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Summer 2013

Welcome to the latest edition of our School Magazine ‘The Stradbroke Sauti’. I am grateful to the Year 10 editorial team, with the assistance of Mrs Spence, who have worked tirelessly in preparing the articles for publication.

Clearly the range of articles from the life of the School, along with the numerous successes; in school, in the area, in the region and nationally, highlight the skills, abilities and commitment of Stradbroke High School pupils. Of particular note are the successes of the ‘Salter’s Chemistry Day’ winners from Year 8: Rebekah Frost, Daniel Gibbs, Courtney Chilvers and Sam Hurren, and the participants and winner (Tommy Heath) in the National Science, Philosophy and Ethics essay competition. If you have any comments or questions regarding this publication or any other aspect of School life, please do not hesitate to contact me. Editors Note: Sauti is Swahili for “voice” Editors in chief: Tommy Heath & Christopher Baker Thank you to the whole of 10A for helping to out this magazine together

Food for thought – Suffolk schools are missing out on £5 million – they need your help! Free School Meals are available to many thousands of children across the county but are not claimed. Every child who is eligible for free school meals and claims brings in an extra £900 for the school. This is money we can use to support their learning. Your child may be entitled to receive free school meals if you are entitled to receive one of the following:     

Income support (IS) Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance (IBJSA) An income related employment and support allowance (ESA(IR)) Support under Part VI of the Immigration AND Asylum Act 1999 Child tax credit (provided that you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income, assessed by HM Revenue and Customs, that from 6 April 2009 does not exceed £16,190)

If you currently pay for your child’s school meals, you could make savings of around £350 per year if your child qualifies for free school meals. Think of the time you could save. If your child is eligible and switches from packed lunches to free school meals, you could save up to 190 hours per year, which is the time needed to make packed lunches that meet the nutritional standards of school meals – that’s just over a week! If you would like to apply for free school meals we can assist you with the application and even check if you are eligible. Please contact the school office in confidence who would be happy to help or speak with the free school meals team at Suffolk County Council on 01473 260989.

CELEBRATION WEEK Our annual ‘Celebration Week’ will take place from Monday 8th July through to Friday 12th July. This week is an opportunity for us to celebrate and share with our local community all of our achievements this year. The week will consist of: 

A Science day for all Year 5 pupils on Tuesday 9 th July

Intake Day for Year 6 on Wednesday 10th July with an evening for Year 6 Parents too

Open Evening for the whole community on Wednesday 10th July with a Concert and Art Exhibition

Friday 12th July an Awards Ceremony at 9.00am for Year 7 pupils

We will also be holding a tea party for the local Women’s Institute – date to be confirmed.

New School Uniform For Stradbroke High School I am pleased to be able to write to you with details of our uniform changes for September 2013. This change will incorporate the new school name now we are an Academy school. I am very grateful to all pupils, parents, staff and Governors for their feedback and comments as part of the consultation process. We are delighted with the new uniform; it is very smart, appropriate and will I am sure be worn with pride by our pupils. All new pupils starting Stradbroke High School in September 2013 will wear the new uniform. Parents of pupils in years 8, 9, 10 and 11 will also be able to purchase the new uniform. However, we do not expect existing pupils to be in the new uniform straight away and understand that some parents may have recently purchased new items from the previous uniform range. Pupils in Years 8,9,10 and 11 will be provided with a new school tie by the school. It will be great to see all our pupils wearing the new school tie! An exclusive fabric is currently being woven for the new school tie and these should be available for Year 7 to order by late June / early July. Following careful consideration of a number of uniform supply companies, we are delighted to announce that we have a new uniform supplier: Birds School Uniform. Birds offer the benefits of on-line ordering from their website Items can be ordered with effect from Monday 20th May 2013. If you do not have access to a computer, uniform order forms can be obtained from the school office, telephone 01379 384387. School Uniform Navy Blazer (with embroidered logo) Navy Jumper (with embroidered logo) Optional New Tie (For September 2013) White Shirt (short sleeved in summer) Black Trousers or Skirt

