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Your invite to a special STOKES CROFT BUSINESS WORKSHOP Date & time: Thursday, 15th Sep. 2011, 5.30 - 7.30pm (or any time you can spare) Location:

Full Moon, 1 North Street, Stokes Croft

The purpose of the workshop is to consult with Stokes Croft businesses on the long term vision for the area and on short term improvements to the prominent transport and traffic issues. Agenda 1. Welcome and introductions 2. Intro by facilitator, purpose of workshop, recap, ground rules 3. Intro to Sustainable Transport Fund and approved footway improvements 4. Intro to Bristol Central Area Action Plan 5. Workshop sessions •

Workshop A: Stokes Croft transport improvements

Workshop B: Stokes Croft vision for the Bristol Central Area Action Plan

6. Summary and next steps Please reply to this invitation by Monday 12 th September, either by email, twitter, post or phone to let me know whether you will be able to attend. I look forward to seeing many of you on 15th September 2011. With very best wishes,

Eva Eva Stuetzenberger Retail Sector Development Manager, Destination Bristol Post: Tel: Email: Twitter:

The Management Suite, 69 Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3DX 0117 929 0484 @RetailProject

Please see overleaf…

£300,000 to spend – tell us how ! Please let us know your thoughts and ideas on how to spend some funding to make Stokes Croft an even better place to work, visit and live - as soon as within the next 18 months. We will be running two parallel workshops which will consider the following questions: Workshop A: Stokes Croft transport improvements This workshop will ask for your ideas on how to spend approx. £300,000 of recently granted money from the Sustainable Transport Fund to improve the Stokes Croft gateway area for pedestrians and cyclists. • • • •

What do you consider problematic with the current traffic situation in Stokes Croft? What are potential areas for improvement regarding all previous and ongoing work? What are the priority areas for consideration and ideas for solutions? What steps should be taken next to address the top priorities?

Workshop B: Stokes Croft vision for the Bristol Central Area Action Plan This workshop will look at how we can guide planning decisions in a way which best supports your trading environment in Stokes Croft. • • • •

What types of development or new uses might best support your trading activities? Would any relaxation of planning controls help traders? Or should there be tighter controls? Thinking of Stokes Croft at present, what works well for traders and what doesn’t? Have any new developments in and around the area had benefits to trading in Stokes Croft?

This is a real chance for you, the people who know Stokes Croft best, to influence decisions about the area. We really hope and count on your ideas and thoughts on the night. See you then!

Eva To help those businesses affected by the disturbances that took place in Bristol between 6 and 11 August (such incidents in Bristol were reported to the Police on 8, 9 and 10 August), Bristol City Council and the Government have announced a package of support to small businesses, see Note the deadline is 16 September 2011.