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APRIL 2014

St. Paul’s Lutheran


An open and inviting church, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church WHO WE ARE St. Paul’s is a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Minneapolis Area Synod, Western Parks and Lakes Conference. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to be an open and inviting church spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pastor Reverand Louise Mollick Administrative Assistant Linda Dundas Music Director Rick Latterell Church Council Officers President: Sheri Brenden Vice President: Darcie Rodman Treasurer: Carmela Ariemma Secretary: Tim Feiertag Council Members At-Large Erik Kemnitz Pat Tollefson Assistant Treasurer Bernie Johnson

A Note from...

the editor!

As of this issue of the Messenger, Saint Paul’s has a new newsletter editor. That would be me—Diane Nelson. First on my order of business is to thank Linda Dundas for all her hard work and dedication to this publication. Though still relatively new to this church, I’m not new to the wide world of graphics. With a hitch in the Navy as a photographer & a 30 year career in design & pre-press, this isn’t my first production. My goal, in agreeing to produce the newsletter, is to further help communications among church members. I’m also part of the E-communications team, helping to raise St. Paul’s profile in the surrounding area by working on the church sign and on banners. With Easter on the horizon, what better a self-introduction could there possibly be but a snap shot that’s a blast from my past. Just like the Messenger, it has something for everyone. Classic car fans will notice the ‘58 Chevy in the driveway. Women of my age bracket will probably cringe at the outfit. The photo might well lead some of the younger set to a couple of conclusions about the early 60’s: 1. Ten year old girls dressed as elderly women—especially at Easter. 2. The world was black and white back then! Have a great Easter!

Financial Secretary Mary Kay Peterson Facility Use Coordinator Mary Hromatka Webmaster Vince Jacobson Newsletter Editor Diane Nelson

A big thank-you to Phil Eckhert for his wonderful photos of Saint Paul’s stained glass windows. A big thank-you goes to Darcie Rodman, too, for helping me find just the right window for the front cover.

St. Paul’s Contact Information WORSHIP TIME You are invited to join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 for worship, followed by refreshments and Christian education.

The office is lightly staffed. Please call before coming to the church in case of unexpected closure. Phone: (952) 938-4683 • Fax: (952) 938-1141 email: newsletter submissions:

The Messenger is published monthly by St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church ELCA, 13207 Lake Street Extension, Minnetonka, MN 55305. Please submit articles no later than the fifteenth of each month.

Time for Resurrection! A Message from Pastor Louise


very Sunday during Lent we are brought to resurrection. From temptation to trust, from the night to the dawn of rebirth, from thirst to living water, from blindness to new vision; and, from the stench of death to the sweet fragrance of restoration, we have been greeted in love with inside eastering.

and break loose! It is time to come forth from the tomb and bring resurrection to all who need God’s healing life. It is time for the people to shout,

“We have been raised from the dead! Alleluia!”

—A Blessed Easter, Pr. Louise

Now is the time to leave all the linens of winter behind, to shake off the dust of the dead

A Message from St. Paul’s President, Sheri Brenden April 2014

During our annual meeting in January, the Council presented a budget to the congregation, which included some difficult news. The budget contained a reduction in staff hours for Linda Dundas in order to cut expenses. Yet even with that change, based on our financial projections, St. Paul’s faced an $11,500 deficit. The congregation approved that budget and the associated reduction in staff hours for Linda Dundas. There was also considerable discussion about our finances and members gave some good ideas about how to proceed. This is my update on what has happened since then: • The stewardship committee asked people to consider increasing their financial pledges. That happened and we were blessed with checks and expanded pledges. We are grateful. • We moved to provide direction to Linda about her changing duties so that her workload would not exceed her reduced hours. Previously, Linda worked 20 hours a week. The council decided in February that in light of increased giving and members’ concerns at the annual meeting, Linda

should have a 14 hour per week schedule rather than 12 hours per week. In conversations with Linda, she suggested that Diane Nelson might have an interest in newsletter production—a task that took a large share of Linda’s time. So with help from Pastor Louise and Mike Mikulay, we have a revised job description better suited to Linda’s three partial days of work. We are grateful. • Diane Nelson has picked up newsletter production with great enthusiasm. We are grateful! • With the guidance of our new treasurer, Carmela Ariemma, the Council is establishing some financial best practices that should help us better manage and interpret our budget position. We are grateful! I would like to say we have erased the deficit and we have no financial concerns. But that just isn’t the case. Yet, I feel confident that we are taking steps to focus on the things that will strengthen our church and its ministries. Budgeting is just a method of planning.