PE Kit PE Sports Polo - Unisex (with embroidered logo) Navy Blue with Sky blue flash PE Shorts to match Polo Navy Blue with Sky blue flash Micro Fleece (with embroidered logo) - Optional Blue Sports Socks with sky blue turn down tops

Shake, Ripple and Roll Pupils from Year 7 – 10 took part in this production and worked very hard to make sure it was a show worth watching! Catchy songs and comic performances entertained audiences, while we learned about the ups and downs of working in an ice cream parlour in America when “Rock and Roll” was also the flavour of the times! Shake, Ripple and Roll The story revolves around the competitive world of ice cream with the manager (George Thompson), his four waitresses (Jessica, Megan, Sarah and Vicky) and Joey the skivvy (Kudzai Mzondo) strutting their stuff and singing beautifully. When the owner dies, enter the ‘wicked’ Deanne (Sasha Shaw) to take over the business but, as usual, good wins over evil and all is put right by the end. Both the singing and acting were first class throughout and special praise must go to the Director Mrs Davison and the Mr Cohen (George tireless Musical Director, Mr Williams. Thompson) and The Band Dirk Manley (Eleanor Bowyer) Musical Director and pianist: Mr Williams Drums: Mr Davies Saxophone / Clarinet: Miss Drake And KS2 pupils from Worlingworth Primary School Credits Props and costumes: Mrs Algar Lighting and sound: Mr Kegge and Sebastian White Scenery: Mrs Phillips, Mr Jordan and Mrs Algar Poster and ticket design: Mrs Williams Deanna La Domme (Sasha Shaw)

The Cast Director: Mrs Davison Joey Nobody: Kudzai Mzondo Mr Cohen: George Thompson Chuck: Jake Brooks Deanna La Domme: Sasha Shaw Max: Jack Whatling Deanna’s boys: Joshua Phillips and Percy Whinney Dirk Manley: Percy Whinney and Eleanor Bowyer

By Toby Bessant and Callum Muttock

Customers: Polly Cook , Courtney Debenham, Skye Lintott, Ellie Macphail , Eliza Mobbs, Alex Pierce-Saunderson, Grace Possell, Ellie Ryan, Courtney Chilvers, Isabelle Malins , Heather Cutler, Jess Rutherford, Hannah Allum , Georgia Spicer, Jo Capp, Rebecca Bevan, Laura Pearce, Imogen Stringer, Eleanor Derbyshire, Rebecca Wyatt and Loise Goodall.

House System This year sees lots of activities for pupils to participate in within our new house system, with various activities including sport, Maths challenges, English quizzes, musical performances and art competitions to list a few. The three houses, whose names were picked by pupils are; ‘Grylls’ is represented by red and is made up of; 7HRe, 8JK, 9RH, 10ATa and 11RS. ‘Einstein’ is represented by green and is made up of; 7EM, 8JS, 9HRo, 10 JW and 11JT. ‘McCartney’ is represented by yellow and is made up of; 7SC, 8FC, 9ATo, 10DF and 11SM. House points are rewarded based on different events and competitions and from merits given in lessons. The house with the most points at the end of each term is rewarded a prize, which for the past two terms has been bowling. Autumn Term Activities The Autumn term consisted of sport, maths, quizzes and card-designing. McCartney won the inter-house netball and football overall, and continued this winning streak with a sterling performance in the ‘countdown’ style maths challenge. We also had challenges near the Christmas period, which included a ‘Christmas and Winter quiz. McCartney were once again triumphant, and the individual forms with the highest score went to 11JT, 10DF and 8FC. There was also an event for designing Christmas cards, which was won by Einstein. The overall winner was Einstein, who won a free bowling trip. Here is a quote from a winning year 7. ‘For winning the house points trip we had an awesome free trip to King Pin Bowling. The only thing we had to pay for was our food. I went in a lane with Kieran Harvey, Ben Brown, Oliver Roper and Robert Redwood, where at one point I went to get my chips and Ben and Rob took my go at got me a strike that was the best moment!’ By Adam Shepard 7EM Spring Term Activities During the Spring Term activities were organised in aid of Easter, World Book Day, Valentines Day and Shrove Tuesday. The pancake race was well attended by staff and pupils. Each house had a team made up of 5 pupils, with one from each year group. Einstein were triumphant in this task, and a valiant effort from McCartney, and Robert Jackson in particular, saw them finish in second place, with Grylls coming in third. On Valentines Day a quiz was held in morning registration, and each form was given the chance to name as many of the famous couples shown on the sheet. Einstein once again came first, with Grylls in second place and McCartney lagging behind. An Easter art competition was also held, with Jack Gionis (9ATo McCartney) winning. Skye Lintott (year 7) came second and Amelia Catling (9ATo McCartney) came third. In the last few weeks of the Spring Term we saw a surge from McCartney, with merits coupled with the house points from mainly the Easter Art Competition, which led them to a win, and they were rewarded with a Bowling Trip. The final results from the Spring Term were; 3rd place Grylls - 1343 points 2nd place Einstein - 1588 points 1st place McCartney - 1614 points Summer Term There will be lots of events including our annual sports day, rounders and our first ‘Spelling Bee’, to be lead by Miss Moss.

