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April 2021

“I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.” -Louise L. Hay

It’s the Moments Together That Change Us Forever. When your family is faced with difficult end of life decisions, you need to focus on what matters most. PruittHealth Hospice is committed to caring. We ensure your loved one experiences a smooth transition from the hospital to home hospice care through our unique service offerings. So that you can focus on more moments together. And be changed forever.

PruittHealth Hospice is part of the PruittHealth Family of Services:

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April 2021 - “The Best is Yet to Be”

Contents Volume 20, Issue 4

About the Cover Artist: Born in Astana, Elena Filatov discovered her passion for colors at an early age. During her design and art studies associated with studies of classical music, she was able to expand her skills and develop her individual style. She puts her heart and soul into each of her colorful and detailed works of art: “My paintings are the mirror of my soul. I take the viewer on a visually powerful journey of fond memories, wishes, and dreams,” says the artist. The artist and designer lives and works in Germany. She finds support and security in her family who inspire her. You can find and order her pictures at www.elenafilatov.de or at www.Walentowski-Galerien.de

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The Love Match by Glenda Ferguson


Adventure of my Life by Barbara Pierce


Are Soulmates Realistic? by Alexa Fojtik


It’s Never Too Late: Becoming My Own Boss by Kim Freeman


Sasee’s Women-Owned Business Guide


I Want to be an Old Wise Woman When I Grow Up by Katrina Paulson


A Brighter Future by Diane DeVaughn Stokes


Sasee Gets Personal with Michael Fink: Executive Director for Brightwater

A Curated Collection of Sun-Kissed Style LADIES



Johnny Was Show Me Your Mumu Splendid Bella Dahl AGolde Wooden Ships Julie Vos Twine & Twig

Pink Chicken Rylee & Cru Ruffle Butts Rugged Butts Tea Collection Angel Dear Little Unicorn Bella Tunno

Johnnie O Faherty Southern Tide Fish Hippie Patagonia Katin Olukai Smathers & Branson

XOXO rew The SU C

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from the Editor

Publisher Delores Blount Sales & Marketing Director Susan Bryant This morning was the first beach sunrise I have attended in weeks. Today was the calm after the storm of rain that seemed to last all of 2021 so far. For those of you who know me, you know that quality time with nature is one of the most essential needs to fuel my soul. After all, they call it “vitamin sea” for a reason. To my delightful surprise, there were many beachgoers, two-legged and four-legged ones, basking in the orange and pink sunlight. I am sure they were just as excited as me to wish the sun good morning and to beg it to stick around for a while. There was an older man walking much more swiftly than I who passed by me a few times. I was less into cardio and more concerned with collecting the beautiful seashells that recently washed up onto the shore. The last time he passed by, he asked, “Have you found any treasures?” I replied, “Oh, there are always plenty!” I quickly realized I was not only referring to the handful of Pawleys shells I had accumulated today, but to the multitude of treasures I have left to collect in life. As I gazed down the coastline, I thought of the infinite amount of unique shells not yet obtained. I reflected upon the everchanging tides and the endless waves of possibility. I am not only symbolizing physical treasures, but also the moments and experiences with our divine earth and the exquisite souls who encompass it. The rainy, windy, cold days made today and my positive perspective even more worth it. I would not change any part of my past just as I am equally at peace with my bright, yet unknown future. I will always see the power of broadening my horizons in every aspect of my being. As I made my way back to the beach access and took my last glimpse of the sea for the day (or at least until sunset), I smiled as I manifested the thought, the best really is yet to be! Stay Sunny,

Editor Sarah Elaine Hawkinson Account Executives Erica Schneider Gay Stackhouse Art Director Patrick Sullivan Contributing Photographer Chasing the Light Photography Web Developer Scott Konradt Accounting Gail Knowles Executive Publishers Jim Creel Bill Hennecy Suzette Rogers PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 fax 843-626-6452 • phone 843-626-8911 www.sasee.com • info@sasee.com Sasee is published monthly and distributed free along the Grand Strand. Submissions of articles and art are welcome. Visit our website for details on submission. Sasee is a Strand Media Group, Inc. publication. Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material, in part or in whole, prepared by Strand Media Group, Inc. and appearing within this publication is strictly prohibited. Title “Sasee” is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

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The Love Match by Glenda Ferguson

When I moved to another state, I didn’t realize at the time that I had two advantages which netted results in my love life - tennis and new friendships. In Missouri, I played on the college tennis team, local tournaments, and leagues, where I developed lasting friendships. When I moved to southern Indiana, tennis helped me meet new people, and one of them just happened to live near the tennis courts. From her house, she could see the tennis players coming and going, especially the male ones. She kept me informed at which times I should casually show up in my tennis attire with all my gear. One evening, I got the call at my apartment. “Grab your tennis racket. He’s here,” my friend said. “Who?” I said. “Tim. Tim is here,” she said. “Who’s Tim?” I said. “Come on, I’ve talked to you about him before. He’s the one that drives the black Camaro. You two would make a great match.”

explanation of my predicament, Tim said, “Do you still want to play if we find you another partner?” After I assured him I would, Tim found Nancy, a resort guest from Missouri, who agreed to be my tennis partner for the day. Nancy and I kept winning our matches, which meant we were in the women’s finals, the last one of the day. We won second place in the tournament. Tim and his partner won second in the men’s doubles. At the end of the tournament, Tim, a few players, and I agreed to celebrate at a nearby restaurant. As we walked out to the parking lot, Tim got quiet. He said, “Where’s my car? I parked it right here.” I knew he was talking about his Camaro, but the car was not where he had parked it. Every parking spot was filled at this time of the day. One of the players was a police officer and said, “Let’s check with the security guard who patrols the parking lot.”

“Let me ask.”

When Tim returned to our group, he was calm, but we could tell he was worried. His Camaro had been parked in a space that was out of bounds, so the local towing operation was served a notice and hauled it to a nearby gas station. Tim got his car back (no charge), and at the restaurant, we celebrated the end of the tournament.

At that point, I was wondering Who is she asking? Turns out, my friend also had her two daughters staking out the tennis courts. When she passed on the information that Tim was playing doubles with three other guys, I decided to do a drive-by and check him out. From my friend’s description, I picked him out - dark hair, glasses, and about average height.  I was interested.

What impressed me about Tim was that he was so calm about the entire situation. In fact, he was joking about it and did not harbor any bad feelings toward the guard or the tow truck driver who was just performing his job. That kind of guy, who was cool under pressure, was difficult to come by. I was definitely interested.

“Who is he with?” I said.

