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January 2021

“The future is ours so be courageous & stay inspired for the first time in a long time, the future is brighter.� -sheshe

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January 2021 “Starting a New Life” Contents Volume 20, Issue 1

About the Cover Artists: Michael Garmash began painting at the age of three in Lugansk, Ukraine, 1969. By age six he started his formal education at the Lugansk Youth Creative Center. Recognizing rare, natural talent, his teachers sent his works to a variety of exhibitions in the then Soviet Union. An award-winning artist from the onset, Mr. Garmash received first prizes at several juried exhibitions. In 1987, Mr. Garmash began teaching at Lugansk State Fine Art College. From 1989 to 1991, he served in the army where he met his wife and partner, Inessa. Inessa Garmash has excelled in the arts since early childhood. Proving herself in ballet, gymnastics and music, Ms. Garmash attended classes in all three disciplines and, after graduating from music and ballet school, entered the Lugansk Fine Art School at age fifteen. At seventeen she was accepted as that year’s best undergraduate to the Lugansk State Fine Art School. Together they create a classic impressionism that remains both beautiful and timeless. To see or purchase more of M. & I. Garmash’s artwork:

Cutter & Cutter Fine Art Gallery, Florida or visit www.cutterandcutter.com/artist/m-i-garmash/

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Let’s See What Develops by Glenda Ferguson


Jordan Lazarus: Learning to Live the Lekker Lifestyle by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson


Happiness Doesn’t Have Wrinkles by Erika Hoffman


Johanna Maggio: Doctor and Dreamer by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson


Waking with a Smile by Melissa Face


Meet Wally Hash: Sunspace of Myrtle Beach by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson


Nancy Aborn Wuennemann: Reinvention with Intention by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson


January Calendar of Events


The Open Door by Rachel Remick


Nothing Could Be Finer Than to be in Carolina by Janet Meuwissen

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from the Editor

Publisher Delores Blount Sales & Marketing Director Susan Bryant Editor Sarah Elaine Hawkinson I cannot count the amount of times I have said the words “new year, new me!” What about you? How many times have you spoken these positive words into existence – and then really taken action to achieve it? The year of 2020 was consumed with unanswered questions starting with the anxious phrase of “What If…?” But, what if this is our chance to truly challenge ourselves to exceed what we have always known to be true and blatantly comfortable? What if this is our chance to learn something new or discover a part of ourselves that we didn’t know existed? What if this is our chance to shed our narrow mindsets to make room for us to fully blossom? I know we have all experienced loss this year: jobs, loved ones, ourselves. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or soulfully, a change has indeed happened to all of us. The real question now is, how are you pushing yourself to change during this life-altering time? I’m hoping you’re thinking to yourself, for the better, and if not, that’s okay too. You always have time to ignite a change within. I believe it takes a leap of faith and a good support system. We must continue to check on ourselves as well as our loved ones. We must remember that we are never alone. “Sometimes all you can do is accept there’s not much else you can do, and sometimes all you can do is control how well you let go of control.” -Lori Deschene

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We as humans crave security and consistency because it makes our lives, well, easier. Unfortunately, we do not always own rights to the ups and downs in life. The world is continually spinning and carrying on regardless of if we are “ready.” When facing a future of unknown, it is necessary for us to learn to let go of what we cannot control and instead practice hope and gratitude for the things that we can control. It is more often your own mindset than it is the world that is truly holding you back. I encourage you to start your 2021 off right, by reading inspiring stories and learning life lessons from the brave women featured in this issue.

Sasee is published monthly and distributed free along the Grand Strand. Letters to the editor are welcome, but could be edited for length. Submissions of articles and art are welcome. Visit our website for details on submission.

Stay safe, sane, & sunny,

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Let’s See What Develops by Glenda Ferguson

Learning something new was fun. I certainly developed a new appreciation for photography skills and off-the-wall fish tales.

The newspaper headline announced, “Photograph Your Forest – Summer Contest.” With so much time spent indoors and social distancing this spring, I read the rest of the article with interest: “Capture spectacular views, special moments and hidden gems.” The contest was judged by the Hoosier National Forest rangers. I printed out the listing of the forest destinations and circled the ones nearby. Only three things were holding me back from entering the contest. I definitely was not a photographer, but I was retired and wanted to learn something new. I did not own a camera, but I just purchased an iPad. I was not the kind that wandered around the forest, but my husband Tim and I lived near much of the 203,000 acres of Indiana public land. The deadline was next month and, if I wanted to get a winning summer photo, I needed a sunny forecast. I showed the article to Tim and said, “We need to be on alert for a pleasant summer day.” Tim said, “And we will be doing what and going where?” I patiently pointed out that I (we) would be traveling to a lake about an hour away to take photos for the contest. He said, “Let’s hope this pleasant day has low temperatures and humidity.” “Of course, this will be fun,” I said. I charged up my iPad so that at a moment’s notice, we would be able to hit the trail. I honed my photography skills for the right moment. I studied endless videos demonstrating the best angles for the perfect photo. I explored settings for my iPad. Using outdoor-themed magazines, I analyzed winning photos taken by professional photographers. There were only two weeks left until the deadline. Most days were cloudy with rain off and on. Finally, after a morning shower, the afternoon promised sunny skies. I alerted Tim about the trip, and he changed into a t-shirt and shorts. Into a bag went my iPad and directions to the lake. My old canvas shoes went into the back seat. I noticed 8 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

that Tim was loading up the trunk with, of all things, a fishing pole. Before I could ask him what he was doing, he grabbed his uncle’s mounted fish off the garage wall! It had been hanging there for the past five years when his uncle had gone to live in a nursing home. Tim said, “I’m taking Uncle Jude’s fish. I’ll stand next to the lake with my fishing pole, and you can take my picture. It’ll look like I caught this five-pound bass.” There were words I wanted to say and expressions I wanted to make that were not very wife-like. Just two months earlier, Uncle Jude passed away in the nursing home. Due to restrictions during the pandemic, we were not able to visit with him. Tim and I were coping with his loss. If Tim wanted to celebrate with a humorous photo of his uncle’s thirty-year-old mounted fish, who was I to stifle his fun? When we pulled into the parking lot of the lake, the sun was out with only a few dark clouds drifting away. The lake was sparkling as I walked out onto the wooden dock.  I photographed the lake from that vantage point, using the surface as a mirror to reflect the sky and trees. For a perfect angle, I waded into the cattails and took a photo of the lake with a birdhouse in the foreground. Using a zoom feature, I captured two canoes in the distance. I was sure one of the photos would be the winner in the Nature Category. I was so focused, I didn’t notice where Tim went. “I’m going to bring the fish and my pole,” Tim said from the parking lot. I thought to myself, ok, I’ll take a few funny photos and that will be it. Tim was grinning from ear to ear as he posed. The fishing pole was leaning against the railing of the dock. Tim had both arms around the fish, which hid the wooden mounting. After three photos, Tim viewed each one. Each photo made it seem like the fish had just been caught. From my angle,