Trips! As edited by Jessica Debenham, Melissa Leach, Sasha Shaw and Sarah Eccles Year 7 “Aladdin” Pantomime Trip On the 17th of January Year 7 went to the Theatre Royal in Norwich to watch a performance of the pantomime “Aladdin”. We left school at the start of the day and made our way slowly through the snowy weather to reach the theatre just as the performance began – but we didn’t mind as we were quickly and quietly shown into much better seats nearer to the stage than we were supposed to have! We enjoyed the performance, from the comic performances of the cast which made us laugh, to the whacky costumes of the Dame, as well as the super lighting, music and special effects. We especially enjoyed watching Carmel the pantomime camel! We could see the work we had been studying in drama come to life more through this experience of live theatre performance and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The Year 8 London Trip to St Paul’s Cathedral On Monday 11th March the Year 8s all went to London to see a Sikh Gurdwara and St Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately we got stuck in a traffic jam and could not go to the Gurdwara. Everybody was very disappointed, especially Mrs Hurren. We quickly got over that as we had a short tour around London. We saw the sky scraper building the Shard, also the Gherkin and the London Eye and Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It was fantastic to see all the statues and monuments up close and everyone had their eyes pressed to the windows. Finally we got to St Paul’s Cathedral which was a very grand Cathedral indeed. First we had an interesting talk by a priest called Gareth about human rights and war which was very good. After that went upstairs to the Cathedral floor which was spectacular. The ceilings were a shining ball of light. The wonderful walls and ceilings were made from tiny coloured tiles in many different colours. There were hundreds of pictures of Jesus, Mary and the angels and there were also little candles and tapestries. It was hard to take it all in. We even got to lie down on the floor and look up at the dome which was absolutely massive and had angels all around it. We were told that it weighs about the same as 60 thousand elephants! We finally left the Cathedral in the afternoon, got on the bus and went home. My favourite part of the trip was lying down and looking up at the amazing ceiling.

Yr10 and 11Trip to Normandy -End of March Friday The trip started at the unforgivable hour of 3.00am on the Friday. We travelled by coach via Dover and Channel ferry and then a long drive through northern France to the Chateau du Tertre which is close to the town of Ambrières-les-Vallées. The Chateau is a grand building run by PGL, set in parkland with new dormitory blocks for the guests. Saturday On Saturday morning we set off to Fougères, a stunningly beautiful medieval town dominated by a 12th century castle – allegedly the largest in France. The pupils completed a town trail answering questions about the town and ended in the extensive market. As with most French markets, this was full of wonderful food with different and well-priced goods. Pupils and staff alike bought many things and they even had to speak some French.

