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Environmental Superhero Contest Thank-you to everyone who participated in the Environmental Superhero contest. We had a lot of great entries and wanted to share some of them with you! Congratulations to Breanna who was our grand prize winner. Her artwork will be displayed on page one.

This is Nature girl! She uses her super powers to clean up the earth from garbage by recycling it. She uses her tornado power to suck up the garbage, then make flowers grow that make the earth look nice. Congratulations on your picture Breanna!

Alexis, age 13 This is Aqua Girl. She cleans up all the water so the fish and people who swim are safe.

Melody, age 13

Michelle, age 13

Sarah, age 12

This is Super Air. She cleans up all the air pollution so all the plant life can live.

This is Lady Ozone. She blasts the ozone up to rebuild the ozone layer.

My Super Heroine My heroine’s name would be The Earth Protector. She would have the power to zap back forests, protect animals from poachers, and create fusion. The more forests there are, the less CO2 there would be which means less Greenhouse gases. Less Greenhouse gases is important for our earth because it would protect animals habitats like the polar bear who are dying because the ice is melting too fast for them to make their journey to get food. We need to protect animals as much as we can so they don’t go extinct. The energy sources we are currently using create a lot of CO2 gases which are contributing to global warming and are making our earth less green. The earth’s protector’s powers to create fusion would be good for the environment because it would create an energy source that doesn’t pollute.

Christopher, age 9

- Hannah, age 9 This superhero’s name is Battery Bob. His favorite food is squid. His favorite color is green. His main objective is to stop people from putting batteries in the trash. Every 6 months I want there to be a new thing called the battery box, then no more batteries can hurt the Earth! So please help Battery Bob protect the planet!

Ethan The Super Tree Grower can regrow trees when they’re cut down or killed by disease.

Evelyn, age 8 This superhero’s name is Kristina, the garbage fairy. She will teach kids to put garbage on the tip of their driveway. Kristina will fly around Sherwood Park and zap the coffee cups and cigarette butts into fruit trees. Now if you litter she will turn the little kids into pumpkins and the big kids into scarecrows; then they will learn.

My Super Heroine My Super Heroine’s power would be to take away anything that is bad to the earth and keep the things that are good. Her name would be Super Environment Girl. If there was someone being bad to mother Earth, she would stop them. She would teach them to do better things for Mother Earth. If we are good to Mother Earth, we can have a clean place to live. - Lauren, age 5

Amy, age 11 She’s a teenager that gets teased in school because of her long arms, but little do they know that these super long arms help her keep her community clean by reaching in the rivers and lakes and pulling out trash. Long arms aren’t her only difference, she also has gills that she hides under her T-shirt and eyes like a beaver to see under water clearly when she’s swimming. Her name is Betsy, and her super name is “Aquamarina!”

Faith, age 13


Goergia, age 10

Hope, age 14

Jake. age 13

He cleans up waste, water and makes sure everything is environmentally friendly. He also cleans up pollution.

The duck makes recyclables grow legs and jump into the proper recyclable place.

Jenna, age 12 Oil man is an amazing superhero! He goes to Oceans and Seas all over the world to clean up spilled oil!

Jordy, age 14

Josh, age 13

Kayley, age 5 Superhero Jessica would zap the garbage and vacuum it up, but first she would re-use some of it to build fairy houses!

Kendra, age 13

Luke, age 13 This is Captain Ozone! His super powers are to re-build the ozone layer, suck up trash and plant trees with his eyes and utility belt!

Keri, age 9

Mason R., age 13 Garbage Man snaps his fingers and all the garbage in the world goes into the nearest garbage can!

Mason L, age 13

Orson, age 3

Lothar, age 5

This is super garbage eater! He has a large nose to smell garbage really well, sharp teeth to eat garbage, big hands to grab garbage, a loud beep noise from his mouth if the garbage is supposed to recycle to make people run back and change their garbage to recycle. He can lift a whole bunch of garbage over his head without bending his knees. He has a secret place where he eats garbage and makes it disappear. He is very nice and not scary.

This is Recycle Baby! He walks on little legs to the bottle depot. He has really big eyes to see all the bottles.

Michelle, age 13

Skye, age 13

Renee M, age 8

Tarin, age 13 My garbage monster has x-ray vision that seeks out garbage and destroys all waste and dangerous materials.

Owen, age 13

Julia, age 13

Jonah, age 9

Thank - you to everyone who entered!

Strathcona County superhero contest  

Compilation of entries for the eco-superhero contest

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