I could barely notice the layer of dust around the fish gills. Tim was pleased. Back home, I chose one photo – a view of the lake with the birdhouse in the foreground – and submitted it in the contest. Tim said, “Why don’t you enter my photo in the Recreation Category? Then tell the history behind it, about Uncle Jude catching it and having it mounted.” I reluctantly agreed, thinking the forest rangers would have a good laugh at the photo. We called it “Off-the-Wall Catch.”

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In September we received an email about the results of the contest. I was disappointed to find out that I was not the winner in the Nature Category. So much for trying to find the best lighting and angles, I thought. But the email went on regarding the photo of Tim:  “Everyone loved the humor and history behind it and that it shows how memories are made by families visiting the Forest. ‘Off-the-Wall Catch’ won first place in the Recreation Category.  Congratulations!” Tim was laughing. I was shaking my head in disbelief. Learning something new was fun. I certainly developed a new appreciation for photography skills and off-the-wall fish tales.


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Glenda Ferguson is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and numerous publications. She volunteers with Indiana Landmarks. Tim and Glenda have been married for 35 years. Sasee.com :: January 2021 :: 9

Jordan Lazarus: Learning to Live the Lekker Lifestyle by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Lekker [Lack-ah]: South African slang adjective meaning the best of the best; “Local is lekker!” If there is anyone who can teach us about the lekker lifestyle, it is our very own, Myrtle Beach born and raised, Jordan Lazarus. Jordan takes pride in her roots and loves the tight-knit community we have here. Her family is and always has been very close. The big family gatherings have always been hosted in Jordan’s home, which is where she first got her hands dirty in the kitchen by helping her mom prepare meals. Growing up, Jordan loved exploring the area and was always at the beach or on the boat. After she graduated from Myrtle Beach High School in 2010, she began her studies at the College of Charleston. She graduated with a degree in arts management and a double minor in studio art and theatre in 2014. All of her friends were seeking out jobs and places to direct their next steps in life, but Jordan did not want to just pick a place or settle on a job. She craved adventure and wanted to continue exploring the world. Jordan’s older sister, Tia, has always been her confidant and someone she looks up to, so Jordan asked her for advice. They discussed a mutual friend who was in the work of yachting and gathered information from her on how to get started. Two weeks after college graduation, she sold her car and used her graduation money to buy a one-way ticket to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She stayed in a crew house and completed the course to be deemed qualified to work at sea. Shortly after, she moved onto her first private yacht where she worked as a stewardess and deckhand. She stayed on each boat for about a year and took travel vacations for a couple of months in between yachting. She eventually worked her way up to lead stewardess and lived like this for a total of 6 years. She says, “It’s a 5-star hotel on water.” 10 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

She was working 13-16 hours a day nonstop and still living it up across many countries until 2016 when her whole world changed. Jordan is a resilient and strong woman, so when she did not feel well, she knew something was really wrong. At first, she tried to blame her exhaustion on her strict work ethic. Once she realized she lost 12 pounds in a week and was constantly thirsty even though she was chugging water, she knew there was more to it. No one took her very seriously at first, but once she informed the captain of the lumps she discovered on her lower abdomen, he insisted she needed help. The next morning, she went to the hospital in Catania, Italy, along with a translator because no one spoke English. There she was in a bum hospital, curled up on the floor, sick, helpless, and asleep in the arms of her translator. Jordan always hated needles and her mother would give her chocolate to help calm her down. The translator retrieved some candy from the vending machine and as she was indulging in her only comfort, the doctors came by to run more tests. They pricked her finger to test her blood sugar and were astonished by the results. Their eyes shot open real big as they snatched the chocolate from her hands and preceded to yell loudly in Italian. This was the moment Jordan was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that she had no way of preventing, Type 1 Diabetes. She headed home for a few months to learn how to live her new lifestyle. She even started a blog which can be found on Instagram: butfirst_insulin. She wanted to share her story and mindset because she does not want anyone in the DOC (Diabetic Online Community) to feel alone. She explained, “We were all given the same diagnosis and told there is so

in a desert for 12 days, danced her heart out at AfrikaBurn festivals, and hiked Table Mountain – Jordan was truly on top of the world. Since she survived this extraordinary situation, she decided to return to her exciting yachting work. Unfortunately, she was having to run around in a skort with no place to keep her finger-pricking device and having to eat foods on board with unknown ingredients. These circumstances were not quite healthy for her diagnosis. To continue yachting, Jordan knew she would have to advance her role on the boat. She needed to be the one making the food, so she enrolled in the South African Chefs Academy in Cape Town. Jordan was immersed in food all day every day. On top of culinary school, she worked for a bakery at a local market and worked as a student chef at a luxury hotel. She also trained under one of Italy’s Top Chefs at his home Chef’s Table. Jordan always loved food, but this new chapter that originally started as a need in order to keep up with her lifestyle turned into a passion. Who knew she would end up using her college degree, I mean, after all, food IS art. After a year of delicious training and a well-deserved diploma, she made her way home in December of 2018 for Christmas, then immediately took off for her first job in her tall chef’s hat.

much we CANNOT do, but I am here to tell the world about what we CAN still do.” Once she became well acquainted with her daily routine and less afraid of needles, she decided she wanted to push herself into an out-of-this-world situation to prove she could still live her same adventurous life, just with more caution. Everyone told her how much her life would change with her debilitating disease, so naturally, as everyone was telling her what she cannot do, she replied with a smile that actually meant, “watch me!” She traveled through South Africa for 3 months. She camped