The afternoon saw us back to Ambrières to make our own croissants at the local bakery. Now that we all know how much butter goes in to each one, never will we add butter when eating one. Sunday was the highlight. We drove north to Bayeux and the famous tapestry. The museum is excellent with English translation of the whole 75-metre story. Then on to the harrowing American Cemetery which commemorates and tells the story of the D-Day landings. The film clips and personal stories of the young men who took part left us all speechless. The actual cemetery stands high above Omaha Beach and was a chilling place with its 10,000 white crosses. The wind was also freezing cold. The evening entertainments back at the Chateau included crepe making (and eating) and burning marshmallows around a camp fire. The Monday journey back was long but broken at Calais with an hour in La Cité mall and then back to Stradbroke at 11.00pm, and total exhaustion. We all made it into school the next day to tell of a great trip.

Environment Trip On Monday the 11th of February, 2013, a group of 12 Year 8s braved the weather to learn more about our beloved environment. We went through the snow and cold to discover more about the environment, what people do to help the environment and why they do it. During the morning we travelled to the parents of Daniel Gibbs’s house, who are Christian and very ecologically minded. We were shown some of the many things they do to help the environment including: their array of 55 photovoltaic panels, their 15kw wind turbine, their reuse of scrap, recycling, growing their own fruit and veg and eco ‘stuff’ around the house. They had things like a bird hide made from recycled car tyres, a hedgehog house and we also wore blindfolds and followed a rope, listening to the birds and wildlife. In the afternoon, we went to Thornham Walks. We ate our lunch and then went den building in the forest. We then went for a walk around Thornham Walks with a guide and were looking for specific items you would find around. We added them to a sheet of double sided sticky tape to make a collage; it was very interesting. Overall, the day was extremely interesting, we learnt a lot and it was very enjoyable too (except for the cold weather). We all greatly thank the Gibbs family and the staff at Thornham Walks very much.

Lighting Road Show for Year 9 Drama. On Friday 10th May, as a class, we saw a lighting production by CEG productions in school. They performed the song “Chicago� and told us about a half-term training course, which would get you an award and then be used if you are thinking about a future career in lighting. (Emma and Hollie.) There were lots of different lights that could spin, move about and change colour. There was a smoke machine that gave a nice effect. We enjoyed the lights reflecting from the metal pylons. We enjoyed the interactive side of the performance when we got to have a go at using some of the equipment. (Adam and Joe.) They told us how lighting can add suspense or help emphasise a scene. I think the song was about a woman who was very violent, judging by the song lyrics and lighting. The lighting was fast and bright and furious. (Rory.) Emma: I personally think it was a great show and a great opportunity for teenagers. Hollie: I think the show was a great experience and a great opportunity for a future career. Also, it might be a once in a lifetime experience. Kara and Shannon: We thought it was great to see just the lighting and not with people performing at the same time, as this let us see how effective the lighting was. Ellie, Frankie and Becky: It gave the song an edge and a mysterious feeling. Rory: Most people got to have a go playing with the lights and changing the gobos. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Bronze Arts Awards – l Level 1 Following the road show, several students applied and were accepted onto the training course in half-term. Congratulations go to Nathan Bruce and Sebastian White for completing the course and gaining their Bronze Arts Award certificate. Well done! Mrs Davison.

“Blood Brothers” At The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft. On the afternoon of the 16th May 2013, the Year 10 GCSE group watched the amazing performance of “Blood Brothers”. We have been exploring the script as part of our Drama course, so were lucky enough to see the performance locally as it went on tour around the country, with the original actors, from where it had been based in London’s Phoenix Theatre. Writing a review of this is also part of our GCSE course.

The show was phenomenal and the acting very skilled, for example the way the characters of the boys was portrayed as they grew older. The singing and musical score were powerful and our emotions were played with… particularly at the unexpected ending! It will be a show we will never forget.

A full review will be available…after our GCSEs! Year 10 Drama.

Here is the Year 11’s of 2012/13. We would like to wish them the best in the future and we will all miss you. The photos are from Year 9

Book Mastermind Final On the 22nd of March Lauren Edwards took part in the Book Mastermind County Final at the Riverside Centre in Stratford St. Andrew.

When we arrived we sat down in front of the stage. After a few minutes we were greeted and the contestants were taken into a back room before competing. Then the competition began. There were 9 schools taking part and although she didn’t win Lauren did extremely well.