A year went by with no other encounters with Tim, tennis or otherwise. I started going out with someone else, and, according to my friend and her daughters, Tim now had a girlfriend. During the following summer, I entered a tennis tournament, with my neighbor as my women’s doubles partner. That Saturday, the rain was coming down in buckets. The tournament was moved to the indoor courts at the local hotel and resort. But my partner never showed up! I found the tournament director to ask him what to do. “Let me ask my co-director,” he said. That’s when Tim approached us. After the introductions and 8 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

During the next few months, I broke up with my boyfriend, and Tim broke up with his girlfriend. My friendship with Tim grew by playing tennis, planning tournaments, and casual outings with groups. Our courtship, engagement, and marriage took place within the following year. Tennis can have the advantage in matchmaking, just so long as it is a love match. Glenda Ferguson is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and numerous publications. She volunteers with Indiana Landmarks. Tim and Glenda have been married for 35 years.

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Adventure of my Life by Barbara Pierce

As I got ready for my first date with Bruce, I was so excited I couldn’t even get my lipstick on straight or figure out what to wear. Okay, my white slacks with the pink top always looks good.

Coming towards me in the surge of people was a man, a handsome man. And he was looking right at me! I smiled: “Don’t eat those chocolate cookies; they really taste terrible,” I said. He smiled, grabbed a vanilla cookie, and walked off.

I had no idea how this first date would totally change my life.

We sat on separate sides of the room. After the meeting, he walked out. I couldn’t wait until next week to run into him again. My heart fell when he wasn’t there. The following few weeks, I had other commitments and I didn’t go.

I’d met him at a divorce recovery workshop. I’d been divorced and recovered long ago. The voice in my head told me to go. “But I’m not recovering from divorce,” I argued. “Just go,” it kept saying. “There will be lots of single men there, I guarantee.” I ached to have a man in my life. I didn’t want to be alone any longer. I was ready to marry again. I got dressed and went out, again and again. (This was before internet dating.) To singles dances, mixers, business conferences, bars. Yes, I met men. Time and time again, I’d date a man for the first time, only to quickly recognize all his faults. Either he didn’t have a job, was hopelessly self-centered, rude to the waitress, had an IQ in the single digits, etc., etc. If you’re single, you know what I’m talking about here. There was no one I wanted for the one and only man in my life. I became more and more discouraged. Felt more and more lonely and hopeless about ever finding a good, caring man. My life was at a boring point. My only child had married and moved across the country. I liked my job as a psychotherapist, liked it a lot. It’s rewarding to help people create a better life for themselves. But I really needed to create a better life for myself. Surely there had to be more to life. There was a big void in my life. I was lonely. I wanted someone in my life. Someone I cared about and who cared about me. Awkwardly, I stood by the cookies on that first night at the divorce recovery workshop. The cookies were just inside the door and everyone headed there first. I’d read in some advice for the lovelorn: “If you’re shy about meeting people, station yourself as a greeter at the door.” Sounded like good advice, so there I was. 12 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

But then finally, he was there, and I was there, and we talked. He invited me out the following Saturday. I hopped into his beat-up Dodge van, surprised at what was there. Guitar music like you’d hear on a tropical beach, a tiny hula dancer swayed under a plastic palm tree on the dashboard; an umbrella-like they serve in exotic drinks. “What’s up with this guy?” I wondered. “I can’t get involved with anyone right now,” he explained. “My dream is to be a cruiser - to live on a boat and sail around the world. Most people think it’s crazy.” “So far, I really like this guy,” I thought. “I’ll date him for now and not plan any future with him.” Bruce and I saw each other often, usually in one of the many boat-related places in Southern California. He was obsessed with the idea of being a cruiser, talked much about it. I got seasick just looking at a boat. The idea of getting on one turned my stomach. He respected my complete lack of interest. He understood that no woman would share his dream. Her home, her job, her kids, were too important. He knew no woman would go with him; he’d go alone. I cared more and more about him. He had a twinkle in his eye and a warm smile. His dream was to get a boat and sail around the world. My dream was to find a caring man with a twinkle in his eye and a warm smile. I began to love him; I wanted him in my life forever. I didn’t want the boat part. But they were a package deal. How could this ever work? Gradually, I began to think maybe his plans weren’t so crazy.

I was ready to stop working. My daughter wasn’t around. So maybe, just maybe. At the age of 53, I married the man of my dreams. We bought a sailboat and called her Crossroads. I continued working as Bruce prepared Crossroads to take off.

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Though I went through the motions, because I loved Bruce, I was scared of taking off. I didn’t want to. One night, getting out of bed, I collapsed on the floor. “Something serious is wrong with me, really serious,” I said. Bruce threw me over his shoulder and took me to the ER where I was hospitalized with a stroke. “Your working days are over,” said my neurologist. “You can’t go on a boat,” said my cardiologist. “I’ll give up our plans,” said Bruce. He was ready to give up his dream, to live with me on land. I’d been ambivalent. I hadn’t wanted to live on a boat. I was going along with the plan only because I wanted to be with Bruce. Now I had an out. Being told I couldn’t do this ended my ambivalence. I decided I did want to live on Crossroads, and I wanted her to leave the dock. My recovery continued as we moved onto Crossroads and took off for Mexico. For 15 happy years, we lived and traveled on Crossroads. I’m so glad I overcame my fears to have the adventure of my life. Shades & Draperies is scheduling all visits into the showroom by appointment only. This allows us to offer a personalized experience in a safe environment.

Barbara Pierce lives and writes in the Florida Everglades. Since retiring from her career as a psychotherapist, she has become a freelance writer; her articles have appeared in a wide variety of publications.

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Are Soulmates Realistic? by Alexa Fojtik

I believe soulmates to be a realistic concept, simply in a broader sense than being the one person you are meant to marry, and oftentimes, they seem to come when you least expect it.

