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Peter’s Pence December 2013 The Vision of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is to Love All as Christ Loves Us. Our Mission is to be a Joyful, Welcoming Community that Expresses the Redeeming Love of God in Christ through the Ministry, Gifts and Spiritual Development of Every Person. December 2013 Dear St. Peter’s, This month we once again enter the season of Advent, the beginning of a new year in our liturgical calendar. In st some ways, it’s reminiscent of how we in our culture approach New Year’s Day. As January 1 approaches, we think of all the ways we’d like our life to be different or better, and we resolve to make it that way--be it by more exercise, better eating habits, spending more time with family, keeping our lives more organized, etc. Likewise, Advent is also a time for reflection. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, describes the soulsearching of Advent this way: Advent is a time when [Christians] do a bit of self-examination. Have I allowed Jesus in yet? Has the good news really made the full impact it might make, or is my life still locked into old patterns, into darkness, into slavery, into being not at home with myself or God or with other people? It's a time of self-examination, of repentance indeed, facing myself honestly and saying sorry for the things that don't easily face the light. We take stock of our lives during Advent and acknowledge the many ways we need Christ to come into our lives, the many ways we need him to be born in us and the world. But it’s important to recognize that we are not trying to fix our lives so that we Jesus will come to us. That’s not the gospel. Instead, the gospel is that Jesus doesn’t wait for our lives to be perfect before coming to meet us. Jesus doesn’t wait until I have the perfect prayer life, pure intentions, or a particular number of outreach hours. Jesus comes to us just as we are, over and over again--amidst the brokenness of our world and the messiness of our lives. As Madeleine L’Engle says in the poem below, first century Palestine was no time or place for a baby to be st born; it was a place of oppression, pain, and war. And, frankly, in many ways our 21 century world isn’t much better--civil wars, violence, famines, and floods fill the news. And yet “Love still takes the risk to be born.” This is the good news of Advent. So during this season, we turn our faces toward God and wait, knowing that at the end of the day our salvation always comes from outside ourselves and not through any resolutions we may make. It is pure grace; it always comes to us as a gift. God’s peace during this holy season of expectation, hope, and waiting, Teri

The Risk of Birth (Christmas, 1973) by Madeleine L’Engle This is no time for a child to be born, With the earth betrayed by war & hate And a comet slashing the sky to warn That time runs out & the sun burns late.

That was no time for a child to be born, In a land in the crushing grip of Rome; Honour & truth were trampled by scornYet here did the Saviour make his home.

When is the time for love to be born? The inn is full on the planet earth, And by a comet the sky is tornYet Love still takes the risk of birth.

December 2013 Sunday







1 7a-12p Services 6p Contemplative Fellowship

2 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 12p Bible Study 6p NA/ Library 6:30p EFM 7p Journey Into Silence

3 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 7p College Dinners PH 8p Canterbury College Ministries

4 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 2p EFM 5:30p EYC & JEYC 5:30p The Fledglings 6p Cursillo 7p Advent Taize w Eucharist

5 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 7p Prince St Pipe Band. PH

6 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 4p Conway Locally Grown/ PH

7 9a Food Pantry

8 7a-12p Services 6p Contemplative Fellowship

9 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 12p Bible Study 6p NA/ Library 6:30p EFM 7p Journey Into Silence

10 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 5:30p DOK 8p Canterbury College Ministries

11 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 2p EFM 5:30p EYC & JEYC 5:30p The Fledglings 7p Advent Taize w Eucharist

12 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 7p Prince St Pipe Band. PH

13 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 4p Conway Locally Grown/ PH

14 9a Food Pantry

15 7a-12p Services 6p Contemplative Fellowship

16 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 8a-4p Homeschoolers 12p Bible Study 6p NA/ Library 6:30p EFM 7p Journey Into Silence

17 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 7p Finance Meeting

18 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 2p EFM 5:30p EYC & JEYC 5:30p The Fledglings 6p Cursillo 7p Advent Taize w Eucharist

19 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 12:30p Noonday Prayer 7p Prince St Pipe Band. PH

20 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 4p Conway Locally Grown/ PH

21 9a Food Pantry

22 7a-12p Services 5p Blue Christmas Service 6p Contemplative Fellowship

23 12p Advent Noonday Prayer 12p Bible Study 6p NA/ Library 6:30p EFM 7p Journey Into Silence

24 CHRISTMAS EVE 5:30p Holy Eucharist & Christmas Pageant 10:30p Choir Cantata 11p Christmas Eve Holy Eucharist


26 Office Closed

27 Office Closed


29 7a-12p Services 6p Contemplative Fellowship

30 Office Closed 6p NA/ Library 6:30p EFM 7p Journey Into Silence

31 NEW YEAR'S EVE Office Closed

9a Holy Eucharist, Contemplative and Without Music Office Closed

Advent Noonday Prayer The Daughters of the King will be leading Noonday Prayer every weekday in Advent at 12:00.