“Knowing that God’s plans are bigger than our projections, we must trust that we can serve as we are able.” -Sheri

Palm Sunday: April 13 Join us after worship for brunch! St. Paul’s has had a tradition over the years of holding a Palm Sunday Brunch in a variety of ways. In the past, it’s been a couples event and an event for anyone 50 and over. It’s been held at a restaurant and catered in our fellowship hall. To continue the variety, this year, on April 13, there will be a potluck for all of St. Paul’s worshippers, guests, and friends. After our Palm Sunday Service— itself an opportunity for loud Hosannas!—you are invited to the fellowship hall. As in the story of stone soup, the potlucks of St. Paul’s provide food enough for one and all. During this event, you will have the opportunity to learn a little, or a little more, about the Stations of the Cross, the Via Dolorosa (Sorrowful Way). This is the path of Christ from Pontius Pilate to the cross. It has been a profound subject of many pilgrimages and works of art through the centuries. All are welcome. We hope you can make room for this gathering on your calendar! —Pr. Louise and Connie

Easter: April 20 — an Easter Plant Plea Flowering plants are needed to beautify our sanctuary on Easter morning. Please consider purchasing blooming potted plants (lilies, tulips, daffodils, daisies and/or calla lilies) and bringing them to the church sometime between April 6 April 18. They should be taken downstairs and placed on the table that has been set up in the storage room. We will also need bouquets of cut flowers and greenery brought on Easter morning to be shared for the flowering of the cross. Finally, any monetary donations designated to our music ministry will be gratefully accepted.

As always, your generosity is appreciated!

Minneapolis Synod Bishop Svennungsen Visits St. Paul’s Church, March 6th by Howard Rand Our Church Council asked me to report to the congregation about Minneapolis Synod Bishop Anne Svennungsen’s visit on March 6th. I have been exulting with those who were at this gathering, with members, with my family and others about “our love fest.” To put my own exuberance on paper will never describe what happened. So I will try here to describe why I keep calling this “a love fest.” To begin with, we are blessed with a bishop who listens. She listens in a way that made us all feel understood. She opened up extraordinary conversations about our history, our mission, our own personal stories and our future together. She started by asking each of us to introduce ourselves. She carefully took notes about each one of our stories. St. Paul’s folks usually share openly. But this became a more lively, Spirit-filled communicating of “Who we are. And why we are here together.” Bishop Svennungsen intangibly represented a fresh realization for us that we are a part of a wider church. She guided us into a deeper sense of our shared interdependence. She suggested new possibilities. She aroused surprisingly positive reflections for each of us with her leading questions. We discovered again how we are a product of our history. Perspectives from those of us who have been drawn to St. Paul’s at different times and for different reasons helped us understand problems and our potentials. Conversation flowed freely. All nine persons participated. Deep commitments became apparent among us. We were rediscovering the diversities in our personal pilgrimages.

Large questions were faced. For instance: “Can St. Paul’s Church continue to exist with an average worship attendance around 50?” That question stirred expressions of mission. It began with our own church and went well beyond it. We learned together about people involved beyond our members, beyond our building, beyond familiar groups. Others are personally interested in our unique calling.

...we are blessed with a bishop who listens. We celebrated turning points. Particularly the process that climaxed in our Pentecost declaration as a Reconciling Congregation. I call our meeting a “love fest.” For we clearly were arousing each other a new to sense the privilege of being together within this Church. I have only described impressions. I invite each of you to learn detailed specifics from these attendees: Pastor Louise, Eric Reishus, Pat Tollefson, Darcie Rodman, Jan Guetschow, Connie Hessevick, Carolyn Carpenter, Howard Rand. P.S.. On March 13th I wrote this. That evening I attended the chat with Nadia Bolz-Weber*: “Being Broken in a World Demanding Excellence.” It was an extraordinary encounter with an extraordinarily honest Lutheran pastor/human being. She deeply moved us all. Ask Pastor Louise, Eric and Diane Reishus, Kris Jacobson, Howard and Lillian Rand about the personal impact she had on each of us! *Editor’s Note: Nadia Bolz-Weber’s website is:

Stay Up-to-Date! Visit our calendar weekly at Click on any time or event for details.

