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Special Capital Campaign Update January 2, 2013


e launched the Living Stones Campaign this past June to enable us to perform necessary restoration work on the interior of our historic church, make an important energy upgrade, and address several other facility needs around our campus. Only six months in and we can already consider it a great success! Thanks to the generosity of nearly 90 pledging families, we have raised the money necessary to perform a conversion to natural gas (more about this later), restore two stained-glass windows in the church and five in the Parish Hall, and paint the window casings around the entire exterior of the church building. But that was only the beginning. Now the big stuff is about to begin! Over the past year, the Living Stones Building Committee has helped us prepare for the total interior restoration of our 140-year-old church. ™™ Each project has been carefully researched, including extensive consultation with contractors, engineers, and experts. ™™ Several bids were received for each project before any contracts were signed. ™™ A careful organizational plan is in place to keep track of costs, materials, projects and timelines. To give you a sense of just how comprehensive the work will be, we’ve included a brief timeline on page 3 describing the projects scheduled to begin soon: engineering, carpentry, plaster, insulation, painting, electrical, lighting. It’s been a huge undertaking, and we’re extremely thankful for the dedication of John DiPanni, Gerry Reynolds, Matt and Roxanne Melchiori, Lou Clark, and many others who’ve carefully overseen our preparations, and who will continue to work closely with the contractors to ensure high-quality work. As the restoration work will be comprehensive and involve scaffolding and some light demolition, we will totally vacate the church building from January 7 – March 24. To keep the work running smoothly and for safety reasons, no one will be allowed in the work site during this time, except members of the Building Committee and Vestry,

who will be given a weekly tour and progress report each Thursday afternoon. Please read the article on page 2 about our move into the Parish Hall for worship from Sunday, January 13 until Palm Sunday, March 24. The Living Stones campaign also involves several other projects. We hope to resurface the parking lot in the spring, after the ground thaws. The delay was the result of extensive remediation procedures required by the Department of Environmental Management (DEM), stemming from the buried oil tanks extracted during the summer. Due to some soil contamination, extra soil was removed from the area, and four monitoring wells will be drilled to ensure ground water quality. The Vestry has approved paying for the cost of the remediation process with money from part of our church’s savings, not with Living Stones funds. This decision was made in light of the fact that the tanks had been left unattended for nearly two decades, and regardless of the Living Stones Campaign, extraction and disposal of the tanks is mandatory under DEM’s Rules and Regulations for Underground Storage Facilities Used for Petroleum Products, published in 2007. The kitchen remodel is also under careful consideration, and we hope to begin work on it sometime in 2013. A fuller description of what is being discussed, and how you can participate, is included on page 2. We hope to perform several other projects as part of the campaign, but so far they remain unfunded. Tier 2 includes renovations to the entrances of the church to improve hospitality and traffic flow, treatment of the ceiling of the Parish Hall to improve acoustics, improvements to the seating for our liturgical ministers (clergy, acolytes, lay Eucharistic ministers and choir), and replacement of the portable seating used in the Parish Hall. Opportunities to perform significant capital improvements to the church do not come very often, so we want to take advantage of this chance to make these modest changes, knowing they would have a big positive impact on our worship life. — Continued on page 2

ST. PETER’S BY-THE-SEA 72 Central Street

Narragansett, RI 02882


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The Living Stones Campaign will span three years, and we are only six months in. We hope you will consider additional ways to help us reach the greatest level of success in our efforts to honor our past and prepare for the future. We welcome and invite new pledges or gifts any time over the next two years. Help us to be the “living stones” that Peter describes (1Peter 2:4), whose faithfulness and generosity bless those who will come after us. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the work planned for these next few months, please get in touch. We remain your humble servants, The Living Stones Steering Committee Joan Gray Anderson Beth DiPanni Ann Rheault Randy Wilson

The Vestry Joan Gray Anderson Steve Bucci Kelli Impagliazzo Sarah Johnson Jane Langton Dot Latham Matt Melchiori Bill Phelps Nicole Zelenak



his past October a group of parishioners met to discuss hopes and goals for the kitchen renovation project. Starting with a list of groups who use the kitchen, the “kitchen task force” identified two major questions worthy of further study: should we pursue commercial-kitchen certification; and can we reconfigure the current two-door entry and low pass-through window without compromising the structural integrity of the wall abutting the hallway. Other areas of potential improvements included: upgrading lighting; replacing cabinets, countertops, microwave, drawers and sink; purchasing a mobile center island with storage shelves; installing a rapid-cycle, commercial-grade dishwasher with on-demand hot-water input; installing a commercial-grade refrigerator/freezer and stand-alone ice maker; purchasing dishes and coffee mugs. Although we are in the preliminary stages, we plan to start consulting with engineers and a kitchen designer in early 2013. If you have any suggestions or questions about the renovation, contact any of the task-force members listed in the box at right.




