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Van Straaten in het news We’ll soon be able to print electronics



DutchCowboys, the most popular weblog in the Netherlands for Web 2.0, social media and interactive marketing, was talking about printing electronics last month. And of course, they spoke to Nico van Straaten, who is a pioneer in this particular field.


Since electronics printing is not yet taking place on that scale in the Netherlands, Advanced Electronic Printing’s activities are pretty revolutionary. This company has been carrying out a pilot project for the past six months involving the manufacture of electrostatic speakers, which are already available for sale in the United States. To make these speakers, the company applies transparent electrically-conductive ink to the substrate using a specially-adapted graphic printer. The printer converts this into a sound carrier which is only a couple of millimetres thick - generated completely automatically and untouched by human hand.

Because the speaker is so flat, the scope for its use is a lot bigger. The speaker is easily able to fill a large space with sound, and it doesn’t matter whether people are standing right next to it or a few metres further Most of us are probably unable to imagine it, but it really is going to away - the quality remains the same. It’s ideal for use at airports, concert happen in the next few years: we’ll be able to print out all or part of elec- halls and trade fairs - and of course in the home. tronic appliances! And what’s even more incredible is that large-scale technological companies and smart SMEs are actually doing it right now! “We’ve seen tremendous developments in picture quality - people watch films and TV in HD nowadays - but sound has been lagging behind,” Nico Nico van Straaten, CEO at Van Straaten and co-founder of Advanced van Straaten says. “But now top-quality sound is finally available to conElectronic Printing, is closely following all developments in electronics sumers thanks to electronics printing.” printing. Nico says that printed electronics already reached a 5-billion-euro turnover worldwide last year alone. “They’re expecting the turnover to go over the 100-billion mark in the next three years,” he adds. “This is the most emerging business in the world right now.” To read the whole article, go to

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