Coffee/Refreshment Donations The ELCA World Hunger Global Mission will be receiving your donations for coffee and refreshments from April through June of 2014. • 842 million people – that’s 1 in 8 – are chronically hungry and cannot lead active daily lives, as reported by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, • In the United States, 49 million people do not know where their next meal will come from, as reported by the US Department of Agriculture, food-security-in-the-us/key-statisticsgraphics. aspx#foodsecure. Your donations at the refreshment counter after worship can make a difference. Find out more about this mission at the ELCA website, ELCA-World-Hunger. Thank you ! And thank you to all who donate refreshments for this fellowship & giving opportunity.

Serving St. Paul’s:

St. Paul’s Annual Rummage Sale Saturday, May 3rd

Your stuff and help is wanted and needed! Please begin saving and collecting all types of items for our rummage sale. (No electronics, please!) Remind your friends and neighbors that, as they “Spring Clean,” we need their clean and usable items. Tax donation receipts will be available. Our Cafe St. Paul’s, which sells coffee and baked goods, will be open again this year. Rachel Larson and Jan Guetschow are coordinating this event and need your support. Give them a call if you have any questions, new ideas, or offerings. May 2: Drop off items 8 AM - 8 PM Help is needed to organize, price and set up. May 3: The Sale: 8 AM - 1 PM Help is needed during and after the sale. Take down: 1 PM At 1 PM, we promptly take down, with the Salvation Army coming for pick up after the sale. All hands are needed! Times to sign up to help will be available at church. Thank you, in advance, for your help and generosity with this annual fund raising event!

How Would You Like to be an Usher for a Day?

The Usher service team invites you to serve as one of two ushers during our Sunday worship service. Whether you are a regular attendee or an occasional visitor, you are all welcome to serve. What are the responsibilities of an usher? Briefly: • Arrive early and turn on the lights in the sanctuary. • Provide bulletins and smiles to worshippers as they enter the sanctuary. • Assist latecomers to empty seats, as needed. • Collect the offering gifts. • Count the worshippers and record the weather (for record keeping). • Collect the bulletins with a smile at the end of service. • Take a look around the sanctuary and straighten up, as needed. • If the sanctuary is empty, turn out the lights. A more detailed description of these responsibilities is available (1) in the basket above the shelf inside the

doors to the sanctuary, and (2) in the Service Team binder on the table at the church entryway. For more information, you may also chat with the usher coordinator, Aly Bonner, or with other ushers, whose names are posted on the office door. Feel free to add your name to the usher list and to sign up for a designated Sunday, also on the office door. If you are new to ushering, you may want to partner with an experienced usher. Each Sunday, the congregation of St Paul’s is invited to participate in the service or in the welcoming activities before or after the service. Each of us is invited to consider our gifts and serve in a manner that matches our talents. For the next few months, we will be lifting up various service teams in the newsletter. This month, we sincerely thank all those who serve as Ushers. And to those who are considering ushering in the future: Welcome! C Hessevick, 3/14/2014

F.Y.I. (For Your Information): Resource West, a responsive community-based organization, assisting people by connecting individual and families to resources since 1993, has notified us of their move to: 1011 First Street So., Suite 109 Hopkins, MN 55343 (Wells Fargo Building). Resource West can be contacted at: (952) 988-5350

Volunteer Opportunity Methodist Hospital Hospice will be providing training sessions this spring (May & June) for new volunteers. These volunteers provide respite to people caring for terminally ill loved ones in their own homes. Commitment is a maximum of 4 hours per week, and training is 4 sessions. If interested, please call Libby Swanson at (952) 993-5381

Meals on Wheels On the 4th Friday of every month, folks gather at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 11 AM (across from Knollwood Plaza) to deliver meals to our neighbors in need. Please consider participating in this important ministry. It only takes about an hour and is appreciated more than you can imagine. Contact Roger Gilbertson ( for details.

St. Paul’s Book Club invites you to join them the last Thursday of the month. 2014 Reading Schedule: April: Heaven’s Coast by Mark Doty May: The Wolf and the Watchman by Scott Johnson Please send suggested reading titles to: or call (952) 945-9602

Reserve Your Garden Box Soon! • 4’ x 8’ raised garden boxes—26 boxes total • available on first-come basis • $10 deposit (refundable at season’s end) Make your reservation before they become available to the general public! email: sign-up sheet: under the church office window You may also contact Dean Bonner.