After lunch Anthony McGowan, author of many children’s books including the ‘Donut Diaries’ spoke about his books and was very amusing. He then signed copies of his books for everyone.

It was a really good day but very cold. By William king

Sikh Visitor to Year 7 Philosophy and Ethics On the 14th of February 2013, Bhupindar Singh Sually came to talk to the Year Sevens about being a Sikh. He was an interesting man and had lots to talk about. Sometimes he even changed the subject when he was talking, answering a completely different question. I think that the most interesting subject he talked about was the five k’s. He said that they were not really very important, that they were just a symbol of a religion, they didn’t mean much. Also, he started talking about lots of other religions and I thought that this was a little bit odd. He said that it is better to be a good human being than a good Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Sikh. Being a good human is all that matters. Although he talked about what you have to do to be a good human, he also asked what the worst thing you could do to someone as a human. What? Many of the children in the classes suggested that it would be killing someone, but it wasn’t the right answer. Bhupindar said that the worst thing to do to another human being was to hurt their feelings and hurt them on the inside. He put a turban on my head and I was surprised to find that it was very light and comfortable. The turban was a little bit complicated to put on, it took ages. He must have to get up quite early in the morning to put it on and still get to work on time. It was great meeting him and I am really glad that I did. He taught me lots about Sikhs and how we should all live as human beings. I hope we meet someone next year from a different religion, because if we learn as much as we did when he came, everyone will be really good at P.R.E. By Alex Pierce-Saunderson

School gets a new classroom ready for the hot summer… Pupils at Stradbroke High School are looking forward to the weather getting warm and sunny over the last few weeks of term. The Friends of the School (FOSH) has just splashed out on a wooden pavilion using money raised from recent quizzes and scrap metal collection. The School Council, with representatives from each class requested the purchase and the structure will be used as an outside classroom or more likely, somewhere to go outside when it’s raining. In September FOSH are running a Classic Car and Bike Show at the school so watch out for the adverts – it should be a good day out, and if it rains, shelter is provided.

Art Exhibition

Artwork by: Victoris Robson Alicia Pettigrew Abbie Frost

Sherria Legros Chloe Ackerley Ross Booty

The first Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Practice went ahead on 19th and 20th April on the Suffolk coast. Eighteen participants set off on the Friday in light rain. Each of the three groups walked a different route to the campsite at Shottisham, but only one group was unfortunate enough to be caught in a hailstorm! Now the teams have had a taster of what they will be expected to do to qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Award on the practice day, they will now have to walk a further two days, where an assessor will be marking them on: navigation, team work, cooking, keeping the sight clean and general safety between team members. These areas will be assessed to form the final expedition Duke of Edinburgh Qualifier.

The campsite is small and friendly with an army of free range rare breed chickens and ducks to provide endless amusement and share food. The night time temperatures dropped to -5 and the tents were liberally coated with frost. However, the sun came out and the rest of the day was glorious, if chilly. All participants did very well with only a few blisters and the odd wrong turn to mar the occasion. The Qualifying Venture is scheduled for June when we hope the weather will be a little kinder. Edited by: Flo Townley, Megan Garrod & Lily Hammond

Duke of Edinburgh participates shall be walking approximately sixteen miles over the course of two days. During this time they will be expected to produce a project, some groups plan to record their journey and document the aspects of a Duke of Edinburgh award. Throughout the sixteen miles the groups (maximum of seven) will be expected to plan their routes so that they include rests for lunch. They will be expected to keep to the pre-organised time table and walk at the pace of the slowest person.

