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February 2018

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. -Guillaume Apollinaire-

February 2018 Volume 17, Issue 2

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Beach Treasures by Linda O’Connell Read It! Nicole Says…Read Promise by Minrose Gwin Review by Nicole McManus Ganging Up at the Movies by Jeffery Cohen Motherhood Revisited by Patricia Wahler My Favorite Valentine’s Day by Diane Stark


Only the Lonely: Celebrating Valentine’s Day without a Valentine by Phil La Borie


TV Dinners by Diane DeVaughn Stokes


A Journey of Hope: Elizabeth Poole by Leslie Moore

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The Frogs in My Life by Marianne Taylor

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Sasee Asks an Expert Not Your Mother’s Furniture by Pamela Burris

Sasee Asks an Expert The Real “Skinny” on Thread Count! By Clay Spivey

You Can’t Put a Price on That by Carol Harsoe Sasee Kids Unplug and Enjoy! Family Fun Nights Sasee February Calendar

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letter from the editor

Cover Artist No Excuses, by Kim Schuessler Kim Schuessler was born and raised in Georgia, and her southern roots run deep – you can even hear it when she speaks. As with most southerners, her faith is strong, her family comes first, and she is passionate about her work. Kim has traveled, studied and lived in many places around the globe, from Hong Kong to Puerto Rico, and found that although the scenery and cultures can be extreme in their differences, much remains the same. We all need someone to love, something to hope for and goals to achieve. The artist’s paintings depict these common essentials – she illustrates couples dancing, women standing strong, and friends standing by our side to help us along the way. Colors, patterns, fashion, fabrics and PEOPLE inspire Kim.

It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day! I’ve always loved this holiday, whether or not I had a significant other in my life. In recent years, I like using this day to spend some time focusing on my most important relationship – the one with myself. Treats are important, and I always feel much more loving to others when I take good care of me. If you need some ideas on how to navigate this day solo, read Phil La Borie’s article on page 22 – I love how he turns Valentine’s Day into a reason to make the world around him a little better and more loving. I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll be doing on February 14, but chocolate will definitely be involved! A holiday in February that I’m just finding out about is Galentine’s Day on February 13th. Started as a tongue in cheek parody that fans of the TV show “Parks and Recreation” will recognize, Galentine’s Day has become a fun way to recognize the importance of our relationships with other women. If, like me, you are just learning about this holiday, 2018 may be the year to start celebrating the women who make our lives so much more meaningful. I found many ways to make this day special with a quick Google search. Enjoy this entertaining issue – as always, my hope is that the fun we had putting it together comes through as you read. And, whatever you do to celebrate this month, I wish you a beautiful February filled with love – and, of course, chocolate!

After studying art abroad in France and Italy and attending Parsons School of Design, Kim graduated with a BFA from the University of Georgia. She then earned an Arts Education degree/certificate and taught art in a public school in Atlanta, Georgia. For the past 23 years the artist has pursued art and continues discovering, changing and creating. With each painting, Kim falls more deeply in love with communicating through her art. Kim believes success is the ability to stay focused on well-intended goals. To date, her greatest sense of accomplishment has been seeing people enjoy her work in places she never imagined…the Hank Aaron Museum, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and the conference room at Spanx. The artist’s paintings are also on a special collection of Spanx top selling lingerie that will launch in February. Kim says she is an optimist who wants her audiences to pursue their passion, to find joy in everyday occurrences and to cherish those they love. To purchase or see more of her work, visit

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Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. 6

-Guillaume Apollinaire-

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Beach Treasures by Linda O’Connell

The beach is my happy place. No matter how hectic my life, how frantic my thoughts or how many troubles I have the smell and sounds of the sea tames my unruly hair, improves my skin, softens my wrinkles and heals my heart. Every nerve cell seems to come alive when I am at the ocean. The grit and salt, that permanent beach town residents often complain about, acts as a balm to this landlocked Midwesterner. I appreciate every grain of sand clinging to my legs, the sun bronzing my cheeks and the ocean lapping at my soul. Before my honey and I were married, we took our first beach vacation together. Before dawn, we strolled barefoot to the water’s edge with a cup of coffee and eased down on hotel beach chairs – absent their cushions, not yet set up with umbrellas. Our backs pressed into the wooden slats, our sugar-sand coated toes tunnelled divots in the sand. We sat quietly and watched the silhouette of an approaching woman jogger, with her long, gray hair flowing. Perspiration rolled off her forehead, and a smile creased her face as she came to an abrupt halt in front of us. She did not greet us. She looked us up and down and said with a foreign lilt, “Oh my, yes! You two are the perfect match. You belong together.” We didn’t have time to reply. She sprinted off before we could agree. That woman’s pronouncement has always seemed like an ethereal gift. We have resurrected that stranger’s words many times over the years, especially when we’ve taken a beach vacation. As we celebrate our silver anniversary, I am reminded of that first time we strolled hand-in-hand. Bill and I were both in search of solace. Our relationship was brand new, our lives were intertwining, yet we had loose ends untied. That morning, Bill and I were one with the elements, our vital signs were slow, and respirations were shallow as we reclined on weathered, wooden 8 chairs. We watched in awe as daybreak seemed to rise out of the sea. Sun-

tinged clouds billowed on the horizon, and the sun made an appearance. In the dawning glow, with sandy toes, our hair tousled by trade winds, we were convinced that woman was right. With my hand wrapped in Bill’s, I felt safe, completely at peace. Over the years our marriage has been blessed with grandchildren. We’ve brought our brood to the beach, watched them try to tunnel to China, stay upright on skimmer boards and bob in the sea. The tiniest girl left footprints in the sand as she followed in Grampie’s footsteps. We have photos of the two “littlest” tucked into a large sand bucket. Their parents cavorted and we babysat so they, too, could have a beach break. Bill and I met when we were in our middle years. He taught me how to jitterbug, love at length and trust at long last. As I now gaze into the depths of our golden years, another birthday is as imminent as the next wave. Numerical equations of LDLs and HDLs add up to high cholesterol, and we now battle elevated blood pressures. When life gets as wild as the high waves, I reminisce about that first beach vacation. As I sift through sands of time, I recall more about it. Stunned when I looked out to sea, with my mouth agape, pulse pounding, I clasped his hand but dared not speak. Right before our eyes swam soul mates of the sea, two dolphins splashing, dining, dancing, traveling side by side, just like my mate and me. An omen, a blessing. We tried so hard to make every moment of our first beach vacation last. On our last day, we were squeezing every last minute in at dusk on an isolated area of the beach. We sat in our blue, canvas camp chairs and watched the sun sink into the horizon. Twilight offered little illumination; we could only see silhouettes. Off in the distance, we watched a family frolicking. Parents lifted a small child to the top of the waves. Giggles carried our way. When they came out of the water, their little one spied

