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February 2021

“…and you thought beauty was the outward show – but now you know the truth, my love – it’s always been the inner fire…”

-John Geddes

It’s the Moments Together That Change Us Forever. When your family is faced with difficult end of life decisions, you need to focus on what matters most. PruittHealth Hospice is committed to caring. We ensure your loved one experiences a smooth transition from the hospital to home hospice care through our unique service offerings. So that you can focus on more moments together. And be changed forever.

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February 2021 “Playing Dress-Up” Contents Volume 20, Issue 2

About the Cover Artists: The cover art is from London-based artist Dita Omuri. You can see more art from this artist @Dita.Omuri | Linktree www.linktr.ee/Dita.Omuri

4 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021


I Look Awesome! by Melissa Face


Geri Anderson: Classy Will Never Go Out of Style by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson


The Treasured Locket by Linda O’Connell


Hatitude Shift by Cynthia A. Lovely


Sasee Gets Personal


Bag Lady by Fancine Garson


2021 Style Trends


Whitney Rife Becker: Fashion is my Passion by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson


Porcupines by Susan Yanguas

from the Editor When I was a young gal faced with beauty propaganda, I only made notes of what it was on the outside that deemed a woman physically beautiful enough to be on the cover of a magazine or walk a runway. As I have grown, I have developed a new understanding of beauty - one I would call true beauty. My idea of what makes someone beautiful shifted from how skinny or glamorous someone appeared to be to how attractive someone’s heart, mind, and soul truthfully are, and how a person displays those inner parts of themselves outward for the world to see and learn from. I do believe that what is on the inside affects the outside and I do believe that dressing ourselves up is a fun way to express our individual personalities. When it comes to showing off my creative true self, I am less into expressing myself through my makeup because I like to keep mine natural-looking. I will only allow one of my very best friends, Jamie, to give me a makeover (simply because I trust her, oh and she’s a pro). I am much more into expressing myself through my attire and accessories. One of my favorite gems is my peace sign, fringe purse shown above. She is a tad worn down and the pieces of gold sewn on have been steadily unraveling. I started replacing the gold with treasured seashells I have collected from my walks along the beach. Slowly but surely, I know all of the gold will become seashells. I am perfectly content with this revamping because it just means that my purse will become even more beachy, hippie, and unique, like me. Expressing our creativity can play a significant role on our selfawareness and overall well-being. It is a way we can align our inner selves with our outward presentation. Being completely authentic can bring us much value for personal growth and growth within our relationships. I have never been one to “fit in” and I believe I am much happier when I am being my genuine self. I hope to be a light for others so that instead of being afraid to be different, they have the courage to shine as bright as they wish in their own unique ways. With much love,

Publisher Delores Blount Sales & Marketing Director Susan Bryant Editor Sarah Elaine Hawkinson Account Executives Stacy Danosky Erica Schneider Gay Stackhouse Art Director Patrick Sullivan Contributing Photographer Chasing the Light Photography Web Developer Scott Konradt Accounting Gail Knowles Executive Publishers Jim Creel Bill Hennecy Suzette Rogers PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 fax 843-626-6452 • phone 843-626-8911 www.sasee.com • info@sasee.com Sasee is published monthly and distributed free along the Grand Strand. Letters to the editor are welcome, but could be edited for length. Submissions of articles and art are welcome. Visit our website for details on submission. Sasee is a Strand Media Group, Inc. publication. Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material, in part or in whole, prepared by Strand Media Group, Inc. and appearing within this publication is strictly prohibited. Title “Sasee” is registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

6 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

The Perfect Retirement

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I Look Awesome! by Melissa Face

At five years old, there is very little that Delaney can control about the world around her. But if a few outfits can make her feel ready to take on this crazy world, she needs to wear them. Dressing Delaney was easy when she attended a school that required a uniform. Each day, she wore a plaid jumper over a white polo with matching navy tights and black Mary Jane shoes. There was no need to lay out clothes in the evenings, and no cause for last-minute changes in the morning. Life was easy. There may have been no room for creativity, but there was also no room for arguments. This year, Delaney is in public school, and she has a bit more freedom in her wardrobe. She has always had a strong sense of self, and more recently, that has transferred into her fashion choices. She knows what she likes, and what “looks bad.” And she is very much aware of the effects a fantastic outfit can have on her self-esteem. “I look awesome in this!” she exclaimed the other day while trying on a black leotard at Target. She has worn the leotard around the house on the weekends, but thankfully, she hasn’t mentioned wearing it to school. She has, however, asked to wear the shirt portion of a Wonder Woman costume, and she became animalistic when I pointed out that it was tight and showed her belly. We don’t always agree on what fits. Another issue we don’t see eye to eye on is color coordination.

two Halloween costumes. Before I agreed to costumes, I checked the school’s handbook and read the dress code line by line. The costumes don’t include a mask. They aren’t revealing and they are longer than her knees. They really look more like dresses than actual costumes. There is, however, a clause that prohibits clothing that is “disruptive to instruction.” But isn’t that the very essence of being a kindergartener? Five-year-olds, by nature, are disruptive to instruction. What difference does an outfit make? I’m letting her wear the costumes this week. If we’re told they aren’t appropriate, she won’t wear them to school again. I’m not encouraging her to break rules, but I do want to encourage her to express herself. At five years old, there is very little that Delaney can control about the world around her. But if a few outfits can make her feel ready to take on this crazy world, she needs to wear them. I want her to feel as awesome as she did in that black leotard - every day of her life.

“That doesn’t match,” I told her, as she slid her legs into striped leggings and pushed her arms through a floral print top. “Yes. It does,” she argued. “They both gots pinks in them!” To minimize the morning clothing chaos, we pick out Delaney’s outfits for the week on Sunday afternoons. She tries each one on. She looks at herself in the mirror, then she does her splits. If the outfit passes both the fashion and flexibility tests, we hang it up in the closet so it’s ready to go. We also pick out a few alternates because ... she is Delaney. This week’s lineup includes leggings, a rainbow skirt, and 8 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

Melissa Face is the author of I Love You More Than Coffee, an essay collection for parents who love coffee a lot and their kids...a little more. Her essays and articles have appeared in Richmond Family Magazine, ScaryMommy, and twentyone volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Read more at melissaface.com.

