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June 2020

“Don’t Listen to What They Say. Go See.” -Chinese Proverb-




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June 2020

“If Not Now, When?”

Contents Volume 19, Issue 6


A Bag Lady Without the Bag by Erika Hoffman


Anjana Duff: Sharing the Beauty of the World by Leslie Moore


Read It! Reviews by Nicole McManus

About the Cover Artist: Francois Grosliere was born in Clermont-Ferrand (France) and pursued his studies in Civil Engineering.


Corona-cation by Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Drawing while continuing evening classes at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Clermont-Ferrand, he began his career at Ecole Brassart in Tours as an advertising draftsman.


Dad’s Work Gloves by Joan Leotta


Kids Read It! Reviews by Nicole McManus


Helping Seniors Cope with COVID-19 by Lorraine Aiken


Thelma and Louise (But Safer) - Kitti Baker and Lana Pike by Leslie Moore


The Mission of Art: Rebecca Zdybel by Leslie Moore


Breakfast with my Late Husband by Audrey Carli


The Only Way to Fly by Jeffery Cohen

With his diploma in hand, he gained experience in Paris for two years, before returning to Clermont-Ferrand in 1987, where he was hired as an Art Director at the famous Publicis Groupe. However, he never put aside his favorite tools: pencils, felt-tip pens and brushes. Since 2002, Francois has exhibited his paintings in ClermontFerrand, Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Vichy, and Toulouse Galleries, and also in unusual places like factories, cellars, gardens, shops and restaurants. His acrylic painted women show well-endowed and soft feminine figures. Graphical and prudish, they are colored winks which awaken the senses. Their shapes reassure, their originality makes one smile. They are powerful and generous by their volumes, colors and sizes. And most women he paints have no eyes‚ maybe this is to avoid yielding to temptation! To see more of Francois Grosliere’s work you can visit: or

4 :: :: June 2020

from the Editor

Publisher Delores Blount Sales & Marketing Director Susan Bryant Editor Leslie Moore Account Executives Stacy Danosky Erica Schneider Gay Stackhouse I am not well traveled, but I have always liked leaving town for a few days in the mountains or, when the children were young, a trip to Disney or even camping (never my idea). But my youngest child, my son, must’ve been born knowing the great big world was waiting. From the time he was in pre-school and kindergarten, he was fascinated by languages – especially French, taping note cards with the French names of items all over the house. Before the ink was dry on his BA in French, he had applied for jobs in Europe and was soon on a plane to work in France. From there, he went to Spain, where he now lives. Last year, after not seeing him for a year, I decided it was time for me to visit. I boarded a plane to Madrid alone and quite a bit nervous about my first trip to Europe. But, from the minute I landed, I loved it. After a few days in Madrid, touring the city and surrounding areas (in 100-plus degree heat) we headed to my son’s favorite place in France, the small seaside town of Collioure. There were several stops and even a bout with heat exhaustion (mine) before we arrived. But, I’ll never forget rounding a curve in the Pyrenees Mountains, and getting my first glimpse of this spectacular village set along a small cove on the Mediterranean Sea. White boats dotted the cerulean blue water and beautiful stucco buildings painted in pastel colors lined the hillsides. A stately 11th century castle sat high above the town and a smaller fortress was perfectly situated on the water. I was completely overcome by the beauty right in front of my eyes, and I felt I had landed in the most beautiful place on Earth – or one of them at least. I know I’ll never be exactly the same person that I was before this experience. Enjoy this issue of Sasee – and while we’re not traveling much now, it’s the perfect time to dream and plan for the future. The great big world awaits us.

Art Director Patrick Sullivan Contributing Photographer Palm Photography Web Developer Scott Konradt Accounting Gail Knowles Executive Publishers Jim Creel Bill Hennecy Suzette Rogers PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 fax 843-626-6452 • phone 843-626-8911 • Sasee is published monthly and distributed free along the Grand Strand. Letters to the editor are welcome, but could be edited for length. Submissions of articles and art are welcome. Visit our website for details on submission. Sasee is a Strand Media Group, Inc. publication. Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material, in part or in whole, prepared by Strand Media Group, Inc. and appearing within this publication is strictly prohibited. Title “Sasee” is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

6 :: :: June 2020

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A Bag Lady without the Bag by Erika Hoffman

The flight from Cape Town to Kasane was uneventful except our luggage didn’t fly with us but instead became stranded in Johannesburg. The sad thing was my husband and I predicted it. At the Cape Town airport, everyone in our tour was lined up to be checked in on the left where our guide, Andrew, aided in the process. A bossy woman with the airlines directed hubby and me to a reservationist, who wasn’t busy, on the right. Although we protested and told her we were part of the group queued up on the left, she signaled we were to go to the reservationist, who was noshing her lunch behind the counter on the right. This employee didn’t seem happy to accommodate. We told her we were changing planes in Johannesburg and then on to Kasane. I took out my tickets and showed them to her. Very nonchalant was she. Hardly would she glance at the tickets. She put stickers on our suitcases and set them on the conveyor belt. We were given one boarding pass each. At that point, our guide Andrew looking for his lost sheep – us – scooted over and told her something in Afrikaans, and she produced two more boarding passes for our next leg of the trip. Then, I saw a mild hint of concern, dare I say, sheepishness, as she whispered something to the man next to her who got on a walkie-talkie, and though I couldn’t discern what he garbled into the thing, I’m sure he was trying to redirect our luggage to Kasane. I was certain our suitcases were disembarking in J-berg though we’d journey on. We told all the group we’d not be seeing our luggage, and therefore it hadn’t done any good to follow the advice to plant an outfit of mine in my husband’s case, and he do the same with an outfit of his in mine, as both pieces were going to be lost.

I’m not sure anyone believed us. When we reached Kasane without our luggage, our fellow trekkers looked surprised and gazed at us as if we were soothsayers. We knew that girl whose lunch we interrupted had dispatched our baggage prematurely, although she never owned up to it! A van got us to Kasane Immigration, which is a concrete building with a lot of official folks standing around, but only two working. A woman took our temperature by pushing some sort of laser gauge at us, and then a man in long sleeves and a bowtie checked our papers. Behind them was a huge white board, and on it were the days of the week, and each box recorded murders (M), thefts (T), drugs (D), or rapes (R). Wednesday was marked “M.D.R.” I assume the crime spree was done by the same perp. Pigs grazed outside, covered in muck. The path was stony, littered with manure, and presented many tripping hazards, especially for those of us who were young when Bruce Springsteen was young, which was the whole group. We climbed into tenders and motored out to the Zambezi Queen, a riverboat to become our home for the near future on the Chobe River in Namibia. Because we had no luggage, we wore the same clothes when I went bird watching and my husband went angling. We wore the same clothes for the sundowner cocktail hour and the same clothes for dinner that night. When we returned to our cabin, there were two tees there with the Zambezi Queen logo. After sleeping in them and using them as our shirts the next day at breakfast, everyone sympathized with me. Make-up less, I looked like a bag lady without the bag. Then, we trekked back down to our cabin, discouraged, and wearily opened the door. VOILA! Our suitcases were there on the bed. Surprise! And Hallelujah! The silver lining of lost luggage? We got two free comfortable tees that I still wear. And a memory and a story out of our African travel luggage snafu.