As a new sous/crew chef, she spent the next year on the yacht cooking her way through Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, and New Zealand. She could not believe she was being paid to cook cool foods she had never even heard of for 16 crewmen every day and having the time of her life. She would gather fresh produce from the island markets and was even able to visit the farms where the items originated to pick them herself. Along the way, she discovered she has a real palate. She has the gift of tasting a meal before ever actually eating it. She can think up a specific flavor, imagine all of the ingredients to master it, and then taste in the kitchen what she originally tasted in her brain - a very neat connection to make. Jordan’s mom visited her on her last stop in New Zealand and they discussed how everyone was doing back home. Once her mom returned to the states, Jordan began to feel like she was missing out on quality time with her loved ones. With family meaning so much to her, she could not fathom the idea of being abroad any longer because she truly

adventure. Jordan was held to such a high standard for so long out at sea that she now carries those same standards throughout her life and her new business. She has created her own new adventure based on her past adventures. Jordan explains, “It lights a fire under me! I was so worried about coming home and losing my adventure, but with Lekker Eats, because it is so influenced by lekker (lack-ah), it is my taste of adventure. Everything I have seen, done, and tasted, has brought me to Lekker Eats, and is my way of giving out just a snippet of what I have learned.”

felt she should be at home spending time with her family instead. Here she was, living with Type 1 Diabetes and told she would never do any of the exotic things she ended up showing the world she could. All in all, she has traveled to 38 countries, jumped out of numerous planes, scuba dived all over, swam with bull sharks (with no cage), bungee jumped in 2 of the highest places in the world, and so many other rad experiences – y’all need to see this lady’s bucket list. She decided to put her travels on pause knowing she can always travel again and made her way back in December of 2019 to the Grand Strand. When Jordan visited home, she always attended yoga classes at Living Yoga and Wellness. The owner informed her about a YTT 200 Hour yoga training they were hosting and of course, she signed up (go take her class – you will not regret it). During her weeks of training to become certified, she cooked and fed all of the other yogis. They raved over her cuisine and it sparked yet again a new adventure. For two weeks, she took orders, meal prepped, and delivered her special packages. Then the pandemic happened, and her new idea came to a halt. Over the summer she was fortunate to be able to work as the general manager at Wild, Water, and Wheels, which her parents own. She is not an office gal and needs her creativity, so even though she loves the family business, she knew it was not her forever career. All summer long, she thought about those two weeks of experience and she dreamt up her business plan in order to bring “Lekker Eats” to life. In September, the day the summer season ended, she officially started her new 12 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

Lekker Eats is not just about food. It is a lifestyle and a way Jordan can express herself and her creativity, which is so important to her. Jordan’s business promotes that it IS possible to truly live, regardless of diabetes and regardless of life’s ups and downs. This year, the world has been dark for so many, and Jordan hopes to be that “little glimmer of light located in your fridge.” Her new venture makes her feel the proudest she has ever been of herself, and rightfully so. To be able to give love to people’s homes is so special to her. Jordan ended our conversation with, “Good food, great company, beautiful views – isn’t that what life is all about?” Jordan can always find the sweetness in everything. She is excited to grow with the business and see where this next adventure takes her in life, but we are all aware that no matter what the next chapter is for Jordan, it will most definitely be lekker. “Every day that I walk into work, I am like a cowboy on a bull at a rodeo. Every day is a new adventure for me in this kitchen. If I could hug Lekker Eats, I would hug it so tight and never let go.” -Jordan

For more information or to place an order, please visit www.lekkereats.com

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Sasee.com :: January 2021 :: 13

Happiness Doesn’t Have Wrinkles by Erika Hoffman

I feel self-care means preventing loneliness, preventing irrelevance, preventing mental stagnation by engaging in activities that promote one’s self-esteem. Le Bonheur n ’a pas de Rides isn’t easy reading if you’re not French. In it are idioms and slang of a present-day 34-yearold French writer, who self-published her novel about an 85-year-old woman, who gets stuck in an old folks’ home in the middle of nowhere. Why try to decipher this newly published book when you need to consult a Larousse dictionary every couple of words? Your time at the university studying French Literature was forty-five years ago. At your age, wouldn’t it be more practical to learn how to knit booties for grandkids or attend a Williams-Sonoma cooking demonstration, or lift weights at a fitness center? Isn’t it more enjoyable to sail off on a Rhine River cruise with retired folks whose biggest worry is missing reduced priced drinks at happy hour and then maybe tripping over the high thresholds for the WC or perhaps fretting over whether your accouterments for pool aerobics are “au courante” enough? Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to spend energy on volunteering to teach ESL at your local public school or sorting gently used clothing at the PTA Thrift Shop or altruistically nailing on roofs for Habitat? Perhaps the answer to all the above questions is a resounding “Oui,” “Bien Sur,” “Absolument!”

diverse selections available for the taking! Often, when people think of self-care, images of physical activity, psychological therapy, medical treatments, massages, or cosmetic procedures come to mind. But when I hear the words “self-care,” my mind leaps to learning. I like to expand on what I learned long ago. I feel self-care means preventing loneliness, preventing irrelevance, preventing mental stagnation by engaging in activities that promote one’s self-esteem. For me, there’s nothing that makes me feel prouder of myself than listening to a French speaker and grasping the content of his words, or reading a foreign book and understanding the story in its original language, or conversing in a strange tongue – not my native one – but one learned the hard way – one “mot” at a time. To me, feeling good about myself means accomplishing something – a “fait accompli!” And that’s my definition of self-care. Perpetual learning is how I practice self-care.

Yet, there comes a time in one’s life when one wants to do what makes a person happy, not necessarily what everyone thinks one should do when one reaches such-and-such age. At Duke University is a program called OLLI, which is the acronym for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute; this continuing education program is geared toward retired folks who want to learn for the love of learning. All sorts of classes are offered, and the fee is extremely reasonable. If you desire to learn Qigong or how to work your digital camera, or master magic tricks for grandparents, or become versed in the plays of Henrik Ibsen, there’s a class for you. These few mentioned here comprise a small part of the multitude of 14 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

Erika Hoffman studied English and French Literature at Duke – shall we say a few years ago? Now, she writes and gets to live her life over again, one vignette at a time, except for time spent consulting a French dictionary, learning something new!

