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Drug Free Workplace Substance abuse is one of the most widely prevalent issues among members of workforce. Employers should see to it that they monitor it as a norm of their human resource management; otherwise, it might result in disturbing consequences to the employee as well as the employer. It is for this reason that maintaining a Drug free workplace makes pragmatic sense. The reasons for this are many and include things like safety for the workers, efficiency in the job output and an increase in employee morale.

Better work-culture & Enhanced productivity A drug free workplace ensures better work culture as there are high chances of having employees who have proper conduct. Having healthy and problem-free workers at office have positive influence. Productive labor is an important asset for employers. Healthy human resources are on time to work. They adhere to the norms of the organization. They are attentive and have good judgmental skills that will help them to do quality work.

Less probability of accidents: •Drug

free environment would have less number of accidents. Industries dealing with safety critical jobs involving operation of heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and other dangerous/hazardous activities are more prone to accidents due to employee substance abuse. Ensuring that workforce does not fall prey to influence of drugs/alcohol is important for all industries.


Drug testing

*Drug testing programs must also be organized from time to time. It helps in finding number of substance users in your company. The tests can be done by many ways like urine, blood or hair testing. Substance users may try to avoid the tests, training and attending seminars by giving various reasons. They try to evade by preying on your sympathies, involve you in their personal problems or blaming someone else for their behavior etc. They may get angry, but having a healthy drug free atmosphere in your office has become the need for increasing productivity.

Drug Free Workplace – a Need NBV Substance abuse has become the most critical problem for work places. Mostly, the employees and supervisors are worried about their career and salary; if they do not get satisfactory outcomes, then it results in engaging themselves with medicine or alcohol abuseDrug Free Pennsylvania’s program “Drug Free Workplace Solutions” is an answer to this issue. As the Quote- ‘This is a Drug free workplace ; it becomes essential for all the organizations to have alcohol free environment for the better reputation of a company. Over 40 years of research in various countries around the world has shown that a Substance free workplace leads to great business benefits.

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Employee drug testing  

Substance abuse is one of the most widely prevalent issues among members of workforce. Employers should see to it that they monitor it as a...

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