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Bespoke Financial Solutions Tailor Made for All Your Financial Needs

Straight Talk Financial Planning Ltd Bespoke Financial Solutions

Bespoke Financial Solutions In Summary 11 The Marsh Hythe SOUTHAMPTON SO45 5JY TEL 02380 207 707 FAX 02380 207 711 Registered in England and Wales No 6030606 Registered Office as above which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority


• Bespoke Financial Solutions has been put together in order to help you build, develop and protect your capital.. • Our expertise will enable us to identify your needs and develop an overall plan • With our extensive support systems we will ensure that your plan remains on course




As Straight Talk offers a service that is based on giving advice and recommendations in order to create a bespoke life long financial plan rather than selling clients individual products, we decided that we should consult a sample of our clients on what degree of service they felt they would like from us.


After consultation it has become clear that we have to offer a range of services to enable you to select which of those services you feel is most appropriate for your individual needs.

Portfolio Rebalancing


Product Research


What the majority of clients told us they wanted was

Retirement Options Review


Risk Tolerance Profiling


Valuation Statements


State Pension Forecast


Tax Planning

£25.00 per 15 mins

Travelling Expenses

£15.00 per 15 mins

File Preparation prior to Financial Review


Valuation of quoted items

£25.00 ea

A long term relationship with Straight Talk Regular Communication both verbal and written Face to face advice wherever possible A review of their financial affairs on at least an annual basis. To achieve this we have put together the following programmes to enable you to choose the most suitable one for your individual needs. The Bespoke Service The Premier Service The Foundation Service

RISK WARNING The Financial Services Authority does not regulate taxation advice

The Bespoke Service As the name suggests, this service can be tailored to meet each of your individual needs. The core services included are 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Bespoke lifetime financial plan, updated annually Personal Pension Review Programme Regular Quarterly Valuations Half yearly review meetings Newsletters Investment Seminars Free phone number Free Bespoke Lifetime Financial Plan for your children on 18th Birthday

Liaison with other professionals such as accountants, solicitors, tax specialists, etc is a separate service and will be charged at the rate of £25.00 per 15 mins.

Individual Letters means any letters written on your behalf that fall outside the normal remit of “Financial Advice”

Our standard Fee Structure will apply to all investments made on your behalf







The Premier Service


This service will suit those of you who would like to receive an ongoing service with regular updates on your investments. The core services included are

Lifetime Plan


Pension Performance Review


Pension Review


Investment Review


Endowment Review


Our standard Fee Structure will apply to all investments made on your behalf

Fact Find


The Foundation Service

Fact Find Update


File Maintenance

£200.00 pa

Full/Partial Encashments


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

This is aimed at those of you who do not believe or feel that you require to have regular contact with us but would like the flexibility to purchase any additional services as and when the need arises. At this stage you do not wish to commit to a regular retainer but still want to know that my colleagues and I are available should you need us. 1. 2. 3.

Illustration Pension Benefits £75.00ea Letter of Authority


Placing Policies In Trust


Bespoke lifetime financial plan, updated annually Personal Pension Performance Review One Face to Face meeting per year Additional Meetings at a discount to our normal rate Quarterly Valuations Newsletters Investment Seminars

4. 5. 6.

Free Initial consultation with Fact Find Written report and recommendations at our standard rates A fee will be charged for any investments made on your behalf in accordance with our standard fee structure Further work will only be undertaken at your request and charged in accordance with our standard service rates. The opportunity to purchase additional services at any time Newsletters

Fees or Commission to be agreed prior to any work being undertaken





The Bespoke Programme


This programme has been put together to help you grow and protect your capital. To identify your particular needs we follow a number of easy stages.

Our ongoing programme of service monitoring encompasses ·

We gather detailed information about your present financial position With our market knowledge, experience, and support systems we build a programme that has been tailor made to reflect your individual financial needs


We present you with our suggested Programme


We make whatever arrangements are required to implement the Programme We regularly monitor your investments and make whatever recommendations are required to stay on track

Clarity in producing financial promotions, reports and suitability letters—clients and potential clients ust be able easily to understand the literature we produce; Client specific advice—all advice given will be appropriate to the specific client concerned, based on a thorough understanding by your advisor of your needs, knowledge, and attitude to risk Professionalism—all advisers will maintain an up to date knowledge of the financial services markets and solutions available to clients.