Erika Hoffman collected many of her travel stories and published them in a book called Erika’s Take on Travel. It’s on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon. 8 :: :: June 2020

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The PruittHealth Organization complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

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12/13/19 3:59 PM

Anjana Duff: Sharing the Beauty of the World by Leslie Moore A successful travel advisor and owner of Travel Connection, specializing in luxury trips to Europe and the Caribbean, mother of two and happily married to her husband of 30 years, Anjana Duff, has built a life of beauty – and her greatest joy is helping others experience the life changing experiences that come through travel. Anjana came to the United States at 5 years old with her parents, who gave their children the gift of centuries-old Indian traditions combined with modern American life. “I haven’t visited India since I was a teenager,” Anjana laughed, “even though my parents visited often.” Her father came to Canada to study for his PhD, and had every intention of returning to India, but received a job offer to work as a research scientist for Reynolds Metal Company in the United States, and decided to accept. “America was everyone’s dream – we were the typical immigrant story.” The family settled in the small town of Florence, Alabama, in 1968, which was a culture shock for the family. “The community there didn’t even know what East Indians were; they thought we were Native American,” laughed Anjana. After two years, Anjana’s father was laid off, but by then the family had made this country their home. “In 1976, we moved to Cincinnati, and my father started working for the government. By then we were all United States citizens. I finished junior high, high school and college there – it’s the place I call home.” After graduate school at Ohio University, Anjana moved to St. Louis, Missouri, and began working in public relations. “When that position was eliminated, I didn’t want to move back home, so I took a position working for Edward Jones Investments in 10 :: :: June 2020

had one of the first five homes in Waterford Plantation. I can still remember how excited I was when they built a Kroger right down the road two years later!”

their advertising department. That’s where I met my husband, Mike, so I think it was meant to be.” By the time Mike and Anjana were married, Mike was a licensed financial advisor, and the couple moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to set up an Edward Jones office. Anjana remembers those early days with fondness, “We looked at a map and decided Raleigh would be a good place to live and raise a family.” Like most well laid plans, this one changed in a big way. “Six months after we moved, the home office called and said they had an open office in Conway, South Carolina, and needed someone there right away.” The couple drove to the area the next weekend and found it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. “Mike moved right away, and I soon followed. We’ve been here permanently since 1992.” Mike and Anjana lived in Conway for five years, and then built their current home in Carolina Forest. “We were like the pioneers of this area. Carolina Forest was just all trees. We

Mike stayed with Edward Jones for another 10 years and then moved to Raymond James in Myrtle Beach, where he is today, and together, the couple built a beautiful life and family with two daughters, Alysha, now 26 and Gracie, 21. “I always missed the big cities. That’s what has fueled my passion for travel.” Anjana continued, saying, “I’ve been traveling my entire life. My dad had the travel bug, and we traveled a lot growing up. I have two brothers, and all three of us are passionate about travel. My parents would pack us up in the back seat, and we took road trips around the country – there is plenty to see in the United States!” As a stay at home mom, travel was Anjana’s outlet, her way of taking care of herself. But as the children grew and needed her less, she knew she wanted something more. “Someone mentioned being a travel advisor and working from home. I had no idea that even existed! I love doing research and planning travel. To do this for other people and get paid for it – this was perfect for me!” Anjana launched her business, Travel Connection, in 2007 and has enjoyed building it up. “I love helping people travel and have amazing experiences. I know travel broadens people’s horizons – a change of pace and a change of place changes perspectives. The human experience is very universal, and travel allows people to see that.” Anjana also understands how travel positively affects relationships. “You bond over something

new, and there’s no better way to deepen and strengthen relationships. Whether you’re on a tropical beach or in a beautiful European city, guards come down. My clients leave on a trip excited about what they’re going to see, but come back saying it was the best trip ever because of bonds they strengthened – they talked, laughed and cried together. What they see isn’t the overriding message of what they experience.” Anjana feels travel is important for everyone. “This is the vehicle to making the world a smaller place... to breaking down barriers.” I asked Anjana how travel had shaped who she is as a person. “It gives me a more global perspective. I embrace other cultures and people. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things. I’m very open-minded and like to get past the surface to get to know people. I don’t really like small talk – I prefer to connect on a deeper level.” Anjana and Mike have traveled extensively with their daughters and feel it has given them a broader perspective on life. “I believe travel has made them more empathetic to others’ situations. We’re really all the same at the core – there are many more similarities than differences. Both of my girls are open-minded, enjoy learning about other cultures and are caring and kind to others.” It was hard for this lover of all travel to choose one trip that stands out. “That’s like asking which child is your favorite,”

Anjana laughed. While she loves Europe, especially France, and any place tropical, one place she never thought much about visiting was Southeast Asia. Then last May, her older daughter, Alysha moved to Thailand to teach English. “I would’ve never chosen to go to Thailand at this time. It was low on my Bucket List, but, of course, I wanted to go and visit her. No one could go with me, so I made the trip alone – 48 hours of travel with layovers!” Anjana planned an itinerary to ensure she and Alysha would see as much as possible. “It was almost a three week trip, and we went to five different places. We were on a plane every few days, but I wanted to maximize my time there. It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime and an experience my daughter and I will never forget!” While no one is traveling now, Anjana says it is a great time to start doing research. “Look at photos of the places you want to see. Dreaming and planning and thinking release those feel-good endorphins – it’s almost as good as going! And when it’s safe to travel again, you’ll have a plan.” Anjana recommends staying at least three to four days in one place before moving on. “And if possible, splurge on the view, the better hotel and a central location. Those are some of the key things that can take a good trip and make it a fabulous trip. You’ll always remember the great experience, not the money spent.” “A good travel advisor is always worth the fee,” Anjana said. “They know and can get the better hotels and locations, the best tours and guides, and even better flights. A good travel advisor will recommend things on your itinerary that everyone may not know about – they have insider knowledge and can also get you VIP perks and upgrades. Not being bogged down with logistics that can take the joy out of your travel leaves you more time to spend with your companions to bond over your shared experiences and deepen that connection.”

The day we spoke, the COVID-19 quarantine was still in force, and when I asked about her daughters, Anjana shared that Alysha was currently in Bali, having completed her teaching contract in March. “She had a four month itinerary of travel planned before coming home in July which started with a two week vacation in Bali... and she got stuck there.” Anjana added that Alysha is safe and not at all bothered by her extended tropical vacation. Still living at home, Gracie is a junior at Coastal Carolina University and finished up her semester online. “She is missing her friends, and all of her social activities.” Anjana, of course, had to cancel all of her clients’ travel through July and is uncertain about the rest of 2020. “By September we should know more. Right now, I’m advising people to plan for 2021.” This further emphasizes the importance of using a travel advisor, especially during these unprecedented times. “I am an advocate for my clients. No one wants to spend two hours on the phone rescheduling travel plans, trying to get their refunds or changing flights – I help my clients with all of that.” Learn more about Anjana and Travel Connection at, or find her on social media – or @travelduff on Instagram. :: June 2020 :: 11

–Read It!–

These three novels stress the importance of friendship. Each book showcases strong, brave women, facing unthinkable life-changing events. These stories will transport you to a different place and/or time. These are books that you will want to read and discuss with your friends.