Christmas Pageant Rehearsals will be on Sunday's after the 11:00 service. December 1, 8, 15, 22: 12:30-1:00 (lunch) 1:00-2:00 (rehearsal) The Christmas Pageant will take place on December 24th @ 5:30 pm.

Advent Taize Services Wednesday Evenings at 7pm during Advent. December 4, 11, 18 A candlelit service including Taize chants, Eucharist, and prayers for healing.

Christmas Cantata Any singers wishing to join in on our Christmas Cantata are welcome to attend choir rehearsals on Sunday at 10-10:30am. Please join us! It's a great way to celebrate this wonderful season.

Blue Christmas Service Sunday, December 22, 5pm. We often hear messages that Christmas should be a time of great celebration and joy! Yet, many of us can find the holidays to be a difficult time. Our "blue" Christmas service will provide space where we can acknowledge our hurts, pain, & losses during this holiday season. No matter how dark things may seem in our lives, the light of God will lead us into healing & restoration.

Christmas Eve Services - Tuesday, December 24th 5:30pm - Holy Eucharist & Christmas Pageant 10:30pm - Choir Cantata 11pm - Christmas Eve Holy Eucharist Christmas Day - Wednesday, December 25th 9am - Holy Eucharist, Contemplative and Without Music

Sunday Morning Adult Christian Education 8:45 am - Early Christianity: The Experience of the Divine (Library) Early Christianity is viewed as it appears in the New Testament and other early literature. The emphasis is upon religious experience, and what accounts for its continuing strength in what is called a "Post Christian World." What were the forces driving the phenomenal growth of Christianity in the first century? How did religious experience take on new forms as Christianity developed during the next three centuries? A video lecture series presented by Professor Luke Johnson of Emory University is used as the source of discussion for this series. 9:50 am Adult Forum (Library) No Class on December 1st (the Sunday after Thanksgiving). December 8th Jane Harris will lead us in reflections upon contemporary poetry appropriate for the season of Advent, including poems by Thomas Merton and Denise Levertov. December 15th A Moravian Love Feast

At the Annual Meeting in January we’ll be electing new vestry members. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else (please ask that person first) for a position on the Vestry, please notify Jeanetta Darley in the church office. To serve on the Vestry, one must be a confirmed member of St. Peter’s, be 18 years of age or older, be a frequent attendant of worship services for the preceding six months, and be a regular contributor of record. Nominations must be received by January 6, 2014. The vestry of a church has three main responsibilities. The first two are managerial: to take care of the finances of the parish and to take care of our buildings and facilities. The third responsibility is that of filling various representative and leadership positions, such as choosing delegates for diocesan convention, selecting those to fill positions stipulated by the canons (treasurer, junior warden, and secretary), and in the case of a parish selecting a rector. But the importance of the vestry to the life of our congregation doesn’t end there. The vestry also takes an active role in discerning our vision for ministry here at St. Peter’s. If you would like to learn more about the responsibilities and time commitments involved in being a member of the vestry, please don’t hesitate to talk with Teri or with current members of the vestry.

FOOD PANTRY November 2013

Thank you for your wonderful response to the food pantry account. We were able to pay our bills and have additional funds to work with in December. A local farmer donated fresh, professionally processed, pork. Many thanks to Professional Flooring Services out of Maumelle who donated funds for December food purchases. The check was delivered by Brandon Epps who submitted St. Peter’s Food Pantry name to their annual “Pay it Forward” Shared Blessings Foundation. We received additional canned goods from the Thanksgiving Basket Project and from the various organizations also donating to both the Basket project and the Food Pantry. (An additional thanks to the youth who volunteered for the Thanksgiving Gift Basket project. They stocked all the extra items in the pantry.) The first Saturday of November, we ran out of food and had to turn away people. I believe we have the first week in December covered. Total Households Adults 65+ Adults 18-64 Children 0-17

