows up your feet, engulfing them in a cushion of green. The distant noises of chirping birds, flying about in a world of their own. The feeling you have of isolation, just you and the presence of Mother Nature. The isolation but also the feeling of peace, knowing you’re the only person to feel this way. The chunky, brown trunks, over five-hundred years old. You smell that wonderful smell of rain, a light, spring shower has just passed. Observe the enormity of the trees – so tall and motionless. Take it all in. Can you hear the woodpecker as his deluded Knocking continues until his small beak is firmly inside the tree? Breathe in! Breathe out! Repeat! Now look around your tiny room And tell me that you haven’t got the power! Cecilia Pierce, 3R

The Sound of the Rain Lashing down heavily, outside in the cold, The sound of it gushing, loud and bold, Playing a duet along with the wind, I hear the trees shaking vigorously but their roots stay pinned. Hitting the pavement, bouncing off the ground, When will it give up? I don’t want to hear that sound. Drip-drop, drip-drop! Why can’t it just stop? As if asking to come in, it knocks on my window, I pull my curtains, to tell it the answer is no. Pouring down heavily from the skies, Running down the glass outside the window, Pelting on the door, asking if it can come inside. I tell the rain to be quiet, quiet as a mouse, But as if to prove a point, the rain floods our house! Lauren Fetherston, 1H

My head is down and my arms move quick Not daring to breathe and pacing my kick. The other swimmers are closing in But I feel as if I have to win. I push myself ’til I see the end Hearing the cheers and shouts From my friends.

Shannon McLeese,  AS-Level

I’m nearing the wall and slowing down now But I’m just so close How have I done, this, how? I’ve just taken my last stroke And feel like I’m about to choke! I’ve made it to the finish line Coming out with the best time! The other swimmers touch the wall And I can’t believe I beat them all! Robyn Dunwoody, 1R

Haiku The dim autumn sun The soft crunching of leaves It’s autumn again Emma Morrow, 1T


literary section The Power... Picture you are standing at the baseline. Starting with the ball bouncing up and down in front of you, ready to serve. The still atmosphere around you. People waiting with bated breath. You go straight down the line. The opponent picks it up with milliseconds to spare. The crowd gasping with every shot you hit. Sweat trickles down your face. Light shines into your eyes, as if it’s a dream. Cameras at every angle, watching your every move. You’re now in the zone. Match point to you! You have come this far, don’t blow it! Now look around your tiny room

Katie Chambers,  AS-level

And tell me that you haven’t got The Power! Arianna Kennedy, 3R

The Power... Picture a massive, hollow building in your head. Start from each fold up chair, with a red velvet cover. Look up! See all the lights. Think of each colour you’ve built. Now picture one of the seats being filled, person after person, until there is no red to be seen. Picture the applauding, the laughing the smiling faces, all applauding, laughing and smiling at you. Now look around your tiny room And tell me that you haven’t got The Power! Lola Bingham, 3R


Autumn Leaves change colour The first leaf falls The sky changes colour The rain falls Clocks go backwards Time falls Winter Hot chocolate gets warmer Weather gets colder Snow falls to the ground House gets colder Days get shorter Nights get colder Spring Baby animals are born Sound comes alive The sky changes colour The sun comes alive Flowers shoot out of the ground The world comes alive! Rebecca Black, 1R

Seasons Come and Go It’s that time of year When Winter turns to Spring. The flowers are sprouting up The birds start to sing I just think it’s so picturesque It’s beautiful to me! Summer is here! The sun shines brighter, Dip my feet in the ocean, Nights are getting lighter, I just think it’s so picturesque It’s beautiful to me! Alas, the Winter has come It has got very cold! But I forget about my age, For a snowball fight, I’m never too old! I just think it’s so picturesque It’s beautiful to me! Leah Fleming, 1R


Born high in the air I fell to the ground Some children found me And made me round Out of my brothers and sisters They made a large ball They lifted me up And placed me on top of it all They added a hat, a scarf And two button eyes I was alive at last Hearing the children’s cries Their last gift was That of a carrot nose I lived a beautiful life Until the sun rose. Sarah Donaghy, 1A


Christopher Tower Poetry Competition 2013 Swimming in Loch Súilí (The Lake 0f Shadows) i A thousand years running through my fingertips. In every drop I stroke: Shipwrecked ghosts and a sky of salty stars. A hundred tales creep down my throat. In every drop I swallow: Nereids, Leviathans and the music of Triton’s horn. ii Neptune’s bitter tongue slurs across the Devil’s Backbone. I can remember when I first spat him out. In every drop I see: the foam of his Moon-Mother’s milk and the golden shafts of his Sun-Father. I cannot stretch his tides or calm his storms as they do. I see: myself, a stone dragged to the ocean floor. iii Once more I have stayed too long, he has carved valleys into my skin and beaten away my bones with each mariner’s kiss.

Eva Wallace, L6H

literary section The Caterpillar Lane Here on a quiet, long, winding lane they can be found, The colour of emerald, as small as a mouse, Eyes black as midnight, feet as yellow as the sun. They crawl, crunching on the surrounding spring leaves, Soon to become something beautiful, to flutter And bring joy to every soul who sees them… All of the colours of the rainbow, yet so small A sign of summer for us all…. The caterpillar, changes before my very eyes, Inside the cocoon holds a sweet summer surprise. A butterfly hatching, such a beautiful sight, Seeing summer’s first bright light. But for now it’s still a little green lump A caterpillar, waiting for his final jump. Mollie McBride, 3H

Haiku Spread your wings in spring Soar across the deep, blue sky Butterflies in flight. Molly Cahoon, 1T

The Tree

Sunflower Seed

A small seed blows to the ground, Floating through the air, Spinning around, Suddenly it lands motionless, just sitting there. Day after day the seed will just lie, Slowly sinking into the ground, It looks as if it is going to die – But one day it will turn around. A small shoot will start to grow, Getting taller and bigger Then up into the light the tree will go. It will reach up to the sky Up with the birds, Flying high.

Catherine Pooler, 3T

Spring Poem Spring flowers are shooting from the soil, Birds sing from their nests. The winter cold is at an end, And animals wake from their rest. The ground is cleared of snow and slush, So - ditch the hats and gloves! Clara Fetherston, 3H


My sunflower seed could grow so tall It might even reach the clouds Steadily growing bit by bit, up the big white wall. Will it be the height of me? Will it reach the sky? Will it be bright like a bumble bee? With leaves so green And stem so strong Much better than a little bean! Anna Wilson, 3T

Then one day a seed will fall.

Annabel Terry, GCSE Level

A tiny seed, a tiny pot. I plant my seed amongst the soil Will it grow or will it not?

The Meadow In a meadow, colourful and light, The sun is shining just as bright, Bees and butterflies flying past, Trees that will forever last. Birds are chirping way up high, Clouds are floating in the sky, The sun will be setting soon, And the sky will welcome the moon. Gemma Burnside, 3T




Penrhyn Artwork: Fiona Anderson,  A-level 65

the penrhyn report


ourage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying … I will try again tomorrow. Mary Anne Radmacher

It was with this message that I ended my annual report at Prize Morning in June 2012. We were saying goodbye to our P7 class and I asked each girl to remember this quote and to stay focussed on achieving their dreams. Penrhyn Prize morning is always a very special occasion. This year Mr McKeown, Chairman of the Board of Governors, joined with parents, staff and pupils to celebrate achievement in Penrhyn. Invited as our special guest, he presented the prizes and we were all interested to see the Olympic torch that he brought to illustrate his talk.

Success in Penrhyn is so much more than just academic achievement. It is about the people inside the school and the relationships that are developed over time. This is what creates the caring, friendly ethos that makes Penrhyn such a happy place to be and what makes it such a hard place for the P7 girls and others to leave. We strive to value each child every day as they make all of those special steps along their educational journey. Again this year, every pupil in P1 and P2 received a class prize recognising their effort, progress and achievement. In the 2012 statutory end of Key Stage assessments, our results in English and Mathematics were significantly higher than the Northern Ireland averages. In the 2012/2013 AQE Common Entrance Assessments, the P7 girls achieved very commendable results. This clearly demonstrates the high academic results that a Penrhyn education provides and experience shows that our pupils leave us with the skills and confidence to thrive in their senior education. Mr Stephen Devlin was appointed to teach P7 this year and we were all pleased to welcome him. He has made many excellent additional contributions to the life of the school and I know that he is thoroughly enjoying being a part of the Penrhyn team. Mrs Nicola Whittle joined the Penrhyn staff this year in the role of classroom assistant. She very quickly settled into the very busy life in Penrhyn and her natural, caring attitude towards all the girls is wonderful. Mrs Whittle is always willing to assist every day and this


is greatly appreciated by the staff. In October, at the Annual General Meeting of the Parents’ Association, Strathearn Preparatory Department was presented with a cheque for £5,500. On behalf of all the staff and pupils in Penrhyn, I wish to thank Dr Cooke and the Parents’ Association Committee for this substantial gift. We have updated the school library with this money providing the girls with a modern, relaxing environment where they can enjoy reading and improve their information literacy skills. The Penrhyn Summer Fete has become a much anticipated event each June and the Parents’ Association Committee work exceptionally hard to make it a thoroughly enjoyable day for everyone. This year, Penrhyn celebrates its 60th birthday and we intend to mark this anniversary with a spectacular balloon release at the school fete. In Penrhyn we value links with our local community and recently we have begun a rewarding relationship with Belmont Presbyterian Church, located just opposite our school. We now perform our Junior Christmas Concert in the ornate church surroundings. This adds a real sense of occasion at this special time of year. We are also privileged to be allowed to use the church hall stage for our Senior Concert at Easter. Our P7 pupils are delighted to sing songs from their musical show to provide entertainment at the annual Belmont Flower Festival. This year we have forged a link with Glenveagh School in South Belfast. Staff and pupils from the school have joined Penrhyn at a special school assembly, at a performance of Oliver in April and some pupils also took part in a Penrhyn sponsored aerobic event. I hope that this is the start of a long-lasting and rewarding partnership between the two schools. Many facets of our school’s activities contribute to the development of our girls. I hope that you will enjoy reading the various reports detailing our many individual and group successes in Music, Speech and Drama, and Sport.  We have included many school photographs to portray our busy school life and a variety of literary pieces and colourful artwork for you to enjoy. B Mawhinney

penrhyn school prefects School Prefects Back Row: Mr Devlin, Heidi McMillen, Kate Bell, Erin Stewart, Nina Reid Front Row: Phoebe Spratt, Ellen McCormick, Rachel McClintock, Beth Buchanan