us and ran toward us. Though I strained to see details, the child kept her Kaleigh’s parents said, “You have truly been a gift. You’ve helped us make head down and ran directly at me. I smiled as I watched blonde hair bob a decision for our little girl.” and bare feet slap the wet sand. The little one, still looking down, landed For many years I’ve walked the beach in search of the perfect seashell, face-first in my lap and giggled. sunset or sunrise picture. I realize there’s no such thing as perfection. The beach has always offered me so many unexpected gifts, and each one of Her parents ran after her and apologized. “Sorry. She’s overly-friendly.” them has truly been a unique treasure. “No need to be sorry,” I said. “She’s just perfect. This is a great end to my beach vacation.” “This is Kaleigh,” her mom said as the little girl looked up at me. She had an obvious birth defect; her thick tongue lolled out of her mouth, and her protruding eyes gazed at me with curiosity. “We were playing and praying in the surf,” Kaleigh’s mom said, obviously troubled. “We return home tomorrow and have to make a decision about her education. We have to decide whether to mainstream her into a classroom of typically developing children or place her in a self-contained classroom with nine other children with disabilities. We’re not sure what to do.” “Maybe I can help. I am an experienced preschool teacher, and I can assure you inclusion might be best for your friendly little girl who has many abilities and gifts to offer this world. The world needs more friendliness, don’t you think? Kaleigh would be a welcome addition in my classroom.”




Linda O’Connell

is a preschool teacher for almost four decades, is notorious for holding her life together with duct tape and humor. Her greatest loves are family, the beach and dark chocolate.

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–Read It!– Nicole Says…Read

Promise by Minrose Gwin (To Be Published: February 27, 2018)

Review by Nicole McManus 10

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In April 1936, in Tupelo, Mississippi, a massive F5 tornado ripped through the town, killing more than 200 people. However, history records the suffering and loss of only one side of the population. During the aftermath, the African-American citizens affected by this horrific event were not included in the final numbers. Minrose Gwin grew up in the town of Tupelo, thinking she knew all about the F5 tornado, but when she discovered the truth, she vowed to give the other side a voice. Promise is an eye-opening, terrifying, fictionalized tale. Dovey is walking home from work, when the storm hits. She is flung through the air and nearly killed. Determined to get back to her family, she perseveres. Along the way, she sees the wreckage and dozens of souls injured. Jo comes from a much-hated family, yet when she finds a baby, she promises to protect him, no matter what. This is their story; one of heartache, secrets, and loss. Minrose Gwin does an exquisite job of showing readers what it is like

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to be in the middle of a gruesome tornado. The terrifying scenes come alive with breathtaking clarity; readers will feel as though they are being swept away and battered by the intense winds. The following days show how the worst events bring out unknown characteristics within the spirit. Survival instincts kick in for some, while others are forever lost in their grief. Due to the harsh environment, this story is not for the faint of heart. I have never read a book by Minrose Gwin, but this was an incredible introduction. The story reads like a tornado… slow build-up, quick action, vast devastation and lingering emotions. Long after you finish the final page, you will still feel the author’s powerful words.

Nicole McManus

loves to read, to the point that she is sure she was born with a book in her hands. She writes book reviews in the hopes of helping others find the magic found through reading. Contact her at ARIESGRLREVIEW.COM.


Ganging Up at the Movies by Jeffery Cohen

I love the movies! I always have, ever since I was a kid. Watching those projected images on the big screen can take you to places you’ve never been, and introduce you to characters you only dream about. I learned about bravery from a thin little water-bearer from India, a wannabe soldier who proved to have the heart of a lion. “You’re a better man than I am Gunga Din.” Rick and Ilsa showed me how love could last even as time goes by in a far off city called Casablanca. “Here’s looking at you, kid.” I came to understand the importance of being surrounded by the ones you love as George Bailey discovered that it’s a wonderful life. “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.” And then there was my favorite – West Side Story, combining the drama and romance of Romeo and Juliet, the magic of music, the beauty of dance, all set in the streets of the city. I still remember the first time I saw it. Maybe it was the wildness of youth or just the coolness of the Jets and Sharks as they snapped their fingers and fought their way through the urban jungle of Hell’s Kitchen that set us off. As my eleven-year-old buddies and I left the theater one Saturday afternoon, we sneered at each other. “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way, from your first cigarette to your last dying day. Yeah, man! That’s what we need. Cigarettes and...and blackjacks, whatever they are, know. Cool stuff,” I explained as I tried to snap my buttery-popcorn-slippery fingers. “What we need is...a gang.” I was answered by an enthusiastic chorus. “Coooool! Yeah man. Neat. Reallly cool, Daddio.” The guys were excited. So what if we didn’t live in Harlem or the Lower East-side. Who said we couldn’t have a gang right there in suburbia. We could terrorize the miniature golf course by pocketing a ball or two. We could impress the chicks down at Woolworths by ordering strawberry shakes, and then we’d drink


them without using straws. Heck, we could really get serious and go make fun of the beginners down at the tennis courts. We decided that our gang needed a name and an emblem that we could put on black leather jackets, so we headed down to the local sporting goods store. “Help you fellas?” The tall, thin salesman behind the counter smiled. “Sure, Daddio. We need an emblem for our gang,” I explained behind a dead-serious glare. “Hmmmm. Well, how about this one?” he asked as he pointed to a bright green shamrock on the wall. “Cooool,” one of the guys replied. “Oh yeah. That’ll be real cool,” I answered as I rolled my eyes. “We’ll really scare the pants off of everybody. I can just see them now. They’ll shake with fear as they scatter. Geez, look out. We better get off of the sidewalk. We’d better keep out of their way. Here comes the...Four Leaf Clovers.” I searched the wall of insignias. The Indians? Sounded too much like a baseball team. The Eagles? A football team. Then I spotted it. The profile of a noble Roman soldier. Gold helmet, red feather decoration. “That’s it! We’ll call ourselves the Gladiators!” “The Gladiators. Cool. The Gladiators,” the guys chanted. We all agreed that we’d need to get leather jackets immediately. Then we found out how much leather jackets would cost and we opted for black sweat shirts. “We can get leather jackets when we get some dough,” I reasoned. “Yeah, now that we’re a gang, we could knock over a gas station,” someone offered, sounding just like James Cagney.