The Sweeney Sisters, by Lian Dolan

Maggie, Eliza, and Tricia have grown apart over the years. When their literary giant of a father passes away, a childhood friend appears with a shocking secret that changes everything. Questions abound and tensions rise, as the sisters try and reconcile with their parents’ past. Will the new developments bring everyone closer together or will the news be too much to handle? This is the first book that I have read by Lian Dolan, and it won’t be the last. Rarely does a cover truly match the characters in a book, but this one did it perfectly. This book would be ideal for a reading group, or a group of friends, as they can contemplate the good and bad that comes from all of the new, easily-accessed DNA tests. However, this is also a perfect beach day read to escape into the secrets of the Sweeney family.

Fast Girls: A Novel of the 1936 Women’s Olympic Team, by Elise Hooper

The year was 1936 and the games are held in Nazi Germany. Even more nerve-wracking this was the first year for integrated women’s competitions. Three brave women from very different backgrounds hope to compete in the 1936 Olympics. Betty Robinson came back a hero from the ’28 games, but almost lost her life in a crash. Louise Stokes hopes to prove to the world that she can win, while Helen Stephens never dreamed the Olympics would be a possibility. We may not be able to enjoy the Olympics this year, but for us fans, we can dive back into history with this fascinating book. Whereas The Boys in the Boat and The Three-Year Swim Club are nonfiction reads, this book is historical fiction. This is a wonderful book that will readers will absorb into their soul. Readers will want to do research on these three remarkable women after reading this book. These brave women overcame horrific obstacles and discriminations while becoming Olympic icons.

We Came Here to Shine, by Susie Orman Schnall

Max wants to be taken seriously as a journalist, but in 1939, only a man’s voice is heard. Vivi is an actress, but she has to perform as a synchronized swimmer at the World’s Fair if she wants her career to be a success. Both women are facing insurmountable hurdles, yet when they meet an unbreakable bond is formed. This book proves perseverance and friendship can conquer all. Sometimes you just need your best friend to understand your hardships. This historical fiction novel throws readers into the hubbub life of New York in the ‘30s, and is a fast read leaving readers wanting more. I will be on the lookout for more books by this author.

Reviews by Nicole McManus Nicole loves to read, to the point that she is sure she was born with a book in her hands. She writes book reviews in the hopes of helping others find the magic found through reading. Contact her at ARIESGRLREVIEW.COM. 12 :: :: June 2020

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71C Da Gullah Way • Pawleys Island :: June 2020 :: 13

Corona-cation by Diane DeVaughn Stokes “If I only had more time,” “If I could only catch up on my sleep,” “I can’t wait to retire!” Most of us have said those exact words at least once, maybe a thousand times, during our tedious work schedules and busy lives over the years. Then this crazy crisis causes us to have more time at home than we ever imagined possible, giving new meaning to the term “staycation.” But it would have been a lot more fun had the phrase “social distancing” not been introduced into the picture. After all, having friends over for a cookout, a fun game of rummy, Pictionary, charades, my favorite, Scrabble, or even “pin the tail on the donkey” would have been nice. Okay, I don’t know where that last game came from, as I have not played it since I was eight years old. But I think it’s because my sense of humor has changed during this pandemic. Why of course, everything has changed in every single solitary way. This “corona-cation” is like living in a sci-fi movie. I wake up each morning and think I have dreamed it, and then I realize, no, I have not dreamed it at all. Instead, it’s a reallife nightmare. I’m sure y’all feel the same way. But I am very thankful to live in a beautiful home on a little lake where I can enjoy nature, watch the birds build nests, see the turtles rise from the winter muck, resurfacing covered in green moss, and witness ducks and geese mating in all their glory, over and over again! Such stamina they have! One morning I sat on my back deck for an hour and wrote down all the crazy things I spied with my eye as the silly riddle says. There was a gecko sunning himself acting like a vicious dragon flipping out his red dagger every time I looked his way. I examined a snail making a trail across my patio. Then there was a woodpecker that snatched seed from the birdfeeder and took it over to a tree to crack it open. And I have to admit I made friends with an oriole family that nested in my azaleas. I enjoyed throwing fruit slices out and observing them nibble on the pieces until they were gone. Yes, I was just slowly passing the time away. I had nothing else to do, so I communed with nature. I’m grateful that I was not alone during this time, and that I had my husband Chuck to share it with: Someone to talk to, watch Netflix with and help to eat all the sweet treats that I have been baking through my stress cooking episodes. And thrilled I did not have to help any kids with their on-line studies. Bless you parents! 14 :: :: June 2020

During this time at home I made it a point to contact three loved ones everyday who live out of town, and I rarely see. Some I FaceTimed and with others we just chatted on the phone. But the most fun I had was “Zooming” with groups of friends and family. You know, it’s that new opportunity to pull several folks up on your computer and see them while everyone talks to each other. It’s really cool. Perhaps you have seen several orchestras around the country doing this with their musicians. It really is amazing. I also volunteered to contact several people from church who live alone to see if they needed any assistance as we had volunteers standing by to help. Each day I chose one project to do starting with cleaning out the pantry. I wiped down the front and top of all the kitchen and laundry room cabinets. The tops were so dirty that they looked they were growing hair! My shell collection had gotten very dusty so I met that challenge with a sink of soapy suds. Then I washed the dog and cat’s blankets and put them out in the sun to dry. Chuck and I worked tediously in the yard, and it has never looked better. We even cleaned under the sofa cushions and scrubbed those air-vents in the ceiling! It certainly has been a good time to weed out unwanted collectibles from my closet, and I’m not talking about clothes. I found exercise weights that I have never used, a yoga mat that I have never used either, and another contraption that you tie to a doorknob and pull to build strength. I never used it, as I was always afraid it was going to fly off the doorknob and knock my teeth out. You can’t be on TV without teeth! In the end, I decided to save the yoga mat because next week I plan to find some free yoga classes on line. My dreams of a svelte and limber body are still on my bucket list. Namaste. One afternoon, after two weeks of not doing anything to myself other than taking a daily shower, I shaved my legs and tweezed my brows, and I actually polished my toenails too. And instead of knotting my hair on top of my head like Pebbles Flintstone, I blew it dry and put on make-up and earrings. The final act, which I hated most, was putting on a bra and real clothes rather than baggy tee shirts and leggings. I was anxious to see if Chuck noticed. He looked up from the chair where he was engrossed in a six hundred page Michener book and said, “Oh Honey, you took a shower!” I quickly corrected him, saying I took a shower every day, but today I went the extra mile. He said the miles looked great

on me! So be it! I fixed my husband’s favorite meal anyway, opened a bottle of wine and presented him with a candlelight dinner with the wife he used to know. But just as I thought we might be headed for a romantic evening, we tuned into the “final” episode of our favorite prime-time show, Modern Family, and I cried for an hour. Actually, I did not think I had any tears left after watching the nightly news. But saying goodbye to the Modern Family characters after watching for eleven years and seeing them say goodbye to each other, just added fuel to my already vulnerable spirit. I was a mess.

