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The CATHEDRAL TIMES The weekly newsletter of the Cathedral of St. Philip · Serving Atlanta and the World · April 22, 2018

IS COMMUNION BREAD REALLY THE BODY OF CHRIST? In almost every inquirers’ class, or confirmation class, or Introduction to the Episcopal Church class, the inevitable question rises. Do Episcopalians believe that the consecrated bread at Eucharist is really the Body of Christ? Or some question like it: Do you believe in transubstantiation like [that other Church] does? Of course, whenever anyone asks me what some other Church believes, I advise them to ask someone in that Church, because I cannot presume to speak for them. In addition, however, very few Christians today believe in the classic doctrine of transubstantiation, that the consecrated bread of the Eucharist immediately becomes literal and verifiable human flesh. Really, no matter the stereotype and no matter what you learned when you were growing up as a child, few Christians in any denomination believe that. The old Reformation discussion, of five hundred years ago, pitted extreme against extreme. One side declared that when the priest at communion raised the bread and declared, “This is my Body,” the bread became substantially the Body of Christ. They declared that Christ was literally present in that piece of bread. The other side declared that the bread was the symbol of a memory, that Christ was present not so much in the bread, as in the memory of the gathered community. Thus, the words of communion administration were words like, “Take this in remembrance that Christ died for thee.” In the Episcopal Church, you might observe many worshippers acting like the first extreme. We bow when the priest raises that consecrated bread, as if we think something holy is there. We are careful when we handle that piece of bread. We make the sign of the cross over our chests as we eat the bread. We make sure we treat the plates and cups with similar respect. Something holy is there. But we do not believe that Christ is literally in that piece of bread. Were we to place that small wafer under a microscope, it would be bread, not flesh. We believe in science. Instead, we believe that Christ is “really” present in that piece of bread. We believe that Christ is present in the gathered memory of the believers, of course. But we also believe in the “Real Presence,” not so much in either the literal presence or the symbolic presence. For us, the spiritual presence is a real presence. Consider this: We believe that God is present everywhere, right? God is present, Christ is present, in the flowers and beauty of the earth! Those vibrant pieces of creation carry something of the energy of Christ. Well, that means God is also present even in this small piece of bread, this result of living wheat and water and heat. When we reverence the communion bread, we are acknowledging the presence of Christ in that small piece of glorious creation. But we are also practicing. If we can acknowledge the present of Christ in that small wafer, well, we might just be able to see God in other pieces of creation. That small piece of bread shows us that the world really is full of the glory of God. Furthermore, the world is gradually growing more and more towards the fullness of Christ. We are all being transformed into the fullness of God! Thus, as many scholars have observed, the point of Holy Communion is not so much that the bread is transformed; the point is that we, we human beings, are being transformed! It is WE who are being “transubstantiated!” In Holy Communion, we acknowledge that God is present everywhere, working out the purpose of filling all in all. God is present in small pieces of bread, and God is present in us. Really Present. We go to Holy Communion, the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, in order to practice. The more we practice observing the presence of God in that communion wafer, the more we might be able to realize the presence of God in other parts of our lives: maybe in the world outside church walls, maybe in our neighbor, maybe even in our enemy. The more respect we give to that consecrated bread, the more respect we might be able to give to God’s presence in other parts of our world. “Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might, heaven and earth are full of your glory!” Amen.


APRIL 22, 2018 · The Fourth Sunday of Easter, Year B Acts 4:5-12 · Psalm 23 · 1 John 3:16-24 · John 10:11-18

7:45 A.M. HOLY EUCHARIST, MIKELL CHAPEL Celebrant: Canon Cathy Zappa Preacher: Nicole Lambelet, Seminarian

8:45 A.M. HOLY EUCHARIST, CATHEDRAL Celebrant: Dean Sam Candler Preacher: Canon George Maxwell Cathedral Choir: Kim Andre Arnesan, Little Lamb Thomas Tomkins, My Shepherd is the living Lord

9 A.M. HOLY EUCHARIST, MIKELL CHAPEL Celebrant: Canon Cathy Zappa

Preacher: Nicole Lambelet, Seminarian

11:15 A.M. HOLY EUCHARIST, CATHEDRAL Celebrant: Dean Sam Candler Preacher: Canon George Maxwell Cathedral Choir: Kim Andre Arnesan, Little Lamb Thomas Tomkins, My Shepherd is the living Lord

