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February 2022

“Empowered women, empower women”

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“The Future is Female”

February 2022 Contents Volume 21, Issue 2

About the Cover Artist: Kathy Womack’s inspiration for the Women and Wine series was not originally with the intent to capture girlfriends in fits of laughter, enjoying the said company. She explained, “As an artist, I am drawn to the dramatic or emotionally provocative imagery, so I think I was trying to capture the emotion of the moment. We cherish our friendships, so the nature of that is pretty relatable to most women and obviously had broad appeal.” After working in advertising for a decade as a fashion illustrator, she craved freedom from the nine to five and looked to a different outlet. She picked up her brushes and never looked back. She still refers to herself as an illustrator, rather than a painter though. This series has allowed her to open two successful galleries in Austin and Houston. Though they had to shut down during the pandemic, she plans on reopening in the future. All of her work (original paintings, limited editions, etc.) is still available on and her sketch site,

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The WWF Saved Me by Glenda Ferguson


Sasee Gets Personal with Lauren Riddei & Susan Seagroves: Thrill of the Hunt Producers


Every Woman Needs a Hero by Georgia A. Hubley


Sasee’s Women-Owned Business Guide


Starting Your First Business Tips by Kim Freeman


February 2022 Events

from the Editor Who are we as women if we do not support other women? No matter what their hopes and dreams may be, I am proud and honored to know all of the females who surround me. I have gal-pals who are managers, lawyers, beauticians, teachers, accountants, real estate agents, personal care aids, nurses, soon-to-be doctors, some who work for start-up companies, many who own their own creative businesses, and a few who are still in the beautiful process of figuring it out – and that’s okay. Regardless, they all know that they have my unconditional support because that is what we do as women; we build each other up! “It’s not a race, it’s a movement” is a saying that I constantly remind myself and other women because another woman’s success is not something to be jealous of. Another women’s success should provide inspiration and helpful tools for others as they are paving the way for many generations of women to come. We are not in competition with one another, we are a team. Another concept that many women have to understand when it comes to climbing the ladder is how to best create a work-life balance and that balance looks different for everyone. Investing in yourself plays a role in this as well. It is just as important to invest in yourself when it comes to the actual business and money moves you are making as it is to keep up with investing in your personal needs, which ultimately fuel and inspire your creative juices for the business side. Burn out is real, and balance is a key ingredient to being your best self. In this February 2022 “The Future is Female” issue, be sure to check out our Women-Owned Business Guide which highlights many of our local women in power who are here to empower all the wonderful ladies reading our magazine. Read, Relax, and Rejuvenate,

Publisher Delores Blount Sales & Marketing Director Susan Bryant Editor Sarah Elaine Hawkinson Account Executives Erica Schneider Gay Stackhouse Art Director Patrick Sullivan Contributing Photographer Chasing the Light Photography Web Developer Scott Konradt Accounting Gail Knowles Executive Publishers Jim Creel Bill Hennecy Suzette Rogers PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 fax 843-626-6452 • phone 843-626-8911 • Sasee is published monthly and distributed free along the Grand Strand. Submissions of articles and art are welcome. Visit our website for details on submission. Sasee is a Strand Media Group, Inc. publication. Copyright © 2022. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material, in part or in whole, prepared by Strand Media Group, Inc. and appearing within this publication is strictly prohibited. Title “Sasee” is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

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The WWF Saved Me by Glenda Ferguson

I didn’t grow up with sisters or even close girlfriends. So, establishing close relationships with other women was not something that came naturally to me. But I was raised by an independent woman, my mom. Having her as a role model helped me when I landed my dream job as an elementary reading teacher. I admitted to Mom that I still had misgivings about the position because I was to be in charge of six women assistants who had been at the school for numerous years. Before officially beginning my job, Moyne, the experienced and kind school secretary, welcomed me and took charge. She personally introduced me to each teacher. Within thirty minutes, I realized Moyne was a strong woman and an important ally. I confided in her that one of my soon-to-be assistants informed me that I should not have taken this job. Moyne told me to ignore those negative comments and focus on the students. The principal showed me the reading room and my desk, right in the center of all the teaching assistants. Our space also served as a storage area. In the corner were stacks of old textbooks, outdated equipment, and discarded furniture. This was not a positive environment for our students or me. All the women agreed it was an eyesore, but according to them, getting rid of it was impossible because they had tried. I met with Judy, a veteran teacher who supported my hiring. Following her wise advice, I recommended to the principal that the room needed to be cleared of the clutter. Within two days, the custodians removed all of it. I felt as if I had moved a mountain. The first few months as the new leader were not perfect. Let’s just say, I didn’t do well at on-the-job training. Yes, I signed a contract proclaiming to be the one in charge of managing the reading program, but unfortunately, no one else had gotten the memo. On the outside, I appeared confident. At home, my dream job had turned me into a sobbing, stressed-out mess. I was so wrapped up in scheduling tutoring sessions, planning meaningful lessons for our most needy students, and organizing paperwork that I didn’t establish rapport with everyone. I certainly didn’t understand the group

10 :: :: February 2022

dynamics of six women who never had a supervisor before. I just chose to ignore the negative attitudes and forged ahead, making progress with the students. While I went about my daily schedule, I discovered a select group of women teachers was supporting me. At every opportunity, they let the principal know I was benefitting the students with my new program. At Christmas, they invited me to their after-school party. But I was to keep the details confidential from anyone else on the staff. That was my introduction to the Wild Women Friends (WWF). The camaraderie between women was unfamiliar to me. But the shared laughter was not. Needless to say, I savored every moment of being a part of such a positive group. They renewed my passion for my job and made me mentally strong. We got together several more times during the rest of the year. What a blessing to have those friends to lean on! For the rest of the school year, I kept a handmade WWF sign by my desk. Only a select group of us knew the true meaning behind those letters. My students certainly did not. Because, at the end of the school year, one of my students told me how cool it was that I liked the World Wrestling Federation. My job lasted ten more years. I persevered in my role through a revolving door of administrators, but Moyne was always there along with a core group of assistants that stayed to celebrate notable victories. As far as the WWF, we’re still going strong by supporting one another and adding others who need saving.

