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The CATHEDRAL TIMES The weekly newsletter of the Cathedral of St. Philip · Serving Atlanta and the World · March 10, 2019

DIRT IS NOT DIRTY By the Very Rev. Sam Candler Dean of the Cathedral One of the great realizations of my boyhood was in discovering out how fun it was to play in the dirt, discovering that dirt is not dirty. When I would walk back into the house after a day outside, my clothes had soil and stains and briars and brush all over them, but I didn’t feel dirty at all. Instead I felt rather clean; I felt like I had been baptized into the glory of God’s creation! Since then, I have been glad to learn of others who have played in the dirt, outside the boundaries of custom and design, off the beaten trail. Beautiful accidents occur in the dirt, don’t they? Discoveries occur in the dirt. In 1947, a young shepherd boy ventured off the normal grazing fields near the Dead Sea, going after a sheep. Inside an old cave, near Qumran, he discovered some ancient pots, full of strange documents. In fact, they have since become known as The Dead Sea Scrolls, written in 100 BC, the earliest manuscripts we have of the Old Testament. Before their discovery, the earliest complete text of the Hebrew Bible dated from 900 AD. These Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered only sixty years ago, in the dirt. In 1802, a Massachusetts farmer, named Pliny Moody, was plowing the dirt. He uncovered a strange slab with ancient footprints on it. It was a fossil, the first of many indications of the dinosaur, the first of many great pieces of evidence for evolution. He kept that stone as his front door step for years, before scientists –and also a Christian minister, by the way– were able to determine its scientific importance. In 1868, workmen were also digging in the dirt, laying a railway line in France, in the Dordogne Valley, when they unearthed a strange skeleton. These bones became known as Cro-Magnon Man, and humanity was on its way to discovering our ancestors. School children on a fishing trip to Alberta, Canada were the ones who discovered the best preserved skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex, a speciman named Black Beauty because it is so well preserved. Many of the great human fossil finds are in the Great Rift Valley, in Tanzania and Kenya. That valley is a tremendous chasm, up to eight miles wide and two thousand feet deep in some places, providing a slice of the history of human life itself. Before it was named the Great Rift Valley, its name was the graben. Graben is the word for grave. The area is a grave, cut deep into the earth, and providing for us an incredible history of life itself. We know about life from this grave. I appreciate, then, all those folks who have played in the dirt, or who have plowed in the dirt, gone exploring in the dirt, who have appreciated the dirt of this earth, and who have appreciated even the graves of this earth. “All we go down the grave.” “Remember that we are dust, and to dust we shall return.” There are those who claim that the scientific theory of evolution contradicts Christianity and the Bible. Nonsense. Both evolution and the Bible are true. Both the Bible and the fossil record of evolution are records of God’s life among us. Both the Bible and the fossil records are important documents explaining where we came from, who we are. According to the Bible, God played in the dirt one day. From the primal clay, God formed first humanity, whom he named Adam. The Hebrew word, “Adam,” “man”, comes from “Adamah,” which means “earth.” It means early dirt. God shaped humanity from the dust, and God breathed the spirit of life into us. We humans, then, are the result of Godly play, Godly creation. The word “humble,” a key word for this season of Ash Wednesday and Lent, comes from the Latin word for humus. Humus, as any gardener knows, means “good earth.” Or, better, it means “good dirt.” “Remember that you are dirt, and to the dirt you will return.” To be humble means to return to good dirt. We might say it means “getting down to earth.” The dirt is not dirty. Lent is for playing in the dirt again. Lent invites us to get down to earth, to discover the world in a different way, and to find God again, in the glory of creation, and in the glory of humanity.


MARCH 10, 2019 · The First Sunday in Lent, Year C

Deuteronomy 26:1-11 · Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16 · Romans 10:8b-13 · Luke 4:1-13


Celebrant and Preacher: The Rev. Canon George Maxwell

8:45 A.M. HOLY EUCHARIST, CATHEDRAL Celebrant: The Rev. Canon Lauren Holder Preacher: The Very Rev. Sam Candler Cathedral Choir: Dan Locklair, Lord Jesus think on me Henry Purcell, Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts


Celebrant and Preacher: The Rev. Canon George Maxwell

11:15 A.M. HOLY EUCHARIST, CATHEDRAL Celebrant: The Rev. Canon Lauren Holder Preacher: The Very Rev. Sam Candler Schola: Dan Locklair, Lord Jesus think on me Henry Purcell, Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts

11:15 A.M. LA SANTA EUCARISTÍA, MIKELL CHAPEL Celebrant: The Rev. Canon Cathy Zappa Preacher: The Rev. Deacon Juan Sandoval

4 P.M. CHORAL EVENSONG, CATHEDRAL Celebrant and Preacher: The Rev. Canon Carolynne Williams Cathedral Choir Thomas Morley, Preces and Responses Thomas Morley, First Service Richard Farrant, Hide not thou thy face from us, O Lord Thomas Morley, Nolo mortem peccatoris


The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler, Dean Dale Adelmann, Ph.D., Canon for Music The Rev. Lauren R. Holder, Canon for Outreach and Congregational Life The Rev. George M. Maxwell, Jr., Vicar The Rev. Catherine Zappa, Canon for Education and Worship The Rev. John William Harkins III, Ph.D., Priest Associate The Rev. Deacon Juan Sandoval, Deacon for Hispanic Ministries The Rev. Theophus “Thee” Smith, Ph.D., Priest Associate The Rev. Carolynne G. Williams, Canon Associate for Pastoral Care and Elder Ministry Austin Hall, Senior Warden Dorsey DeLong, Junior Warden


404-365-1000 | cathedralatl

EDUCATION These Sunday classes meet at 10:10 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

OLD FASHIONED SUNDAY SCHOOL Child Hall This Sunday, Canon George Maxwell will lead a discussion about the history and development of the season of Lent, and why it is of value to us today. All are welcome. You will find a light heart, warm welcome, and good coffee!

IMMORTAL DIAMOND: THE SEARCH FOR OUR TRUE SELF Room 239 Join Canon Carolynne Williams for a discussion of Richard Rohr's book, Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self. Rohr writes: “We are all looking for an immortal diamond: something utterly reliable, something loyal and true.” II John 2 reminds us of the “truth that abides in us,” but most of us know little about this, so we end up as St. Augustine admits: “Late have I loved you! You were within, but I was without.”


ADULT CONFIRMATION CLASS Adult Confirmation class is held in Room 120 during the 10:10 a.m. Sunday School hour. These classes are open to all, regardless of plans to be confirmed. In the fall, our Living Faith class studied “Falling in Love with the Bible Again.” This is a continuation of that conversation, but moving to “Falling in Love with the Church Again.” Those wishing to participate in this class in order to be confirmed, re-affirmed, or received should contact Canon Lauren Holder, lholder@, and mark your calendars for our April 28 confirmation service. February 24: The Anglican Way of Christianity March 3: The Sacraments and Sacramental Rites March 10: Marking Time March 17: Basic Beliefs March 24: The Church March 31: A Trinitarian Life April 7: What’s next? April 28: Confirmation

PARENT COFFEE HOUR Parents and caregivers who have youth meet to have a selfguided discussion on the topics youth are discussing in the Confirmation program, as well as how to support each other. If you are interested in this discussion but do not have a youth in the program, please feel free to join anyway! This group meets Sundays at 10:10 a.m. in Room 121.


The Cathedral at Kanuga Parish retreat May 24-26 Join us in the mountains for the 2019 parish retreat at Kanuga in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Register before March 8 with the code “EARLY” for a 10% discount!

BEYOND DESPAIR AND DENIAL: FACING CLIMATE CHANGE WITH MORAL URGENCY AND HOPE Yale Divinity School and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies present a panel discussion on the intersection of climate change and our faith, Tuesday, March 12 at 7 p.m. in Child Hall. A reception will precede the event at 6 p.m. in the Atrium. Amid dire news of climate change, the question only intensifies: What do we do now? As we sort through the accumulating data and endless politics, a vital element gets lost — the moral dimension of the environmental crisis, and its especially punishing toll on poor communities. The time is now for a galvanizing religious and spiritual witness. Join us for a public conversation focused on ethical solutions and practical strategies for building a movement that meets the climate crisis.