Science and Belief Essays Over the past few months, a group of Year 9 and 10 pupils have participated in an evaluative essay competition, addressing the big issues in science and religion. With the aid of 12 short films by Professor Russell Stannard, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the Open University, and various classroom activities, pupils were invited to write a short 800-1200 word essay in two parts. The first was a personal perspective on the subject matters covered in the films, whereas the second provided a critical appraisal of the material. Three first prizes of £300 and ten second prizes of £100 are up for grabs for the pupils who have written the most thoughtful essays, which will be judged by Professor Stannard himself. On behalf of all the students who took part, I would like to thank Mrs Hurren for her time, support and weekly refreshments that she provided throughout the course. Mathew Lynch, Year 9 Extracts from the essays submitted to the national Science and Belief Competition I wouldn’t say that there is conflict between science and religion, but I believe that there is often (but not always) confrontation between theories. In most cases, I think that people who believe in one or the other would naturally want to be able to prove their beliefs to be true, perhaps to avoid the humiliation of being proven wrong? … Should we thoroughly engage with our beliefs; is it ‘healthy’ for the mind to do so? I think it is – it is human nature to ask questions about the things around us. Joe Harris, Year 9 The big question is; are science and belief related? … My personal opinion on this is that they interact with each other. I believe this because it means to work with each other and I think that they do. My reason for this is that the questions religion cannot answer are answered by science and when science can’t answer a question it is answered by religion. Nowadays we know that the universe was created by the big bang but before scientists realised this they needed another theory to solve the gap and they thought it was God. Charlie Cook, Year 9 In the Bible I think the miracles where people were blind or could not hear, actually meant spiritual blindness or a negligence to listen to God. When they are cured the person has been made to realise their mistake, this could be considered a miracle if the person was seen as a lost cause. So I do agree with the quote ‘The miracle accounts in the Bible describe events that actually happened’ just not in the way you may expect when you first read the quote. Holly Read, Year 9 Extra-terrestrial life is a matter that divides many; religion and science alike but the question of ‘is there another race out there’ remains unanswered by both. For me, the impact of discovering extra-terrestrial life would be the effect it would have on religions around the world. As many religious believers suggest that God created us as a solitary and superior human race; would the discovery of another similar species to ourselves be another vital step for scientists intent on disproving Christianity? As an atheist myself, I think it would a huge discovery that would favour Science as it provokes questions aimed at the evidence behind Christianity and the Creation story. Chris Brown, Year 9 Another argument against miracles is the fact that they are scientifically impossible. Again Science may just not understand but before they do find evidence to prove that miracles happen then I am inclined to believe that they do not happen and are just stories, so to speak. However just because they are stories, it does not mean that they are not useful. I believe that, even though not literally true, miracles provide important messages for religious believers. The message that God is loving and uses his power to help others is an important message to all religious believers because it backs up their faith and teaches them to do the same. Steve Cook, Year 10 The winner of the Science and Belief competition was Tommy Heath, who won £100. I think that people are religious because they like to believe in something and have something to blame when thinking about the rights and wrongs in the world. Many centuries ago when Christianity was first conceived it was a very supernatural period and if something couldn’t be explained then someone would just say that it was the work of a higher being, namely God … but nowadays I don’t think that such thinking needs to be applied as we know so much about the universe and life that we don’t need a father figure to look up to and to blame things on. This doesn’t mean that I completely discard religion though, as it can offer us very good ideas on how to live our lives and tries to answer important questions about why things happen. Tommy Heath, Year 10

PE Report Malaga trip 2014 Following on from the success of previous overseas sports tours we have now launched a proposed trip to Malaga, due to take place in May 2014. For the first time we are organising a multi sports tour that involves both football and netball. The presentation evening was extremely well attended with over 60 families coming along in order to gain further information. The next stage is to secure sufficient interest to allow the tour to go ahead, with initial deposits due in by 13 th March 2013. Table tennis club With the help of Nigel Brown we have been running a table tennis after school club on Tuesdays. The level of interest has been excellent with boys and girls from years 7-10 attending on a regular basis. With interest so high we have attempted to improve our facilities/equipment, and with the help of the Friends of Stradbroke have managed to purchase new bats and balls, and repair some of our tables. This programme finishes with a tournament against Hartismere at the end of March, giving the pupils chance to show off what they have learned.

