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October 2011

THE EPISTLE OF ST. PAUL’S In recognition that all that we have are gifts entrusted to us by God, it is the purpose of St. Pauls Episcopal Church to be a community that works and prays and gives for the spread of God’s kingdom.

To my fellow parishioners: The long, hot days of summer are over. The kids are back to school and we’ve returned to our daily routine of homework and juggling after school activities. When the cool fall air arrives, I start to think about falling leaves, their brilliant colors and the beautiful drive through the mountains to Shrine Mont. It was serendipitous that Jack asked me to say a few words about the parish retreat weekend for our October newsletter. My first trip to Shrine Mont was seven years ago. After spending the weekend worshipping in such a beautiful, natural setting, I was hooked. I enjoyed everything from the thoughtful, entertaining and educational program and family style meals together as a group to the free time to explore, visit, or just rest and relax on my own! Best of all, I really got to know my parish family better. There truly is something special about sharing and growing in faith with your fellow parishioners outside of the usual Sunday routine. Photo courtesy: Skip Rowland Sometimes, the stress and hubbub of daily life make it difficult to find time to quietly reflect and thank God for all the blessings in our lives. Shrine Mont gives me the opportunity to turn off the electronics and reconnect with my spiritual side. That feeling of belonging and living for a higher purpose follows me home from the mountain and solidifies my faith in God each and every day. I think my daughter said it best in her letter to Mr. Kraft thanking him for the opportunity to attend Art Camp this summer: Dear Mr. Kraft: This year at Art Camp at Shrine Mont, I learned a lot about myself and my religion; I grew spiritually and emotionally. Over the years that I’ve been going to Shrine Mont camps, I’ve always come home happier and much more Christian. Shrine Mont is a huge part of my life and truly brings out who I am as a person. I wouldn’t be who I am right now if not for the friends and family I’ve been welcomed to with the unconditional love that Shrine Mont is all about. It’s more than just a summer camp – it’s part of my heart and soul that I’ll carry with me my whole life. I’m so fortunate that I’ve been able to experience the personal change and love that I have at Shrine Mont, and I have you to thank for that. You’ve funded for me and many others to go to such a special place, and I can’t express how appreciative I am for that. Shrine Mont is so different than the real world; so pure and full of beautiful compassion that you don’t find anywhere else. It is my home away from home, my sanctuary where I can be inspired to be who, and what, I want to be. I’ve met some of the most remarkable and interesting people at camp, and my friendships with them were started because of you, Mr. Kraft. Thanks to you, I have God in my heart, new friends by my side, and five years of memories, laughs, and tears that I won’t let go of. Thank you for this part of my childhood. I won’t forget it. Sincerely, Lexa Rowland If you’ve never been to Shrine Mont (and even if you have), please join us for a wonderful weekend of fellowship, relaxation, and rejuvenation while we discuss how we can incorporate faith into our daily lives and “Just Live It!” More details and information will be posted in the Parish Hall. Looking forward to seeing you on the mountain on October 21st! Faithfully, Nina Rowland

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ALTAR GUILD Altar Guild members and any who might like to become part of this ministry are invited for a short workshop led by Jack and for dinner on Thursday, Oct. 6. at 6:30PM. It is important for members to attend. We welcome new members. There will be a sign up sheet. Secret sisters - - Undercover Mission Sometimes families are displaced due to circumstances beyond their control. Many times, they move so quickly that they leave most every thing they have behind. In an effort to help in a very basic way, several cadets of Girl Scout Troop 517 are collecting new packaged undergarments for displaced families in our area. On your next shopping trip, please pick up an extra pack of undies... any type and size for any age boy or girl... and drop it in the Secret Sisters collection box. If you’d like to contribute but aren't sure what would be most needed you may make a monetary donation that will be used to purchase items for the mission. We will be gathering donated items each week through the Christmas season. Direct questions to troop leader Jo Colombo at 550-4822. Thank you for supporting this project.

Hospitality and Parish Life Thank you to all of you who have provided refreshments after our services. So many of you brought beautiful, delicious food for the reception after our special service for Lois Wickham and I am very grateful. Those of you who helped clean up were equally appreciated! The sign up sheets for Coffee Hour and 2nd Sunday Lunch are posted. Please help out by hosting a Sunday. It is fine to co-host with someone else and remember you may turn your expenses in to me. Right now we have quite a few open Sundays. October is full of Parish events. Remember the Shrine Mont dinner and auction on Saturday, Oct. 1. On Sunday, Oct. 2 at 2:00PM there will be a Blessing of the Animals with refreshments for both humans and pets. On Sunday Oct. 9 after the 10:30AM service we will have lunch and a presentation and video about Life at St. Paul's. Our Shrine Mont parish retreat weekend is Oct. 2123. On Friday, Oct. 29 The Last Friday Social at the church will feature a movie and dinner. Our traditional parish Halloween Party will be on Monday, Oct. 31 in the parish hall. Watch for details. Yoga classes continue on Tuesday nights at 6:30PM. Amy is back! The cost is $5 a class.