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Geri Anderson:

Classy Will Never Go Out of Style by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

A well-known, local woman and business owner, Geri Anderson, grew up in Horry County and has lived in Myrtle Beach all of her adult life. She is the product of a loving family along with 8 siblings. Before Geri found her true calling, she was a successful banker for 20 years. After Geri happily married and had her first and only son in the ‘60s, there was not many places in the area to buy cute children’s clothing. She was forced to travel out of town to find the perfect outfits. This inconvenience, plus her love for children and their beautiful clothes, inspired her to look into how to best start her own children’s clothing business. She knew it would be a great idea for the Grand Strand and would benefit all of the other parents in the area who deal with the same problem. There was only one store around that sold children’s clothing at the time called “The Children Shoppe” and it was located in Pink House Square. With the help of a friend in retail, she purchased this store in 1976 and essentially gave it a “Miss Master” makeover and first opened in Myrtle Square Mall. Around 10 years later, she opened the current location

for the store, off of Highway 17 Business in Myrtle Beach. Geri conjoined the names as it is very well-known now as “Miss Master: The Children Shoppe.” The boutique specializes in traditional clothing ranging from newborn sizes to size 12 for boys and size 16 for girls. Her shop is also filled with shoes, accessories, and toys. Geri likes to keep out some of the fun toys around the shop to better entertain the children while their parents focus on their shopping. Geri believes that what you wear on the outside speaks to who you are on the inside, for adults, and children. She explains, “I actually think it affects one’s conduct. For example, children are taught that there is a time and place for all styles of clothes; there are play clothes to get dirty in, dress clothes for special occasions, and sleep clothes when it’s bedtime.” The petite special clothing offered in her shop has a certain classic look that is very popular, especially in this area. They do not focus too much on what is “trendy,” but they do update in their own way. They love to go to market every season to pick out the new styles to sell, but they never stray too far away from Miss

“When we see children and are proud of what they are wearing, we want them to say, ‘It came from Miss Master!’” -Geri 10 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

Master’s classic roots. As explained by one of Geri’s right-hand gals, “there really is some crazy children’s clothing out there, but that is not our clientele. We follow a more traditional, classical, keep-them-young, sweet look.” Geri’s favorite part about working at her shop is that she genuinely enjoys the customers and her coworkers. She loves getting to know their repeat and consistently loyal customers. The women who work in the shop have all worked there for so long and they love what they do. Geri takes pride in her great team and says they are like family. The team also enjoys getting to know their contacts from who they purchase their precious items and affirms that those contacts become like family, too. Geri’s team truly has fun together every day at work and she feels extra thankful for them. The biggest lesson learned in 2020 for Geri and her team is to always be loyal to your locals. Miss Master has relied more on them this year than ever and claims that the locals are the reason the store has been able to stay open. They feel grateful they were even able to end the year of 2020 still in business and believe that this fact is an accomplishment in itself. Their 2021 goal moving forward is to get back to some type of “normal” and hope to see more consistency in everybody. They strive to look ahead with less fear and more hope. Geri and her team expressed, “In the future, we just hope to grow, and we hope that people learn how important it is to shop local. We don’t think the general public realizes how much shopping online hurts local stores, not just small ones, but even big named stores have that difficulty. And if it continues, one day a lot of these stores will be gone. It’s so important for shoppers to realize the quality over quantity that these types of stores have to offer. We have always been mindful of the quality of what we sell, and we stand behind it with confidence. We put great time and effort in choosing what to put in the store. We will even change companies if we notice the quality has become less than what we know our clients deserve as they shop at Miss Master.” Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 11

It’s hard to find a local that she hasn’t dressed, either as a child or dressing their children now. She is easily the most stylish person in our family (possibly the most energized as well) and I can only hope to be as successful, graceful, kindhearted, and loved as she is. We are so proud to call her ours.” Geri Anderson is a loving, sweet, and humble woman. She may not take credit for how truly impressive she is, but she certainly does know how blessed she is. She loves where she lives, and she loves that she is able to share beautiful clothing and accessories with so many. She has the most fun at work and says that when she no longer does, she will let someone else take over, but also says, with the utmost confidence, that she is nowhere close to that day. Thank goodness for us and for Miss Master.

Similar to the attire she sells in her shop, Geri likes to stick to a traditional style when it comes to her own appearance. She likes to change it up through the seasons, but regardless of color choice, her look is always simple, classic, and comfortable. She does however enjoy animal print which is all the rage these days again. Geri also likes to dress herself up by doing her makeup, fixing her hair, painting her nails, and accessorizing with jewelry and scarves. It is all part of her daily routine. Geri says, “I really don’t start my day until I dress myself and get all ready. No matter what you have planned for the day, you have to get yourself dressed and ready for it. And once I do, I’m excited about my day. Every day that I get up and can get ready is a blessing.” When Geri is not at her shop, which is rare, she likes to walk on the beach whenever it’s nice out. She enjoys relaxing and reading and spending quality time with her family. She has 4 nieces in the Grand Strand area and frequently sees her son, 3 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. According to Geri’s niece: “My aunt is more than a small business owner on the Grand Strand, she is a pillar of our community. As a devoted wife, mother, sister, aunt and Meme, she is the most kindhearted person you will meet. Her heart is made of Gold and I believe that is why Miss Master of Myrtle Beach has been successful for over 45 years. When you walk into her store, whether you’re a regular customer or a visitor passing through, you’re a friend of hers. 12 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

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The Treasured Locket by Linda O’Connell

When I pass a mirror, I see my aging face, and in my mind’s eye, I see the reflection of the loved ones who presented me with each piece of jewelry over the years.

I have a decorative jewelry box filled with fine gold chains in many lengths and a drawer filled with several individual, significant, diamond-embellished charms that I received for Mother’s Days, birthdays, or other holidays. If I ever decided to wear them all at one time, I would really make a statement. Strangers would know that I am the BEST, a #1 mom, friend, nana, and very loved wife. I wear the charms and chains individually at different times. When I pass a mirror, I see my aging face, and in my mind’s eye, I see the reflection of the loved ones who presented me with each piece of jewelry over the years. There’s one piece of costume jewelry that means more to me than silver, gold, or diamonds. I don’t even remember where I got the pendant locket which hangs at my heart level on a long, thick chain. I’ll never forget why it is so important to me and increases in value as I get older. The faux gold, filigree miniature coin purse has a clasp that allows the tiny purse to open and close. I imagine that years ago, the former owner, a young lady, must have stashed a dime inside for an emergency phone call, or perhaps a grandmother sprayed a cotton ball with Evening in Paris cologne, and tucked it inside, leaving a lingering scent as she rocked a baby. I sometimes placed a penny or an M&M inside for my grandchildren to discover when they were small. Madison was three years old when she reached for my locket and attached immeasurable value to that piece of “junque” jewelry. Maddie was an early talker who went from one-word utterance to stringing, not sentences, but entire paragraphs. She was a verbose, smart little girl with strawberry blonde curls that bobbed when she carried on lengthy conversations. Her big blue eyes stole hearts, and she was never at a loss for words. I had just returned home from a particularly exhausting day in a classroom filled with three-year-olds. I looked forward 14 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