Lucinda Park, P3

House/Vice Captains Left to Right: Ellen McCormick, Emma Caldwell, Isabella MacMahon, Erin Stewart, Emma Carson, Phoebe Spratt Centre: Nina Reid, Marissa Esteban

Giant Garden Senses The spring blossom is delicate, pale pink and beautiful. Children are playing happily together, smiling and laughing. The orangey-red peaches are juicy, ripe and sweet. Bright, ruby-red berries attract the graceful birds. Gentle buzzing and humming – busy honey bees. Returning giant’s stomping, booming, distant and loud footsteps. Hard, rough, huge protecting wall. Gentle giant? Caring hands lifting me up. Fresh, summer air Fragrant flowers. P4 Group

Duty Prefects Back Row:  Jana McCabe, Rebekkah Lindores, Isabella MacMahon, Sophie Meeke, Scarlett Reid, Zoe Robinson Middle Row: Mrs Mawhinney, Jennifer Bullman, Rebecca McDowell, Grace Connor,Washima Ahmed, Ellie Fullerton, Hollie Andrews Front Row: Emma Caldwell, Rosie Park, Emma McClenaghan,  Amber Allen, Emma Carson, Marissa Esteban


the penrhyn year The Penrhyn Year 2012-2013

April 2012

called Marie and she was fun! First we went to the greenhouse. We were asked to find three things. First we had to find a plant that we could eat. Then we had to find a plant that a giraffe could eat and finally a plant that is spikey. Then we went to the maze and we found the centre. It was quite hard to get out of the maze!  After the maze we went for lunch and then we got to feed the ducks. Finally we went pond dipping in the rain! We had a wonderful day at Greenmount! Zara Conroy and Ciara Moore, P3



Educational visits, linked to the Programmes of Study across the curriculum, are an important feature in the life of Penrhyn.  The girls benefit greatly from these and enjoy them immensely. Penrhyn also regularly welcomes visitors into the school to talk to or meet with the pupils. Here are some highlights of the past year:

P7 Carlingford Trip

We left at 5.00pm on 30 April. I was really sad leaving my family, but also extremely excited about all the activities and adventures to come. When we were on the bus on the way to Carlingford, we were all chatting and playing games with each other. When we were half way there, Mrs Mawhinney told us who was sharing which room in the Centre. I shared a room with Katie Wills, Maisie Hughes, Chloe Graham, Mia Mouron-Adams, Olivia Creighton, Molly Cahoon and Eve McDowell.  Mrs Mladek showed us to our rooms in the Centre. Straight after that we had to go to our first night activity, which was a night trail. When we got back from the activity we were all exhausted, and got ready for bed. We all went to sleep straight away! Every morning on the trip we had to get up at 8.00am to have our breakfast. Every day we would do one water activity and one land activity. Some of the water activities we did were canoeing and kayaking. Some of the land activities we did were rock climbing, abseiling and my favourite was ‘the flower’. ‘The flower’ was where you had to climb up a pole with four other people and then we had to lean back and make the shape of a flower. It was great fun, but also really scary! Every night, after doing the two day activities, we also did night activities, such as a quiz and a night trail. As well as all the fun things we did it was Lily-Mai’s birthday so we all sang Happy Birthday to her over breakfast.

P6 Trip to Greenmount

On 15 June, P6 took part in an outdoor summer education programme entitled: Spring Awakening and Summer Spectacle. The programme is organised by the RSPB at the Greenmount Campus. Pupils took part in three activities: pond dipping; bees, butterflies and blooms, and a minibeast hunt.

September 2012


RNLI Talk in Assembly

Some visitors came to our Assembly on 14 September. They were called George and Brian. They talked about volunteers.  Then Brian asked for a volunteer. Emma, from a different class, went up. She got to wear a helmet, boots, life jacket and some puff-up things. Brian said that Eva in my class, P4, was his grand-daughter.  Then we asked questions, but I did not ask a question. It was a lovely Assembly. Rachel Brett, P4


I had lots and lots of fun in Carlingford and I was really sad to leave! Verity McGimpsey, P7

May 2012


P6 Trip to Carrickfergus

As part of the P6 History Programme, the class visited Carrickfergus Castle on 3 May. The pupils had a guided tour, during which they learned about the history of the castle, and they had the opportunity to try on some armour. The girls listened attentively and were eager to take part in a quiz as their final activity of the day.

June 2012


P3 Trip to Greenmount

On 15 June, P3 went to Greenmount on a trip. Our leader was


P5 Trip to Belfast City Zoo

On 17 September, P5 went to Belfast City Zoo. We travelled by minibuses accompanied by our teacher, my mum and Mrs Graham.  At 10.00am we were met by Mr Fisher who talked about endangered animals. He told us why the animals were in the zoo and showed us two stick insects. Next he showed us a tree frog. After that we saw a tarantula. He told us about Mini, the hedgehog, who we all thought was quite cute. Then we saw a royal python called Sally. She was going to shed her skin.  The last animal we saw was a giant snail which came from Borneo. Next we went to look at the farm animals and the reptiles. There was a giant statue of a spider. Everyone climbed on to the spider and Mrs Graham took a picture of us. Then we all ate our break and played in the park. Everyone had lots of fun! After break we moved on and saw a couple of spider monkeys.  Next we saw some Asian elephants. Then we went up a hill to see the colobus monkeys. Finally, we saw chimpanzees and lots of big gorillas. Then we went to have our lunch. After lunch we saw penguins under water; from above we saw them diving in. Then we saw the Barbary lions which roared at us and tried to scare us. Next we saw African wild dogs.  Then we saw two tigers and one was stalking us. On the way back we played on the monkey bars. Soon we were back at the shop where we bought some souvenirs. We then got the bus back to school.

the penrhyn year I really enjoyed seeing the tigers.  They were beautiful. I would love to see them again.

forest we each got a hazelnut and we all had to pretend that we were squirrels and hide our nut. We looked at different types of trees. Next we all went to see a yew tree. Beside the yew tree we found an old badgers’ sett. We were given a palette to go around and get some forest colours and stick them on to our palette. Finally, we went to see a redwood tree; it had very spongy bark to protect it from burning down.  We walked back and tried to find the hazelnuts that we had hidden. We left the forest and we had to find our leaf tickets to get out of the forest. Next we all met up to have lunch. Mrs Stevenson suddenly spotted a fox! Mrs Stevenson said, “What’s that?” We all turned around in amazement; it quickly ran across the path.  After lunch we went into the exhibition room where Ann talked about the badger and its sett. Then we looked at a fox and a hedgehog.  Ann told us the most dangerous animal in the forest was the stoat.  The stoat would dance and hypnotize its prey before killing it.

Freya Beers, P5

October 2012


P3 Trip to George Best City Airport

P3 went on a trip to the George Best City Airport on 2 October. First, we went to the information desk and Holly Higgins and Amelia Hazle had their names called out on the loudspeaker. Connor, the chief fireman, spoke to us about fire and safety at the airport. The airport fire engines are yellow because yellow shows up best in the dark.  We were very excited when we got a ride in the minibus all around the airport. We saw the windsock. It shows the pilots the direction the wind is blowing. We felt very important getting driven around the airport! This was a very special trip. Lucy Wills & Annie McLorinan, P3


P3 Trip to Belmont Tower

On 5 October, P3 went on a visit to Belmont Old School to learn about CS Lewis. We went up a set of stairs and watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe on DVD.  After we watched it we were all asked to draw pictures of the Lion and an artist showed us how to do it. Everyone laughed at each other’s drawings because we were only allowed to use certain shapes to draw the pictures. Mrs McKeown laughed as well! After that we had to thank the guides. Then we came back to school. I had a lot of fun and had a great time. Lucinda Park and Sarah Hylands, P3


P4 Trip to Castle Ward

On 12 October, P4 went to Castle Ward for Applefest. It took us one hour to get there.  When we got there we had break and then we met the people who showed us around. Their names were Ethel and Clare and I was in Clare’s group. First we made a door hanger. I did a red apple and green leaves. Next we went to the play room and played apple games. My favourite was ‘find the apple’. I found the apple. After that we went to the end of the room and learnt how to plant a seed. Then we drew a chalk picture of an apple cut in half. Finally we had lunch and we went to the shop. I bought a little lamb, a bookmark and a ball. We had a great day! Fiona MacIntyre, P4


At 2.00pm the bus came to take us back to school. My favourite part of the trip was seeing the fox! Mia Montgomery, P5


P7 Trip to Mount Stewart

On 24 October, Penrhyn P7s left school for a day to find out what life was like in Victorian Mount Stewart. When we got there the lady told us what we were to do. We were all excited to get our costumes. I was the lowest servant in the class, a farm boy. So our journey round the house soon began. Our group went to the dining room and did a quiz to match up foods to the nine courses.  After we went to the kitchen and had to find some of the pots and pans used in a fancy dinner. Later we walked upstairs to the writing room and wrote invitations in ink pen. Next we visited the nursery and dressed up as other workers. Lastly, we had lunch and went to the gift shop and everyone competed to see who had the most money!