When people refer to “soulmates,” they often times define them in a romantic sense; one, singular person who was put on this earth specifically for you. People spend their lives searching for a romantic connection that is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. Once upon a time, I was one of those people too. But along the road, I started to find these connections not tied to romance and passion, but tied to instant comfortability, a sense of deep understanding of one another, and a bond that simply can’t be explained; I began finding these connections in friendships. Growing up, I always had a decent number of friends, but my shyness and introversion made it difficult to form deep connections and feel comfortable to be completely myself with others. My first time feeling this “soulmate” connection was when I was 16. In the winter of my freshman year of high school, one of my friends from school introduced me to a girl in our grade, and within minutes, I felt like we had been in each other’s lives forever. She was someone that encouraged my silliness and was always there with a listening ear. Before long, she felt like a sister, and her family felt like my own. We were inseparable and no one was able to make me laugh as often, or as hard, as she did. Unfortunately, life gets messy when you’re discovering yourself and adapting to growing up. As we grew up together, we both began encountering experiences that caused us both to shut off from the world, and in extension, each other. Somewhere along the way, we lost contact with one another, but she’s still someone I think about often, and her friendship is one that I look back on with so much love. The next time I found a soulmate, I was 21. I was going through a breakup after my boyfriend of 3 years and I had decided to go our separate ways, and I was having a difficult time feeling fulfilled by my social life. I went to dating apps in hopes of finding something to fill this void, and although love isn’t what came from it, I found one of the best friends I’ve ever had. He was the kind of friend that you could sit in silence with and feel as though you were right where you 14 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

belonged, but also the kind of friend who you could stay up sitting on the couch with until 2:00am, talking about life, and love, and beliefs. His friendship was a safe space, free of judgement, and consistent with support. Much like my high school soulmate, this connection didn’t last forever and is a friendship I haven’t completely found peace in losing yet either, but I still look back at the time we had together with a full heart. I believe soulmates don’t necessarily come once in a lifetime, and that you can find them anywhere, in anyone. Even though these connections are powerful, and feel unbreakable, sometimes these relationships aren’t meant to root themselves in your life forever. As people, we don’t remain the same throughout the entirety of our lives. We grow and evolve constantly. Because of this, these soul connections change as well. Much like any standard friendship, a soulmate is allowed to be your soulmate for only a period of time. As your soul continues to develop in new ways over time, these connections can feel the strain of change. I think there is a greater kind of pain involved when you watch a soulmate slip away, though. In a way, it feels as though you’re losing a piece of yourself, and even though you continue moving forward, and developing new connections, a part of you will always be with them. I believe soulmates to be a realistic concept, simply in a broader sense than being the one person you are meant to marry, and oftentimes, they seem to come when you least expect it.

Alexa Fojtik is an English major, passionate about literature, and working towards becoming an editor. She dreams of one day starting up a bookstore, where she will host a book club – hot tea and muffins will be provided!

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When Every Moment Counts Patients and families come to Tidelands Community Hospice during life’s most difficult journey, endof-life, seeking care, comfort, and support. Care, Comfort, and Support is provided to all, regardless of one’s financial status or life situation. No one is turned away. Your Generosity Thanks to the support of a caring community, we provide care, comfort, and support beyond traditional hospice services to all. “Thank you for all you did to bring comfort to my mother. The work you do is so important and you provide it with love and dignity.” Patient’s Daughter “It was a difficult time for all of us. You helped each one of us so much. We will always be grateful.” AC


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It’s Never Too Late: Becoming My Own Boss by Kim Freeman

While some talk of pandemic pivots, I’ve likened my journey to a pirouette.

When I was young, I loved to run across random facts about famous people. Among my favorite trivia was learning what age they started the career that made them a household name. For example, Grandma Moses started painting in earnest at 78, and Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame didn’t franchise his first restaurant until age 62. Now, as I rocket toward 60, I find myself with a similar opportunity to start something new professionally. Even if unlikely to join any lists of wildly successful post-50 career changers, I take comfort that age isn’t a limitation as I launch my business venture. So how did an employment law attorney and human resources professional who had as much interest in being her own boss as she did repeatedly sticking a fork in her eye get to a place where the best is yet to be? Not entirely willingly, I can assure you. But sometimes, the Universe kicks you out the window it opened for you. On a Friday in early May 2020, I bustled about preparing for a quarterly review. The bright sun streamed through the large picture window in my living room and brought the promise of a lovely weekend. Working from my kitchen table due to the pandemic, I had spent many 60+ hour weeks helping clients navigate their human resources issues in the wake of COVID-19. Unbeknownst to me, preparation for that call was the last work I’d ever do for the company. Instead of a review, my boss laid me off. He cited business reasons related to the pandemic. And just like that, without warning, I joined millions on the unemployment line in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. I was numb from the news. Now what? My prospects for immediate re-entry to a highlevel corporate legal/HR job weren’t good given my age and that I was at the height of my career (read: expensive). Add in a flood of exceptionally talented jobseekers in my same 18 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

predicament, and the employment picture looked grim. But stiff upper lip, and all, right? I started networking, redoing my resume, and applying for vacancies. All the while, I worked at contract jobs to make ends meet. They never did. Months went by. A few promising interviews here, a good tip on a job-opening there, but they all fell flat. I ping-ponged from “it’ll be okay” to “there’s no hope” as desperation and doubt undermined my positive attitude leaving me sporadically weepy and irritable. For about eight months, I did the employment hokey pokey, one foot in my job search and the other in legal and HR consulting. During this time, I kicked up my LinkedIn engagement by posting often. By doing so, I met a fantastic group of professional women, most of whom were attorneys experiencing coronavirus-related pivots. While they talked of bold new ventures leading their own businesses, I remained focused on getting back to the comfort of another corporate role. Well-meaning friends and family floated the idea of my working for myself when I cried on their shoulders about my unemployment woes. I just scoffed, saying I didn’t want the headache of getting clients, figuring out health insurance, or handling my taxes. My disdain for self-employment led me to adamantly proclaim in a post that garnered more than 8,000 views that “Not everyone on LinkedIn wants to be an entrepreneur!” Just a few weeks after that post, I served myself a hefty heaping dose of crow when I abandoned my job search to BMOB (be my own boss). My about-face left many, me included, whiplashed. Just what had happened? After a grueling 50 plus hour week of juggling four different contract jobs, half of which paid well under my typical rate, I opened an email from the recruiter on a job that I was perfect for and expected a second interview. Instead, it was the dreaded “form” kiss-off of “we’re going in a different direction.” I received such emails in the past, but this one from a recruiter so inexperienced that she still had McDonalds crewmember on her professional profile changed everything. As my husband calls it, I had reached the point of Popeye: “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.”

With that sign from the Universe, coupled with having solved the issue of health insurance by running it through my husband’s small business, the clouds parted, the angels sang, and the scales dropped from my eyes. Instead of turning away consulting opportunities to spend time job hunting (yes, I did that in my stubbornness to avoid change), I stopped being pulled in two directions and embraced doing my own thing. And with that, Above the Rim HR was born. The business name reflects my commitment to excellence and what clients can expect when they engage me. Plus, I had adopted #kimabovetherim as a personal branding hashtag after my layoff, so it seemed the Universe was delivering once again. Since announcing my new venture, referrals landed me a few clients, and I have steady legal work as well. By the second quarter, it appears that revenue will be on track with my pre-COVID-19 salary. While some talk of pandemic pivots, I’ve likened my journey to a pirouette. I danced circles around entrepreneurship for many months. Not doing it sooner is my only regret. Who knows? I might make one of those late-in-life success stories lists yet.