to kicking off my shoes and lying on the couch for half an hour. I opened the front door, and our bubbly little girl greeted me with a high pitched, delighted squeal. “Hi Nana, I’ve been waiting all day with Paw-paw for you to get home from school. I couldn’t wait to see you. Mama dropped me off.” So, that is why I didn’t know we had company. There was no car in the driveway. I smiled, but honestly, what I thought was, “Not another three-year-old!” What I said was, “Hi honey, let me put my school bag down and hug you.” As I sat on the couch, I wished I could have stretched out and laid my head down on my soft, powder blue throw pillow for just a moment to rejuvenate. Madison jumped up on my lap and started fondling my locket. “Open it, Nana. Open it right now. Let me see what’s in your little purse necklace. Can I? Please? I know there has to be something good in there. I just know it because I know lots of things that could fit in there. Is it...?” She guessed every tiny thing under the sun. Overwhelmed, exhausted, and having used up almost all my patience in class, I told her, “Honey, there is nothing inside today. I didn’t put anything in here. You just have to believe me.” “Oh yes there is. I know! It could be a...” There she went again as she tugged at it, adding to my irritability. I reached for the stack of mail and tried to reposition her. She was insistent, and finally, I lost my last bit of patience. A little too harshly, I said, “Honey, there is nothing inside the purse necklace. I already told you.” Life would have been so much easier had I just walked into the kitchen and sneaked an M&M into the locket. But then if I had restocked it, the locket would not be as special to me as it is today. Madison pushed me further over the edge. Coyly, she cocked her head and fluttered her eyelashes. Then instead of using her insistent voice, her words poured out as sweet as syrup, and she said, “Oh Naaanaaaa, I knooow there is something

inside your little purse necklace. I’m really sure. Want me to show you?� Before I could protest, she said, “I know you don’t have an M&M, or a penny, or... “ She went in reverse naming all the things that couldn’t be inside.  I snapped. I am ashamed to admit that I had reached my boiling point. I raised my voice, flipped the latch, and flung the little purse locket wide open. “I told you, honey, there is NOTHING inside. SEE!�

The kid wouldn’t quit. Very softly and sweetly, in a little sing-song voice, she said with authority, “Oh yes there is something inside. It’s God’s love. God’s love is everywhere, Nana. I learned that in Sunday School.� Stunned into a shamed silence, I hugged her to me and agreed 100% that she was absolutely, positively right. On my way to the kitchen, I bowed my head in shame and silently asked for forgiveness. I returned and presented our girl with an entire bag of M&Ms. Sometimes it’s not the silver, gold, or expensive jewels that hold the most value, but the stories attached to the particular pieces that make them priceless.

Linda O’Connell is a former preschool teacher, chases words, grandchildren, and elusive dreams. She holds her life together with humor and dark chocolate and loves the beach!

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Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 15

Hatitude Shift by Cynthia A. Lovely

I collected a pink floppy hat, a black painter’s cap, a blue fedora, and a vintage beige hat with a blossom on the brim.

“Cynthia-Ann! Where’s your hat?” I can still hear my mother’s voice, catching me mid-stride, while trying to slip out of the house in winter’s cold minus my headgear. She always caught me. I remember waiting with impatience as she pulled the woolen hat down over my ears and sent me out the door to school. I hated hats. They never looked right. The “cool kids on the block” did not wear hats. Once I reached teen status, my dislike of hats coupled with adolescent attitude and rebellion. Yes, I wore the hat out the door. But as soon as I wound around the corner and out of view, off went the hat. I held to this strong aversion for many years until a curious thing happened. I found myself … liking hats. It started with fun straw hats of summertime bliss. So many styles and shapes to choose from and an added benefit; they helped shield the eyes from bright sunlight. I discovered great headgear at a boardwalk sale in Long Beach, New York. I spent time and money at the hat booth that day, more than I planned on. Perhaps the lovely background of the ocean waves and beach atmosphere lured me in. All I know is, I left with several hats and a lighter purse. Panamas with flexible brims. Stiff boater hats. Wonderful floppy hats. And so, it began - my hat obsession. Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Straw hats and fabric ribbon bedecked. I collected a pink floppy hat, a black painter’s cap, a blue fedora, and a vintage beige hat with a blossom on the brim. My husband gifted me with an expensive Saratoga hat complete with a leopard print ribbon and extravagant bow. My collection continued to increase: an auburn colored hat, a wine hued cloche, a tan one with a fat ribbon and shiny buckle. Tweed newsboy, crushable hats, fancy Derby hats, organza trimmed. At last count, I probably have about 50 hats. I guess you could say I no longer hate hats. 16 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

I wore a big floppy hat, with navy and tan stripes and a wide brim while on vacation in East Hampton one summer. My husband and I and my girlfriend were wandering through Westhampton one evening and mingling with the rich and famous. The hat definitely played into my confidence. And my husband’s comment made me laugh. “Did you hear what that woman just said?” he asked. “She was trying to get by you, and you didn’t notice. She mentioned something about those rich snobs from the Hamptons with their huge showy hats.” The hat had raised me to Hampton status! Summer styles eventually lead back into winter, offering new types of hats to ward off the chill. When cold weather arrives in my Northeast climate, I’m ready. I don my snug winter hat, trusting my mother’s great advice about keeping the head warm. Woolen caps and berets to match with winter coats and jackets in all shades of the rainbow. Though Mother’s voice is far off in the distance now, I imagine her saying, “Cynthia-Ann, where’s your…oh! Look at that great hat! I’m so proud of you.” I’m stylin’ now, and with a confident step and my latest hat pinned with a sparkling jewel, I smile realizing that I AM one of the cool kids on the block!

Cynthia A. Lovely has been published in over 50 magazines and periodicals including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Catholic Forester, LIVE, Sasee, Tea Time, and Romantic Homes.

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Hat provided by Chapeaux de Femmes Hat Boutique  • 910-880-0874

Bag Lady by Fancine Garson

In addition to providing a safe and accessible home for my belongings, my bag told the world who I was.

