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Gallery at a Glance Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”






Gallery@501 is a contemporary art gallery in Strathcona County that features artwork from local, national, regional and international artists in a variety of media. Cross-curriculum connections are the focus of the tour and studio components of these programs. Engaging, interactive gallery tours & exhibition-linked, hands-on studio projects are designed for the grade level, with age appropriate content, language and studio materials. Education Programs are available for students in grades K to 12. Visual arts education programs provide an in-depth, substantial experience for the students, inspiring communication, flexibility, forward thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation. Art reveals our stories, history, culture, technology, global community, and a sense of meaning, place and identity in this world. Education Programs are designed to feature cross-curriculum connections, to inspire this visual literacy in your students. Interested in booking a program? See last page for booking details.

gallery 501

Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”



Curriculum Connections

‘Wild Thing!’

“Like all genres of artistic examination, visual representations of animals by Alberta artists reflect the various artistic styles practised throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first century. From realistic renderings to abstract impressions, the artists in the exhibition Wild Thing! have pursued the ‘wild things’ of Alberta and beyond, capturing them in a variety of manners, with a diversity of materials, and for a multitude of reasons.”

Visual Arts

Sept 6 - 30, 2011

K-6 • reflect & respond to visual forms in nature • shape, negative space, texture, proportion • natural forms relate to their environment • movement, composition, printmaking basics

7-9 • experiment with color effects & compositions • proportion, pattern, form & structure in nature • line, value, texture in natural environment • altering form, creating mood • images of nature change through time & across cultures

Curated by Shane Golby (AGA, AFA TREX) This exhibition features work in a variety of media, including printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture. “Fox” by Vivian Lindoe Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

10-12 • principles of design, composition • image transformation & cultural role • exaggeration, abstraction, point of view • learn about various artists and what influences their style and identity

Additional artwork from the Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Collection of the Government of Alberta, have been added to augment the Wild Thing! exhibit.

Sciences - Special Feature K-6

Studio Project – Printmaking

• life cycles and needs of animals • characteristics of animals • ecosystem, environment • colour creation & use on various surfaces • seasonal changes (hibernation) • exploring through senses • survival issues, extinction • habitat preservation

K-6: Printmaking Basics Create animal prints that reflect an understanding of elements of design. Discover how art tells stories, reveals culture, and connects ideas. Learn how artists visually communicate the science of the animal kingdom.

“High Country” by Adeline Halvorson Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts


7-9: Linocut Printmaking Learn how to communicate ideas about animals & the environment. Expand from the basics of design & print media. Develop visual language and viewer engagement skills.

• biological diversity & species survival • interactions and interdependencies • impacts of human action on species

10-12: Mixed Media Printmaking Explore animal symbolism and globalization effects on habitats. Express personal opinions through design, layering of images and materials choices.

Social Studies

10-12 • living systems & their environment • species diversity, food chains • adaptation of organisms to their environments

K-6 • cultural identity through symbols, stories • land, community, ways of life

7-9 • social participation & communication • inquiry, cooperation, creative thinking

10-12 • globalization and effects on environment • animals as food, cultural symbols, identity

“Skunk” by Diane McGeachy

Language Arts

K-9 • discover & explore ideas of others • interpret & analyze visual language • clarify meaning & engage audience • develop confidence in sharing & responding • cooperate with others in a group

Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

10-12 • respond to how visuals influence perception • extend awareness & construct meaning from context

#120 - 501 Festival Ave. Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3



gallery 501

Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”



Curriculum Connections

‘Half-Breed Mythology’

Half-Breed Mythology “Referencing his mixed cultural heritage, Aaron Paquette’s investigation of Scandinavian mythology and Aboriginal storytelling seamlessly creates a new narrative. Within the context of the legacy of colonialism, these pieces consider the struggles, isolation and ambivalent benefits of inclusion that come with the title ‘halfbreed’.

Visual Arts

Aaron Paquette Oct 11 - 30, 2011

K-6 • decorative styles, express feeling/message • refine & critique compositions • valuing, reflecting & appreciating culture

7-9 • expressive image creation • explore color, alteration of form, depth • identify theme and style variations


This exhibition features work in acrylic painting and collage on paper and canvas.