Kim Freeman

is a former award-winning newspaper reporter turned lawyer who now runs her own legal/HR consulting company. Her recent publications include Kentucky Monthly, The Dirty Spoon, Answers for Me, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and trade magazines. She’s won regional awards for her short stories.

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A Fine Boutique at Thrift Store Prices where every small purchase makes a BIG difference


20 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

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Sasee’s Women-Owned Business Guide

The business world of this day and age includes a rising number of female leaders. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are a total of 12.3 million businesses owned by women, including your favorite magazine, Sasee. From startups to large scale establishments, females solve problems in new and creative ways due to their diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences. Businesswomen of all types of ventures have several characteristics in common, but most importantly and undoubtedly, they are all passionate, courageous, and resilient ladies. By supporting our local women-owned businesses, you are investing into a future of economic success, innovation, and equality. Sasee hopes you are inspired by the many sensational and unique businesswomen featured in our women-owned business guide.

Monica Vogel • Bleu Monica Vogel loves all things vintage, chippy, and shabbified. She declares, “For me, it’s the thrill of the hunt! The journey down a dusty, bumpy road, through an abandoned bard, or wandering throughout the tucked away marches of France … the anticipation of what lays ahead makes me giddy. Rust and patina just add character!” It was this love for vintage that led Monica to her first shop, Ruby Begonia’s, located outside of Chicago. She explains that flea market finds always have character, quirky stories, and fun pasts: “…like the hand-painted, French twin-sized bedroom suite… Barbara Streisand has its mate.” Monica loves to find that one-of-a-kind, swoon-worthy find you just have to have. Monica states, “The sweetest little shop, Romantic Homes magazine did a six-page feature on us. We may sell women’s wear, but vintage wares still make me giddy.” Bleu • Sunset Beach, NC • 910-579-5628

Dawn Richardson • Grady’s Jewelers Showing kindness and compassion is Dawn Richardson’s passion and purpose, especially now, as she reflects upon the last year. Dawn says, “I don’t view my family shop as JUST a business, nor the people who enter as JUST customers. My shop is a member of the family and we genuinely care about the happiness of our ‘guests.’ They have requests for help with a repair, or help to find a treasure for someone special, and we do our best to treat them like friends and family.” Over the last 51 years, Dawn’s business has grown and changed so much. She is incredibly grateful for the “guests” who continue to choose them and have turned into dear friends. Dawn understands that we do not know what everyone else is going through, so a smiling, friendly face is always a blessing. She encourages everyone to be kind, compassionate, and to shop small. Grady’s Jewelers • Conway • 843-248-2624

Kristen Agner • The Curious Mermaid Kristen Agner believes her passion has always been built on the philosophy of making everyone look and feel their best. She takes pride in helping people find what they think they want and help them step out of their comfort zone at the same time. Kristen’s purpose is to build relationships through her business that will last a lifetime and help support her community through charitable means. She prides herself on knowing what would look right on someone, whether a man or woman. She feels fortunate to be the only Boutique in the area that carries Men’s and Women’s clothing and accessories. Kristen states, “Clothing retail isn’t just selling clothes, it’s a passion that has always stemmed within me from a young age and has flourished as I have matured as a businesswoman. Always remember...It’s important to love what you do!” The Curious Mermaid • Ocean Isle Beach, NC • 910-575-5356 26 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

Beverly Dougherty • Rescued Treasures Growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania, Beverly Dougherty would follow her grandfather as he fed and milked the cows and looked after their horses, chickens, pigs, and sheep. From an early age, Beverly took great joy in taming the barn cats and kittens and bottle-feeding the lambs. She also experienced the love and loss of having a dog. It’s only natural that Beverly’s passion is helping animals. The purpose of opening her business, Rescued Treasures, was to create a unique resale boutique that would continue to be an ongoing source of income for All4Paws. Beverly states, “The store has become a fun place to shop, where people share a wonderful sense of community and purpose. Our amazing volunteers, generous donors, and customers – most are animal lovers – love that by donating or shopping for treasures, they are helping give dogs and cats a second chance at life.” Rescued Treasures • Pawleys Island • 843-314-3316

Marce Singleton • La Faye’s at 79th Marce Singleton was inspired to open La Faye’s at 79th when the original store closed after 36 years in downtown Myrtle Beach. She worked at that location for the last several years that it was open and discovered that she loved the lamp business! Marce’s lifelong best friend and her mother were the founders of La Faye’s and she graciously handed Marce the use of her mother’s name and her blessing to take the business and run with it. Marce stated, “I realized the need for lamp repairs, fittings for replacement shades, and a high level of customer service. I opened in June of 2018 and I will tell you that it has been, and is, a challenge in many ways, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other job. I also love that I can bring my sweet dog, Mindy, to work every day and my customers love her! La Faye’s at 79th • Myrtle Beach • 843-626-9952

Cheryl DeFalco & April Rempfer DeFalco’s Automotive & Towing The 2021 goals of this mother-daughter duo are to continue to provide exceptional, honest, and reliable service to their customers through roadside assistance and automotive maintenance and repairs. As a local business since 2007, they have continued to grow along with the growing community and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the towing and automotive industry. In 2020, they achieved their goal of becoming a NAPA Gold Certified Auto Care Center to complement their AAA-Approved Auto Repair status. After being awarded bronze and silver level Service Provider of Excellence for AAA on a national level, they are striving to achieve the Gold level in 2021. The duo clarified, “As a female-owned business, we continue to challenge ourselves in leading in the industry and hope to inspire other women to be business leaders. We thank our dedicated team of employees and customers for helping us pursue and achieve our goals.” DeFalco’s Automotive & Towing • Surfside Beach • 843-477-1700 Sasee.com :: April 2021 :: 27

Olivia Cox • Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping As a third-generation business owner, Olivia Cox is grateful for the store’s many long-standing relationships and its reputation for outstanding service. Although much of the rapport was built before Olivia came aboard, they all continue to work diligently to always over-deliver and add value wherever they can. To any woman thinking of starting a business, this is Olivia’s advice: “Above all else, value your relationships. From the manufacturer or vendor, to the customer, to your own employees, relationships are critical for a successful business – and you must handle them with care. Treating people with thoughtfulness and respect is part of our Southern sensibility as a business, and it’s what we see make the difference time and time again.” Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping • Garden City • 843-651-9633

