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NanoMarkets Adds New Report on Transparent Conductors in Touch Screens to Schedule The report “Opportunities for Transparent Conductors in the Touch-Screen Display Industry—2011” will be released in late October and is available at pre-publication pricing through the end of the month. Glen Allen, VA, October 20, 2011 - Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets today announced the addition of the report, “Opportunities for Transparent Conductors in the Touch-Screen Display Industry—2011” to the firm’s publication schedule. The report is scheduled to be released during the month of October 2011. The firm is offering the report at pre-publication rates. Additional details are available on the firm’s website at ctors_in_the_touch_screen_display_indust About the Report: Opportunities for Transparent Conductors in the Touch-Screen Display Industry—2011 Touch-screen devices have gone from being a sleepy niche in the display industry to one of its fastest growing segments. Touch-screen displays – or rather the touch sensors that sit on top of them – are also large users of transparent conductive coatings. No surprise then that touch screens are seen as an immediate opportunity for the many new firms that are crowding into the transparent conductor market. And the attractiveness of the touch-screen market to the makers of novel transparent conductors is enhanced by the fact that the touch- sensor industry seems more than willing to rid themselves of a dependence on ITO with its high costs and low mechanical performance. However, today one medium-sized factory producing transparent conductors is large enough to produce all the transparent conducting materials that the touch-sensor business needs for the foreseeable future. No one can blame the transparent conductor makers for chasing after customers who are willing to buy right now. But the question arises as to how much the touchscreen sector should really mean to them. Touch-screens may be an opportunity, but are they a big enough opportunity to build a substantial business on? Are touch screens just a way for firms manufacturing transparent conductors to bring in some short-term money in a difficult economic climate, or will they be a step to bigger things? In this new report, NanoMarkets provides readers with a deeper understanding of the latest trends, requirements and potential of the touch-screen sector from the perspective of the transparent conductor industry. Although frequently lumped together, there are many types of touch-screen displays and this report examines the potential for each as a market for transparent conductors. The report also discusses what the challenges and opportunities will be for transparent conductor firms if – as expected by some – touch sensors start to be integrated not by third parties, but by the big flat panel display firms in Asia. This report provides a granular analysis and forecast of all the new markets that are opening up for transparent conductors in the burgeoning touch-screen industry. By examining each of the main touch-screen technologies we determine and quantify the opportunities for transparent conductors in this space over the next eight-years, what kind of conductors will be needed and

who is best suited to supply them. The analysis presented here is illustrated with critical discussions of the strategies that are currently being deployed by transparent conductor firms as they attack touch screen markets. About NanoMarkets: NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes opportunities in advanced materials and emerging electronics and energy markets. Please visit for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services. Contact: Robert Nolan NanoMarkets PO Box 3840 Glen Allen, VA 23058 (804) 360-2967

NanoMarkets Adds New Report on Transparent Conductors in Touch Screens to Schedule