220 64 340 252

New Households Adults 65+ Adults 18-64 Children

43 5 73 42

December 2013 Weekly Donation Request Sunday, December 1 1 box mac & cheese, 1 box corn muffin mix, 2 cans cut green beans Sunday, December 8 2 cans diced tomatoes, 1 (16oz) jar peanut butter Sunday, December 15 1 box of cereal, 2 cans whole kernel corn Sunday, December 22 2 cans tuna fish in water, 1 pkg dry spaghetti pasta, 1 can spaghetti sauce Sunday December 29 canned fruit, potatoes, onions

We are looking for 20-30 volunteers for the weekends of December 14 & 15 and December 21 & 22. We will have a dumpster on site and need people to help clean out old structures and clear trash off the land. Work will range from simple sorting and organizing to heavy lifting/carrying. We will start work by 9am Saturday morning and work through the day. For folks who are willing and able, we will continue to work through Sunday afternoon. Lodging and meals will be provided. If you'd like to join for one or both of these work weekends, please email Jenny Knight at or Doug Knight at We can only organize and accommodate a limited number of people so let us know ASAP!

On Tuesday, December 3rd, at 8am there will be a planning and information meeting for the start of a new Men's Group. Breakfast and coffee will be provided. Join us at The Morgan House for discussions and fellowship. RSVP to

Brent Hobby 12/2 Will Smothers 12/4 Noah Windsor 12/8 Gina Teague 12/15 Jason Hansen 12/16 Nancy Allen 12/17 Camille LaGrossa 12/17 Danny Reed 12/17 Hutson Teague 12/18 Harold Thompson 12/18 Suzanne Jensen 12/19 Aidan Kelley 12/19 Mary Walker 12/23 Molly Welch 12/23 Lena Hansen 12/27 Brett Hardison 12/27 Dillon Liecht 12/27 Miles Wiebe 12/27 Patsy Westrich 12/28 Lisa Bell 12/29 Brian Bell 12/29 Kim Hobby 12/29 David Larson 12/29 Chris Smith 12/29 Norma Smothers 12/29 Drew Bell 12/30

Roger & Kay Taylor 12/12 Wayne & Ellen Stengel 12/15 Ansley & Nancy Fleming 12/20 Harold & Joyce Thompson 12/26 Wolfgang & Patty Oeste 12/29 Chad & Melissa Butler 12/31

Prayers of the People Sunday, December 1, 2013 The People of St. Peter’s and visitors with us this Sunday. We pray for Joey, Julie, Maysen, & Aeva Pacheco, Sharon Pair-Taylor, Gloria Parker, and W.G. & Ruth Parson. We pray for the Church of the Nazarene in Greenbrier. We pray for our Nursery. We pray for West Virginia - (III, The Episcopal Church) and The Rt. Rev. Willam Michie Klusmeyer. For Right Rev. Charles Bennisson Jr., Bishop of Pennsylvania. For the Rev. Pascula Ventura, St. john the Apostle, Chichicastenango (Chee-chee-castin-ango). For the Rev. Jarrett Kerbel, St. Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia. Sunday, December 8, 2013 The People of St. Peter’s and visitors with us this Sunday. We pray for Suzanne and Ty Pearson, Fred & Lillian Petrucelli, Jerry & Peggy Price, and Carl & Melody Purdy. We pray for the Church of the Nazarene in Vilonia. We pray for our Canterbury College Ministries. We pray for Western North Carolina - (IV, The Episcopal Church) and The Rt. Rev. Porter Taylor. For the Rev. Jose Morales Perez and St. Matthew's, Chuguexa )choo-yakes-ah). For the ministries of Harriet Kollin, Associate Rector, Philip C. Bennett and Storm Swain, Assistant Priests, and Callie Swanlund, Minister of Christian formation for families, St. Martin in the fields, Philadelphia. Sunday, December 15, 2013 The People of St. Peter’s and visitors with us this Sunday. We pray for Bret & Mary Etta Qualls and Maggie Erbach, Jenna Davenport, & Emma Fulmer, Harry Readnour, and Ric Readnour. We pray for First Church of the Nazarene. We pray for our Servant Leadership School. We pray for Wusasa - (Kaduna, Nigeria) and The Rt. Rev. Ali Buba Lamido. For Rev. Tomas Calel and the Transfiguration in Chumanzana and St. Bartholomew's in Chucalibal. For the good health of St. Martin in the Field's Philadelphia. Sunday, December 22, 2013 The People of St. Peter’s and visitors with us this Sunday. We pray for Warren, Shari, Julia & Ashlyn Readnour, Charlie, Carla Bell, Robert, Lucia, & Francesca Reddit, Danny & Dinah Reed. We pray for Fellowship Bible Church. We pray for our Fledglings Writing Group. We pray for Yokohama - (Japan) and The Rt. Rev. Laurence Yutaka Minabe. For Rev. Miguel Salanic and James of Jerusalem in CHimaltenango (chee-malt-in-ango) and St. Andrew's in St Andrew's Itzapa (it-zap-a). For the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit at St. Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia. Sunday, December 29, 2013 The People of St. Peter’s and visitors with us this Sunday. We pray for Rob, Nikki, Jessica & Banyon Reid, Don Renten, Carter, Debra, Justin & Chris Rickman, and Nancy Rodwell. We pray for Four Winds Church. We pray for our Education for Ministry. We pray for Lake Rukwa - (Tanzania) and The Rt. Rev. Mathayo Kasagara. For Rev. Tomas Calel and the Holy Cross of Mt. Calvary in Balanya. For stewardship at St. Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia.

