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Hoot Owl Watch out! I am HOOT OWL. I am hungry. And here I come! Hoot Owl is no ordinary owl. He’s a Master of Disguise and he plans to use his cunning camouflage powers to gobble up the tiny animals of the night. Trouble is, Hoot Owl’s prey keep escaping! Is Hoot Owl as masterful as he thinks he is? Will he become a member of the Owl Parliament? And will he EVER succeed in catching himself some dinner? FAMILY

Wednesday 21st February 2018 11:30am & 2:30pm

LIVE! Original songs, colourful puppets, animation, and hilarity, ridiculousness abound in this wildly inventive new show from Proon Productions, based on the ‘Laugh Out Loud Book Award’-shortlisted picture book by Sean Taylor, with sets faithful to Jean Jullien’s visually creative illustrations. Suitable for ALL the family aged 4+

Ticket Price: £10 - Family ticket £35

David Starkey Henry VIII: The First Brexiteer?


Friday 23rd February 2018 7.30pm

Henry VIII, like a colossus, bestrides the history of our country. He invented the idea of British uniqueness; in fact, the Reformation could be defined as the first Brexit, when his ministers devised the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty. In this talk David Starkey draws on his unique knowledge of Henry’s reign to examine his tumultuous personal life, which pitted religion against politics as brutally as in our own age of Isis, through to the Grand Tourists who bought European culture with British money, all offering so very many parallels with the Brexit situation we find ourselves in today.

Ticket Price: £16

Phoenix Players - Once Upon A Time An original show, written and directed by Lee Holt, harnessing a collaboration of fairy-tale characters and famous musical-theatre numbers to boot!


1st - 4th March 2018 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Centring around, Lottie, ‘Red’, who has been searching to fill the hole of a loss. Red stumbles upon a lost wolf who leads her into an enchanted forest in the heart of ‘Fae’. Along her journey she meets the kind and endearing likes of Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Dorothy (from Oz!), and comes face-to-face with devilish rogues such as Captain Hook, Mr Smee and his girlfriends: (yes, plural!) the Ugly Sisters. Fae and all of its inhabitants live in fear of the Evil Queen’s ‘prodigy’, Nyx; a name that they only dare whisper. Will Red discover her true destiny before it’s too late? Will the Wolf ever claim his Kingdom back? Will Tinkerbell ever be able to walk in a straight line?! Come and see this enchanting show to find out…

Ticket Price: £12 - Concession: £10 - Family ticket (4 people with max. of 2 adults): £35, Group ticket: buy 10, get 1 free

Box Office 01789 207100

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Spring Summer 2018