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Sage CRM Essentials Data Sheet

Sage CRM Essentials A cloud-based solution, Sage CRM Essentials helps manage your sales pipeline and co-ordinate calendars, while giving you instant and transparent access to the information you need. Get up and running immediately, accelerate your sales performance, and analyse, manage and collaborate on all your opportunities with Sage CRM Essentials.

Perfect for: • Automating the sales process quickly and easily • Focusing on the most profitable sales opportunities • Getting the information you need in the office or on the move • Having a single shared view of every sale • Developing a deeper understanding of your sales performance

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Sage CRM

Sage CRM Essentials Sage CRM Essentials gives you a single source of sales information in a simple to deploy and administer cloud-based solution. Automated workflow and pipeline management capabilities help you to progress sales opportunities, while ensuring that data is can be accessed by anyone that needs it. By helping to drive sales productivity it can help you to protect margins, reduce your cost of sale and customer attrition while also eliminating process bottlenecks.

• Quotes & Orders • Lead Management • Interactive Dashboard • Reporting • Find / Advanced Find • Groups • Outlook Integration (Lite) • Mobile • Standard Customisations

Sage CRM Essentials includes: • Contact Management • Opportunity Management • Sales Forecasting

• Data Import • Essentials User Management

Sage CRM

Fully cloud-based, Sage CRM Essentials delivers contact management and helps you manage your sales function, for a low and predictable monthly cost

Sage CRM Editions Functionality



Contact Management Contact Management (Companies, People, Address, Phone number, E-mail management)

Calendar Feature

Document Management

Interactive Dashboard

Export reports and lists to PDF

Export reports and lists to CSV

Group Management - Mass tasks / document/ mass email / export

Advanced Find

Sales Opportunities

Opportunity Pipeline Management

Opportunity Tracking

Sales Forecasting

Quotes and Orders Management

Product Management

Lead to Opportunity Conversion

Sales Force Management

Web to Lead Marketing & Customer Services Marketing Automation Campaign Management

Sage E-Marketing for Sage CRM*

Mass Email Management

Outbound Call Handling

Customer Care Case Management

Knowledge Base / Solution Management

User Management User Administration

My User Preferences

My CRM to manage my information

Team CRM to manage my teams information

Preloaded themes to change the look and feel of the UI

Security Field Level Security to control data access Territory Management

Set up security profiles and security policies

Add, move, edit, merge, and rebalance territories

Sage CRM

Sage CRM Editions Functionality



Standard Customisations

Caption Translation to customise screens

Field Management – Add/Edit/Delete Fields

Screen Management –

Edit Screens Only

List Management – Edit Lists Only

Field level Custom Content/On Change Scripts

View Management


Contact Management

Reports – Add/Edit/Delete Reports

Advanced Customisations Escalation rules (*Pre-Configured Only)

Edit Escalation rules (*Pre-Configured Only)

Workflow Management

Add Client Side actions to workflows

Integrations Real Time SData Feeds

Sage CRM Connector for Sage 50 (Pilot)

✓ ✴

Add-Ons Classic Outlook Integration (*Standard/Advanced Upgrade Only)

Lite Outlook Integration

Mobile Access

✓ ✓

Developer Interfaces SOAP web services API

Data Management Data Upload from CSV

Product Management

Match Rules (Pre-Configured)

Company Name Cleanup (Pre-Configured)

Currency Configuration

Forecast Management

Download Database

✓ ✓

Manage Relationship Types Email & Documents Standard spellchecking

*available in 2012, dates to be confirmed

Sage CRM

Sage Data Sheet  

Sage Data Sheet

Sage Data Sheet  

Sage Data Sheet