“Or we could hit a bank,” another piped up, doing his best Edward G. Robinson impersonation. “Cool,” we murmured. I think we eventually had a bake sale. It wasn’t long before we were parading around in our Gladiator sweatshirts. And people were standing up and taking notice. As we sauntered by the high school one afternoon, showing off our gangly pride. Someone yelled out, “Here they come – the Glads.” The Glads? It was like having a rough, tough gang called ...the SMILES...the GRINS...the SNICKERS. The GLADS? I’ve got to tell you, it was pretty embarrassing, but it could have been worse. They could have said, “Here come the WHIMPS...the WUSSES... the CHUMPS.” I guess we never did really achieve the street cred that we were looking for, for obvious reasons. We couldn’t exactly remember whether the Sharks and the Jets had a recording secretary or a corresponding secretary. The Gladiators had both. Cool! And we only got into one rumble. It wasn’t exactly a rumble. It was more like a track and field day with another gang that was called the Giggles or the Chuckles or something.

The sweatshirts lasted a lot longer than the “gang” ever did. But there are days when the movie West Side Story appears on the TV screen. As the title comes up and the gritty overture begins to rise, I start snapping my fingers as I turn to my wife. “Did I ever tell you about the days when I was in a gang?” Cool.

Jeffery Cohen

Freelance writer and newspaper columnist, Jeffery Cohen, has written for Sasee, Lifetime and Read, Learn, Write. He’s won awards in Women-On-Writing Contest, Vocabula’s Well Written Contest, National League of American Pen Women’s’ Keats Competition, Southern California Genealogy Competition, and Writer’s Weekly writing contest.


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Motherhood Revisited by Patricia Wahler

At an age when most women are cooing over grandchildren, I became a new mother. It happened after I retired. My beloved Schnauzer had died six months earlier, and the ache of seeing his empty bed started me thinking about adopting a dog. I needed a calm and dignified senior canine who would enjoy lounging beside my desk while I sat at the computer to type. The idea prompted me to begin browsing hundreds of pictures posted by pet rescue organizations online. Everyone told me it’s impossible to look at photos of pets in need without going to the next logical step. They were right. I traveled to mobile adoption events held in pet supply stores where crates were stacked like so many blocks. Inside were teacup-sized dogs, pups big and shaggy as a pony, and plenty of shapes in between. But the furry face that tugged my heartstrings lay snuggled in the arms of a volunteer. At ten weeks old, the bundle of white and wheat-colored fur wasn’t much bigger than my neighbor’s guinea pig with a pronounced under bite below his enormous brown eyes. My heart melted when I cuddled him, and the intoxicating scent of puppy breath sealed the deal. I filled out an adoption application. Not long after turning in the paperwork, the pup belonged to me. Remembering I didn’t have the supplies for a little one, I balanced the whimpering fellow against my hip while pushing a shopping cart up and down wide aisles. I soon collected a mountain of puppy pads, puppy food, puppy chew toys and a puppy-sized collar. While standing in the checkout line, the pup tucked his head against me, and my body began to sway in a side to side motion that had been totally unnecessary for decades. All along the drive home, I called various names out loud to see how they sounded. Gizmo? Champ? Baxter? Nothing seemed quite right until I said, “Winston.” The pup whined in response. He had a new name.


As soon as we got to the house, I proceeded to do what any responsible parent would and covered up the electrical cords. Then I strategically

positioned an old baby gate, while remaining vigilant over Winston’s thorough sniffing of the carpet. While locking the gate into place, I caught the scent of Winston doing what a puppy does so often. Scrambling for the carpet cleaner, realization hit me like a freight train. This wasn’t a wise and white-whiskered old fellow. I had a new baby. My days of peaceful lulls and tranquil ponderings were over. Instead of blissfully going to bed and sleeping until morning, I stumbled outside with Winston at nine o’clock, at midnight and at four o’clock AM, clutching a winter coat around my nightgown while the wind howled around us. He enjoyed the late-night excursions far more than I did, picking up twigs and chasing any leaf that blew across his path while I watched in bleary-eyed resignation. On the advice of the veterinarian, I signed us up for puppy socialization and a training class. My empty calendar soon filled with reminders and appointments for Winston. Sometimes, between the daily home agenda for feeding and potty training, classes, play dates, practicing his lessons and vet appointments, I wondered what had possessed me to adopt a puppy. Yet whenever I sighed over the duties involved in motherhood, Winston would gaze at me, tilting his funny little head from side to side as though asking what could possibly be the problem. And as any new mother knows, after one look at her baby’s adorable face, the difficulties of things like colicky nights and dirty diapers fade blissfully into oblivion. Although raising a baby isn’t any easier now than it was the first time around, I must admit there have been some unexpected benefits to revisiting motherhood. Winston is a master at keeping me off my computer chair. Between our long walks, games of fetch and trips to the dog park, there’s no time for sitting around. As a result, we’ve met great people along with adorable furry friends we wouldn’t otherwise have known. My energy level has inched higher than it’s been in years, and I’ve discovered a secret – naps aren’t only for babies. Standing on the scale doesn’t shock me quite as much as it did before Winston came home. Best of all is the fact that it’s impossible not to laugh when a puppy swipes a sloppy kiss across your chin. For the truth of the matter is, on the day I adopted a puppy, my life transformed in the blink of an eye from laid-back to lively, melting away years and reminding me how I used to feel so long ago. What a serendipitous decision it’s been–for both of us.

Pat Wahler

is an award-winning writer from Missouri. Her debut novel, I am Mrs. Jesse James, is scheduled for release on April 24, 2018. Connect with Pat at

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My Favorite Valentine’s Day by Diane Stark

“What’s your love language?” I asked my now-husband on our first date. “Touch,” Eric answered without even thinking. I smiled. “Mine too.” Although it was our first date, his answer seemed like confirmation of everything I’d been feeling since we’d started chatting on the dating website, eHarmony. This guy is special, maybe even The One, I thought. Asking about someone’s love language might seem like an odd question on a first date, but for me, it was completely natural. Discovering a person’s love language is crucial for me to really know a person. For the unfamiliar, my question was based on The Five Love Languages, a book written by Gary Chapman in 1995. In it, Dr. Chapman purports that humans communicate feelings of love in five different ways. These ways are physical touch, receiving gifts, spending quality time together, acts of service, and words of affirmation. The first three are pretty selfexplanatory. Acts of service are things we do for others to help and serve them. This would be things like washing our spouse’s car or making their favorite meal. Words of affirmation are encouraging words that remind our partners of our feelings for them. Dr. Chapman says that each person has a primary love language, or a way that others can communicate love to them most effectively. Many people have a secondary love language as well. Since there are one or two ways in which we feel loved, we often communicate love in that same way. But if our spouse has a different love language than we do, they won’t feel our love as strongly as if we communicated our feelings in their love