11:15 A.M. LA SANTA EUCARISTÍA, MIKELL CHAPEL Celebrant: Canon Cathy Zappa Preacher: Deacon Juan Sandoval

4 P.M. CHORAL EVENSONG, CATHEDRAL THE FEAST OF ST. JAMES OF JERUSALEM, OBSERVED Celebrant and Preacher: Canon Wallace Marsh Cathedral Schola Kenneth Leighton, Preces & Responses William Walton, Chichester Service Gabriel Jackson, A prayer of King Henry VI C. Hubert H. Parry, I was glad


The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler, Dean Dale Adelmann, Ph.D., Canon for Music The Rev. Lauren R. Holder, Canon for Outreach and Congregational Life The Rev. C. Wallace Marsh IV, Canon for Pastoral Care and Worship The Rev. George M. Maxwell, Jr., Vicar The Rev. Catherine Zappa, Canon for Education The Rev. John William Harkins III, Ph.D., Priest Associate The Rev. Deacon Juan Sandoval, Deacon for Hispanic Ministries The Rev. Theophus “Thee” Smith, Ph.D., Priest Associate The Rev. Carolynne G. Williams, Canon Associate for Pastoral Care and Elder Ministry Austin Hall, Senior Warden Doug O’Bryan, Junior Warden


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Sunday ADULT EDUCATION Unless otherwise noted, these adult classes meet from 10:10–11 a.m.



Child Hall Canon George Maxwell leads this class. As always, you will find those things that we think mattermost: a light heart, a broad welcome, and good coffee. We look forward to seeing you there.

Room 120 Throughout the season of Easter, we will explore the spirituality of the twelve steps using Richard Rohr’s Breathing Underwater as a basis. This series is led by Canons Wallace Marsh and Cathy Zappa.


information, please contact Jim Bingham at 404-373-3273 or

SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDY Room 122 Jim Bingham and Gordon Mathis lead an ongoing small group Bible Study focusing on the book of Genesis. For more

Room 240 The Rev. Dr. Thee Smith leads this series of co-listening classes that aim to enhance our personal, interpersonal, and intergroup ability to be fully ourselves—our true, worthy, and estimable selves. This class explores the theory and practice of genuine listening—listening with skilled awareness that can focus on everyday experiences, or range through tough political issues to include a vast variety of life choices and faith matters.

THE ENJOYMENT OF BIBLICAL GREEK Room 356 (1:15 p.m.) This class uses translation aids including lexicons and commentaries to enjoy how probing the Greek of New Testament texts adds nuance and depth to reading Holy Scripture. Newcomers and long-term members are welcome! For more information, contact the Rev. Dr. Thee Smith, tsmith@



Morning Prayer, Mikell Chapel 8:45 a.m., Monday–Saturday

The Dean’s Men’s Bible Study, Room 319 7 a.m., Tuesday

Holy Eucharist, St. Mary’s Chapel 12:15 p.m., Monday–Friday (Healing service on Friday) Evening Prayer, Mikell Chapel 5:45 p.m., 1st, 2nd, and 4th Thursday Taizé Service, Mikell Chapel 8 p.m., 3rd Monday

Women’s Early Morning Bible Study, Walthour Library 7 a.m., Tuesday The Dean’s Women’s Bible Study, Room 319 10:45 a.m., Wednesday Eat Your Word Bible Study, Room 239 Noon, Wednesday Sons of Thunder, Gould Room 7 a.m., usually 1st Thursday

CHILDREN'S Ministries WEEK OF WONDER REGISTRATION NOW OPEN June 11–15, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Children 3 (by September 1, 2017) through rising 5th graders Along the river, children discover that life with God is an adventure full of wonder and surprise, and that they can trust God to be with them through anything. Whether it’s in art, music, outdoor play, Godly Play, or discovery and science, we will find God’s grace.