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So far we have received 88 pledges totaling $326,190. They have come in many different amounts, representing our diverse congregation.



n January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord, we will worship in the church for the last time before moving into the Parish Hall for two months. Then, starting on January 13 we will worship at our normal Sunday morning worship times (8:00 & 10:15) in the Parish Hall. The Dunes Club has generously loaned us 110 chairs, which will enable us to seat our typical winter congregations much more comfortably than with our metal folding chairs. Music will be supported by the grand piano, relocated from the church. The Parish Hall will be full, but it should also feel energized and lively. Coffee Hour will still happen after the 10:15 service, after a brief pause to move aside half the chairs to allow space to circulate and socialize. If all goes according to plan, our first Sunday back in the church will be Palm Sunday, March 24, just in time for Holy Week. It should feel extra joyous to process into the church singing “All glory, laud and honor” and to see the restored interior for the first time.

KITCHEN TASK FORCE Barb and Bob Bergen

Bernie Kerr

Bev Clark

Roxanne Melchiori

Debbie Crocker

Bill Phelps

Elizabeth Delgizzo

Jo Rakauskas

Beth DiPanni

Ann Rheault

Kelli Impagliazzo

Casey Shobe

Call the church office at 783-4623 for emails or phone numbers.

TIMELINE OF CHURCH RENOVATIONS January 6 Our last services in the church. We will need lots of help moving out as many items as possible after the service, including choir pews, pew cushions, prayer books and hymnals. The Altar Guild will oversee the relocation out of the Sacristy and Sanctuary of all items needed for worship, as well as all other sacred objects. Week of January 7-11 Martone Painting will begin preparing the church for painting. The pews, organ, pipes, rug, etc. will be covered. Scaffolding and staging will be erected during this week. Brassworks will disassemble and remove all the brass. January 13-early February The plaster on the walls in the sanctuary will be taken down and a structural engineer will conduct an inspection. Barring any structural problems, the electrical contractors will begin upgrading the wiring for the lighting system in the church, and installing new fixtures where needed. Early February-March After the walls in the sanctuary are re-plastered and cured, Martone Painting will oversee the careful recreation of the historic stenciling in the chancel and sanctuary. The walls, floors, and ceiling will also be repainted. New ceiling fans will be installed.



fter many months of intensive research, the Living Stones Building Committee selected Driver Plumbing from Providence to install the new natural-gas heating system. Driver finished the installation in the spring of 2012, and the Narragansett building inspector approved it for heating use in September.

March 24 If all goes according to plan, we anticipate holding our first service in the restored church on Palm Sunday.

™™ Since less heat is exhausted to the atmosphere, inexpensive PVC exhaust pipes take the place of expensive brick or ceramic chimneys. ™™ The system easily meshed with the existing hot-water distribution system in the church, Parish Hall and Ruffino Hall office and classroom spaces. ™™ Natural gas burns cleaner than fuel oil, with around half of oil’s carbon footprint.

Replacing the three, aging, fuel-oil-fired boiler systems with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency (95+ percent ) natural-gas burners made a lot of sense. Among the inherent advantages of a gas-fired heating system:

™™ Natural gas is relatively plentiful and much cheaper than fuel oil.

™™ Heat is generated instantly – with no energy wasted by keeping a boiler at temperature just waiting for demand (throttling).

The system is already saving money, and with projected annual savings of $10,000 is expected to pay for itself in just a few years.

™™ Burner maintenance is simpler with this computer-controlled system that can instantly identify defective components needing replacement.

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINANCES $45,030 $41,662 * $76,540 $27,676 $135,563 $326,190 * The Vestry has approved using church savings to pay for “soft costs” to run the campaign.

TIER-TWO PROJECTS NOT YET FUNDED Parking Lot Resurface $20,000: Though not yet fully funded, the Vestry would like to move forward with this project in the spring of 2013 for reasons of both safety and aesthetics. The already deteriorated asphalt surface took some more serious hits during the oil tank removal.

Additional Church Work $25,000: Expand the doorway between the parish hall and church to eliminate bottlenecks, expand the vesting closet in the Parish Hall, replace the seating in the chancel and choir areas, install glass doors in the church entry from the narthex.

Parish Hall Acoustics $15,000: Acoustical fabric on the ceiling will enhance functionality during meals, meetings and education events.

Classrooms and office $20,000: Replace old folding tables and chairs, and buy new comfortable seating in spaces used by children and youths.

ST. PETER’S BY-THE-SEA 72 Central Street Narragansett, RI 02882

Living Stones Campaign Update  
Living Stones Campaign Update  

Brochure updating the congregation about progress on the various Living Stones' projects including church restoration, natural gas conversio...