Stradbroke Year 7 Football team crowned champions in first season together Y7 season report by Sam Green and Lewis Haydon Our first match was away at Debenham high school. The team started the game with huge enthusiasm playing some very tidy football and soon Kieran Harvey found the back of the net with the first goal. In the Second half came we scored goals from Lewis Haydon and Elliott Hopkinson for a comprehensive 3 -0 victory. The team were delighted with their first performance. Man of the match was Elliott Hopkinson . Our next game was against Alde Valley. The boys were all raring to go from the success of the last match and we started the game off well with opportunities for each team. Stradbroke eventually broke the deadlock and went on to win the game in style, with goals from Elliott Hopkinson, Sam Green, Robert Redwood, Kieran Harvey and Oliver Havers for a 5 – 1 win. The final game was a title decider against Thomas mills. This was the toughest team we played and they played some very good football. We managed to compete hard but didn’t play as well as we had done for the first part of the season. Even though this was the case we were very clinical with our finishing and ended up scoring virtually every chance we had, winning the game 9-1. Goals scored by Harvey, Sam, Kieran, a superb strike from Evan and many more giving us the district league title. A hard season and a name of champions to go by. We look forward to building on this into Year 8.

Edited by Steve Cook, Holly Mallinson-Beedie and Caitlyn Lewis

PE Report Enhanced Learning Days As part of the enhanced learning day in January 2013 the PE department organised for all of Year 9 to have the opportunity to experience sports “outside the curriculum”. This allows pupils to see sport in the widest sense and to try out unusual sports they would not be able to access on a regular basis. This year we took them for skiing lessons and to a roller skating rink. The pupils were lucky enough to actually ski on real snow as the trip was in the ‘snowy week’. The pupils all had a great time and even some that were reluctant to have a go saw how much fun everyone else was having and soon joined in, perhaps Mr. Taylor showing them how it should be done motivated them! The roller skating was just as big a hit! Mr. Adams provided real entertainment with his lack of roller skating skills and actually managed to make everyone else look good at it. For the next Enhanced Learning Day (March 11th) all year 9 pupils will complete their Basic First Aid award. This not only allows us to continue to maintain our St John Ambulance School Mark, pupils will also learn valuable life skills which can be transferred to everyday life.

Under 14 Girls Badminton—Silver medallists Fixtures Most weeks there has been 2-4 fixtures organised after school for pupils to represent the school. It is also pleasing to report that we have had some notable results and generally a fantastic year. Some of the pleasing results include: U13 Sportshall athletics Boys team – Bronze medallists U14 Badminton boys – Silver medallists U 14 Badminton girls – Silver medallists U14 Table tennis mixed – Silver medallists Judo – bronze, silver and gold medallists at an area competition We are also competing in the High Suffolk School Sport Partnership leagues for football and netball. As it stands the year 9 girls are currently in 2nd position in the netball league. We have hosted all the partnership football and netball tournaments as well as introducing a number of handball and dodgeball fixtures – we haven’t previously had fixtures in these activities. Edited by Steve Cook, Holly Mallinson-Beedie and Caitlyn Lewis

Old mobile phones wanted

We now accept online payments for all school trips through ParentPay. This system offers you the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like, 24-7, safe in the knowledge that this website has been security checked by many local authorities and uses very high internet security standards.

By donating the phones, not only are you preventing pollution by keeping millions of phones out of landfills, you are helping Hearts and Minds in it's mission to raise the quality of life

Please bring in your old mobile phones and put them in the drop box in the dining hall

Do you have any old mobile phones? We have been set a challenge to collect 180 old mobile phones and we need your help to reach this target. Maybe you are getting a new phone for Christmas, what do you do with your old one? Please help by donating your old phone (please remove the sim card)


AUTUMN TERM 2013 Tuesday 3rd September 2013 to Friday 20th December 2013 (Half Term: week commencing Monday 28th October 2013) NON PUPIL DAY: TUESDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER 2013 NON PUPIL DAY: WEDNESDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 2013 NON PUPIL DAY: MONDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2013 SPRING TERM 2014 Monday 6th January 2014 to Friday 4th April 2014 (Half Term: week commencing Monday 17th February 2014) NON PUPIL DAY: MONDAY 6TH JANUARY 2014 SUMMER TERM 2014 Tuesday 22nd April 2014 to Wednesday 23rd July 2014 (Half Term week commencing Monday 26th May 2014) NON PUPIL DAY: TUESDAY 22ND APRIL 2014

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