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Johanna Maggio: Doctor and Dreamer by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

make shell jewelry for the rest of her life, she better know how to sell it. Art was her first love, but science, her true love, came later. After graduating, Johanna and six other college girlfriends, who she is still close to after two decades, moved out to California together. She landed a job for a designer named Lotta Stenson who hired her to design a Fashion Week press kit. She then connected with Lotta’s publicist, Tristan, who later became Johanna’s mentor, boss, and business partner. They had a small boutique public relations firm on Sunset Boulevard, Haute PR. Johanna loved her time living the hills life in her twenties, from the work to the scenes and parties. After five years of business, the prosperous pair traveled on a work vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Before she ever dreamed of becoming a doctor, Johanna was raised on a five-mile barrier island off the southern coast of New Jersey. She grew up a beach kid, always outdoors exploring marine biology, collecting shells for art projects, rocking her Birkenstocks, and hanging out with the local surfers. Johanna is an only child and believes that this circumstance taught her the true value of having a good friend and being a good friend. Johanna may have been nurtured by a village, but her true sense of self comes from the woman who truly raised her, her grandmother. “My grandmother stressed the importance of education and of things that money could not buy and that no one could take away from you – a good vocabulary, manners, and resilience were everything,” Johanna explained. Her grandmother’s fierce independence is blatantly visible and bursting from within Johanna, like a bright fire lit for a lifetime. From the young age of eleven, Johanna has shown a relentless work ethic. During her time at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, she worked at a bar that got her through her first two degrees. She studied art and business because her grandmother insisted that if she was going to 16 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

They lived their Gypset lifestyle for three months as they researched local brands and island talent. Johanna celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday on island time, which had her feeling nostalgic about her love for the beach life and her worn-down Rainbow flip-flops. The day before she had to leave, she saw an ad in the local paper about a non-profit social services organization that desperately needed help. She did not have time to put a resumé together nor did she have anything to put on that resumé that would deem her qualified for this job, but as you could probably guess, she decided to go for it anyway. She pulled up to a treehouse otherwise known as their office and begged a very large Hawaiian man for a chance to stay and help. Two days later, she donated the majority of her things, packed the rest in her old silver 300D, and shipped it off to the Big Island. She knew when she moved that she wanted and needed a new chapter. Johanna had no idea what it would be, but like always, she trusted her gut. Through her work at the organization, she befriended a local doctor who became her inspiration to go down the path of medicine. She said, “the little science nerd by the ocean that I

that she is still undeniably in love with her college sweetheart, Harry Glenmore Bates IV. They were together all four years and would often visit Murrells Inlet to stay with Harry’s family for holidays and celebrations. After two decades of no communication post break up, Johanna found herself overwhelmed by this simple text from a sensational, southern man. She was in shock and did not get back on the train. After a few quick-witted texts back and forth, he called. She bought a cheap pair of flipflops on the street to replace her heels and walked the city all night long as the two caught up. As soon as they hung up the phone, which was probably the sunrise of the following morning, Johanna thought to herself, “It’s always been Harry!”

was as a little girl, met her readiness to do something that wasn’t about me. Most people are better, and feel better about themselves, when they are helping others.” The native, female doctor took a special approach to connect with patients, the village approach, which is exactly the kind of provider Johanna strived (and successfully came) to be. Five years later, Johanna was accepted as a Hillman Scholar into the same Nurse Practitioner program at New York University as her extraordinary predecessor. After completing her degree, she continued to become a Doctor of Advanced Practice. She learned more in-depth about the art of medicine and patient care. She started her career in medicine at the age of thirty and between schools, residencies, and internships, she claims she spent the entire fourth decade of her life in school, but with no regret. On a not-so-random Friday after work, as Johanna was trudging in her heels while transferring trains during rush hour in New York City, her phone buzzed with the most surprising and exciting text she could’ve received. We need to backtrack a little as I have left out (and have been patiently waiting to relay) some vital information regarding Johanna’s story. You already know all about her unconditional love for family, friends, art, science, and helping others, but what you don’t know is the fact

In December of 2018, Johanna moved once again back to the beach life, and finally, back to the love of her life. She and Harry are waiting to tie the knot once it is safe for all of their loved ones to dance and celebrate together. The fiancés reminisce by listening to the Where the Crawdads Sing book on tape. Johanna says, “The author’s elegant descriptions of her sacred marsh reminded me of how I felt first coming to the Inlet.” She dreamt of holidays outside surrounded by magnolia trees and twinkly lights amongst the Spanish moss as she remembered so vividly all those years ago – and has found herself overwhelmingly blessed to be able to do it all again, forever. Johanna, not coming from a big family, loves how big and wonderful Harry’s family is and adores how close they all are. They do lots of laughing and Johanna truly treasures how Harry’s family welcomes her to be a part of theirs. When Johanna speaks of her soon-to-be mother-inlaw, she states, “I really look up to her - she is the one who should be in magazines.” Johanna’s love life isn’t the only thing that changed with her move to the Grand Strand. She now drives a car and has an actual yard. She uses a washer and dryer and no longer stores shoes in her oven. She lived off of NYC takeout for the last ten years, but now eats gourmet meals prepared by Harry. They roast oysters and clams, cook fish they caught the day of, and even roll their own sushi. She now has a dog and two awesome teenage boys to hang out with, thanks to Harry. Johanna did not daydream much about marriage and kids before Harry and the boys, but now being a part of her new tribe, she explains her feelings: “Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I had many different people take part in teaching me and caring for me, in helping me grow, and inspiring me. I get to give that back now. I get to pay it forward from the other side of the village.” Johanna takes time for herself by continuing her pastime of making crafts using oyster shells. The couple loves to Sasee.com :: January 2021 :: 17

