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February 2019

Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be. - Eckhart Tolle -


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Letter from the Editor Home means many things, but in my experience the actual place isn’t nearly as important as the people who make up your family. Our small staff is also a family, and the office is certainly our home away from home – we spend many hours a week with our work family and over the years strong bonds are formed. Celia Wester was one of the first friends I made when I started working for Strand Media Group 13 years ago. An account executive, Celia’s outgoing personality and kind heart made her popular with her clients, most of whom became her friends. What I soon found out is that Celia is an amazing artist. Her work has graced the Sasee cover several times, been the poster contest winter twice for Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art, plus won numerous awards through the years. When my youngest granddaughter, Ellis, told me she wanted “art,” I immediately thought of Celia and bought a beautiful print that now hangs in Ellis’ bedroom. Most of the staff have at least one of Celia’s prints hanging proudly in their homes. On January 15th, Celia retired after 16 years to dedicate herself full-time to her art. All of us love her dearly and will miss her smiling face walking in the office with a cup of coffee in one hand and a huge bag in the other. But, our loss is the art world’s gain. We all love you Celia – and can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings.

Cover Artist June’s Vivication by Tim Rees

In 2009 Tim Rees picked up his first set of oil paints and never looked back. He moved to Chicago in September of that year to paint at the historic Palette and Chisel Academy. In 2010 he held his first solo show at the P&C, where he was well-received. After just a year and a half he joined the staff of instructors and began teaching drawing and painting classes. He soon began teaching figurative and landscape painting workshops, including a week long intensive in the south of France at the age of 26. He has won several awards, including the Palette and Chisel’s People’s Choice award at the annual Gold Medal Exhibition, Southwest Art Magazine’s Artists to Watch, and Fine Art Studio Online’s Bold Brush Award.   He has also been in several publications, including features in American Art Collector Magazine, International Artist, and Southwest Art Magazine. Tim believes in drawing as the root of strong painting, and is proficient in many mediums, from charcoal to ballpoint pen. With this in mind he developed a method of charcoal drawing quick sketches that allows him to go beyond gestures and tackle all of these drawing issues, prompting many to say his drawings look like beautiful monochromatic paintings. The artist puts higher stress on compositional beauty rather than hidden symbolism, and prefers to allow the design, color, and edgework to tell the story of his paintings, from simple vignettes or still lifes to the energetic glimpses of his plein air landscapes. Technique is paramount to reproducing an idea, and with that comes a thoughtful, logical approach to executing a painting. Tim currently lives in Arizona, and teaches at Rees Atelier. To see more of his work, visit, or visit McLarry Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

February 2019 Volume 18, Issue 2

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My Old Friend Ferris by Diane Stark Polly’s Song by Sally Gosen Case

Light Up Your Home with Beauty! by Marce Singleton Slipping into Something Comfortable by Jeffery Cohen Preserving Dignity with Compassionate Care by Kristin Kane Deacon Dawson: A Life of Entertainment Spy in the Sky by Linda O’Connell Read It! Nicole Says…Read The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris Tub Time by Diane DeVaughn Stokes Is it Time to Give Your Lawn a Makeover? by Catherine Johnson Sasee Home Gift Guide Life in the Background: Lisa Claire Dickinson Hooked With a Monkey on My Back by Erika Hoffman What Will I Experience During a South Carolina Real Estate Closing? by Nancy M. Zovnic, J.D. Sasee February Calendar

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My Old Friend Ferris


by Diane Stark

don’t remember the first time I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but I know I’ve watched it voluntarily more times than any other movie. I say “voluntarily” because I’ve definitely seen Land Before Time, Frozen, the High School Musical trilogy, and ALL the Star Wars movies more times, but I didn’t really choose to watch those. For many years, Ferris Bueller was my go-to flick. Part of it was the happy-go-lucky attitude the movie celebrates.  Who doesn’t want to take a day off from their responsibilities, steal their friend’s dad’s Ferrari, and gallivant through the city for a day?  I only ditched school twice throughout my high school career – once on my Senior Skip Day and once when my older brother was a senior and he let me skip and hang out with his friends for the day. Neither time was as epic as Ferris’ day off, but I always loved imagining a day like that. None of my friends’ dads owned Ferraris, but we could’ve borrowed their Honda for sure. The other reason – okay, the main reason – I loved the movie was Ferris himself. I had a huge crush on Matthew Broderick, the guy who played Ferris. My friends and I used to buy Teen Beat Magazine, so we could get photos of our crushes to hang in our bedrooms. My best friend liked Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains fame, so I’d trade her for ones of Matthew. My walls were covered with photos of him throughout my middle school years. When I got my first actual boyfriend, the photos of Matthew came down, but I continued to have a soft spot in my heart for him.

my parents to travel 150 miles from their house to mine to watch my son while I went to the hospital to give birth. I was absolutely terrified of having my parents drive all that way, only to have a false alarm and have the hospital send me home. Then my parents would have to go back to their house and return to my house when I went into labor for real. I knew they would understand and not be upset with me, but I really, really wanted to avoid that situation. That’s why I was ever so grateful when my obstetrician offered to schedule an induction one week past my due date. I was able to call my mom and tell her exactly when to come. There would be no false alarms or panicked midnight phone calls. It was settled. I would go into the hospital on the morning of April 7 to have my baby. I would be freshly showered, and my bag would be packed. My parents would arrive the night before and we could enjoy a nice dinner together before I drifted off to sleep for the last time as a mother of only one child. Everything was planned. Until labor pains woke me at midnight on April 5. “It’s not supposed to be this way,” I thought. And then all of my false alarm worries came rushing back. I remembered going to the hospital when I was pregnant with my son, and the nurse told me I was “still too happy,” so this couldn’t possibly be the real thing. I was so embarrassed when they sent me back home.

I’ll never forget how upset I was when he married Sarah Jessica Parker. Although Matthew is 12 years my senior, I’d always imagined that he’d wait for me to grow up so we could get married.

Before I called my parents to drive down, I needed to be sure I was really in labor. For a while, I tried to stay in bed and go back to “And that ’s when I remembered sleep. But the pains kept waking me up. Finally, I got up and sat on the my old friend Ferris. It had couch with a notepad and a pen. been a few years since I ’d last I started recording the minutes between the pains.