Glenda Ferguson is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and numerous publications. She volunteers with Indiana Landmarks. Tim and Glenda have been married for 35 years.

5900 N KINGS HWY MYRTLE BEACH, SC 843-839-3571

Gets Personal with

Lauren Riddei & Susan Seagroves: Thrill of the Hunt Producers

Lauren Riddei, owner of “LouLou Interiors,” pursued a career in design after her wedding in 2017 when she realized how much fun she had decorating the venue. She explored design classes, gained experience in an internship, found a brilliant mentor (Susan), and one year later, had her very first interior design client. Lauren enjoys the architectural and finish selection process that comes with new builds and custom renovations. Her signature style is modern yet soulful and has a collected aesthetic about it. Lauren believes that the most successful projects are the collaborations between designer and client. She explained, “I enjoy coaching clients into taking risks, affirming their ideas yet elevating them. My mission is to bring clients into the creative process so that each design reflects their lifestyle, personality, and unique journey.”

Susan Seagroves, owner of “Interiors and Exteriors,” pursued a career in design because she found inspiration everywhere. Thirty years ago, she renovated a 1960s estate with no prior experience. The process was enjoyable, and her style and taste were well received by family and friends. Design became her passion, and her business was born. She is self-taught by experience and travel and is a very detail-oriented person. Her visions create a mood in harmony with people’s lives and memories. Susan believes that design is a balance of objects in proportion and scale with a clean eye on function. She explained, “the details of pattern, texture, and color are what make a space fun and talked about. I like to shape the whole experience: The architecture, the grounds, the interior, the lighting. My home is my story, as yours can be also!”

Why did y’all start the Thrill of the Hunt together?

“The Habitat of Humanity executive director, Jason Greene, gave us a platform to build awareness about the ReStore. With our shared love of found objects, reimaging spaces, and a desire to give back to our community, the Thrill of the Hunt was born. We are looking forward to the exposure Sasee will give our platform for Habitat and the ReStore in 2022.”

What is the mission/vision of this collaboration?

“Most people would walk by 90% of the items we write about in our monthly digest. Our mission is to celebrate the unexpected! We highlight interesting design details and show others how to turn recycled discards into fabulous statements. Our collaborations are fun, spirited, and hopefully inspiring for our audience.”

How do you find a good work-life balance?

“Work-life balance is simple; Pace yourself and do not over commit. Projects lose joy when you have too many on your plate. Be very present and on task while working but also schedule in hours of quiet, music, reading, exercise, and nature. Harmony of mind is just as important as a paycheck.”

What advice do you have for another woman hoping to start her own business?

“Just be you and own it! No need to compare yourself to others. You are special, one of a kind, and on your own unique journey. Enjoy the process!”

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Every Woman Needs a Hero by Georgia A. Hubley

I remember when there was a double standard for men and women’s fashion. But women have won that battle… I grew up in an era when there was a forbidden fashion list for female students: No trousers, slacks, pants, capris or jeans. This was the 1950s, a time when women only wore dresses or skirts. How frustrated my female classmates and I were because we had to abide by such strict rules, while a breakthrough in fashion was happening elsewhere. Tailored slacks and capri pants were stylish and in fashion for women. I can still see my mom admiring photos of the actress, Katharine Hepburn wearing trousers in public. My mom, too, longed to wear pants, but no one wore them where we lived. Then during the late 1950s and early 1960s, jeans were also the rage for both women and men, mainly due to James Dean and Marlon Brando popularizing them on movie screens and in fan magazines. When I entered high school, the silent pants rebellion had begun. During that time, I soon discovered I had a hero, my Home Economics teacher. When I entered the Home Economics classroom for the first time, I was amazed the room was divided into two sections. On the right side of the room were two long brown wooden rectangular tables and chairs in lieu of desks, facing a large blackboard and flanked by two cork bulletin boards, and lining the back wall was the teacher’s desk, an oblong wall mirror, and two sewing machines with matching benches. On the left side of the room were two small modern kitchens set-up for teaching cooking and baking.

14 :: :: February 2022

Once we were seated at the tables, a smiling face greeted us, “Hello class, my name is Mrs. B. Welcome to Home Ec.,” she said as she passed out textbooks and flyers listing upcoming assignments and projects. The class entailed the life skills for becoming homemakers, how to set the table correctly, fundamentals of how to cook, preparing meals, and sewing for the family and the home. While Mrs. B proceeded with the introduction to Home Ec., I admired her style. She wore black leather high heeled shoes, black dangle earrings that matched three chunky black bangle bracelets in vogue at the time, a white silk short sleeved blouse, and a light gray pencil slim mid-calf length skirt. However, the skirt was different than any skirt I’d ever seen. There was no zipper closure in the back or on the side of the skirt, it fastened in the front. Mrs. B concluded the Home Ec. presentation with a personal anecdote about the special pencil skirt she was wearing. “It was a college project. I designed the pattern and made the skirt from a pair of my father’s pleated herringbone tweed trousers. Check out this hidden front zipper placket,” she said proudly, “I received an ‘A’ for the assignment.” I marveled at her cleverness and creativity, what sweet revenge, Mrs. B was wearing trousers, and no one was the wiser. In my senior year, our class presented a three-act comedy called, “Shoot the Works” during the coldest time of year, mid-March. Play rehearsals were held from February through mid-March. The school furnace was no match for the bitter cold on the stage and the rehearsal area. Rehearsal attire for female students:

heavy coats, gloves, hats, heavy socks, shoes or boots. Rehearsal attire for male students was the same, with one exception...they were allowed to wear jeans. My female classmates and I pleaded to be able to wear jeans to keep our legs warm, but the pleas fell on deaf ears. Suddenly, Mrs. B came to our rescue. She helped put all objections aside, and a compromise was made. In lieu of jeans for female students, corduroy pants were added to our dress code for after school activities. How I loved my gray corduroy pants, they kept me warm and I was stylish. There was no looking back…thanks to Mrs. B, the pants rebellion was over, and pants prevailed. Granted, this was a small victory during my youth, but it was just the beginning. Every woman needs a hero like Mrs. B.