Okay, I admit it. I’m a bag lady. No, I’m not a homeless woman roaming the city with all of my worldly possessions packed into an assortment of plastic bags. I’m fortunate to have a home big enough to accommodate all of my belongings, and I don’t live in a city; I never have. But, bags? Oh yes, bags! I am a bag lady. According to a recent survey, the average woman in the United States owns between five and twenty-one handbags. Five and twenty-one? That’s a huge range. The so-called “average” woman who owns five bags might have a large one to hold essentials like her wallet, credit cards, keys, make-up, comb, and cell phone, as well as nice-to-have items like mints, Tylenol, BandAids, a memo pad, camera, scissors, and a bottle of water. Of course, there is some debate about which things are essential and which are just nice-to-have. While many women consider sunglasses a necessity, I don’t leave home without a book. The average woman at the low end of the handbag-owning spectrum might also have an evening bag, a woven or straw summer bag, and two neutrally colored medium-sized bags. These women are not bag ladies. My own handbag collection runs closer to the upper limits of “average.” In fact, were it not for my daughter who periodically shops my closet, I might (okay, would) find myself in the “above average” category. Even as a child, I loved bags. Rummaging through my mother’s oversized “pocketbook,” as she called it, was always an adventure. From cherry lollipops and spearmint gum to silvery tubes of lipstick and powder-filled compacts, my mother’s bag was a little girl’s playground that smelled of the flowery cologne regularly delivered by the Avon lady. I stuffed my own small plastic purse with Pez 18 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

dispensers, chains made of gum wrappers, and prizes salvaged from the depths of Cracker Jack boxes. As I grew older, my fascination with handbags moved from their contents to the actual bags themselves. My mother gifted me with my first “real” bag, a tophandled white leather satchel, for my ninth birthday. Very stylish. Very grown-up. And, as I discovered from an unfortunate encounter with a ballpoint pen, very hard to keep clean. My attempts at covering the stray blue marks with white shoe polish turned my previously smooth leather bag into a chalky mess. But I did learn an important handbag lesson - while most ladies of the time followed the custom of no white bags before Memorial Day or after Labor Day - for me, it would be no white bags. Ever. I entered the fifth grade with a straw bag sent from an aunt in Florida. But as the days grew shorter and the temperature plummeted, that bag got stashed at the bottom of my closet. My mother replaced it with a Naugahyde-looking saddlebag that smelled like the recliner in our den. As the years went by, my taste ran to fringed suede or denim shoulder bags decorated with embroidered butterflies or sewn-on peace signs. During my college years, I carried an army green knapsack that worked equally well with a hooded snorkel coat or a summery gauze peasant shirt. In addition to providing a safe and accessible home for my belongings, my bag told the world who I was. When I left the educational cocoon and entered the world of work, the idea of “who I was” became a lot more complicated. And that is when I truly became a bag lady. Whether it’s a long-strapped, sensibly dark bag hanging from my shoulder or a pale straw impossible-to-clean, too-small-to-hold-a-book clutch, a bag expresses my

mood of the moment. I wear a hands-free, cross-body bag for trips into the city to visit my handbagloving daughter, and I carry a lightweight tote to the library. From the sunscreen-splotched canvas of last summer’s beach bag to the metallic gleam of a small evening purse, bags are fun, beautiful, and practical. Any handbag, even a simple black one (especially if it’s adorned with bright silver or gold-tone hardware), adds instant pizzazz to my everyday uniform of jeans and whatever shirt I happen to pull out of the closet. And unlike my jeans after a few too many scoops of Rocky Road ice cream, my handbags always close easily with a satisfying zip, click, or snap. So yes, old ones, new ones, big ones, small ones, hard ones, and soft ones (and whether you call them handbags, purses, or pocketbooks), like any true bag lady - I love them all!

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Your Complete Source for Custom Window Treatments and Bed Coverings Shades • Shutters • Blinds Shades & Draperies is scheduling all visits into the showroom by appointment only. This allows us to offer a personalized experience in a safe environment. Our Commitment To Quality, Makes Shades & Draperies The Best Choice For All Your Window Covering Needs!

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For Your Eclectic Valentine

Francine Garson Author of the novels, Follow the Leader and Things, is a former law school administrator and independent college advisor. Her shorter work has appeared in a number of online and print magazines, and her flash fiction has received awards from the National League of American Pen Women and WOW-Women On Writing.

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which allowed more room for shoes!

Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Everyday wear for Men & Women 910-575-5356 120-1 Causeway Dr, Unit 1, Ocean Isle Beach, NC, 28469 Wednesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm

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Myrtle Beach • 6916 N. Kings Hwy. • 843-449-7673 Pawleys Island (Across From Fresh Market) • 843-979-9970

2021 Style Trends

The Classic Blazer This Major Blazer by Show Me Your Mumu is the perfect addition to your wardrobe... Versatile enough for many different occasions

For an evening out . . .

A day at the office . . .

For a casual weekend look . . .

Add high waisted, belted, flare pants with gold hardware and a green, silky leopard, cowl neck bodysuit for a chic Sasee look.

Add the perfect LBD, black gingham long sleeve bodycon dress by Good American Black Dress will show you mean business.

Add classic distressed denim jeans by Good American Jeans and a white silk, crew neck tee by Nation White Tee for all day excursions.

Fashions provided by MELROSE Boutique at Magnolia Row • 843-839-3813 Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 21

2021 Fashion Trends

Doodlebugs Children’s Finery & Gifts Your little sweetie will be ready for warmer weather in this adorable cropped long sleeve swimsuit by RuffleButts. With full coverage and UPF 50+ built in, this long sleeve rash guard for girls is sure to keep her safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Mix and match with a wide brim sunhat for complete protection.

Eleanor Pitts With layers of beading and thoughtfully placed winged sequins, these earrings are everyone’s favorites. A signature style and often people’s first Mignonne Gavigan earring. The eye-catching metallics are feminine, romantic, and timeless. Handmade with sequins and beading, these have all the allure of our signature Madelines in a mini silhouette. A must have piece to add to your Spring wardrobe and fashions.

22 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

Pawleys Island Wear Hammock Shops Village Mary Frances Spirit Owl, Beaded Embroidered Leather Crossbody Handbag. Whoooo could resist this beauty? It is the first of its kind, featuring new marbled embroidery techniques with hand beading and sequin work, all illustrating the beautiful face of an all knowing owl. The back of this bag is finished with soft, full-grain leather and a back slip pocket.

Chapeaux de Femmes This sassy yellow fascinator, looks good enough to eat. It can sit on top of your head, or placed to one side as it’s held on by either a clip (for fine hair) or a headband. The lovely satin cap, is accompanied by a small yellow veil. Fascinators come in many sizes, this is the perfect size for beginners who are not comfortable with the more flamboyant Derby styles. I can customize hats to assure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Bleu Pair this patterned halter top with denim, white trousers, or a fun Boho skirt...it goes from ladies luncheons to date nights with ease. The rich Moroccan colors and crocheted trim remind us of faraway places we long to travel to. Bleu is on the mainland of Sunset Beach, NC.