So with Matthew off the market, I grew up and got married myself. I had a son, and then got pregnant with a little girl. As I got close to my due date, I made arrangements for

And I nearly drove myself nuts. “I’ve got to find something to do to pass the time,” I thought.


watched the movie, but I knew it was the perfect film to take my mind off my current situation.”

Feb r u a r y 2 0 1 9

And that’s when I remembered my old friend Ferris. It had been a few years since I’d last watched the movie, but I knew it was the perfect film to take my mind off my current situation. I made a deal with myself that if I was still having pains when the movie was over, I would call my parents. But by the time Ferris was singing on the parade float, I was in tears. “Mom,” I said into the phone. “It’s time. I know the doctor scheduled it for Monday, but I’m in labor now.” Mom promised to be at our house as soon as possible, which was nearly three hours. So I finished watching my movie. Despite everything, Ferris still made me smile. He was like an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed his company.

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When the movie was over, I woke up my husband and told him my parents were on the way. When we arrived at the hospital, I was definitely not “too happy,” and they let me stay. Later, my doctor would tell me that even as she’d scheduled my induction, she’d doubted I would last that long. So much for my carefully laid plans. Early the next afternoon, my sweet baby girl was born. She was seven pounds, five ounces, and perfect in every way. That sweet little girl is a teenager herself now, and while Ferris isn’t her favorite movie, we have watched it together a time or two. Ferris is still like an old friend, reminding me that we all need to take a day off now and then. But I still don’t have any friends who own a Ferrari.

Diane Stark

is a wife and mom of five. She loves to write about her family and her faith. Her essays have been published in over 20 Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

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Polly’s Song by Sally Gosen Case


ou may find me amongst the boxes, possibly wearing a bereft, bewildered expression.

It all started simply enough. I found myself alone in the house where my late husband and I had raised our son. That son having moved away, I discovered I was no match for an aging house in the country with outbuildings and half an acre of gardens. Suddenly, living in town actually seemed like a good idea. I would have neighbors (friendly, kind people, of course). I could have a smaller house (but not much smaller, naturally, and so much nicer). I would have a small lot, easy to keep up (but beautiful, obviously). I would have free time, which I would spend writing and hiking. I would bake cookies in my lovely new kitchen without a care in the world. The realtors told me that my place may take a year to sell, so I should go ahead and put it on the market. It sold in a week. It was wintertime. Not much else was for sale. I had nowhere to go. And so began an intensive stint of creative house-hunting, which was nothing like the television shows. There was the place with a water-filled crawlspace and dangling, random electrical wires. There was the place that had caught on fire and had never been repaired. There was even a historic grange building, “ready for your upgrades;” it looked everso-cute in the pictures but lacked the convenience of a back wall, and pretty much everything else.

friend who just needed a little help to be her best. Soon came the day that I unlocked the broken front door and began my new life in her nicotine-stained rooms. There was precious little time to begin cleaning and painting, and there was no time at all for downsizing. Packing was done hastily, usually very late at night. After some intensive workdays with the help of friends, the interior of my new home became a sea of boxes. My entire life was concealed in stacks of cartons. I went about adorned with bruises from the box avalanches that were a way of life. I could never find anything I needed; the hastily-scrawled labels often bore little resemblance to the actual contents of the boxes. Mostly, though, I feared for my elderly parakeet, Polly. She had always been nervous, picking at her frayed tail and sulking on her perch. She was terrified of the entire operation, from the parade of strangers touring our old house to the car ride to the new place. She beat herself against the cage bars and refused to eat. I couldn’t imagine that she would ever adjust at her great age; I had to face the fact that she may not survive long in our new surroundings. I divided the house project into what I hoped were manageable chunks. The entire summer was spent repairing and painting the exterior (with the help of my contractor; I know my limits). Once inside, I cleaned and painted cupboards, then tried to find appropriate items to put on each shelf. It was a challenge. The contents of my desk were in a box marked “dishes.” My lost library books appeared on the very day I received a bill from the library; they were in a huge box marked “bedspreads” which contained many things, but no bedspreads (the librarian was not amused by my explanation). I still have not found my measuring spoons.

“Polly, the ancient,

Then one small house appeared. Very small, with no outbuildings and a tiny garage. Bits of detached roofing lay in the yard, which seemed to consist mostly of weeds. Chunks of deteriorated siding lay on the uneven sidewalk. But it was a sturdy house, a friendly house, with sunny windows and a lovely scattering of trees. Somehow it seemed female, like a petite, practical, honest


shabby little parakeet,

found something new:

she discovered the world outside.”

Feb r u a r y 2 0 1 9

And then there were the inevitable, unexpected issues. The sudden surprise of water under the sink. The major project on the septic system. Beautiful trees that turned out to be hazardous. But Polly perched in her cage beside the window and watched the neighbors go by. She watched the birds and the animals. Polly, the ancient, shabby little parakeet, found something new: she discovered the world outside. She began making new sounds and trying out new chirps. She appointed herself as the “watch bird,” letting me know about everything she saw. She forgot to pick at her tail and healthy new feathers grew in. Then one day she stretched high on her perch and let out a long, loud trill. As astonished as I was by the sound, she practiced her trill over and over. She had apparently learned her new, canary-like song from the song sparrows outside. My old bird had found a new voice. I still have boxes in most of my rooms, things I can’t store yet but don’t think I can live without. I still have a rusty sink and a broken counter. But with every stroke of paint and every inch of carpeting, the house is being reinvented, and so are we. Our cute, sturdy little cottage is cozy during coastal storms. The sunny windows made me hesitate to even buy blinds. The removal of a dangerous tree gave me an unobstructed view of the sunset. I may not have much free time yet, but my neighbors are indeed kind and friendly, and my yard work has uncovered the bones of a former low-maintenance garden. Polly and I are town girls now. So you may find me amongst the boxes, or under the sink with a flashlight, or teetering at the top of a ladder. Then again, you may find me in the sunshine, replanting flowerbeds, or in my bright little kitchen baking cookies (I’ve decided that measuring spoons are for amateurs). As for Polly, you will find her happily watching the world go by and preening her long, sleek tail. She may even be singing like a song sparrow.