dance and very much misses live music, but they still dance together at home to gross out the kids. Johanna also spends much of her time working on projects around their beautiful, historic inlet house. Although it’s a work in progress, she is determined to restore their home and make it a reflection of their family. The house is full of silly, candid photos and it is her absolute favorite place. Johanna is a big contender of always having a trip planned, even a small one, to look forward to. She attests that travel is so important and is grateful for the perspectives it’s given her throughout life. She says, “The boys ask me a lot about the places I’ve traveled to and the countries I’ve seen. I love that. They are so curious, and I can’t wait to watch them discover this big world.” Johanna’s work also changed quite a bit with her move. She practices family medicine and is double board-certified in Adult-Geriatric Primary Care and HIV. Her ongoing clinical practice research interests are trauma and disease that affect surfers and dermatology. In New York, her work predominantly revolved around caring for people living with HIV. Her first day at the clinic here, she had a patient who had fallen and came in with oyster shells in parts of her bathing suit one would never want oyster shells. “This condition requires an X-ray post shell extraction – which was not a big concentration of my urban medical training,” Johanna laughed, “Continuing to learn every day is one of my favorite things.” Johanna says working at Southern Urgent/ Primary Care is the first time she’s ever felt like she was working with family, thanks to her colleagues and patients. She explained that patients return to her practice after an urgent visit to establish primary care for exactly that reason. I asked Johanna, the high caliber doctor, how she defines good health. She told me she believes that good health, true health, requires a bio/psycho/social approach. She tries her best to be a part of this healing revolution by actively

participating in patient empowerment. She listens to her patient’s needs and teaches them through photos and drawings to ensure that they have a good understanding of their injury or disease. As far as physical health, she encourages a foundation of a heart-healthy balanced diet, good sleep hygiene, outdoor exercise, adequate hydration, and limiting alcohol. Equally important, if not more, is mental health and understanding its relation to physical health. She believes in love, food, and then medicine. She explains, “Our health is determined in part by access to social and economic opportunities; the resources and supports available; the quality of our schooling; the safety of our workplaces; the cleanliness of our water, food, and air; and the nature of our social interactions and relationships. We were not built to survive alone for too long. I am always talking to the boys about being a part of their community, local or global, chosen or required. To live a healthy lifestyle, we need the kindness, respect, and support of one another.” Johanna’s work is serious, but when she is not at work, she often does not want to be serious and longs to laugh as much as she possibly can. It’s her favorite thing in the world and her absolute favorite thing about Harry has always been his ability to make her laugh uncontrollably. Johanna describes this new chapter of her life as a “new kind of busy, not straightened up, wild dream come true.” The fairytale couple knows people don’t often get second chances, so gratitude is everything to them. Johanna said she has only ever had one refrigerator magnet in her life, and it said, “everything will be ok in the end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.” She has stuck by this motto as well as the many lessons taught by her grandmother and it has clearly done her some good. We could all use a bit of Johanna’s fire lit within us. I hope reading her story has sparked the flame within you to never settle or give up, to always look for the good, and to forever find the time for a good laugh with the ones you love.

18 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

Locally Owned & Operate for 26 Yead rs

Cars • Trucks • SUVs Maintenance • Diagnostic • AC & Heating • Brakes Cooling System • Check Engine Light Charging System • Power Steering

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For All Your Legal Needs. Our Areas of Practice Family Law • Estate Planning Probate Administration • Corporations Community Associations • Civil Litigation Debt Collection • Real Estate

V. Lee Moore • Sarah A. Johnson • Elizabeth J. Saraniti • Angela D. Harrison (843) 650-9757 • GrandStrandLawyers.com 1271 Glenns Bay Road, Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Sasee.com :: January 2021 :: 19

Waking with a Smile by Melissa Face

“I love that you are always happy to see me in the morning,” my son Evan said a few years ago, “That’s one of the reasons you’re such a great mom.” I won’t even pretend that I didn’t love that honest compliment from my firstborn. It made me feel appreciated, as though my efforts had been noticed. Is it wrong to categorize smiling at my children as effort? Something that requires actual work? Well, when my child is crying at 2:00 in the morning with a fever and an earache, and I still have to get ready for work at 5:00, then yes. Appearing joyful, even when looking at the beautiful children I’ve created, can require effort.

The following Monday, I set my alarm (even though I didn’t have to) for two hours earlier than my children typically woke up. When my alarm went off, I contemplated hitting snooze, then I remembered that I was making time for myself, and it was important. I was important. I went downstairs, brewed some dark roast coffee, poured in a splash of milk, and brought it back to my bedroom in one of my favorite mugs. I opened the blinds so I could catch a glimpse of our hawk and some other visiting woodland creatures. Then I got back in bed with a book and enjoyed my coffee.

For the most part, my first eight years of motherhood were a pretty great balance of teaching English to teenagers during the day and playing with my children at night, on the weekend, and throughout the summer.

For the rest of the spring and summer, I started my day that way: in bed, with a book and a mug of coffee. It was a simple solution but very effective. When my children woke up, I was ready to deal with breakfast battles and daily disasters. When I was in the middle of cleaning up a lunch mess, combing tangled hair, or explaining to my daughter that unfortunately, clothes do not grow with you, I felt calmer and more composed.

Although both roles in my life kept me busy and were at times quite stressful, each provided me a reprieve from the other. So, despite being exhausted from a rigorous schedule of teaching, grading, and mothering, it was still easy to wake up each day and greet my children with a smile.

I knew I could look forward to the next morning and my hour or two of reading time in bed. For the first time in my life, I look forward to my alarm because it’s ringing just for me. Maybe next week I’ll set it even earlier, and I know I will smile when I hear it.

Fortunately, though, that situation was the exception and not the rule.

Then came COVID-19, which resulted in my children learning from home while I taught from home. Every. Single. Day. There was no real change in our routines, no opportunity to go into work for a few hours per day, or even to escape for a while at a local coffee shop. We were together from daybreak until dusk for every lesson, every meal, and every activity. We fared well in the beginning, but after a couple of months, the lack of time to myself began to take a toll. I noticed I was becoming more short-tempered and snappish. I needed to figure something out quickly, and my options were limited. I still cared about starting each day fresh and greeting my children with a smile, but it was hard to do without even a moment to myself. I knew I couldn’t actually leave my home in order to get some alone time, so I decided I had to create my own solace within my living space, my own personal coffee shop experience. 20 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

Melissa Face is the author of I Love You More Than Coffee, an essay collection for parents who love coffee a lot and their kids...a little more. Her essays and articles have appeared in Richmond Family Magazine, ScaryMommy, and twentyone volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Read more at melissaface.com.

