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External Works can look after all of your Strata external property needs. We understand Strata!

Let us do it all and save time and money! By using External Works for your Strata Property external maintenance you can: Save Money By consolidating numerous service providers to one provider gives the client the benefit of “economies of scale”.

Improve Planning EW will work with you to develop a 12 month program. The program is reviewed to ensure your requirements are being met. You don’t need to continually worry about things which may have been forgotten!

Increase Efficiencies All maintenance works are performed at one time and at a set interval rather than at random or at conflicting times. The property is always presented at its best!

Improve Budgeting EW provides you with a fixed contract price for a 12 month period. This enables easier cost recovery and alleviates cost blowouts at various times of the year.

But most importantly we take care of everything which allows you to concentrate on your core business!! ASK US NOW FOR A


t: 9204 3700 e: Unit 2 - 28 Collingwood Street, Osborne Park WA 6017

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SCA (WA) PRESIDENT REPORT introducing incoming President as of November 2016

Scott Bellerby Across Australia, the Strata Industry manages $1.2Trillion dollars in assets, and in WA the rapid expansion of Strata Titled properties has, according to incoming Strata Community Australia (WA) President Scott Bellerby “created an increased pressure for legislative reform and tighter industry regulation”. Mr Bellerby, who has recently replaced outgoing President Rachel Cosentino, a lawyer with Slater & Gordon, praised the former President’s work with pushing professional standards up the agenda of SCA (WA). “In the absence of state based legislation and registration requirements for strata community managers, arguably the biggest accomplishment of SCA (WA) this year has been the establishment, in conjunction with the National office, of a clear policy for the accreditation pathway of strata managers.” The aim of an accreditation pathway is to develop and expand the strata manager’s professional competence to meet industry standard obligations, thereby, maintaining an effective and competent service to their clients. This policy will also maintain public confidence in Management Members as it defines the pathway members take to stay abreast with legislation and developmental changes in the strata community within WA. SCA (WA) and National have partnered with RMIT to deliver on a new Diploma in Strata Community Management and with Central TAFE to deliver on a Certificate IV in Strata Community Management. It’s estimated that by 2030, the Strata industry in Australia will manage as much value as the Superannuation industry does today. Mr Bellerby believes that “accreditation is necessary in its own right, but also critical to create appeal in a growth industry that is desperate to attract quality, professional personnel in coming years”. SCA (WA) delivered over 35 education and training workshops in 2016, an outstanding achievement Mr Bellerby put down to the commitment of the President, Council and Education Committee. “The passion of the Council and many educators, who volunteer their time to improve knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. There is a strong team of committed people and it makes me very hopeful for the future”, Mr Bellerby said. Membership to the Strata Communities Australia, WA is open to Lot Owners, Strata Management Companies and their staff and supporting Suppliers to the industry. Learn more at Scott Bellerby SCA (WA) PRESIDENT

Perrott Painting’s A-B-C of Success. Accurate Information

 Our estimators are professionally trained and also painters by trade.  We have completed in excess of 9000 Projects, 5000+ in Strata.  Very strong management that understand painting.  Our internal management systems include the measurement of every project, enabling our pricing model to be constantly fine-tuned.


 Our quote will be accurate.  Scope and Specification will be clear.  You can pass it to your owners with confidence.  All aspects of the project considered.


 Long standing and proven reputation delivering excellent service to Strata.  We understand people work and live in these environments.  Testimonials and References showing strong performance.  Long standing strong relationships in the Strata market .

RESIDENTIAL STRATA Majestic Rise, Applecross Location: Project:

Applecross Exterior one-off repaint with access issues Comments: Perrott Painting were engaged to supply our service in carrying out the repaint project of this building in Applecross. The property had fretting and static cracking in the rendered surfaces (this is crazed or mapped looking cracking) and prescribed the use of an Elastomeric Membrane. The repaint project, with its difficult access and specialized coating system, was completed in a timely fashion with a great result. “It was a big decision by the Body Corporate to have Perrott Painting paint our five storey Applecross apartment block - but it was well worthwhile. The transformation was truly amazing and Perrott's staff were extremely professional, obliging and a pleasure to work with.” Barry Thornton Chair Majestic Rise Council of Owners

Outgoing SCA (WA) President

Incoming SCA (WA) President

Rachel Cosentino was acting President from 2013 and President since 2014. She has been a strong leader using her legal expertise to guide SCA (WA) forward with advocacy and strong governance. We thank Rachel for her guidance and leadership and look forward to her continuing role on SCA (WA) Council.