Sally Gosen Case

lives and writes on the beautiful Oregon coast. Her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Horticulture, Rocky Mountain Rider, and Time of Singing. Sally and her son coauthor a popular Oregon travel blog,


Marce Singleton Light Up Your Home with Beauty!

Light is the one element that impacts every facet of your home. Make it pretty! A beautiful new lamp can update the look and enhance the feel of any space. You can create warmth, energy or a relaxing atmosphere in a room by choosing a special lamp. In most rooms several different types of lamps are needed to achieve the best overall lighting for the space. Table lamps are often the main light source in a room. There is a large variety of styles, shapes, and colors to complement any décor. Table lamps are usually placed next to a sofa, a chair or on a bedside table. Since these are sometimes used for reading and other times just for soft light, it’s ideal to have a 3-way switch in your table lamp. Smaller accent lamps can be used to light up a dark spot in a bookcase, on a tall chest, or a kitchen countertop. Buffet lamps are usually tall and have a narrow silhouette and are often used in pairs on a buffet, a lower chest, console or sofa table, or a hall table. Floor lamps come in many styles and can be a great solution for a small space next to a chair or table where there isn’t room for a table, or to light up a dark corner. Task lighting is needed for specific activities or places such as a desk or a sewing/craft area. These might be a desk lamp, a gooseneck, a swingarm or a balanced-arm lamp. Lamps add style and create ambiance as well as providing light for whatever activities take place in your room. It’s important to choose the one that best suits the place where it will be used, but it’s also important to choose one that you love and that you will enjoy looking at day after day. Maybe you already have lamps that you love but they look a little tired, need a little TLC. A new shade can give a treasured lamp a whole new look. When you top it all off with a beautiful new finial you will fall in love all over again. Remember to ALWAYS BRING YOUR LAMP WHEN SHOPPING FOR A SHADE! If the lamps that you love that are not working or maybe just a little loose, we can help! We offer expert repairs and restorations by Rob, our “Lamp Doctor.” We also make custom lamps. Stop in soon and visit with the Shady Ladies and the Lamp Doctor. You never know what you’ll find at LaFaye’s at 79th. And we can help you make it pretty! Light up your home at LaFaye’s at 79th, located at 7901 N. Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach, call 843-626-9952 or visit

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Slipping Into Something Comfortable


by Jeffery Cohen

hhhhh. I can’t help but smile when I slip on a T-shirt that’s been washed more than a hundred times. It’s faded, the collar is fraying, and it is stretched out just enough. To me it is the picture of comfort. To my wife, it’s a shredded rag that should have been tossed long ago. I have always been willing to concede that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We are different. There is no doubt about that. Our logic, our emotions, our approach to life can be at opposite ends of the spectrum. And when it comes to clothes, the difference couldn’t be clearer. When I need a new suit, I go to the store, head straight for the men’s department, pick out a suit I like, and I try it on. If it fits, I buy it. I’m done. In less than thirty minutes I’m back in the car headed for home with my new suit. When my wife needs a new dress we head for the women’s department. On the way to that department, my wife stops in the kid’s department just to see if there is anything new my grand kids might like. Then we swing by the housewares, appliances, cosmetics, perfumes, and she even throws in a loop around the power tools shop for my benefit, even though I have zero interest in ever building anything. It could take hours before we actually get to the dress department that we originally started out for. Then my wife proceeds to look at every... and I do mean EVERY dress on EVERY rack. I watch her with curiosity as she eyes each garment. When she gets to the party dresses that are mini length, sequin-covered with a neck line that plunges to somewhere around the navel, dresses that are obviously designed for a  twenty-year-old, I lean in and ask her if she’s actually considering buying one of them. She shrugs and says, “Just looking.” That was the same thing she said when she eyeballed the chainsaws in the heavy equipment department we passed through an hour ago. After examining every garment in the place,  she decides to try on “a couple,” which actually turns out to be a couple of dozen. Unlike me, who will try something on and ask her how it looks before making a final decision, she has no interest whatsoever in my fashion opinion. She will

try dress after dress, waltz in front of the mirror, shake her head with disapproval, then disappear back into the dressing room. After exhausting the store’s supply of merchandise and a good portion of my patience, she informs me that there is nothing here for her. I always hope that means that we are done, but I know in my heart of hearts, it’s just the beginning. There are still a slew of stores she wants to get to. We traipse around from one store to the next until she finally notices my impatience, rolls her eyes and says, “Alright, I can see this isn’t your cup of tea. Let’s go home. I’ll have to come back by myself when I can shop!” I wonder what we’ve been doing for the past six hours. My wife actually believes that the reason that I avoid buying new clothes is because I don’t like to shop. I will be the first to admit that shopping is at the very end of my list of things I enjoy doing–somewhere around cleaning out the gutters and attending funerals. What my wife doesn’t realize is, I simply like the clothes I already own. They are old friends that I can trust to make me feel good. I have t-shirts that are so faded that the words on their front that once screamed out “Make Love Not War,” now just whisper a gentle reminder to be peaceful. I own a couple of pairs of denim shorts that have been repaired so many times they look more like a patch work quilt, but I wouldn’t trade them for ten new pairs. My wife accuses me of wearing underwear until they fall off, so every Christmas she gifts me a stack of brand new underwear and a couple of packages of socks. As soon as the tree comes down, I take her gift and carefully store it in a box that is hidden way back in a dark corner of the attic, knowing I can tap into it whenever my comfortable things wear out. She happened to come across that box last week. She stared at me and shook her head. “There’s enough here to last you for the next three years,” she huffed. I just smiled at my Venusian wife and thought to myself. Three years? There’s enough here to last me for the next thirty years. Thirty more than comfortable years. Ahhhhh.

Jeffery Cohen Freelance writer and newspaper columnist, Jeffery Cohen, has written for Sasee, Lifetime and Read, Learn, Write. He’s won awards in Women-On-Writing Contest, Vocabula’s Well Written Contest, National League of American Pen Women’s’ Keats Competition, Southern California Genealogy Competition, and Writer’s Weekly writing contest.