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Georgia A. Hubley Georgia A. Hubley retired after 20 years from the money world in Silicon Valley to write about her world. Her stories and essays appear in various anthologies and magazines. After two sons were launched into adulthood and the nest was empty, Georgia and her husband relocated to the Nevada desert. :: February 2022 :: 15

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Sasee’s Women-Owned Business Guide

The business world of this day and age includes a rising number of female leaders. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are a total of 12.3 million businesses owned by women, including your favorite magazine, Sasee. From startups to large scale establishments, females solve problems in new and creative ways due to their diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences. Businesswomen of all types of ventures have several characteristics in common, but most importantly and undoubtedly, they are all passionate, courageous, and resilient ladies. By supporting our local women-owned businesses, you are investing into a future of economic success, innovation, and equality. Sasee hopes you are inspired by the many sensational and unique businesswomen featured in our women-owned business guide.

Dr. Tonya Weber AIM | Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Dr. Tonya Weber measures success through the number of lives she has truly changed. “My patients come to me in such pain and despair,” she continued, “then when they leave my care, they are thanking me for helping them have their lives back and for helping them thrive in their golden years.” When she is not at her clinic in North Myrtle Beach, she is coaching and consulting doctors from all over the country on how to practice this specific brand of medicine so that they too can make a difference. Dr. Tonya is not only changing lives in this community, but also changing lives every day worldwide. AIM | Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine • North Myrtle Beach • 843-273-4467

Jessica Hughes • Pink & Red Jessica believes that starting a business is ultimately a leap of faith that you have something to share with the world around you. She explained her advice: “You must remember that comparison is the thief of joy, and that you should never compare your beginning to someone else’s ‘middle.’ Taking pleasure in the successes of others serves as inspiration to continue to do all you can to meet your own goals. If you truly believe in the mission of what you are trying to achieve, you can find encouragement in the progress you’re able to make each day.” Pink & Red • Myrtle Beach • 843-839-3571

Dr. Jennifer E. Butler • Dr. Jen Orthodontics Dr. Jennifer has found a good work-life balance for herself. In her personal life, she is dedicated to her relationship with Christ and receives strength and happiness by spending quality time with family. Her work family also brings her joy and the feeling of accomplishment, and she finds success in her work based on the numerous referrals from families and patients. Although she invests in herself through work, she also invests in herself through the art of physical fitness and her mindful devotions. Dr. Jen Orthodontics • Ocean Isle Beach, NC • 910-575-5356

18 :: :: February 2022

Monica Vogel • Bleu Throughout the years, Monica has worked alongside so many talented women business owners. “They are the risk-takers, those women whose passion for something was the drive they needed to leave careers, risk it all, and do it themselves! They are tireless in their work ethic and fearless in their beliefs that they will be successful. Bakers, florists, shopkeepers, chefs…the types of businesses are endless, but the drive is always the same!” Monica continued, “Women ask me all the time for advice on how to get started, how difficult it is, and whether or not they should open their own business, etc. After twenty-five years of owning a boutique, my answer is always the same…it just takes a leap of faith!” Bleu • Sunset Beach, NC • 910-579-5628

KC Hall • This & That Helping others in many different ways is KC’s passion. For her, that includes doing fundraisers for local organizations, sitting on the board of a local nonprofit, or using the store locations as a donation drop for a food or toy drive. When asked how she measures success at her company, she replied: “When the local small businesses are happy and making money on their products being sold in our stores. And hearing those same business owners talking to others about their positive experiences in our stores or at the events we host, makes my heart smile.” This & That • 843-633-2904 Conway, Market Common, Pawleys Island, Tanger Myrtle Beach, Tanger Charleston

Dr. Caroline Millan • Island Women’s Care Striving to provide respectful, comprehensive, and compassionate patientcentered care, Dr. Caroline Millan partnered with Christine Gerber, MD to open their practice in 2016. These ladies specifically improve women’s health through leadership, education, and innovation while fostering the next generation of practitioners. Dr. Millan said, “Our mission is to improve health and quality of life for our patients by practicing evidencebased medicine, patient education and engagement, and staying current on new developments in women’s health care. We are constantly adapting to accommodate new innovations and technology that may benefit our patients and we love that we are able to serve the women of Georgetown and Horry County as well as the surrounding communities.” Island Women’s Care • Pawleys Island • 843.235.1222 :: February 2022 :: 19

KC Hall Insurance Solutions

KC Hall

Insurance Solutions

KC’s father was her inspiration to get into the insurance field. When she was fourteen, she lost him to Leukemia and she did not know anything about life insurance until she was a grown, married, mother of three. She explained, “I have no doubt my Daddy loved me, but I believe that if he had been better educated on life insurance and how it takes care of your loved ones when you can’t be there to do so, he would have made the right choice to get life insurance. I don’t want ANY children to be deprived because someone didn’t take the time to educate their parents.” For other women hoping to start a business, KC advises: “Use your support team! Always stay flexible and open to new ideas! Lastly, but definitely most importantly - give yourself some grace! You will make mistakes along the way and you have to allow yourself to be OK with that!” KC Hall Insurance Solutions • Multi-state licensed • 843-433-4017

Tamela Walter • Rover Boat Tours Teaching their principal belief of conservation, Tamela feels blessed their company can share the Winyah Bay Estuary with 10,000+ visitors every year. She explained, “Rover Tours is committed to helping educate and preserve South Carolina’s fragile wetlands today, because we care about tomorrow. The Carolina Rover beaches on North Island (owned by the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Preserve) are designated as barrier island wilderness, which means no activities detrimental to its primitive character are permitted. Our Naturalist and guests bring back bags of garbage from the coast daily. Our hopes for clean water and litter free lands have been passed on since 1995.” In anticipation of the 2022 season, they are working to expand their private cruises. Weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, family outings and more are available for private charter. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate aboard the Carolina Rover? Rover Boat Tours • • 843-546-8822

Nikki Ewing • Georgetown Kraft Credit Union “People Helping People” is the mission of Georgetown Kraft Credit Union (GKCU) because fundamentally, that is the principle by which credit unions operate. Nikki explained how GKCU is unique from other financial institutions: “Credit unions, through our member-owned structure, strive to serve our members and the community with the full commitment to improving the quality of life through trusted advice, affordable financial products, and personal service. We address the individual financial needs of our members, while also protecting the overall benefit for the entire membership as a whole. Georgetown Kraft Credit Union is rooted within the counties we serve with strong commitments to the local workforce, nonprofits, and community groups. Our philosophy applies not only to those who become members and utilize our services, but to as stewards to our neighbors and community partner. Together, we can make where we live and work more prosperous for us all.” Georgetown Kraft Credit Union • Georgetown • 843-546-8494 20 :: :: February 2022

