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Interview with our enthusiastic receptionist Sonja Things can really get hectic at Van Straaten’s office, and our receptionist Sonja is a tower of strength as she’s always enthusiastic and good-humoured. Find out more about the person with the warm friendly voice who answers the phone at Van Straaten.

there for a week. We knew there was a cat on the premises because the alarm went off at night and we found paw-prints on the fabric. I finally managed to catch the cat after a lot of wheedling, our colleague Petra called the local animal shelter and the cat was reunited with his owner the day after that. Apparently he’d been missing for a whole month! His owner was so delighted, he turned up here the very next day with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.”

What do you like doing in your spare time?

“I really love watching skating. Everyone knows I’ll be glued to the TV at the weekend if there’s skating on. I’ve been to skating competitions How did you end up working at Van Straaten? in Thialf as well, the atmosphere is incredible! I always enjoy Christmas too, I start looking forward to it as soon as the days start getting shorter. “I answered an ad in the local paper about 9 years ago. It sounded like a Christmas is the nicest time of year for me, but I couldn’t tell you why. I pleasant company, even though I didn’t have any experience in the prin- love good food, I like reading detective stories and I enjoy visiting different ting business. But I’d worked for 15 years as administrator at a catering cities. A friend and I have been to a lot of cities in Europe.” company in the aviation sector, so I did have a lot of experience in that respect.”

How would you describe the company? “It’s a nice friendly company and my colleagues are kind and helpful. There’s never a dull moment, no two days are the same. It can be very hectic at times, and schedules often get delayed. Van Straaten has changed a lot in the past few years. Our work is becoming more and more professional and structured, and our products are getting better and better because of all the new technological developments. Visitors are always impressed by the huge machines in the big workshop. And that’s typical of Van Straaten too, we always have the very latest printers. It’s a really modern company.”

Have you got any good stories to tell us? “People sometimes ask me strange questions on the phone. Somebody once asked me to sing because he thought I had a lilt in my voice when I answered the phone. And something unusual happened a couple of weeks ago too. A cat had found his way into the office and had stayed hidden

Impressions 3 UK March 2013  
Impressions 3 UK March 2013