Feb r u a r y 2 0 1 9

The Collection


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Kristin Kane

Preserving Dignity with Compassionate Care Maybe you’ve already gotten the phone call, or you’re worried it’s coming – the call that explains how your mother tripped and fell, or that your father became ill from not taking his medications correctly. Knowing when to step in for loved ones and get them extra help can be difficult. This can be even harder if you’re not living in the same area and are not able to help them yourself. Sometimes the first thought is to move loved ones into a nursing home or assisted living facility, but forcing a loved one to move against their wishes, or before they are ready, can lead to frustration and depression. Formerly independent adults suddenly find themselves in unfamiliar and stressful environments, forced to comply with pre-set schedules. However, there is another way. Consider the option of helping loved ones remain in their homes, where they are comfortable and happy. Studies have found that socially engaged seniors have higher levels of physical, mental, and cognitive functioning, and even the smallest amount of exercise appears to help seniors not only live longer, but also have a lower risk of disability. Quality home care may enable your loved one to continue these and other beneficial activities of daily life with compassionate assistance. Personalized services, such as those provided by Comfort Keepers, provide trained caregivers for not only our senior loved ones, but any adult that requires assistance with daily living, personal care, and companionship. (We have recently started helping new mothers with household duties, such as cleaning, laundry and cooking, giving them the time to focus on their new addition.) It’s important, when choosing a home care service, to ensure that caregivers have been thoroughly screened. Our caregivers undergo rigorous interviews, reference and background checks, and we look for one trait above all others; empathy. With empathy at the core of our care, daily routines can become teaching moments that stir memories, stretch our brains, and keep our eyes on the important parts of life. There are a wide range of services that in-home caregivers can do to help your loved one continue to enjoy their daily routine. These include meal preparation, mobility assistance, bathing, grooming and hygiene, light housework, transportation for errands or to medical and beauty appointments, medication reminders, and assisting with incontinence care. When we lift people’s spirits, research shows individuals feel better, live longer, and experience life more fully. We feel honored to help your loved ones navigate life transitions with compassionate care. Kristin and Michael Kane are the owners of Comfort Keepers, serving the Grand Strand area with quality home health services. They bought the business in July of 2017, bringing a new level of excellence to in-home care. To learn how Comfort Keepers can help your loved one, call 843-249-9200  or visit

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Deacon Dawson A Life of Entertainment by Leslie Moore

For those who’ve lived along the Grand Strand for more than a decade, the name, “Freakin’ Deacon,” will ring a bell as one of the area’s most popular radio disc jockeys. For 27 years, beginning on WKZQ in 1977, Deacon Dawson entertained us during our drives to and from work and school with his sharp wit and funny voices. What I didn’t know is that this multi-talented man is also a character actor who has worked on over 40 well known television shows and movies, appearing with names like Andy Griffith and Mary Tyler Moore, Dustin Hoffman and under the direction of George Lucas, plus many more. After coming to Myrtle Beach right out of high school in 1968, young Deacon worked in a variety of jobs when he caught the attention of Bill Hennecy of WKZQ, who offered him a job on the air. “I had been to the station to learn the board, but wasn’t supposed to start for two weeks when Bill called and asked me to come in to replace someone. I was terrified, but I knew I had to convince listeners I knew what I was doing – and I was the ‘Freakin’ Deacon!’ When I hit the switch, I came on like a screaming banshee,” Deacon laughed remembering the day. This talented DJ went on to win Billboard Magazine’s #1 Radio Personality of the Year in 1983. “My first acting gig was as an extra in King Kong Lives. I guess I did pretty well, because the casting guy suggested I get an agent, so I did,” Deacon told me. “Then, I started landing all sorts of jobs.” A part in a major TV movie on CBS in 1992 qualified Deacon for membership in the Screen Actors Guild and led to even more work. “I’m mainly a character actor,” Deacon continued, sharing some fun stories about the actors he’s worked with. “I did several episodes of Matlock and met Andy Griffith. He was not the friendliest man, but we ended up getting along fine – I will say he was a brilliant actor.” When I asked about his favorite actors, Deacon immediately said, “Mary Tyler Moore. She was the sweetest woman. Once, I accidentally sat in her chair on set, and her assistant told me to move in no uncertain terms. Ms. Moore came walking up with her dogs and said it was perfectly fine for me to sit in her chair – she wasn’t using it anyway. Then she told her assistant to never do that to me again!” “I’m doing a film here this month – it’s called Angels Prayer, written by Ralph McLeod. Ralph wrote, Honeymoon from Hell, another movie filmed in the area – it is actually the story of Alice Flagg, but Hollywood renamed it, and it was sold to the Lifetime Channel,” Deacon said as we finished our coffee and conversation. “I’m going to keep working,” Deacon said emphatically when I asked if he had plans to retire. My health is good and I enjoy it. Why would I stop doing the work I love?”

Spy in the Sky A

by Linda O’Connell

lthough we live in a safe, suburban neighborhood, my husband Bill had been toying with the idea of installing a home security camera system. Coincidentally, twenty-five-year-old grandson Kyle, who owns his own business, was ready to replace his old system. “Gramps, if you want to take over my service contract, you can have my old cameras.” We would have assumed the contract if Kyle could have remembered his password. He had an in-office live feed, so no need to input a password each time. That kid tried every possible numerical and letter combination. He tried old girlfriends’ names, numbers, pet names, sports teams and acronyms, all to no avail. The security company refused to release Kyle’s own password to him. His four cameras were destined for the trash unless Bill wanted them. Yes! Gadget Man definitely wanted them. Doctors ordered Bill to stay off all ladders. Do men listen? I caught him five rungs high on the carport. “What ARE you doing on the ladder with all that wire?” He leaned more than an arm’s length to his right to pound another nail. “Don’t worry. I’m taking care of your safety,” he claimed while disregarding his own. “If someone comes near here, this will scare them away. I’m mounting Kyle’s old motion cameras.” “Well dismount! Get down.” “Honey, look, intruders won’t even know they’re being observed,” the big guy bragged. The white, snowball-size cameras – not to mention the fifty foot maze of white electrical wire that snaked around the carport ceiling – were visible to any trespasser. How could anyone not know they were being observed? Flood lights illuminate our front door every time the red bud tree rustles. The motion light outside our bedroom window is triggered by moths playing tag. When the garden is ripe for tomato picking, critters visit all day and into the sunny-bright nights. Our little ranch home and yard are so well-lit our neighbors have bought room darkening drapes.


