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Can an Expert in Business Performance Make You into a Valentine's Day Hero? You Be the Judge New York Times bestselling author and performance expert Tom Connellan says the real key to the ultimate in romance and relationships is doing the little things right, every single day - not just once a year. Ann Arbor, MI, February 13, 2011 (Straight Line PR) -- "It's so sad," says New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned performance expert Tom Connellan. "Each year you can see untold millions of men scrambling at the last minute to do something romantic - a bouquet of obligatory roses, a box of heart shaped chocolates or reservations at one of the popular, but invariably, hectic local restaurants." "It's like lemmings jumping off the cliff into the sea," he says. His new book, The 1% Solution for Work and Life ( ), explains why the exact same skills and actions that create Olympic gold medal winners are what create exceptional relationships, the most memorable experiences, and the ecstasy that can only be found in love. The real key to the ultimate in romance and relationships is doing the little things right. Achieving happiness in a personal relationship means learning to treat loved ones better every single day - not just once a year. "The real key," he says,"is improving what you do as a caring partner each and every day." Sure, delicious mouth-watering, aphrodisiac-laden presents are nice and are appreciated once in a while, but what really matters most is being the best partner possible on a daily basis. Connellan says it's not hard for people to identify ways they can make small improvements in their relationships with the people they love. The hard part is simply remembering and staying devoted to doing the things that matter. Here are some ideas which illustrate what actions to take: * Ask your partner. In order to really hit the mark, ask. Simply say, "What can I do today to help you?" - at least once a day. Pick one thing that your partner wants you to change and stick with that change for 30 days. It might be something as simple as asking her how her day went, appreciating things she does, acknowledging her for who she is, listening more, putting the toilet seat down, considering the possibility that maybe she also knows how to use the remote, or to stop picking your nose - at least when she's in the room.

Take the first step right away. Whatever it is, start it immediately. There's no way, for example, to suddenly become organized, clean and tidy overnight. But try committing to cleaning up one tiny little area of the house every day. In 30 days the difference will be obvious, and in 90 days the whole house has been cleaned for the first time in years. Realize that when you make a change - however small - you are making an improvement. It may feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. But at about the 21st day, that feeling goes away and that's when the new good habit gets locked in. By adopting this approach every day, the difference can be very significant because when love dies, it's seldom about the elephant bites, it's almost always about the mosquito bites - the little everyday things. The 1% Solution for Work and Life is chock full of simple, easy to understand tools and techniques that teach everyone how to make a difference in both work life and personal life. About The 1% Solution: The 1% Solution for Work and Life gives readers a structure that works because it's based not upon opinion but upon research, testing, and application. The 1% Solution for Work and Life delivers page after page of tools to use right now. By establishing the habit of incremental change and improvement, readers can take stock of where they are right now in life, and put in place a plan that gently but firmly guides them, day by day, to take the actions that will lead them where they want to go. Priced at $19.95, The 1% Solution for Work and Life is available from ( ) and other online book retailers, or can be ordered through any local bookstore. About Tom Connellan: Tom Connellan ( ) is a New York Times Bestselling author and is highly sought after keynote speaker whose North American clients include FedEx, Canadian Tire, Marriott, Neiman Marcus, Dell, Sony, Rogers Communications, Sobeys, TD Canada Trust, Tim Hortons, Home Depot and the military. Selling Power Magazine labeled him one of seven "tough talking and truth telling" keynote speakers because he always delivers actionable ideas. In his previous books, Inside the Magic Kingdom: Seven Keys to Disney's Success and Turbulent Times Leadership for Sales Managers: How the Very Best Boost Sales Connellan shared his insights into building a successful business. With The 1% Solution for Work and Life, he makes his success principles accessible to everyone. For information on Connellan's schedule and availability, call 734-428-1580, visit or write to: Karen Revill, Program Manager, 1163 South Main Street Suite 306, Chelsea, MI 48118

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Can an Expert in Business Performance Make You into a Valentine's Day Hero? You Be the Judge