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Council Chair At St Peters we educate leaders. Established as a school of the Lutheran Church in 1945, from its inception St Peters Lutheran College was designed to educate leaders for both the church and the community it serves. For more than 70 years, St Peters has nurtured the development of young women and young men, who have carried their St Peters experience into their lives beyond the College, to become leaders in every field.

Dr Monique Beedles College Council Chair

This strategic vision sets the tone for our next 70 years. Through it we acknowledge our past, while setting our sights firmly on the future. With a strong tradition of excellence in Christian co-education we serve a global community, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. Our families create a diverse and multi-cultural environment in which students can see beyond their own backyards, to become confident global citizens. The heartbeat of our College is the gracious love of Christ, whose presence ensures that every student is loved, respected and cared for. It is this caring, student-centred, environment that provides the conditions for every young person to reach their full potential. This potential is more than academic, it embraces the whole person in their intellectual, spiritual, physical, cultural and social complexity. Our motto, Plus Ultra, calls us to strive ever higher in all our pursuits, to challenge ourselves to be more than we can imagine, to give the best of ourselves. It also calls us to more beyond. In the secure knowledge that we are saved by God’s grace, we are challenged to seek new horizons, to re-imagine what’s possible, to innovate boldly and to create a meaningful future, for ourselves and for our world. I am proud to be a St Peters Old Scholar. Along with more than 17,000 Old Scholars around the world, I am privileged to be part of a dynamic, global community who share the Plus Ultra spirit. We invite you to join us on our journey.

Head of College This ‘Vision’ document provides a focus for the direction that the College will take over the next five years and beyond. The Vision sets the scene for the ‘Strategic Plan 2016-2020’.

Adrian Wiles Head of College

My intention, as I play a key role in the development of the strategic direction for the College, is twofold. Initially, I aim to bring together all sectors of our school community through the Plan, and from there, I hope to engage members at those critical points where Plan and community intersect. Throughout 2015, the College Council and Senior Leadership Team have collaborated to build this strategy. Reference groups from across the College were consulted and the feedback used to inform our Vision. The resulting strategy has not been developed in isolation, but it has drawn upon key documents written over the past two decades. Together as a College, we can shape our future and measure our progress if we are focussed, well-informed and proactive about the changing environment in which we operate. At St Peters Lutheran College, we embrace the notion of ‘Plus Ultra’. To know that there is always a ‘vision-centred direction’ in front of us that is aspirational but achievable, is an exciting prospect. As a Christian school in the Lutheran tradition we are challenged to build a vision knowing with confidence that God is with us in all that we do. The Vision sets the parameters needed to meet the challenges ahead, and I commend it to you, as we together aspire to provide excellence in Christian co-education for all students who will call St Peters Lutheran College their school.

Our motto ‘Plus Ultra’ translated means ‘ever higher ‘ or ‘ever beyond’. In living our mission, ‘Excellence in Christian co-education’, all in our College community are expected to strive ever higher in all aspects of teaching, learning, life and in the building of relationships.

The College believes that education is central to improving life and society. Through God’s grace, we believe in: developing capacity to reason; having the confidence to choose a future; understanding our environment; building a caring community; and acting and making decisions within a Christian framework.

We value God’s love A Christ-centred community where all are treated with care, dignity and respect. Holistic Education A focus on equity, diversity, individuality, inclusivity and multiculturalism. Curriculum A broad and appropriate range of quality academic and cocurricular programs promoting innovation and excellence in teaching, learning and pastoral care. Relationships Nurturing positive local and global connections with students, families, staff and the wider community. Service God’s love actively lived out with hope and confidence in service to others. Environment An inclusive and safe environment where all are challenged to strive for excellence.

At St Peters Lutheran College we aim to provide quality education and learning experiences that enable our students to apply Christian values, knowledge and skills to live fulfilling lives.









This Strategic Vision sets out what St Peters Lutheran College seeks to achieve between 2016 and 2020, and how we will go about doing so. It was developed with the contributions of many members of the wider College community – past and present students, staff and families. Because the environment in which we operate will continue to evolve, the Strategic Vision will also develop over time. It will also maintain some important threads of continuity – the values of the College will remain unchanged and we will continue to strive to provide excellence in Christian co-education.

ACADEMIC Education WE ASPIRE TO: Consolidate, support and enhance academic programs through: • Delivering a contemporary and innovative curriculum that provides offerings that challenge each student • Building and supporting a community of teachers who provide quality teaching practice • Developing lifelong student learning habits that allow students to reach and celebrate high academic standards


We strive to provide a quality holistic teaching and learning environment where students are encouraged to realise their full potential through academic programs, faith development, cultural activities, the arts, music, sport, leadership and service learning. We believe this develops a balanced person who is well equipped to flourish as an active and reflective contributor to the wider community.

