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6 News and analysis

14 Kenya’s stock market outshines African peers

Recent developments from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our man in Nairobi, Washington Gikunju, examines how and why his country’s bourse is doing so well.

30 Destination: Tanzania We examine the economy of East Africa’s up and coming nation Tanzania, which is riding the wave of significant energy discoveries.

Interview 10

David Willers

Business Council for Africa Vice Chairman, and former Chairman of Bonsucro speaks to GTA about the role that the private sector will play in the development of sustainable agricultural codes of practice in Africa.


Building links in Nigeria

Bluegrass Digital becomes the latest South African company to take the plunge into Nigeria’s buoyant market.

25 Africa’s latest cell phone revolution GTA examine the expansion into services that is taking place in Africa’s mobile networks that could see mobiles become one of the continent’s key revenue earners.

How African skills shortages drive up costs “I think that if you look at global companies, Africa is the last great emerging market [where] the value is seen as untapped.” - Albert Ellis, CEO of Harvey Nash Recruitment

18 Segway inventor Dean Kamen Speaks to GTA about his latest invention that can filter and clean the dirtiest water for human consumption, utilising Coca-Cola’s distribution network to roll it out across Africa and make water poverty a thing of the past.

22 How African skills

shortages drive up costs Albert Ellis of Harvey Nash, Debbie Thomas from Deloitte and Matimba Mbungela of Vodafone speak to GTA about the challenges and opportunities in recruiting skilled staff for Africa.

Final word 27 Corruption holds Africa back



Anti-corruption investigator and best-selling author, Paul Holden, speaks to GTA about how corruption holds African economies back.


Africa’s cell-phones revolution “It was an ideal opportunity for us to leverage the powerful assets of MTN to an international audience, and show that the time for Africa had come.” - Sifiso Dabengwa, MTN Group President and CEO


Corruption holds Africa back “Corruption has a knock on effect – it’s not just about reallocation of resources and funds – it diverts resources away from economically productive and socially productive facilities.” - Paul Holden, writer

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