Visit us at our NEW LOCATION 1468 Hwy 17 • Little River

843-780-1136 • Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

843-235-3555 8317 Ocean Hwy., Pawleys Island palmettoace.com

“You Deserve Our Best” Independent Living

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Luxury Amenities • Theater • Beauty Salon • Golf Simulator • Pool & Sundeck • Spacious Floor Plans • Maintenance Free Living • Restaurant Style Dining • Fitness Center • Art Studio

843-548-3421 • 2585 Hwy. 179 • Little River, SC 29566 • www.newhavencarolina.com Sasee.com :: January 2021 :: 21

Meet Wally Hash: Sunspace of Myrtle Beach by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

“Forgive the past and look towards a bright future - just keep rollin’ on, that is all we can do!” Wally did not know his birth name was Walter until 4th grade because he always thought he was just “Wally.” He has 7 brothers and sisters who all go by fun names that are not the same names as their birth certificates. Wally uses his 10 years of experience in the military as an inspiration for himself as a way to stay positive and move forward without hesitation. Wally’s 2021 New Year goals are to spend more time with his parents and grandkids, to get healthier, and to be the #1 Sunspace dealer. Wally enjoys being in his store, located in Murrells Inlet, at all times in order to help with customers while displaying his southern hospitality. Wally and his buddies still love to have a good time while not at work and started what they call the “Wally Uber.” They get a group of friends together, rent a U-Haul and switch off designated drivers. They go out to have dinner and a great time together around the area safely. Wally took an early retirement from being a robotic operator for trucks and has now lived on the Grand Strand for 15 years. The biggest lesson Wally learned in 2020 is to never take friends, family, or loved ones for granted. Sunspace of MB is unique because it is a modular sunroom company and offers lifetime warranty. Wally was a single father for 15 years and recently got married last year after a 6 year courtship. Wally suffered from a bad car accident this past year and has learned how to work through the hardships of that plus the pandemic, so he is more than ready for 2021. 22 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

#1 Sunspace Dealer in the Country

e to get Mention Sase

ff 10%orO der any

Specializing in

Aluminum decking, railings, glass railings, porch & veranda conversions with WeatherMaster vertical 4 track windows, Patio and Porch roofs in solid and acrylic, full sunroom additions from screened to enclosed.

“Making Outdoors Livable!� Call us now and let us show you how to improve your family time and your outdoor lifestyle luxury


11690 Highway 17 S Bypass, Frontage Rd, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 www.sunspacemyrtlebeach.com

Nancy Aborn Wuennemann: Reinvention with Intention by Sarah Elaine Hawkinson

Nancy suffered from a gnarly ski accident and was out of school for a while. Once she was able to return, she changed her major to marketing. She started an internship with a television production company which led to her first job where she hosted the lottery 6 nights a week. She was eventually hired as a full-time weather forecaster at a wellknown news station in New Haven, Connecticut. After 18 years of broadcasting, Nancy retired and started a media and marketing company where she coached people how to speak and act professionally on TV. She had a variety of clients which led her to a constant juggling act of a wide assortment of needs from each client. As the executive producer for American Lifestyle TV, she traveled all over the country to feature stories on what makes our country great. She claims, “While I left the business of TV, the business of TV never left me. Even in my work in media and marketing, I was always helping to tell a story which is very fulfilling.”

I officially met the vibrant and brilliant Nancy when I accompanied her to her induction into the Horry Georgetown Home Builders Association. Nancy and I share a passion for connecting with new people and getting the opportunity to share their inspiring stories with the world. I am beyond delighted to share hers with all of you. Nancy was raised by a loving family in Milford, New Hampshire, and she loved to ski. Her original goal in life was to be a water skier at Cyprus Gardens in the summers and to own a ski shop. To accomplish this goal, she decided to study fashion merchandising and retail in college. Like we have all learned this year, sometimes life has another journey in store for us other than what we plan.

24 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

Through the years, Nancy and her husband vacationed along the Grand Strand with their friends. They all joked about moving and starting new lives down here. Well, Nancy actually did it. She undoubtedly knew that whatever her next phase in life was, she wanted it to take place here. She moved to Prince Creek in September of 2017 and is patiently waiting for her husband to retire soon and join her full time here. She says, “I still have one foot in each place, but my heart belongs to the coast.” Nancy is Murrells Inlet’s biggest cheerleader and thinks everyone should come on down. She has had several friends come to visit and the next thing you know, they all started buying houses here too. Nancy’s husband suggested that since she is so good at selling houses and showing others all the cool positives to living the coastal lifestyle, that she should make some money off of it. She started real estate school in 2018 and now works for Real Living Home Realty Group located in Market Commons. She shares her knowledge based on her personal transition knowing the highs and lows and the do’s and don’ts and considers herself a relocation expert.

Once the pandemic started this year, she began to observe all of those citizens who were still working. She noticed that the electrician, plumber, and air condition service types were still out and about and continued to see workers still on top of rooftops. Nancy realized that even though the world had shut down, these hard-at-work people did not stop. She feels that these individuals who work in the trades are incredibly underappreciated and need to be better celebrated for their commitment to the public. This mindset stemmed from the very wise advice from her father, “If you can work with your hands or learn a trade, you will never go hungry.”

Nancy wanted to create a forum for these small business owners to highlight all of their good work. She also wanted to be a resource for new homeowners by shining a light on who best to use when needing help fixing their homes. She knew that now, more than ever, the news was revolving around all of the sadness happening in our country. She thought it would be so inspiring to showcase some of the good because she believes those who are helping the economy should be the ones we see more often on TV. Nancy’s show, Carolina Home Today, first aired on WMBF in September of 2020. Nancy states, “Interviewing people, bringing out the story,

she pleases because she is the boss. She has taken up tennis and plays golf with her husband when he is here, which she adores because her mom was a big golfer. She is thankful for technology and her ability to have coffee with her husband every morning with their matching coffee cups over FaceTime. She believes her relationships with others are even better than before the pandemic because these times make you realize how vital connectivity is to your everyday life. She is grateful to live in a place where she has the freedom to cruise on the boat, walk on the beach, and bike ride as she

and documenting it publicly for the world is my absolute passion and this creative process brings me so much satisfaction.” She is delighted that her show has a growing momentum for all of the small, amazing companies to have the opportunity to be featured. Nancy consistently asks the workers on her show about their “working shoes” because she is “essentially walking a mile in their shoes.” She is fascinated with what kind of shoes they have on while doing their best work. She makes a statement by always wearing her salmon-colored Converse sneakers when shooting her sets. Her shoes mean a great deal to who she is now as a person on her new journey. When Nancy gave up television and moved to the beach, she started rocking her Converse more and gave up high heels, pantyhose, and hot rollers. A few other things have changed with her new life as well. She used to wake up so early that she claimed that she was the one who woke the birds up in the morning for them to wake up the rest of the world. Now she wakes up whenever