Allison Harrington • Speech Solutions, Inc. Giving back to her community is Allison’s passion and purpose. She loves being a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) because there are many facts to her job. She explained, “It is so rewarding to see my clients and their families gain the power of communication.” She has served as a member and chair of our state board as well as on other professional committees. While employed as an SLP, she saw the advantages of “building her own table” and founded Speech Solutions Inc. (SSI) as a women-led company. SSI set the platform for her to make a difference on a broader scale. Alison declared, “As president of SSI, I invite women to have a seat at my table. I enjoy watching my team grow personally as well as professionally. Team members bring varied skill sets to the table that allow us to make a powerful difference in the communities that we serve!” Speech Solutions, Inc. • Shallotte, NC • 910 754 3483

Ginny Lassiter • Sunset River Marketplace This year is Sunset River Marketplace’s 20th year anniversary and Ginny’s original inspiration to open her gallery was because there was not a venue in the area to display the many talented, local artists. Her vision of showcasing SC and NC artists has transformed into a vibrant community hub featuring just about every style and genre you can imagine. The gallery also hosts benefits, literary events, performing arts, and demonstrations for the locals and vacationers to enjoy. “As the owner, a lot of the day-to-day chores are not so romantic, but it sure does make up for the most fun and rewarding part, which is working with clients to help them choose the right painting or accent piece to complement their personality,” says Ginny, as she loves mixing texture and color to help develop someone’s personal style. Sunset River Marketplace • Calabash, NC • 910-575-5999

Judi Murphy • Rescued Treasures “I grew up with a houseful of stray, rescued animals. The local vet would call my mother whenever he had a dog or cat that needed a home. Our home functioned as an animal shelter long before they became organized charities and popular. So, I’ve been involved in rescuing animals my entire life!” Judi explained. As a life-long lover of animals, she has truly found her niche at Rescued Treasures whose mission is to raise as much money as possible for All 4 Paws Animal Rescue. Judi also has a passion for decorating and stays up to date with the latest decorating trends. She uses her knowledge to keep the store displays current and attractive in order to maintain the look of an upscale boutique. She loves working with the volunteers to keep the atmosphere upbeat and cheerful for everyone who comes into the shop. Rescued Treasures • Pawleys Island • 843-314-3316 :: February 2022 :: 21

Gail Roberson • BloominGail’s Consignment Gail has some very important advice she would like to give all the women hoping to start their own businesses: “First, you must believe in your ‘product’ by letting others experience what you are selling so that you know you are not the only one who likes what you have to offer. Do your homework by checking out other businesses, their prices, policies, etc. Try not to invade their territory but do try to create a business even better for your clientele. Most of all, treat your customers with respect as they will make or break your business. Change your display often so your customer will not become bored. Lastly, work your butt off making it everything you ever dreamed of, so you are able to absolutely love what you do every day.” BloominGail’s Consignment • Little river • 843-780-1136

Mel Healy & Melissa Lee • Good Deed Goods The mission of Good Deed Goods is to “spur one another on toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24) by creating a shopping experience where customers get to shop uniquely curated goods that have story and purpose. They are a giveback gift boutique based on a “not just for profit” business model where every gift gives back to their Charity Partners. Melissa and Mel explained, “In 2013, we were nudged to begin considering the tension between excess and need, and how we could play a role in bridging the gap. Good Deed Goods officially launched in 2015. In 2022, we will celebrate 7 years of working to ‘give well & do good’ through business. We have lots of goals for year 7! We are hoping to expand our Ambassador Program and begin offering some of our goods for purchase online. And of course, we are hoping to grow in GOOD DEEDS!” Good Deed Goods • Murrells Inlet • 843-751-7979

Natalie Krumenacker • Shop Ravel As Shop Ravel continues to grow, Natalie has found that using repeat, as well as referred, customers is the best way to measure success. The goal of her boutique has always been to provide unique styles at an affordable price, as well as give women a welcoming and positive shopping environment. She explained, “It’s easy to have one customer, but one customer who comes back again means they liked their experience and want more of it. When someone new walks through the door and says that a friend told them about the store or their neighbor described Shop Ravel as a ‘hidden gem’ on Facebook, I take that as a huge accomplishment. Having a woman come back to Shop Ravel, a lot of times with a friend in tow, is the biggest measurement of success in my eyes.” Shop Ravel • Surfside Beach • 843-945-4116 22 :: :: February 2022

Sarah Marie “Sam” and Olivia Cox Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping, Inc. “We measure success in our company by the happiness of our employees and customers. We strive to create a pleasant work environment and a place where our customers can feel at home,” the ladies of Custom Outdoor explained. They make sure to invest time and energy into their business as well as in their personal lives. Sam invests in herself by staying active at Belin Memorial United Methodist Church, where she sings in the Chancel Choir and plays in the handbell choir. This keeps Sam grounded in her faith where she can reach out to find help in times of need. Olivia keeps herself happy with sewing, painting, caring for houseplants, home decorating and home renovations. She likes spending time with friends including her fiancé, Dennis, and her Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Hank. Custom Outdoor Furniture & Restrapping, Inc. • Garden City • 843-651-9633

Louanne Valleri • Design on a Dime Louanne believes that determining if you have a perfect work-life balance depends on your happiness. She explained hers, “I love my store, so going to work doesn’t seem like work to me. My satisfaction comes from seeing the reactions of my customers when they find that perfect accent piece for their home, or the perfect gift for a friend. When that happens, I know I’ve done one part of my job correctly. The other part is having happy customers who refer my store to their friends. To me, my store is an extension of my home and I treat my customers as valued guests. In what spare time I have, I love to play tennis - it was one of the reasons I moved here! My puppies keep me busy and come to work with me. I have also been working on updating my home. I am becoming a spackle and paint wizard!” Design on a Dime • Surfside Beach • 843-232-1026