Mary Evelyn Tucker Co-Director of the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale Jon Sawyer Founding Director of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting Codi Norred Program Director of Georgia Interfaith Power & Light Clifton Granby Assistant Professor of Ethics and Philosophy at Yale Divinity School RSVP to or 203-432-5359; for more information visit

HOSPICE ATLANTA BEREAVEMENT WORKSHOP Hospice Atlanta is offering a one day bereavement workshop called Camp STARS InTown for individuals and families on Saturday, March 16 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Cathedral. The day will include a variety of activities such as art projects, adult and children support groups, and team building activities all led by counselors, social workers, chaplains, community volunteers, and other bereavement specialists. There will be many opportunities for everyone to bond as a community and to meet others who are also on a grief journey. There is a $25 registration fee per

individual or family (regardless of the number of individuals who you consider to be your family unit) which includes a continental breakfast and lunch. Register online at intown. Or, call Deana Porter, 404-869-3072, or Canon Cathy Zappa, 404-365-1043, for more information.

OUTREACH HABITAT 2019 PROJECT KICK OFF DINNER Join our Habitat kick off dinner Sunday, March 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Gould Room to meet our build partners and our new homeowner. Our next Habitat home will be built on Saturdays from April 6 through June 8 (skipping Easter and Memorial Day weekends). We welcome past builders and new builders. If you have never built, come be part of this exciting ministry. No skills required, just your enthusiasm. We will give you the tools and training that you need to make a contribution. You can sign up in the Atrium for the dinner, to build, or to join our lunch team. Contact John Champion, 404-307-0817 or jchampion@ for additional information. An online sign-up will be announced as we get closer to our start date.



For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In returning and rest you shall be saved… Isaiah 30:15a


Give yourself a day of quiet and prayer as you prepare your heart for Easter. The Rev. Buddy Crawford, senior associate rector at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church, will lead the program. Buddy is a familiar face here at the Cathedral; after his ordination he served on staff as assistant for pastoral care. Lent is often focused on making penance, being sorrowful for failings, and confessing sins - what we think of as the work of repentance. However, the words in Hebrew “teshuvah” and Greek “metanoia” translated as repent literally mean “to turn” or “to return.” The parables in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures invite us to change directions in our hearts and minds. This “turning” is the first step that leads us back to fullness of life in God. The day will include time in silence and meditation, praying the scriptures, walking the labyrinth, and other creative activities. The Quiet Day will take place in the Lanier House on the Cathedral campus, 9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., Saturday, March 16. The cost is $20 and includes lunch. Please register at cathedralATL. org/quietday or by contacting Jeannie Mahood, jmahood@ or 404-365-1031.

“Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy” Exodus 20:8 Many of us long to slow down, rest, and set time apart for God, and yet we find it increasingly hard to observe the commandment, or to receive God’s gift, of sabbath. Join other women from the Cathedral this weekend, as we reflect on sabbath, learn from its wisdom, and, most important, simply keep sabbath together. In the beautiful setting of St. Mary’s Retreat Center in Sewanee, Tennessee, and in the sabbath spirit, there will be plenty of time to rest, play, enjoy the outdoors, and be in fellowship with God and one another. The retreat will be led by the Rev. Cathy Zappa, canon for education and worship, and Jeannie Mahood, program coordinator for spirituality. Costs for the weekend, which cover lodging and meals, are $282 (private) and $225 (shared/double). Register online at, or contact Jeannie Mahood, or 404-365-1031, for further information. Space is limited so register soon!


Clases de Primera Comunión comienzan 10 Marzo hasta 28 Abril. Los clases son el salón 239 a las 1010 a.m. cada Dominga. Solamente en 21 Abril no hay clase por Pascua.

Domingo de Ramas tenemos procesión alrededor de la iglesia. Nos juntamos a las 11am en frente de la entrada de la iglesia. Via Crucis es servicio de Viernes Santo en la Capilla Mikell. 19 Abril a las 7 p.m. Pascua es 21 de Abril en la Capilla Mikell a las 1115 a.m. Servicio con Primera Comunión es 5 Mayo en la Capilla Mikell a las 1115 a.m.

Will you walk with us?

MEMBERSHIP TRANSITIONS BIRTHS Oliver Joslin Waters Gordon, son of Brad and Ashley Gordon, brother of Isabella, William, Sophia, James, and Philip, born February 19, 2019 Arch “Archie” Robert McSeveney, son of Amanda and Fred McSeveney, grandchild of Barbara Moore, born February 11, 2019

NEW MEMBER Jack O’Connor, from Villanova, Pennsylvania

E A S T E R F LOW E R D O N AT I O N S Please consider making a donation for flowers, in memorial or thanksgiving, to decorate the Cathedral for Easter Day by Sunday, April 14. Please note that any gift received after April 14 will ONLY be printed in the Cathedral Times due to print deadlines. Visit the Flower Guild table in the Atrium on Sundays, complete and return the form below, or make your donation online at


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FOYERS Do you enjoy eating good food and meeting new people? Then Foyers is for you! Experience friends, food, and fellowship in small groups of 8-10 each month beginning with Super Foyers on Sunday, April 7 at 6 p.m. in Child Hall. Please contact Jennifer DuBose,, with your name, address, phone number, and email to sign up.