“Dream Shadows” by Aaron Paquette Courtesy of the Artist

• investigate visual relationships • express meaning, identity & personal history

Half-Breed Mythology was curated by Paul Smith and coordinated by Shane Golby for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program, organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta. This exhibition was made possible through sponsorship from Syncrude Canada Limited.

• image content, cultural reflection

Social Studies - Special Feature K-6 • appreciate multiple perspectives & cultures • community, diversity, belonging • First Nations stories, identity, challenges


About Face “The exhibition About Face examines questions of identity from the perspective of First Nations artists. Focusing on the artistic genre of portraiture, the artworks and related materials in this exhibition address the history of First Nations representation, and thus artistic perceptions of First Nations identity in Canada since the early 1800s. “Down and Out/City Living” by Aaron Paquette Courtesy of the Artist

‘About Face’ Oct 11 - 30, 2011

• urbanization, immigration, intercultural contact • identity, demographics, colonialism • explore critical, creative & historical thinking

10-12 • globalization shaping identity & cultures • nationalism, collective consciousness • ideology, individual/collective beliefs & values

Sciences K-6

In a quest for self-determination and selfidentity, the artists in their exhibition re-define traditional Euro-Canadian artistic perceptions of First Nations peoples. Through the lens of a camera, or in paint, pastel and pencil, they perform an ‘about face’ and through their works invite the viewer to re-examine traditional or stereotypical perceptions of First Nations peoples.”

• color – theory, mixing, transparent, opaque • sensory perception

Language Arts - Special Feature K-9 • explore thoughts, feelings & experiences • respect individual differences • reflect, analyze, synthesize & evaluate ideas • enhance & improve expression • respect others and strengthen community • language preserves & enriches culture

This exhibition features work in a variety of media, including painting, printmaking, digital photography and collage.

10-12 • increase understanding of self and others • develop critical viewing strategies & skills • learn how images convey ideas, values, beliefs • consider audience and context

Curated by Shane Golby (AGA, AFA TREX)

Studio Project – Painting an Identity “Red Willow” by George Littlechild Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

K-6: Color & Composition Create personal portraits that explore symbols & ideas about identity. Explore colour, design and image choice to reflect meaning, culture and personal perspective. 7-9: Painting with Textured Collage Learn how art materials can engage a sensory reaction, and reveal deeper meanings about subject. Expand ideas about identity, community and self.

“Many Moons” by Alex Janvier Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts


10-12: Mixed Media Painting Express personal identity through image content, materials choice, and cultural reflection. Develop visual communication skills, respect for other cultures, and valuing of self & personal history.

#120 - 501 Festival Ave. Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3


gallery 501 Exhibition ‘Sitting Bull and the Moose Jaw Sioux’ Dana Claxton Nov 7 - Dec 16, 2011

Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”


Curriculum Connections

Dana Claxton is part of a generation of First Nations artists who employ strategies of contemporary art to address the impact of history on the present.

Visual Arts

Dana’s great-great grandmother fled the US, her homeland, during a heightened period of American imperialism and Indian wars. The mass hanging of Dakota men in Minnesota, still one of the largest mass hangings in the US, saw the hanging of 39 men. In Sitting Bull and the Moose Jaw Sioux, a 2003 four-channel video installation, Dana traces the history of the resulting Lakota and Sioux settlements in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This exhibition features work in a digital installation format. This installation does not contain any violent images. All grade levels can make curricula connections to this dynamic work. Commissioned and toured by the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery

K-6 • visual storytelling, cultural symbols & context • interpret meaning & mood, craftsmanship • framing images, composition & technological media 7-9 • experiment with color effects & mixed media • analyze relationships among images • explore transparency & opacity • visual symbols & cultural groups 10-12 • apply visual, analytical & critical skills • use non-traditional approaches in 2D • investigate cultural traditions and imagery • technology, photography & film

Social Studies - Special Feature K-6 • history of land & people in Canada, identity • diversity, rights, respecting differences • stories, challenges, community, traditions 7-9 • global consciousness, respect humanity • origins, histories & movement of people • identity, immigration, historical thinking 10-12 • historical globalization & Indigenous peoples • nationalism, identity, symbolism • ideology, individual and collective action


Studio Project – Transparent Histories K-6: Seed Mosaics Learn about First Nations cultural traditions, symbols and history. Explore visual storytelling by creating a colourful mosaic using a variety of seeds and plant materials. Discover how cultures preserve history and how visual arts can connect people across cultures, and subject matters. 7-9: Film Collage Create portraits by using film in a new way to capture a well known image/ icon. Experiment with mixed media & the elements of design to reflect image, identity, symbolism and culture. Expand upon communication skills, critical thinking and interpretation ability.