Good Deed Goods Match with your little one in a sweet, modern way! This Momma + Me demi-fine necklace set from Helmsie Baby is a favorite of mommas and littles alike. And what a great gift! This Momma and Me Moon and Star Set comes with one 18” moon and one 14” star. Both necklaces are gold plated and of the highest quality material.

Forever Revolutionary This one-of-a-kind rattan bag takes you back in time with its rare vintage feel. If you typically have extra stuff to carry around and you’re looking for a bag to do it in comfort and style, this round rattan handbag will do the job for you. This boho rattan bag features fine leather straps and has a button closure so you can hold your things safely in style. So stylish and trendy for Spring.

Rescued Treasures This bold, beautiful turquoise necklace is a statement piece that will accentuate any Spring outfit. Large, chunky accessories are definitely a 2021 style trend. Find this fabulous necklace and many more accessories at Rescued Treasures located in the Shops At Sweetgrass. The discriminating bargain hunter’s dream....a fine gift boutique at thrift store prices.

Grady’s Jewelers Build your own necklace!!! This is the perfect gift for couples, mothers, families etc... Affordable fine jewelry from LaFonn Designs gives EVERY woman the chance to feel beautiful, empowered, loved. Made with quality gemstones that create a dazzling effect in any piece of jewelry. Miss-Master The Children Shoppe This adorable Sophie and Lucas blue swiss dots dress has a petal collar, butterfly sleeves, and hand stitched flower details. It is fully lined with a matching pair of bloomers and would make the perfect Easter outfit.

Limeablue Island Shops How Does your Garden Grow? New for Spring...a light, airy, colorful floral blouse with a flirty style with sleeves of the season! See this style and so much more at Limeablue, a lifestyle boutique. Apparel. Home. Jewelry Live Beautifully

Socialite Our Beth Ladd Champagne Bottle Heart Earrings are sure to make any outfit pop. These fun statement earrings are perfect for Valentine’s Day and hit our floor just in time. I love shopping small and showcasing jewelry lines in Socialite that are also small businesses like us. These gorgeous pieces are handmade and you can tell by all the intricate details.

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2021 Home Trends

Sunset River Marketplace Split Pail with Brick by Liz Zlot Summerfield, one of North Carolina’s most celebrated clay artists. From the artist’s pail series, the hand built soft slab piece features her signature striping and raised luster “buttons.” It sits upon a clay “brick” that elevates it, both literally and figuratively. Liz’s work is inspired by everyday functional items – what an object was and what it can become. She focuses on their form, focus and stance. A sophisticated offering for lovers of NC pottery. Dimensions: 10”H x 6”W x 4”D

Curious Mermaid A life’s journey can take you a lot of different places. Hammocks to hikes, backyard barbecues to coastal clam digs, sun-filled mornings to rain-swept nights. From the mundane to the mind-blowing, Hari Mari is ready to explore with you...every step of the way! These Men’s Waxed Suede Adobe Desert Boots from Hari Mari give you the great look of an everyday boot, but with the comfort of a flip flop.

24 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

Renewal by Andersen B. Graham Interiors Collection In today’s world, the perfect transitional desk for the home office incorporates clean lined industrial styling with old world brown leather and campaign drawer pulls. A solid iron base with a hammered finish and embossed rag stock hand made paper drawer liners complete the details of this stunning piece. 49” wide x 22” deep x 31” high.

Sara and Beth Gifts & Home Our Nine Bowl Charcuterie is a “must have” for entertaining in the South Carolina lowcountry. It is a perfect wedding gift for special someone on your list. It’s fun to be creative and fill these gold bowls with your favorite eats...cheese, meat, nuts, olives or fruit. Charcuterie boards are definitely the style trend for entertaining. This gold one makes a real statement!

We are excited to bring custom replacement windows, patio doors and entry doors to the North Carolina and South Carolina coast. Our windows will reduce your energy bill by up to 35%. And our SmartSunTM glass will reflect 95% of UV rays protecting your upholstered furniture, artwork and floors.

Young Interiors Flooring Center Mixing up authentic looks and distinctive designs define the creative flooring trends of 2021. When it comes to tile, square is out, making way for a variety of shapes and sizes. Decorative tiles such as the Jeffrey Court Via line, exclusively available at Young Interiors Flooring Center, create a modern statement and mix well with a variety of flooring types. These handcrafted, terracotta tiles are painted by artisans and available in a variety of decorative patterns, shapes and colors.

BloominGail’s Consignment The elegant curves of this mercury glass curved table lamp will add sleek sophistication to your decor. Let its shimmering finish make your home sparkle. The fabric shade has a faint cutout pattern that adds a delicately graceful touch. Turn this lamp on and off with a switch located on the socket. Find this gorgeous lamp as well as many other fashions for your home at BloominGail’s Consignment.

Lazelle’s Flower Shop Like a sunny day at the seaside, this beautiful blue and yellow bouquet is an energizing and enlightening gift for any occasion! Yellow asiatic lilies, yellow alstroemeria, yellow carnations, blue delphinium, green button spray chrysanthemums, and blue sinuata statice are accented with sword fern, spiral eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, and huckleberry. Delivered in a Blue Sapphire Polished Gem Cylinder. Lazelle’s Flower Shop can help with all your floral needs.

Rose Arbor Fabrics & Interiors The Abigails Ceramic Oyster Plate helps you to serve dishes such as Oysters Rockefeller. This is also a lovely platter for baked potato toppings, salad sprinkles, or tasty toppings for oatmeal or yogurt. Available in six bold, fresh colors for a lively table setting. Diameter: 9.5”

Palmetto Ace Fahrenheit and Celsius. At night, bright solar LED lights illuminate the thermometer’s face for easy reading. With the beautiful blend of oceanic blue tones, these crab, seahorse or turtle thermometers are sure to add zest to any outdoor space. The solar lights turn on automatically when the sun goes down. Now it’s easy to check the temperature day or night. The stake has a two-pronged ground fork for additional stability. These thermometer solar stakes make a great gift for a friend or loved one!

Sunspace of Myrtle Beach The Aumick Sunroom is the biggest sunroom design in the Grand Strand area. Located in a Carolina Forest home, this sunroom is 52 x 32 feet, and has 2 different roofs attached to each other and made to match the existing home roof line. The entire room is aluminum, with Vinyl Weathermaster windows and has matching vinyl siding to continue the same look of the existing house. You can clearly see the time spent in designing this sunroom to look as though it was part of the original house. There are no limitations to our expert design and install teams.