On behalf of SCA (WA) we welcome Scott Bellerby to the position of President. Scott is passionate about the strata industry and his strength lies in his diverse business experience and property background. Scott will continue our past Presidents’ role in continuing the push for increased professional strata standards.

Farewell - Suellen Bottecchia, General Manager SCA (WA) It is with great regret that we announce the resignation of Suellen Bottecchia from her role of General Manager. Suellen would like to thank SCA (WA) Council (past & present) for their time, support and guidance over the past 2.5 years. Working with the members and sponsors of SCA (WA) has been a highlight during her time at the Association. Suellen plans to take an extended break before contemplating part time work. She wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Welcome - Sasha Costanzo, Administrative Assistant We are very pleased to announce Sasha Costanzo will be commencing full time work on 5th December to manage the office administration, events and marketing. Sasha has a Bachelor of Arts - Journalism and a Diploma in Mass Communications. Working with marketing expert and SCA (WA) Councillor, Emma Watton, you can expect to see an exceptional advancement in communications and news content to members in the coming months. Sasha will commence 2 weeks training on the 5th December and will take 3 weeks leave up until 9th January. Please welcome Sasha to the Association.

SCA (WA) Office will be closed for the Christmas season - 23rd December, reopening on 9th January

We have gotten to know strata management businesses well over the past 30 years The strata industry’s bank of choice

Payment solutions DEFT and Batch payment s

Specialist Relationship Managers

Convenient and flexible trust account s

Voted best Non-Major Business Bank at the AB+F Corporateand Business Banking Awards 2015

Benchmarking, knowledge and insight s

Continuously innovating to help your business

For more information, call 1800 442 370 or visit

NEW WEBSITE At last, our new website is almost ready to launch in January 2017! We envisage using the website for 2017 membership renewals. You won’t be able to access or pay the renewal until 1st January, so as to avoid automatic calculation of pro-rata fees for 2016. When it’s ready, a login ID will be sent to you enabling you to:

access to your member details and update your profile

access member benefits online, such as SCA (WA) Strata Management Agreement etc

register and pay for events - no more printing and scanning for you!

It will keep track of workshops you’ve attended, payments made and your CPD points

Renewals for membership and accreditation will be payable online

new membership applications and payments will also be completed online

NEW FEE STRUCTURE FOR STRATA MANAGEMENT After much research and development by the Membership Special Interest Group, Council recently approved a new fee structure for membership, the format will be a base fee plus a fee for lots under management. This fee structure has been adopted by SCA nationally. It requires releasing your total number of lots under management, however, these figures will remain confidential within the office., Council will only access the grand total of lots under management, using this information to assist them with planning and also for lobbying to government and for strata reform. Landgate are revising their data collection forms next year which will also include collecting the number of lots you have under management. The new fee structure will include: 

A base fee of $990 including GST, this is for strata management business only

unlimited membership for your staff (strata managers & staff no longer pay membership fees)

Includes the first 1500 lots

you will be required to enter your total number of lots and anything in excess of 1500 lots will be calculated at $0.66 per lot

Once your membership has been confirmed, you will be invited to email a list of the employees you want recorded as members to SCA (WA) admin email for entry onto the database.

ACCREDITED MEMBERS Don’t forget to send us your CPD Record showing a total of 12 points to maintain your accreditation in 2017. Remember to include 2 CPD points if you completed the A100 Introduction to Strata Management course in 2016. If you need assistance with your CPD points history email Congratulations to Hayley Luff, Strata CBD on her recent advancement to Level 2, Certified Strata Community Manager

SCA (WA) 2016 STRATA COMMUNITY AWARDS written by Rachel Cosentino

PRESTIGE STRATA MANAGEMENT Presented to Kristy Ward and Brianna Noske by Park Legal Solutions, Clare Park and Jack Carroll PRESTIGE STRATA MANAGEMENT Many of the nominees in this category demonstrated impressive amazing innovation in business, client leadership and great teams. Prestige’s nomination stood out. This business is distinctive in many ways, including its all women team, its fresh approach to client leadership and its involvement in setting trends for the industry that others are likely to follow. This includes projects in collaboration with other parties which are exploring new ways of promoting sustainability, community building and good governance.