P5 Trip to Belvoir Park

On 12 October, P5 and Mrs Stevenson went on a school trip to Belvoir Park to look at trees. We left school at 9.30am and travelled on two minibuses accompanied by three parents, Mrs Watson, Mrs Beers and my Mum.  At 10.00am we arrived at Belvoir Park and we had our break before being divided into two groups. In our group we had to find a unique ticket - mine was a red maple leaf. This leaf ticket got us in and out of the forest. Once in the

Sadly we had to leave this grand, old, beautiful house. I wished I lived there but we learnt loads and had great fun as well! Erin Stewart, P7


the penrhyn year November 2012


P6 Trip to Ulster Museum

On 6 November, P6 visited the Royal Ulster Academy’s Annual Art Exhibition at the Ulster Museum. The exhibition showcases the work of Academy members and invited artists. We were shown around the exhibition by our host, Sally. We looked at lots of beautiful paintings and sculptures. She explained how the artists painted in different ways to make the paintings look like they are 3D and others were painted with very fine brush strokes. My favourite exhibit was a sculpture of a rat in a wedding dress. I enjoyed learning about how the artists made the different textures on their paintings.

song, Have you Ever. It had no instruments, just actions. I liked it. Then we watched a play about dinosaurs. Then we sang and played It’s time to Clap your Hands. Next we watched a very good play called Tiny Monsters under the Bed. Then we sang a song called The Band. It was a song about loud and soft. After that we sang a song called Here’s a Ting. I liked it because I got to play an instrument. Then it was our turn to perform. Aoife and I introduced the play. It was called David and Goliath. It was good fun! Then the last school performed and we sang Down in the Jungle. I liked this song. We went back in two minibuses. I was with Miss Beck and Mrs Moore. I really liked this trip. My favourite part was singing, Down in the Jungle. Gabriella Park, P5


P3 Trip to Mount Stewart

We went on a trip to Mount Stewart on 23 November. Lucinda and Celia’s mums came with us. First we went to have our snack. Then we got split up into two groups. One group did planning for a Christmas party and the other group made a Christmas cake. We loved it!  Later we sang songs and we dressed up as drummer boys. Eventually we visited the gift shop. We made pine cone decorations for our Christmas tree and we made lovely Christmas cards. We just loved our trip to Mount Stewart! Celia Buchanan and Lucinda Park, P3


We finished off with an art workshop. I really enjoyed our trip; it was great fun! Ruby McWhinney, P6


P2 Trip to Castle Ward

P2 visited Castle Ward on 6 November to take part in the Birds, Bugs and Beasts programme. This trip really complemented our class topic of Habitats. We looked for mini-beasts, decorated autumn colour palettes, did bark rubbings and hunted for woodland animals. We had an exciting day and returned to school having learned lots of new animal facts.


P5 Trip to the Ulster Museum

On 7 November, P5 and Mrs Stevenson went to the Ulster Museum. We were accompanied by Mrs Park and left school at 1.00pm after having an early lunch.  When we got there we checked in at the museum. We went upstairs to the art section and went into a room and saw some John Luke paintings. We were met by our leader Emma, who showed us a painting that was about  autumn colours. Then we saw a picture about the Giant’s Causeway.  Next we saw a bronze sculpture about emotions. She showed us a rat sculpture and paintings of girls’ faces. After that we saw lots of other paintings. Lastly, we had to colour and stick paper to a giant jigsaw piece.  The pieces were stuck together and made one of the paintings in the exhibition. We brought them back to school with us. I learnt today that you don’t have enough information just by looking at faces and every picture has a story. Alexandra Graham, P5


P5 Early Man Workshop

On 23 November, Rita and Michael came in to do a workshop on Early Man. When we first went into the classroom we were split into four groups; my group was number four. First we had to identify nine pieces of flint.  Rita told us that early man put little bits of flint in the sides of their arrows. After break we did six challenges. My group started at the wattling and daub.  Next we ground wheat on a quern stone to make flour. Then we made mini tomb stones using pebbles.  After that we went to a challenge where you had to balance an arrow on your finger for twenty seconds. There were also some pieces of flint. It was a jigsaw. Then we did some weaving with wool on a loom. For a few minutes we were allowed to do our favourite challenge. Mine was wattling. Then we went to lunch.

P5 Trip to the School of Music

On 20 November, P5 went to the School of Music. We left at 9.30 accompanied by Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Moore and Miss Beck. P5 travelled in one minibus. When we got there we met Mrs McBride and Mrs Eames. Mrs McBride was going to talk us through the morning and Mrs Eames was going to play the keyboard. First we had to sing a warm-up exercise called Lickity Split. We had to repeat after Mrs McBride. It was good fun. We sang the first


After lunch we watched a PowerPoint on the Old Stone Age up to the Bronze Age. It showed us pictures of how Stone Age people lived and that they were called the Hunter Gatherers. Then we made clay pots. Next we watched a video on Grime’s Graves. The workshop was really fun! My favourite part was making the clay pots. Lauren Mooney, P5


P6Viking Workshop

On 23 November, P6 took part in a ‘Viking Workshop’. Activities included weaving, grinding wheat, dressing as a Viking and sword play! The children really enjoyed it and learned a lot about Viking life.

the penrhyn year December 2012

February 2013



Christmas Road Show

On 17, 18 and 19 December, we had our Christmas Road Show.  Firstly, we got ourselves a partner or joined a group; Rebecca and I paired up.  Then everyone had to decide how many stalls they were going to do, what they were going to be, and how much it would cost. Rebecca and I chose to do two main stalls and one mini game. Our stalls were called Santa’s Tasty Treats, Santa’s Christmas Helper and Guess The Name of the Penguin. We had three weeks to make our stalls. Rebecca and I got started straight away. We knew we would need a table for Santa’s Tasty Treats and a few blindfolds. For Santa’s Christmas Helper we got plasticine eggs, painted them and then put glitter over some. The girls had a minute to find as many eggs as possible blindfolded. The Christmas Road Show was a great success. P7 raised almost £800 which went towards the RNLI. I only wish I could stay in Penrhyn for another year so I can see the next Christmas Road Show and what the new P7 will come up with!

On 1 February, Knock Fire Safety Team came to talk about staying safe if we have a fire in our homes. Steven drew a jigsaw on the whiteboard and told us about the main causes of fire. We were given a worksheet. We had to circle all the dangers on the picture of the kitchen. There were a lot of dangers on the picture. Suzanne asked the class if we had fire alarms. She said if we didn’t have one that we needed an alarm. Steven told us about bedtime routines. After that, he chose some volunteers to dress up in the firemen’s outfits. The crew took us outside to see the fire-engine.  After that we got to spray the hose over the playground! I really enjoyed the fire crew coming in. I hope to see them soon, but not putting out a fire in our school! Alexandra Coetzee, P5


January 2013


Zoe Robinson, P7

P7  Victorian Workshop

On 25 January, the P7s spent the day in a Victorian Workshop. During the fun-filled day, we experienced many exciting Victorian games, inventions and quizzes. Our first task was an old-fashioned Victorian game. We were given a small red ball and we had to throw it and knock as many wooden soldiers down as we could. Next was my favourite activity, the Victorian ‘Pick up Sticks’ game. After lunch my group wrote a few quotes, such as, “Spare the rod spoil the child”, and, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. We wrote this with actual ink and ink pens! Then there was the event that the whole class was looking forward to - the Victorian dress-up! Many glorious costumes were lined up for us to wear. Last was the slideshow and clay model-making. The slideshow was filled with lots of interesting facts and pictures. Lastly there was the modelling. Each group had to make a scene of a boy or girl (or both), a horse, a coal mining cart, a rat, a lamp-post and an EXPLOSION! Rita took pictures and turned it into a very short movie. I enjoyed the day very much and would love to experience the whole thing again! Emma-Rose Carson, P7


P5 Litter Visit by Belfast City Council

On 28 January, Roisin and John from Belfast City Council came to visit P5.  After our assembly Roisin and John told us about different kinds of litter. After that we got a worksheet called Spot the Litter. It was fun. Roisin then showed us a video of litter piggies. Next we played a sorting game. It was kind of like a  Venn Diagram. Finally, we saw a really funny video of a dog in a park. I thought the visit of the Belfast City Council was informative and Roisin and John left a bin for the whole school! Aoife Moore, P5

A Visit from Knock Fire Safety Team

P1 Trip to the Post Office

The P1s went to the pillar box on the Belmont Road to post a very important letter for Valentine’s Day. Mummy and Daddy were so pleased when the postman arrived with their lovely surprise!

March 2013


P5 Trip to Ulster Museum

On 8 March, P5, Mrs Stevenson, Miss Chapman and my mum went to the Ulster Museum. We were met by Mrs Baird, who was going to teach us about the Egyptians. Mrs Baird talked about where Egypt is. She talked about the tombs, the pyramids and the biggest river in the world that runs through Egypt, the River Nile. Then she told us about a crop which they grew, reeds which were made into papyrus.  This was used to make paper. Then she showed us canopic jars and the Ushabti figures. She then showed us the wooden pillow that the Egyptians would have used; we all got to try it. I thought it was quite hard but it was like this to keep them cool as it was so warm. Afterwards we went to the exhibition room where we saw Takabuti.  We had to complete worksheets about Takabuti, Egyptian jewellery, pottery and the hieroglyphics around the sarcophagus. Next we went downstairs to have lunch. Then we went down to the activity room. We had fun and got to dress-up.  Afterwards we went to the shop where we got to buy some things. Then we got on the bus to go back to school. I sat beside my mummy. The best part of the trip was the activity room. I really enjoyed the day at the Ulster Museum! Sarah Catherall, P5


P1 Trip to Ark Farm

On 15 March, the P1 class boarded a bus and travelled to the Ark Farm in Newtownards. We were studying the topic of Growing in school and we were delighted to get a chance to feed the new-born lambs and hold a freshly-hatched, fluffy, yellow chick. We had great fun learning about lots of animals, playing on the slides and swings in the play park and having a lovely picnic lunch. What a great trip!


penrhyn extra-curricular Key Stage 1 Entertainment Our Christmas Play


n Friday 7 December it was our P4 and P2 school play. Our play was called The Real Santa. It was about all the different Santas around the world. I was a Narrator. My costume was a red, satin dress. The first country was China. The Santa was called Dun Che Lao Ren played by Rachel Brett. The next country was Australia and the Santa was played by Alice Browne. Our next country was Russia and the Santa was called Ded Moroz and there was a snow maiden. Ded Moroz was played by Eloise McKnight and the snow maiden was played by Lucie Maskery. The next country was Africa. There was no Santa, but I was dancing. Now the country is France where the Santa is called Père Noel played by Juliette Ruelland-Kennedy. Our last country is Brazil and the Santa is called Papai Noel played by Rebekah Devlin. But who’s the real deal? Will the real Santa please step forward? It was Saint Nick played by Cerys McMurray! Laura Mitchell, P4

Key Stage 2 Entertainment The Sound of Music 2012


hen we went back to school after the Christmas holidays, we all realised that the school play was approaching and that we were all going to have to audition for parts very soon. A few days later the auditions started, and these carried on for roughly a week and then when the day came that we heard the words, “We will be doing The Sound of Music” come out of Mrs Mladek’s mouth we all couldn’t have been happier.

P1 and P3 performing Hey Ewe Christmas Story

On the day before half-term Mrs Mladek announced who would be playing each part. I was given the part of the Mother Abbess and I was thrilled seeing as this was the part I had wanted to play all along. When I was told I had to sing in Latin I wasn’t quite sure, but with the help of Mrs Devlin anything was possible! The rehearsals began and we all looked forward to going into school every day to practise the play. We spent hours rehearsing and learning not only words of songs and many lines, but also stage directions, dances and also when and how to use props.  When most of the rehearsing was complete, we tackled the challenge of costumes, which meant organising 6 or 7 costumes for some girls, all for one part! The performance was drawing nearer and nearer but, to perfect the dances and words, we had two Saturday rehearsals, one held at Penrhyn and the other at Belmont Church, where the performance was going to take place.  And then the day of the first performance came, and in school that day everyone was nervous, but all Mrs Mladek could do was try and calm our nerves. That night we all arrived at the church at roughly 6.30pm. We went into our changing room, changed into our costumes and Miss Boyd did our make up.  And then show time came! I sat kneeling down on the stage behind the curtain, hoping that I wouldn’t mess up or forget my words. Then the curtain opened and as the P5s walked up the centre aisle, I walked to my place and got the first glimpse of the 200 people that my class would be performing our play to. As the P5s took their places I opened the show by singing in Latin, which I had practised for weeks. Once I had finished my four scenes at the start of the play, I was so relieved that I hadn’t forgotten my words and now all I could do was wait until my next scene came just before the interval. The second half of the play went very well and then the finale came, which was brilliant! On Friday night we were all less nervous and once again the show went perfectly, but after the main performance we all performed four songs in the finale. Even before that we came out and bowed before the audience and when we all got huge rounds of applause, we realised what all the hours and hours of rehearsals were for. I loved performing this play and the rehearsals were not only tiring, but also lots of fun and to be perfectly honest, I really wish I could do it all over again! Tess McMillen, P7


penrhyn extra-curricular


Oliver 2013

hroughout the year all the P7s had been questioning Mr Devlin about what the play was going to be. Finally, one Friday, someone got it out of him. It was OLIVER! The auditions took place in January and on the Friday of that week we got our parts. We were all very nervous and then Mrs Mawhinney came with a sheet with our parts on it.  I got Charlotte Sowerberry, the Undertaker’s Daughter. We did weeks of rehearsals and we had one Saturday rehearsal from 9am to 4pm. It was a long day, but it was worth it and it was fun as well. For my costume I had a long, black, patterned dress which had a collar that went right up to my neck and big, puffed sleeves that got tight from my elbow with lace. I got black, high heels from my Dad’s shop. Mr Algie, Miss Boyd and Mrs Whittle helped with the props and getting everyone organised on stage and Mrs Mawhinney was on curtains. Music was played by Mr Devlin on piano, Mrs Devlin on keyboard and Mrs Manning on drums.  After all the hard work - it was Show Time! The show opened with P5s, P6s, Oliver and Mr Bumble walking down the church hall with the piano playing various songs from the show. When the P6s were on the stage, ready to go, Mr Bumble banged his mace to start the play. The first song was Food Glorious Food. Then the most famous line ever:  “Please, Sir, I want some more.” After, Widow Corney and Mr Bumble decide to sell Oliver. Mr and Mrs Sowerberry buy Oliver for five pounds and they think he would be a great coffin follower and then they sing That’s your Funeral with three mourners with umbrellas.  Then I came on with a bowl of scraps, which I gave to Oliver. After I left, Oliver sang Where is Love? The next morning Noah Claypole, the Undertaker’s Apprentice, came to the shop to work. Noah was being very mean to Oliver so he got very angry and attacked Noah. I came on and broke the fight up and threw Oliver into a coffin. Mrs Sowerberry was on stage and she was so shocked that she asked for some water and I threw it all over her. Everyone laughed and I found it hard to say my next line. Then Oliver ran away. In London, he met the Artful Dodger, who took him to Fagin, the leader of the pickpocket gang.  There, he met lots of different people. But out on the first job he got spotted by Mr Brownlow who took him back to his house and found out that Oliver was his grandchild. They all sang lots of songs including Oom Paa Paa,  As Long as He Needs Me, It’s a Fine Life and I’d do Anything. The finale was great fun. I had to come on and sing Consider Yourself.  Then, when everyone was off-stage and we had bowed, we got into our positions for I’d do Anything, then we sat down to sing and gave the audience a chance to join in after we had sung it once. I thought it was great fun doing the play and I wish it wasn’t just for two nights! Nina Reid, P7

The Penrhyn Choir


hroughout the school great emphasis is placed on developing our children’s creative ability, be it in music, art, dance or drama. All the pupils have the opportunity to perform on stage to entertain parents and guests. The P1 to P4 Junior Christmas Concert and the Senior Concert involving P5 to P7 are held each year in Belmont Presbyterian Church. In term one the choir met every Monday afternoon after school.  Girls from P5 to P7 thoroughly enjoyed learning new songs and working to prepare for our performances at the Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting, Strathearn Carol Service and at Penrhyn Open Morning in February. Mrs Mawhinney trains the choir and Mrs Manning provides piano accompaniment for performances.  The standard of music throughout Penrhyn is excellent and there is a genuine love of singing from the youngest girls in P1.  Mrs Devlin is our new singing teacher. Through private singing lessons within school she has further extended the opportunities for the girls to develop their vocal technique, to gain confidence when performing and to enjoy all aspects of singing. In Assembly all the girls sing beautifully with enthusiasm and energy. BM


penrhyn extra-curricular Speech and Drama Report


fter three years of teaching Speech and Drama in Penrhyn, the number of girls enrolled has risen to almost 100 enthusiastic girls enjoying speech and drama classes. Speech and Drama provides an opportunity for each girl to improve her communication skills, expand her imagination and think creatively.  The classes aim to foster an appreciation of literature, poetry and drama while building self-confidence and self-esteem, creating confident and motivated individual learners. The interaction necessary for drama provides an arena where the girls can develop team working skills. Classes take place in the drama room over the lunch period and after school, taking the form of performance of poems, drama games, puppet theatre, mime, role play and acting. (Who would have thought that one school would have provided so many natural born actresses!) At the Holywood Festival of Speech and Drama, the individual entries produced very successful results. The girls from P4-P6 all entered the class choral speaking competitions and their hard work was rewarded by two first places and a second place. The girls also have the opportunity to enter the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) Examination and the last sets of results were truly outstanding, with the vast majority of girls receiving the top grade of distinction. The high standard of the girls’ preparation was commented upon, as “exceptional”, by one of the examiners. The energetic, excited buzz of the girls coming into class is the highlight of my day and I have no doubt I will see some of my little stars on stage some day! J Armstrong


Singing Report

inging lessons started in Penrhyn last September for girls in P2-7, and have been enthusiastically received by all the pupils who attend. The lessons are given in small groups, arranged around break time, lunch time or after school. The main objectives of the lessons are for the pupils to develop their love for singing whilst gaining confidence in singing individually to others in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. During lessons they learn techniques to improve their vocal skills and performance. The girls have made excellent progress throughout the year and I have been delighted with their musical talents and enthusiasm. We have loved singing some of the great songs from musical theatre, as well as fun songs and a variety of folk songs. Some of the girls participated at Holywood Music Festival. This was a challenging, but rewarding experience for many of the girls who were singing on their own for the first time. Congratulations to Charley Dougherty, Tilly McWhinney, Rebekah Devlin, Eloise McKnight, Cheryl Watson, Ruby Allen, Emma Carson and Rosie Park, who won individual medals in their respective classes. T Devlin

Penrhyn Charity Collections


n Term Three last year we supported the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig. The pupils donated food, treats, bedding, toys and towels to this charity. In Term One this year the pupils supported the RNLI and raised a wonderful £1,365 through a brown money appeal and the P7 Roadshow.  We have just completed the Term Two fundraiser for Glenveagh School and the pupils had a sponsored Aerobic Event. The aim was to fund a wheelchair accessible roundabout and the girls raised an outstanding £4,184.