CRG Homes It’s not surprising that home design trends in 2021 are focused on making it comfortable to work, study, exercise and relax at home! Boutique neighborhoods like Living Dunes that feature on-site amenities such as walking trails, outdoor fire pits, a putting green and pools make it easier to stay active and entertained while staying at home. Taking it inside, homeowners are concentrating on defining spaces for an office or hobby that allows the home to be functional for a variety of uses. Homes in Living Dunes start in the $400s

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Whitney Rife Becker: Fashion is my Passion by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Known on social media as an influencer, blogger, and entrepreneur, Whitney Rife is most of all a classic fashionista. Whitney grew up in a small town in Virginia named Tazewell, which she loves dearly. It only has a few stoplights but is full of wonderful people. On the weekend, Whitney and her mom traveled to towns such as Charlotte, Winston Salem, and Johnson City to find cute outfits. Shopping sprees were and still are their tradition and are Whitney’s favorite memories of quality time with her mother. Whitney has always loved clothes and dressing up, which is why she always knew she wanted to own a boutique. It is no surprise that Whitney’s senior superlative was best dressed when she graduated from high school in 2010. Although everyone in Whitney’s family is a diehard Virginia Tech fan, she had other plans in mind for her college education. Whitney’s second home has always been the Grand Strand because this is where her family would vacation at their condo. At the time, Coastal Carolina University was a smaller school and Whitney wanted that kind of accountability and connection with her professors. Once she landed her dream job of working at the Foxy Lady, her parents knew there was no way she would go anywhere else for 26 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

college. The Foxy Lady is where Whitney bought all of her prom dresses and is the boutique that inspired her the most while creating the business plan for her own boutique. The last week of her college classes, Whitney convinced her CCU business professors to let her opt out of the standard finals, and instead implement her business plan. She said to them, “I am not a great test taker. Let me do this and show you that with everything you taught me, I will successfully open up my business.” And sure enough, they all said yes. The Retail Therapist opened online on May 1st, 2014. She missed walking at her graduation to debut her first pop-up boutique which took place at the Beaver Bar for bike week. She said, “The coolest part was that all of my professors came out to see my booth and that just goes to show how awesome small schools and small towns are. It made my grand opening experience so much better.” Whitney graduated with a bachelor’s in management and a minor in marketing. She focused on entrepreneurship and small business organizations. During the summer after her graduation, Whitney

opened up a big mobile boutique using a box truck full of beautiful clothes, fitting rooms, and mirrors. She traveled around taking it to events while her family was in the process of gutting an old auto parts store to make room for her perfect boutique. The Retail Therapist had its grand opening at the physical location in Tazwell, VA, on May 24th, 2015. Whitney’s office has leopard carpet which reminds her of Foxy Lady and her boutique continually strives to capture the hospitality she learned while working there. Whitney explained, “When you walked into Foxy Lady, they always made you feel like a million dollars. That’s what the most important part of my store is, and all my employees know it. It doesn’t matter if someone has zero money, or if someone has saved up working in town to come in and get something special, or if someone makes all the money in the world and could shop every day. No matter who they are, they deserve to feel like a million bucks and should get the best treatment. My staff helps pick out the best styles for customers. They bring out the jewelry and anything extra that would make them feel amazing about themselves, even if they aren’t buying any of it. This is especially vital for young girls because you never know whose life you’re shaping when they walk through that door, I mean, that’s what happened to me at Foxy Lady.” Whitney’s brother and mom are a huge help with the boutique, and they all go to market together. They can see the new styles a year in advance when shopping for her merchandise. This year, she says the little dickies (fake turtlenecks) are back in as well as anything oversized. Dock Martins, Shackets, tights, sweater

dresses, and in the summer a lot of two-piece outfits will be trending. She is hoping the rumors of yellow purses do trend; she is all aboard for that. Whitney says she is a colorful person, but only wears bright colors in the summer. She used to wear all sorts of colors. As she has gotten older, she has found that neutrals are more her style and likes to add just a pop of color through her accessories. Whitney’s favorite way to “dress-up” is with her handbags and shoes. The cowboy boot and rhinestone glam look is one of her most beloved styles. She does love jewelry but has moved further away from costume jewelry and is now more into classic and timeless pieces. Her favorite jewelry to accessorize with is statement earrings. She also loves to dress up her home for all holidays and misses hosting and entertaining while gathering with friends. Whitney’s Instagram biography reads, “I hope you like clothes & believe in love, you’re going to see a lot of Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 27

not know how she could have ever felt that way because Bo is her favorite person and has brought a whole new beautiful meaning to her life. She says, “Bo is full of love and life and acts so much like me, God Bless my husband!” When she became pregnant, she knew she was not done inventing herself and still had plenty of goals, but she was surprised to discover how well she was able to still do it all.

it here.” This could not be more true. On top of all of her love for clothes, accessories, products, and house décor, her biggest love is her family. Whitney first met her husband, Shawn, at the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk. They stayed friends for years and although she always admired him, she knew they were in different stages of life. She was still in college and Shawn had already graduated from Clemson University and had his own business and career. A year after she graduated, started her business, and moved back to Virginia, Whitney and her brother visited the beach for a friend’s wedding. Shawn was attending the same wedding, and they both happened to be single at the time. With Whitney’s gogetter attitude plus a little liquid courage, she asked Shawn to dance with her to Purple Rain. Whitney said, “We made plans to go to brunch the next morning and he stood me up. Luckily, he did have a great excuse and then made up for it with a motorcycle ride to the fair in Myrtle Beach, and the rest is history.” Whitney officially moved back to the Grand Strand in 2017 and now lives with her husband and three-yearold son, Bo, in a beautiful waterfront home in Murrells Inlet. Every Friday, she and Shawn take a date night and phones are put away. On the weekends, she does not do try-ons or share ads. Her posts are lighthearted and all about Becker family fun, which mostly involves boat days. Whitney was never a huge romantic and did not even know if children were in her future. Now, she does 28 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