explores the nature and houses surrounding her new home. To help herself stay sane during the pandemic, Nancy began painting for fun and enjoys giving her work to loved ones. She wants to be resourceful, share her knowledge, and practice gratitude. She persevered successfully during this time because she chose to focus on what is truly important in life and this is a monumental time to do so. Nancy understands that we all must dig deep within ourselves to overcome life’s obstacles and to be able to gain a new perspective. Nancy claims that this is her year of shedding, mentally and materialistically. This is her time to reinvent herself and to do so with intention. I encourage you all to find your new groove, like Nancy, by peeling off last season’s petals to make room for the new you to bloom.

26 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

January 2021 1/1 - 2/14 Art of Rosie Sandifer Brookgreen Gardens 10am - 5pm www.brookgreen.org 7 - 17 Restaurant Week Annual event with discounted special menus at many area restaurants www.restaurantweeksouthcarolina.com 9 An Evening with Greg Rowles Alabama Theatre 7pm www.alabama-theatre.com 14 - 17 Shag Dancing Winter Workshop N. Myrtle Beach Ocean Drive Resort www.shagdance.com/sosmidwinter.htm 20 & 21 300th Anniversary Happenings at Prince George Winyah Parish Prince George Winyah Parish Georgetown www.pgwinyah300.com

30 2nd Annual Jumpstart Your Goals J.B. Beck Administration and Education Center 10am - 3pm www.facebook.com/IYMS1 31 Satisfaction: The International Rolling Stones Tribute Band The Carolina Opry 7pm - 10pm www.thecarolinaopry.com 2/6 8th Annual GCYP Oyster Roast Location and time TBD www.visitgeorge.com 2/14 Resurrection: A Journey Tribute The Carolina Opry 7pm - 10pm www.thecarolinaopry.com 2/26 Holly Avesion, Harpist Prince George Winyah Parish www.pgwinyah300.com

Please check websites for updates or changes due to Covid-19.

The Open Door by Rachel Remick

What we need is always there for us, and if we put out the intention that we are open to receive, the universe will deliver.

When my friend suggested I take a yoga class with her several years ago, I wasn’t even thinking of the spiritual benefits. It wasn’t so much that I was closed off to them, I was just unaware. Simply, I was in it for getting a good stretch. I was more determined to bend and twist my body into the various poses than I was to expand my mind. As our yogi guided us into the bow position, her soft, melodious voice speaking of a principle she referred to as “the open door,” someone’s door blew wide open: a loud burst of flatulence filled the room. The yogi was not thrown off her course, however, as clearly so many of us were, from the collective intake of breath as we struggled to maintain our posture while controlling the urge to laugh. “We honor all noises in yoga,” she said, and I was so impressed with her ability to keep the room focused that once my inner giggling subsided, I was able to truly listen and let her words sink in as she spoke in terms of making our own opportunities – a sort of prodding of the universe – as opening a door. She instructed us to close our eyes and visualize something we really wanted, something we were striving for, but couldn’t seem to get. When this happens to us, we may feel like we have come upon a door that is slammed shut, with what we desire being blocked from us on the other side. She encouraged us to imagine that although the door may be closed, it didn’t necessarily mean it was locked, and all we had to do is reach out and open it. Perhaps we won’t find what we want waiting for us there on the first try, but at least now the door is open, waiting for it to come and flow through, unimpeded. 28 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

Sometimes what we want is behind a succession of doors, not unlike a trip to the supermarket for a gallon of milk. You have to open your front door, open the door of your car, open the door to the grocery store, and open the refrigerated case before you finally get your hands on the milk. You had to open four doors to finally get what you wanted. Life is no different. Sometimes you may have to open only one door, sometimes many. Sometimes you may have to open the same doors over and over again, as what you want is right in front of you, hiding in plain sight. Much as you may have tossed your house looking for something only to find it tucked on a shelf in a closet you already searched four times. What we need is always there for us, and if we put out the intention that we are open to receive, the universe will deliver. Because of this I now say out loud to myself, I’m opening a door, whenever I do something that is an important step towards getting what I want. When I moved to Las Vegas ten years ago, leaving my family and friends to brave it alone in the desert, I said, I’m opening a door. And when I applied for my dream job at a popular live music venue, I remember walking across the casino floor on wobbly legs with my heart pounding. Taking a deep breath, I whispered,  I’m opening a door,  not caring who might see me talking to myself. I thought that if that door opened, it would lead me to a steady paycheck, perhaps some free shows, and maybe I’d even get to meet that rock star who was my writing muse. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be right on all fronts, the most unbelievable of which had me – as Lead Auditor of the Accounting Department – cutting the royalty check of that very same rock star.

And now we welcome the New Year.

Each time I sit at my computer to write I say, I’m opening a door, and I let the words flow through me. Sometimes that door is only ajar, and I have to fight for every sentence. Sometimes it slams shut and I spend hours playing solitaire. Sometimes it’s open so wide that things get on the page that don’t belong and I’m left with an incomprehensible mess. I’ve discovered it’s not always up to me what comes through, but I am always there to receive it. I said it before writing this, and I will say it again as I hit the send button that will make this essay land in the Sasee editor’s mailbox. Perhaps you will say it the next time you open a book or an email or when you call the number of that person you haven’t spoken to in so long. Perhaps you will say it each time you stand before the many barricades and perceived blocked passages you encounter as this year unfolds.

Full of things that have never been.

Assisted Living & Memory Care of MURRELLS INLET

699 Prince Creek Parkway, Murrells Inlet, SC, 29576 www.stgabrielmurrellsinlet.com • 843-353-1525

Give Your Mom, Sister, Best Friend or Yourself the Gift that Lasts a Year!

I’m opening a door.

Special Offer 12 Issues for $30 Name Email Rachel Remick lives in Florida, where she writes, swims, walks dogs and cheers on the Tampa Bay Lightning. A previous contributor to Sasee, her work has also appeared in Rosebud, The First Line and Chicken Soup for The Soul: Listen to Your Dreams.

