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Leadership—Options for Learning and Developing

Training Courses Qualifications Self Study Briefing Coaching Action Learning Sets Mentoring Shadowing Team Building Job Enrichment Job Rotation Secondment


Option Training Courses

Examples of potential application

Description Structured off site events designed to develop skills or knowledge in support of specific qualities. They allow for concentrated focus on specific skills or knowledge but time away can be disruptive or costly and learning approach may not suit all. • Leading Change: Theory and potential approaches • Improve and manage performance: Behaviours and skills e.g. listening/

feedback • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Problem solving logic and

models • Effective Working Relationships: Self-awareness and awareness of

others Structured programme leading to specific internal or external qualification—can involve most forms of learning. Provides recognition and Qualifications credibility but may not always deal with specifics of the actual job and likely to be expensive in terms of direct and opportunity costs.

Examples of potential application

Self Study

Examples of potential application

• Leading Change: Academic theory through e.g. MBA • Thinks Strategically: Theory and wider knowledge through e.g. MBA • Results and value for money: Accountancy/risk management/ project

management qualifications Individual reading or on line research sometimes following a specific “distance learning” package. Provides flexibility on timing and can be tailored to precise needs of individuals. But may be difficult to maintain momentum unless paired with other activity involving contact with others and not suit individual’s preferred learning style. • Thinks Strategically: Reading on wider business/political environment • Results and value for money: Accountancy/risk management/ project

management • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Working through models or



Individual or team briefing session by a manager to impart knowledge about the organisation/team’s progress/goals/strategies/policies. Enables information to be targeted to local context and personalised and can be flexible in terms of timing and audience. Limited mainly to information and depends upon ability and willingness of manager.

Examples of potential application

• Thinks Strategically: Senior briefings on organisational position • Results and value for money: Explanation of targets and results

Option Coaching

Examples of potential application

Action Learning Sets

Description Informal interactive 1:1 facilitation by outside coach or by line manager as part of on the job training. Can be made very specific to individual’s job and perceived needs but depends on coach having appropriate skills and available time. • Leading Change: Working through management problems in time of

change • Thinks Strategically: Drawing on wider relevant experience of coach • Effective Working Relationships: Feedback on personal impact

A process of learning followed by reflection and action carried out in a group (Set) working collaboratively in which each can raise and work through problems. The individual can focus the need and gets and gives experience and knowledge. Usually away from work place and can involve disruption. Requires considerable commitment from both the individual and the organisation. • Leading Change: Working through management problems in time of

Examples of potential application

change • Improve and manage performance: Discussing difficult performance

management issues and developing strategies for handling them • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Working through specific

problems and opening up new options


Examples of potential application


Examples of potential application

Arrangement with a more experienced colleague outside of management chain to help guide and develop an individual. Informal and job related it is a good way of overcoming newness to job or role and not very disruptive. But tends to be limited to general advice rather than more concentrated coaching. • Leading Change: Getting advice on new work in time of change • Thinks Strategically: Drawing on wider relevant experience of mentor • Problem solving and Decision making: Advice and help with problems

and tasks not faced before Attaching an individual to an experienced colleague to observe how they work and learn techniques and knowledge. Provides a safe environment to learn in and can be focused on specific relevant areas. But not all find learning by seeing very effective and require willing colleague who can handle the process effectively. • Leading Change: When new to a job to get quick overview • Results and value for money: to learn about managing projects




Structured activity for teams designed to identify team needs, ways of working, communication and thereby enhance collective effort. By working together and recognising each others strengths this can be an Team Building effective way of improving individual and team performance but it will not work unless team agree on the purpose and are prepared to commit. Can also be costly both directly and indirectly in terms of time spent.

Examples of potential application Job Enrichment Examples of potential application

Job Rotation

Examples of potential application


Examples of potential application

• Improve and manage performance: Focusing on priorities and

agreeing actions • Effective Working Relationships: Creating mutual understanding of

strengths and needs Adding stretching tasks or responsibilities to an individual’s role to help develop skills and learning. It enables development to be gradual from a tried basis and in a familiar environment but it may not be possible to organise when needed and can impact adversely on the jobs of others. • Results and value for money: Giving someone a specific stretching

project which can be monitored and evaluated • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Encouraging someone to

research a specific area and develop ideas for improvement Changing jobs regularly to allow individuals to gain a wider experience and understand better the needs of other jobs. It can provide variety and challenge and produce greater team flexibility but regular changes can be disruptive for individuals or the work and may dilute expertise. • Results and value for money: providing better understanding of what

the components of effective results are • Effective Working Relationships: Developing mutual understanding

and ability to stand in for each other in a team to achieve better overall effort Moving an individual, usually for a set period of time to another department or organisation to gain experience which will be relevant on return. It can provide new but relevant challenges and provide a wider perspective. But it removes experience from the work area and the individual may “lose touch” with existing work and colleagues and have difficulty re-engaging on return. • Leading Change: Seeing new approaches • Improve and manage performance: Developing wider based

performance management strategies • Problem Solving and Decision Making: Identifying alternative

techniques and approaches

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Leadership Options for Learning and Development  

A guide to the options that are available for leadership learning and development