“Sitting Bull and the Moose Jaw Sioux” by Dana Claxton. Installation images photographed at the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, September 9 - October 24, 2004. Photographs by Don Hall.

10-12: Transforming Film Design & create a personal reflection on history & culture, using non-traditional approaches with film media. Develop storytelling skills through visual media. Inspire reflection & dialogue through choices of design, image and materials.

#120 - 501 Festival Ave. Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3


K-6 • sound & communication • light, transparent & opaque materials 7-9 • interdependency with environment • collaborate, make observations • light and optical systems 10-12 • the changing earth, habitat destruction

Language Arts K-9 • exploratory language: share ideas & emotions • respond personally to oral & visual ideas • manage ideas & information in context • language preserves & enriches culture 10-12 • how oral language tells a community’s stories • increase understanding of self and others • visual imagery & contemporary life • creating context with visuals and text

Drama - Special Feature K-6 • develop empathy through experiencing thoughts & feelings of other cultures, as expressed through stories • learn about tolerance & respect through artist choices of space, size of work, & storytelling 7-9 • acquire knowledge of self & others through reflection on dramatic experience • expand interpretation skills through sounds, images, words and emotions in work 10-12 • communication, reflection, appreciation • make connections with images, text, emotion, design, sound & story content


gallery 501

Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”

Exhibition ‘Untitled’


Curriculum Connections

Blair Brennan

Visual Arts

Blair Brennan, Patrick Reed & Richard Boulet Jan 9 – Feb 26, 2012

“Sacra Privata is a body of drawings … quick, spontaneous, automatic and ragged but, most important, they are frequent. At times they have functioned as a sort of diary of a difficult time in my life…but also a record of recovery and reconstruction after disintegration….Both literary and visual diaries are the result of a kind of compulsion…a visual diary can transform private experience in a manner that is relevant for the author and the viewer.”


A selection of works from the series “Sacra Privata” by Blair Brennan

• interpret artworks literally • express a feeling or message • drawing media & techniques explored • gesture, contour, shape, line, space • interpret artworks for their symbolic meaning • details, patterns, textures, form, perspective

7-9 • expressive line, value, texture, space • art vocabulary for analysis of artworks • investigate visual relationships • composition, space, proportion, line, pattern • mood, emotion, communication • basic art criticism vocabulary • alteration & exaggeration of form

Richard Boulet Boulet has visually created 212 dream descriptions written by Naguib Mahfouz, an Egyptian writer. Boulet combines symbolism, surrealism, text, personal interpretation, and disconnected imagery into mixed media drawings, inspired by Mahfouz’ writing. An interesting experiment in connecting to dream symbolism, political commentary, psychological content and artistic licence.

10-12 • description, expression & cognition in drawing • emotional impact, altering format & process • expressing personal stories • non-traditional approaches to media & format • strengthening compositional skills • develop interpretation & critiquing skills • valuing personal style, expression, opinion

Social Studies

Patrick J Reed Reed combines symbols, images, text, and content from contemporary culture, and changes their meaning through layering, juxtaposition, cropping, etc. Themes include material culture, decay, changes in human order, identity, fragility, visual puns, and contrasting relationships. “Both dreadful and spectacular, it is an attempt to discuss a troubling world while recognizing the vastness of its complexity.” “Dream 45” by Richard Boulet

K-6 • engage in active inquiry & critical thinking • identity, community, cultural/global values

7-9 • cultural dialogue & influences • historical vs contemporary values & ideals

10-12 • effects of urbanization & consumerism • identity in context of world events & influences

