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How can I continue my success story? Get your master’s degree the smart way through an international work & study program. The Siemens Advanced Program

The Siemens Advanced Program. This international entry-level program for bachelor graduates develops future experts for Siemens.

Work an “Of course the Siemens Advanced Program is a big challenge, but also a terrific opportunity to gain international work experience and a top master’s degree.” Ines Handstanger (Nuremberg)


The Siemens Advanced Program is the smart way to attend a master’s program at top universities and manage hands-on projects around the world at the same time. Siemens is a global pioneer with the vision of being the market and technology leader in our business. Thus, the program is designed to promote talented students and to support cultural exchange. You will find out how Siemens successfully promotes international business collaboration and gain valuable experience in your chosen business function.

Your advantages:

• Two-year program

• Duality of work and study

• Accredited master’s degree

• Assignments and training abroad • International universities

• Full-time contract with attractive salary

Name: Jin Shuai Major: Electrical engineering Business Function: Manufacturing Site: Siemens Erlangen

nd study. What’s the story? Meet Jin Shuai. Jin Shuai travelled 5000 miles from China to Germany to do his master’s degree. With the Siemens Advanced Program he is living the adventure of studying abroad while acquiring work-experience in Germany and China as well.

Going the long way is something Jin Shuai experienced in various contexts: Coming from a small town in the Chinese province Hunan, the nearest major city like Shanghai is about 600 miles away. So getting an international education requires a big effort. An effort Jin Shuai was more than ready to make.

At the Siemens Advanced Program the 26–year-old is securing quality in manufacturing at the Siemens site Erlangen, Germany. Based on his study background as an electrical engineer, Jin considers manufacturing as the key part of supply chain management: “For me it ensures the brand ‘Made in Germany’ which is associated with high quality.” One thing that especially attracted Jin to the Siemens Advanced Program was the diversity and international orientation. This enables him to return to China during his assignment abroad and use his recently acquired work experience to write a new chapter of his success story.


Your path to a unique career. The ideal path: An elaborate, global master’s study program with challenging work projects, while attending business-specific lectures and training sessions.

Gain international work-experience.

Further your business-specific know-how.

You will work on practical projects abroad for at least six months of the program.

As of today participants can start the program in one of the following business functions: IT, logistics, procurement and manufacturing. A challenging business project will be defined for you to cover over a two-year period. This ensures you are able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. The project is also the basis for your study assignments and your Master’s thesis.

The duration and location of that international and challenging assignment will be defined according to the business needs.


Get trained to perfection.

Do a master’s degree that pays for itself.

During your work period Siemens will train you in general business skills. During intensive training at our renowned universities we will impart theoretical knowledge and key communication skills to you in classroom training sessions, workshops, case studies and best practice presentations.

At Siemens you will be considered as a part of our family. You will therefore be hired as a full-time employee at Siemens in one of our sectors or corporate units – from your first day on. While attending the program you will be enrolled at universities where you will be able to earn certificates for the training sessions and lectures.

24 months of great experiences. The Siemens Advanced Program turns your master’s study into a comprehensive business education around the globe.


Go for your future. Come to Siemens. At Siemens, we are looking for open-minded and curious people who have an understanding of the world we live in. Dedicated people who are determined to find answers to the challenges of our time and our future. People who want to make a difference. People like the participants of the Siemens Advanced Program. People like you?

What we expect: • B achelor graduates with a strong business-oriented background and a maximum of two years’ work experience • E xcellent command of English and intermediate skills of the language in the country of application • First relevant practical experience in your chosen business function • Intercultural experience and understanding • Open-minded, curious and motivated person who is flexible and mobile • Results-oriented person who is able to think strategically and analytically


How to apply:

Are we a good match? Apply today at


Siemens AG Corporate Human Resources St.-Martin-StraĂ&#x;e 76 81541 Munich Germany


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