KAREN RICHARDSON RICHARDSON STRATA MANAGEMENT Presented by Park Legal Solutions, Clare Park and Jack Carroll

Karen is the founder of Richardson Strata Services, one of the longest established and largest Strata Management businesses in WA. The growth of that business is part of the story of Karen’s success as a business person. She is held in high regard by her peers in the industry and the testimonials from her clients are glowing. In addition to her career success, Karen has contributed an enormous amount to the industry more broadly over the years, including serving the SCA (WA) Inc Council and as past President of SCA (WA) Inc. She is a mentor to countless people who have come into the industry over the years.

SOFIA SWENSEN BLACKBURNE Thank you to our sponsors Park Legal Solutions Sofia is clearly highly regarded by both her work colleagues and her clients. She has a drive for her own professional development as well as the development and support of others around her. Her many awards of Employee of the Month at Blackburne’s is testament to her dedication to success for her clients and her | colleagues.

Smarter Strata Insurance Australia-wide. Strata Insurance Products – It’s not all about price! With the strata market continually growing in WA and high competition amongst Insurers, it is extremely important for brokers, strata managers and owners councils to be aware of what they are purchasing. Yes, we all want the most competitive price for our Insurance, however at what cost. The strata products available on the market today vary greatly in coverage and benefits alike. Please be aware that when deciding on which product and which Insurer to go with that you are considering the coverage and additional benefits provided under each product and don’t simply make your decision on the cheapest premium an Insurer is offering. Cheap premiums are great up front until you have a claim and realise another Insurer could have provided cover or a benefit you don’t have or could have paid out more in the event of the claim. We at Longitude Insurance pride ourselves on providing not only competitive premiums but also offering a market leading product so brokers, strata managers and owners councils can rest assured they are well covered. Our security AAI Limited T/as Vero (part of the Suncorp Group) is one of the largest Insurers in Australia which should also be considered when choosing your Strata Insurer.

Jon Greenwood State Manager WA/NT Longitude Insurance Pty Ltd

West Australian Branch – Level 1, 35 Havelock Street, West Perth WA 6005

This bunch of strata managers are passionate about the Strata Industry! Post Symposium/Awards celebrations. VIEW/DOWNLOAD MORE PHOTOS FROM SCAWA FACEBOOK PAGE


Golf Day Winners: 1st Place Barry Haydinger, Daniel Stephenson, Alan Bowra, Clay Yarwood 2nd Place - Julian Bullock, Dyani Cobbold, Marietta Metzger, Russell Miranda 3rd Place - Paul Keating, Warren Kiddle, Ryan Murphy, Paul Huhtala Nearest the Pin: Phil Monaco, Russell Miranda Longest Drive: Marcus Easthope, Dyani Cobbold Longest Putt: Daniel Stephenson, Marietta Metzger

Symposium Feedback Just to say thank you to the SCA team for a great Symposium on the 11th. It was very interesting and we enjoyed all the speakers. Thanks to all again for all the hard work. Kind regards , Robyn Weir and Chris Gillam

Thank you for all your hard work & well done for organising such a great & successful symposium last week! Sean Macfarlane, Landgate I just want to say THANK YOU for the best SCA symposium I’ve been to across all of Australia. Ruth Smyth, Rockend

Thank you again for the opportunity to learn a great deal at the Symposium !! The speakers had valuable information to impart on the audience. It was an exceptionally organised event and I really appreciated the effort to run the symposium to the timetable. It showed respect for everyone’s time. All those involved are to be congratulated for a great day !!