Clothing Boutique

So be it. I am just grateful with my low-immune issues that I have remained virus-free so far. The past few weeks have certainly been a way to unwind, slow-down, and clean out, while surely being one of the most stressful situations of our lives. From here on, we will all move forward treasuring our jobs, and all the people and things in our lives that we might have previously taken for granted. And I’m not just talking about toilet paper! The weirdest part about the past few weeks is that even though we all have been separated from everyone, I feel more “connected” than ever before. Maybe it’s because I have spent a lot of time reconnecting with family, friends and nature. Maybe it’s because I have lots of time to think about what is really important in life. Maybe it’s because I have seen less politics that separates us and witnessed a lot more love displayed among the American people. And maybe it’s because all of us as survivors have been forever changed for the good. Yes, in a funny way, I definitely feel more connected than ever before. “Corona-cation” led to more communication in a whole different way.

Diane DeVaughn Stokes Diane is the host and producer for “Inside Out” as seen on HTC TV Channel 4, and serves as a commercial spokesperson for several local businesses. She and her husband Chuck own Stages Video productions in Myrtle Beach and share passions for food, theater, travel and scuba diving. They own three four legged kids that they adore!


Swampfox Shopping Center 5200 Hwy. 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet Socialite Murrells Inlet

Socialitemi :: June 2020 :: 15

Dad’s Work Gloves by Joan Leotta Just two weeks after my father died, we began the process of helping my mother clear out the house, selecting and holding on to precious tangible mementos, finding things to give away. I was assigned the basement space he used for his projects. He took pride in his handy work. A pharmacist by trade, he approached the exercise of crafting something with wood and nails with equal precision and respect for exactitude, but without the burden of life or death hanging over the success of the project. After sorting the nails and screws on the top of the bench, a ray of sun burst through the narrow window of the tiny basement room, illuminating the edge of something wedged between the workbench and the wall. I pulled the workbench forward and plop, clink, a pair of heavy-duty gloves and a rusty nail fell onto the cement floor. Smiling, I retrieved gloves and nail. Dad lost the gloves right after his biggest project, one I had not thought about in years – building my ice rink. I was not a serious skater, but I loved it. However, we lived far from a public ice rink and between Dad’s work schedule and my mom’s, I hardly even scuffed the white leather skates that had been my favorite Christmas gift the year before. After raking the leaves one afternoon on a rare clear Pittsburgh autumn day, I noticed Dad staring out at our yard, thinking. I went out to help him bag the leaves. “Where are the bags, Dad?” He pointed to the bags, and then asked, “How would you like your very own ice rink?” I looked up at him. “My own ice rink?” “I can build one for you, right here in the yard.” If my dad said he could do it, I believed him. I was fourteen. He could do anything. We went to the hardware store together. I watched as he picked out lumber, plastic pool lining, and nails. At the 16 :: :: June 2020

register he picked up a pair of leather-palmed work gloves. “Gloves for real work,” he said. Over the next few days, as my father, measured, sawed, and pounded, those gloves protected his pharmacist’s soft hands. He worked afternoons on the rink, discovering part-way through that our flat yard had a slight slope. “Math is our friend,” he told me. “You will have your rink. After all, I promised.” To give me a flat rink, one side would have to be higher than the other. He measured, calculated it all again, and renewed his efforts. It was warmish until after Christmas that year. My white leather skates from the previous year still fit. My birthday, coming right after Christmas, was occasion for a warm white parka and some heavy socks for the skates. Thus far, we had seen only a few intermittent night freezes. “We can’t fill the pond yet,” he told me. Two weeks into the New Year, just after my birthday, the weather decided to be wintery at last. “It’s time,” he said. My father filled the pool liner fastened to the four corners of my shallow wooden pond. He filled it carefully, and then turned off the outside water for the winter. Sure enough, that night the temperature dipped way below freezing, and the next day’s small bit of sun did nothing much to heat air or yard.

After sorting the nails and screws on the top of the bench, a ray of sun burst through the narrow window of the tiny basement room, illuminating the edge of something wedged between the workbench and the wall.

“Your rink is ready to use,” he announced. I pulled on the skates, laced them, and twirled and stumbled my way around the ice, smiling and laughing. I skated to music in my head, loving the space. My dad watched from the kitchen until he had to leave for work. I skated until my mother called me in to have dinner. For two months, every day, I skated. I taught myself to circle and to skate backwards. I chanted Latin declensions to myself as the sharp skate blades cut a set of circular paths around the inside of my icy square. Imagining applause when my dad was at work, I reveled in his real praise, calling him outside to watch me whenever he was home. March began a pattern of alternating warm and cold days, and all too soon the ice became too soft for even the sharpest skate blades to grip. One afternoon Dad took out the work gloves and, with the claw end of his hammer, began to extract nails and pull apart the boards. Water sloshed out onto the dormant grass. Before he was finished with the task, his work gloves went missing. I remember helping him look for the gloves – outside, in the workroom, and in other parts of the house. He used woolen gloves to shield his hands for the final phase of the demolition. When the square pond was no more than a stack of materials in our driveway, my rink disappeared into the maw of the garbage collector’s truck. My dad never built another. I outgrew the skates, I threw out the nails, but I kept the lost gloves that had warmed his hands the year he harnessed winter’s cold to give me my heart’s desire.

Joan Leotta of Calabash, North Carolina, has been playing with words since childhood. She is a journalist, playwright, short story writer and author of several mysteries and romances as well as a poet. She also performs folklore and one-woman shows on historic figures.

800 Front Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 Mon-Fri 10:00-5:30 • Sat 10:00-5:00

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Bloomingail’s Consignment Brunswick County’s Best Consignment Shop 12 Years In A Row!

Household Items, Furniture, Jewelry & Accessories Gently Used Clothing For Women & Men

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We’re Back!!

Kevin M. Sattele, M.D.

We are here to help you reach your weight loss goals and have made several changes to protect you and our team in your journey: · Additional disinfection procedures implemented · Protective equipment used, masks and gloves · Encourage social distancing · EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker App. to follow Dr. Sattele’s Rapid Weight Loss program between office visits.

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Nicole Says...Read These books to the Kids Reviews by Nicole McManus The Magnificent Brookgreen Gardens Story House Books teaches children of all ages about nature and how each of us can do our part. These books would be fun paired with an actual visit to Brookgreen.

Planting with Nana, by Viki Richardson - Illustrated by: Millie Doud

Nana and her two grandchildren take a day to plant lots of native plants, to help replace those lost when the new neighborhood was built. Each plant has a purpose and helps a different species by providing food, homes, and places to lay eggs. Even if you are still social distancing, this book is inspiring for all to read. Learning about native plants that help the birds, bees, and butterflies will encourage families to dust off their gardening gloves.

The Friendly Fox Squirrel, by Ron Diase - Illustrated by: Millie Doud

A father and son are at Brookgreen Gardens, when the young child sees a Fox Squirrel. He plays from a distance and then follows the squirrel down a path. He meets a woman with wise words for all to hear. I remember the first time I saw a fox squirrel. I rushed home to tell my Mom and then spent hours researching this unique creature. I love that this book includes some interesting facts at the end.

Elliott Learns to Swim, by Nancy Seitz - Illustrated by: Barbara Smullen

Children are watching otters at Brookgreen Gardens. A volunteer named Nancy introduces them to Elliott and tells them the story of how he was rescued. This story is adorable, and is accompanied with real life photos and drawings. The kids learn how much care a rescued baby otter needs, and what they can do to protect the waterways. There are basic activities to spark family imagination time and facts about otters.

