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BEYOND 2020 The St Peters Lutheran College ‘Strategic Vision 2016-2020’ is a living document that will alert our College to changing external factors, and provide a framework through which we, as a learning community, can attend to the challenges ahead. As a provider of excellence in Christian co-education, we will seek through diligent planning, reflection and review, to offer an excellent education that is measured against world’s best practice. As we continue to develop, revise and implement the College Strategic Vision 20162020, our goal is to maintain and expand our position as a well informed and innovative educational leader on both the national and international fronts. We aim to maintain and further advance the educational edge that sets our school apart from others. As a dynamic and working document, the Strategic Vision 2016-2020, and the developing Plan for action, will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis by the College Council. Informed data and feedback about our strategy will not only help our governing body measure the effectiveness of this current direction, but it will also shape our vision and plans beyond our 75th Anniversary in 2020.

St Peters Lutheran College Strategic vision 2016 2020  

St Peters Lutheran College's strategic vision for 2016 to 2020 outlines the direction of the College in the foreseeable future, and is flexi...

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