Art classes taught by Ann Long continue on Tuesdays at 9:30AM in the parish hall.

Join us at 2PM on Sunday, October 2 for a SERVICE OF THE BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS. Bring your pets, invite your friends and their pets. We do not bless animals to make them holy. We bless them because, as creations of a loving God, they are already holy and worthy of blessing. Bring your beloved brother and sister creatures to St. Paul’s to join with them in praising their Creator, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Refreshments will be served, too, both for pets and their human companions. A blessing is a sacerdotal, or priestly, pronouncement of God’s love and favor. The Book of Common Prayer prescribes forms of blessings in liturgy. The companion Book of Occasional Services provides further blessings for seasons, places and occasions. A blessing may also be used to consecrate (set aside) or dedicate something to holy use. Thus we bless the water for Holy Baptism, the elements of bread and wine for Holy Communion, oil for anointing the sick, rings at the celebration of Holy Matrimony, and homes. Other items in and outside the church may be blessed for pastoral reasons. Our faithful dogs, cats and other animals are blessings of God in our lives. When we treat them fairly and decently a relationship grows in which our sympathy and empathy toward God’s natural world grows and matures. Our pets teach us patience, kindness, ways of communicating and responding, and other lessons that make us better people. It is fitting to ask God’s blessing upon creatures so dear to us. Let your friends know. Encourage your neighbors to attend with their pets and children. Help them learn to see their animal friends in a new and special way, as we honor them and the great God whose loving creations they are. JTS

P a g e

View from the Back Pew by Scott Harris During our 10:30 service this past Sunday we celebrated the life, death and resurrection of Lois Wickham. Lois was a lifetime member of our congregation and a fixture at every service and function for as long as I can remember. As I sat in a packed church I thought about her life in our community and what her participation in our parish has meant. She was not a showy person by any stretch of the imagination and if a person were so inclined, they might never notice her. She had a way of coming into church just as it was beginning and quietly moving to her regular seat. She was an example to me of what we should strive for in a life lived in faith and with grace and decency. My earliest recollections of Lois are of her and her husband Billy at Ruritan events. The members of the Ruritan Club were almost exclusively St. Paul’s members then and they used to host a chicken barbecue at the Hanover Wayside each year. While the children were running all over the place, the adults would socialize near the old pavilion. The men would work the long charcoal fired barbecue pit cooking the split chicken pieces and the women would sit nearby on lawn chairs talking. Lois and Billy would always be in the midst of the conversations. They were not just casual acquaintances with our community; they were rooted here. Lois was always a student of nature. She seemed to be able to expound on all species of flowers and bushes, as well as trees and our native animals. She had a firm understanding of local history and could recite family histories, names and home places as if they were current events of the day instead of the recitations of decades gone by. I admit regrettably that I never got close to Lois personally and seldom interacted more than to speak briefly with her at church or at social functions and events. To say the least that was my loss. Lois Wickham never moved to the big city. She never acted in a Hollywood movie and she never lived much farther from home than a few miles away. As a young woman she taught herself to run her father’s farm after his death and later, after marrying Billy Wickham, to help run the sprawling Hickory Hill Farm. She opened herself intellectually through her own curiosity and with a


keen desire to learn more about the world around her. She was committed to her family, to her church and to her beloved Hanover County. In the last years of her life it seemed, as it does for all of us, that her world began to shrink. She wasn’t able to be at picnics and church events as much as she had. She eventually had to rely on friends and neighbors to drive her to church. I never saw any regret or resignation in her though. What was ever present until the end was a twinkle in her eye and desire to see what was around the next corner. While we are without doubt sad at Lois’ death, we have to be thankful that she has moved on to the place where each of us is going. She is with Billy and the rest of her family. No doubt she is enjoying the plants and animals around her and renewing ties and reminiscing with old friends; and for that we should be grateful. As I think of Lois I can’t help but think that it is not the loudest or most boisterous person that will resonate within us the longest. Rather, it is the faithful presence and the quiet thoughtfulness of one that cherishes those around them that will stay with us forever. Godspeed Lois, we will see you again. Faithfully, Scott “The influence of each human being on others in this life is a kind of Immortality”- John Quincy Adams

# # # # The Ashland Area Crop Walk is Oct 1 at Carter Park at 9am. We will meet at St Paul's at 8am. Please bring your pledge packet and turn in to Sue Hart. Checks can be made out to CWS/ CROP. 25% of all money raised will go to ACES in Ashland. There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before. Robert Staughton Lynd There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. Bernard Williams There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. Albert Schweitzer

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For those unable to attend the parish retreat, we welcome Rector Emeritus, Al Reiners to St. Paul’s as he leads both regularly scheduled worship services Sunday, October 23.