Enhance the dynamic relationship between teaching and learning Develop resources and programs that sustain St Peters as a centre of academic excellence Research and develop the most effective teaching and learning in all subjects and across disciplines so students develop deep knowledge and understanding Support opportunities for teachers to engage in evidence based improvement as it relates to current practice Enhance our processes and structures for teacher and staff professional development, appraisal and succession planning

HOLISTIC Education We aspire to:

We will:

Consolidate, support and affirm activities in and beyond the classroom through:

Celebrate the cultural, social and spiritual importance of the College’s programs and align them with our values

• Curricular and cocurricular experiences that support the spiritual, social and emotional development of students • Purposeful and planned student leadership opportunities

Support recognised organisations that offer excellent and sustainable cocurricular programs Provide a social, emotional and mental health framework that underpins the ‘wellbeing’ programs of the College Offer student leadership opportunities at the highest level for all ages

MINISTRY Outreach We aspire to: Celebrate and share the Gospel with our community through: • Valuing our College’s heritage, theology and traditions • Encouraging each other and together foster the development of faith • Supporting the pastoral care and well-being of our community, both past and present We will: Continue to develop spiritual leadership and understanding in the Lutheran tradition for staff and students Provide for regular worship, prayer, praise, thanksgiving and celebration of the sacraments in community We are a College of the Lutheran Church of Australia. Central to our Christian ethos is the belief that the Gospel is the good news that God is with us in Christ Jesus. His grace is a gift to all and as such the word of God, with the Gospel of Christ at its heart, informs all human relationships, all teaching and learning and all activities of our community.

Continue to develop, articulate and reinforce the importance of Christian service across the community Foster healthy relationships through practices and programs that encourage and value all members of our community

INTERNATIONAL Connections We aspire to: Grow as a recognised school of excellence within the international context through: • Providing a globally focussed environment and curriculum • Celebrating the diversity of our multicultural community • Developing beneficial and sustainable international partnerships We will: Develop a defined and articulated academic, spiritual and social program for students from overseas

We are a global community and a part of an international education environment that reflects the multinational, multi-faith and multicultural society in which we live. As a Christian co-educational boarding and day school community, we embrace a future with growing local, national and global connectivity.

Work closely and support students from other nations who require assistance to reach their learning potential Create an environment that is welcoming to all students Encourage the expansion of events which celebrate the multicultural diversity of our community Promote the College as a global school of excellence in Christian co-education across the Asia Pacific region

COMMUNITY Engagement We aspire to: Enrich our partnership with families and the wider community by: • Advocating honest, respectful and responsive engagement • Encouraging St Peters community members to embrace their social and moral responsibilities as active members of society • Supporting the St Peters Old Scholars Association (SPOSA) to build and strengthen sustainable links with our increasingly mobile and globally connected community We will: Engage and consult with our community through honest, respectful and responsive dialogue Our College is a global community and a part of an International education environment that reflects the multinational, multi-faith and multicultural society in which we live. As a community, we embrace a future with growing local, national and global connectivity.

Provide opportunities and facilities for the College community to gather together for meaningful dialogue and activities Support SPOSA in accessing the diverse experiences and skills of past students, staff and parents, and encourage Association members to support the College’s Vision through the St Peters Lutheran College Future Foundation

ORGANISATIONAL Capability We aspire to: Consolidate, support and enhance the organisational capability through: • Valuing and supporting the development of highly qualified competent and dedicated professionals • Providing dynamic and reliable technologies and knowledge management systems • Continuing to develop, revise and implement the College Strategic Plan with a vision for lasting excellence • Securing our future by responsibly managing the College’s finances and risks We will:

We seek to secure the long-term future development of the College. We are mindful of our impact on our physical environment as we seek to improve our infrastructure, human resources and financial viability.

Support and develop systems to encourage students and staff to responsibly engage in a dynamic digital world. Implement the College Master Plan through collaboration to ensure that current and future students have flexible and creative learning and teaching spaces which inspire and enhance learning outcomes. Continue to develop a risk management process that is embedded across the College Develop an active Foundation based on philanthropic giving Counter challenges to the future St Peters and the education sector by developing a visionary marketing and communication plan

BEYOND 2020 The St Peters Lutheran College ‘Strategic Vision 2016-2020’ is a living document that will alert our College to changing external factors, and provide a framework through which we, as a learning community, can attend to the challenges ahead. As a provider of excellence in Christian co-education, we will seek through diligent planning, reflection and review, to offer an excellent education that is measured against world’s best practice. As we continue to develop, revise and implement the College Strategic Vision 20162020, our goal is to maintain and expand our position as a well informed and innovative educational leader on both the national and international fronts. We aim to maintain and further advance the educational edge that sets our school apart from others. As a dynamic and working document, the Strategic Vision 2016-2020, and the developing Plan for action, will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis by the College Council. Informed data and feedback about our strategy will not only help our governing body measure the effectiveness of this current direction, but it will also shape our vision and plans beyond our 75th Anniversary in 2020.

CONTACT US St Peters Lutheran College 66 Harts Road Indooroopilly Q 4068 Australia PO Box 111 Indooroopilly Q 4068 Tel: +61 7 3377 6222 Fax: +61 7 3371 9743 Web: www.stpeters.qld.edu.au St Peters Lutheran College Springfield 42 Wellness Way Springfield Central Q 4300 Australia PO Box 4556 Springfield Q 4300 Tel: +61 7 3470 3888 Fax: +61 7 3470 3800 St Peters Lutheran College Ironbark Outdoor Education Campus Back Creek Road Crows Nest Q 4355 Australia PO Box 27 Crows Nest Q 4355 Tel: +61 7 4698 1171 Fax: +61 7 4698 1784

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St Peters Lutheran College Strategic vision 2016 2020  

St Peters Lutheran College's strategic vision for 2016 to 2020 outlines the direction of the College in the foreseeable future, and is flexi...

St Peters Lutheran College Strategic vision 2016 2020  

St Peters Lutheran College's strategic vision for 2016 to 2020 outlines the direction of the College in the foreseeable future, and is flexi...