Belfast Dance Company Report


ell, what a wonderful start to 2013, when we started with our ISTD Modern Theatre classes in January. The response has been overwhelming and it’s been wonderful to have so much support and interest in dance at Penrhyn. The students look marvellous in their unitards, so I would like to thank all you Mums for ensuring that your daughters are so neat and tidy each week with their hair tied back; it helps to feel like a dancer as well as look like one! The emphasis this past term has been to introduce syllabus work into the weekly class as well as ‘free’ creative work, so we’re still having fun as we learn. In all four classes, technique and control of movement has improved dramatically since we started this journey together and I’m excited to see what your children will produce next term! S Johnston

Penrhyn Piano Results Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

March 2012: Eve McDowell, Grade 3, Merit;  Aoife Khan, Grade 3,

Distinction; Ellen McCormick, Prep Test, Certificate;  Alexandra Coetzee, Prep Test, Certificate; Emily Crockett, Prep Test, Certificate. 

June 2012: Chloe Browne, Prep Test, Certificate;  Aimee McGill, Prep

Test, Certificate; Sarah McDonald, Prep Test, Certificate;  Ruby Allen, Prep Test, Certificate; Lauren Mooney, Prep Test, Certificate;  Gabriella Park, Prep Test, Certificate;  Rachel McDonald, Prep Test, Certificate;  Kate Bell, Grade 1, Distinction; Erin Stewart, Grade 1, Merit; Nina Reid, Grade 2, Merit.


Irish Dancing Report

rish Dancing classes continue to be very popular with the Penrhyn girls. The P1 and P2 dancers have covered their basics very well and are making great progress this year. The P3-P7 girls have made excellent progress and performed beautifully on Open Morning. The girls are particularly enjoying team dancing this year, which is a great way of teaching teamwork in a fun way. C McCamley


Tin Whistle Report

did 11,9000 hours of practice before I got my first job - so said Sir James Galway who is arguably the world’s most famous flautist. With regular practice, increased effort for seasonal school performances and the Holywood Music Festival, the Penrhyn girls continue to demonstrate that they are capable of producing some wholesome musical sounds on their whistles. The girls begin to learn the tin whistle in P2 and by the end of this they are able to play a simple tune.  This involves learning the technique of covering the holes properly and of blowing gently. The majority of girls make good progress by the end of the first term in P3. It has been a pleasure to play along with the girls this year due to the enthusiasm of many who have made excellent progress and have begun to learn more challenging tunes. Penrhyn provides its pupils with a variety of musical options.  Although the whistle is the least challenging of these, the girls can derive a sense of accomplishment when playing individually and exuberance when playing collectively. It is gratifying to observe the interest of some of the parents in their daughter’s music-making, even to the extent of learning to play along with them! I am grateful to Mrs Mawhinney and the staff at Penrhyn for allowing me to pass on to the girls a little of the enormous joy I have derived from music-making over so many years. “Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them - a world of work, culture, intellectual activity and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” (President Gerald Ford - U.S. President Aug 1974 - Jan 1977) H Grimes


penrhyn extra-curricular


Cycling Proficiency Report

n the Autumn Term, P7 girls did their cycling proficiency course. They completed some exercises designed to improve their balance and co-ordination. Then the girls began to learn how to ride their bicycles safely on the road. An important part of the course was learning about The Highway Code. The cyclists completed both a written and a practical test and were awarded certificates and stickers. G Boyd

French Club


he French Club meets on Monday afternoons for P4 and Tuesday afternoons for P5 – P7. The main aim is to make learning French fun. This year members of the Monday class made a promising start to French, learning greetings, numbers, the alphabet, days of the week and months of the year. They also enjoyed role plays which involved ordering snacks, drinks and ice creams and buying fruit and vegetables at the market. Many of the P4 girls have pleasing French accents. Linguistic ability was also evident in Tuesday’s class. The girls covered a wide range of topics, such as family, pets, zoo and farm animals, telling the time and, more ambitiously, European countries and their capitals. Throughout the year French songs were sung with great enthusiasm by the Tuesday Club Rappers! It has been very encouraging to see both classes grow in confidence and competence. J Erskine

Cookery & Craft Club


hen? ...Cookery and Craft Club runs for eight Tuesday afternoons during the Autumn term. Who? ...The club is for P5 pupils and it is run by Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Walls. Where? ...It takes place in the P2 classroom which is on the ground floor of the 105 building. What? ...During the four cooking sessions the pupils cook delicious items including toasted sandwiches, smoothies, yoghurt loaf, shortbread and Fifteens. During the craft weeks the pupils work with hamma beads, glass paints and make Christmas decorations.

Amy Creighton, P6

P1-P3 Sports Day


he weather was not so kind on our first attempt, but we finally held our annual Sports Day in the second week in June. All the events were participated in with great enthusiasm. Many parents came to cheer on our athletes and we thank them for their support. Many mums, dads, grandparents and young brothers or sisters also participated in our races. For many it was their first formal competitive experience, but everyone enjoyed themselves and all collected a participation certificate. Our thanks to Mrs Lynne Downey who very graciously presented the prizes. Thanks also to the parents who served the refreshments. The list of winners on our Sports Day is as follows: P1 Running Race - Velvet Meharg; P1 Spider Race - Charley Dougherty; P1 Potato/Spoon Race - Alana Higgins; P2 Running Race - Amelia Hazle; P2 Potato/Spoon Race - Tiffany Fong; P2 Spider Race - India McNellis; P3 Running Race - Ciara Moore; P3 Potato/Spoon Race - Eloise McKnight; P3 Obstacle Race - Alice Browne; Inter-House Relay Race - Watts.


P4-P7 Sports Day

ur Sports Day was held at Strathearn on a dry, but cool Bank Holiday afternoon. As usual the events were competed for with great enthusiasm and many excellent performances were achieved. Congratulations to all the girls and thanks to Mrs Mladek who presented the prizes.  A special thanks to the parents who served the refreshments.

The first event was our invitation relay event. There was great applause and excitement when storming around the final bend, was the last runner from Penrhyn. She continued her run through the line bringing our team home first. Thanks to our visiting school, Downey House. Our P6 Team also ran, finishing third.Thanks to Strathearn, and Miss Taylor in particular, for her co-operation and for the use of the facilities and to the fourth form GCSE Physical Education class, the Games Captain and her Deputies, who helped with the running of the event. We received an invitation to Downey House Sports Day where we were placed first. The following girls are the winners of our Sports Day races: P4 50m - Aoife Moore; P5 50m - Sasha Barrett-Ferris; P6 75m - Ellie Fullerton; P7 75m - Lily-Mae McKane; P5 600m - Amelia Kane; P6 600m - Ellie Fullerton; P7 600m - Katie Wills; P4 50m Skipping - Gabriella Park; P6 High Jump - Zoe Robinson; P7 High Jump - Verity McGimpsey; P5 Long Jump - Amelia Hopkins; P6 Long Jump - Ellie Fullerton; P7 Long Jump - Lily-Mae McKane; P5 Cricket Ball - Amelia Hopkins; P6 Cricket Ball - Erin Stewart; P7 Cricket Ball - Sophie Williams.

House Relay Winners P4 - Watts; P5 - Boucher; P6 - Barbour; P7 - Watts.

Individual Points Winners P4 - Gabriella Park; P5 -  Amelia Hopkins; P6 - Ellie Fullerton; P7 - Olivia Nelson; Winning House - Barbour.


penrhyn extra-curricular



he following girls represented Penrhyn in the Minor Schools Swimming Championships: Amelia Kane, Amelia Hopkins, Rebecca Tunnah,  Anna McCabe, Sarah McDonald, Emma Hylands, Gabriella Park, Rachel McDonald, Niamh Hatfield, Rebecca Kitchen, Eve Rainey,  Eloise McKnight and Alice Browne. Ulster Minor Schools Championships Results The following are the individuals who were in the top twelve swimmers in their event and age group in the province: 50m Backstroke: U10 - Rebecca Tunnah; 50m Backstroke: U10 - Amelia Kane; 50m Butterfly: U10 - Amelia Kane. Well done girls! The following girls won medals:  At U10: Bronze Medal 50m Butterfly,  Amelia Kane. The U10 Medley Relay won Gold in 1st place. The squad members were Amelia Kane, Rebecca Tunnah, Sarah McDonald and Emma Hylands.  The same girls were placed 4th in the Freestyle Relay. The Irish Schools Championships The following girls took part in the Irish Schools Championships:  Amelia Kane, Rebecca Tunnah, Emma Hylands and Sarah McDonald. Amelia Kane, (left), as current Irish U9 Butterfly Champion from last year, was stepping up a level to the U10 age group. She won a Bronze medal at Ulster level this year and won the U10 Gold at the Irish Schools Championships!  All the hard work paid off. The U10 Freestyle Relay Team was placed 6th. In the Medley Relay the team was placed 4th. Congratulations to all! At last year’s Irish Minors we omitted to report that Samantha McCormick had won an Individual Bronze in the 50m Breaststroke at U11. We are delighted to report it in this year’s summary. Samantha won Gold & Silver at this year’s Irish Minor Championship in the U12 age group for Strathearn. Individual Swimming Gala Winners P3 - Niamh Hatfield & Eve Rainey; P4 - Gabriella Park; P5 -  Amelia Kane; P6 - Erin Stewart; P7 - Olivia Nelson. Winning House - Barbour.

Championship Swimmers Back Row: Emma Hylands,  Amelia Hopkins, Rebecca Tunnah,  Amelia Kane, Eloise McKnight, Sarah McDonald, Gabriella Park Front Row:  Anna McCabe, Niamh Hatfield,  Alice Browne, Rebecca Kitchen, Rachel McDonald, Eve Rainey

Minor Swimming Relay Team Sarah McDonald, Emma Hylands, Amelia Kane, Rebecca Tunnah


Hockey Club

fter a two year break from the Hockey Club, due to the fact we were homeless because of our rebuild, we were delighted to welcome P6 and P7 pupils to the 2013 Club. This year we were able to use the new state-of-the-art AstroTurf and the new gravel pitches for both curriculum and extra-curricular hockey. The pitch was laid down by the company which also laid the London 2012 Olympic pitch, so our anticipation was that we in the future could produce Olympic hockey players! Seventeen enthusiastic pupils turned out weekly for practice. Ball skills and game awareness were high Hockey Club on the agenda. Back Row: Rebecca McDowell, Heidi McMillen, Rachel McClintock,  Washima Ahmed, My thanks to other members of the Senior Isabella MacMahon, Kate Bell, Emma Conroy, Francesca Park, Holly Gilpin, Sorcha Corbett Department who helped out with sessions and especially to last year’s Games Captain, Kirby Front Row: Emma Carson, Emma Caldwell, Ellie Fullerton, Emma McClenaghan, O’Donnell for her input. Roll on next season! Rosie Park, Erin Stewart, Hannah Meredith, Cecelia MacMahon,  Amelia Kane


penrhyn extra-curricular

Sports Hall Athletics Team Back Row: Rachel McClintock, Kate Bell,  Jennifer Bullman, Beth Buchanan, Emma Carson,  Amber Allen, Rebekkah Lindores, Phoebe Spratt, Washima Ahmed,  Jana McCabe, Ellen McCormick, Hollie Andrews, Nina Reid, Isabella MacMahon, Zoe Robinson Front Row: Emma Caldwell, Marissa Esteban, Ellie Fullerton, Grace Connor, Scarlett Reid, Rosie Park, Sophie Meeke, Emma McClenaghan, Rebecca McDowell, Heidi McMillen, Erin Stewart


Sports Hall Athletics

ports Hall athletics, supported by Norwich Union, is staged at over fifty venues across the UK. The national programme includes a calendar of regional festivals and a series of road shows during the 2012/2013 season. This year two shows were held at Strathearn. Both were held in February. We held a boys and girls competition with six teams of a maximum of fifteen pupils. The rule this year was that we had to have a mixed team of boys and girls. This year our P7 Class squads joined the boys from Campbell College Junior School.  After the obstacle, over-and-under relays, speed bounce, chest push and jumping events, the points were counted and our A Team were crowned runners-up! Even more pleasing was the fact that our B Team also performed very well. Many thanks to the senior school for their help in running the event.


Athletics Club

ast year we were able to use our new athletic facilities, after being nomads for all of the year before. We can now boast ‘tartan’ run ups for our long-jump and triple-jump pits, plus a fixed throwing circle and cage! The girls developed and improved their skills in high-jump, long-jump and throwing. Towards the end of the summer, hurdles were introduced.  With stamina and endurance work, building on their successful cross-country season, times were improved with distance runs and interval training. Speed work and pyramid training improved their fast ‘twitch’ muscles. Our throwers worked on the techniques for javelin, discus and shot. Everyone enjoyed the sessions and the extra practices produced great results on Sports Day. This year our P6 and P7 pupils had the opportunity to perform in the Belfast Primary Schools  Athletic Competition, where they sprinted, jumped and putted the shot. The event was enjoyed by all. I was particularly encouraged in the way the P6 pupils performed and look forward to their participation in this year’s competition. I was delighted this year that Penrhyn provided teams for the invitation relay at the Downey and Fullerton Sports Days. Weekly practice has produced great results; we look forward to even better results this year! In the magazine last year we reported that the Cross-country Team had won the East Belfast heat and we were looking forward to the Belfast Final of the Northern Ireland Primary Schools Cross-country Championships. I am delighted to write that our Cross-country Team won the Belfast Primary Schools Cup! Last year’s team have had a successful year at Senior School level with four of last year’s winning team going on to win the First Year title at the Ulster Schools in February at Mallusk. This year we again entered the Belfast East heat of the Northern Ireland Primary Schools Cross-country where the team was again placed second. Back Row: Scarlett Reid, Erin Stewart, Nina Reid, Rachel McClintock, Heidi McMillen, Amelia Kane won an individual Silver Isabella MacMahon,Washima Ahmed,  Amber Allen - a super performance as she is still Front Row: Rosie Park, Ellie Fullerton, Zoe Robinson,  Jenny Bullman, Emma Caldwell, only in P6. The Belfast Final is being Jana McCabe, Rebecca McDowell held in March.


penrhyn extra-curricular

KS1 Gymnastics Back Row: Niamh Hatfield, Lucinda Park,  Amelia Hazle, Scarlett Mooney, Madeleine Doherty,  Victoria Murray, Rebecca Kitchen, Rachel Lyle, Rachel Carson,  Abbie Thompson,  Alice Browne, Eva Gibson, Rachel Brett, Sarah Hylands, Lucy Wills, Celia Buchanan, Sophia Cochrane, Caitlin Corbett, Daisy Compton,  Alyssa Campbell, Lucie Maskery Middle Row: Charley Dougherty, Sophie Campbell, Ellie Patrick, Holly Humphreys, Laura Dunlop,  Abbie Conroy, Rebekah Devlin, Hannah Gilpin, Ayla Murray, Darcy Blair, Clara McWhinney, Daisy Johnston Front Row: Rachel Bowen,  Velvet Meharg, Isabella Harvey, Holly Allsopp, Emma Hanna, Katie Brown,  Alana Higgins, Martha Cupples, Eve Rainey

KS2 Gymnastics Back Row:  Amelia Kane (Left, leaning), Sasha Barrett-Ferris, Hannah Meredith, Halah Irvine, Ciara West, Nicole Hanna, Gabriella Park Front Row:  Aimee McGill, Lauren Mooney, Holly Gilpin, Ella Keane,  Alexandra Coetzee, Cecelia MacMahon,  Anna McCabe, Emma Hylands


Gymnastics Club

he school Gymnastics Club is run by Head Senior Club Coach Miss Sinead Mouncey. Our club caters for all levels of ability with the main emphasis of each class being FUN! Classes run on Wednesday afternoons for P5-7 and Friday afternoons for P2-4. Each session begins with a pulse-raising warm-up and body preparation exercises to promote each individual child’s natural range of movement, preparing muscles and joints for the session ahead. The club aims to promote a healthy, active lifestyle and to help form the basis for physical literacy development, thus providing fundamental skills and actions necessary for both gymnastics and a range of other sports. The club provides opportunities for all ability levels of general gymnastics within a range of controlled learning environments. The coaches aim to progressively develop core skills - such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination - and to provide each child with encouraging motivation, challenge and achievement in the form of rewards, badges, certificates and medals. Each member of the club is affiliated to British Gymnastics and the whole club is affiliated to Gymnastics NI. Membership of BG provides the girls with newsletters/magazines and links to follow gymnastics at all levels and disciplines. As a club we follow the British Gymnastics Proficiency, Sports Acrobatics, Floor and Vault awards schemes. In January, a selection of gymnasts from P5-P6 performed in a fantastic Open Day display. This year the display took on a Chinese theme and each girl worked extremely hard each week to learn the routine and add their own input. We celebrated our success with a treat ‘pizza day’. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss B Spence and Miss D Hart, the other coach and trainee assistant for their dedication: Keep up the good work - you are doing fantastic job! I would also like to thank all the parents and teachers for your continued support.


Vikings by P6

penrhyn literary section

Isabella Harvey, P2

Eva Gibson, P2

Ellie Johnston, P1

Tiffany McGowan, P1


penrhyn literary section Cigarette Side Effects

Cancer causing Ill-health bringing Gasping for breath Addiction inducing Risk increasing Taste affecting Throat damaging Energy reducing Smells awful!