April Bible Readings April 6 Ezekiel 37:1 - 14 Psalm 130 Romans 8:6 - 11 John 11:1 - 45 April 13 – Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1 - 11 (Procession) Isaiah 50:4 - 9a Psalm 31:9 - 16 Philippians 2:5 - 11 Matthew 26:14 - 27:66 or Matthew 27:11 - 54 April 17 –Maundy Thursday Exodus 12:1 - 4 [5 - 10] 11 - 14 Psalm 116:1 - 2, 12 - 19 1 Corinthians 11:23 - 26 John 13:1 - 17, 31b - 35 April 18 – Good Friday Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 Psalm 22 Hebrews 10:16 - 25 or Hebrews 4:14 - 16; 5:7 - 9 John 18:1 – 19:42 April 19 – Easter Vigil Various readings Romans 6:3 - 11 John 20:1 - 18 April 20 – Easter Sunday Acts 10:34 - 43 or Jeremiah 31:1 - 6 Psalm 118:1 - 2, 14 - 24 Colossians 3:1 - 4 or Acts 10:34 - 43 Matthew 28:1 - 10 or John 20:1 - 18 April 27 - 2nd Sunday of Easter Acts 2:14a:22-32 Psalm 16 1 Peter 1:3-9 John 20:19 - 31

Celebrations!!!! Baptisms

Birth Announcement! Samantha Marie Lowther has made her appearance, elevating Levi Lowther to the title of “big brother!” Samantha is the daughter of Jesse & Betsy Jacobson Lowther of Plymouth. Baby and family are doing fine.

3rd 5th 5th 9th 10th 13th 17th 20th 30th

Connie Hessevick Chuck Rudolph Linda McGee Mary Hromatka Joyce Ramsden John Riggle Vince Jacobson Annette Madson Jim Uden Lorraine Smith Emma Peaslee

Kris and Vince Jacobson are Samantha’s proud grandparents.

Wedding Anniversaries April 15th Joyce & Roger Ramsden April 20th Kris & Vince Jacobson April 25th Diane & Darold Hanson

Birthdays 6th 9th 9th 11th 12th 13th 18th 20th 25th 26th 29th 30th

Jana Larson Lee Lindsey Powers Zachary Brenk Nancy Uden Carl Mollick Clint Hoyhtya Diane Nelson Kathy Powers Darla Gilbertson Kris Jacobson Darold Hanson Roger Ramsden

Our Saviour’s Housing, 2219 Chicago Ave. So., Minneapolis • (612) 871-0017

Volunteer Update Exciting Opportunity for OSH!!! We are excited to announce that Our Saviour's Community Services (the parent organization of OSH) was chosen as the local charity partner for the St. Paul chapter of the international Run or Dye 5K race held on April 26th!

What does this mean? As the charity partner, we have the opportunity to receive a donation from the run - both from participating runners as well bringing volunteers to help at the event!

Are you a runner? If you are interested in running at the Run or Dye 5K race held on April 26th, you can help us earn money by being a part of an OSH Running Team! We are looking for someone who would be interested in being the OSH Team Captain and help gather more interested runners for the team all who would help gather pledges for OSH! As a special bonus, not only would you be able to help earn money for OSH, you would also be able to receive a discount on the registration fee. Contact me if you would like further information!

Not a runner but still want to help? There are many ways to help OSH gain the maximum donation from the event! We will be looking for volunteers to help in various ways before and during the race. Stay tuned for further information on these opportunities!

Hi Volunteers,

Last Thursday, nearly 600 people from across the state converged at the State Capital for the annual Homeless Day on the Hill! Our Saviour's Housing was well represented, bringing 17 residents and staff! We meet with both Representative Karen Clark and Senator Jeff Hayden. Residents shared their stories and voiced why it's important to have funding for programs helping the homeless. It was a wonderful advocacy experience!

On another note, as some of you have already seen, the big fridge in the Shelter kitchen unfortunately broke and is unable to be repaired. For the time being, we have moved the white fridge that was in the shelter lounge into the kitchen. We realize that this provides much less space, and thank you all for your patience while we work on getting a new fridge. I will be working all the harder to make sure the fridge is kept organized and that food is shared with Transitional Housing Residents to ensure no food is wasted. We are in the process of looking into purchasing a new commercial fridge, but if anyone has any good leads on where we may find a new or nearly new commercial fridge, we would be grateful for any help in this area! Additionally, we are in need of replenishing some of the condiments that were lost with the old fridge. Mainly, we are in need of butter. We do have salad dressing, mustard, and a fair amount of salsa. If you have any question about condiments to bring, please let me know! Thank you!

To contact Rachel Kennedy, Volunteer Coordinator, at OSH: (612) 872-4193 Option 2 Mary Hromatka asked about running OSH’s newsletter in the Messenger and arranged to have pdf files sent our way. It seems well worth the read. And, if you happen to have a spare bicycle just hanging around... —editor

Link to:

O.S.H.’S Thank You!

In addition to all the excitement happening around here, we do have a few upcoming needs: Donation Needs:

As the newest installment of the resident health-club, Lifestyle Lift-up, we are looking to start a resident Bike Club! For a weekly fun and active group outing, we are in need of 15 to 20 gently used bikes for our residents to use! (Adult bikes only, please) The Emergency Shelter is in need of liquid dish-washing soap, towels, twin-bed sheets, and bed-bug protectors. Meal Servers:

“For a weekly fun and active group outing, we are in need of 15 to 20 gently used bikes for our residents to use! (Adult bikes only, please.)”

OSH meeting with Representative Karen Clark at the Homeless Day on the Hill!

I have had an opening for Dinner on Thursday, May 1st. Let me know if you are interested in serving on this date. After that, Sunday June 15th and Saturday June 28th are open. Thank you for all you do!

Follow us on Facebook!

We would not be able to provide the opportunities and support given to each of our clients without all of you and the time and effort you give! Thank you!

Register for Clowning Around Daycamp! If you receive the Messenger electronically, please click on the link below.

registration form If you receive the printed version of the Messenger, and would like to receive a registration form, contact Mary Hromatka directly.

Article Submission With a new newsletter editor comes a new, Mac-based workflow along with some new guidelines that’ll help with cross-platform (PC-to-Mac) issues. Your patience and your help with this is sincerely appreciated. Though you may still submit articles as Word documents, it is preferred that you submit your articles in pdf format with fonts embedded. Please send your clipart or photos as well. Include your contact information with all submissions. The new email address for the newsletter is: All submissions are subject to editing for space and content. All rights reserved by St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The absolute deadline for article submission is the 15th of the month. Seriously.

! e e Fr

Clowning Around Daycamp St. Paul’s Creative Expressions July 21-25, 2014 8 AM to noon

Join us each morning for: breakfast music clowning around games

13207 Lake Street Extension Minnetonka, MN 55305 (952) 938-4683

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 13207 Lake Street Extension Minnetonka, MN 55305

Welcoming Statement SAINT PAUL’S WELCOMES EVERYONE to worship, serve and experience God together. God calls us all to be hands in our community to minister to all people through worship, fellowship and service. Our welcome knows no boundaries of race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, family structure, physical or mental ability, social or economic condition. We carry out our calling through our faith, love and care with a commitment to justice, peace and inclusiveness. Each individual is a child of God, uniquely blessed with many gifts and great worth, made in God’s image. We recognize, value and give thanks for the many diverse gifts of God among us. All are one is Christ. As Apostle Paul wrote centuries ago, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, their is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female. Christ has made us one.” (Galatians 3:28) St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is an ELCA Reconciling in Christ congregation. Our mission is to be an open and inviting church, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.





Grade in Fall 2013

Day Phone

Day Phone

Home Phone

Home Phone

Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Relationship to Camper


Day Phone

Cell Phone


Who should we contact in case of emergency if parent/guardians cannot be reached?

I need assistance with transportation? O Yes O No

T-shirt size___________________________________________________

Family Email Address_____________________________________________

Parent /Guardian Name

Parent/Guardian Name


Birth date








Camper Name:

Signature: ____________________________________ Date____________

I give my full permission for my camper to attend Art Camp and participate in all phases of this program. I give my permission for my camper to receive necessary medical attention at a hospital or from the day camp Health Manager or designee.

Is participant restricted or limited from participating in any physical activity? O Yes O No If yes, please explain:

Does participant take any prescribed medications on a regular basis? O Yes O No If yes, please state medication and reason:

Other (Specify) _______________________________________________________________


Plants ______________________________________________________________________

Medicines/drugs _____________________________________________________________

Insect Stings ________________________________________________________________

Hay fever____________________________________________________________________

Food _______________________________________________________________________


Allergies (specify nature of allergic reaction.)

Policy or Group #: _____________________________________

Name of Family Physician: ______________________________ Telephone___________________________________________ Family Medical/Hospital Insurance Carrier__________________


JULY 21-25, 2014


Creative Expressions Summer Youth Program


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Thank You card from Our Saviour始s Housing

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