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BIOGRAPHY Australian band Strange Forces formed after a plane crash above a secret Airforce Base in the South Pacific. In late 2009 they emerged in Berlin, where they began playing Artshows and Gallery Openings. Support slots for Tame Impala, Salem and Cave followed. Their influences range from Spacerock to obscure New-Age Prophecies. It sounds like a black sanded beach below 20 suns. It’s mulitdimensional dark-surf, powered by Peyeote and driven by dark matter induced by their pineal gland. Strange Forces deliver a washed out Lo-Fi Psychedelic experience channeling organic and digital sounds from one swell to another.

REVIEWS “The young sphericans develop a diverse palette of sounds, which tend to create fractured layers rather than symbiotic fluidity. Underpinned by a noisy lo-fi aesthetic, they break with the conventions of the psychedelic genre by constantly adopting new formats. A mishmash of space rock and obscure new-age influences... You could call it dark surf, to coin another genre.”

— Style and the Family Tunes, 2011

“Strange Forces allow us to dwell in a bar of gothic ambience before flooding us with the sun-kissed dreams of chillwave. Layers and layers of vocal, guitar and synth mingle in the reed fields of this heavenly bliss.” “...they haunt their surroundings with their echoey psychedelia.” “Reverb soaked guitar flutters in the shadows of a tree lined clearing, shadows constantly profaned by the flames of some awful, ancient ritual at the clearing’s centre. Unimaginable colour shooting up into space from a cyclopean obelisk. The Old Ones would be proud.” — 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog

“Das hört sich dann schon mal an wie ein hypnotischer Trip auf dem Schweif eines Kometen. Auf Platte fusioniert die Band Ambient mit Wave oder Psychedelic- und Drone-Stäubchen.” — Uncle Sallys, 2010

“It is fairly safe to presume that Strange Forces’ music is heavily influenced by all that its name connotes; that is, the supernatural, the universe and the inexplicable. The result is a sound that could only be described as experimental-psychedelic, infusing excessive use of synthesizers with heavy guitar and drums.” — The AU Review, Feb 2010

CONTACT Europe Management/Booking: Magick Movement - U.S. Management/Booking: Famous in Space Inc. Everything else:

Strange Forces - Press Kit  

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