Ginger Gray • Doodlebugs Children’s Finery & Gifts Fashion has always been a passion of Ginger’s. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree and specialized in Fashion and Retail Management. “I enjoy dressing sweet little ones for all their special occasions and watching them grow, and now, I even have the pleasure of seeing some of them have babies of their own,” Ginger continued, “I strive to have a welcoming place where children and parents look forward to visiting and shopping!” Doodlebugs Children’s Finery & Gifts • Georgetown • 843-546-6858 :: February 2022 :: 23

Coastal Luxe Interiors The mission of Coastal Luxe Interiors is to let you know that design shouldn’t be painful - It should be fun! The team Luxe ladies explained, “We counteract the design culture with a business approach that is inviting and genuinely helpful. It’s not all-or-nothing here. We work with you to provide a fresh eye on what you already have, bring your vision to life, or find your missing piece. Our team’s goals for 2022 are to bring options, discuss possibilities, and see your project through to completion in an environment that feels like you’re working with your own personal team - because really, you are. Our ultimate dream and wish is to achieve design success with every opportunity we are presented this year and years to come; here’s to ‘Better Living by Design’ in 2022!” Coastal Luxe Interiors • Myrtle Beach • 843-946-6644

Page Nash • Barbara’s Fine Gifts Spending time at work as well as with family is Page’s biggest investment. She enjoys quality time with her husband, Skeeter, their dog, Captain, and their cat, Lilly (aka Pee Wee). Her biggest joy is being greeted with coffee first thing in the morning, time spent together before work, and then being greeted by Captain as soon as she gets home. “Captain knows this is his time to play and run around with his best dog friend, “sis,” and I know that I can only start dinner after he is completely worn out.” Page continued, “cooking dinner is my time to unwind and, on my days off, our family loves to go fishing, ride the boat, and hang out at The Point. In February, we always look forward to our annual trip to Marathon, Florida. Even in the off season, we always find ways to spend time together.”


Barbara’s Fine Gifts • Myrtle Beach • 843-449-0448

Jacque Richardson St. Gabriel Assisted Living & Memory Care of Murrells Inlet Jacque’s inspiration to become a health care administrator stemmed from her mother, who was one of the first female hospital administrators in our region. She explained, “I saw firsthand the true meaning of a ‘strong work ethic’ and I like to think that my own career is fashioned after that of my mother’s. She was my example of dedication, determination, and loyalty to her life’s work. I have found healthcare to be a fascinating and an evolving area of service.” Jacque has devoted over 40 years to this service and is currently pursuing her passion for senior care at St. Gabriel’s Assisted Living and Memory Care Community as the Executive Director. “It is a very rewarding experience to not only provide needed services but to also form loving relationships with our residents and their families. I call it ‘Blessed.’” She exclaimed! St. Gabriel Assisted Living & Memory Care of Murrells Inlet Murrells Inlet • 843-353-1525 24 :: :: February 2022

Kaitee Floyd • Cheryl Newby Gallery “When I envision the gallery in 20 years, I hope to be the premier art gallery on the Grand Strand that you can always count on to represent high-quality artists while maintaining a low country, unpretentious, genuine feel,” Katie explained, “I plan to offer workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and even host events! I plan to continue to make the gallery a place where anyone feels welcome and inspired.” The Cheryl Newby Gallery is here to offer fine art in a variety of styles and media. When choosing artists, they look for those who have achieved a high level of accomplishment reflected in their distinctive style. Whether you are an established collector looking to expand or a novice art lover looking for guidance; the gallery welcomes and enjoys helping every customer find the perfect piece! Cheryl Newby Gallery • Pawleys Island • 843-979-0149

Dawn Richardson • Grady’s Jewelers Showing kindness and compassion is Dawn Richardson’s passion and purpose, especially now, as she reflects upon the last few years. Dawn said, “I don’t view my family shop as JUST a business, nor the people who enter as JUST customers. My shop is a member of the family and we genuinely care about the happiness of our ‘guests.’ They have requests for help with a repair, or help to find a treasure for someone special, and we do our best to treat them like friends and family.” Over the last 51 years, Dawn’s business has grown and changed so much. She is incredibly grateful for the “guests” who continue to choose them and have turned into dear friends. Dawn understands that we do not know what everyone else is going through, so a smiling, friendly face is always a blessing. She encourages everyone to be kind, compassionate, and to shop small. Grady’s Jewelers • Conway • 843-248-2624

Leslie Wilson • Shine Café Finding ways to use her talents to benefit the community is Leslie’s passion and purpose. Renovating old houses, growing flowers and food, and cooking are also her favorite passions. Shine Cafe has given her the chance to combine them all while serving the Conway neighborhood where she lives. Most people do not know about her family background which includes her Friesian mother and Brazilian/Italian father. She explained, “My parents lived in Brazil and Germany and spent vacation time in Friesland while in Europe. My mom absorbed the cooking influences of the areas and passed her skills to me, which I use daily at Shine Cafe. Mom taught me to serve whole foods prepared simply and as close to the way made by nature as possible to maintain maximum flavor and nutrition.” Leslie’s love for community shines as bright as her café. Shine Café • Conway • 843-488-9990 :: February 2022 :: 25

Brooke Taylor • Hope Taylor & Company Linda Hope Taylor opened her shop two decades ago in the spring of 2002. A few years later, she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Her daughter, Brooke, started helping her in the boutique and realized just how much her mother loved running her business. Brooke exclaimed, “It was her passion and it very quickly became mine!” In 2008, Linda lost her battle with ALS and Brooke lost her best friend, but she promised her mother that she would do her best to keep her passion alive. Brooke is looking forward to another year of opening the boutique doors every day. She said, “In 2022, I am raising a thirteen- and fourteen-year-old by myself and running a business. I know my mother is proud of me. Anything is possible!” Hope Taylor & Company • North Myrtle Beach • 843-281-9650