“So, how will we catch a crook?” I asked. “Since we can’t transfer Kyle’s service contract, I’ve rigged a system up in our bedroom. All you have to do to view everything in real time, on a four split screen, is flick off Netflix and tune to...” Not my Netflix favorite shows! I tuned him out. Technology is too complicated anyway. I left him to his big boy toys and went indoors shaking my head. As I stripped the bed I literally stumbled upon the recording device and gadgets on the floor that my honey had rigged between the bed and dresser. Proud as a producer, Bill came in and tried to demonstrate the results of “lights, camera, action.” “The only problem is, there’s no recorded tape to view later, but if a light comes on outdoors you can see what’s happening. All you have to do is flick off Netflix, tune into channel...” Not my Netflix! “Forget it! I’m not interested in catching thieving groundhogs, opossums or raccoons.” I said. Kyle called a week after installing his new security system. “Gramps, my new cameras captured a thief ’s every movement, sent a message to me, and then stored the images. I viewed the tape remotely, and the cops were at my business in a heartbeat.”

“ Flood lights illuminate our front door every time the red bud tree rustles. The motion light outside our bedroom window is triggered by moths playing tag.”

“How much did your new system cost? Yeah? I’ve been thinking about an upgrade.” Bill walked out of the room speaking softer than usual, but I heard every word. “On sale? Today?” Instant gratification was the incentive for my guy to buy. Bill mounted the ladder again and selected the intended locations for his four new replacement motion detecting cameras. This time he reasoned things out. He purchased battery operated cameras that were dark as night and almost undetectable. My honey assured me there would be no more TV interruptions in

Feb r u a r y 2 0 1 9

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order to catch a thief. All I had to do was tap the app on my cell phone to view any activity. Movement would be indicated by a particular tone, or I should say drone. Every time he took the trash out, I heard the alarm. It was not a pleasant ping, but a loud “bong.” When I walked to the mailbox, my cell phone bing-bonged; all day, all evening, and all night my phone sounded like the old Gong Show. The sap sucking hummingbirds flitted from sun up until sun down. Then a storm blew in, whipped up a frenzy, and triggered all four cameras simultaneously. It was like ding-dong-ditch. Finally, Bill decided to temporarily disarm the cameras. “How about I turn them off while we’re at home, and then I’ll turn them back on at night, or if we leave home? We can always view and access them remotely.” I could live with that. Later that evening, I headed to the basement laundry room to do hand washables. While I was at it, I thought I might as well rinse the silky blouse I was wearing. I unbuttoned it, slipped it off. Then I decided to launder my lingerie. When I unsnapped my bra, BONG! I frantically rubber-necked searching for where the sound was coming from. Bill shouted from the kitchen, “You won’t believe where the cat is. He’s in the basement on my work bench.” My “girls” were hanging low, when I realized Bill had mounted a fifth camera in the basement to monitor Sassy Cat’s activity. I covered my chest and made a beeline upstairs for my robe. As I entered the bedroom to close the blinds, the back yard lit up like high noon, spotlighted me inside, and a rabbit outside. I ducked. “I cannot do this anymore! This is like living on the TV show, Big Brother! Erase that tape. I mean it. Delete it. Now!”

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“Aw honey, don’t worry. Nobody can see you. It’s all technology. Our videos go to cloud for seven days, and then they’re automatically deleted.” Admittedly, modern technology is not my friend. An entire week I looked to the sky wondering which cloud was featuring my boobs.

Linda O’Connell

is a preschool teacher for almost four decades, is notorious for holding her life together with duct tape and humor. Her greatest loves are family, the beach and dark chocolate.

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–Read It!– Nicole Says…Read

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris Review by Nicole McManus


Do you want to help make a difference? Volunteer with us!

As a member of our hospice volunteer family, you will embark on an unforgettable journey of compassion, fulfillment, and friendship. Every day our hospice volunteers enhance the lives of those facing a life limiting illness. As a hospice volunteer your contribution can come in many ways, from lending clerical and office support to spending time with patients or supporting family caregivers. However small or large, whatever role you choose to play to the patients and families we serve, your contribution will be immeasurable. 4612 Oleander Drive, Suite 102, Myrtle Beach, SC 1-800-932-2738 | Lale decides to save his family by signing up to work for the Germans, as they required one male from each Jewish family, and his older brother had a family of his own. Fearing the worst, but hoping for the best, Lale finds himself transported to Auschwitz, where he was marked with a number and told he would be tattooing others. He used his language skills and position to help his fellow prisoners, exchanging goods for foods. His will to survive came in a brief meeting with a woman named Gita. Upon seeing her eyes, he knew he would do everything to live, so he could marry her. Heather Morris had the distinct honor to interview Lale Sokolov after the death of his wife, Gita. He needed to share their story before he joined her side again. The author transformed this from a possible movie script, to a full-length novel. Told mostly through dialogue, readers are taken on the horrific journey of life during the Holocaust. This is a book that everyone should read.

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Living Room • Dining Room • Bedroom • Home Office Entertainment • Accent • Accessories • Mattresses 3785 Hemingway Hwy, Stuckey, SC 29554 • (843) 558-2591

Located 4 miles west of Hemingway on Hwy 261 FREE DELIVERY TO THE MYRTLE BEACH MARKET February is pretty much known as the month of love. This book is more than a survivalist story, it is indeed a love story. As I read this book, I kept reminding myself that Lale and Gita were real people. I know I am one who always reads every little extra piece included in the back of the book, I know there are people who don’t. I highly recommend reading the extras, as you will get to see photos of these two and hear from their son in the afterword. Holocaust stories are always powerful, and we can learn from each one. In this story, I learned that there were Jewish tattooists, and it reaffirmed the belief that true love can survive everything.

Nicole McManus

loves to read, to the point that she is sure she was born with a book in her hands. She writes book reviews in the hopes of helping others find the magic found through reading. Contact her at ARIESGRLREVIEW.COM.