I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful day at the Symposium. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to each of the guest speakers who certainly provided much-needed motivation towards the end of another busy year. And the food, venue, presentation and smooth running of the event are a credit to you and your team at SCA(WA). Katie Bock, Busselton Strata Managers

I just want to thank you for the invitation to the strata meeting yesterday at the Convention Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed it,picked up some valuable information,and had a brilliant morning tea and lunch, of which I saw Marietta generously sponsored, and your impressive talk on stage. It convincingly showed me that we have a very good strata manager to protect our assets. Thanks for yesterday. I really enjoyed it and came away with some good ideas.. David


I would like to offer my congratulations on the Strata Symposium - I though it was fantastic!! I got so much from the presentations - Each was so worthwhile and relevant, particularly now as the momentum towards higher density living increases. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the SCA's progressiveness (as evidenced by the topics presented), and am impressed by the active role the association plays to improve strata living. Thank you! Gillian Rodoreda (Lot owner)

SCA (WA) 2016 SYMPOSIUM - LOT OWNERS PROGRAMME Thank you to all of our Lot Owner Programme Presenters for making the Lot Owner programme such an amazing success, as you can read from the Lot Owner feedback quotes in this issue of e-news.

MATV DESIGN INSTALLATION AND SERVICE Many older style communal antenna systems are cabled in what is known as a ‘looped system’. This means a single cable is looped in and out of every unit terminating at the wall outlet of each unit. With this design, if there is a failure or interference with an individual wall outlet, it has the potential to adversely impact on many other units that are linked with it. The impact of this issue is significant costs to the Strata Company in ongoing maintenance, as well as frustration and inconvenience to residents as it takes time to access multiple units in an attempt to locate the source of the problem.

We specialise in the design, installation & service of Master Antenna Television (MATV) systems. We combine today’s leading technology with over three decades of experience to implement MATV systems that are reliable, cost effective and deliver clear, crisp signals to your entire strata property. Antenna Masters recommend that any new communal antenna system includes a separate cable feed into each unit to ensure that the possible failure of an individual wall outlet will not adversely impact on other units, thereby minimising future maintenance costs.

We custom design each system to cater of your specific requirements providing practical solutions to your commercial antenna systems. Every aspect is engineered to supply your premises with optimum quality digital television reception, from the antenna, mounts and mast through to the most effective amplifier and distribution system. It is important to remember that the efficient and equitable distribution of the TV signals to all corners of a multi­residential complex is very much dependent on the design of the system. The poor design of such a major piece of infrastructure can potentially cause significant future costs in ongoing maintenance.

Call us on 9240 8980, or visit our website at Put our services to the test and contact us for a free assessment of your Strata building today!

Book idea for Christmas gifts? BRONWEN SCIORTINO It was so lovely to meet you on 11 November and a massive thank you for having me as one of your guest speakers for the SCA Symposium. There was a fantastic energy in the room – I hope you were really pleased with the results of all your hard efforts. As promised during our discussions, please see below a link for people to use if they wish to purchase a copy of Keep It Super Simple – if they use the code KISS123 at the checkout they will receive a 15% discount. Also - a lot of people are starting to consider Christmas gifts for their staff and clients so and I’ve been told that this makes a great Christmas present so If any of your members want to buy more than 5 copies then please let them know to email me on and I can discuss bulk order pricing with them. There are also some free resources available through the following links that people can use to access more information that may help them reduce stress and simplify their lives.


pool compliance there’s a better solution October 2016



Pools and spas in Strata by Poolwerx for healthy pool people

Compliance made easy!

Stata pools are public pools

What is in pool water?

Strata Complexes with swimming pools and spa pools in Western Australia are deemed ‘public’ and are regulated under the State Health Code.

New approved water test kit

Issue Date

Combat bacteria simply and safely

The objectives of an operator:  Ensure the water is properly disinfected at all times, to prevent transmission of infectious diseases,  Achieve maximum patron comfort, and  Maximise longevity of the structure.

Each municipal council Environmental Health Officers are the regulators and are chartered to regularly test the pools. Classified as either a Group 3 or Group 4 aquatic facility including strata communities, serviced apartments, accommodation complexes, semi-permanent residential developments, units and apartments. Water Testing Frequency Group 3: At least twice per day Group 4: At least once per day Results of all water testing and maintenance procedures shall be recorded, and records kept by the facility for at least two years. The occupier of a facility shall produce the records for examination at the request of an Environmental Health Officer. All chemical water tests are to be performed using water testing kits approved. New stress free 60 second water test kits.