Angus, The Gentle Giant, by Viki Richardson - Illustrated by: Millie Doud

Bennie and his classmates are visiting Brookgreen Gardens, when they encountered a very big mascot. Bennie was a scared by the size of the massive dog. However, as his class learned about the history of Angus and the Scottish Deerhounds, Bennie came to a realization... Angus is a gentle giant. Filled with pictures and drawings of Angus, this sweet book reminds us all not to judge someone by their appearance. Readers of all ages will enjoy learning Angus’ lineage. This is an adorable book for dog lovers. 20 :: :: June 2020 :: June 2020 :: 21

Helping Seniors Cope with COVID-19 by Lorraine Aiken

One of the ways senior living communities benefit our elder citizens is by providing fun activities as a way for them to connect with others through shared interests. These newfound friendships are something that residents don’t expect when moving in. “We didn’t know the people would be so wonderful here. Everyone is so warm and accepting,” said one senior living resident. Being surrounded by other people who are at a similar place in life and enjoy the same activities as you helps to combat the common feelings of isolation and loneliness that living in a standalone home may bring. Social programming has looked very different the past few months at the Lakes at Litchfield and other senior living communities, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the activities and connections among residents and staff have persevered. Adapting Activities during COVID-19 CDC guidelines for proper social distancing have modified social events in senior living communities, and this change has spurred an eclectic array of new activities allowing seniors to socialize and engage with peers, family members and community supporters. It’s been a challenging road, but a rewarding one. “We’re bringing the programming to them. We are trying to keep a sense of normalcy throughout this time” says The Lakes at Litchfield’s Social Director, Lena Oncken. Their community has been participating in virtual programming with web links to various online entertainment and learning opportunities. In addition to virtual events, the community is engaging one-on-one with residents through themed happy hour cart deliveries, scavenger hunts, sightseeing rides, games and other small group activities to ensure that social distancing takes place. To stay connected with loved ones, The Lake’s team schedules and initiates video calls between residents and their loved ones so they have the opportunity to talk face-to-face. A Full Schedule of Events Lena is passionate about her position and engaging seniors in activities they’ll enjoy. “I tell everyone that I meet that I love my job, and my favorite part about it is our residents,” said Lena. “Getting to plan fun, exciting and new opportunities for residents and then experiencing it with them is the best!” Lena is in her second year of planning events for the community’s residents and keeps each resident in mind for the activities she plans. “I always want 22 :: :: June 2020

to make sure I’m reaching everyone’s interests and preferences in my programming, and that I have opportunities every day for them,” Lena added. On average, The Lakes at Litchfield hosts over 150 events and activities in a normal month which include guest speakers, club gatherings, games, happy hours, movie nights, historical site visits, river cruises, live entertainment, couples’ outings, holiday celebrations, wine tastings and more! In addition to daily events, her team plans a monthly Signature Experience. “The best part of our Signature Experiences is that it’s one full day dedicated to a fun theme that builds as the day goes on! Members enjoy participating in the events and ending the night with a delicious dining experience and a show; whether it’s a USO Tribute Concert or Hula Dancers in the courtyard!” For The Lakes at Litchfield, hosting a variety of events allows everyone to come together and socialize. Having a schedule of events to attend, and friends close by, assists elders in combating feelings of loneliness and isolation. In the coming months as life continues to evolve at a measured pace, communities will continue experimenting with new activities while holding onto old favorites. Reunions will be met with fanfare and new memories will be made. After all, the best moments in life are made with friends and family. Lorraine Aiken is Director of Social Media for Maxell Group, Inc., Senior Living Communities. The Lakes at Litchfield is a Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Pawleys Island. To learn more about The Lakes at Litchfield, call their Lifestyle Advisors at 843-353-6040 or visit

An entire community of caring professionals dedicated to quality services where our Members live longer, healthier and happier lives. The Weller Life.

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Thelma and Louise (But Safer) Kitti Baker and Lana Pike by Leslie Moore something that both of us want to do.” From age 10 to age 13, Kitti lived in Europe with her mother and stepfather who was in the military. “My mother was the one who taught me to travel on a budget.” Kitti has gone back and forth to Europe many times with friends, but says she and Lana have the most fun. “We’re kind of like a Thelma and Louise in the safe zone!” “The most important lesson you can learn in life is to be flexible,” Lana said. “Kitti and I think out of the box – we have freedom when we travel. If we like a place, we stay a little longer and if we aren’t impressed, we move on.” “When I turned 16, I got my driver’s license and my mother, who never drove, immediately had me driving to Arkansas,” said Kitti after telling me she is always the driver during their trips. “If you put me in a car, I can drive it anywhere. I’ve driven in Rome, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York City.” The first thing I thought when I met Kitti Baker and Lana Pike, was, these women know how to have fun! And, as our conversation progressed, I saw deep affection and friendship with bonds firmly cemented by time and travel. Kitti and Lana travel together – exploring Europe and other overseas destinations, while sharing laughter, adventure and the occasional scary moment. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Kitti’s former husband brought her to Myrtle Beach in 1970 where he developed the city’s Hilton Hotel. Today, she is the owner of Green Jacket Hospitality, which hosts groups to the Masters Golf Tournament. Lana is a hometown girl from Loris and moved with her family to Cherry Grove when she was in 5th grade. After college she went to work for Duke Power Company and there met her former husband. The couple moved first to Charlotte, but eventually moved back “home” to Cherry Grove. When Lana tells you about her life, she adds, “That’s Chapter 11 in My Book,” a long running joke about her autobiography that she is sure she’ll get around to writing someday! The two women were introduced by a mutual friend and have been friends every since. One day, 25 years later, over a cocktail, Kitti said to Lana, “I want to go to France – do you want to come?” Lana agreed and the two have traveled together ever since. “I do the research and planning,” Kitti began. “But I always include 24 :: :: June 2020

Lana is very glad to let Kitti take the wheel. “Once I had to drive around a parking lot in France while Kitti ran inside. I thought I was going to have a heart attack!” Kitti told me she and Lana have made three major trips. The fourth was supposed to have been this year, but was cancelled. “I wanted to go to the Passion Play in Germany,” Kitti told me. “I’ve been trying to get there since I was a child in 1960.” The traveling duo is already planning to go in 2022. Lana and Kitti know how to make the most out of every trip and make every dollar count. “We travel on a budget – but we don’t miss out on anything – we just know how to make it work.

Some people don’t know how to look for good prices. You have to be aware.” Kitti continued, saying, “Most cities have a big red bus – buy a three day ticket and get on and off as much as you like. Go to galleries and museums on free days or off times.”

