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Council Chair At St Peters we educate leaders. Established as a school of the Lutheran Church in 1945, from its inception St Peters Lutheran College was designed to educate leaders for both the church and the community it serves. For more than 70 years, St Peters has nurtured the development of young women and young men, who have carried their St Peters experience into their lives beyond the College, to become leaders in every field.

Dr Monique Beedles College Council Chair

This strategic vision sets the tone for our next 70 years. Through it we acknowledge our past, while setting our sights firmly on the future. With a strong tradition of excellence in Christian co-education we serve a global community, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. Our families create a diverse and multi-cultural environment in which students can see beyond their own backyards, to become confident global citizens. The heartbeat of our College is the gracious love of Christ, whose presence ensures that every student is loved, respected and cared for. It is this caring, student-centred, environment that provides the conditions for every young person to reach their full potential. This potential is more than academic, it embraces the whole person in their intellectual, spiritual, physical, cultural and social complexity. Our motto, Plus Ultra, calls us to strive ever higher in all our pursuits, to challenge ourselves to be more than we can imagine, to give the best of ourselves. It also calls us to more beyond. In the secure knowledge that we are saved by God’s grace, we are challenged to seek new horizons, to re-imagine what’s possible, to innovate boldly and to create a meaningful future, for ourselves and for our world. I am proud to be a St Peters Old Scholar. Along with more than 17,000 Old Scholars around the world, I am privileged to be part of a dynamic, global community who share the Plus Ultra spirit. We invite you to join us on our journey.

St Peters Lutheran College Strategic vision 2016 2020  

St Peters Lutheran College's strategic vision for 2016 to 2020 outlines the direction of the College in the foreseeable future, and is flexi...

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