Sorcha Corbett, P6

Smoking, Smoking

Smoking, smoking it’s a threat I’m hunting down your cigarettes Smoking, smoking you pay the debt For smoking awful cigarettes Smoking, smoking it kills It’s like taking lots of nasty pills Smoking, smoking don’t start yet And just pretend you’ve never met… The awful things called cigarettes! Ruby Allen, P6

Christmas in my House In my house we celebrate Christmas. We put up a Christmas tree and white decorations. My cats are called Shiloh and Tamber.  They love Christmas.  Tamber likes the boxes and Shiloh likes knocking the boxes down. My mum gets me a decoration every year so when I grow up I can take the decorations with me for Christmas. Eve Rainey, P4

Frightening Ghosts

The Wicked Witch

Close to the creepy castle is an orange dancing pumpkin. Inside the coffin is the biting Dracula. Behind the graveyard is the Freaky Frankenstein. In front of the haunted house is a bony skeleton. There stirring a pot is a freaky witch with her creepy cat. Inside the castle is a scary, wrapped mummy. Then, inside the haunted house is a frightening zombie. Madeline Doherty, P4

Wart is a witch. She has terrible skin. It is green, bumpy and she has a terrible wart. Her nose is long, pointy and twisted. Her lips are purple, old, small and tight. Her hair is black, messy, dull, tangled, twisted, purple and tatty. Her hat is crooked, pointy, black and old. Her laugh is cackles, evil, sour and bitter. Her eyes are red and evil. Her ears are pointy and small. Her neck is long and thin. Alice Browne, P4

The Bird’s Song There was once an Emperor who lived in a porcelain castle. The Emperor had a massive, green garden. The Head Gardener wasn’t even sure where the garden ended. The garden had the most beautiful flowers and breeze ever known. Many travellers brought gifts for the Emperor. There was a nightingale somewhere in the Emperor’s garden. The nightingale sang so beautifully in the garden. The Emperor wanted to hear the nightingale sing too. He commanded all of his servants to go and find the nightingale. None of them could find the nightingale. The Emperor was very cross but there was a little kitchen maid who said, “I know where the nightingale is”. “Lead me to her,” the Emperor said. So the kitchen maid walked out into the garden. They walked into the dark garden. “There’s the nightingale,” said the kitchen maid. The Emperor grew kind and the nightingale sang every day! Caitlyn Corbett, P4

The Cold Icy Day I woke up one wintry morning. There was snow all over the window. There were icicles hanging from the roof and all you could see was white. I could hear children screaming and laughing. The trees were leafless. I could see grey smoke coming out of the chimney. I saw patterns of snowflakes landing on the ground. Fiona MacIntyre, P4

Spooky Scary Hallowe’en In front of the dreadful devil stood the freaky Frankenstein. Behind the spooky spider stood the weird witch. Beside the scary skeleton stood grotesque ghosts. In between the creepy cats is the fang-tastic vampire. There is a creaking coffin. Above the slow zombie is the flapping bat. Victoria Murray, P4

The Witch Willow the witch’s skin is rough, green, bumpy and wrinkled. Her nose is long, pointy, crooked and has a big, hairy wart at the end. She has horrible, purple, old, small and tight lips. Her hair is stringy, dull and black. Willow has an evil, sour and bitter laugh. Her ears are small, round and smelly. Her eyes are evil and red. She has a black, tall and creepy hat. On her neck she has a spider and a brown choke necklace. Caitlyn Corbett, P4

The Artful Dodger

Confident, sneaky and slick He likes Oliver

Sophie Meeke, P7

Mrs Bedwin

Cares for Oliver She fancies Mr Bownlow She sings Where is love?


Sophie Meeke, P7

Bill Sykes

His name is Bill Sykes He is scary and violent He hates Oliver



Artful and cunning Has a mind to pick pockets And a charming smile Emma Carson, P7


Sophie Meeke, P7

Oliver is shy He is friends with Jack Dawkins His mother is dead

Rose Seller

Flowers so lovely Who will buy my red roses? As bright as the sky Emma McClenaghan, P7

Small and quiet lad Though gentle and kind-hearted Reunites with kin Emma Carson, P7

The Artful Dodger

Kate Bell, P7

The Artful Dodger Wants to impress Nancy And to kill Bill Sykes

Scarlett Reid, P7

penrhyn literary section Spooky Class

My House

“Oh no! I can’t believe our classroom is being moved down the hall!” said Cheryl. Everything in our classroom had to be packed up before school finished. Mrs Stevenson was stressed out! Her face turned red as she put her hands on her hips and yelled, “Girls, no talking! We are all here to work!” The girls were busy putting all the different items into huge brown boxes. The atmosphere was buzzing. Everyone was talking about how sad they were feeling because they were going to miss the classroom so much. The beautiful art, craft and English work was displayed on the walls. “I worked very hard.  We all did!” The walls were beginning to look bare and the room was really plain. I was feeling upset and annoyed that I had to leave. I had a tight lump in my throat because I was trying so hard not to cry. Suddenly, while all the girls were working I could see a flicker of light coming from the dark, wooden cupboard in the left-hand corner of the room. I was feeling scared, but excited at the same time. I looked around the classroom; it seemed spooky. The wires pulled out of the wall looked like long, black witches’ nails and spider webs were all around. The lights flickered and it went dark and dull. The ripped wallpaper looked like scary shadows taking over the room. I couldn’t see any of my classmates. It was as if they had all disappeared! I tip-toed along the creaky floorboards towards the creepy cupboard. I have never felt so frightened in all my life! I thought I was going to collapse. I had to be brave as I opened the dark cupboard my hands shaking. Bang! I jumped out of my skin! A box had fallen off a table crashing onto the floor. My classmates and teacher were still there, the lights are on and everything was back to normal. We were ready to leave now. The room was empty and echoed. But what about the cupboard? “We’ll save that for another day!” Cheryl Watson, P5

My house is in Belfast. It is dark red and very beautiful. It is near the school and it is number 26. My front door is black. My bedroom is very pretty because I have wonderful things in it. All my favourite toys are there. My curtains are pink and white and I have a fluffy, white carpet, which I love to lie on. At the back of my house I have a massive garden. I have a trampoline and I have a big, leafy tree. My kitten is called Magic and I have a cat called Pepsi and I hug them so much. They are the best cats in the world. My favourite room in the house is my bedroom because it is just so pretty and comfortable. I love going there when I’m tired and need a rest. I always feel happy in my bedroom. Jazmin McCormick, P3

My House My house is a big house and it is very close to Stormont. It is made from brown bricks. I have four bedrooms. My bedroom is pink and I have loads of toys in it. I keep them in a big box in the corner of my room.  My curtains have butterflies on them. I have a big dolls’ house.  The cover on my bed is Hello Kitty. My big sister’s room is purple. She has green curtains. She loves One Direction. There are lots of posters of them on her bedroom walls. My garden has a jungle gym and a playhouse and two swings and a slide and a secret passage. I have a scooter to play on. My hamsters live in their cages in the living room.  They are called Harry and Pip. I love to stroke them. My kitchen is very special. I love to bake cupcakes in it with my mum. It is really fun! Lucinda Park, P3

My Visit To A Neolithic Hut When they took me inside the big hut I saw that they did things very differently to us. They had made their house from twigs.  After they had finished fixing part of the roof, I was hoping that there wouldn’t be anything for me to do, so I could go home, but I found out there was quite a lot to do. The first thing they made me do was some harvesting and then I had to make flour.  After I had done that, I had to feed all their animals. Soon someone nice said, “Maybe we could let her go,” but that just put an idea into someone’s head that they could trade me. I was a bit scared and I thought I might get dumped with someone even worse (if that were possible). Later on that day, I found out that it was possible because I got wrapped up and I heard someone saying, “I’ll give you this great slave who has harvested my corn, made some flour from it and then fed all fifteen of my animals this morning for your most prized possession!” The man said, “No”, but someone beside him said he should do it, so he traded. When someone unwrapped me, I was about to run away when I found out I was in the Chief’s hut. As soon as the Chief saw me he knew I was the new slave so he gave me a three stone long list of things to do. When I had finished the first stone he gave me a reward of food. Then when I had finished half of the second stone I went up to him and he thought I had done it all, so he gave me one axe, two arrow heads and four spears. The first task on the last page was to get some water, but the only place to get water is here in my Mesolithic home. So I asked if I could get my reward before I left for the water. He said, “Yes!” and gave me two beautiful pots. Then I set off for the water and I thought whilst I am here I’ll stay and never go near their land again. So that’s what happened to me! So don’t wander off somewhere you don’t know! Rachel McDonald, P5

Anna Matthews, P1 81

penrhyn Letter from a Victorian Maid

Working in Victorian Mills

Berol Manor, Londonderry 12 December1861 Dearest Bertie, How are you? My dear Bertie, you WILL be out of the Workhouse soon, won’t you? Ah, yes. You are fourteen in three weeks. Not long to wait! I am doing well. My position is as a kitchen maid. I don’t enjoy the work, as you might have guessed, but we get good food. Gruel is not a patch on Cook’s rabbit pie!! The house is owned by Lord and Lady Berol. I shall try not to boast, but they are the richest landowners in the town! The others don’t understand me much, as they have posh accents and are not used to my rough, cockney accent. Bertie, you should see the rooms! It’s everything we pictured as kids.  The sitting room is the room I daringly peeped in to and got caught by Cook! I thought I was in danger of being dismissed, but I am a particular favourite of hers! As I was saying, the sitting room has thick carpet and I picture my feet sinking into the soft ground.  The sofas are velvet with silk throws and cushions.  There is a radio for Lord Berol to listen to. My favourite thing in that room is the gramophone.  The kitchen is where I do most of my duties. The kitchen is where the maids wash up, clean, chop, cut, pound, pluck and prepare. The unfair part is the fact that we get served last. It has copper pans and granite counters. The bedrooms are delightful. The two children each have their own bedrooms! Master Gregory has fine, wallpapered walls with a four poster bed.  Little Janie has a beautiful, pink cot with bows and lace.  The master bedroom has deep red walls and a massive four poster bed with a red velvet duvet with gold fringing. The family are very posh and uppity and act like we are nobodies, which makes me think that we  ARE nobodies. Lady Berol and Mistress Berol wear fine dresses and silks and satins. Lord Berol and Master Berol wear velvet waistcoats and bow ties and fine, tailored trousers. Our duties are very difficult and make my hands red raw and cut. We use washing soda which hurts our hands; we clean chopping boards, cut and pound up sugar and salt from large blocks, clean fish, pluck chickens, pheasants and other birds. We clean copper pans using silver sand, vinegar and salt. Lemon is also used to clean very detailed moulds for jellies and other foods.The lemon and salt and vinegar get in our cuts and it really hurts! The other servants are nice enough. I really like our housecleaner and cook, Mrs Twindle, but we call her Cook. The posh servants, such as the butler and footmen, look down their snooty noses at us, and the garden boy, Nathan is very handsome and kind. Sarah and Celia are my best friends here, but because we are always working, there isn’t much time for friends. I am having to work hard but as I work I think of my comfortable bed up in the attic. I am enjoying myself so don’t fret, my dear Bertie. All my love, Eliza xxx Kate Bell, P7