Linda Ketron • CLASS LLC. and The Moveable Feast A quarter of a century ago, CLASS was inspired by the many retired yet active, educated, and involved women of the Waccamaw Neck who yearned for quality entertainment and learning opportunities. An acronym for Community Learning About Special Subjects, CLASS kept an open door for whatever course or program might evolve. One course, the title of which was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s reference to Paris as a “moveable feast,” evolved into this year-round series of Friday literary luncheons, unique meet-the-author events featuring award-winning, bestselling and debut authors at different restaurants from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown. In partnership with Litchfield Books since 2002, The Moveable Feast is considered one of the premier book tour events in the South, with authors of local, regional, and national note delivering more than 1200 presentations to some 72,000 people over the 24 years of its growing popularity. CLASS LLC. and The Moveable Feast • Pawleys Island • 843.235.9600

Myra Levine • Carolina Car Care Operating for over 26 years, the Carolina Car Care owners are devoted to their business. “Our family is here every day to greet new customers as well as our current customers, and we make a point to treat everyone like a local.” Myra continued, “We have been truly blessed all these years with such wonderful customers. We grow a little more each day as our community grows too.” Myra loves getting to know each customer and being able to share family stories. On top of running a business every day, she is also a wife, mother, and a “MiMi” with three cats and a dog. Carolina Car Care • Murrells Inlet • 832-357-0862

26 :: :: February 2022

PAW L E Y S I S L AN D F E S T I VAL O F M U S I C & AR T P R E S E N T S T h e 2 0 2 2 L e e M i n t o n S i g n a t u re S e r i e s Allan Harris The Music of Nat King Cole February 9, 2022 • 7:00pm $35 per person Tony Bennett has called Allan “my favorite singer” and The New York Times’ Stephen Holden raves about “the protean talent that is Allan Harris.” Jazz vocalist, Allan Harris will be presenting his incredible tribute to Nat King Cole. The Village House will be set up as a NYC blues café with high top tables and chairs. Please join us for an intimate evening, listening to “The Music of Nat King Cole.”

Barron Ryan “Classic Meets Cool” February 17, 2022 • 7:00pm $20 per person Pianist, Barron Ryan’s love for music has always been divided as he grew up in a house filled with the sounds of artists ranging from Mozart to Michael Jackson. So when it comes to his own performing, he’s not content drawing on just one influence. He combines them all into a musical adventure that’s vintage yet fresh, historical yet hip, classic yet cool.

The Hall Sisters February 23, 2022 • 7:00pm $20 per person The Hall Sisters showcase their vocal and instrumental expertise and are often described as having the harmonic prowess of the Eagles and the soulful blend of the Carpenters, The Hall Sisters mix with the energy of country pop! Tickets can be purchased by credit card by calling 843-626-8911. Or you may call to reserve space (and pay Cash or check at the door).

Reservations required due to limited seating.

Cash Bar and Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres will be provided by The Village House.

All Performances at The Village House 13089 Ocean Hwy. Bld E, Pawleys Island

843-626-8911 for Tickets For Information

Starting Your First Business Tips by Kim Freeman

A wise woman once told me: You can’t put an old head on young shoulders. And while personal experience makes for the best teacher, when starting your own business, you can benefit from the wisdom of others. Take me, for example. Less than two years ago, I made a “pandemic pirouette” that launched my HR consulting business. Necessity pushed me into it when I found myself among the millions laid off due to COVID-19. Once I accepted my job wasn’t coming back, I jumped headlong into my venture without much planning. Hindsight revealed that as a mistake! Now, I offer this “old head” for young business shoulders as a way to avoid some of the missteps I made. Tips for building your first business: 1. Lay the Foundation Before you hang out a shingle, start a social media page, or make those business cards, make sure you understand these things: • Purpose/Mission – what are you hoping to achieve with your business through its products or services? You might consider writing a mission statement that will help you focus on your goals. There’s plenty of help for writing such statements on the internet, including an article from BigCommerce that recommends focusing on value, inspiration, plausibility, and specificity. • Audience – who needs your products or services? And of those, are there target groups that no one else is servicing? Chron., an online publication for small businesses, suggested starting with identifying the four levels of primary target audience: 1) where they are; 2) who they are; 3) why do they buy; 4) how do they buy. • Competitors – Who is already in the marketplace, and how are your services or products differentiated? Guard against discouragement here. There may be many competitors in your lane, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for your business. Look at the bread aisle at your grocery store for proof that there can be room for many similar products and services. 28 :: :: February 2022

• Mentors – Is there anyone with experience in the specific business you are starting or starting their own business in a different industry that could provide mentorship? According to a July 2021 article in Entrepreneur magazine, startups led by entrepreneurs with mentors have greater success. If you don’t know anyone, look for mentors in online forums like LinkedIn or professional or industry groups. Network with your friends and family to ask if they know anyone who might be willing to discuss your business venture. 2. Gather Your Materials/Experts After laying the foundation, take these steps: • Draft a business plan/model – you don’t have to make this super detailed or fancy. Just use the information you gleaned and sketch out your framework. Not sure where to start? Check out resources on the internet, many of which provide templates for these purposes. Your local or state government may have online resources as well. South Carolina, for example, offers free information on starting a business at • Make a list – what do you need to get started? Remember not only materials for products or leased space, but also office equipment (computers, printers, desk, lighting, cameras), software (Office, Excel, PowerPoint, QuickBooks), shipping supplies, insurance, licenses, and professional dues. Don’t forget funding sources, too. Will you get working capital from loans, grants, or gifts? Nerdwallet provides some ideas here. You’ll also need to open business bank accounts. • Enlist experts – some fledgling business owners try to cut corners when it comes to getting expert advice. But “you get what you pay for” is an adage for a reason. Scrimping on legal, tax, and HR advice when you start your business will end up costing you later. While you likely can file your business with your state secretary of state online, legal and tax advice regarding what kind of business you form, such as partnership, LLC, or corporation, is essential. Read more on the topic at the Small Business Administration website. And if you plan on having employees, an HR consultant can help you avoid compliance problems. The same goes for marketing expertise, especially if you don’t have the skills to build and maintain your website and social media accounts. Besides online resources, such as Fiverr and

UpWork, don’t forget to check area colleges that might have students looking to make extra money by building websites or designing brands.

Speech Solutions Inc.