Language Arts - Special Feature K-9

Studio Project – Drawing

• share thoughts, ideas, experiences • express & acknowledge emotions • make observations, opinions, hypotheses • analyze, evaluate & respond to text • explore multiple interpretations • respond personally, form values & beliefs • consider authors, audience, context • expand collaboration skills • develop understanding & respect diversity

K-6: Drawing Explore elements of design in new ways with various drawing tools. Combine dreams & imagination with real images. Learn to use variation of colour, line, & shape to represent image, mood and story. 7-9: Drawing Create subconscious narrative drawing around the theme of “horror vacui”, or “fear of empty space”. Learn about artists in art history that use this technique, such as Arabesque Islamic art, Renaissance art, hieroglyphs & Where’s Waldo books.

“Kozgna Upsuth 10” by Patrick J Reed


10-12 • understand & appreciate language • reflect on cultural values & universal themes • how language can be used to create humour, pathos, multiple layers of meaning • critical thinking & viewing skills • learn to interpret & construct meaning • explore how images can be used to convey ideas, values and beliefs • consider authors, audience & context

10-12: Drawing Take the above projects further to explore Pop culture’s use of icons, cartoons and symbolism. Explore an urbanistic approach to mark-making and express ideas about identity and consumerism.

#120 - 501 Festival Ave. Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3


gallery 501

Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”

FREE Added Value Programs We know that planning a field trip can come with challenges in terms of school scheduling, program fees, transportation, curriculum connections, time commitments and more. Our goal is to help connect you with quality education opportunities within your community that are suited for your needs and make the best of your field trip experience. When you book a program with Gallery@501, we’d be pleased to help you create a tour package that includes visits to the following facilities in our vicinity at no extra cost. Times are flexible at each location, so we can customize a program that works within your schedule.

Ask Gallery@501 staff to book one or more of these FREE added value programs for you when you book your gallery program:

Strathcona County Library Bring your school group K to 12 to the Strathcona County Library, where they can enjoy a tour and short program. The program portion can consist of anything from a storytime, a research/curriculum based presentation, book talks on award winners or other staff picks. School Programs at the Library are usually about an hour in length. 780-410-8600

Community Centre Artrium

Festival Place Get a behind the scenes tour of this vibrant performing arts facility, and learn how performers, staff and stage crew bring countless productions and programs to life for our community. Tour is about 30 minutes in length. Watch for more exciting opportunities for schools in the next Gallery at a Glance in November. 780-449-3378

The Artrium is a permanent visual arts display area that features artwork from the Strathcona County Permanent Art Collection, as well as rotating community exhibitions. Groups can book a Gallery Educator to lead a short interactive tour through this space, located next to the Library.

Public Art Tour The Community Centre features a variety of dynamic public art pieces from the Strathcona County Collection. A Gallery Educator can take your group through the Centre to see artwork by Alex Janvier, Manola Borrajo-Giner, and a brand new sculpture by Catherine Burgess, Walter Jule and Roy Mills. A Gallery Educator can also be booked to guide your group in on-site drawing from the public art, or from indoor or outdoor subject matter (architecture, landscape).

Council Chambers Tour Engage your students in social studies with a tour through the Strathcona County Council Chambers. See where debate and discussion about our community happen, and learn about local government process.


Interior of Gallery @ 501

#120 - 501 Festival Ave. Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3

This large multi-purpose event space hosts community events, programs, performances, private bookings and general public-use space for the Centre. Let us know if your group would like to book in to eat their lunches in this area, or in the outdoor East or West Plazas.



gallery 501

Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”

Interested in Full Day Programs?

Teachers Note:

If you are looking for a full day field trip experience, there are great opportunities for your school group in our community. The following facilities host cultural programs for school groups, with options for a variety of grade levels. Please contact them directly to set up this portion of your field trip experience, as they are off-site from the Community Centre, and you’ll require transportation arrangements. Note: There is a fee for these programs below.

Looking for teacher resources & education materials? Check out Education Station. Meeting other teachers for lunch one day? Try out Vicky’s Restaurant. Both are located next to Gallery@501.