Leading Edge Water Quality Analysis What is in pool water? Pools are continuously subjected to contamination. The main source of contamination is material brought into the water by patrons. This includes bodily fluids and solids, urine, nasal mucus, saliva, sweat, hair, skin and faecal matter. Other contaminants include dirt collected by the body before bathing, dirt on patrons’ feet from the concourse, unclean bathing costumes, cosmetics, oils, hairspray, lotions and sunscreen. Ask about bacteria test strips in less than 20 minutes. What is a Public pool?

Combat bacteria now easier than ever The breakthrough product is here! Include as a regular treatment or utilise for shock dosing in accordance to the Code.    

kills Cryptosporidium greatly reduces pool closure time safe to use – no chemical mixing new tablet formulation

Poolwerx certified technicians are waiting to give you a demo NOW. Call for a poolside appointment.1800 009 000

Upcoming Events: 6 December - THE ROLE OF THE COUNCIL February - A100 Introduction to Strata Management 16 February - Strata Outlook 2017 “Back to the Future” 24 February - Principal’s Forum

Certificate IV Strata Community Management North Metropolitan TAFE will be offering Certificate IV as a traineeship from early 2017. (awaiting application approval)

RMIT have Certificate IV Strata Community Management available as of 9 January 2017 Click the link at the front of this e-bulletin to read the Frequently Asked Questions

24/7 support 365 days a year Connecting the right people Making the process easier All types of damage repair All types of damage repair including:




Storm l




For immediate action:

1300 794 917 Builders Reg No: 100985

Residential & Commercial Insurance Building & Repairs

We have talent in our midst... PAT McMAHON of CHAMBERS FRANKLYN STRATA MANAGEMENT When we learnt of Pat’s interest outside of strata management, we hoped to be able to share it with you. Thanks to Pat for generously contributing. If you would like to share your interest, please email - E-News Content. I’ve been an amateur actor with Dark Psychic Productions (based at Memorial Hall, Hamilton Hill) since 2013. I’ve played a variety of onstage roles in several plays as follows: A zombie, and Chainsaw (a slightly unhinged biker) in the stage play “Maul of the Dead Charlie Minion (a minion to an evil vampire queen) in the stage play “Sorority House of the Dead” Henry, a mental asylum patient in the stage play “Cosi” Professor Leeder in the stage musical “The Brain from Planet X” Mr Hughes, a wealthy art dealer, in the stage play "The Temperamental Artist" The Janitor in the stage musical “Zombie Prom” And I’m currently rehearsing a role in “Addams Family - The Musical” where I’m in the ensemble as an Addams ancestor - a grave-digger. It’s due to be performed in late November / early December 2016 (flyer attached) I’ve also participated in several student films, and a bit part as a sex-shop owner in a yet-to-be released romantic comedy feature film titled “You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules” I also appear each Halloween at Adventure World’s “Fright Nights” as a wandering entertainer - a zombie.

Underinsurance … an ongoing problem for the strata sector In spite of the fact that legislation requires Strata Companies to insure the building for replacement value, it is possible that even with a valuation, the sum insured is incorrect. According to Strata Live, “the obligations of a Strata Company’s committee members are substantial and they can be held personally liable for their actions and decisions made on behalf of lot owners. In addition, lot owners have an unlimited liability to cover any potential shortfall in insurance funds in the event that a loss is not adequately covered by the sums insured in an insurance policy.”

Legislation The Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA) requires Strata Companies to insure the building for replacement value, allowing for rebuilding or replacement to a condition as new. It also defines what property comprises the building, and provides that removal of debris and professional fees need to be taken into account. In order to ensure a correct valuation, a Strata Company should engage the services of a suitably qualified and skilled valuer to correctly calculate the value for insurance purposes, not “market value” as some owners mistakenly do.

Zoning changes An additional consideration for valuations is the impact of changes to zoning since original build. Leonie Milonas, State Manager WA for Strata Community Insurance notes, “Many local councils make changes to zoning requirements over time that would have an impact on the cost of reinstatement following a loss”. Consider, for example, a strata building that currently has no dedicated car park, but where council zoning changes require that in the event of a total loss to the building a car park will need to be built. Under this scenario, the building insurance would need to reflect the increased cost of rebuilding and/or replacement associated with the car park to ensure the building is fully covered. Some other considerations include known hazards (e.g. asbestos material used in roofing), the effect of Goods and Services Tax, and increased costs associated with events of a certain nature – including catastrophes such as earthquakes or cyclones.