Phone Number Address City



Send check or money order to Strand Media Group, Inc. PO Box 1389, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 Sasee.com :: January 2021 :: 29

Color of the Year 2021 A.I. Aqua

30 :: Sasee.com :: January 2021

Nothing Could Be Finer Than to be in Carolina by Janet Meuwissen

Shades of oranges and pinks in the sky over the ocean signal the arrival of that special orb which begins to warm the sand and provide another sunny day.

Nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina, in the morning – always murmurs in my head as I stroll along the white sand of South Carolina’s Grand Strand for my daily early morning walk. Shades of oranges and pinks in the sky over the ocean signal the arrival of that special orb which begins to warm the sand and provide another sunny day. The gurgling morning tide eases its way back into the Atlantic Ocean, and the return of its spittle reveals so many objects for me to explore. Foremost is the acrid odor of the seaweed which overrides the taste of salty sea air that I love so much. Shells crunching between my toes as I walk barefoot in the sand gain my attention. I want to run my fingers over the ridged scallop fan shells and gently rub the smooth whelks, not crush them. Many more creatures or their remaining shell homes become visible. And then I remember to check my watch; it is time to return. As I approach our condo building, I see through the plate glass indoor pool area wall that they are gathering. The flock has begun to assemble for their daily morning water aerobics. A dozen or more matrons, including me, slide one by one into the silky almost 90-degree pool water. Some ooh’s and ahh’s bounce off the pool area walls, as each relishes the feel of the water flowing over her skin and lifting her spirits as well. Soon, each has glided into her usual self-assigned space in the pool. The jabbering continues as each one makes some remark about the water’s special effect on her. The old hen notes how her joints are relieved of pain by the water’s support. The baroness, with her Russian accent, extols the luxurious feel, like that of a spa.

We old hens are young chicks again, as we exaggerate and gesticulate like children on a playground. Each grande dame performs her wall exercise moves as gracefully as any ballerina who is over 60, and in the water, that is. Now it is time for the activities that gave the Jug Lady group its name. Leader Susan barks, “Grab your jugs, ladies!” With our homemade weights in our hands, we use the resistance of the water to help us gain strength. We each thrust jugs up into the air with a deliberate count of 1! 2! 3! 4! then down into the water with a healthy kerplunk, and all-around with the force of a tsunami. After 40 minutes, we end, as we have done every day for 9 Snowbird Winters, with a healthy rendition of The Hokey Pokey – still singing our acapella best, with no electronic enhancement or funky backbeat or video screen projection. We thrive on the innervation we get from our camaraderie, from the sun shining on us, from the water flowing around us, and from the enduring question: What if The Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?

Janet Meuwissen is a retired school administrator who spent nine winters on the beach in Murrells Inlet before moving permanently to the Carolinas.

Sasee.com :: January 2021 :: 31


Lee Minton Signature Series Jaimee Paul & Leif Shires

January 19, 2021 • 7:00pm • $20 Jaimee and Leif are internationally acclaimed artists who make old songs shine with the luster of a current radio hit, and make the legendary music of yesterday into the current obsessions of today’s music lover. Raised in Southern Illinois, and in the church choir, Jaimee’s style is deeply influenced by Gospel, Blues and Jazz music that was cultivated in her early years. Jaimee headed to Nashville, TN. to attend Belmont University. She moved quickly into becoming a first call studio session singer, as well as a background vocalist with such artists as country powerhouse Wynonna, The Judd’s and Kelly Clarkson. Industry superstars such as Bill Gaither, David Foster and Michael Omartian, recognized her world class talent and it wasn’t long until she took the stage as her own. Leif Shires, a trumpet player, raised in California’s San Joaquin Valley, began his professional career at an early age, and in 2004 he moved to Nashville. His first discovery in Nashville was a sultry singer looking for a trumpet player, namely Jaimee Paul. Leif’s career has continued to flourish as he has worked with many different artists spanning a variety of genres, including Kelly Clarkson, Jack White, Shania Twain, Barry Gibb, Brett Eldredge, Eliza & The Bear, Jaci Velasquez, Wanda Jackson, Toby Mac, TG Sheppard, and a part of the most influential horn section in music history, The Memphis Horns.

Svetlana & The New York Collective February 9, 2021 • 7:00pm • $20 A performance by Svetlana and the New York Swing Collective is a colorful carnival of sound, seamlessly moving from sophisticated retro­spection to a joyfully rowdy party - delivering sounds that blend swing, straight-ahead jazz and original material. Svetlana forges deep connections with audiences with her strong vocals, charismatic performance style, exciting improvisational aspects of performance, and engaging storytelling. Svetlana has performed professionally since 2011 after reaching success as a management consultant and associate professor at Columbia University - and has toured with her various bands nationally and internationally since 2017, headlining hundreds of sold out shows in the US and abroad. Svetlana and her band have headlined sold out shows in renown jazz clubs, performing arts centers in the US holding crowds breathless from intimate house concerts to 1,500 people strong outdoor series in Brooklyn, NY, delivering "great sounding, great looking, highly entertaining unique tight show - with big sound and deeply personal sincere connection with the audience!"

The Village House 13089 Ocean Hwy. Bld E, Pawleys Island

www.pawleysmusic.com For Tickets



National Hat Day



This and That 4 You

Happy New Year!

A Little Something for Everyone

Women & Mens Apparel & Home Decor!

January 15th

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For the most current information on in-person attendance to concerts, visit www.LongBaySymphony.com or call 843.448.8379.

Brightwater ....................................7 Brookgreen Gardens........................3 Carolina Car Care.........................19 During these challenging times, the Friends of the Waccamaw Library are excited to offer our patrons an online option to purchase specially selected books and gifts. Visit the Friends Center online shopping site:

https://the f riendscenter. square. site

Friends of the Waccamaw Library

All proceeds benefit the Library by providing funds for books and media, technology and adult and children’s programming.

fowlpawleys@gmail.com • www.thefowl.org

Please note these books will be available for pick up at The Chandler-Peterkin Room at the Library.

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55+ Active Adult Community

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Profile for Strand Media Group

Sasee Magazine - January 2021  

"Starting a New Life"

Sasee Magazine - January 2021  

"Starting a New Life"