Cathedral BOOK STORE




Before Phyllis Tickle died at 81 in September 2015, she named Jon M. Sweeney her official biographer. Sweeney is coming to the Cathedral Book Store to give a lecture on the life and career of this extraordinary woman. He will discuss her written work over fifty years (poetry, plays, literary, spiritual, historical, and theological), her marriage and family, and life on the Farm in Lucy, the subject of much of her oeuvre. Then there's Tickle’s work as an academic and book publisher in Tennessee; her impact as the founding editor in religion at Publishers Weekly during the boom of spiritual writing and interfaith understanding in the 1990s; relationships with Gwendolyn Brooks, John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, and Desmond Tutu; and the impact she had on the communities where all of her writing, scholarship, and advocacy has seen the greatest impact: the hundreds of thousands who took on fixed-hour prayer due to her “The Divine Hours” series; the Episcopal Church USA writ large; LGBTQ Christians awaiting full acceptance; and Emergence Christianity, for which she served as historian, forecaster, and champion. If you would like to join us for the free lecture and book signing on Thursday, May 3 at 7 p.m. at the Cathedral, please reserve your seat on the events page at or by stopping by the store. This lecture is made possible by the generous support of our Book Fellows program.

Let us rejoice and give thanks this spring by participating in our Cathedral’s United Thank Offering (UTO). UTO has been a tradition since 1889 and supports the missions and ministries of the Episcopal Church. Every cent collected fulfills diocesan grant requests, and each year over $2.5 million dollars is received through UTO offerings. Here are some ways you and your family can participate: • Pick up a Blue Box this Sunday in the Atrium and place it in a prominent place in your home like the kitchen counter or wherever you keep your keys and wallet. • Every night during dinner, go around the table and share one thing for which you are truly grateful that day. Pass around the Blue Box and insert some coins or dollars to express your gratitude. • When saying prayers in the morning or at night, make a ritual offering to thank God for being there to hear your prayers. • Let the children put a coin in the box for every accomplishment they can share from their day at school. • Ask every family member to make a donation in thanks for a person they love who has brought joy into their lives. Ingathering is Sunday, May 13. Write a check for your total amount, payable to the Cathedral of St. Philip (with UTO in the memo line), and bring it to church where you will receive a UTO envelope for the offering plate. Or, you can make a contribution at the Atrium kiosk or at

Enjoy a weekend full of spirituality and fellowship with other Cathedral parishioners and clergy. Kanuga is a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and experience God with the beloved community. The weekend includes old favorites such as s'mores, hiking, rocking on the porch, ice cream, bluegrass and, of course, the famous Kanuga toast. We will offer an adult program on Saturday morning and enjoy worshiping together in the informal chapel on Sunday. Meals are served family-style in the lodge and accommodations are available in historic cottages or the hotel-style inn.

MUSIC The spirit of

Emmaus House 2018 Gala Sunday, April 29 · 6pm The Stave Room



This Sunday, April 22, the Cathedral welcomes organist Stefan Kagl, currently serving as organist and Director of Music at Herford Minster in Hannover, Germany. His recital will include works by Bach, Mussorgsky, and Langlais, among others. We encourage everyone to come and hear this renowned international performer.

Join special guests Bishop Robert Wright and Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright for a music-filled evening at the Stave Room. Enjoy drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres as we honor the achievements of our neighbors and the support of our dedicated partners. A unique pre-event VIP experience includes a distillery tour and tasting at American Spirit Works. Help us to continue to make a difference in the southside of Atlanta. Learn more at

STEWARDSHIP I/We, pledge $ __________ to the ministry of God in Christ, through the 2018 annual operating fund. Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________ Phone:____________________ Signature(s): ____________________________________________ Date: _____________________ This commitment, offered in faith, may be increased or decreased due to changing circumstances. Please return your pledge card to The Cathedral of St. Philip, 2744 Peachtree Rd., NW, Atlanta, GA 30305. If you have questions, please contact David Rocchio at 404-365-1033 or

CONGREGATIONAL Life DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE A pilgrimage-study week in Avila, Spain, based on the life and writings of St. John of the Cross, will be led by the Rev. Isaías Rodríguez, the Diocese of Atlanta’s canon for Hispanic ministries. From October 22-31, pilgrims will be based at the Carmelite International Center of Teresian and Sanjaunistic Studies in Avila. Visits to holy places in the lives of St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila are planned. To obtain a brochure and for more information, contact Canon Rodriguez, or 404-707-1217.