Dr. Jen Butler • Dr. Jen Orthodontics Many said Jen Butler’s dream career path was nearly impossible as South Carolina did not have an orthodontic residency at the time she graduated Dental School at the University of South Carolina. The Louisiana State University orthodontic family gave her the chance to fulfill her dream and those Tigers taught her not only how to be an excellent orthodontist, but how to value patients, team, and family. Dr. Jen Orthodontics opened 17 years ago, and she wants to tell every young woman with a dream or passion to never listen to any negativity. She declares, “You are in control of your direction, your goals, and your happiness!” Dr. Jen is surrounded daily by 11 amazing team members dedicated to making every day better than the last. Dr. Jen’s practice specializes in tooth alignment and malocclusion correction, otherwise known as “creating smiles.” Dr. Jen Orthodontics • Conway • 843-488-2526

Gail Roberson • BloominGail’s Consignment As a young, divorced mother of three without child support, Gail Roberson became a great yard sale shopper. As time progressed and finances increased, she was still good at finding quality items at low prices. Gail utilized her personal experiences and consignment expertise to inspire her to give it a try. She opened her first little consignment shop in Sunset Beach, NC. She says, “I owe it’s success to consigning clean, in-style clothing, neatly pressed and on hangers. Reflecting on my past hardships, my prices are low so that every woman can have nice things!” Over the last 23 years, the business has grown from 5 consignors to over 3,000 and has moved 8 times to enlarge. Although the location has changed, the prices and quality are still the same. BloominGail’s Consignment • Little River • 843-780-1136 28 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

Helen Edwards • Chapeaux de Femmes Helen Edwards’ inspiration originated from her upbringing and watching her mother and aunt Gertha sport their gorgeous Sunday hats. Upon joining the other churchgoers, Helen’s headwear became a heart-pounding parade of finery – each more beautiful than the last. Helen explained, “Of course, I knew this was not the purpose of attending church, you see my Godfather was a Bishop, but graduating to the next level of hat wearers (bigger and better), you are duty-bound to find just the right hat.” Friends suggested that she open her shop and she adores their continued support of her vision. Her sweet aunt even handed down some of her fabulous New York hats. As Helen the Hat Lady says, “My shop is like my doll house where I get to entertain friends, both old and new. It doesn’t get much better than this!” Chapeaux de Femmes • Calabash, NC • 910-880-0874

Mel & Melissa Lee • Good Deed Goods It seems impossible that in the middle of a global pandemic, we would be able to claim that these are some of the best days of our lives. But Mel and Melissa Lee believe that “if we’ve been reminded of anything this past year, it’s that the days we are given are never guaranteed. And any day that includes the things that matter most – health, sunshine, loved ones, and hope (to name a few) – are worth celebrating.” For Mel, if a day involves time with a good book and dinner with her husband, she considers it a win. For Melissa, a walk in the sunshine and movie popcorn does the trick. The mother-daughter duo states, “If the little things are truly the best things, then these must be the best days of our lives.” Good Deed Goods • Murrells Inlet • 843-751-7979

Ginger Gray • Doodlebugs Ginger Gray has owned Doodlebugs for 19 years and affirms that over the last decade, certain aspects have changed dramatically. Years ago, social media was just beginning to become a platform for business owners to use for promoting their unique work and businesses. It was fairly new then but now has become a tool that reaches almost everyone. Ginger says, “Working moms have little time to get out and shop in person and with the current situation that we all face with the pandemic, many do not want to be out with their little ones. An online presence and social media allow those moms, as well as out of town or elderly customers, to shop our business from the comfort of their homes.” Ginger understands the importance of keeping up with strategic business trends as it is essential for the success of small business owners. Doodlebugs • Georgetown • 843-546-6858 Sasee.com :: April 2021 :: 29

Juanita Hanser • Hanser House Juanita Hanser’s dream of owning her own business began 55 years ago. Juanita and her husband, Herman, worked as hard as they could to save money for a better life for their family. After Juanita waitressed at a local restaurant for 31 years and Herman worked at CSX Railroad for 42 years, and their children grew into adults, they decided to retire and finally open a restaurant. Now, after 22 years of owning and operating Hanser House, Juanita is still running circles around most of the young kids. She states, “My name is Juanita, but everyone calls me Granny. Herman was my biggest inspiration for opening my business and my family has always been supportive of my dreams. I am very proud that our hard work has turned into one of Pawleys Island’s favorite local restaurants.” Hanser House • Pawleys Island • 843-235-3021

Tiffany Combs • Nye’s Pharmacy Growing up in a small Southern Baptist church gave Tiffany Combs her first glimpse of true service. From yard cleaning to preparing meals and visiting shut-ins, this kind of work is where she learned that there are always others who are in need of help. When deciding on a career path, Tiffany knew that she loved science and biology as much as she enjoyed serving and helping others and these interests led her to the field of pharmacy. Tiffany says, “I am able to use my knowledge of science and desire to serve to help our community. As a pharmacist, I can communicate with and assist customers with any of their medical needs. Knowing that I have been of service to my community is my true passion and purpose.” Nye’s Pharmacy • Conway • 843-248-5015

Page Nash • Rose Arbor Fabrics Living on the coast is a blessing for Page Nash because it allows her to combine her passions of spending quality time with her husband, Skeeter, and pursuing her hobby as a lady angler. She feels fortunate to share her favorite past time with her favorite person for over 17 years. After a long day on their boat named “There He Is,” for the phrase that’s immediately announced once a fish gets hooked, it is time to head home to enjoy their efforts. Page explains, “My time spent outdoors amidst the beauty of God’s creation is important for my career as well. It allows time for relaxation, reflection on the wonder of nature, and an opportunity for me to express my personality. All a real fisherwoman needs is a pretty pink fishing pole – a must to catch the most fish! Poor Skeeter, I am always trying to out fish him!” Rose Arbor Fabrics Myrtle Beach • 843-449-7673 & Pawleys Island • 843-979-9970 30 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

Coastal Luxe Interiors

Coastal Luxe Interiors Better Living by Design

Coastal Luxe Interiors has a fun and unique team who together make women in business a success at interior design and all that it encompasses. Sherry Weatherly grew up on a farm in Tennessee where she showed and raced quarter horses. Kelley Cain is captivated with the design of floral arrangements. It’s her happy go-to place for complete serenity. Moira Yomans got married at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. She is all about the color pink and pink flamingos. Samantha Crowley is training for a bodybuilding competition this year. She also loves singing around the Grand Strand, whether it be karaoke or with a band. Holly Hollerbach was born in Louisiana and has jazz in her soul and fingertips. She plays the saxophone and loves to cook Creole and Cajun food. Oh, and she also has a green thumb! The above party of five would like to invite you to their showroom for a warm cup of coffee and “Better Living by Design”! Coastal Luxe Interiors • Myrtle Beach • 843-946-6644