There will be a free exchange of information with our

Changes in your circumstances will be reflected in the Programme

The Key to success is constantly to monitor, review and alter plans, Where necessary We also keep you abreast of developments in the wider financial world, on a regular basis





How does Bespoke Financial Solutions Work ? TREATING CUSTOMERS FAIRLY

We recognise that those clients who opt for our Bespoke Solution Programmes will demand the very highest standards of service. This is why we have put in place a series of steps that will deal to a structured and easily managed process of ongoing assessment, measurement and revision aimed at helping clients achieve their financial goals

Step 1 – About Us

Treating Customers Fairly

is not just something required of us by our regulator, the Financial Services Authority. It is something that rests at the very heart of our business.

As a first step we will provide you with all the information you need to know about us, including our terms of engagement

Step 2—Initial Meeting (at our expense) In simple terms, Treating Customers Fairly means that we put your interests ahead of our own when making any decision affecting your financial plans and their implementation. Of course we are in business to make a profit, but we believe that our own success depends on building sustainable and long term relationships with our clients. Only by providing you with the best advice at all times and ensuring that you are in a position to make informed decisions can we guarantee our own success

We will then undertake an initial meeting where you can evaluate us and we can find out enough about you, your goals, requirements and available resources to be able to ensure that we will be in a position to help you. If you are a couple we like to meet both parties at the initial meeting Part of the meeting will involve asking you to complete a Financial Planning Questionnaire that will help us understand you and your needs better.

Step 3—Analysing the information If you appoint us we will then commence analysing the information you give us as well as obtaining details of your State Pension forecast, existing life/health policies and investments (based on letters of Authority from you to the relevant companies) We will use sophisticated financial modelling software to match your existing arrangements with your agreed objectives and create the first state of a plan that will put you on course to a secure financial future.





Step 4—Financial Planning Meeting Step 8 Additional Information

This is not a “we tell you” session, but an opportunity for you to give us your feed back to our initial ideas and to refine these as necessary. During this meeting we are likely to arrive at an agreed plan and a timescale for its implementation. In the event of us being unable to agree a plan we would return to our deliberations and produce an alternative strategy at our next meeting. This means that we put you at the core of your Bespoke Financial Solutions

In addition to the regular meetings we will hold with you we will keep you up to date with developments via our website and our quarterly newsletter covering the most important issues of the moment (although not always those which have managed to squeeze into the news!)

Step 5—Implementation Fees for the Bespoke Solution Service Programme will depend on the level of support you require from us. There are Three levels of service within the programme (but only one Bespoke level of service)

Once we have agreed a plan and the timescale for its implementation, we will proceed to put any agreed changes into place. All possible administration will be undertaken on your behalf, but we may need to ask you to sign some forms


Step 6—Monitor & Review Both investment markets and personal circumstances can change therefore it is important to constantly monitor your plan so that it can be brought back into line with your original intentions. The key to success is constantly to monitor, review and alter plans, where necessary. The ongoing programme will include reviews of the performance of your investments at agreed intervals.

Step 7— Ongoing Programme The ongoing programme will take into consideration the impact of any changes in your personal circumstances, such as a change in come, an inheritance, new children/ grandchildren or similar events.

£75.00pm or £810.00 pa

The Premier Service

£45.00pm or £486.00 pa

The Foundation Service

Free Initial Consultation. All other work will be charged individually

Standard Fee Structure Our fee for investments made on your behalf is 3% of the total funds invested.

If at the review meetings we have jointly agreed to the nature and timing of any changes in your plan we will implement those changes by taking the necessary action on your behalf.


The Bespoke Service

Our Portfolio Management Fee is 1%pa of the fund value 7

Bespoke Financial Solutions  

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