Cathedral BOOK STORE

TATE ADDIS TO PERFORM On Sunday, March 10, we welcome organist Tate Addis as our recitalist at 3:15 p.m. A native of Kansas and a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory and Yale University, Addis currently serves as organist at First Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina. His program will include works by Flor Peeters, Gaston Litaize, and George Baker. Come and hear one of America’s best young organists!

BOOK STORE SEEKS MANAGER The Cathedral Book Store is accepting applications for a full time manager. The store manager oversees all the daily operations of the store, managing all employees and volunteers. The manager also oversees the implementation of its merchandising, marketing, advertising, and financial strategy while maintaining its mission of creating an engaged and thoughtful community where everyone can find something to enrich or inspire them on their faith journey. Contact Fay Swennes, or 404237-2523, for a more detailed job description or to apply.

Tate Addis, organ First Baptist Church, Asheville, North Carolina Flor Peeters, Toccata, Fugue et Hymne sur Ave Maris Stella, Op. 28 Douze piéces pour grand orgue George Baker, Variations on Rouen

PRAYER List FOR THOSE WHO ARE ILL OR RECOVERING: LONG TERM PRAYERS T. Mayo and Pat Atkins • Virginia Bicksler • John Blair • Ian and Julie Bond • Pat Brinson • Dick Burgin • LeCretia Burton • Wicke Chambers • Heather Clark • Terry Dornbush • Sarah duBignon • Kitty Dukehart •

Lynn Alexander Ehrlicher • Randy Farmer • Jimmy Fluker • Betty Hall • William Ham • Jane Hannah • Caroline Hatcher • Katie Hughey • Barbara Johnson • Louise Kan • Jack Lumanog • Elaine Lyon • Frank

Mathews • Lorri McClain • Carol McDonald • Jim McKenzie • Cecil Miner • Charlie Neal • Paul O'Connor • Marian Palmore • Garry Pryor • Rubye and Wayne Reid • Pamela Reid • Agnes Elizabeth Robertson • Louis

"Skip" Schueddig • Clark Shelton • Brian Sturgell • Ruth Swanson • Julie Thompson • Faye Van Winkle • Barbara Condrey • Andy Westafer • Sandy Williamson • Hollis Youngner

FAMILY AND FRIENDS Wendy Adelmann • Alex Collins Astrop • Bettina Bass • Kenneth Carlson • Romania Cline • Joseph Counahan •

Tangi and Zakariyah Cummings • Sandra Daniel • Lee Dvonch • Cheryl • Helen Nixon Fleming • Connie

Fort’a • Carleton Fuller • Peggy Govan • Bobby Hearn • Greg Hentz • Heather Hooper • Dan Howett • Sun Ja Kim • Betty C. Lyons • Pat Martin • Michelle Maxwell • Michael McClelland • Andy Nelson • Steven

Norman • Olive Nworie • Penelope Rose Price • Betty and Bill Poole • Alphonsus Quinn • Lolita Rochon •

Frank Roth • James Sands • Ken Singleton • Sophia, Omar Felipe, and Felipe Daniel • Karen Powell Spruill • Tina Susco • Woodrow Talley • Pierson Thames • Roger Traylor • Janiece Townshend • Ron M. Wallace • Katharine Massengale Walter • Marion Wilson • Whit A. Wright • Patricia Young

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DIED Velma Elliott • John Sanders

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ATLANTA BAROQUE ORCHESTRA AND CATHEDRAL SCHOLA Friday, March 15 – at the Cathedral Saturday, March 16 – at St. David's Episcopal Church, Roswell


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Miracles are not conf ined to the stories of scripture; these signs of God's presence and power in creation are experienced throughout our daily existence. Yet cultural challenges and modernity's skepticism have marginalized belief in them as unreasonable and irrational. Johnson reclaims Christian belief in miracles as integral to recovering a proper and


strong sense of creation, recognizing the validity of personal experience and narrative and asserting the truth-telling quality of myth. CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING ALSO AVAILABLE


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