My House My house is brown and also the front door is brown. Before we knocked down walls in my house, it was black. My bedroom is big and pretty. I have a Moshi Monsters duvet cover and I have my own desk in my room that I can do my homework on. I have my own bathroom too. My bedroom walls are mint green and my curtains are white with butterflies on them. I have a white carpet. It’s very pretty, but gets dirty really easily. In my house the living room is really cosy.  The walls in my living room are white. The sofa is brown and has fur on it. I also have a fire in my living room. It’s very cosy and keeps me warm. My mum has her own computer and she keeps it under the table. My garden is very, very big. I have a pink swing and I also have a trampoline. I have cherry blossom trees in my garden also. They are very pretty trees. My mum and dad’s bedroom has white walls. My mum has a dressing table of her own. My dad and mum have their own wardrobes. Annie McLorinan, P3


Dear Prime Minister, My name is Phoebe Spratt and I am a journalist from the Daily Mail. Yesterday afternoon my boss, Mr Smith, asked me to write about the life of a Victorian employee and to find out what really happens behind those machines.  To be honest I was appalled and disgusted not only about what the adults have to go through, but what the children have to endure! Children from the age of five to about the age of twelve should be at school, NOT waking up every single day scared and frightened, dreading the day ahead! I was having a conversation yesterday with a seven year-old boy called Thomas, and I was literally trying to hold back my tears. I was so saddened that the child had lost his mother from the smoke and dust in the air which got blocked in her lungs, and he was trying to pay the bills as his sick father cannot work! He said he was deaf in one ear from the awful noise that the machines made and that he had quite a husky chest that was very painful when he coughed. This was because the oil, dust and soot were basically killing him. His boss, Mr Milligan, punishes the children with a cane if he thinks that they are slacking. Thomas’s best friend, William, died of lung disease at the age of six! Now do you really think that is acceptable? I would think not! Children are being used to make mill owners rich. They should be allowed to enjoy their childhood. The way things are now, children cannot go to school and they are risking their lives working in the mills. You must put laws in place immediately to stop this exploitation of children. Mill owners must be made to pay fair wages so that people can have decent lives. Yours sincerely, Phoebe Spratt. Phoebe Spratt, P7

Elessa Deeny, P3

parents' & old girls' associations Strathearn Parents’ Association Report


he Strathearn Parents’ Association exists to provide a means for parents to support the school, raise funds for additional resources and equipment and to plan events to help the girls enjoy their time at school. This has been a very busy year for the Parents’ Association. We have held four discos for forms one and two, which were enjoyed by over five hundred pupils from Strathearn, Campbell College and neighbouring schools. We have continued to run the Annual Summer Fete and this event has proved to be very popular with pupils, staff and parents from both Penrhyn and Strathearn.  The tea rooms and cake stall in particular are a reflection of the parents’ support and enthusiasm. This year the fete will help to launch the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of Penrhyn with a balloon release. We will be holding our first Parents’ Association fashion show in October 2013 which will involve the pupils and staff as models. We have also run a Trash Fashion competition and the outfits that the pupils have made will also be modelled at the show. As well as these events, we continue to provide and serve refreshments at school events and organise Hallowe’en and Christmas parties at Penrhyn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents from both schools who give so generously of their time throughout the year, enabling us to run events and to continue raising funds to benefit the school. In October 2012, we presented cheques to Strathearn for £7,500 and Penrhyn for £5,500. Finally, I would like to thank all those who serve on the committee for their support, enthusiasm and encouragement. New members are always welcome!

Shamara Thompson,  A-Level

Persuasion Dear Mother, I really want this vest top, it simply would look fine. And with the shorts I have at home, well, I would look divine. A pair of bright red Converse would really do the trick. Because without some designer shoes, I really would feel wick! From, Natalie Natalie Maguire, 1A

Lisa Kitchen


The Boxing Day Tournament

he Boxing Day Tournament this year was a great success; not only was the weather in our favour, but we also got the chance to play on the new AstroTurf pitch. There was a great turnout for the Old Girls’ Team with more than enough for two teams, thanks to Julie Stewart and her friends, who had left Strathearn twenty years ago. Due to the other teams having fewer numbers, the decision was made to make the tournament a 9-a-side game on a full pitch. The tournament was an evenly matched affair; however, the deciding match was between our Old Girls and Victoria Old Girls. Despite putting up a good fight, the Victoria Old Girls won the tournament with a 2-1 win. The tournament had a great atmosphere with everyone enjoying the annual meet. Thanks to Victoria Old Girls for providing the refreshments. After everyone had been fed and watered, the speeches began. Mrs Harvey presented Victoria Old Girls with the shield, and also Kate McConnell with the Strathearn Old Girls’ Cup, commending her on her success, not only in school hockey, but presently as the Pegasus Ladies 1st XI Captain. Thanks must go to Mrs Harvey who organised and ran the tournament. Thanks also to all the supporters and family, who always create a great atmosphere. Finally, thanks to all the Old Girls who turned up to represent our old school; it was a great turnout! I hope to see you all again this year… let’s bring the shield back home! Kerry Harvey


degrees & awards


he wide-ranging destinations of our sixth formers are published annually in the Prize Night Programme. Congratulations to all of our former pupils who have graduated this year! The Queen’s University, the University of Ulster and Durham University have notified us of a number of Degree successes, cited as follows:

Barry, Heather Blight, Elizabeth Brown, Caitlin Burgoyne, Rose Caddell, Serena Campbell,  Judith Cranston, Carly Campbell, Laura Cobain, Karen Coles, Holly Cowan, Sophie Cozzo, Lauren Cree, Hannah Douglas, Camille Duggan, Cara Dyer, Kristina Freel, Rebecca Gorman, Holly Gray, Laura Gwynne, Deborah Hayes,  Jenny Hewitt, Rebecca Jones, Laura Jordan, Stephanie Kennedy, Nichola Long,  Judith Lowey, Vicky Markwell, Stephanie Marsh, Caroline McBride, Diana McCabe, Lauren McGowan, Clare McKee, Lyndsey McKee, Sarah Morrison, Hayleigh Morrow, Laura Murray, Kathryn Payne, Laura Preece, Hannah Stanfield, Hayley Steed, Rebecca Thompson, Emma Tse, Kit-Sam Vallelly, Lauren Wilson, Rebecca


Queen’s University, Belfast, PhD Pharmacy Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Economics and Accounting Queen’s University, Belfast, MSci Applied Maths and Physics University of Ulster, BDes 3D Design University of Ulster, BSc Public Relations DPP University of Ulster, BSc Business with Marketing University of Ulster, BSc Geography with Education Queen’s University, Belfast, BA English Queen’s University, Belfast, Cert Teaching and Management of Literacy & Essential Skills Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Psychology Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc  Accounting Queen’s University, Belfast, PGCE Mathematics Queen’s University, Belfast, BSW Social Work Queen’s University, Belfast, BA English University of Ulster, BSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Queen’s University, Belfast, BA French and Spanish Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Biochemistry Queen’s University, Belfast, BA Film Studies and Modern History University of Ulster, BSc Social Work Queen’s University, Belfast, MSci Physics Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Accounting Queen’s University, Belfast, MSci Physics Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Psychology Queen’s University, Belfast, BA History Queen’s University, Belfast, MSc Management University of Ulster, BSc Physiotherapy University of Ulster, BSc Transportation Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Mathematics Queen’s University, Belfast, LLB Law University of Ulster, BSc Geography Queen’s University, Belfast, BA English University of Ulster, BA English with Film Studies Queen’s University, Belfast, PhD Management University of Ulster, BSc Biomedical Science DPP Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Computer Science University of Ulster, BA Fine and Applied Arts Queen’s University, Belfast, Dip Prof Legal Studies - Bar Queen’s University, Belfast, LLB Common and Civil Law with French Queen’s University, Belfast, LLB Law University of Ulster, BSc Speech Therapy Durham University, BA Geography Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Accounting with French Queen’s University, Belfast, FD Creative Multimedia Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Business Management Queen’s University, Belfast, BSc Geography

Awards and Individual Successes ongratulations to Sana Ashraf, who was placed first in CCEA A-level Physics and was also a recipient of a Silver medal from the Institute of Physics in Ireland. Sana is studying Medicine at QUB.

The School Magazine was edited by J Pauley and designed by K Carson. Special thanks to everyone who contributed in any way.



Front co ver ~ Fiona Anderson, A-level Back co ver ~ Katie Noble, A-level 86

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Magazine 2013  

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