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Who is  Meaningful  Change?   •  Our Vision: To turn air travel into an opportunity for simple giving where small change can make a big difference. •  Our Mission: To support education, environmentalism and humane efforts by aggregating donations as small as one cent and channeling funds to effective, accountable, trustworthy organizations in order to increase their positive impact.

Our Par4cipa4ng  Nonprofits   Humane  Efforts  



•  • 

Transparent and Accountable. Work Nationally, Regionally, Locally.


Noncontroversial Practices.


Widely Recognized and Well Trusted.

How Meaningful  Change  Works   Step 1:

Installation and Donor Donation

Step 4:

Step 2:

Accounting and Financial Reports

Coin Collection

Step 3:

Pay the Nonprofits and Airports

Donation containers are placed at airport security.

We collect the donations and give 80% of all funds to our nonprofit partners.

We then pay airports 5% and retain 15% to cover operational costs and growing the business.

Why Meaningful  Change  Works   Ronald McDonald House Charities raised more than $28 million.

International Programs running for decades and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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Last 3 years, TSA collected and kept over 1.4 million dollars.

2013 marked the first domestic airport charitable coin collection program.

Interna4onal Airport  Case  Studies     Heathrow,  London  (LHR)  

•  Program in place for over 25 years. •  3rd busiest airport in the world in 2011; serviced 69,433,565 passengers.4 •  26 containers across four terminals collected $391,824.5 •  This equates to 10% of travellers each donating an average of $0.05.

Photo credit:  Coin  Co.  Interna4onal    

Interna4onal Airport  Case  Studies    

Photo credit:  Cory  Doctorow  

Photo credit:  Changi  Airport  

Domes4c Airport  Case  Study     Denver,  Colorado  (DEN)  

•  Initiated campaign in February, 2013. •  Three containers total, one for each security checkpoint. •  Averaging $4,000/month in donations.7

Photo credit:  Will  Chuchawat  

What Does  This  Mean  for  CA  Airports?   •  Modeled on 10% of travelers donating $0.05 per passenger. •  84,797,507 enplanements in California in 2011.8

California Donation Projections by Hub Size and Enplanement Large Hubs Annual Enplanements


2013 Q3 & Q4

•  Meaningful Change can expect to raise $423,987 annually in California alone.

Medium Hubs Annual Enplanements


Small Hubs Annual Enplanements

3,155,245 Non Hubs Annual Enplanements Funds raised Q3 / Q4

897,672 $2,310



Non Hubs

$15,776/year $108,468/year Cumulative Total

Small Hubs

Medium Hubs


Large Hubs




$423,987 /year

What Does  This  Mean  for  MRY?   Projec4ons:  

•  Total enplanements for 2011 were 181,640 passengers.8 •  Can expect to raise $1,000. •  New revenue. •  Reinvestment in community. •  Leadership in CA airports.

The Impact  Change  Can  Have   Denver  Mayor  Michael  B.  Hancock:  

“Sparing some change by one person will be compounded by the volume of travelers at Denver International Airport. Passengers need to empty coins from their pockets before the security line anyway…Denver has seen many success stories…and this is another innovative way that we are supporting those efforts.”8  

Meaningful Change  Summary   •  Proven fundraising model. •  Zero investment/workload. •  Opportunity to reinvest in local community. •  New revenue stream. •  Only requirement – your approval!

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Meaningful Change Airport Pitch Presentation  

This is a PowerPoint presentation used in board meetings to educate members and directors about the Meaningful Change program.

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