Tub Time


by Diane DeVaughn Stokes

wenty-five years ago when we built our home, I insisted that a Jacuzzi tub be installed in our master bath. It was truly a luxury item even though we were on a strict budget at the time. I designed the bathroom so that the tub fit right under a big glass block window to let the sun shine through in all its glory. I even had the faucet hose extension put in so that I could wash and rinse my hair without bending over backwards and breaking a rib trying to get my head under the tub nozzle. You can picture that can’t you? It would be like playing Twister. The first few years I used it a lot, but the novelty has worn off. Don’t get me wrong, I still take a good soaking bath about three or four times a year, but it used to happen two or three times a month. The shower is now faster and easier. And who has time to soak for an hour or two anymore? However, there have been a few pitfalls as far as the tub in concerned. One of the first times I used it, I put some bubble bath soap in the tub and let the water fill as I went about other chores. Oh my goodness, when I got back there were bubbles everywhere – on the floor, on the glass block window, on all the shelves surrounding the tub. It was a drippy, bubbly mess. It seemed like something I once saw on I Love Lucy. Another episode was when I put baby oil in the tub water to lubricate my skin. It left a nice coat on my body of course, but it took forever to get the tub degreased. And my silk pajamas were sliding off me. I’d prefer to forget about the tub fragrance packet that was given to me as a gift that I dispersed into the bath water one evening that left me with an uncontrollable itch. Take it from me friends; perfume does not belong anywhere near your crotch! One day as I was “tubbing,” one of my precious curious cats, Tosca was walking the ledge of the tub as I bathed, and accidently fell in. She was freaked out and needless to say, so was I. Thank goodness she is de-clawed. My other cat Sonja hates seeing me in the tub and howls at the sight of it. Maybe she thinks I am drowning! Oh I have tried shutting the door, but she knows how to jump up and hold her paws around the elongated door handle and helps herself to entering. Locks you ask? Heck, we don’t have

any on our bathroom doors. No kids. Who needs locks? But with Sonja howling, relaxation goes out the window causing our dog, Cagney to come running to see what’s going on. As a result, all my bath events turn into a circus anymore. And to be totally honest and forthcoming with my Sasee soul sisters, the tub used to have an appeal as a place for Chuck and I to relax after a tough day at work, or on a lazy Saturday afternoon, never knowing where it could lead, and hoping it would! But a quarter of a century later, I figured we would not fit in the tub as well together as we once did! Maybe that is one reason I do not use it as much. It reminds me of how much fun that was when we were in prime condition, twenty pounds ago. Okay, maybe thirty pounds ago is more like it! You know all this talk about that beautiful Jacuzzi tub makes me want to take a bath! Hold tight. It’s thirty minutes before Chuck is expected home. I’m going to fill the tub. Don’t go away. I’ll be back. Promise. I must admit, it’s now the next day. You know what? The bath was glorious. I filled the tub with bubble bath not caring about how many bubbles landed on the floor, windows, or shelves. I threw caution to the wind. I set up the wine glasses next to the faucet, put the romantic music on and lowered the lights because lately we both look better in dim light. And when Chuck got home he joined me for a wonderful evening of giggles and MORE! Our four-legged kids joined us too! Best of all, we did still fit in the tub! Okay, it was tighter than usually, but when there’s a will, there’s a way! I told Chuck we were like Teletubbies; you know the kid’s show characters from twenty years ago – cute, colorful, round and goofy! And the fact that we both work in television – it made the name association even more perfect. But based on the fun we had that magical night, I can assure you, there will be more Teletubby re-runs and more tub time in the days ahead. Thanks Sasee! Since one of your monthly topics was Tub Versus Shower, I owe it all to you!

Diane DeVaughn Stokes

is the President of Stages Video Productions, Host and Producer for TV show “Inside Out” on HTC, and EASY Radio Host weekdays noon to 3pm. Her passions include food, travel and theater. You can reach her at


Feb r u a r y 2 0 1 9

Women in Philanthropy and Leadership for Coastal Carolina University

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Get the tools you need to take charge of your health and wellness at the “Better! Be strong. Be healthy. Be you.� expo during the conference.

Catherine Johnson

Is it Time to Give Your Lawn a Makeover? Working for a turf and mulch company, I’ve answered many questions from both new homeowners and those giving an existing lawn a makeover. Here are a few of the most common. What type of sod is the best for my yard? This is just as personal of a preference as the color of your dining room. It is hard to tell folks what type of sod is “best” for their residence sight unseen and not knowing anything about their personal likes and dislikes. But for ease of care alone, I often suggest that folks in coastal areas consider hybrid Bermuda. Bermuda sod often gets a bad rap because people mistake it for “Common Bermuda,” which is more of a weed than a turfgrass. Also, if your lawn has six or more hours of shade per day, you do not even need to try to install turfgrass. When you have a beautiful tree you want to keep in your landscape, I suggest simply getting used to not having beautiful sod underneath it. Are there any insider tips when it comes to using mulch? • Don’t over-do it; about a 3 inch thickness of mulch gives you the most benefit. • If you have existing mulch that has broken down over the years, you may want to consider removing some of the old mulch before mulching over the top of it. • Mix it up! For visual interest, use a blend of hardscape and wood mulch. • The dye in most wood mulch is water-based, and it is safe. Because it is non-caustic, it is also not permanent, and the colorant will fade. Plan to freshen dyed mulch at least once a year. What are some reliable sources for more information? The internet can be so full of information (or mis-information) that you are left with more questions than answers. Also, what worked for your lawn in another area of the country, probably won’t work for your lawn in our area. Other than an experienced professional, here are my favorite resources: • The Clemson extension webpage: There is a TON of information here – the thing I love about information from the Clemson extension: it is current unbiased research. • The South Carolina Lawn Guide, by Steve Dobbs Catherine A. Johnson works with her husband, Matthew, who is the owner of SB Turf and Mulch, located in Galivants Ferry, only a short drive from the beach. They both graduated from Clemson University, and have been working together for over 15 years. They have four children: Jesse (13), Adrianna (11), Allen (6), and Jinks (6). For more information or help with making your lawn look it’s very best, call them at 843-358-2574 or visit

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More than just a kitchen accessory! This sculpturally expressive clay teapot by artist Woody Hughes, will become a statement piece in your kitchen. Wheel thrown of red earthenware, it is fully functional & food safe!

