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LADKOVSTUDIOS Murals • Plasters • Gilding • Faux • Wood Finishes

PROJECTS before and after

Wine Tasting Room, Brentwood, California We transformed a regular basement room into a Wine Tasting Room.



Walls - application of multi-layer distressed plaster, modeling faux bricks.

Painting Two Murals: “Map of Italy” and “Tuscany View”, painted directly on walls.

Oil painting “Italian Coast” on canvas, painted in studio. Trim was grained to match the existing distressed wood on doors and cabinetry. Floor bricks were aged.

House Restoration, Los Angeles, California Click here for house restoration project video from a lifestyle television show Interior designers: Phillips, W. and Osborn, S. The area now known as Lafayette Square was developed by banker George L. Crenshaw in 1912. In the 1950s, millions saw the neighborhood as the home of the quintessential TV family: the exterior of 1727 Buckingham Road served as the Cleaver residence on Leave It to Beaver.



Restoration of gold ornamentation on frieze in Entry foyer: cleaning, gold leaf repairs, painting (stencil) repairs, and varnishing to preserve the painted ornamentation. Painting of morning sky ceiling mural.

Restoration of crown moldings and plasterwork in Entry foyer, Living room and Dining room: repairs, antiquing, and varnishing. Painting of sunset sky ceiling mural.

Painting English garden mural on ceiling and walls in Tea room.

Private Home, Bel Air, California Interior designer - Parr, E

Center Hall - centerpiece on ceiling: Venetian plaster installation, hand-painted ornamentation.

Entry foyer with hallways - lining on arches and 2-color stencils on Venetian plaster in several niches to repeat patterns and colors of marble floor ornamentation.



Dining room ceiling - application of aged gilded historic ornaments on red Venetian plaster, design is an interpretation of Italian Renaissance wrought iron doorway grille from S.Croce in Florence.

Wine cellar – painting Italian landscape mural on wall.

Wine tasting room – painting Tuscany landscape mural on plaster in niche.

Orsini Apartments, Los Angeles, California Over the last few years we have seen a transformation of Downtown Los Angeles. From the renovation of the old buildings to the creation of new ones, this continues to be an exciting time for Downtown Los Angeles. Medici, Piero, Visconti and Orsini - these downtown developments have the same Italian villainspired design. On all these projects Gladkov Studios worked together with interior design firm The Design Company and cabinetmakers of Swiss Woodworking, Inc. Our studio worked in Orsini in 3 rooms – Movie Theatre, Virtual Bowling Room and Karaoke Lounge.

Movie Theatre

Wood finishing on wood paneling and trim - stain and glaze satin lacquer finish. Coffered ceiling architectural moldings – application of antique gilded finish; plaster medallions were antiqued

Entry metal doors were grained to match existing wood.

Pillars – application of black satin lacquer; capitals were gilded All wood finishes and gilding of capitals were done in the shop; ceiling architectural details and graining of metal doors were finished on jobsite.

Virtual Bowling Room Mural on 28’ x 16’ wall, painted with acrylics, using scaffolding. Templates were prepared in studio.



Karaoke Lounge

Murals: Musical Notes and Karaoke Singers, painted on jobsite directly on walls.



Mural Restoration, Beverly Hills, California Library in English Manor-style house in Beverly Hills.. Painted in 1920s mural on canvas on 3 walls inside of bar cabinet.


Mural had various damages scratches, spots, water damage, discoloration and varnish failure.

After Mural was cleaned, touched-up, and varnished. Goals - fix damages and keep patina look with minimum intervention.

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