Chrisie Wesner Jollie • Lazelle’s Flower Shop In April of 1946, 75 years ago, Chrisie Jollie’s grandmother, Lazelle Dubois, opened up her business in Myrtle Beach, Lazelle’s Flower Shop. Chrisie’s mother, Lyticia Dubois Wesner, ran the shop for a short time until her passing. Now, Chrisie is in charge of the third-generation woman-owned business. She is very proud of her family’s history and the success of their flower shop. She hopes that she can continue to grow the business for as long as time will let her. Chrisie says, “Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what it’s like to start a woman-owned business, but what I can tell you is what it’s like to run one: just FABULOUS! It takes a lot of hard work, but it is certainly worth it. I am so lucky and grateful that my grandmother was a wonderful and special woman, and I just want to follow in her footsteps.” Lazelle’s Flower Shop • Myrtle Beach • 843-448-3433

Terri Nardslico • CRG Companies “My real passion has always been about helping people which is why I’m very grateful to wake up every day and have the opportunity to focus on areas in our community where our team can help facilitate the most good,” says Terri Nardslico. Her company works with non-profit organizations such as East Carolina Housing Organization and Habitat for Humanity in assisting with the basic need of securing shelter. They also support the trade programs at HGTC which helps fuel the local workforce for the future. Terri’s team helps with all stages of the process from buying to selling homes to relocating and building new ones. All of these individual efforts combined do not only help people of all walks of life achieve their dream of homeownership, but also support the many families who work with them and ultimately contribute to developing Myrtle beach as a safe and sustainable community. CRG Companies • Myrtle Beach • 843-651-8460 Sasee.com :: April 2021 :: 31

Myra Levine • Carolina Car Care As a young teenager, Myra Levine’s father made sure she knew a few simple things about her first car such as how to check the fluids and tire pressure. Today, she and her husband, Bobby, own an auto repair shop in Murrells Inlet. Myra exclaimed, “Who would have thought I would still be looking at those small details and learning more and more about cars every day? There have been so many changes to automobiles over the years. There are old ones, new ones, luxury ones, simple ones, and even electric ones, but a car is still a car, and we still have to check all those small things.” Myra enjoys that she learns something new every day and she tries her best to teach her customers too. Myra loves to talk, and also loves that every time she meets a new car, she meets a new human as well. Carolina Car Care • Murrells Inlet • 843-357-0862

Veronica Smyth • Forever Revolutionary Veronica Smyth believes that our purpose is found in our passion. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. She went to school for Human Services. Later in life, she tried to start a nonprofit advocacy business. Flash forward, here she is with her little boutique which has given Veronica an amazing platform to help others. Whether it be through featuring local artists and crafters in the store, selling American Made and Fair Trade products, or donating 3% of her profits to the National Alliance on Mental Illness and to The Polaris Project to fight human trafficking. Veronica states, “I believe we all have a responsibility to do what we can, with what we have, from where we are. My hope is that the store will become a staple in the community and as we grow, we will help more people along the way.” Forever Revolutionary • Myrtle Beach • 843-748-0058

Deanna Benston • Sea Gypsy Boutique “I truly feel like these are some of the best days of my life. I’m at a point in my career where I feel completely confident in the direction that I’m taking my business,” says Deanna Benston. Her twenty-plus years of experience in the retail industry provided her with a wide range of skills that make running her business fun and exciting. She feels fortunate to have a job that aligns with her interests and passion. Deanna’s three children are older now which allows her to devote more time being creative with her boutique. Deanna explains, “These things coupled together make my life and work very fulfilling. I often find myself filled with gratitude for the life I have been able to experience since creating Sea Gypsy.” Deanna loves being a woman in business and looks forward to many years of growing and evolving within her life and work. Sea Gypsy Boutique • Island Shops • Pawleys Island • 843-314-3213 32 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

Leigh B Simmons • Surf Unlimited Mercantile “Oh, my passion is people,” says Leigh Simmons, “and my shop allows me to spread joy every single day. Yes, we sell clothing and accessories that make you look fabulous, but the real magic happens when we make you FEEL fabulous! What a true gift that is!” As Surf Unlimited Mercantile begins its 41st year in business, they realize they are now outfitting their 4th generation. Leigh feels extra lucky to have watched them grow up and to be surrounded by her passionate working crew. Leigh explains, “Through the good and the bad, we always have one another. We are continually smiling and laughing together. These ladies are family and we welcome every customer into our family each time we open our door. There may not be trophies for what we do, but the rewards are endless. We spread joy!” Surf Unlimited Mercantile • Ocean Isle Beach, NC • 910-579-1525

Angela Fuller • Renewal by Andersen

Angela Fuller is a global ballroom dance winner and according to her husband, she is also a “recessive gene” woman. She is left-handed and doublejointed, and she has red hair and blue eyes. Angela grew up very poor and always had to worry about basic needs. For her to get to a point where she does not have to worry about paying the mortgage, providing her child medical care, or simply putting dinner on the table has been life changing. She feels so blessed to be able to help others now. Angela explains, “We were thrilled when a women’s shelter asked if we could help by replacing their old, energy inefficient windows so mothers and their children could be more comfortable, and we loved helping our part-time employee pay her bills while she recovered from a kidney transplant. It’s just who we are at Renewal by Anderson.” Renewal by Anderson • Greensboro, NC • 919-568-3120

Beth Ness • Sara & Beth Gifts & Home Beth and her daughter, Sara, were inspired to open their gift boutique in 2016 to fill what they felt was a need in Georgetown. In 1988, when Beth was getting married, Darden Jewelers was around and since its closing, the quaint little town was missing a shop to find special gifts. Sara & Beth’s boutique offers a memorable experience for brides. They provide bridal registries which include china, crystal, and home décor. The duo states, “We have an amazing group of women working in the boutique, ready to give the finest customer service to every single person. We will continue to bring the best gifts and home décor to Georgetown. We treat our customers like family and we want everyone to leave feeling they are special!” Sara & Beth Gifts & Home • Georgetown • 843-833-8768 Sasee.com :: April 2021 :: 33

I Want to be an Old Wise Woman When I Grow Up by Katrina Paulson

Their intelligence and truth shimmer in the air around them like fairy godmothers.

Have you ever noticed how a woman becomes more inspiring as she ages? Almost as if wisdom and courage seep into her as her hair turns grey. Silver drowns the years of female expectations strand by strand. Suddenly she no longer cares what you think. She’s bit her tongue long enough.

these tactics were apt to get me what I wanted. My inner voice became dim under the booming baritone of the patriarchy telling me I’m wrong. I’d been mansplained so often I hardly noticed anymore. My default was to just smile and nod, seeking approval was the objective.

These women are my favorite. They speak up and refuse to sugar-coat the truth. They voice their opinions with confidence, never shying away from their own mind. People listen to and respect their wisdom and strength. I want to point to them and say, “that’s what I want to be when I grow up.”

If I was lucky, I’d catch a glimpse of a brave older woman in action. The mere sight of her fills me with inspiration. The world stops while she’s in view, my ear tunes in like when I hear my name mentioned in another room.

As most little girls do, I noticed early on boys and girls had different roles and rules in society. As far as my young mind could tell, boys were allowed to do just about anything they wanted with little to no consequence. Usually nothing more than a verbal warning at best. Whereas girls were told how to look, feel, and think. Not to mention what to say, do, or eat. Thankfully, my parents attempted to equalize treatment between me and my brothers. I was known as a tomboy because I enjoyed climbing trees and hated being confined by my clothes. Dresses were my ultimate nemesis. Despite my parent’s efforts, society’s expectations for me infiltrated my subconscious. At first, I was the girl the boys came to for advice about my cuter friends, the friends who liked dresses. I watched those same friends slowly chip away at themselves for a guy’s approval. Even though I was annoyed, I eventually succumbed to the same behavior once I began getting some male attention too. Social status and hormones rule the life of a teenager, even before the existence of social media. Logic rarely exists so the double standards between boys and girls became just one more item on the list of things that don’t make sense and aren’t fair. I learned to please, to smile, and how to make my butt look good. All of which became second nature as I discovered 34 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

I pondered how to become like her. I thought courage was the answer. I started speaking my mind more, turned down plans instead of going out of obligation, and disagreed out loud instead of in my head. But I was not met with the same admiration. I was stared at like I’m crazy and gaslit back into my place. I had not earned my right yet. I didn’t have wisdom. I was still young and naive. Courage without wisdom is folly. I retreated further behind my smile and nod. I spent years breaking myself down into smaller shards. I’m no longer sure of who I am. Am I my own person, or a walking combination of other people’s opinions? Why do I look, speak, and behave the way other people prefer? How would I look, speak, and behave if it were up to me? I wondered during a sleepless night. A little while later, I was standing on a corner waiting for a crosswalk signal to change. It felt as though a string emerged from the vulnerable space just below my sternum. The end of which I couldn’t see but I knew I needed to follow it. Expectations be damned. For ten years, I said yes to all the things I was told not to do. I dated the bad boys, I tried drugs, I explored polyamory, I got tattoos, and became a strip club connoisseur. Then I traveled to seven countries in two years – I even traveled alone to three of them. I stopped worrying about breaking rules and started creating my own. I found my own boundaries, limits, and expectations. I developed the courage to say no when I

FRESH FOR SPRING want to and learned how to stand my ground. When I was younger, I thought what made older women special was their courage to break society’s expectations – but that’s only part of it. In truth, it’s the wisdom and experience which make an older woman glow. Their intelligence and truth shimmer in the air around them like fairy godmothers. Now in my thirties, I realize I don’t have to wait until I’m older to speak my mind. I don’t have to abide by societal standards. I can have the freedom I’ve coveted for so long. I don’t have all the wisdom I’ll ever have, but I can share what I’ve learned so far. There’s still another thirty years before my brown hair is fully grey, in truth, I haven’t even gotten my first strand. But you can bet when I do, I won’t be crying about wasted youth. I’ve lived, and experienced, and loved, and lost. No, I won’t be sad. I’ll be excited to join the most amazing stage of aging and become an older wise woman. I’ll remove my verbal filter and have the courage to speak my mind with the wisdom I’ll have learned from a long life lived. That’s what I want to be when I grow up.


@islandshopspi #islandshopspi


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Katrina Paulson is a creative nonfiction writer based in Portland, Oregon. She writes in the hopes her words help people not be jerks to each other and about the curious adventures of life.

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36 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

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A Brighter Future by Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Our past, every bit of it good and bad, makes us who we are today. It makes us appreciate where we are now.

I was driving home from work one-day last month when I saw something that made me stop and turn my car around. It was a lemonade stand with three little girls seated at a table and a big pitcher of lemonade, paper cups, and the cutest crayoned sign. I recognized them as a neighbor’s granddaughters. My thoughts turned to a memory when I was a third-grade Catholic school kid and went door-to-door selling rosary beads and fabric scapulars to our neighbors, many of whom were Jewish. It was my first experience in the frightening world of salesmanship. I did not understand religious differences at that time, but over the years as I grew up those buyers razzed me about my innocence. Then there were Christmas cards to sell, candy, wrapping paper, and magazines. I was always selling something to those same dear folks! These lemonade-hustling young’uns were all under eight years old and their winning smiles and optimism as I approached touched my heart. “We are new businesswomen. Do you want some lemonade”? “I sure do. Who made it,” I asked as I dug twenty-five cents out of my wallet. “Our grandmother did. She also gave us some gum to sell. It’s ten cents a stick or the whole pack for twenty-five cents!” “I’ll take the entire pack! Now that’s a deal.” Of course, I had to giggle since I’d have been a fool to settle for one stick at ten cents. But the girls were thrilled. Then just as I was ready to take my goods and drive home the youngest of the girls said she just saw my daddy walking my dog down the street a few minutes before I arrived. It was the best compliment I had in ages hearing her refer to my husband as my daddy! 38 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