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Lisa Claire Dickinson Life in the Background

Known professionally as Lisa Claire, long time local, Lisa Claire Dickinson graduated from Winyah High School in Georgetown and graduated from Coastal Carolina University. After moving around the country with her former husband, Lisa moved to Los Angeles in 2012. At the time, she was caring for her disabled son, Joseph, and needed a job with flexible hours to accommodate his needs. In 2013, Lisa Claire became a background actor. “I had to go to Central Casting in Burbank, where I stood in line for several hours to register. Registration includes taking your photo, your measurements, checking your identification, etc.,” Lisa remembers. The fledgling actress was given a profile by Central Casting, determining where she would most likely be placed. “I play a lot of upscale roles, it’s my look.” When she first started, Lisa had to call in, wait on the phone and hope she got through to get a job. “Now it’s all posted on Facebook and Twitter and you submit your profile by phone or email. It’s much more streamlined.” Background acting is competitive, but as Lisa gained experience and the reputation of being reliable, she secured more and more work. “Sometimes a casting director will call and ask if I’m available when they need to fill a role with my type. Getting a speaking role is like winning the lottery,” Lisa continued. “Your pay goes up exponentially.” “My first job was playing an upscale partygoer on Two and a Half Men. I was not supposed to talk, or make any noise – we’re told to mime the words, but I was so nervous I whispered. Chuck Lorre, the producer, didn’t know who was whispering, but he yelled at all of us! I was so embarrassed. One of my favorite roles was playing a zombie on Rizolli & Isles, and working on Jersey Boys was amazing – it was incredible just to breathe the same air as Clint Eastwood.” Her list of appearances is impressive: the series finale of The Office; a half a dozen episodes of Parks and Recreation and more. “My appearance in The Office is one of the few times I’ve gotten to meet the cast. We are told never to approach the talent. If they speak to you, it’s fine, but you can’t ask for a selfie or even say hello.” “Sometimes the hours are very long – maybe 14-16 hours. But the pay goes up – sometimes to 4 1/2 times the regular rate – so I’ve never minded. And they serve us wonderful food. It’s always called lunch no matter what time it’s served – if we eat at 2 am, it is still lunch,” Lisa said, telling me some of the delicious meals she’s enjoyed while working. “Generally the people are great – it’s a happy business as long as you do what you’re supposed to do. It’s never boring and almost always fun!”

Dining with FrienDs Coming marCh 2019


For aDvertising inFormation South Myrtle Beach 843-626-7272 Myrtle Beach (Kings Rd) 843-839-1777 North Myrtle Beach 843-280-3222

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Hooked with a Monkey on my Back W

by Erika Hoffman

hew! I’m beat. Am I worn out from digging up deeply buried granite rocks in my yard with which to build a retaining wall for newly purchased rich soil for a garden I’m hoping to create this spring? Am I exhausted from doing perpetual laundry, washing dishes from my book club meeting, chez moi, this past Monday? Am I weary from preparing for the Olli class I lead once a week where I’m trying to mold folks into writers who are currently mostly garrulous storytellers? Nope. I’m frazzled to the bone because I stayed up into the wee hours this morning binge-watching Breaking Bad. Drama this good should be illegal! When everyone rhapsodized about this series a while back, I shrugged it off, dismissing it. A plot line about a high school chemistry teacher, turned meth cook, was nothing that would ever interest me; so I thought. Not that I’m a “Crown” anglophile. I have very low brow taste, but a story about degenerates and drugs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, didn’t lure me. It was by mistake I watched the first episode. Because Hurricane Florence was bearing down on us, we were instructed by numerous newscasters not to leave the house that Thursday night. My daughter suggested we switch on Netflix and watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt. I like Brad Pitt. My husband searched “Brad Pitt,” and because we don’t usually watch Netflix, I guess he got confused when he pressed the icon for the show. “Heather says they really altered his looks in this movie,” I told my hubby. We started watching. But this show starred Bryan Cranston, not Brad Pitt. “She’s right. I wouldn’t even recognize that character as Brad Pitt,” my husband remarked after we’d watched three or four hours. “That’s because it’s not Brad Pitt!” I answered. In his defense, both names begin with BR, like some chemicals.

I didn’t get up to head to the fridge, take a bathroom break, or answer the phone. I was mesmerized. Similar to an addict, I needed my fix when that first episode was done. Every night consecutively, I’d tune in. Like a meth user, I was hooked, transfixed by the intensity of the experience. Each time you turn it on, the initial scene grabs you. The unbelievable coincidences don’t seem fabricated or fantastical. The characters are believable. You swear Walt White was your fastidious chemistry teacher back in high school, and Jesse Pinkman was that suburban ne’er-do-well, whose parents didn’t know what to do to intervene in their son’s doomed trajectory toward destruction. We know that boy – his archetype. We empathize with those parents. Even the drug dealers, the DEA agents, the school principal, the sleazy lawyer, the ax murderers, and the hookers with bad teeth seem more three dimensional than caricatures. They seem real. The plot has unexpected twists. The characters are quirky. The setting is eccentric and spooky. The dialogue gives depth to the scenes. Take-away messages abound. The flashbacks are neatly weaved-in back story, and the flash forwards provide foreshadowing. And when the episode’s over, you continue to think about it and are “jonesing” for the next. You’re never bored. I believe watching Breaking Bad should be required viewing for writing classes. Lessons in storytelling, brevity, authenticity, pacing, worldbuilding, character development, realistic dialogue, replicating real life, and theme-creation all exist in abundance. This series made me want to go out and find the book. Trouble is there is no novel, Breaking Bad. So tonight, when I turn on Netflix and return to my habit, I’ll justify the endless hours and subsequent fatigue tomorrow by telling myself I’m learning how to become a more gifted writer by watching the Faustian pacts made by these characters, who are fleshed out to be vulnerable and utterly human. The fellow who created this series can teach writers how to grab the audience by their necks with eyes bulging and not let go – ever.

Erika Hoffman

lives in North Carolina with her husband and two dogs. Her children are grown and becoming parents themselves. If you like her style of writing, buy her book, Erika’s Take on Writing. Like everything else, it’s on Amazon.


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Nancy M. Zovnic, J.D.