CATH E DR AL TH RIF T HOUS E TRE A SURE OF TH E WE E K Vintage Rosenthal circa 1940s. Beautiful shabby chic floral pattern, Classic. Dinner plates, cups/saucers and serving bowls, all in perfect condition. 1893 Piedmont Rd. | 404-876-5440 Mon–Sat, 10 a.m.–4:30 p.m.



PRAYER List FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DIED FOR THOSE WHO ARE ILL OR RECOVERING: LONG TERM PRAYERS Charles Ambrosavage • Virginia Bicksler • Cornelia Bird • John Blair • Josh Borden • Pat Brinson • Madonna

Brownlee • Joe Burton • Kaye Cairney • J. Franklin Clark • Heather Clark • Lawrence Cowart • Terry Dornbush • Sarah duBignon • Kitty Dukehart • Angela Ellis • Randy Farmer • Timothy Gunter • Matt Gwynn • Jane Hannah • Caroline Hatcher • Richard Hill • Jack Jennings • Elaine Lyon • Robert and Aggie Maddox • Anne

Matthews • Carol McDonald • Elaine McEachern • Jim McKenzie • Wynetta McNeill • Carrick Mollenkamp • Mary Elizabeth Morgan • Charlie Neal • Paul O'Connor • Marian Palmore • Brenda Pruitt • Garry Pryor •

Rubye and Wayne Reid • Pamela Reid • Agnes Elizabeth Robertson • Louis "Skip" Schueddig • Jim Segars • Jeanne M. Smith • Beth Stedman • Julie Sutton • Tommy Truesdale • Cindy West • Andy Westafer • Chandra Westafer • Hollis Youngner

FAMILY AND FRIENDS Bettina Bass • Robin Ryan Blanchett • Andrew Clark • Sally Coulter • Jarrett Jarre Davis IV • Ashley Debelbot

and Brenda Jones • Marjory Dent • David Erdman • Judy Eggers • Andy Evans • Betsy Evans • Claire Wofford

Frazier • Carleton Fuller • Phyllis Gareis • Peggy Govan • D. Louis Gruver, Jr. • Doyce Gunter • William Ham • Chris Hardy • Bobby Hearn • Greg Hentz • Liz Grant Hilton • Hardy Johnson • Sun Ja Kim • Sang Ho Kim •

Karen Kraeger • Lisa Krysiak • Margaret Winders Kuhn • Betty C. Lyons • Pat Martin • Michelle Maxwell •

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Bring a blanket or lawn chair and join us Wednesday evenings starting April 25 on the Lanier House Lawn for an oldfashioned community picnic. Feel free to bring your own food and beverage or enjoy something from one of our vendors. Options will include market favorites: S&J's Woodfired Pizza, Good Food Kitchen (street tacos), and King of Pops. The Cathedral will also host our own food booth “Hot Diggity Dogs,” which will offer a variety of kid friendly meals. Hot dogs are $2 each and come with a glass of lemonade. Spring hours will be 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. See you on the lawn!

2018 ECW Spring Luncheon Thursday, May 3, 11:30 a.m. Child Hall Guest Speaker - Wendy Strong Lupas Co-founder of Gracewear Collection in Cashiers, North Carolina Wendy Strong Lupas, co-owner of Gracewear Collection with her sister Mary Strong Blackburn, will share the story of their inspirational lifestyle company with a purpose! Based on Ephesians 6:10-18, Gracewear Collection is created to offer HOPE and PROTECTION through the Armor of God. They also use the sales of their collection to support numerous non-profit organizations. “God calls us to spiritually dress” for the battles we face each day. Therefore, this beautiful scripture reminds us to put on the Full Armor of God each day in order to protect all that you hold dear to your heart - your family, marriage, friendships, home, business, church, community and more. It is God’s desire to protect all who call upon him.” Gracewear Collection will be available at the luncheon with a percentage of the proceeds going toward Wilderness Works, beneficiary of the 2019 Cathedral Antique Show. Sign up and pay online ($15) at

Cathedral Times – April 22, 2018  

The Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta

Cathedral Times – April 22, 2018  

The Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta