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Planning sub-committee Tuesday 22 February 2011 from 4.30pm to 6.00pm at St Agnes Lodge nd

St Pauls Unlimited has a Code of Conduct setting out how we would like to work together. We all have different views and perspectives and we are committed to providing a forum where these views can be discussed openly. We value the contribution of ALL partners. We will not tolerate any form of aggression or intimidation including shouting, swearing, being physically threatening, making personal or discriminatory remarks, putting people down, talking over people or being impatient. It can feel difficult to challenge people particularly when we respect their commitment but for the partnership to be truly successful we MUST ensure everyone can contribute openly and equally. We all have a responsibility to challenge inappropriate behaviour as and when it happens. AGENDA


1. Apologies


2. Minutes and matters arising 3. Salvation Army Hall Presentation by Ian Mountford (10 mins) Questions (10 Mins)

4.33 4.40

4. Ashley Area Housing Office (10/04771/F) Revised Plans


5. 17 – 19 Dean Street (10/05350/F) Feedback


6. Full Moon Discussion on planning application?


7. Dove Lane Do we want to be involved in meeting up to look at associated documents from the preplanning application 5:25 8. Determined Planning Decisions and Listings


9. Any other business


10. End of meeting




Planning Agenda 22.02.11