3. Start Building You laid the foundation and gathered your materials and experts; NOW you can start building your dream business! • Stay on brand – When launching your business, remember to stay on brand across all online platforms and with any other media/advertising you do. Use the logo designed for you, along with the recommended fonts and colors. If you had your business name and website set up before opening (as recommended), your primary email should be name@ (or .biz or .net). I didn’t do this upfront, and now I track two different email boxes! • Keep a schedule – When you work for yourself, it’s more important than ever to keep a regular schedule. Otherwise, you can work too few hours (the boss won’t mind!) or way too many. Balance is the key. This tip goes for sleep, exercise, and healthy eating as well. • Work the plan – Now is when you return to your business plan for a roadmap to meet your goals. If you haven’t fully developed quarterly goals, do so. By using three-month increments, you can keep from feeling overwhelmed and have an excellent chance of seeing positive results. • Ask for help – Just like you wouldn’t try to put in a large cross beam to hold up the second floor of a home by yourself, you’ll need help when building your business. ASK! You can also search out support groups too. For instance, I’m in a few for HR professionals, and they are a resource for expertise or as a sounding board. Even with taking these tips to heart, your business journey still likely has lessons for you. But hopefully fewer. And what you do learn, make sure you pass that along to the next set of young business shoulders.

Kim Freeman

is a former award-winning newspaper reporter turned lawyer who now runs her own HR consulting company. Her recent publications include Kentucky Monthly, The Dirty Spoon, Answers for Me, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and trade magazines.

Meeting the Speech and Language Needs of Our Community Since 2003 We assess, diagnose and treat our patients to help improve their speech, language, cognitive, communication, voice, swallowing, fluency and other speech disorders We also have the equipment and certified Speech-Language Pathologists to provide Vital Stem Therapy.

Nationally Accredited and State Licensed Speech Solutions, Inc. is owned by Allison Harrington M.Ed., CCC-SLP “The mission of Speech Solutions, Inc. is to provide speech and language needs with integrity and accountability in the communities we serve, to give back through community service and to inspire moments of optimism and happiness while creating value and making a difference.”

910-754-3484 127 Village Drive, Suite B Shallotte, NC 28459 :: February 2022 :: 29

Show Your Car Some Love!

PRODIGY Kitchens & Baths

Foreign • Domestic • Cars • Trucks • SUVs Brakes • Oil Changes • Maintenance Diagnostic • AC & Heating • Cooling System Check Engine Lights

Locally Owned & Operated for 26 years

YOUR LUXURY KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN CENTER 8435 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island, South Carolina 29585 Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm • Saturday: 9am - 1pm • (843) 314-0444

30 :: :: February 2022

“Your Hometown Auto Repair”

Carolina Car Care 843-357-0862 860 Inlet Square Drive Murrells Inlet

Furniture, Bedding, Custom Window Treatments, Wallpaper, Throw Pillows, Area Rugs, Full Interior Design Services

Love is in the air....

C o m e s e e o u r n e w m o d e l l o c a t e d a t t h e Wa t e r s i d e E d g e C o m m u n i t y i n t h e G r a n d e D u n e s A r e a , o ff o f 7 1 s t Av e . N o r t h a n d B y p a s s 1 7 o n t h e I n t r a c o a s t a l Wa t e r w a y.

In-Home or In-Store Interior Design Consultation by Appointment New Construction & Remodel Material Selections (Cabinets, Lighting & Flooring)

Coastal Luxe Interiors Better Living by Design 843.946.6644 6613 N. Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 Tues - Fri 11am - 4pm

843-281-9650 312 Main St. • N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Ladies Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories and Gifts! :: February 2022 :: 31

February 2022 2/5 • 8am – 6pm 2022 Super Bowl Golf Classic True Blue Golf Club 843-235-0900

2/5 • 10am – 1pm Polar Plunge 2022 The Litchfield Inn 843-436-6042

2/10 • 6 - 7:30pm An Evening with Friends of the Library

Dressing up is fun at any age!!

Waccamaw Library 41 St. Paul’s Pawleys Island 843-545-3063

2/10 - 12 • 7:30pm The Myrtle Beach ELVIS Festival

Double Tree Resort by Hilton Oceanfront Myrtle Beach 843-315-7100

2/19 • 7 - 9pm Broadway is Back with The Long Bay Symphony Myrtle Beach High School Music & Arts Center 843-448-8379

Assisted Living & Memory Care of MURRELLS INLET

699 Prince Creek Parkway, Murrells Inlet, SC, 29576 Assisted Living & Memory Care • 843-353-1525 of MURRELLS INLET

32 :: :: February 2022

Fine Art & Crafts of the Carolinas 2/26 • 9am - 3pm PTSD Awareness Car Show The Beaver Bar 3534 US-17 BUS Murrells Inlet 843-318-0844

2/26 • 10am - 3pm 8th Annual Low Country Food Bank Craft Fair General Robert Reed Recreation Center in The Market Common 843-602-8133

2/26 • 12pm - 6pm Mr. Fish Oyster Roast

Mr. Fish Restaurant 6401 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach 843-839-3474

Pottery by Ardie Praetorius

910.575.5999 • Calabash, NC

2/26 • 7 - 10pm Purple Rain – A Tribute to Prince

The Winyah Auditorium 1200 Highmarket St, Georgetown 843-461-1342

2/27 • 11am - 4pm This & That Pawleys – Shopping for a Cause Litchfield Market Village 843-488-1989 :: February 2022 :: 33

Check out our website for our Menu and Events Schedule! Join us for Live Music at Brunch on Saturdays Tasty Home Cooking with an International Flair Open for Lunch Wed - Fri Brunch Sat & Sun 843-488-9990 707 Main Street Conway, SC 29526

FINE GIFTS 843-449-0448 6914 N. Kings Hwy., Myrtle Beach • Next to Rose Arbor Fabrics Mon - Fri 10:00-5:00 • Saturday 10:00-4:00

34 :: :: February 2022

800 Front Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 Mon-Fri 10:00-5:00 • Sat 10:00-4:00 843-546-6858 •

Cheryl Newby G A L L E R Y


“PEONIES IN GLASS VASE” by Ellen Buselli Oil on Canvas 20” x 17”

11096 Ocean Highway in The Shops at Oak Lea Pawleys Island, SC 29585 843.979.0149 •

Become a team leader or raise funds and participate as an individual. Help us unleash the power of Women Supporting Women and complete this year's Women Build! (843) 999-6471 :: February 2022 :: 35

It’s the time of your life... why not enjoy all its privileges? Introducing Inspire Coastal Grand, an extraordinary senior apartment community in Myrtle Beach designed for you.

You Deserve This Inspire Coastal Grand is a 55+ Active Adult Community, thoughtfully designed to support a healthy, active and social lifestyle. 833.675.1934 1749 Sea Pines Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Mention this ad for


move in incentive

Professionally Managed by

South Carolinas #1 shopping experience for affordable and unique gifts Coastal and Country Home Décor and Gifts, Candles, Jewelry, Avon, Children’s Boutique, Custom Orders, Tupperware, Locally made Nuts and Caramels, Rada Knives, Paparazzi Jewelry, Local Honey & Elderberry Syrup, and Metaphysical Items

Looking for local artisans to showcase in our stores 5 locations in South Carolina Conway • Market Common • Pawleys Island • Charleston • Tanger 501 ThisandthatMB •

36 :: :: February 2022

"Why work with an Insurance Agent who only represents one company, when you can work with an Agent that represents 54." KC Hall has a large network of professionals that she works with to offer services needed by individuals, families, and or businesses. She also has a large team under her that can help in many ways.

Multi state licensed with 54 companies for the best rates and coverages Life • Cancer • Accident Disability • Long term care Medicare supplements Employee Work Benefits Health insurance plans for self employed and 1099 contractors

Call your new agent for insurance today! KC Hall - 843-443-4017 :: February 2022 :: 37

Vi n t age Wa re s | Wo me n ’ s A ppa rel Wo nd e r fu l Good s | B o u t iq ue C l ot h i ng L a bel s

A Fine Boutique at Thrift Store Prices

All profits benefit All4Paws Animal Rescue Across From The Fresh Market 11378 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island

Mon thru Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 (unless it’s a Holiday) 720 Sunset Blvd N, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 (910) 579-5628 @BleuInCarolina #bleuatsunset 38 :: :: February 2022

843-314-3316 • Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Averi Tote does it all...

Experience the Wonder of the

South Carolina Coast

with it’s super stretchy, easy-to-clean material and option to make it big or small. Yep, you read that right! Snap this bag together to use it as an everyday purse or open it up to make room for things like your laptop and more! Did we mention there’s an added clip on the inside so you can easily clip onto your matching pouch? Talk about making organization FUN!


Located inside Lee’s Inlet Apothecary

843.651.7979 3579 U.S. 17 Business Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 :: February 2022 :: 39

Named Best Consignment Shop 13 years in a row

Household Items • Furniture Jewelry & Accessories Gently Used Clothing For Women & Men

Visit us at our NEW LOCATION

843-780-1136 • 1468 Hwy 17 • Little River • Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

Filigreen Heart© Necklace

Classy and chic. This exquisitely elegant designer necklace features the award-winning Filigreen Heart (c) by Rhonda Faber Green.

The pendant is set with Lafonn’s signature Lassaire clear simulated diamonds in sterling silver bonded with platinum and comes on a 20” chain.

843-248-2624 317 Laurel Street Conway, SC 29526 (Closed Sundays)

40 :: :: February 2022

Design on a Dime Consignment & Gift Shop


843-293-1137 4452 Socastee Blvd • Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 Interested Applicants: Mention this ad during your interview and obtain employment Receive a $50 gift card Families: Mention this ad during move in Receive a free Tablet to stay in touch with loved ones

Beachy Coastal Home Décor, Gifts & More! 40 Local Crafters/Artisans

Licensed & Insured Commercial • Residential

Cleaning & Linen Rentals (843) 232-1026 1918A US-17 Business Surfside Beach, SC 29575 Mon - Sat 11am - 3pm


671 Jamestown Dr., Unit R2 Garden City, SC 29576 :: February 2022 :: 41

Advertiser Index

Unique & affordable women's styles in sizes up to 3XL 843-945-4116 1904 US-17 BUS Surfside Beach, SC 29575 shopravelonline @shopravelonline






One Vision: The Music of Queen Join the Long Bay Symphony and the rock band from Jeans n Classics in a celebration of the unforgettable music of Queen.

TICKETS: $45 • $50 • $55



Long Bay Youth Symphony Winter Concert

42 :: :: February 2022

AIM | Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine........................ 43 Angel Oak Nursing & Rehab Center..................... 41 Angelo’s Steak & Pasta......................... 32 B. Graham Interiors Collection........... 42 Barbara’s Fine Gifts.............................. 34 Bleu..................................................... 38 BloominGails...................................... 40 Brightwater............................................ 7 Brookgreen Gardens.............................. 5 Champion Autism Network.................. 8 Carolina Car Care............................... 30 Cheryl Newby Gallery......................... 35 Class LLC.............................................. 8 The Clean Up Club............................. 41 Coastal Luxe Interiors.......................... 31 Custom Outdoor Furniture................. 44 Design on a Dime............................... 41 Doodlebugs......................................... 34 Dr. Grabeman..................................... 34 Dr. Jen Orthodontics........................... 33 Dr. Sattelle’s Rapid Weight Loss & Esthetics Centers................................. 16 Eleanor Pitts Gifts & Jewelry............... 35 Georgetown Kraft Credit Union............ 3 Good Deed Goods.............................. 39 Grady’s Jewelers................................... 40 Habitat for Humanity of Horry County................................. 35 Hope Taylor......................................... 31 Inspire Coastal Grand.......................... 36 Island Women’s Care........................... 15 KC Hall............................................... 37 The Lakes at Litchfield........................... 7 Long Bay Symphony........................... 42 Moore, Johnson & Saraniti.................. 37 Pawleys Island Festival of Music and Art................................. 27 Pink and Red....................................... 11 Prodigy Kitchens & Baths.................... 30 PruittHealth.......................................... 2 Rescued Treasures................................ 38 Rover Boat Tours................................. 39 Shades & Draperies............................. 15 Shine Café........................................... 34 Shop Ravel.......................................... 42 Speech Solutions.................................. 29 St. Gabriel Assisted Living & Memory Care.......... 32 Sunset River Marketplace.................... 33 Surf Unlimited Mercantile..................... 9 This and That...................................... 36