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Conditional Release Quizzes to Specific Students Step 1: Once you log into Moodle, select the course, then select the quiz you need to release specifically to a student (s) Step 2: Make sure you select “Turn Editing On” button on the top right corner so you can see the icons next to the Titles of the Quizzes


Step 3: Click on the “hand” icon next to the title of the quiz, once the page opens, select the tab labeled: Override Permission

Step 4: You will then click on “Student” and the page should look like this:

Step 5: Scroll down the page till you see the section labeled: Quiz and make sure you select the circle under the column: Prevent. Make sure that you select the ”prevent” circle within the Attempt Quizzes row under the Quiz section. This will prevent all the students within the course not to have access to the quiz you are conditionally releasing to a specific student (s). Step 6: Once you selected this option, scroll down and save. Then you will be redirected back to the “Override permission” tab and select “Conditional Student” Step 7: You are then going to then go under “Quiz” and within the “Attempt Quizzes” row , select the circle under the “Allow” column. This will allow the student that you specified to view the quiz…to only view the quiz. Make sure you save it.

****Then….You will also need to specify the dates and times, and the student whom you are conditionally releasing a particular quiz to. Follow these steps as well: Step 8: Within the same window as the picture (on top and below), select the “Settings” tab Step 9: Here under “Timing” you can change the date and time to release the quiz to that specific student. Make sure to save once you change the availability.

Step 10: Once you are done with the “Settings” tab in the same window as this picture select “Locally assigned roles” Step 11: Select “Conditional Students”

Step 12: Then it will open a new window with the students names that are in the course on the right side. Find the student you need and add them to the column on the left. Step 13: You can also specify the Enrollment duration (1 day, 2 days, etc but you already specified the dates and times in the previous steps above) *****Also, when you complete this entire process for the student, please take note that you would have to undo the first Steps 1-7 above once the availability period has ended for that particular student! Make a note so that you do not forget to go back and take out the restrictions.

Conditional in Moodle  

Conditional Release in Moodle

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