language. Communicating love to others in our own love language feels more natural, while doing it in another love language takes some effort. Having the same love language as one’s spouse is advantageous for obvious reasons. But simply knowing someone’s love language can help our relationships tremendously. And knowing our own is vital to getting the love we need in our relationships. To take a quiz to determine your own love language and discover those of your loved ones, visit My first date with my husband was eleven years ago this month. Our first Valentine’s Day was three days before our first date, but Eric still sent flowers to the elementary school where I taught kindergarten. We had a snow day that day and the next, so I didn’t receive the flowers on time, but it still melted my heart that he would send flowers to a girl he hadn’t yet met in person. At that time, Eric and I lived about 150 miles apart. We’d made plans to meet for dinner in a town halfway between our homes, but because of the massive snow storm, Eric offered to drive all the way to me so that I wouldn’t have to drive in the snow. “I don’t want you to get stranded, plus I’ve got four wheel drive,” he added confidently. His concern for my safety and willingness to make the whole trip himself were two more points in his favor. Although that first date was on February 17th, rather than the 14th, that night felt like Valentine’s Day. I remember thinking that it was the best

Valentine’s Day of my whole life. When Eric proposed two months later, I knew marrying him would be the best decision I could ever make. And it has been. For the last decade, Eric’s gifts on Valentine’s Day have been pretty cliché. He usually brings home a dozen red roses and a super mushy card. For me, the best part of every holiday is the greeting card Eric gives me. Not only does he choose the card with care, but he writes an entire paragraph about his feelings for me. More often than not, his words bring me to tears and remind me once again that I am so blessed to be married to him. About five years ago, Eric skipped the dozen roses. Instead, he gave me a dozen greeting cards, each filled with his own words about how much he loves me and appreciates our relationship. He was concerned I’d be disappointed not to receive the flowers, but the opposite was true. The roses would end up in the trash within the week, but those cards would last forever. Even today, when Eric and I have been too busy to spend time together, I’ll pull out those cards and re-read them. My secondary love languages are words of affirmation and receiving gifts. Those cards were one of the best presents he’s ever given me. They combined all of the ways that I feel loved into one gift. Those cards were like a hug printed on red and pink paper covered with glitter. I’m doubtful that Eric could ever top the Dozen Cards Valentine’s Day. But I never thought that our first Valentine’s Day could ever be replaced as my favorite, so maybe someday, I’ll have a new favorite V-Day.

As much as I love holidays, especially ones that celebrate love and romance, it’s unrealistic to think that every day of a marriage is going to feel like Valentine’s Day. Expecting that is setting ourselves up for disappointment and probably failure. It’s also dangerous to only express our love on a Hallmark holiday once a year. Those 364 days in between are far too long a time to go without telling our loved ones how we feel. And that’s where the Five Love Languages concept comes in. Expressing love in small ways every day is far more powerful than a big, romantic gesture once a year. Our hearts are like gas tanks. With everything we have to do in this life, they don’t stay full for very long. We need hand holding, greeting cards and kind words to keep our hearts full and our relationships healthy. So although not every day can be as special as Valentine’s Day, we can always take a few moments each day to make our Valentine feel loved.

Diane Stark

is a wife and mom of five. She loves to write about her family and her faith. Her essays have been published in over 20 Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

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Women’s Leadership Conference & Celebration of Inspiring Women

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February 5: Celebration of Inspiring Women (evening event) February 6: Women’s Leadership Conference featuring the new Women’s Health Expo sponsored by Tidelands Health

February 5-6, 2018

Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel Myrtle Beach, S.C.

The Women’s Leadership Conference and Celebration of Inspiring Women brings together women from all walks of life for two days of education, professional and personal development, and networking.

New Women’s Health Expo presented by

Tidelands Health presents the daylong expo titled “Better! Be strong. Be healthy. Be you.” at the 2018 Women’s Leadership Conference.

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February Is American Heart Month: Kevin M. Sattele, M.D.

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Only the Lonely: Celebrating Valentine’s Day without a Valentine by Phil La Borie

Here’s to Valentine’s Day - a great opportunity to show that certain someone that you care and to spread a little warmth, cheer and caring during some of the coldest days of the year. That said, we really don’t know very much about St. Valentine, the supposed founder of the day named in his honor. In fact, according to some hi stor ical reports, there may have been as many as three men named Valentine. One story suggests that Valentine was a Christian priest who was imprisoned by the Romans and beheaded in 269 AD.* According to the story, he cured his jailer Asterius’ daughter of her blindness and then shortly before his death, he wrote a letter to someone who may have been the daughter and signed it “From your Valentine.” Sound familiar? It’s a phrase that’s still in use by some folks today. I’ve always preferred the phrase “Be my Valentine.” How about you? Got any favorites? A little more history: Valentine’s Day greetings were popular as far back as the Middle Ages. But in those days, they were just delivered verbally. Written valentines first appeared around 1400, and Americans started exchanging valentines in the early 1700s. In the mid-1800s, mass-produced valentines first appeared, and today about one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent every year. That’s second only to the number of Christmas cards (about five billion) that are exchanged annually!**


That’s all fine and dandy, but what to do when you don’t have anyone to send a Valentine’s Day card to? In the days leading up to the big day, it seems that everyone around me is either exchanging cards, sending candy and/or flowers or making dinner reservations at some romantic rendezvous. All this flurry of activity and I’m just sitting on my hands and thinking “Now what?” I’ve found myself in that unhappy situation on several memorable occasions. So, to combat any potential blues, I’ve come up with a number of ideas

that help me avoid feeling left-out and lonely. First of all, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I try to get out of my skin and do something meaningful for someone else. Mind you, it isn’t always on Valentine’s Day, but I do try to do it somewhere around that date. One year I volunteered to help out with a day camp for disadvantaged, intercity kids during their school break. Another time, I delivered food to housebound folks. I’ve never served food in a “soup kitchen,” but there certainly are plenty of opportunities to do so, and not only on Valentine’s Day. In any case, there’s almost always someone out there who’s really in need of a little kindness and much-needed help. And by extending a helping hand, it helps me to feel connected with humanity and get out of the “woe is me” camp. Further, now that I’m living on the Grand Strand, another idea I employ is to take advantage of our marvelous beach. Walking along it in mid-winter is a wonderful way to enjoy Mother Nature at her best. We are truly blessed to have such a spectacular setting, and I’ve found it to be a very effective method to chase away the blues and celebrate life, love and liberty. On a lighter note, on the day in question, I try to avoid listening to sad music, especially Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely” and even Elvis’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” Mind you, I think they’re great tunes, but brother, can they ever be downers. And speaking of music, another thing I’ve thought about on Valentine’s Day is follow the advice in the old tune “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter,” a song made popular by Fats Waller in the mid-1930s. You know the one that goes: I’m gonna sit right down and write myself a letter, And make believe it came from you. I’m gonna write words oh so sweet, They’re gonna knock me off my feet. A lotta kisses on the bottom, I’ll be glad I’ve got ‘em!

To be honest, I’ve never really sat down and written a letter to myself (but I have composed several in my head). Bottom line: over the years, I’ve found that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to take stock of yourself and your life. When I look back on mine, I have to admit while there have been some real lows, there have also been a considerable number of “highs.” In fact, I sometimes leaf through one of my scrapbooks and look at the Valentine’s Day cards my kids have sent me over the years. What a joy they are to look at and what a terrific reminder of great times gone by. The cards also serve as a inspirational reminder for me to make the most of every day, set some goals for the future and perhaps most important of all, to enjoy the questions. I must admit that more often than not, I don’t know all or even any of the answers. But, so what? The important point, at least for me, is not to just reminisce about times gone by, but to use those thoughts as a base for taking meaningful and rewarding action moving forward. Having just celebrated my 78th trip around the sun (What a great way to talk about your natal anniversary!), there just may not be that many more round trips ahead, so it’s time to dig in and make the most of them. Finally, I try to follow the advice given out by Dr. Wayne Dyer. “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”

What a nice idea and something to really take to heart, especially on Valentine’s Day. This year, I may just write that letter to myself after all. * CBN News ** Greeting Card Association

Phil La Borie

is an award-winning writer/artist based in Garden City, South Carolina. His work has been published in AdWeek, The Kaiser-Permanente Journal, Westworld Magazine and online at Phil is the 2015 winner of the Alice Conger Patterson Award offered through the Emrys Foundation. He can be reached at

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TV Dinners

by Diane DeVaughn Stokes I used to love to go out to dinner, and still do, but nowadays I actually prefer cooking at home. It’s such an adventure! And even though I own more than thirty cookbooks, I enjoy being creative and whipping up a new dish from the “windmills of my mind,” to use a phase from a song of yesteryear. My grandmother gave me my love of cooking as she tenderly prepared everything with loving hands and heart. But some of my best lessons have come from chefs I have interviewed on my TV shows over the past forty-five years. They taught me so many tricks of the trade and, most of all, how to prep and have all the ingredients ready to go so they could prepare the dish in the ten minute segment they were allotted on the air, with the finished product ready to present at the end of the show. One of the craziest recipes that I still make regularly I learned from Donna Bundrick with the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. This dessert was called “Peach Enchiladas,” made with two packages of crescent rolls, two sticks of butter, four firm peaches peeled and quartered, ¾ cup of sugar, one teaspoon of cinnamon and the magic ingredient is one 12oz. can of Mountain Dew. Yes, I know what you are thinking ‘cause I thought the same thing. This can’t possibly be good, but in fact it is awesomely delicious. Topped with vanilla ice cream, it is a true winner every single time, and no one ever guesses what is in it! To make it, first grease a large baking dish, a 10” x 12” or 9”by 12.” Melt butter and add sugar and cinnamon. Then, unroll crescent rolls and place a peach quarter, or a few slices, in each triangle, rolling from large end to small. Pour butter over rolls placed in dish and pour on the Mountain Dew. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. I have even cut this recipe in half for a smaller group. From other chefs I learned that you could substitute milk and a teaspoon of vinegar for buttermilk in a recipe. Use beef base or chicken base instead of bouillon for richer recipes. Always keep cream cheese and pepper jelly in the refrigerator for unexpected guests, and crackers in the pantry. All vegetables are wonderful roasted in the oven with olive oil and kosher salt. Use cornstarch to thicken gravy, as it will not lump up like flour. I could go on all day. My job has given me a great unexpected culinary education. Most of all, I learned that some of the best meals are quick ones, and you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to wow your dinner guests. My TV chefs taught me to make the best Chicken Bog, Frogmore Stew and the most delicious Shrimp and Grits you have ever tasted. I lovingly call these recipes TV dinners since I learned how to cook them on TV, but they are far from the Turkey and Salisbury Steak TV dinners of days gone by. Thanks to all those wonderful culinary experts who braved live, local TV to share their skills with me and my viewers. When the Food Network comes calling, I know I’ll be ready!

Diane DeVaughn Stokes


is the President of Stages Video Productions, Host and Producer for TV show “Inside Out” on HTC, and EASY Radio Host weekdays noon to 3pm. Her passions include food, travel and theater. You can reach her at

Love is in the air

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A Journey of

Elizabeth Poole


by Leslie Moore

In January of 2017, Elizabeth Poole was happily married with a successful career as a Mary Kay representative; her life was full of love, family and fun. When it was time for her annual physical checkup, she thought little about it. “I went for a mammogram, and it all came back okay,” Elizabeth began. “A couple of weeks later I had a dream that I would motivate and inspire women.” The dream affected Elizabeth so much that she told her husband, Tony, and her mom about it. Not long after, Elizabeth was shaving her underarms and felt one lump, then another. She went back to her gynecologist, Dr. Amy King who sent her to Dr. Craig Brackett for a biopsy. “Dr. Brackett was very honest with me after the biopsy,” she remembered. “He felt it was cancer and wanted me to be prepared.” Elizabeth went home and decided to search YouTube for videos of other women’s journey through cancer. “All of them were so sad! I cried the entire time I was watching.” Elizabeth then heard a voice tell her that she would do positive, uplifting videos for women going through cancer treatment. “The next morning I called my nephew, and he helped me set up a YouTube account.” Working with Mary Kay had given Elizabeth the self confidence she needed to do something like this. “Before Mary Kay, I was very shy, and now I can speak confidently to thousands. God had been preparing me for doing these videos.” Elizabeth videoed every step of her diagnosis and treatment, showing women what really happens when you are diagnosed with cancer. “I videoed the CT scan, the chemo room and the radiation treatments that I took every day for six weeks,” Elizabeth shared with me. “I met a man who told me he knew what chemotherapy was like, but he never knew what the radiation treatment was like for his wife. Watching my video took a lot of the scare out of it for him.” A woman came to Elizabeth’s home to pick up Mary Kay products and shared that she was once depressed and how by changing her thinking she was able to bring herself out it. “What the mind believes it conceives! I immediately asked her to share her story in a video.”


“I never actually got sick but was nauseated,” Elizabeth said remembering her chemo. “My Mom told me to get ginger gummies at a health food store, and it helped with the nausea. My friend BJ told me about juice plus which helped with my overall health. People were constantly being put in my path that could help me.” The one side effect Elizabeth didn’t escape was hair loss, one of the hardest experiences for any woman. “Through Pam, my mentor in Mary Kay, I met a woman who gives wigs to women going through cancer treatment, Marlisa Small.” She went to Marlisa’s wig studio and was fitted with a wig that so closely resembled her own hair that even her sister was fooled! “I started losing my hair little by little and finally, after it started coming out in clumps, I was ready to shave it all off.”

“Marlisa gives quality wigs away to women going through cancer treatment,” Elizabeth continued. Marlisa’s Wig Studio is located in North Myrtle Beach, and her non-profit is funded through donations and a gala she hosts every year. Elizabeth’s YouTube channel documents her time with Marlisa and the wonderful wig she received. Fast forward to January of 2018: “I am done with my treatment,” Elizabeth began with a sigh of relief. “I did chemo, surgery and radiation – I even had a kidney stone which had to be blasted in December. Now I’m done and have even had my port removed.” Her cancer was Triple Negative which is fast growing, but her doctor says if it doesn’t come back in five years, she should be in the clear. Elizabeth is amazing – her positive and loving nature continue to draw people to her that need reassurance and hope. “We have a home in the mountains, and I was recording a video telling people about how certain supplements and ginger helped me. God told me to go to the top of the mountain and video, so I did.” At this point, Elizabeth was laughing, remembering. “While I was up there, two women pulled up. Both were cancer survivors, and I knew they were supposed to be in the video with me!”

“I was surrounded by love during my treatment,” said Elizabeth. “I had over 200 cards sent to me and had to ask team members to stop bringing so much food!” Her husband told her he would take her anywhere in the world for treatment, but Elizabeth wanted to stay right here, knowing how important the support of family and friends would be during her journey. Her husband, daughter, son, mom, sisters and extended family all came together to help Elizabeth get through this ordeal. “This is my home. I don’t know how anyone does this without support. Some people don’t want to tell anyone – I told everyone! I wanted as many people as possible to pray for me, I would tell them God hears your prayers, and I feel them.” Elizabeth’s YouTube channel has become very popular and is recommended viewing for those with a new diagnosis. When Elizabeth told Dr. Brackett she was recording the videos, he groaned and asked her not to do any sad videos. “I told him mine would be positive!” Elizabeth now has 39 videos on her YouTube channel documenting her journey. Visit her channel “Breast cancer journey Elizabeth Poole” to learn more. Marlisa’s Wig Studio is located in North Myrtle Beach – for more information, visit


The Frogs in my Life by Marianne Taylor

Ladies, from the time we are very small we read many tales which tell us we will have to kiss many frogs before the prince shows up. For those of us reentering the dating scene in the middle of our middle years – beware! It’s a jungle out there. With regard to the commercials on television about the world of dating in later years, look closely – they lie. Beyond a few gray hairs none of the men are in any way, touched by time. No one is overweight, bald or incapacitated in any way. All of them could hop onto a motorcycle at a moment’s notice and drive off into the sunset. My observation is that there are only ten of these men on the planet – and they’re all in the commercials! In so many ways, it is no longer the world you recall. It must be acknowledged that you are also part of the change. The updated you will find that when you consider whether or not to see someone, your standards have changed. In the past, you most likely never thought about if someone could hear or see. Today, this is a consideration. No matter if it is natural or man-made it’s something to think about – particularly if he’s driving. Teeth are also nice. In the past, I thought I would only be able to manage one ex-wife. Today, that number is three. It would be nice if one of them was deceased; however, it would be a game changer if all of them were. Never when I was young could I even think about someone with a prison record. Today, a white collar criminal could be thought about, especially if he is still somewhat wealthy, and I’ve made certain that he is not an ax murderer or something else equally terrible. Even with all these adaptations, I have had to

adopt a more basic yard stick. It starts with “Did he buy the coffee?” This has become the first question my sisters ask whenever someone new is discussed. I am still stunned and amazed by the following examples. Frog No. 1 – At his invitation, we met for coffee. I watched him buy himself a triple latte something. He did not ask if he could get me anything. I dug in. “I am not going to buy my own damn cup of coffee,” I said to myself. After five minutes or so, alas, I felt one of my terrible headaches coming on. I left. I did not even say, “It was nice to meet you,” because it wasn’t. Frog No. 2 – This person I had known for a while as part of a group. He called and asked to meet for coffee as he had something important to discuss. He was waiting when I arrived, said he didn’t want anything and took a seat. Again, I dug in and silently refused to buy myself a cup of coffee. To my amazement, he wanted to talk about a serious relationship. To myself, I thought, “A serious relationship and you didn’t ask me if I wanted anything! No coffee? Is this an omen of what’s to come?” Ha! Frog No. 3 – Now I have to say this one did buy the cup of coffee. For the next ten minutes he talked nonstop about his career in radio. I said “uhhuh” once and “that’s nice” once. Then he said he had to leave. Frog No 4 – This man lives in my building. He told me we belonged together. His English was marginal, but I finally was able to ask his name and agreed to a cup of coffee. He never showed up.

Frog No. 5 – We never got as far as coffee. Over the holidays, I put up a sign saying I was driving to Ohio, and to let me know if anyone needed a ride. This man offered to drive me to Ohio. I asked if he had family or was visiting someone. His answer was that he didn’t know a soul there; however, he would be happy to get me to wherever I was going. He would just wait in the driveway no matter how long it took. I did call my brother-in-law to ask if he minded if someone sat in his driveway for four days. Frog No. 6 – He was the owner of a phone store. His English was so-so, and he said as he helped me pick out a phone that he needed help with his English. I told him I taught English overseas, and we agreed to coffee. On my way out he told me he thought I was wholesome, and he liked that I had good behavior. I am still waiting for my approval from the Wisconsin Dairy Association. Frog 7 – In conclusion, this man bought dinner! Yes, dinner! In the course of conversation, I asked what he would do if he knew he had another fifteen or twenty years of good health ahead of him. He related, in all honesty, that he would stop and pick me up and we would head for an island somewhere. Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks later when I asked him to go with me to the airport and drive my car back. He was not kidding when he said he would give me a break and only charge $40. Damn! I wondered how much the ticket to that island was going to cost!

Frog 8 – This man was an older cab driver. He was a Sikh. As he drove he related he was looking for a new wife. I wished him well in his endeavor. He looked in the rear view mirror and said, “You look like a nice lady.” “Me! Oh, I’m not very nice at all. I don’t go to church much, I like to drink and smoke and use swear words. Now, how much longer is this damn ride going to take?” Sometimes you have to prove your point. I will close with the following observation. At this point, I am not certain the prince will arrive. He is probably out there somewhere, stuck in traffic. As for the rest of it, I believe I am proof of the adage that hope is eternal.

Marianne Taylor

is a recently retired social worker/teacher/paralegal. She made a reentry into the dating world after a long marriage and resides in Washington D.C.

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The Collection The Real “Skinny” on Thread Count: Is it that important? Does it really increase the value of what I am buying? By Clay Spivey When shopping for bedding, whether a mattress, sheets or blankets, we are presented with a multitude of features and benefits to each brand. One of these features is “thread count.” We are led to believe that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Not necessarily. Fabric manufacturing experts and Consumer Reports have a different take on this. Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Not long ago, sheets typically had thread counts of 120 with 60 horizontal and 60 vertical threads. In the 1960s, a sheet with a 180 thread count was considered a luxury. “Now you see 1,000 thread count sheets, but you just can’t get that many threads on a loom,” says Pat Slaven, a textile expert at Consumer Reports. To get that higher number, manufacturers use thinner strands of fabric twisted together as if they were one. Then they double, triple or even quadruple the thread count to make the number more attractive to the consumer. “It ups the count but doesn’t give you a better sheet,” says Slaven. “The sweet spot is 400.” When shopping for sheets here are the most important things to keep in mind: FEEL: Don’t rely solely on numbers! Touch it and feel it! WEAVE: Twill weaves, identified by a diagonal rib or twill line similar to denim, are used to produce strong bedding fabric that can have a softer “drape” than a plain weave and is very breathable. Sateen sheets are woven to create a silky smooth surface with a luminous sheen and wrinkles tend to quickly fall out. Percale sheets are plain in weave, characterized by a matte, crisp finish, but have the most wrinkles. MATERIAL: Synthetic fabrics/micro fibers, while lightweight and often initially smooth, are the ones most likely to rip, pill and NOT be BREATHABLE. Go with Cotton or Bamboo. Cotton is naturally soft, breathable and absorptive. Egyptian cotton, a longer, thinner fiber is used in bedding touting higher thread counts. We are all familiar with the production of cotton, but keep in mind that cotton is the most pesticide-intensive crop on the planet, making it exceptionally toxic for the environment and for those sleeping on the finished cotton sheets.


John S. Gore, Owner, Designer, Allied ASID

Exceptional Design Doesn’t Just Happen Showroom Location: 1307 Enterprise Ave. between Grissom Pkwy. & Seaboard Street Myrtle Beach • 843-692-7844 • 32 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday by Appointment

Bamboo, often called viscose, is soft, cool, clean, green and healthy and is considered naturally more breathable than cotton. Bamboo fibers are longer than Egyptian cotton so naturally softer. It has the ability to absorb sweat and does not adhere to the human body, even in the hottest temperatures. Bamboo sheets have special natural anti-bacterial properties, and are preferred by those suffering from asthma and other lung related problems. Moreover, bamboo sheets are defiant to dust mites and pathogens and keep bugs away from the bed. Clay Spivey is the General Manager of CARILOHA of Myrtle Beach. CARILOHA is a national brand, based in Utah, with a 10 year history of developing and promoting “the Softest Bedding on the Planet.” They have 2 locations in Myrtle Beach, Barefoot Landing and Broadway at the Beach and online at


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SOFTEST BEDDING ON THE PLANET Get the stress-free, blissful feeling of a beach resort vacation in the comfort of your own home. These dreamy-soft bamboo sheets are so incredible that the minute your head hits the pillow you’ll float away on a cloud of softness. Featuring a sleek sateen finish with advanced box-stitch seams, these sheets are perfect for softness and durability. Each set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases, fitting mattresses up to 18” deep.

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“Your Hometown Auto Repair” Not Your Mother’s Furniture by Pamela Burris Buying furniture is the third largest investment families make in a lifetime, coming only after their home and car, and shopping smart can save costly mistakes. Usually, when a family buys furniture, they haven’t purchased in a long time – maybe 15 or 20 years.

Love your car in 2018!

Maybe you’re moving into a new home that’s nothing like your old home or just updating your look – and you have no idea what to do. Seek out a professional who is ready to help you make the right choice for you and your family. Furniture has changed dramatically in the past decade. Life is more casual, and families want to live on their furniture. Due to EPA regulations, no type of stain protection is done on finished furniture, but fabrics can now perform in so many different ways! Crypton, a new fabric, is stain repellant, moisture resistant, odor resistant, non-leeching and antimicrobial due to silver in the fabric’s technology. Think eating utensils. You can have a white sofa and never worry about red wine or fruit juice spills – even mustard comes right out. It’s so important to tell your sales person how you live, so we can lead you down the right path. Without help, the beautiful sofa you purchased, that looked great in the showroom, may not look the same in your home. An expert is really important for the consumer to get the right fit. Most of us love the family heirlooms we have and want them to work with our new furniture. I can help you seamlessly acclimate what you love with what you’re purchasing. My daughter loved a family piece, a large, antique secretary, but wasn’t sure what she could do with it. We made it into a bar! It’s really cool. We made it work by repurposing it. Maybe you want to just replace your sofa – remember, the rest of the things in your room are still going to be there. Having a designer come into your home can help you integrate the new piece, making sure it is not the wrong scale or fit for the rest of your furniture. Be sure the professional you work with really listens to you. Be honest about your needs and make a new friend! Let me know how I can help! Pamela Burris is the Design Center Manager of Ethan Allen Furniture, 575 Market Court, Myrtle Beach, on the Coastal Grand Mall property. Give her a call at 843-916-8440.

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You Can’t Put a Price on That by Carol Hartsoe

As I entered my dusty attic I was determined to clean, sort and de-clutter. I removed many boxes of outgrown clothes and made a pile to take to our local thrift store. I went through plastic tubs of holiday treasures and old toys and actually reduced them by at least half. I was extremely proud of myself and was glad to know that these items would help someone in need, or just simply be enjoyed by others.

were among the many things I photographed that day.

And then, I came across a box of items that had once belonged to my mom and grandmother. My progress slowed as I took them out of the box one by one, and just sat remembering.

One morning as I was doing laundry I suddenly realized I had missed something important: An ordinary item, but equally valuable in terms of family keepsakes; my laundry basket.

Then I started wondering. I wondered if my children would know what those items were and if they would keep them as I had done. Some of those items would be considered vintage, and quite valuable. All of these things would someday belong to my children and grandchildren. I hoped that they would not view them as non-important. Knowing their penchant for having yard sales I began to have serious concerns. Then an idea began to bloom.

Laugh if you will, but yes, a picture of my harvest gold, plastic laundry basket has a special place in the album. Included is this letter to my children:

I went downstairs to get my camera and took pictures of each item. I planned to put these pictures in an album and write details about each one. The girls would know where we got them and learn about the people we got them from. I found myself snapping pictures all over the house. I realized we possessed a number of valuable antiques that had been passed down to us. A great-grandfather’s rocking chair, my grandmother’s victrola and an oak washstand

As you know, we got married as soon as your dad finished his basic training with the Air Force. We traveled over 2000 miles away to his first duty station and began shopping for things we would need for our first home. We didn’t have enough money for everything but did get the most basic items.

My photo album turned out great. I also included little stories about my parents and grandparents so that future generations would get a glimpse into the lives of relatives never met, providing of course, that my children took care of this album and passed it along.

Dear Girls, This laundry basket is one of the first things your dad and I purchased as a married couple over forty-four years ago.

You may wonder why a laundry basket is important enough to be included in this album and why it is one of my favorite things: First of all it reminds me of my younger years as a newlywed. Even doing laundry with your dad was exciting back then. I won’t lie… laundry is no longer exciting. Although washing clothes has become rather routine and ordinary over the years, I have decided that this is no ordinary laundry basket. Not only has it been sturdy enough to last through forty-four years of laundry, it has been useful for many other things.


This basket has been flipped over to serve as a step stool for me, and was a great way to transport gallons of sweet tea to church and family events. It was there for you girls as a car, train or airplane. You were great at pretending!

South Myrtle Beach 843-626-7272

It has been a table for you to write or color on, and for tea parties as well. It was a swing (when our backs were young) and a cart to pull you around in. (There are pictures somewhere.)

Myrtle Beach (Kings Rd) 843-839-1777

Do you remember that this basket was once a sail boat, pirate ship, race car and a cage for your “zoo” of stuffed animals? Sometimes it was a place for you to sit and look at storybooks and occasionally, a napping place. Puppies and turtles often found themselves trapped inside with a little help from you two.

Garden City 843-357-6400

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Socastee 843-293-7272 Conway 843-347-7272

Little did we know when we bought this laundry basket that we would share it with two precious girls of our own, and two equally precious granddaughters. They used it too. (There are pictures somewhere.) Perhaps one day their children will find the same uses for this old relic of ours. I don’t doubt that they will find new uses as well.

Well girls, I suppose you now see the importance of keeping this old laundry basket instead of including it in your weekend yard sales. Sometimes it may appear empty, but don’t be deceived…there’s a lot of history in there, and maybe a lot of future too.

over 80 shops under 1 roof!

You can’t put a price on that. P.S. Take pictures. Love, Mom

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Carol Hartsoe

enjoys adding to her album as life goes along. She lives and writes from her home on the coast of NC, and continues to do laundry with the same basket she bought as a newlywed, forty – four years ago.

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Unplug and Enjoy! Family Fun Nights If your home is like many, meaning everyone spends a lot of time in front of a screen, then you might want to surprise the kids or grandkids with some old and new games that will keep everyone involved.

Put the cell phones in a basket and get ready to have fun!

Bean Boozled

This is a hilarious and funny game that uses Jelly Belly jellybeans and a spinner. You’ll never know if you’ll be eating a strawberry jellybean or one that tastes like moldy cheese. (Trust me, the kids will love this!)


This classic game never loses its appeal and has recently been updated! Older kids will love trying to give clues without using any of the “taboo” words.

Pie Face!

If you’ve never played Pie Face, get ready to laugh – especially at yourself if you get the “pie” in your face. Score points every time you turn the handle without getting splatted!


Another classic that is fun for the entire family. Divide your group into teams and get ready to race against the clock!


If you have little ones, this classic game is perfect. Great for preschoolers and the action is quick, fun and keeps their attention.

Go Fish and Old Maid are simple card games that provide

hours of fun. Look for decks with colorful illustrations rather than print, making it easy for everyone to play.

Checkers is a classic game that grandparents can easily teach


Whatever game you choose, be ready for some memory-making fun!

February 2018 Through 4/29

“Dinosaurs,” exhibit at Brookgreen Gardens

open 9am – 5pm daily. $8 for adults and $4 ages 4-12, in addition to garden admission. For more info, call 843-235-6000 or visit


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Theatre of the Republic, Conway. For more info, call 843-488-0821,


8, 20

FPC Concert Series: First Presbyterian Church

1:30 pm both days, Myrtle Beach. 8th-Bella Hristova, violin; 20th-Yekwon Sunwoo, piano. For more info, call 843-448-4496 or visit


Annual Myrtle Beach Stamp and Postcard Show

River Walk Inn & Suites in Myrtle Beach (formerly Clarion Hotel & Conference Center). Sat. 10 am-5 pm, Sun. 10 am-4pm, free admission and appraisals. For more info, call 843-347-0087 or e-mail


Chocolate & Champagne for the Creatures

The Odd Couple

Swamp Fox Players, Strand Theatre, Front Street, Georgetown. For times and ticket info, call 843-527-2924 x 1, or visit


24 Annual Horry County Museum Quilt Gala th

10 am-4 pm both days, Ocean Lakes Campground Recreation Center. For more info, call 843-915-5320 or visit


Seventh Annual Collector’s Event, to benefit The Myrtle Beach Art Museum

fundraiser for SC Cares Animal Rescue, 5-9 pm, Inlet Affairs, Murrells Inlet, $35 per person or $60 per couple. For more info, call 843-546-7893 or visit

5-7 pm, preview at 4 pm, Collector’s Café, Myrtle Beach, $150 per ticket for one person and a guest. For more info, call 843-238-3510 or visit



“Late Winter Gardening,” presented by Katie Dickenson of Moore Farms Botanical Garden, 9:30am, Waccamaw Library, Pawleys Island. For more info, email Lowcountry Herb Society at


Spring Home Show

Myrtle Beach Convention Center, 10 am – 6 pm Fri. & Sat., 11 am – 5 pm Sun., $5 adults, under 16 free. For more info, call 843-438-4124 or visit

Moveable Feast Amy Webb discusses, Stones at Crossing

Café Piccolo, 11 am, $30. For more info, call 843-235-9600 or visit

March 1-3

Myrtle Beach Marathon Weekend

events for all ages. For more info, call 843-293-RACE or visit

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