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Initial Wireframing / First Draft



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Identify: ⁜⁜ Game flow ⁜⁜ Points of user action ⁜⁜ Points of user input ⁜⁜ Necessary Data ⁜⁜ Beginning Comp Checks

Preflop table Preview Update Players

Pre Flop Info Yes or (Double click on to edit component))

• Your Stack • Button Location • Starting Correct?

Check? Flop Table

Prompt before a raise


Bet Size? NA | 50BB | 100BB 150BB | 200BB | 300BB


Raise? Prompt After Raise

Preflop table

Create a button / action to take to next screen / next action.

Call? Fold?

Select Initial Raiser

Stack Size? NA | 50BB | 100BB 150BB | 200BB | 300BB

End of Action? No Yes.

Understand how screens link. What info needed @ each step. Make actions and inputs feel intuitive.

New Board but,

*Same on Turn and River Call?


First to Respond? Stack Size? NA | 50BB | 100BB 150BB | 200BB | 300BB

On Any Street, Once hand is finished Go to the Review / Save Screen

End of Action? No Yes. Review hand

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NOTE: Need to think through how to edit hands / mistakes both within the hands WITHIN a SESSION and also upon review once the session is completed. Do I - Go through Each street and confirm? - Give the text file and let them edit manually - Give a lists of likely mistakes (adding player name, changing seat, chaning location of button etc) and then updating it automatically? **THings to think through and talk with Nate about :)

Initial Wireframes & Flow Charts  
Initial Wireframes & Flow Charts  

First draft of wireframes, and beginning of information architecture and interaction design for mobile app, Best Hand Played.