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The power of light and fabrics during the dance event Sensation

Cees Smit Worldwide Tension fabric Cees Smit Worldwide has grown into an expert in organic fabric constructions and creative textile solutions. “One of the materials we use is tension fabric,” says Boi Smit. “This is patented stretch fabric which can be fitted into an aluminium or rubber frame, and you can use it to make the most incredible shapes. It’s lightweight, fire-resistant and available in all the Pantone colours. The fabric is also available in various degrees of transparency, and of course it can be printed. The result is truly amazing: it’s modern and streamlined, but it still looks natural due to the curved shapes.”

“People can use our Standard Shapes to get the most fantastic indoor and outdoor effects. Although they’re standard products, they’re available in all types and sizes, and they’re quick and simple to assemble. And they’re lightweight and easy to transport too, because they’re made from materials like fibreglass.”

“Stretch materials are mainly used for organic shapes, but we can also make curved shapes using other types of material. And it doesn’t always have to be organic, curved and rounded. We can make a stand look austere and angular with a grid made of fabric and aluminium or wood. We can also combine existing constructions, like adding an aluminium profile with a wrap to an existing stand. There’s no such word as “impossible”. It’s all custom-made and we always try and find the best solution for our customers.”

Light and fabric

Many of the Standard Shapes can be illuminated from inside. “Some objects can be affixed to a base plate with a fan and a light source. If a number of objects have been erected, they can be connected up to a controller which can synchronise changes in colour or light intensity. If The type of fabric used depends on a number of factors. “We always look there’s no on-site mains supply, we can use batteries which will last the for a solution that fits in with our customers’ wishes, their budget, and whole day.” what the fabric’s going to be used for,” says Boi.

Stretch fabric and Standard Shapes team up perfectly with light. “We can use limited resources to create an absolutely brilliant effect,” says Boi. “Lighting effects can really make fabric and wraps come to life. A double layer of transparent fabric with lighting in between gives an amazing sense of depth.”

The Sensation dance event is a good example of the power generated by combining light and fabric. “Sensation is the world’s biggest dance event. Standard Shapes We’ve supplied the fabric for the decor for quite a few editions. Because Sensation is held in various cities around the world, we made flexible texBesides custom-made textile solutions, Cees Smit Worldwide supplies all tile elements that could be used in all the stadiums and halls. The big prokinds of decorative objects. “We offer a tremendous variety of Standard jection screens measuring 6 by 15 metres were made of seamless stretch Shapes ranging from table covers to hanging elements and creative ob- fabric. This fabric really works beautifully with projection because it’s got jects,” says Boi. a bit of a sheen, which makes the whole thing look totally incredible.”

Impressions 3 UK March 2013  
Impressions 3 UK March 2013