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Mussels platter Appr. 600 gr.

Our delicious mussels come straight from our fjord, where they are cultivated by a small company in Drangsnes. It is served with homebaked bread and the broth from the mussels. Ingredients: Sellery, parsley, chilly, garlic, passata tomatos, worchester sauce, maple syrup, taste of chorizo, wasabi and whitewine. Serving time appr. 15 minutes. Kræklingaskál með bláskel úr Steingrímsfirði borin fram með brauði og soði.

Seafood soup Our tasty seafood soup is served with homebaked bread. It is mainly built from the broth of the mussels course. Therefore we can not guarantee that it will be on our daily menu if there has been a lack of mussels orders for a while. The ingredients in the soup are the same as used for the mussels. Into the soup is also added cod from the fjord, a bit of curry, onions and cream while it is boiled up. The bread is made from flour, vegetable oil, salt and dry yeast. It is then kneated and baked in the kitchen. Sjávarréttasúpa byggð upp á soði af kræklingaréttinum og bætt við þorski, karríi, lauki og rjóma. Borin fram með heimabökuðu brauði.

Fish in puttanesca sauce Served with sweet potato mousse, salad and homebaked ryebread. Salted cod from our bay. Baked in oven. Serving time appr. 30 minutes. Bakaður saltfiskur í puttanesca sósu með sætkartöflumús, heimabökuðu rúgbrauði og salati.

Salted Cod Salted cod from our bay. Boiled for a moment and served with salad, potato mousse, onion butter and homebaked ryebread. Olives and kapers. Serving time appr. 30 minutes. Léttsaltaður þorskur frá Drangsnesi borinn fram með kartöflumús, salati og heimabökuðu rúgbrauði.

Cod Cake Cod cake served with potato mousse, rye-bread and salad and sauce. Salted-Cod from our bay, fryed in olive oil. Serving time appr. 20 minutes. Fiskikaka framreidd með kartöflumús, heimabökuðu rúgbrauði og salati.

Herring dish Onion marinated herring served with homebaked rye-bread, eggs, tomatoes and salad. Serving time appr. 15 minutes. Síldardiskur Marineruð síld í lauki borin fram með salati, kartöflum, eggjabátum og tómötum á heimabökuðu rúgbrauði.

Rhubarb Cake - Rabarbara Cake Our Rabarbara Cake is one of a kind. It is a great compination between sweet and sour where all the rabarbara is in the bottom and sweet vanilla cake on the top. Whipped cream is on the site. The rhubarb grows wild in Hólmavík and we go and get some crops whenever we need. We cut it in pieces and freeze it and after it is defrosted again it becomes soft and so perfect for the first layer in this very tasty cake. Rabbarbarakaka með rjóma.

Waffle with Whipped Cream Fresh baked waffle with rhubarb jam, whipped cream and decorated with chocolate.

Hot chocolate

(Pure classic with the waffles.)

Beint úr vöffujárninu. Vaffla með rabbarbarasultu og rjóma. Klassík!

Drinks We offer coffee and various kinds of tea. Hot chocolate is always a classic. We might have some soft drinks like Coke or Sprite. Or not. At last but not least. We can always guarantee the quality of Icelandic tub water. If there is something we have enough of in this country, it is water! Bon apetit! We do not serve vine or beer, but you are welcome to bring your own.

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Menu for our Museum Bistro  
Menu for our Museum Bistro  

Winter-Menu for Kaffi Galdur, the Museum Bistro at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Hólmavík, NW-Iceland. We emphasize on sea...