Timelines in the Calculation of a Sum Insured It is vital to ensure escalation of costs has been correctly calculated from the date of the valuation, to the eventual end of the rebuilding/reinstatement period the valuer has considered appropriate for the building in question. The valuer should clearly show the following periods as a minimum, when arriving at the sum insured for rebuilding/replacement: 1. Date of Valuation; 2. Start Date of Period of Insurance; 3. End Date of Period of Insurance, assuming a loss could occur on the last day of the Period of Insurance; 4. Post loss: (a) Removal of Debris / Planning period; (b) Rebuild period; (c) Fit-out and completion; 5. Re-occupation.

Partner for protection Milonas states “Strata Company committee members need to be aware of the implications of underinsurance and their personal liability for decisions made on behalf of lot owners. They can mitigate this exposure by ensuring they partner with a respected and experienced valuer and have the correct replacement/reinstatement insurance covers in place.”

Upcoming Events:

Next course dates are February and October (to be confirmed) Click the link at the front of this e-bulletin for further information on A100 course. Register your interest:

Excelsior Apartments 152 Mill Point Road, South Perth

Update & maintain the appearance of your strata without emptying the sinking fund When you are suddenly faced with a bill for an urgent levy and there’s not enough money in the sinking fund, it can be hard to keep on top of maintenance requirements. But repainting a strata complex doesn’t always mean a large sum of money upfront. Programmed Property Services (Programmed) long-term painting maintenance programmes enable you to get the work done when you need it coupled with flexible payment options. For instance, our popular Classic Programme allows you to get the bulk of work carried out upfront, while payment is evenly

distributed over the entire life of the programme. Typically, a repaint of the property is carried out in the first year, while maintenance work, including washing and section painting, is carried out annually for each subsequent year of the programme. Programmed are experts when it comes to specialised and complex strata projects. Plus, we have one of the largest and most experienced team in Western Australia. Take a look at our video to see what long-term maintenance programmes are available.

And, if you would like to find out how a sinking fund or other levies can be utilised to fund maintenance, we have also produced a comprehensive White Paper analysing the benefits and issues facing sinking funds around Australia. Click here to download this FREE white paper or, for a no-obligation, free quote for a maintenance programme that suits your property and budget, contact our local Belmont office on 08 6218 6300.

PD Event - Return to SAT Presenters:| Bertus De Villiers, Pino Monaco, Alison Fleming, Rachel Cosentino, Pat McMahon and John Park A mock SAT heating chaired by Bertus De Villiers proved most entertaining when trialling proposed strata manager regulations. The workshop was very well received with one attending saying “this is what we need more of, a very engaging workshop with new information to learn from.�


SCA (WA) President, Rachel Cosentino

MC Matt Church

Photos can be viewed and downloaded from the Pixieset link Copied from FaceBook Or email

Major Door Prize: Antenna Masters Alex Knight and winner Charmaine Dennis

Thanks to the hardworking and dedicated Symposium Committee: Marietta Metzger, the one and only Leonie Milonas, Henry Vurens van Es, first delegate to register Janine Chapman, Suellen Bottecchia and Dyani Cobbold for the 2016 Symposium. An SCA living legend!

THANK TO OUR SYMPOSIUM SPONSORS Some photos from the day ...

Awards Cocktail Party

SCA National awarded Certificates of Appreciation to the above people and their respective company for contributions of time to become trainers of the A100 Strata Community Management course. L-R Dyani Cobbold Strata CBD, Leonie Milonas Strata Community Insurance, Sheryal Griggs Strata Asset Services, Paul Keet Strata Asset Services (accepted by Greg Keet) and Marietta Metzger magixstrata.

SCA WA Sponsors 2016 SCA (WA) Platinum Partners

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

Sca (wa) 2016 e news edition 5  
Sca (wa) 2016 e news edition 5  

Strata Community Australia (WA) Keep up to date with the WA strata members association. Read about Member Benefits, President Report, 2016...