8:00AM Worship

9:15AM Christian Education 10:30AM Worship 11:30AM Fellowship 2:00PM Blessing of the Animals






9AM Ashland CROP Walk 5:30PM Roaring 20’s Auction and Dinner









9:30AM Painting class 2:00PM Prayer 6:30PM Yoga

6:30PM Altar Guild dinner

6:30PM Vestry




8:00AM Worship 9:15AM Christian Education 10:30AM Worship 11:30AM Luncheon

2:00PM Prayer

9:30AM Painting class




8:00AM Worship 9:15AM Christian Education 10:30AM Worship 11:30AM Fellowship

2:00PM Prayer

9:30AM Painting class

12 2:00PM Woman’s Club

6:30PM Yoga


6:30PM Yoga

Parish Retreat at Shrine Mont




8:00AM Worship 10:30AM Worship 11:30AM Fellowship

2:00PM Prayer

9:30AM Painting class

7:00PM Ruritan mtg

6:30PM Yoga



28 6:30PM Last Friday Social, Movie Night

Parish retreat



8:00AM Worship 9:15AM Christian Education 10:30AM Worship 11:30AM Fellowship

2:00PM Prayer Halloween party



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J. Sutor

S. Heins

H. Rice

S. Harris, A. Palmer


P. Cash

N. Rowland

M. Pauley

A. Cross, L. Reeves


J. Sutor

R. Wortham

R. Evans

C. Young, B. Townes


P. Cash

please contact Lynn Reeves if you are able to volunteer this week


J. Sutor

A. Cross



C. Hewitt Psalm

N. Rowland, H. Holloway Torches


P. Lambert

A. Heins

J. Farrell

J. Farrell, E. Drudge


H. Barber

H. Reeves

H. Barber

K. Walker, E. Price


L. Farrell

E. Beaudin

J. Farrell

C. Kent, M. Young

23 30

please contact Lynn Reeves if you are able to volunteer this week S. Walker

B. Rowland

L. Rowland

E. Drudge, R. Young

Altar Guild Martha Morison, Diane Freeman and Anne Cross

The Parish Weekend Retreat at Shrine Mont is October 21-23. Lynn Reeves will need a final count by Sunday, October 2. Please check your calendars. There will be a charge for the children this year. As soon as we have numbers from the Auction we will let you know what the charge will be. If you have any questions please contact Lynn.

Photos courtesy: Skip Rowland



St. Paul’s Episcopal Church P. O. Box 441 Hanover, VA 23069


Phone: 804-537-5516 E-mail: RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

8 0 5 0 S t . P a u l ’ s C h u r c h R o a d H a n o v e r C o u r t H o u s e

October highlights: 1– Shrine Mont fund raiser: dinner/auction, 6:30PM 2-Blessing of the animals, 2:00PM 3– Vestry, 6:30PM 6– Altar Guild dinner, 6:30PM 9-Special service, Life of St. Paul’s, 10:30AM 21 21--23 23–– Parish retreat @ Shrine Mont 28 28--Last Friday social, movie night, 6:30PM 31 31--Halloween party, 6:30PM

In The Diocese of Virginia

Christian Education Director

Ms. Andrea Kent

Organist and Choir Director

Ms. Sarah Cothern

Parish Secretary

Mrs. Brenda Boldin

Junior Warden

Mr. Charles Young

Senior Warden

The Honorable T. Scott Harris

Rector Emeritus

The Reverend Alwin Reiners, Jr.


The Reverend Jack Sutor

Bishop of Virginia

The Right Reverend Shannon Johnston

Sunday Services are at 8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist (Rite I) and 10:30a.m. Holy Eucharist (Rite II). Christian Education for all ages begins at 9:15AM. A nursery is available for the later service. Further refreshments follow all services. Parish office hours for the Administrative Assistant are Monday – Thursday 9:00AM —1:00 PM unless otherwise published. 9:00AM—

October Newsletter  

October Newsletter

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