What Will I Experience During a South Carolina Real Estate Closing? Congratulations on your decision to purchase real estate in our beautiful area! While the process may be a bit different than in your home state, my colleagues and I can make this process easy to navigate. In South Carolina, you must hire an attorney for your real estate closing. A lot of other states have title or escrow companies – even realtors can do closings in some states. Here, an attorney will get the contract, search the title and gather everything needed, such as termite inspection, etc. We do it all for our clients. How long it takes from signing the contract to closing depends on a lot of factors. Cash closings go a little faster, but these days loans require a lot of documentation. Federally mandated lending regulations are designed to protect the prospective homeowner – and there’s no way around them. Expect to produce a lot of information for the bank – sometimes more than once! Your attorney is legally bound to complete all the steps for closing. A lot of people think that the buyers, sellers and agents come to the same closing table, but that’s not necessarily true. Usually buyer and seller hire different attorneys, but not always. And, while some of the time, everyone is at the same table for a real estate closing; at our firm we always schedule different times for the buyer and seller to finalize the transaction. And nearly half of all of our closings are mail-away closings. You may be busy packing and/or selling your current home, making a trip here difficult to impossible. This is very common, and we can use an overnight delivery service to complete the process. Don’t be intimidated by the South Carolina real estate closing process; our team will make it as painless as possible. At our firm, an attorney will call and personally introduce herself to you before we start making your dream home a reality – please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. Nancy Zovnic was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, but has lived in the Myrtle Beach area since 1995. She was admitted to the South Carolina Bar in 2006 and worked for a local law firm. In 2014, she began working as an Associate Attorney for Moore, Johnson & Saraniti Law Firm, and handles residential and commercial closings for buyers, sellers and developers, as well as refinances and deed transfers of real property and time-share property. Contact her at 843-650-9757 or visit

February Is American Heart Month: Kevin M. Sattele, M.D.

Let Us Help You Take Control of Your Weight and Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease. I’ve struggled with my weight since I became pregnant with my first child 28 years ago! I’ve tried many different weight loss programs including Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and diets that my regular physician recommended. Then I became prediabetic and developed hypertension. I was started on oral diabetic and blood pressure medications. I became depressed over the lack of ability to lose weight. My knees developed degenerative arthritis and I became disabled. I was up to 261 pounds before I found out from a friend about Dr. Sattele’s Rapid Weight Loss Centers.

I have lost 73 pounds! It is a miracle to me! I’m only taking 1/2 of my blood pressure medicine and none of the diabetic medicine! I feel better than I have in years! I have more energy, think more clearly, sleep better than ever and can walk better. The best part is that his program teaches you how to manage eating for your particular body so that when you finish, you can maintain the weight loss and not regain it. The staff is very supportive, patient and kind. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sattele’s Rapid Weight Loss Program to anyone needing to lose weight in order to get healthier and feel better. Caroline Burleson

My name is Eric Hannah, father of 3 and Assistant Supervisor with Nan Ya Plastics Corp America in Lake City, SC. I was very unhappy and unhealthy. I felt that I needed to make a change because I was taking blood pressure medicine and was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was at an all-time low and when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the man looking back at me. I tried other programs before but wasn’t happy with the results or what was involved in losing the weight and keeping it off. A friend recently had triple by-pass surgery and he said to me “I want you to work on losing weight and getting off the medicine. My doctor informed me that 90% of my health problems were due to my life style, my eating habits and being overweight.” His words to me were the reason I chose Dr. Sattele’s Rapid Weight Loss. I have lost over 60 pounds and over 4 gallons of fat. With this plan I eat real food and I love the medical staff. They are very friendly and supportive. My life has truly changed in ways I can’t describe. My confidence is through the roof, my blood pressure is lower, and I am no longer taking medication and I don’t need the c-pap machine because I no longer have sleep apnea. I have recommended several friends, co-workers, and family members to Dr. Sattele and I will continue to do so. I’m looking forward to my future again with renewed confidence and a new body. Eric Hannah

♥ Healthy Heart Month Family Special ♥

Join our Rapid/HCG Program with a family member and you both SAVE $ 50! Call to schedule your FREE Weight Loss & Body Shaping Consultation – $250 Value!

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February 2019

2-24 Winter Teas at Brookgreen gardens

Saturdays and Sundays, 4-6pm, reservations required. For more info, call 843-235-6016 or visit

7 FPC Concert Series

Isabel Leonard, Mezzo Soprano, First Presbyterian Church, 7:30pm, Myrtle Beach. For more info, call 843-448-4496 or visit

8-10 Spring Home Show

Myrtle Beach Convention Center, 10am–6pm Fri. & Sat., 11am–5pm Sun., $5 adults, under 16 free. For more info, call 843-438-4124 or visit

9-10 Annual Myrtle Beach Stamp & Postcard Show

21 FPC Concert Series

Nathan Lee, Pianist, First Presbyterian Church, 1:30pm, Myrtle Beach. For more info, call 843-448-4496 or visit

22-23 Annual Horry County Museum Quilt Gala 10am-4pm both days, Ocean Lakes Campground Recreation Center. For more info, call 843-915-5320 or visit

28 FPC Concert Series

Lawson Anderson, Baritone, First Presbyterian Church, 7:30pm, Myrtle Beach. For more info, call 843-448-4496 or visit

29 Moveable Feast

Waccamaw Center, Unit 2999, 3071 Waccamaw Boulevard, Myrtle Beach. Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 10am-4pm, free admission and appraisals. For more info, call 843-347-0087 or e-mail

Kristen Wright discusses, Lying Beneath the Oaks, SoCo, Hammock Shops, 11am, $30. For more info, call 843-235-9600 or visit

17 She Crab Soup Cook-Off

28-3/10 Almost, Maine

benefitting St. Francis Animal Center, 11am-2pm, Quigleys in Litchfield, music provided by Cornbread. For more info call 843-546-0780 or visit

Swamp Fox Players, Strand Theatre, Front Street, Georgetown. For times and ticket info, call 843-527-2924 x 1, or visit

20-3/10 Footloose

3/1-2 Myrtle Beach Marathon Weekend

Theatre of the Republic, Conway. For more info, call 843-488-0821,

events for all ages. For more info, call 843-293-RACE or visit

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Sasee Magazine - February 2019  

"Relax and Chill"

Sasee Magazine - February 2019  

"Relax and Chill"