According to social media, the word “followers” is the number of people who follow and keep up with someone’s everyday posts and stories. Whitney is not a fan of the word and says the new thing is to refer to them as “supporters.” She hopes those who do “support” her feel like they can still have all their dreams, while also being a wife and mother. Now, as a well-versed blogger and influencer, she has 353,000 that really do support her and know her. Whitney explains, “My supporters know I love fast food and doughnuts, and they’ll know if I post something ingenuine. It’s really cool that they know me so well. I only accept ads that are products that I actually love or would purchase myself. I will ask my supporters what their favorite and least favorite thing is they have bought. I am always trying to learn, and it helps me reevaluate what works for people. For example, I try out face products for a month at a time and share my results. Everyone’s skin is different and it’s all a learning experience. Too many people in this industry try to fit the mold of their followers and are scared to say or do certain things even it’s true to them. It’s always been important for me to not be who I think they want me to be, but just be the real me. I don’t care much of what mean trolls have to say, because I know at the end of the day, I have been unapologetically, truly myself. Being real, honest, and relatable is what it’s all about.” Whitney’s most treasured part of being an influencer is her ability to contribute unique experiences for her family. In March of 2020, she got her dream collaboration with Disney. They planned an all-inclusive two-week trip for her family and treated them like rock stars. It was the first trip for them to take as a family. Whitney said, “To be able to have all of my hard work pay off and be the reason this trip happened, it’s so rewarding. The fact that it’s provided more than just

things, it was the moments we spent together. It was awesome to see Bo so excited and to see these benefits come to life. I honestly see benefits daily just because I really love my job but being able to incorporate my family into it makes my family feel so proud.” Whitney says, “My biggest lesson of 2020 is to always stay true to who you are through crazy times. To learn to just roll with it because there are constant things that are uncontrollable and there’s nothing we can do other than keep on going. I was always very in control of everything, but when the pandemic happened, it was time for me to understand that it’s okay to not have it all together. Prior to COVID-19, I had plans to travel for two weeks each month. I would have spent all that time away from Bo and missed his year as a three-year-old. It was a blessing to learn how to slow down and be home with my family. To know that I don’t have to go do all these things to have a great year, or to be successful, or to be a great mom. It was a rude, but good awakening for people to understand that’s how life works. This year was so hard on so many. Somehow throughout all the crazy, I actually adored this year because it was real and raw. My family and my relationship with my husband grew and we learned how to make life work in a new way. We also learned how to help Bo through this stage of life. I felt like we’ve become better parents and partners. I just had to remind myself to slow down and recognize everything happens for a reason. I took time to enjoy these special moments.” Whitney’s 2021 goals are to continue to work only with brands that she truly admires. She is hoping to have a personal Whitney Rife collection, and hopefully, a western cowgirl boot collection, which would be her absolute dream. She also wants to find a way to host an influencer retreat as they are all friends and chat via phone already. She strives to continue to be an honest and real mom, wife, and influencer. She left me with the quote: “I love being a light, or a big sister, or just being a resource for anyone and everyone who needs it. I am just living my real life in real-time with real products.” To see Whitney’s product reviews and fashion blog, check out @WhitneyRife on Instagram. To shop with Whitney, visit her online boutique at www.shopretailtherapist.com


















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Shop Small Shop Local • Shop Fair We strive to offer you quality products at an affordable price. Everything in the store is locally made, American made or sourced through Fair Trade. We offer daily discounts to locals, first responders, active & retired military. We believe it’s important to do what you can, from where you are, with what you have. That’s why we donate 3% of our profits to The Polaris Project to help fight human trafficking and to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Be your own kind of beautiful 3901 Dick Pond Rd. Myrtle Beach SC 29588 www.foreverrevolutionary.com 30 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

“Momma” Necklace Such a perfect gift for a new momma or momma-to-be, this gold plated necklace is a sweet reminder of our most favorite name.

Located inside Lee’s Inlet Apothecary 843.651.7979 3579 U.S. 17 Business, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 gooddeedgoods@gmail.com • www.GoodDeedGoods.com

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LampLighter Lamp Repairs + Restorations + Creations

Most experienced Lamp & Chandelier Repair Specialist on the South Strand


We build beautiful custom lamps to your specs. Let’s see what we can design together! Repairs We can repair almost all lamps and chandeliers. Sometimes even while you wait! If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, we’ll sell you what you need to get the job done.

Restorations We can make your old lighting fixtures look new again! We are experts at chandelier restoration, along with lamp repair and the ability to restore other light/electrical fixtures.

Creations You’ll be surprised at what we can make a lamp out of - all you have to do is ask! We can make lamps from vases, urns, bottles and more. How exciting would it be to have a lamp in your home that YOU created?

Paul Sciurba (843) 299-0083 / (843) 907-4301 727 Wachesaw Road • Murrells Inlet

Inside Grand Strand Furnishings and Consignments Just off Bypass 17


32 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021


Thirty years of flooring the Carolinas has its perks. Young Interiors Flooring Center has exclusive lines you won’t find anywhere in the area and a vast selection in stock to floor your next project. We take great pride in supporting our community with one of thelargest flooring showrooms in the area.

Carpet • Ceramic & Porcelain Tile • Glass Tile

Hardwood • Luxury Vinyl • Laminate • Natural Stone Financing Available • Free Measurements & Design Expertise



1003 Prince Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 843-833-8768 • www.saraandbethgifts.com

“Your Hometown Auto Repair”

Carolina Car Care

Foreign • Domestic • Cars • Trucks • SUVs Maintenance • Diagnostic • AC & Heating Brakes • Cooling System • Check Engine Light Charging System • Power Steering

Locally Owned & Operated for 26 years

800 Front Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 Mon-Fri 10:00-5:30 • Sat 10:00-5:00

843-546-6858 • www.doodlebugschild.com

Myra & Bob Levine, Owners

860 Inlet Square Drive • Murrells Inlet • 843-357-0862 Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 33


ScholarshipScholarship Opportunity Opportunity Mary Atmar Johnson SCHOLARSHIPS Mary Atmar Johnson, affectionately called “Mamar,” served on the original committee that brought Tidelands Community Hospice into being in 1985 and helped to make it what it is today.

PRODIGY Kitchens & Baths

Atmar Johnson To perpetuate the cycle of caring and community Mary commitment and to honor Mary, “Mamar” Atmar Johnson, Tidelands Community Hospice Foundation awards each year SCHOLARSHIPS four (4) $1,000 scholarships to individuals who are or will be affectionately called pursuing aMary degreeAtmar in NursingJohnson, or Social Work.

“Mamar,” served on the original committee that brought Tidelands Deadline for submission is 4:30 pm Monday, March 15th Community Hospice into being in 1985 and helped to For Scholarship Information and Application make Packet, it whatContact: it is today. Barriedel Llorens, Foundation Director at 843-520-7714 OR visit tidelandshospice.org under News.

Tidelands Community Hospice Foundation ToFraser perpetuate the cycleSCof29440 caring and community commitment 2591 N. Street Georgetown, 843-546-3410 and to honor Mary, “Mamar” Atmar Johnson,

Tidelands Community Hospice Your community’s only locally based not-for-profit hospice, servingFoundation awards Georgetown, Horry, and Williamsburg counties since 1985. four(4) $1,000 scholarships per year to individuals who are or will be pursuing a degree in Nursing or Social Work. Deadline for submission is 4:30pm Monday, March 15th For Scholarship Information and Application Packet, Contact: Barriedel Llorens, Foundation Director 843-520-7714 or www.tidelandshospice.org under News.

YOUR LUXURY KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN CENTER 8435 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island, South Carolina 29585 Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm • Saturday: 9am - 1pm www.prodigykb.com • (843) 314-0444

34 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021


2591 N. Fraser Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 843-546-3410

Your community’s only locally based not-for-profit hospice, serving Georgetown, Horry, and Williamsburg Counties since 1985.

Unique, One-of-a-kind Custom Hats and Fascinators

A Fine Boutique at Thrift Store Prices

A H a t fo r E v e r y O c c a s i o n !

(910) 880-0874

10140 Beach Drive, Suite 5, Calabash, NC chapeauxdefemmes@gmail.com

All profits benefit All4Paws Animal Rescue Across From The Fresh Market 11378 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island 843-314-3316 • RescuedTreasuresSC.org Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 35

Dressing up is fun at any age!!

2021 Home Trends Rustic Vogue Sophisticated Cottage Decor

Assisted Living & Memory Care of MURRELLS INLET

699 Prince Creek Parkway, Murrells Inlet, SC, 29576 Assisted Living & Memory Care www.stgabrielmurrellsinlet.com • 843-353-1525 of MURRELLS INLET

Luxurious Interiors for Retreat Statement Headboards for Bedrooms House Plants Galore Yellow and Gray Interior Colors

843.248.2624 317 Laurel Street Conway, SC 29526

(Closed Sundays & Mondays)

36 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

Home Offices as a Focal Point

Clothing Boutique

Swampfox Shopping Center 5200 Hwy. 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet


Socialite Murrells Inlet

Socialitemi Vintage Wares, Women’s Apparel, Wonderful Goods & Boutique Clothing Labels


for your



10517 Ocean Highway • Pawleys Island, SC 29585

www.pawleysislandbakery.com email: max@pawleysislandbakery.com Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 6am-3pm • Sunday 6am-1pm

(910) 579-5628 720 Sunset Blvd N, Sunset Beach, NC 28468 Mon thru Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 (unless it’s a Holiday) bleuboutique.blogspot.com @BleuInCarolina #bleuatsunset Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 37

Visit u s at o NEW ur LOCA TION

2021 Fashion Trends

Oversized Shoulderpad Boyfriend Jackets 1468 Hwy 17 Little River 843-780-1136


Mon-Sat 10am-5pm



Only the Best for Our Residents!

Daily rate $212-$230

Head Scarfs Sorbet Pastel Tones

WITH PRIVATE BEDROOM Memory Care Available

Yellow Bags


bethearetirement .com

38 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

Folk Inspired Coats



White Knee High Boots Yellow and Camel Color Styling



For the most current information on in-person attendance to concerts, visit www.LongBaySymphony.com or call 843.448.8379.

Licensed & Insured • Commercial • Residential

Pop Blue Accessories

Cleaning & Linen Rentals 843-299-0247

671 Jamestown Dr., Unit R2 • Garden City, SC 29576 thecleanupclub@gmail.com

Fringing on the Bags Special Offer 12 Issues for $30 Name Email

Phone Number

Address City



Send check or money order to Strand Media Group, Inc. PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 Sasee.com :: February 2021 :: 39




Dry Hair Turbans from Muaves


Serving the Grand Strand for 75 Years!

Lazelle’s Flower Shop Weddings Tropicals • Plants Contemporary & Traditional Arrangements High-Style Floral Arrangements Silk Arrangements Funeral Designs Fruit & Gift Baskets

101 Broadway Street, Myrtle Beach SC 29577 • 843-448-3433 www.lazellesflowers.com • 8:30am - 5:30pm M-F • 8:30am - 12:00pm Sat

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Porcupines by Susan Yanguas

I couldn’t wait to grow up, couldn’t wait for the day when I could curl my hair and wear high heels and lipstick. I blame it on the lure of the forbidden pink curlers. From my perch on the toilet seat lid, I’d watch my mother roll her short, frosted hair into neat logs stacked in rows against her scalp. I couldn’t wait to grow up, couldn’t wait for the day when I could curl my hair and wear high heels and lipstick. “Don’t touch them,” Mom warned me when I begged her to set my hair, too. “They’re not toys.” So, one afternoon while she was in the kitchen having tea with her friend, Betty, I locked myself in the bathroom and furtively slid open the drawer where my mother kept her supplies. The pink curlers with their tiny plastic spikes lay like mini porcupines nestled together in a crib. Grabbing one, I sectioned off a hank of long, chestnut hair near my face. Then, as I had seen my mother do, I pressed the porcupine into the bottom of the strand and carefully rolled it upward until it reached my scalp, securing it with two clips from the drawer. I surveyed my handiwork in the mirror, pleased with what I saw.

Big mistake. This tangled my hair around the spikes and kept the porcupines immobilized two inches from my scalp. “Susan!” She used her no-nonsense tone. “Come out here this instant.” There was more rattling of the doorknob. “Just a minute!” I yanked hard and one of the curlers came free - bringing tears to my eyes - with several long brown hairs wound around it. I tried the last one. It wouldn’t budge. “Susan!” I gulped. There, in the drawer, were the scissors my mother used to cut my bangs. I didn’t give it a second thought. I grabbed the scissors and cut just above the remaining curler, liberating it. The next day at school my kindergarten teacher asked me why I was wearing my ski cap indoors. “Porcupines,” I replied.

I had four curlers attached to the left side of my head when my mother knocked on the door. “Susan – are you in there? What are you doing?” I froze. “I’ll be right out,” I called. She jiggled the door handle. “Why is this door locked? Open up.” Yikes! I panicked and my small hands quickly pulled out the clips and dropped them into the drawer. Then I tugged at the curlers. The first two came out easily enough, but the more frantic I became, the bigger mess I made. Rather than unroll them carefully, I tried to slide the curlers out of the roll sideways. 42 :: Sasee.com :: February 2021

Susan Yanguas’ work has appeared in several regional magazines. She is the author of Bluff, a “crime lite” novel that takes place in the Maryland town where she lives.

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Sasee Magazine - February 2021  

"Playing Dress-Up"

Sasee Magazine - February 2021  

"Playing Dress-Up"