Liturgical Ministers Schedule Sunday, December 1, 2013 Ministry Team #1 Lectors

7:30am Rite I Sandra Hamilton

9:00am Enriching w/ Music Donna Bowman


Tom & Karen McNutt

Dorothy Duvall Hallie Leicht

Coffee Host Ushers

Ted & Leigh Ann Warriner

Oblationers Eucharistic Minister Vestry Counters

Leicht Family


AM: Wilson Daily T: Wilson Daily

Altar Guild Team 1 Sunday, December 8, 2013 Ministry Team 7:30am #2 Rite I Lectors Douglas Young Greeters Rita Mackintosh Coffee Host Ushers Oblationers Eucharistic Minister Vestry Counters

Stacey Coleman


9:00am Enriching w/ Music Cheryl Dunson Rita Mackintosh Judy Helm Ed & Patsy Evans Rita Mackintosh Judy Helm Dan Allen

AM: Mike Moses T: Madeline Leicht G: Dillon Leicht

Altar Guild Sunday, December 15, 2013 Ministry Team #3 Lectors

Team 7:30am Rite I Ann Drake

9:00am Enriching w/ Music Dee Sanders


Richard Boosey

Dinah Reed Tom & Rita Grumbles

Coffee Host Ushers

Stephanie & John Vanderslice


Tom & Rita Grumbles

Eucharistic Minister Vestry Counters

Dan Allen


Altar Guild

Leigh Anne Warriner

AM: Kitson Roger T: Kitson Roger


11:00am Rite II Lillian Petrucelli Jeannie Stroth Mary Ferguson Jeannie Stroth Mary Essert Pam Rawls Team 1 Bev Freiley Gloria Parker Collins Family Carolyn Scott Sylvia Walker AM: Wilson Daily C: Hannah Ruckle T: Isabel Ruckle T: Elise McGarrity

11:00am Rite II Donna & Eric Hutchinson Genie & Jan Davis Amanda Moore & Tommy Trussel Team 2 Gina & Brad Teague Marilyn & David Larson Ellen Stengel Douglas Young Scotty Bell AM: Mike Moses C:Britt Stroth T: Jack Stroth T: Sam Stroth

11:00am Rite II Kevin Mequet Jayme Stone BJ Haller Madelyn Adams Team 3 Jerry Adams Bob Sanders Dee Sanders Wayne Stengel Gail Kirkland Jerry Adams Wayne Stengel AM: Kitson Roger C: Matthew Hrenchir T:Madolyn Ward T: Riley Smothers

Sunday, December 22, 2013 Ministry Team 7:30am #4 Rite I Lectors Pam Holt Greeters