No matter where you wander, where you roam . . . the beach is always calling you home

“And make sure the wheels work on your luggage,” Lana laughed, speaking from experience. “I once had to buy a piece of luggage in Barcelona.” Sometimes things get a bit dicey, but taking risks has always paid off for Lana and Kitti. They were traveling in France, and Lana knew a hotel she thought they’d like. “I can get by in German and Italian, but not French, but Lana had been to France and studied French, so she thought she could handle it.” Laughing, Kitti remembers this great adventure. “We were looking for our hotel and got lost. Lana was asking questions, but we couldn’t find it. We finally found a Moroccan man who spoke English who led us to the place Lana knew, but it was closed. It was late, dark and we were tired.” Lana jumped in and continued. “Our Moroccan friend took us to a traveler’s hotel, one mainly used by men. It was not at all what we were used to – there were communal bathrooms, and it was a scary place.” Then she cracked up laughing, saying, “We had a sink in the room, and Kitti said she would use that sink rather than use that bathroom during the night!” “I slept with my money belt and all my clothes on,” Kitti chimed in. “As soon as daylight came, we paid and left! They were actually very nice to us. Our car was safely locked up, but the hotel was near an airport and was used by a lot of different people.” But, sometimes great adventures start with misadventures. Kitti and Lana checked in to their original hotel in Aix, de Provence, that morning and invited their Moroccan friend to meet them at a café for coffee as a way of thanking him for his help. “He invited us to his home for dinner,” Lana began. “We thought about it, but decided this was an adventure we shouldn’t pass up.” The two women went to his home, which was a small one-bedroom apartment he shared with his wife and three young children, the oldest of whom was learning English. “This child would tell us to stand up and we would stand up and dance. It was so funny.” “There were so many dishes of beautiful food that I am sure his wife spent all day preparing,” Kitti said, as the story continued. “I remember hoping they hadn’t spent their entire week’s food budget on a meal for us, but it was an evening I’ll never forget.” Lana and Kitti ended the story by telling me that meeting people and learning about different cultures are what make a trip special. “I still like seeing churches and museums as well,” Lana added. “You never realize how different life is in another country. It really makes me appreciate my home and family.”

Mon thru Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 (unless it’s a Holiday) 720 Sunset Blvd N, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 (910) 579-5628 @BleuInCarolina #bleuatsunset :: June 2020 :: 25

in a different place – it’s like an extra bonus, even if it’s not on our agenda.” Kitti books hotels for the beginning and end of their trips, but leaves room for flexibility. “I read books and references about the places we want to visit, but I always allow extra time. We may have one or two hotels selected, and sometimes I book in advance and sometimes not.” “Make a plan and then narrow it down,” Lana agreed. “We always make sure the other gets to see and do what she wants to do. We’re already thinking about a trip to Champagne country in France because we didn’t make it there last time.” Kitti and Lana have both traveled extensively in the United States as well, but Kitti doesn’t mind traveling alone in the States. Lana, however, does not enjoy solo travel! “Kitti is honest, trustworthy, fun, well-read and travel savvy,” said Lana when I asked her what makes her friend such a perfect travel companion. “Lana is lighthearted – I love that,” Kitti said. “She’s considerate of me and everyone – I love her, she’s my best friend.” “We love each other and we’re the ‘bestest’ of friends!”

“Travel enriches my life allowing me to experience other cultures,” Kitti began. “I love to meet people from other countries, and experiencing a bit of their lives helps me learn to respect, understand, and appreciate their world. It allows me to see I am only one in a big world that we are all sharing. I love sharing not only what we have in common but celebrating our differences.” I asked how these two friends managed to get along so well while traveling and to please share any advice. “It’s not pleasant to travel with people if you don’t work well together,” said Lana. “And always consider energy levels. Some people can’t walk as much as others. Share that information ahead of time.” “You have to be flexible,” Kitti interjected. “Nothing ever goes as planned – in life or in travel. Talk about your expectations and especially talk about finances.” “Travel gives you insight into what other people’s lives are like, and it changes you as a person,” Lana said as we continued what had become a very enjoyable conversation. Lana and Kitti immediately make you their friend. In our short time together, I knew I had met two very special people. The travel planner, Kitti, jumped in with some great advice on how to get the most out of a trip. “I check months in advance for flights. I always book a long flight going over and take a full day 26 :: :: June 2020

For the Grad who’s ready to ‘SEAS the Day!’ Congratulations Class of 2020!

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The Mission of Art: Rebecca Zdybel by Leslie Moore Like many of us, Rebecca Zdybel found her passion in an empty nest. An award-winning, gifted artist and teacher, Rebecca spent her early years first working as an R.N. and then raising her family with her husband of 40 years. “After the kids left home, I found first-class instructors in watercolors. I would spend six intensive weeks a year studying with fantastic people.” Her dedication combined with her innate talent brought Rebecca to where she is today – the owner of a successful gallery with commissions on display publicly and by private collectors, a signature member of the S.C. Watermedia Society, teacher of hundreds of happy students and the leader of her popular trips to Italy each year. “Many of my students come to me in middle life,” said Rebecca as we chatted about her life as an artist and teacher. “That’s what I bring to my students. I didn’t start painting seriously until my 40s – and that brings hope. It’s never too late to pursue your passion

30 :: :: June 2020

and learn something new.” Continuing, she said, “Learning is a real fountain of youth. I feel vibrant and alive when I’m learning. Age is not important in the artistic realm.” “I was brought up to do what’s practical,” Rebecca remembered. “I was told to study and do what’s going to help you pay the bills, but I knew I had this ‘thing’ in me that needed to be explored.” Rebecca believes creativity allows us to tap into something greater than ourselves. “Sometimes when I’m painting I go into this realm that’s very meditative – I tap into a higher, deeper, spiritual place.” “Slowing down is very much a part of painting,” Rebecca told me as we continued talking about her love for art. “It really is a wonderful way to spend time, and when you’re finished you have something you created to give someone, or display in your home, or just enjoy for yourself.

Art is about much more than money for Rebecca, and she is very aware of how blessed she is to be able to do what she loves. “My husband is my patron and I am very grateful. Charity is an important part of my mission, developed early on to guide my choices. It’s like a promise to myself.” Her mission is to “share love, spread light, DO ART, and give back” – and she accomplishes the giving back part by donating at least 30% of all sales to charity. “When I have art shows that percentage goes up.” “It‘s a game I play –you know how it’s said that you can’t out give God? Well it’s true, and He regularly proves the truth of that statement when I hold art shows.” In 2019, Rebecca donated thousands of dollars to a variety of charities, including sponsoring the education of a young girl in the Abacos, a part of the Bahamas that was devastated by Hurricane Dorian, the Australian wildfires and many local causes. “I get so much pleasure out of the idea that, in some small way, my art is making the world a better, kinder, place.” “This year, due to the quarantine, it will be more painful to give, but I am determined to continue.” The pandemic has also affected Rebecca’s Eat, Paint, Cook trips. “I’ve had to cancel my workshops this year, but I’m hoping to return to Tuscany in the future – always at grape harvest time.” According to Rebecca, fall is the perfect time of year to visit Tuscany. “There are wonderful wine festivals and the colors are gorgeous. We stay in a beautiful monastery bathed in 1,000 years of prayer.” Her trips include both painters and nonpainters, and the group cooks beautiful fresh food while creating art. “When my kids were young, my creative art was cooking, and I still love the culinary arts.” Rebecca is offering a wonderful new tour for 2021, running October 2-9, called Eat, Paint, Love (Venice). The group will visit and paint the centuries-old city of Venice, basking in art that has stood the test of time. There will be gondola trips and tours of outlying areas as well. “And, of course, we’ll have a cooking class,” Rebecca said, excited about this new adventure. “Painting a place is a wonderful way to never forget the places you visit, you remember the sounds, the smells, the anecdotal things like the weather and the people you met.” Rebecca paused, remembering the beauty and peace she has painted through the years. “I went overseas for a month by myself,” the artist said, explaining where the idea for Eat, Paint, Cook was born. “I even got to spend ten hours in Monet’s garden – and I got locked in! I literally had to figure out how to get out of there. Fortunately, I found another stranded artist – and her husband helped us find a way out!”