Homeschool Programs Homeschool groups are welcome to book any of the Gallery@501 Education Programs listed in this brochure, and participate in the Free Added Value Programs when they book a program at the Gallery. Visual Arts Programs for homeschoolers are also available at the Smeltzer House Centre for Arts & Culture. For Smeltzer House programs call 780-464-2023, or check out the current recreation guide at Homeschool groups can also contact the Strathcona County Museum & Archives for program opportunities.

Environmental Awareness

Clay Hut at the Smeltzer House Centre for Arts & Culture The Clay Hut offers a unique hands-on clay program for school groups, in a real pottery studio setting. Students can hand-build a sculpture piece, with a theme connecting to grade level curriculum. Clay work is kiln fired for pickup at a later date, and can be painted back in the school classroom. The Clay Hut is located at #1 Broadmoor Blvd, just north of the traffic circle, and is a Strathcona County, Recreation, Parks & Culture facility. For fee information and to book a program, please contact Smeltzer House at 780-464-2023.

Strathcona County Museum & Archives

Gallery@501 staff are environmentally conscious, and strive to minimalize the impact our Education Programs have on the environment. For this reason, many recycled materials are used within our programs – both for environmental sustainability and to educate the public about new uses for materials within art-making.

Special Thanks Gallery@501 would like to thank the following organizations and staff for their support of our Education Programs: Strathcona County Elk Island Public School Board Elk Island Catholic School Board Strathcona County Museum & Archives Festival Place Strathcona County Library Community Centre Smeltzer House & Clay Hut Magic Lantern Theatres Education Station Rainbow Cinemas

The Strathcona County Museum is located on 913 Ash Street just off Wye Road. The museum has developed hands-on interactive exhibits modeled after a rural community in the 1900s portraying the history and heritage of Strathcona County. Tour guides provide engaging tours with students while exploring the historical exhibits and artifacts. Educational activity booklets are available which augment Alberta Education’s curricula, highlight community history and enhance museum learning experiences for students in Grades 1-4. 780-467-8189


#120 - 501 Festival Ave. Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3


gallery 501

Education Programs 2011/2012

“Providing cross-curriculum aligned visual literacy programs”

Booking Information

Custom Programs & Curriculum Alignment

How to Book a Program Fill out the Education Programs Booking Form, found at (under Education Programs) and return it to:

Kris Miller, Education Programmer Art Gallery @ 501 #120 - 501 Festival Avenue Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4X3

If you would like us to design a program to suit your specific needs, please contact us. We can adapt our programming to fit with your class size, a special class project, class time available, etc. The curriculum connections that are included in this brochure are only a sampling from the subject areas within the Alberta Curriculum. If you are interested in a tour that aligns more closely with, or focuses on, a particular subject of study, please contact us and we’d be happy to work with you to create a program that fits your needs. Cost will depend on the program design.

Payment information When you arrive for your program, an invoice will be given to you, to take back to the school. This invoice will reflect the number of students that arrived that day. Please have your school make out a cheque to Strathcona County and send it to gallery@501. This info and mailing address will be on the invoice. Teachers, Education Assistants, and parent helpers attend for free.

phone 780.410.8585 or fax 780.410.8580

Booking Confirmation First you will receive a Booking Confirmation Email to confirm we’ve received your Booking Form, and can accommodate your day/time & program requests. Next, you will receive a Tour Package in the mail, which includes: Education Package – exhibition information, resources, and pre & post-tour activities for the classroom Tour Info – checklist, gallery guidelines, chaperone info, etc

Program Options & Fees for Gallery@501 Exterior of Gallery @ 501

(includes free added value programs)

Gallery Tour only

30 - 45 min

Studio Project only

30 - 45 min $5/person

Gallery Tour & Studio Project 1.5 - 2 hrs

$5/person $7.50/person

Upcoming Programs in 2012

Teachers, Education Assistants, and parent helpers attend for free.

Watch for the next Gallery at a Glance, which will feature Education Programs from March to June of 2012.

Program Times


Education Programs are offered between 9am and 3:30pm. If you would like to book outside these hours, please contact the Gallery at 780-410-8585.

Please call 780-410-8585, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Re-scheduling Process If you need to re-schedule your program, please contact us as soon as possible so we can open up the time for other groups. We’d be happy to schedule in your group at another time that is convenient for you.

#120 - 501 Festival Ave. Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3



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