Jody Fortenberry

Coffee Host Ushers Oblationers Eucharistic Minister Vestry Counters

George Coleman


9:00am Enriching w/ Music Andrea Woods Gail Kirkland Mary Etta Qualls

Warren Readnour Joe Arn Tracy Simpson Shari Readnour Mike Moses

AM: Wilson Daily T: Bob Essert

Altar Guild Sunday, December 29, 2013 Ministry Team #4 Lectors

Team 7:30am Rite I Norma Smothers

9:00am Enriching w/ Music Warren Readnour


Pam Holt

Joe Arn Gail Kirkland

Coffee Host Ushers Oblationers Eucharistic Minister Vestry Counters

Stacey Coleman


Altar Guild

Shari Readnour Tracy Simpson Mary-Etta Qualls Andrea Woods Jon Musser

AM: Mike Moses T: Kate Shute


11:00am Rite II Stacey Jones Jay Ruud Rachel Standridge Renita Harvey Dan Allen Team 4 Nancy Thompson Gail Kirkland Jay Ruud Stacey Jones Dan Allen Warren Readnour John Vanderslice AM: Wilson Daily C:Parker Teague T:Berris Teague T: Cooper Teague

11:00am Rite II David Benedict Lisa Buck Rachel Standridge Renita Harvey Team 4 Nancy Thompson Mike Schaefer Jay Ruud Stacey Jones Leigh Anne Warriner Jerry Adams Warren Readbour AM: Mike Moses C: Rose McGarrity T: Jaylee Garrett-Jones T: Elise McGarrity

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting October 27, 2013 Attendees: John Shute, Carolyn Scott, Douglas Young, Kitson Roger, Jeanetta Darley, Teri Daily, Jerry Adams, LeRoy Hendricks, John Vanderslice, Wayne Stengel, Warren Readnour, Scotty Bell, Andrew Hybl, Sylvia Walker Opening Prayer: Teri Daily Approval of Minutes from Last Month’s Meeting: Minutes approved with changes. Motion made by Jerry, seconded by Carolyn. Committee and Ministry Reports 1. Morgan House Andrew Hybl. Total cost for house renovation will run close to $160K. Kitson will pull a Morgan House report tomorrow and send it out to the Vestry, as well as a list of outstanding invoices due. Our gratitude goes to Ric Readnour (our contractor) and Dale Walker (who has logged a tremendous number of hours and given of his talents). Discussion ensued of how we might show our appreciation to them. Final house inspection is tentatively scheduled for this coming Thursday. This is a technicality since the house has been inspected at points all during the renovation process. 1. Food Pantry Sylvia Walker. There were approximately 180 families served this month. We are going through food each week. The Stoby’s fundraiser earned enough to just barely cover the incoming Harp’s bill. Sylvia is discussing some ongoing fundraisers--more information to come! 1. Thanksgiving Baskets Sylvia Walker. This past Saturday was our first sign-up for Food Pantry turkey basket clients. Fifty applications were taken. Florence Mattison and Theodore Jones students are also being identified and helped. Christy Jones has been an amazing help this year with the project and we are thankful to have her on board. We are shooting for a total basket number of 230. Baskets for families of under four get chicken; over four members get a turkey. 1. Labyrinth Committee Carolyn Scott. The committee has decided to go with a Chartres design. The materials will come in a kit; red brick with a tan/beige contrasting color. Orientation of the labyrinth: the entrance will be from the sidewalk that runs from the lobby to the parish hall. The center gate may be closed off, and that would increase the size of the columbarium. Rick and Dale have also been consulted about preparation of the site, and will oversee that procedure. Timing goal is to have the labyrinth completed by the 2014 Easter Vigil. The project will cost @ $20K: $10K has already been given with $10K still needing to be raised. The labyrinth will be in memory of Steele Hays, and contributions may come in from the community as well. Construction could start at the beginning of March, to be done by Easter. Carolyn made a motion that the labyrinth committee go forward with this project in memory of Steele Hays. 1. Finance Committee John Shute. (see attached handouts) Profit and Loss: Budget vs. Actual and Statement of Financial Position. Our challenge right now is that we passed a deficit budget, and we are feeling that deficit currently. With what is in operating, today’s offering and the check from the diocese will only bring us to @ $11K. Payroll will be @ $15K, with many bills outstanding (insurance, etc.). A motion was made to take $18K out of Staff Development (the appropriate part

of the capital campaign funds) to cover expenses. Seconded and all approved. The funds will be moved from the Edward Jones account to the operating account. Bethlehem House and Sharing our Bounty: $8K has been sent to Bethlehem House; we still owe them $1000.00 to honor our pledge. $800.00 has come in for Sharing Our Bounty; we still owe $1200.00 to honor our pledged amount.

Business Items 1. Stewardship Jerry Adams. We are having a non-budget driven stewardship drive, and asking people reflect on their own giving. Some stewardship book studies will be held. Stewardship will conclude on December 8th. A letter will be sent to the congregation. 1. St. Peter’s Endowment Board Jerry Adams. Next Sunday, a luncheon will be held to discuss the endowment fund. Eric Hutchinson, Jerry Adams, Jeannie Stroth, Tom Grumbles, and Andrea Woods are on this committee. It is important that St. Peter’s has a planned giving option. An end of life series is in the planning for Lent this year. 2. Hannah Hooker’s Request Teri Daily. Hannah will be doing some intensive language study in the Dominican Republic in January. She has asked St. Peter’s for $150.00 towards her fees needed for this study, which are $2500.00. A motion was made that we give Hannah $300.00; seconded and all approved. Rector’s Report: Teri Daily Teri thanked the Vestry for being supportive of her family for the past few weeks. 1. Clergy Conference-November 11th-13th Teri and Andrew will be gone from November 11-13th up at Camp Mitchell. 2. Hannah Preaching November 17th 3. Trip to North Carolina--November 18th-22nd Warren suggested that Teri take off Sunday the 17th as well since Hannah will be here preaching. Andrew and Merry Helen will both be here to cover the services. Junior Warden’s Report: Scotty Bell Repairs under the parish hall can be done for @ $1000.00. Jerry made a motion that we allot these funds for this repair. The motion was seconded and all approved. Senior Warden’s Report: John Vanderslice We will have some hard budget decisions coming up, however, we are in such a better place as a church this year than in years past. Today was such a great day with great energy in the life of this church.


Ministry Directory Worship Services Acolytes Kitson Roger, Wilson Daily, & Mike Moses Altar Guild Dinah Reed Wedding Consultants Donna Hutchinson & Pam Neuhofel Eucharistic Ministers Mike Moses Newcomers Karen McNutt & Kristi Epps Ministry Team Leaders Team 1 Lillian Petrucelli & Bev Freiley Team 2 Carolyn Scott & Kelley King Team 3 Dee Sanders & Dinah Reed Team 4 Gail Kirkland & Joe Arn Adult & Handbell Choir Patty Oeste Library Mary Ferguson and Sarah Bryan

Christian Education Adult Christian Education Jane Harris, Liz Larson, LeRoy Hendricks, Ann Drake, & Douglas Young Coordinator for Children’s Christian Education The Rev. Andrew Hybl Preschool Erika Windsor EYC The Rev. Andrew Hybl JEYC Julie McVey Servant Leadership School The Rev. Merry Helen Hedges & Carolyn Scott Walking the Mourner’s Path Pam Holt Dream Group Kim Kelly Monday Bible Study The Rev. Teri Daily

Outreach Foyers David & Marilyn Larson Bethlehem House Dee Sanders Food Pantry Sylvia Walker and Norma Smothers Canterbury College Ministries Doug & Jenny Knight Card Ministry Mary Ferguson & Donna Hutchinson Eucharistic Visitors Mike Moses Kairos Gail Kirkland Cursillo Spiritual Retreat Jon Musser & Rita Mackintosh Website Upkeep Jeanetta Darley

St. Peter’s Staff Bishop of the Diocese of Arkansas The Rt. Rev. Larry R. Benfield Rector The Rev. Teri Daily Curate The Rev. Andrew Hybl Deacon The Rev. Merry Helen Hedges Parish Administrator Jeanetta Darley Music Director Patty Oeste Bookkeeper Kitson Roger Sexton Tammy Heffington Minister to Youth and Families/EYC The Rev. Andrew Hybl JEYC Minister Julie McVey Canterbury College Ministries Doug & Jenny Knight

Vestry Sr. Warden John Vanderslice Jr. Warden Scotty Bell Secretary Kitson Roger Treasurer LeRoy Hendricks Beth Brady Wayne Stengel Jerry Adams Carolyn Scott Douglas Young Warren Readnour Sylvia Walker College Ministry Dinners Tristan Oudekierk, Anna McCorquodale, Kaitlyn Callahan, Olivia Goza, Matthew Stewart Nursery Zay Davis, Rachel Hulsey, Tracy McGarrity

St. Peter's Episcopal Church 925 Mitchell St Conway, AR 72034 501-329-8174

Peters pence december 2013  
Peters pence december 2013  

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