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“As a result of the pandemic, I’ve had to pivot and develop new :: June 2020 :: 31

techniques to generate income,” Rebecca told me thoughtfully. “I’ve reached out to my collectors with special pricing on commissions, and I’m teaching private watercolor classes via Zoom.” Zoom students have the bonus of having the video recordings available for continued practice. “I hope to resume classes very soon.” Laughing, Rebecca said, “Art classes are the best sunscreen available!” Many of her students are visitors and enjoy taking classes in the middle of the day when the sun is too hot for the beach. “I’m also hosting free webinars online. My Friday Freebies are informational webinars aimed at emerging artists in the hopes of sharing experiences and advice that I learned the hard way,” Rebecca began. “I wish that sort of thing had been available to me. The Zoom platform has allowed me to connect remotely with students from all over – it’s pretty cool!” I asked Rebecca about her other projects, and I could feel how excited she is about her latest work. “I’m doing a series of portraits of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I was moved to begin painting him in 2019 on his birthday. Researching Dr. King caused my admiration to grow, and I was inspired to paint him over and over in different ways.” This latest series is quickly becoming a favorite of her collectors and Rebecca continues to be inspired. “I am continually moved by his message. Channeling thoughts of love trumping hate and a longing for justice never gets old.” Contact Rebecca online at or by calling 843-450-2307. Her studio is located near the Galleria Shopping Center at Waterway Village Shopping Center, 9713 N Kings Hwy #207 in Myrtle Beach.

32 :: :: June 2020

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Breakfast with my Late Husband by Audrey Carli I jerked awake alone in our bed meant for two. Donning my robe, I hurried to the kitchen to make French toast in memory of my late husband David’s favorite breakfast. I again sensed the memory of his whisper in my ear at dawn: “Do you want to go to Eagle River for breakfast?” “Yes!” I had always enjoyed our forty mile drive for breakfast at the cozy café. Less than two hours later, David and I were seated in our favorite back booth in the midst of the fried bacon aroma. We sipped coffee. After we drizzled maple syrup over our favorite breakfast, we chatted about our future trip to Aspen, Colorado. We still felt like the newlyweds we had been when we began saving funds for our “delayed honeymoon.” I began to worry that we may never go to Colorado. The years had taken much pep from David. He would retire in less than two years. Our son Jamie and daughter Marla were teachers now in distant cities. Each time I felt hope that our delayed honeymoon trip would happen, a new task, expense or responsibility occurred. Lately, David felt weary. During TV commercials, he had hugged me and sighed, “Honey, even if I don’t want to ski, I’ll enjoy visiting Aspen’s little shops.” “Sure, David. A restful vacation will be good for both of us.”

Soon after we added more vacation funds in our savings, David stopped enjoying meals. He explained, “I have no appetite, Honey. I don’t want to admit my back pain is worse. I just need more sleep at night.” I hugged him and groaned, “I’m very worried about you, Honey.” David gazed at me and sighed. “When I worried I might need medical help, I went to the doctor alone to not worry you.” His voice lowered. “I’ll be okay…soon.” I hugged him and my hunch was right. David’s body felt fragile in my arms. I worried that his former muscular build had become frail. I groaned, “You need to have a thorough physical exam, David!” “I’ll be okay, honey. We’ll go to Colorado no matter what.” He sounded so confidant and cheerful, I believed he would soon feel better from medical care and vitamins. While alone the next day, worry knifed. I forced cheer into myself. David and I would go more often to our local café. We liked their Friday fish fries. Hope for my beloved husband filled me. Modern medicine would give David energy!

When David’s blue eyes dulled, I worried if he felt okay. He smiled. “All I need is a nap, Honey. I know I’ll enjoy seeing the snow and mountain scenes in Colorado even if I don’t care anymore to ski.” Worry knifed me. “David, you’ve been so weary, I’m worried. Are you okay?” “Oh, I’m ready for a rest in Colorado, honey!” His eyes brightened with his words. “David, don’t worry, we’ll enjoy every minute in Aspen even if we only dine at the quaint cafes. The travel agent’s brochures gave us plenty of ideas for fun!” 34 :: :: June 2020

I saw his expression tighten like my face felt. I struggled to not display fear when the gray haired doctor said he had bad news. “Your tests show much, David. I am so sorry. You have terminal pancreatic cancer.” I had tried to cook David’s favorite food while he was home on sick leave from his teaching schedule. Maybe he could eat more for pep. He weakened instead. Before David could retire, our church was packed for his funeral.

Widowhood felt like a tight band around my body. It had squeezed away my life’s happiness. In my early widowhood, I again longed for our breakfast for two in Eagle River. I asked myself how I could enjoy breakfast for two when I was alone in my empty nest.

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The following Saturday, I needed to visit David’s and my favorite Eagle River café even if I went alone. After a relaxing drive, I sat in David’s and my favorite back booth. The cheerful waitress was new so she did not ask about my husband’s absence. She wrote my two orders for French toast. She then added a full glass of water at the vacant side of the booth. I soon savored my delicious, warm breakfast. The waitress had set my “delayed friend’s” French toast across the booth from me. I sighed with gladness as I savored my warm breakfast. I sensed David’s smile across the table. His cheery conversation sounded in memories: “Delicious, Audrey, just delicious!” As I sensed David’s imaginary nearness, I was able to enjoy my warm, syrup-drizzled breakfast. When I left the restaurant with the container holding David’s food, I knew I would enjoy his microwave-warmed breakfast for an evening snack. During each forkful of my 7pm snack, my happy memories uplifted me. I recalled David’s deep voice: “Delicious, Audrey, just delicious!”

Repairs We can repair almost all lamps and chandeliers. Sometimes even while you wait! We’ve got a huge supply of lamp parts for expert and fast lamp repair.

Restorations We can make your old lighting fixtures look new again! We are experts at chandelier restoration, along with lamp repair and the ability to restore other light/electrical fixtures.

Creations You’ll be surprised at what we can make a lamp out of - all you have to do is ask! We can make lamps from vases, urns, bottles and more.

Audrey Carli is from Iron River, Michigan, is a widowed mother of four. She is a speaker about easing loneliness. She has written three books and numerous family articles.

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We’re sorry to say “Goodbye”! We will be closing our doors on June 30th. We want to thank all of our customers for their support and patronage. I can still be reached for repairs and custom design so I hope to see many of you in the near future. James A. Huntley

Bring an empty, . bottle refillable water flight is a on ed Staying hydrat g healthy and in ay important to st u arrive. Fill your n yo he w od go rity. feeling go through secu bottle after you ad you have your gl Pro-tip - You’ll be hen you arrive as w refillable bottle inations charge a st many tourist de for a bottle of ic premium pr e water.

