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TAY Creggan Year 9 Envision Program 93 unstoppable girls, 6 week rotation to Explore, Enterprise and Engage. Our Year 9 Envision Program provides a unique and challenging experience for Year 9 students. The Year 9 students at Tay Creggan are involved 5 periods a week in Tay Creggan’s Envision program. Each student rotates through the following components, Explore, Enterprise and Engage. The program is one that promotes independence, interdependence and self- motivation. It has been designed around a rotating cycle of six-week experiences, carefully designed to build student engagement through a personalised learning model. In each of these components students are actively challenged, making choices and the focus is the development of life-long, transferable skills. The skills are as follows: 1. Problem solving 2. Communication 3. Financial literacy 4. Critical thinking 5. Creativity 6. Teamwork 7. Digital literacy 8. Presentation skills. At the end of each six week rotation, parents are invited to attend the

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Envision Event to celebrate their daughter’s learning. The Enterprise component sees the students working innovatively, being creative, taking and managing risks, having a can-do attitude and the drive to make their endeavour happen. The Enterprise component provides students with an opportunity to develop these skills in the context of an Envision Event. To date, the Year 9 community have been invited to take part in a night market with an international food theme and have been overwhelmed by a sit-down supper for 120 participants. The girls planned, budgeted and designed a menu that they could serve efficiently to the guest seated at a table that spanned the entire length of the Tay Creggan Hallway. The Explore component saw the students involved in a guided inquiry with the central theme being Melbourne. The students take part in a variety of excursions exploring the city of Melbourne. They then use these experiences to help create their art work. The ability of students to be able to develop and seek to answer their own questions is an essential part of education that is sometimes lost in Schools where the teachers tend to ask the questions. The Guided Inquiry Model provides a structure that supports real exploration by students, that opens up their world to new understandings. It fosters a spirit of curiosity. The students were very proud of the art work that they created and their political

pieces showed thought and insight and generated much discussion amongst the parents who attended the gallery opening. At the second Envision event, the students used their Melbourne inspirations to create lanterns which adorned the supper table as well as beautiful greeting cards for the parents to take home. The creative process is developed in the component titled Engage. It is no longer sufficient for students to do well in tests. Skills of engagement with others in various forms are essential in preparing for the 21st Century workforce. The student focus for this component is to provide entertainment and technology for the Enterprise endeavour. The Engage students have created scripts and drama productions, composed and performed musical pieces and produced movies for a film festival. As members of the Engage group, students were able to organise, plan and research their work; evaluating the effectiveness of their scripts and their theatrical intent. In their Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Musical production they brought the story to life with engaging characters and stagecraft; worked with projection lighting and sound software and effectively presented their finished product to a most captivated and entertained audience. These Year 9 girls are unstoppable! Julie Plymin, Head of Tay Creggan

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