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St Pauls Unlimited Planning Group Tuesday 8th March 2011 Present: Pete Bullard, Tracy Edwards-Brown, and Lawrence Hoo Apologies: Andy King Matters Arising. Response sent regarding 20 Wilson St. 17-19 Dean St Meeting on 9th March regarding CEED application for licence. 155 Ashley Rd HMO application not supported. Issues relating to the back yard, waste collection and corridor to front entrance. 1B Hepburn Rd How does it compare to the existing street-scape. Does not. Brick work not in line with existing architecture, out of character. Windows not in scale with existing character. 32 Cumberland Street How can they quote SPD 10 which is against HMO’s. In support of business development and housing. Next meeting date: Tuesday 19th April, 4.30pm to 6pm at St Agnes Lodge.

March 2011  

Planning minutes March 2011