Download movies on Netfli x before you board. Airline WiFi is iffy at best, but Netflix all ows users to download movie s to watch while offline. This is also a good for layovers. Pro-tip – Sung tip lasses make an excellent stand for your phone!

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Smooth Travel Tips to Make

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Mark your luggage. Do you many have any idea how lling ro e m co black suitcases Tie a lt? be or down the convey ece of yarn on the bright ribbon or pi the wrong bag grab handle and never d rite your name an again. Pro-tip – w g with a brief on phone number, al card and no itinerary, on a te ur leave it INSIDE yo luggage.

Travel with young children is ed. hard. Come prepar for t ea gr e ar Colorful clings tip – oPr s. w airplane windo motion Remember to pack n, sickness medicatio just in case.

36 :: :: June 2020

Bring binder clips. Yes, you read that corre Binder clips will ke ctly. ep phone cords, char your ge rs and anything else that normally gets tangled, neat and re Pro-tip – A binder ady to use. clip is great to put over your razo r after use it to keep it cl you ean.

Buy a portable phone item will charger. This one frustration save you so much to charge tlet trying to find an ou . They are et bl ta or e your phon d wor th their an e iv ns pe relatively inex tip – add an weight in gold. Pro- rd to your r co ex tra phone charge e one in av le u yo If suitcase. , you’re om ro l te your ho still okay. Take the security line to the left. Most of us automatically turn right. By turning left, you al always get in a sh most or ter line. Pro-tip - This works for tourist attractions as well.

Your Trip Easier




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Compression socks are importa nt No they are not al . w ay s fashionable, but sl ip a pair into your carry-on, and when you are seat put them on ed legs will thank you. . Your feet and Pro-tip – Stand up every hour or so, ev en if walk around the ca you can’ t bin. can’ t stand up, mov If you e your feet and legs.

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The Only Way to Fly by Jeffery Cohen I love to go on vacation. My problem is the getting there. I hate to fly. To be completely honest, it scares me to death. Just talking about it makes my heart pound. I have friends who say a little prayer as their plane’s engines begin to roar, ready for takeoff. I start praying while I’m packing my bags. I continue praying on the ride to the airport, through the check-in, while boarding, right before takeoff, and pretty much through the entire flight. When I took a trip to China that was an awful lot of praying. I have to admit that over the years I have gotten much better, if you can believe it. There was a time when flying so petrified me that I could barely step into an airport, even if I was just seeing someone off. When I had to fly I would make sure to arrive at the airport way ahead of schedule. I’d force my legs to move forward as tried to catch my breath, and then I’d head for the nearest bar. I would pull up a stool and fortify myself with my own little happy hour or two. After I’d imbibed a good number of cocktails, I would have enough courage to get on the plane, close my eyes tight and begin to beg the Almighty to grant a safe takeoff...a safe flight...a safe landing. The only interruption I allowed myself was when the beverage service began. “A Bloody Mary, please. Make that a double.” One of the first vacations my wife and I ever took was a trip to Mexico. We booked a flight on a Mexican airline. It was the first time we’d ever flown on a foreign airline, which made me even more nervous than usual, but the way I figured it, all airlines are basically the same. We got to the airport early, checked our bags and we headed for the nearest bar. As I pulled up a stool, I was greeted by the smiling face of a friendly bartender. “How are you this fine morning?” he said. “Where are you off to?” “Mexico City,” I answered. “Ah, Mexico. I guess you’ll be drinking plenty of margaritas while you’re down there, huh?” “You know, I have to admit, I’ve never had a margarita. I don’t even know what’s in one.” “Oh, wow. They’re great. Tequila, lime juice, a hint of Cointreau, a touch of salt.” 38 :: :: June 2020

“Salt?” I asked. “Salt,” he repeated. “You should really try one.” “Alright then. Let’s try a couple of margaritas.” He mixed a splash of this, a dash of that, shook it up, poured it into a fancy glass with salt coating the rim, and slid it across the bar. I sat there staring at the glass and before I could ask the question, the bartender gave me the answer. “It’s the way you drink tequila when you’re in Mexico. You lick salt off of the back of your hand, down a shot of tequila, and then you suck on a wedge of lime. A margarita just kind of fancies the whole thing up.” I took a sip. It wasn’t bad. The second one was even better. When the third one came around, it began to taste just like lemonade. “You wanna be careful,” the barkeep warned. “They can sneak up on you.” By the time we heard the announcement of our flight boarding, they snuck up on me so good that my head was spinning and my legs felt like rubber. My wife took my arm and guided me toward our gate. We checked in and got in line. As we entered, I couldn’t help but notice a man to our right, sitting in front of a huge panel of instruments mounted below a small window. He fiddled around with switches and knobs as gauges gyrated and lights of red, green and yellow blinked. Then it hit me. This was the pilot, but he was sitting right out in the open. There was no door – not even a curtain separating him from the rest of us! I was pretty surprised, but not nearly as surprised as I felt when I looked down the cabin. Instead of the usual plane seats arranged in rows, the seats were metal benches mounted against the walls. Down the aisle, there were poles

There was a time when flying so petrified me that I could barely step into an airport, even if I was just seeing someone off.

to hang onto and metal handles mounted on the ceiling for strap hangers. I knew that this wasn’t an American-run airline, but never expected this. I was shocked. We followed the crowd inside, eventually settling down on one of the benches. Too shocked and too “margarita-ed” to utter a word, I sat in silence. My wife turned to me. “Are you okay?” she asked. “I don’t know what to say. I knew this airfare was cheaper than usual, but this is ridiculous,” I whispered. “Metal benches instead of seats? No safety belts? No little yellow breathing thingies to drop down in case of trouble? And the pilot? Sitting there right in front of us?” My wife glanced around then stared back at me as she began to laugh out loud. “What’s so funny?” I asked. She leaned in close. “Honey, this isn’t the plane. It’s the transporter that takes us out to the plane.” Did I feel silly? Yes, I did. Was I embarrassed? Yes, I was. Was I relieved? Oh, was I ever! Fifteen minutes later, sitting in my comfortable cushioned seat, my seat belt cinched up good and tight, certain there was a little yellow breathing thingy tucked above me, I felt safer than I ever had on a plane before. As the engines started up, and we taxied onto the runway, I still offered up a little prayer, but before I had finished it, I was sound asleep and stayed that way through the entre flight to Mexico – the most delightful flight I ever had.



Congratulations Waccamaw high school class of 2020!

Jeffery Cohen

Freelance writer and newspaper columnist, Jeffery Cohen, has written for Sasee, Lifetime and Read, Learn, Write. He’s won awards in Women-On-Writing Contest, Vocabula’s Well Written Contest, National League of American Pen Women’s’ Keats Competition, Southern California Genealogy Competition, and Writer’s Weekly writing contest.

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“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait until the other is ready.” ~Henry David Thoreau

October 8 Pawleys Island Wine & Food Gala

1990 - 2020

October 9 Beginnings: A Chicago Celebration

October 10 The Temptations Revue Featuring Nate Evans

October 14 Lao Tizer featuring Eric Marienthal

October 15 Giada Valenti

October 16 Tavares

October 17 Atlanta Rhythm Section

October 22 Artrageous

October 23 Music City Hit Makers

October 24 Destination Motown

All Events Held at The Reser ve Golf Club


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