Now that’s a great business model: A smile, a sale, and a huge compliment! As I pulled into my driveway, I sat for a moment thinking how far women in business have come. In 1970 I applied for a weekend job while I was in college as a boat salesperson. I knew very little about boats as I admitted to the owner during the interview, but I assured him I could learn. The owner laughed and said, he preferred a man in this position but would put me on commission if I wanted to try it. However, I insisted on a salary because I needed to know exactly how much money was coming in each week in order to pay the bills. He low-balled the offer, but I needed the job and took it. Yet, I soon realized I was very good at this and the commission would have been a much better bet. On my one-year anniversary, I asked to be put on commission, but when the boss refused, I quit. He was shocked. A week later, he begged me to return and offered the commission deal, but I enjoyed telling him that I had found another job writing for a magazine that suited me better. In 1971, I was named the first woman Santa Claus in the USA as described by the Associated Press. They picked up the local story as a Women’s Lib feature when it surely was not. It was simply that Santa had shown up drunk to the department store where I was working, and I volunteered to handle the job that day. I was so good at it that I completed the season and was offered the job the next year as well. Who says it takes a man to be a great Santa? In 1973 a television station manager in Florence told me that women did not belong in television and he refused to hire me to host his talk show. He agreed to let me do all the telethons that paid nothing, and soon clients in the area requested me as a spokesperson for their commercials and so he was forced to back down. Then I had to fight to get paid what

they were paying the men who were doing the same job. Years later in 1976 as I applied to buy a house, a bank mortgage officer asked me where my husband worked and how much money he made, while never asking about my own financials. Well, I could go on all day, and if you are over forty, so can you. We’ve come a long way baby. I thank all the women of yesteryear who trudged the path forward for the rest of us. I’m proud to have a full-time career in television and President of a video company too.

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But I would not change the past employment challenges for anything. Our past, every bit of it good and bad, makes us who we are today.

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It makes us appreciate where we are now. And isn’t it great to know that the future will be even brighter for my lemonade-selling girlfriends and all the women of tomorrow?

Diane DeVaughn Stokes is the co-owner of Stages Video Productions in Myrtle Beach and the Host and Producer of “Inside Out” on HTC, channel 4. She and her husband Chuck share passions for theater, travel, scuba diving and their 3 four-legged kids. Diane is the author of “Floating on Air-A Broadcasting Love Affair” about her many years in Radio and Television. Sasee.com :: April 2021 :: 39

Carolina Car Care “Your Hometown Auto Repair”

APRIL IS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH Our mission is to expand our network and connect people and families with autism with each other and the resources they need.


•4/5 4pm-7pm, Sensory Friendly shopping at Tanger Outlets Hwy 501. •4/8 5:30pm-8:30pm, Night with Champions benefit dinner

Foreign • Domestic • Cars • Trucks • SUVs Maintenance • Diagnostic • AC & Heating Brakes • Cooling System • Check Engine Light Charging System • Power Steering

843-357-0862 860 Inlet Square Drive, Murrells Inlet

Give Your Mom, Sister, Best Friend or Yourself the Gift that Lasts a Year!

and fundraiser. Hosted by Chef Jamie Daskalis and special guest Chef Geoffrey Bount. • 4/11 11am-1pm, Sensory Friendly Family Bowling & Birthday Bash. •4/18 10am-11am, Big Air Trampoline Park Sensory Friendly hour.

•4/19 3pm-7pm, Sensory Friendly Fun Warehouse. •4/25 3pm-5pm Sensory Friendly visit to Ripley’s Aquarium.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS All month long order a large 2-topping pizza (Code CAN12) or two large 1-topping pizzas (Code CAN 22) from participating Papa John’s and a portion of the proceeds are donated to CAN! April 8th 5:30pm-8:30pm, Night With Champions benefit and fundraiser. Hosted by Chef Jamie Daskalis and special guest Chef Geoffrey Bount.

Special Offer 12 Issues for $30 Name

Scan the QR code to go directly to our website for details on events, to donate or how to get involved!!

Email Phone Number Address City



Send check or money order to Strand Media Group, Inc. PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 40 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

Make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and our scheduled events or go to Championautismnetwork.com

#ComePlayWithUs® #YesYouCAN®

Come see our Newly Expanded Store

Dream ƒ„

Everyday wear for Men & Women

Ocean Isle Beach, NC

910-575-5356 120-1 Causeway Dr, Unit 1, Ocean Isle Beach, NC, 28469 Wednesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm

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       € 

‚   ‚          ­

  Sasee.com :: April 2021 :: 41

Margerite & Motte

Hand-Crafted Oyster Jewelry from Charleston, SC.

April: The Month of Reawakening Located inside Lee’s Inlet Apothecary 843.651.7979 • 3579 U.S. 17 Business, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 gooddeedgoods@gmail.com • www.GoodDeedGoods.com

Friends of Waccamaw Library (FOWL) presents

Blossoms for Books

Celebrate Spring with Visits to 8 Local Gardens Saturday, May 22 10-4 Tickets @ the fowl.org beginning April 19th Garden $35 in Advance $40 Day of Tour Tour Today

Tour begins at Waccamaw Library 41 St. Paul Place Pawleys Island 29585 (to pick up your wristband/maps for use with own vehicle) Carpooling Encouraged

All proceeds benefit our Waccamaw Neck Branch Library Rain Date Sunday, May 23 42 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

Live Life in Full Bleum

Goodbye winter,

hello spring!

Vintage Wares | Women’s Apparel | Wonderful Goods | Boutique Clothing Labels

Assisted Living & Memory Care of MURRELLS INLET

Call to Schedule your tour Today 843-353-1525 Mon thru Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 (unless it’s a Holiday) 720 Sunset Blvd N, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 bleuboutique.blogspot.com (910) 579-5628 @BleuInCarolina #bleuatsunset


699 Prince Creek Parkway Murrells Inlet, SC, 29576 Sasee.com :: April 2021 :: 43






Featuring narrators/singers Shannon Kessler Dooley & Jeffrey Jones FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH | MYRTLE BEACH, SC


For the most current information on in-person attendance to concerts, visit www.LongBaySymphony.com or call 843.448.8379.

Licensed & Insured • Commercial • Residential

Cleaning & Linen Rentals 843-299-0247

671 Jamestown Dr., Unit R2 • Garden City, SC 29576 thecleanupclub@gmail.com

44 :: Sasee.com :: April 2021

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Gets Personal with

Michael Fink:

Executive Director for Brightwater

“Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room.” Grew up in Conway and has been living in Myrtle Beach for over 10 years In 2020, Michael’s most important lessons learned were: to focus on adapting to change, to practice effective communication, and to possess a servant leadership mindset Michael’s 2021 goals are to run a 5k every quarter, read one book every month, and spend more time with family His favorite band is Dave Matthews Band His favorite show is The Office because he loves the actors and their humor Golfing is Michael’s favorite way to relax • Italian is his favorite food His favorite book is Start with “Why” by Simon Sinek which is a book that helps you understand the importance of finding your “why” and not what you do

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Profile for Strand Media Group

Sasee Magazine - April 2021  

"The Best is Yet to Be"

Sasee Magazine - April 2021  

"The Best is Yet to Be"